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Birthday Spankings & Birthday Treats Ch. 01
by BrettJ

(genre - BDSM)

As the leather riding crop slashed into her firm, round buttocks, Alison counted each sensual stroke.

"Twenty-Five. Thank you Daddy."

Alison had never been happier, never in her entire life. In Matthew, she had found a man who understood her needs, shared her passions – and her kinks.

"Twenty-Six. Yessss, thank you Daddy." Each stinging stroke brought back pleasant memories with dazzling clarity.

She'd only been teaching a year at Roseville High when Matthew had come to give a lecture on career day. He was a concert booker and was very successful at it, so he was one of the speakers the Principal had lined up to come and give a talk. His superb oratory skills had dazzled the kids, his tales of meeting the rich and famous kept them rapt with attention.

He'd also impressed the hell out of Alison, who thought him easily the most spectacular man she'd ever seen.

He stood there at nearly 6'5" tall, immaculately dressed. Not a hair was out of place and he found his Salt & Pepper locks sexy as hell. They were the only indication of his age, no one would have taken him for 48. His face belied his age, he looked only a few years older than Alison herself.

"Twenty-Seven. Feels so good daddy." Each stroke of the crop reminded her of the joys they'd shared.

She'd worked up all her courage to approach him after the lecture. Alison was, by nature, a very quiet girl. It wasn't all there was to her, there was much, much more, but it was the image she presented to the world.

She needn't have worried. From the first time Matthew took her hand, it was like they were in perfect harmony.

She had only wanted his company for a drink, he insisted on taking her to dinner. The meal was exquisite, she enjoyed all of it and ate with an appetite that surprised her. She even allowed herself dessert, a rare treat for her.

He insisted on seeing her home, so Alison asked him up to her tiny apartment for coffee. They only had one cup.

"Twenty-Eight. Thank You, thanks so much Daddy." Her body was alive with desire now. Matthew knew every little trick to excite and delight her.

They'd had one cup of coffee when Matthew pulled her into his strong embrace and kissed her, hard and full on the lips. She fought for only the briefest of seconds, then gave in, whimpering softly as his agile tongue found hers. She was sure her panties were already soaked, when he swept her up in one motion and carried her to the bedroom.

"Undress." It was all he said, but she did as told. She slid out of her dress and shoes, clad before him in bra and panties. She hoped he found her desirable, she knew she was pretty & petite, but she wanted to be sexy for this bear of a man.

Matthew found her desirable, he told her this. "Those underthings though – ughh!!" he said, looking at her bra and panties. "You're a sexy, petite little wildcat. You should have lingerie to match. We'll have to fix that. In the meantime...." He got into her bed and motioned for her to join him.

Alison had never been this impetuous, this daring in all her life. She moved on top of him and crushed her lips to his, his kisses took her breath away. He ran his fingers through her close-cropped auburn hair and said "You have lovely hair. You should grow it longer."

He moved his hands all over her body, igniting every inch of her. Her pussy pulsated with desire, she couldn't wait to feel his cock inside of her. He pleasured every inch of her body, from her ears to her toes, no part of her went untouched. He insisted she return the favor and his thick cock in her mouth was one of the most sensual feelings Alison had ever known. She licked and sucked his cock until she could feel him about to cum. Giving in to an impulse she had never had before, she swallowed all of his jizz.

They fucked all night and well into the morning. There was affection there, but it was surpassed by wild fucking. Matthew had found her inner slut, the one Alison tried so carefully to hide. He took her in ways she had never imagined and she gave in to it all, denying him nothing. He fucked her sweet little ass and although it burned, the burn felt like a delicious pleasure.

Alison learned swiftly that Matthew – only she was ever allowed to call him Matt – was a man of his word, but he also had a low tolerance for bullshit. It was what made him successful.

He took her shopping the following week and insisted she throw out most of her old, frumpy lingerie. "You're a young, beautiful woman!" he told her. "Dress like it."

His belief in her instilled a new-found confidence in her. People took more notice of her, her students paid more attention. Of course, it could have been the shorter skirts that showed off her nicely-tanned legs.

Through all of it, Matthew was by her side. He was multi-faceted. One night they would be at a concert, the next night they would driving an ATV and screaming at the top of their lungs. She never knew what to expect with her new lover and that made her happy.

