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09-08-2008, 06:14 PM
24 Hours (5:30am-8:30am)
by RedHairedandFriendly

I watch the sun glisten through the window, small particles of dust sparkle as they float through the air. I hear a rustle next to me and my breathing stops and I think to myself...who is with me? I feel soft kisses on my neck, my eyes widen even more, a strong hand rest on my hip while another plays with my hair. I feel as if I know this touch, these caresses, I take a deep breath and another kiss covers my neck. I think to myself that I am in a most wonderful dream. I close my eyes trying to recapture it, to keep him here with me. I want this to be real, but I know it cannot, so to dream; is to live. My dream continues as his lips travel lower to my shoulders, his hand moves up to my breast. I feel the smile on my face as my dream begins to settle around me, letting me know his touch. His fingers pinch my nipple and I gasp in shock, my eyes fly open as the color drains from my face. I am awake, I know I am. I see and feel a hand on my breast, not a figment of my imagination, but a hand. I know those fingers, that hand, that arm wrapped around me. I've never touched him, never felt him, never saw him but from a picture, but his hand, his body is so familiar to me as if it were my own.

Suddenly it all comes rushing back to me, the wish he shared with me. The wish he longed for, the only thing he asked for was one day, 24 hours with me. A day to spend with each other, that would not hurt or affect anyone else. When that time was over and we parted, each one of us, would hold a most precious gift to our hearts. I am in shock as I come to understand that it has happened, we have been given our 24 hours, our time to love, learn, laugh, and experience. I turn over and face him, my eyes cloud over with tears and he smiles at me. I see the dried path of the tears he had shed when he woke up and realized where he was. My cry of love is pulled from my body. I wrap my arms tight around him, my tears cover his shoulder as he comforts me and strokes my hair. I hear his words of love, his murmurs of gentle reminders of not using our time to weep but, to love and enjoy.

I shake my head yes and dry my eyes, looking up into my lovers face, I bring my lips to his. Our kiss begins like the first kiss of a teenager, new, seeking, learning until it becomes the kiss of two love starved adults. Two people destined to be forever apart but, allowed this one day, the next 24 hours to love as neither had loved before. I move my hands over his body memorizing it. My tongue works with his, each of us learning how the other taste, each of us finding out where each place inside our mouths need the most attention. Our heads angle to the left, then the right, moving constantly not getting enough of the other, seeking each way to deepen our kiss until we release each other to gather in great gulps of air.

His mouth moves and kisses are rained across my forehead, down over each eyebrow, my eyes close as his mouth kisses each one. I feel his mouth kiss my cheeks, my jaw and over to my chin. He bites gently and moves back up the other side of my face tasting me along the way. My own hands touch his hair, feels its softness between my fingers. I picture his face in my head and I memorize it with my hands and fingers, the cut of his hair, the texture of it, the shape of his skull. I learn every part of his shape so I can keep it with me forever. My fingers trace his ears, neck and collarbone. He looks up into my eyes and slowly kisses me again, his tongue now traces and memorizes the shape of my lips, the curve of them, even the small cleft of my upper lip. I hear myself moan against his onslaught of tenderness, as he moves his lips to my neck, I open my eyes and thank the heavens for our gift. His mouth goes to the center of my neck feeling my pulse. He smiles against me as he sucks and nips at my white skin. His lips move across my neck, up to my right ear, to tug and pull at the lobe, then trace the curve of it.

My hand moves over his back and I feel his skin underneath my touch. Each hand learns his shape, being sure to take note of how each muscle moves and feels as his body presses against mine. I watch his shoulders move as his mouth works on my ear and neck. His arm flexes while I watch the chords of muscle working to control his passion. His mouth kisses me quickly as it moves to my left lobe causing shivers down my spine. His hot breath caresses over my ear and he once again kisses and tugs more sensitive flesh. I had not realized that there was so much on a person's face to memorize, but memorize, he does. I know he'll leave here in the end and when he does he'll know every part of my face, as I will his.