When they had been seeing each other for six months, Matthew asked Alison to move in with him. She suspected she might have said yes if he'd asked on their second date, she was that much in love with him. She packed up her tiny apartment, brought her cat, Mr. Boots – who Matthew grudgingly admitted he actually liked – and moved in with the man she loved dearly.

No word was said of marriage, although she knew they likely would someday. She lived in bliss with her lover, they were active and busy and the sex remained the best she had ever known.

"Twenty-Nine. Mmmm Daddy, Ali's getting so hot." Matthew knew when she called herself "Ali" she was getting into the fantasy. Her cheeks glowed bright-red and she was aching with desire.

Alison would come home from work, arriving shortly after 4, nearly 2 hours before her man. She'd take the opportunity to cook or clean, do laundry, watch some television, because when Matthew got home, he wanted her. Sometimes, she thought he was insatiable, but as her ferocity matched his, she had no complaints. She was never happier than when his big cock was sliding in and out of her cunt, fucking her and making her scream.

Then, it got better.

"Thirty. Wonderful, so good Daddy, Thank You Daddy, Ali loves you." Thirty birthday spankings, they had been together for nearly 2 years now.

It was just before her 29th birthday that Alison found "the box" that had the photos in it. She could tell they were photos, likely of Matthew's family and friends, so she thought she'd surprise him by organizing them in a Photo Album. She opened the box and got the shock of her life.

The photos were of Matthew and other people doing some truly odd things. In one, Matthew wore nothing but PVC briefs and was whipping the ass of one young girl while she ate the pussy of another slightly older girl. In another, he was fucking a girl with his cock while a large dildo was rammed into her ass. Many of the girls were chained, the other men in the photos were whipping them, fucking their asses, cumming in their faces. The photos were a catalogue of perversion.

Alison was shocked, but she was turned on. Very turned on, which surprised her. She'd always been somewhat submissive, Matthew was very clearly the boss – but was she this submissive? Could she give in to her craving for sexual release with her Matthew?

When Matthew got home shortly after six, he looked all over the living room for Alison. "Alison, baby, where are you?" he yelled.

"In here darling!" she called from the bedroom.

He walked into their bedroom, expecting to find his Alison naked or in lingerie, waiting to make love. Matthew did not get what he expected.

She was sitting there on her haunches, a black leather collar around her neck. Attached to it was a slim chain of silver. She was wearing a black leather bustier that laced up the front, tiny black thong and high, black boots, with a stiletto heel. She'd done her makeup to look soft and tender, yet there was a passion in her eyes he had never seen before. He walked to their bed and said "Alison, what is all this."

She handed him the chain, which he took and she said gently, "I am yours, my Master."

Matthew looked at her puzzled, then the light went on. "You found the pictures. Oh Lord Alison, I'm sorry. I never meant for you to see them. I gave up that lifestyle when I met you, I ...."

She put a slender finger to his lips and spoke. "If I may, my Master?" He nodded, so she continued. "The pictures shocked me at first, my Master, but I realized how very sexy they were. People trusting others with their ultimate secrets and desires, giving up control. Oh Master, it was all so exciting. This is what I want for us, my Master, I want to belong to you, only you, to serve you and be your toy."

Matthew looked down at her, at the chain in his hand, his mind reeling. This facet of her personality had surprised him, yet she was soft and docile. He loved her dearly, he knew that, she'd be perfect for the role.

"Alison, once we go down this path, there can be no turning back. Are you sure this is what you want?"

She nodded, eyes gleaming with delight. "Oh yes Master, very much."

His face seemed to change at that moment, growing more stern, yet Alison could still see the love there. "All right. I am willing to initiate you into `The Life' Alison. First, you must never argue or disagree with me. I am your Master, your job is to obey!"

Alison nodded eagerly, body aching with desire. He continued "I will be a firm Master, but never forget that I love and treasure you. Should anything be too extreme for you, there will be a word you may use and everything will stop, a `Safety' word. Do you understand this?" Again, Alison nodded.

"You will dress and behave as I wish. Your greatest joy will be to serve me and I, in turn, will give you greater sexual pleasures than you have ever known. Is all this acceptable to you Alison?

"Yes, oh yes, my Master."

"Alison, here is your first command. Here alone, in the privacy of our bedroom, you are to call me `Daddy'. Do you understand this?"

She smiled again, his first little kink made her quiver with glee. "Yes Daddy."

Some of the stern look left Matthew's face. "Have you been a good girl today Alison?"

She shook her head. "No Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy."

Matthew was pleased how quickly she was adapting. "What is it you did wrong today Alison?"

She looked at him, body aching and said "I was so horny today Daddy, I needed to cum. So I played with my pussy with a big old dildo, like the horny little slut I am!"

Matthew could barely contain his grin. "Show me."

Alison removed the dildo from the nightstand beside the bed. It was one of the new purchases she'd made at the Sex Shoppe before he'd come home. "Like this, Daddy?" she groaned as she slid the dildo deep into her pussy.

"Yes Alison. You will be punished later for doing bad things without my permission, but for now, fuck your slutty cunt with the dildo in front of me."

The attractive woman did as she was told, giving herself over to the new decadence in her life. She fucked her pussy hard with the fake rubber cock until Matthew removed it from her hands. He yanked the chain and pulled her close.

"You have done well. Ali, Daddy is pleased. You know that when I call you Ali, I am pleased, correct?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Good. Now, you are to pleasure my cock while finger-fucking your own pussy. When I cum, you are to accept all of it. Let none of it drop or I will punish you, do you understand?"

She nodded again. "Yes Daddy."

Alison wrapped her lips around Matthew's magnificent cock and sucked him, softly at first, but upon hearing his groans and grunts, with heated passion. She had him cumming within a few minutes and began swallowing his cum. Two stray drops hit the pillow.

He looked at her, eyes full of fire. "Did I not tell you to let none of it drop?" Meekly, she said "Yes, Daddy."

"You will have to be punished. For now, I shall use my hands, but tomorrow, we shall buy you a proper riding crop with which I may whip you. Lay over my lap."

She did as she was told and his hand swatted her ass until it burned red. Alison had the most intense orgasm she had ever known and realized he'd found the core of her being. She lived to be his slut, his woman, Matthew was her Master, her Daddy, her all.

He let her spend hours pleasuring him and then they ate dinner, seemingly back to normal. Over the next few days, he instructed her in how to behave and dress, told her about his past. They had a few other couples over who lived a similar lifestyle to theirs, but who Matthew had given up contact with when he met Alison. The couple, Jonas and Sherri, were overjoyed to hear from him again and the 4 of them spent a lovely evening together. Jonas was a pilot, his pretty wife-slave had been a Flight Attendant. They were married and had 3 children.

On her 29th birthday, Alison and Matthew were joined by Sherri and Jonas. The men were in slacks and sweaters, the women were told to be in nothing but their finest lingerie.

Their masters instructed the women to pleasure each other while they watched. It was the first time Alison was terrified, but pretty blonde Sherri, with her sweet face and long-legged body, put her completely at ease.

"Women are so lovely, Ali darling, all soft and gentle. Jonas knows I love having a woman after a particularly hard night with him, it is my reward. You'll see."

Alison's own sultry, good looks had combined well with Sherri's blonde beauty. Alison had gained a few pounds, but she was still sensual, full soft lips and eyes that promised sexual delight. Sherri kissed her and within minutes, both women had sunk to the floor, kissing each other heatedly.

Alison lost count of how many times Sherri's licking tongue brought her to orgasm and took instructions from Sherri eagerly. She found she loved eating a woman, tasting the sweetness of a pussy, seeing the look on a woman's face when she was cumming. Rubbing her petite, curvy frame all over Sherri's long, lean, leggy body was a new delight to her.

Many nights were spent with Jonas and Sherri, the men watching their women in heat. When Sherri became pregnant again, they had to curtail their evenings for a bit, which made Alison a little blue.

"You miss your blonde playmate, Ali dearest?" Matthew said one night, stroking her hair.

"Yes Daddy." she said sadly. "I am sure 4 children will keep her very busy for a while and we won't see much of her." Alison sighed.

On her 30th birthday, cheeks still warm from being spanked by the master she adored, she wondered what he had planned. It would be hard to top last year's gift of Sherri, but she had faith in her Master.

"Are you ready for your birthday gift dearest?" Matthew asked her.

"Oh, yes Daddy, please!" Alison said, clapping her hands together with glee. Matthew left the room and when he came back, he had a girl on a leash with him. The young girl looked up at her and it was Tina, a girl in her drama class. She was stunned.

"Matthew ... " she began to say, but he cut her off. "It's still Daddy, we are still in our bedroom. Say hello Tina."