He looks up at me and I see a hunger I have never seen in a man's eyes before, a hunger for me. I see a need to possess. I whisper "I love you" to him and his smile lights up brighter then the sun. As he slowly moves down my body, his tongue traces a path cooling my hot flushed skin. I feel my hands rest on his arms as he lifts away from me for a moment. "Leave your arms here," he tells me in a voice I had only heard once on the phone. My heart sings to hear his sound escaping his lips. He places my hands above my head my fingers intertwine together. "Watch me, " he demands. So I do. I wait for my dream lover to become my real lover as he moves to sit on the edge of the bed and gaze down upon my body. I feel his eyes take in the different shades of red in my hair, the way the light hits it and the way it curls naturally over my shoulders. He reaches out and touches a group of curls that have fallen across my forehead, kissing my hair and breathing in my scent. "Intoxicating" is all I hear as I feel my eyes close again as he whispers, "Sweetheart, watch me."

My passion filled eyes open to watch him. I watch my lover take my right arm from my head to place it between his hands. He begins to slide his hand up and down its length. His fingers learning the shape of my upper arm, he moves down to my elbow feeling the crevice, pressing his lips against the inside. I watch his lips kiss my lower arm turning it over and learning the taste of it, his breath stirs the light hairs and I shiver. His hand brings mine to his lips and he turns my palm over, his tongue licks the lines found there as if he were reading my palm, telling our future. His teeth nips at my skin as he curls my fingers around his and places a kiss on each knuckle, then slowly draws each digit into his mouth. I am mesmerized by this way of love-making. I realize that he is not focused on one part of my body, but he is focused on the whole being. Every part of me will be touched, learned, memorized so that each of us knows that though we'll be apart we'll always be together...here in this moment. My eyes widen to the new shocks running through my veins as each finger is drawn into his mouth, his tongue stroking each one as if it were the first. I feel the smoothness and roughness of his tongue as it circles my fingers, one by one each is treated to its own sexual delight.

I moan as he puts my hand back to the top of my hair and once again I intertwine them. His lips touch mine as he holds both of my hands together and our kiss deepens. "Close your eyes," he tells me. "I want you to feel, feel me love you. Just feel." I close my eyes, waiting to feel my lover learn my body. His mouth hovers over my chest, I feel the warm air of his breath caressing my skin, not knowing where it will land. My body jerks up as his mouth makes contact with me. His tongue runs from the side of my waist up to the middle of my right side. I feel the moist kisses he leaves behind as one hand presses against me, lifting me slightly, while the other slips under my shoulder. His tongue traces the ribs of my body and moves slowly to the outer curve of my breast. He sucks tenderly and slowly till I moan in pleasure and twist my body trying to get him to kiss the hard nipple. He moves his right hand up my stomach and splays his fingers across it, petting it back and forth, and moving it slowly up to cup my left breast.

I feel the bed sag and I open my eyes to see him prop himself on his elbow. He places his hand on his head and looks relaxed and quite pleased with himself as he watches his finger trace my nipple. He senses my gaze and looks up at me, winking he says "You peeked." I hear myself chuckle, smiling, turning my eyes to watch my own nipple harden under both our gazes. His finger draws lazy circles around the hard bud, letting each small bump that surrounds it rise up and be noticed. He traces the shape of my nipple, following the outer edge where its color separates itself from the rest of my breast. He cups my breast in his hand, slowly sliding it back and forth, feeling its weight and grins as he loves its size. I watch as my breast overflow his hands, sighing with pleasure as his tongue reaches out to flick its hard center. He looks up to me, sees my desire, and quickly returns to suck on the button he's brought to excitement. I hear his whispers of love as he murmurs words of passion over my breast, leaving the nipple only for brief moments to be exposed to the cool air in the room. I watch as he moves his body to lay partially on me. His arm rest on my stomach, his head holds just above my breast as if it is looking for just the right spot to kiss next. I long to just press his mouth against my skin and have him take me quick and fast but I know that we wish to relish this moment. His other arm is nestled against my side, his elbow pressed against me, so he is able to prop himself up and use both hands to hold this one globe of porcelain. I hear my throaty moans as he kneads and massages it. I hear an inaudible sound escape from my lips as his hands continue to rub and press my breast, covering the fine smooth skin until it feels as if it will burst into flames.