"Hello mistress" the pretty Asian girl said softly. Alison looked over at her lover with a puzzled expression.

"Dearest, you know the sex club of which I was a member before I met you? Well, Tina's parents are members of that club. So is Tina. A few months ago, Tina expressed her desire to be the slave of an attractive couple. So, in exchange for her room and board, Tina is a slave. Your slave. My birthday gift to you."

"My slave Daddy?" Matthew nodded.

Alison's mind was spinning again. She had her own sex slave, someone who would be her toy. Tina was a beautiful girl, but could they keep the secret until the end of the school year? It would be fun to try.

"Tina!" Alison said sharply.

"Yes Mistress?" Tina replied. The joy in her voice was evident, the pretty Korean girl was obviously into this. Alison had noticed Tina in class a few times, a sweet, good-natured girl who favored tight skirts and blouses. Now, she would know what was under those clothes.

"Strip Tina, and be quick about it!" Alison ordered. "Daddy, do you want to watch me and Tina do naughty things together?"

Matthew nodded and Alison returned her attention to Tina, who now stood before them, totally nude. The pretty 18-year old girl was gorgeous, sweet, with small & perky breasts, long dark hair. Her pubis was completely bare and sweet looking, with prominent outer lips.

"Too slow!" Alison snapped. "Daddy, may I borrow the riding crop?" Matthew nodded, pleased with her inventiveness. "Tina, get your sweet little ass over my lap!"

"Yes Mistress!" Tina said excitedly. She positioned herself over Alison's lap, wiggling it slightly. "How old are you Tina?"

"You know how old Mistress, eighteen!" Tina responded.

Alison said sternly "Don't be sassy. That will get you one extra blow!" She swatted Tina's golden rump 19 times until the girl was howling in pain, yet from the glistening of her pussy when she stood again, Alison knew she was turned on.

"Tina, come over here, lick my pussy clean. Do a good job and I may lick you out too." That incentive alone made Tina anxious to do a good job.

She buried her head in Alison's pussy, licking deeply into the heated depths. Once again Alison's juices flowed, only this time, there was someone to clean her up. The little slut was good too, Alison thought.

Slim fingers pumped in and out of Alison's cunt as she saw her beloved Master watching them in lesbian bliss. Tina's slender hands were gentle and knowing, there was no way this could have been her first experience. She moved away from Tina for a moment, and kissed her sweet lips, tasting her own juices.

"Are you ready for another experience Tina?"

"Yes Mistress."

She moved to her nightstand and pulled out the dildo she had used many times since her purchase. She strapped it to her body and moved behind Tina, grabbing her hips firmly.

"Prepare for a hard fucking, bitch!"

"Yes, Mistress."

Not at all gentle, Alison slammed the dildo hard into the pretty teen's tight pussy. She fucked her savagely, the way she herself loved when her Master fucked her. She slapped her ass and pinched her nipples, the Korean girl's screams fueling her depraved lusts. Matthew stood, proud of his "Baby Girl" and knowing how far she had come.

Tina's slender young body was bucking back against the dildo, taking it deep and loving Alison's abuse. She loved having a Mistress, she hoped Mistress Alison would be happy with her.

She came and came, her screams exciting Alison, who followed with her own orgasm. The two women collapsed on the bed, panting.

Matthew leaned over and kissed Alison, pinching her pink nipples. "You have done well Ali dearest, I am pleased."

She blushed and said quietly "Thank You, Daddy."

He leaned over to the still-shaking Tina. "You have pleased your Mistress. Well done Tina."

Tina looked up at him, eyes bright. "Thank you, sir."

Alison turned to Tina. "Are you sure you can handle this Tina? Living here, keeping the secret, being my little fucktoy?"

Tina beamed. "Oh yes, Mistress. It's what I want!"

She kissed her new toy softly. "Then welcome to our little `family', my naughty little toy!"

She turned to Matthew and said "Thank You, so much Daddy, for my lovely birthday present. This is going to be hard to top next year."

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Birthday Spankings & Birthday Treats Ch. 02
by BrettJ

Chapter 2: Tina's Naughty Valentine

Alison was thrilled. It was close to Tina's birthday, February 13th, and if she knew her beloved Master, he had something special planned, not just for that particular day, but for Valentine's Day as well. Her pussy positively tingled at the delicious thought of it all. How wonderful her life was since she had Matthew and Tina in it!

She was packing up her materials to go home and noticed Tina standing in the doorway, looking meek, quiet and gentile. How many of her friends and other teachers would have been surprised to see the little wildcat eating pussy, sucking Matt's big cock and being whipped by a riding crop. God, Alison thought, I am getting hornier by the minute.

Tina was affecting a demure look today, just wearing a plaid skirt and white socks, a regular white blouse and her hair was tied back in a pony tail. Only Alison knew that underneath that outfit, Tina was wearing a black, lacy bra and the tiniest, most scrumptious little thong.

"Yes Tina, what is it?"

"Excuse me ma'am, is it time to go?"

Alison allowed herself another brief smile. In the last little while, Tina had become quite proficient at keeping their secret. No one suspected the pretty Asian girl was the subservient sex slave of both Tina and her fiancι.

Alison looked around the room, seeing no one around, she said sternly "Tina, close the door and come here!"

Recognizing the commanding tone in her Mistress' voice, Tina did as she was told and stood meekly before Alison. She looked up at Alison, almond eyes beseeching "Yes, my Mistress?"

"Are you looking forward to your birthday tomorrow Tina?" Alison teased her sex toy, knowing full well what the girl's response would be.

The pretty girl nodded excitedly. "Oh yes, my Mistress. I can't wait, I just know that my Mistress and Master will make it the most memorable birthday I've ever had!"

Alison felt a wry grin cross her face. The little bitch had that right, she knew. This would be a time no one would ever forget.

Alison's lips were wrapped tight around Matthew's big, hard cock. She had been sucking him off for nearly an hour, when she and Tina had got home, he demanded that she strip and pleasure him. Alison did this eagerly, she lived to make her Master, her beloved Matthew, happy and content.

"No one is better at pleasing me than you are Ali, no one. Does this please you?"

She slip her lips up and down his throbbing cock and purred "Yes Daddy."

"Is everything in readiness for out beloved Tina's weekend?"

Alison continued to bob her head up and down his massive prick, stopping momentarily to answer "Yes, Daddy."

Matthew looked at the naked woman sucking his dick and smiled. "You have done well Ali. As a reward, you will be allowed to drink my cum. Swallow it down and then call Tina into the room. Be quick about it, understand?"

Alison nodded and applied herself to the task ardently. Within seconds, she felt her Master's cock twitch in her mouth, she was then rewarded by having her throat and tonsils coated with his thick, lovely cum. She swallowed it all eagerly, not missing a drop, as she had been trained to do.

"TINA!" Alison called out, knowing it would take the girl the briefest of minutes to join them in the room.

Tina walked in, looking lovely and sweet as always. In the brief time she had been their slave, both Alison and Matt had come to adore her, although Alison suspected that Tina adored her just a bit more. Her obvious ardor to please Alison came through in every action, even her grades at school had shown a marked improvement.

Tina stood before her loving Mistress and Master, happy, quiet and complacent. She did not look up, she waited to be spoken to.

"Happy Birthday Tina. It is after midnight, you are now 19. We are so happy that you will be spending this evening with us. Are you happy Tina? I give you permission to speak." Alison said to her.

Tina looked up at them both, almond eyes shining with glee. "I have never been happier in my life, beloved Mistress, beloved Master. I hope to never bring you displeasure."

Alison was tingling all over. She felt Matthew's arms tighten around her and was pleased to hear him say "You have done well, Ali, my beloved. She is the perfect little servant."

Alison was beaming at his words and asked humbly "May I give her the first of her birthday treats, Daddy?"

Matthew played it cool, but knowing some of what Alison had in mind, he felt himself growing somewhat excited. "You have my consent, Ali."

Alison left the room and came back a few minutes later, clad in a black negligee and stilettos with 5-inch heels. She looked more imperious, stronger in nature, than she would normally. Tina felt her pussy grow moist with anticipation.

In her hands, Alison held out a box, which she presented to Tina. The adorable Korean teenager looked at her Mistress for permission, when Alison nodded, she grabbed it gleefully, like a little child and began to tear the present open.

Inside she found a paddle, a new collar in a powder-blue shade, a light-blue teddy and matching thong. She donned the collar, with a joyous heart, then put on the teddy and thong. She beamed at her Mistress and Master, thanking them profusely for her lovely gifts. She turned around and bared her ass cheeks to Alison.