His mouth goes back to the nipple, his tongue covering it, licking it, circling it until it pushes it into his mouth. As the force of his desire builds up, my own scratches at my skin trying to claw its way free. I whisper his name, it falls from my lips like the leaves fall on an autumn breeze. Deeper I feel my breast go into his mouth as he moves his one hand to cover and tease the other nipple. My body arches up poised for his ministrations. I feel each suckle and tug from his mouth. My nipples ache from the onslaught of bites he has rained upon them, but I urge him on as I grasp his head and grind him against my breast. He moves quickly to cover the other nipple with his mouth and new sensations rock my body. Each pull and nip brings fire and heat to the surface of my skin. I feel so hot, so alive as if a volcano is springing forth from all the pores of my body as I feel my first orgasm rock through me. Wave after wave of lava course through me to collect against my pussy walls, waiting for something or someone to touch it, to bring it completely over the barrier of my lips.

He looks up into my flushed face and smiles at me, looking down at him I feel my face blush and lie one hand over my eyes. He comes up to me, moving my self made curtain, kissing my eyes closed, my nose then onto my lips. We share another long deep kiss and our tongues battle once more. I press kisses against his lips before he moves away from my body to stand at the side of the bed. I look down the length of my naked flesh and see my chest rise, my breath still ragged and hard. I glance at my pussy and notice a glistening sparkle, as the sun cast light upon my wet hairs. I see my legs spread apart for him, as if inviting him to share in the gift they usually protect and keep hidden. I look to the body standing before me, my eyes take in his erection and it jerks under my stare. I feel a smirk raise up on my lips and I know a sparkle has begun to show in my eyes as my mischievous nature springs forth.

He moves to place one knee on the bed as if he were going to crawl towards me, I beckon him with a smile, running my leg up his calf muscle. My leg and foot move up his thigh to curl around him, as my hands move to each arm. I raise myself up almost as if I were sitting up in front of him, using the weight of my body to turn him onto his back. I see the surprise of this new twist of fate and smile wickedly. I know had he been aware of my trick I would not have succeeded and he would now be between my legs. I straddle his hips and let his hard cock rest against the wet lips of my pussy. I sit there and let his body become accustomed to the feel of me. His cock strains to be allowed inside, but I make it wait, not knowing how long that will be, but knowing that it will be for quite awhile.

It is now my turn to learn his form. I push myself up, my wet pussy resting just above the head of his cock, bending down, my breast touch his chest. My mouth begins a quest to learn him, to search every part of his face and neck until all pieces of his features are burned into my mind, storing his taste on the buds of my tongue. My breast push against his chest as I bend my arms and place one on each side of his face. Our heads are just inches away from each others as I gaze deep into his eyes, seeing my own reflection of love, I kiss them closed. With my lips closed I learn the shape of his brows, his forehead, his cheeks, running my lips smoothly along them, petting his face. My mouth opens to nibble at his jaw, then his ear, where I too tug and pull the lobe as he did mine. I feel his hands clench my waist and he moves my pussy over his cock, not letting it enter him, but letting it become lathered in the cum that is resting, waiting to be used.

I moan as I feel his cock quiver against me, sitting up, taking his hands from my hips, I place one on my breast and the other I hold in my hands. His hand cups my breast and teases my nipple as I massage circles into his upper arm, kneading the muscle, relaxing it, learning it. I let both my hands move down to his elbow, where I trace it with my nails as he had done with mine, learning the feel of it and the texture of the hairs on his arm. I turn his arm over and trace the veins with my fingers, following them to his wrist, my fingernails trace the path of veins slowly, methodically, bringing his wrist up to flick with my tongue. I taste his skin, feel his pulse then lick his palm. I hear his breathing increase as I suck each finger deep into my mouth, as if each one were a cock, needing drained of fluid. My own pussy wiggles against the hard rod, that aches for me to ride it. I lower my lovers hand to his thigh and I scoot my body further down his.