ONE! The slight sting reminded Tina how happy she'd been in the short time she had come to live with Master Matthew and Mistress Alison.

TWO! The next swat reminded her how delicious it was to keep this secret from all her "normal" friends.

THREE! As the paddle began to make her cheeks burn, she knew she would endure any pain to make Mistress Alison happy.

FOUR! Her pussy began to moisten and she hoped that perhaps the Mistress or the Master would delight her with a tonguing or even a good fucking this special evening.

FIVE! As Tina's mind wandered into exquisite territories, she hoped they would not stop loving her or finding her desirable.

SIX! Tina felt her nipples stiffen and she ached for her beloved Mistress to pinch and bite them.

SEVEN! Tina's body was now shaking with joy and she could see the look of devilish pleasure on the Master's handsome face.

EIGHT! Tina knew she was squirming a bit now, rubbing her pussy slightly against her Mistress' knee, but she couldn't help herself. Her hot little cunt was on fire, begging for sexual gratification!

NINE! "Oooohhhhh!" Tina was moaning now as Alison granted her desire and pinched her nipples hard while continuing to swat her buttocks with the hard paddle.

TEN! Nothing, nothing, nothing had ever made her happier than being the fuck-toy of these two wonderful, nasty, kinky people!

ELEVEN! Small yelps of pleasure were escaping Tina's lips now, with every swat of the paddle.

TWELVE! The tears were streaming down her face, tears of joy mixed with the tears of pain from the increasingly savage blows.

THIRTEEN! For some, an unlucky number, but as she began to feel the tremors of a mini-climax come over her, Tina didn't feel unlucky at all.

FOURTEEN! Tina could feel the Master's eyes on her as Mistress Alison continued the birthday punishment, wondering if she would feel his cock deep inside her slutty cunt tonight. She'd been extra-good lately, eating the Mistress to climax as often as she was told, yet she had not felt the Master's cock in quite some time. She knew he was not displeased with her, so why had he denied her the pleasure of his shaft?

FIFTEEN! Body still quivering with lust, Tina also wondered why Mistress Alison had not been allowed to use the dildo or vibrator on her either. She felt sad and her tears of pain / pleasure were also joined by tears of sorrow. Why was her body being denied the feeling of being filled by a thick, fucking tool?

SIXTEEN! Her body was yearning to cum fully, to release, yet she held on, Tina knew full well what would happen to her if she didn't wait for the Mistress' permission. Mistress Alison was always fair, yet she demanded perfection from her slave – and got it. Nothing made Tina happier than to see her beloved Mistress Alison happy.

SEVENTEEN! Tina's mind would on occasion drift to the future. She didn't ever want to leave Mistress Alison, yet now that her beloved Mistress was engaged to their Master, she knew it was inevitable. For now, she chose to focus on the here and now.

EIGHTEEN! The burning sensation infused her entire being with the desire for another climax, she tried hard not to concentrate on those delicious feelings and wait for the commands of her beloved Mistress Alison.

NINETEEN! Tina couldn't wait to thank her beloved Mistress Alison and Master Matthew for introducing her to this decadent way of living. Tina had never been happier in her life.

SWAT!! "Twenty! One to grow on!" Master Matthew said sternly as Tina was allowed to move her buttocks away from Alison and the paddle. She rubbed her cheeks. "Are you all right, dearest Tina?" Alison asked her.

"Yes Mistress" Tina said, whimpering slightly.

"Did you cum Tina?" Alison questioned the girl.

"No Mistress, of course not. I waited for your command – or the Master's. Did I do well, Mistress?"

Alison nodded and turned to Matthew. "Well Daddy, what should I do with our little slut?"

Matthew's face grew stern. "As it is her birthday, you may eat her sweet cunt and make her cum. But only after she has eaten you to orgasm. Do you understand this, Tina?"

Tina nodded and quickly devoted herself to the task of pleasuring Alison. No part of her beloved Mistress went untouched. She licked up Alison's stiletto shoes, removed them and kissed each foot, licking her toes, up her long legs and seeing her Mistress' face screwed up in pleasure. Tina's facile tongue licked all over her auburn-haired mistress, darting here and there, teasing the lightly-furred pussy, caressing her Alison's nipples gently, massaging her tender flesh and finally feasting on her Mistress' cunt. She found the sweet spot and devoted all her attention to it, all the while feeling Matthew's eyes on their erotic coupling. She had hoped that tonight Master would fuck her silly, perhaps while she ate her beloved Alison. All she lived for was being their toy, their slut, it made her so very happy. She could feel her desire running down her legs as she ate out the wet pussy before her.