My pussy once again teases the shaft of his cock, the lips separate just enough to let themselves fold over his firmness. As I lower myself to learn his nipples I let my own breath cover his skin. His hand comes up to hold my hair away from my face so he can watch me slowly lick his body. I trace his nipple with my tongue, letting it raise up from the center and form a hard, firm, button. My teeth latch on to it, pulling gently so that my tongue can run across the clenched tip. Moving back and forth across the nipple my tongue teases it, before my teeth release and my mouth sucks gently. My other hand reaches down and rubs the head of his cock, feeling it pulsate in my grip. I rub the wetness that has been slowly covering it, due to my constant moving against the shaft, grasping his cock my hand gives a few long strokes. I bring my wet hand back up to his mouth, letting him suck the juice of my cunt from my fingers. My eyes watch his tongue circle my fingers drawing them deep into his mouth. My pussy becomes more soaked with juice, as I gyrate against his cock. Abandoning his mouth I let myself torment his other nipple, drawing it in to my fiery haven, sucking it hard, wanting to bring his body to a shivering rage as he had done mine. Pulling and tugging, I hear him call my name.

His hands grab my arms and he lifts me from his body, I squeal in surprise as once again he has me on my back. "You like to tease me." I hear him whisper in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I look up to him and smile, shrugging my shoulders I hear my saucy reply "Maybe." His grin reminds me of a wolf, just before he devours the poor animals of the forest and I know that my lover is going to devour me. He reaches down to the edge of the bed and pulls a red scarf from the floor. I do not recognize it nor do I care, I feel my breathing increase as he slowly brings both my hands to the top of my head. He loops the scarf gently around my wrist, tying each hand together, then looping the ends around one of the center posts, in the headboard, he secures my hands. My eyes widen not from fear, but from desire. He knows that I have always wanted this, always wanted to be pleasured in this way. I feel my pussy clench and unclench its muscles, trying to bring forth more fluid.

He places pillows under my back and my head easing my position so I can watch his body snake further down mine. He pauses at my breast to give them both kisses and strokes before removing himself from the bed completely. I follow his body as he walks out of the room. I wait listening to the world around me. I hear the squirrels run across my roof and I hear the birds outside, the melodic sound of their chirping making me pause and listen intently. The noises are interrupted by the sound of the freezer door opening and closing. I hear the sounds of ice cubes hitting a glass, I shiver in excitement and wonder what game my lover will play next with me. I feel his presence move through my home as he makes his way back to our bed. I watch him coming towards me, in his hand, a glass containing 2 ice cubes. A grin spreads across my face and I swallow my breath. "May I ask what your planning on doing?" I hear the soft chuckle in my voice as I continue "Surely your not planning on using those on me are you?" His laugh fills the air as he shows no desire to answer me.

He lowers himself to the floor and places the glass next to him. I feel his hands pick up my foot kissing the heel before he tantalizes each toe. I try to focus on the sound of the glass, but am lost in the feeling of his fingers touching my foot, massaging it, making it feel as if it had never walked a day it its life. I melt into his hands as he kisses each toe, moving to my other foot and repeating each step, relaxing it to the point that it feels brand new. My thoughts are distracted and I dismiss the tinkling sound I hear in the distance. I squeal as the first cube hits my hot skin, retching myself up, forgetting about the bonds that hold me to the bed. I pull and twist, trying to move away from this cold demon. He runs the cube up and down my inner thigh letting it melt against my flushed skin. Slowly I become accustomed to it. Nearly gone now, he begins to run it across my other thigh and I am not as startled by its temperature. Glaring at him I raise one brow, daring him to try something like that again. He grins at me and shrugs his shoulders, as he places the glass on the table, I stare at the cube and hate it, wishing it would melt on the spot.

He moves his hands to my knees and opens my legs for him. I move my eyes back and watch his tongue lick the water left behind, sliding across my flesh. He drinks the clear moisture from my skin, I moan as I realize my own thirst needs quenched. I lick my lips moistening them. He looks up and watches me, slowly he rises from his place between my legs. His fingers dip into the glass taking the cube. I feel the cool ice being rubbed across my lips, my tongue draws the tip of it in. His eyes darken as I suck moisture into my mouth and slowly quench my thirst. He moves the cube in and out of my mouth as if it were his tongue moving with mine, thirsting for mine, relieving the thirst, as only he can. Closing my eyes I swallow the cool liquid and feel the cube leave my mouth. He trails it over my collarbone and between my breast, streams of cold water slide down across my skin. I shiver as it continues to be placed all over my chest, it runs across my nipples, first the left then the right. Slowly he brings it down to my belly and covers it with melted water. I watch the cube being placed in his mouth and a wicked smile crosses his features. "You wouldn't?" I hear the question in my voice, knowing the answer.

He places his mouth against my pussy and breaths a mixture of cold and warm air against my flesh. I gasp, thrusting my hips towards him, moaning his name. The feel of cold and heat hitting my skin stirs my pubic hairs causing cold shivers to cover my body, goose-bumps appear on my skin. His chuckle fills the room as the cold cube beings to slowly run against my wet lips. My legs try to clasp close but, my lover presses them further open as his mouth takes back the cube. A cold tongue strokes my swollen clit. The coolness comforts the puckered spot, a feeling so erotic and hot that more moisture seeps from my body. His tongue moves over and around my cunt, diving between the lips and flicking over the clit. I feel him draw my clit into his mouth and suck hard on it. "Don't stop!" I shout out to him.

His head moves back and forth as he blows, sucks and strokes my pussy. One hand is placed under my ass lifting me to his mouth, the other used to spread my lips open, giving his tongue the hole it wishes to pursue. My hands move to grab my breast, but are held tight against the bed. I kick my leg in frustration, thrusting my hips again into his face, driving his tongue, mouth and nose against me. "Fuck me!" I scream again. His tongue moves faster, his fingers dig into the cheek of my ass as I wrap my legs around him, holding his head to my wet cunt. His finger drives deep into my pussy along with his tongue, together they move in a motion known by all of human nature. He thrust his tongue and finger deeper, harder. I feel my stomach contract, my pussy opening, blossoming up for him. His tongue moves to my clit, two fingers screw into me, sliding and pumping into my hot hole. I look down and feel myself come as I gaze at my lovers head buried between my legs. My orgasm erupts from my body as cum flows fast and thick through the dark tunnel until it reaches his mouth. He sucks the juice from my cunt, being sure to get every drop that escapes me. I arch up and back down continually, until I feel the last quivers leave my body.

"Release me please." I hear myself ask in a hushed voice.

"Yes, my love."

He comes up beside me, releasing my hands, letting the scarf flutter to the floor. He kisses both my wrist, bringing his lips down to my mouth, our kiss is slow and gentle. I taste my own cum on his tongue and smell the musky scent of my sex on his face. I moan into his mouth as his tongue touches mine, softly guiding it across his. "Thank you." I tell him.

"Your welcome."

I move over on my bed giving him room to lie beside me. I rest my head on his chest and he strokes my hair. "I love you." I hear him say. I feel a tear coarse down my cheek, wiping it away before it hits his skin and he is made aware of it. "I love you," I whisper back to him. My eyes gaze down the length of his body, to the hard swollen cock before me. I watch it flick towards me, trying to speak its own language, urging me towards it. I lift my head and smile up at my best friend. He smiles back and places an arm behind his head, letting the other toy with my curly red hair. I savor the feel of his hands in my hair, closing my eyes, enjoying the touch of love that radiates from our bodies. I smile back at him, pulling my hair from his hands, my body slides down his.