Alison shuddered and looked over to her Master, her beloved Matthew, for guidance. She saw him nod his head, giving her permission for release, and she flooded Tina's licking tongue with her juices, which the young Korean cutie sucked from her heated pussy.

As her orgasm erupted from within her core, Alison was happy as she was now going to be allowed to eat Tina's sweet, young cunt. It was her secret that she loved eating the girl almost as much as she loved being eaten by her. Tina's tongue was the most educated, naughty part of her entire body.

Tina could think of nothing but cock and being fucked. She ached for it, yearned for it, it was what she wanted more than anything. She wanted to feel her Master or Mistress fucking her, she wanted to be filled with a hard, driving shaft that would take her to the heights of orgasmic bliss.

Tina was to be denied this pleasure on her birthday. As she continued eating Alison's pussy, the pretty girl was vaguely aware of the sound of the doorbell ringing and Matthew leaving the room. He returned a few moments later, no longer alone.

To Alison's great delight, she saw Sherri's smiling face and beautiful body, Jonas standing beside her beloved Matthew.

"Say hello Sherri!" Jonas commanded his woman.

On her hands and knees, the nearly-naked blonde crawled over towards her dear friend and kissed her passionately. "Hi baby – Happy Valentine's Day!" she exclaimed.

Alison looked over at the clock and realized it was indeed February 14th. Tina's birthday was now over, but their fun was going to continue. Happily, Alison saw Sherri move behind the now nineteen-year old and begin to ream out her pussy and ass. Tina squealed and ate Alison's pussy with more fervor than before, while the men watched, pleased.

"I missed you soooo much, baby!" Alison whispered to her blonde playmate. She saw Sherri smile as she lapped and licked and munched on Tina's bald snatch.

"Okay ladies – I think it's time for your rewards, don't you Jonas?" Matthew's friend nodded and moved behind his wife, who was slim and supple once again, despite only recently having given birth. He slammed his cock into her hard, not at all gentle, and Sherri groaned in pleasure, forcing her tongue deeper into Tina's pussy.

Matthew swatted Alison's bare ass and he entered her, briefly contemplating buggering her instead. Her warm pussy engulfed him immediately, tightening around it, holding him in a lusty grip as he fucked his soon-to-be wife hard, ploughing her cunt roughly, the way she liked it.

Only poor, sweet, lovely Tina, the birthday girl, was cockless and she was almost crazy with frustration. She yearned to be filled with cock, to be fucked, to be the receptacle of big, hard, fucking cocks, to be the slut she truly loved being.

"Okay girls, let's spoil our Birthday Baby!" Matthew said, as he and Jonas removed their cocks from the two women. Matthew grabbed Alison's strap-on and handed it to her, whispering something in her ear Tina couldn't make out. Jonas was also talking quietly to Sherri, not knowing was driving Tina out of her mind.

"Prepare to be FUCKED, little bitch!" Matthew said, ramming his hard prick into Tina's cunt at last. She knew now why she had been denied her Master's big cock, the anticipation had made her particularly sensitive and she was cumming all over the place. Tina practically exploded with pleasure, but the best was yet to cum!

"Okay Ali, you're next!" To Tina's great delight, her beloved Mistress Alison slid the dildo into her ass and began butt-fucking her in synch with Master Matthew. She looked over and saw Jonas holding out his big cock to her. She sucked it deeply into her mouth and began to give him a great blow-job as his wife licked her hard nipples. The pretty Korean was in the most blissful place of her entire life, being adored by the group, the object of their lusts.

A cock in her mouth, her ass, her pussy – a soft, knowing, licking tongue working all over her – Tina's body was quivering, she realized life couldn't get any better than this. Sex, sex and more sex – what a great way to spend her birthday and Valentine's Day, to boot!

As was his right, Master Matthew came first, then Tina's tongue and mouth were accepting of Jonas' thick load of cum. Mistress Alison and Sherri both had orgasms and Tina spent the next few minutes licking everyone clean, joyful to be in their presence.

Sherri giggled and leaned in towards Tina. "We weren't introduced. I'm Sherri."

Tina smiled and kissed her softly. "What a nice way to make your acquaintance."

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