My gaze travels up his legs and I watch him move them, opening them so I can rest my leg comfortably between his thighs. My pussy touches his thigh and I press it against his leg, letting myself move up and down on the firm muscle, enjoying the feel of our bodies caressing each other. I scoot my pussy down his leg, bending so that my hair touches his thighs. I take one hand to move my hair to the side, so he can watch me love his cock. I let my tongue touch his balls, reaching out with the tip, tracing the shape of it. My tongue gives each side of his scrotum a lick, long and firm, making the sack move about on his body as each sphere inside is messaged. My breath blows a breeze against his pubic hairs and I watch small goose-bumps rise up on his skin. I let my nose nuzzle his body, breathing in his scent, letting it fill my senses, an intoxicating cologne all of its own. My tongue moves over the large vein of his cock. I follow it up to the head and then let my tongue take the same trail back down. I do this over and over watching his cock jerk. I allow myself to lick the edge of the head each time, then quickly move away from it.

"Remember what happens when you tease." he says in a soft warning. I smile, shrug my shoulders and continue to lavish his cock with my tongue. My hand moves to hold his balls, massaging them, letting my fingers and palm bounce and cradle them gently. I hear his moan hit my ears, my other hand slides under his hard cock to raise it up for my inspection. My tongue reaches out, licking the hole on the tip of his head. Tasting the moisture that has seeped out I cover his swollen head with long strokes. I moan against his cock, placing the head into my mouth. My tongue draws over and around the head, my lips rollover the edge, my mouth and tongue work together to suck on the hard member. I move my tongue from his mouth, licking the full length of his shaft, letting my head angle, my hand moves so I can lick the sides and even the back of his hard cock.

I scoot my leg off his thigh, leaning down, my tits rest just over his cock. I sit up slightly, as my hands cradle my breast, he brings his hand down to his shaft placing it between them. I hold my breast around his cock, moist from my mouth, it slides smoothly between the freckled globes. I urge his cock faster, the head disappears and reappears, the shaft hidden in my warm valley, my tongue sneaks little licks down, tasting the moisture that starts to seep faster from his body. "Soon babe!" he growls out. I release his cock from my breasts and cover it completely in the hot cavern of my mouth. I take the full length of his cock into my mouth and suck hard on him. Sucking and stroking with my tongue, coaxing his seed from his body, wanting it to flow through his cock, into my mouth. I dig into his hips, thrusting my face deeper into his crotch, wanting to suck all of him, needing to taste all he has to offer. My tongue presses against the head of his cock while I suck on his whole shaft, he yells out my name, his hot cum shoots to the back of my throat. I swallow each thrust of cum that leaves his body. Each swallow slides down my throat to settle deep inside my body. I suck until his body is emptied of his cum and mine is full. I leave a trail of kisses along his cock, feeling it start to harden once more. I smile at it, then at him, smiling wider.

His breathing is heavy and his eyes watch me. A questioning look crosses his face as he watches my hands stroke him to his full erection again. I raise myself to my knees and straddle him. Placing my hands on my thighs, my body hovers just over his cock's head. He takes his shaft, rubs it against my swollen clit and wet lips. My teeth bite my lower lip, my back arches as I try to impale my body onto his shaft. He puts his other hand on my hip, steading my movements as he slowly guides me down over the head of his cock. I close my eyes, feeling his head enter me, the edge of it moves in and out of me, stoking itself against the opening of my cunt. I whimper in a pleading sound, begging him to let me ride him. He places his cock further inside me and uses his hand to lower me further onto the hard shaft. His thumb pushes against my clit, finally he lets me take him in completely. A sigh of satisfaction escapes my lips as I let myself slide slowly up and down his cock.

I push myself up then back down, over and over we thrust ourselves against each other. His hips lift me up, my own body works against his and I push back down. He bucks. I ride. Over and over we move together, setting a pace of heat and passion. Our bodies slip and slide, the sweat easing our riding so we move faster, quicker, slamming into each others sex. I feel myself weakening, begging him to continue my ride for me. His hands move to my hips, he lifts me to the tip of his cock, slams me down hard against him, driving me on and on, making my pussy quiver and shake, as I call out his name. His hands dig at my hips as he continues to drive himself up into my cunt. His balls slap against me as I feel the first rain of orgasm hit me. I scream out his name letting my fluids rush over his cock, as I hear his own cry for me, being torn from his soul as his cum shoots up to mix with mine.

We ride this tide until our bodies no longer try and pump against each other. He lowers his hips and brings his hands to my back, gently laying my body down on his. He tucks my hair behind my ears, kisses the top of my head while his fingers comb my hair. I kiss his chest, placing my fist on his nipple and my chin propped on it, I hear myself say, "What's for breakfast?"

(21 hours to go....)

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24 Hours (8:30am - 9:30am)
by RedHairedandFriendly

Following is the next hour of a wish that comes true for two lovers, destined to be apart, are given 24 hours to learn, live, laugh and love with leaving no ill effects when their time is up.

"What's for breakfast?" his deep voiced hummed through the room as his chuckle brought a smile to my face. I leaned up and kissed his lips before slowly sliding myself off of him. Sitting on the edge of the bed, my feet dangle, my pink polished toes brush against the floor, I take a moment to reflect on the gift we've been given. I feel the bed shift as my friend, dream lover and now my real lover slides across the bed and sits beside me. I notice his feet touch the carpet, I feel safe and protected in his presence, his aura surrounds my soul and I know that though we only have hours together, this moment in time is for us.

I move to pick up my robe and feel his touch against my back, "Leave it."

His fingers run along my arm, pausing at my hand, he curls his palm in mine. Rising to our feet we both meander through my home, I see the things in my life shine brighter then before, as if a window has been added to my walls. This window brings in such great light as if it is wanting to streak and course through every corner of my home, lighting it up so that we may see everything together, remember every detail of this day. I watch as light hits his body, glistening each bead of sweat that has yet not dried from our passionate mating. My eyes roam his naked flesh as he walks ahead of me, holding my hand. I rove over him, letting my mind keep track of how he moves. The chords of muscle flex as his body walks along a well worn path to my kitchen, I catch the apple he has tossed at me. "Eat this." I hear him say as a look of determination crosses his face, I can tell my own expression is one of a questioning nature. I wonder what he is thinking as I take a deep bite of the apple, feeling the juice run slowly down my lips.

He looks back as the crunch of the apple grabs his attention, turning to me I stare into his eyes, a storm is brewing there, a raging wind and fury, his eyes darken with desire. His mouth descends on my lips, licking the juice from the apple as he brings his arms around my body, pressing my pussy against his erection, once again yearning for my touch. His kiss is hard against my lips, his tongue tracing the curve of them, sucking and licking the sweet juice from my face. He raises his head and looks into my eyes. I can feel my skin heat as the hunger in his eyes causes my own body to react as if instinct has taken over and it must feed. I move my body closer to his, pressing my breast against his chest, feeling the hair on his body tickling my nipples. A growl from his soul runs through my body as he quickly turns from our embrace, pulling me along down the hall.

I eat my apple, enjoying the feel of the cold fruit hitting my empty belly, settling the hunger that was rising. As I half follow, and am half dragged towards my bathroom, I rake his body again. This time lust is what fuels my imagination as I ponder the form of his backside. I watch his body move, each lift of a leg moving his ass, tempting me to touch him. His strong legs move quickly and assuredly through my home, as if they know where to go, as if everything he wants is suddenly there in his mind, as if he knew where it always was. Reaching the bathroom he turns to me, I gaze up at him, taking in the passion filled look on his face, wanting to feel him express his need for me, soon.

Placing his hands on my hips he tightens his hold and lifts me, placing my ass on the counter. I squeal and wiggle while my naked self learns the temperature of the marble. Growing accustomed to the feel of the cold lifeless slab under my ass, I eat my apple, enjoying the view of my lover bending over the tub, feeling the water, adjusting its temperature. I angle my head hoping to get a peek of more of his lovely flesh, a glimpse of his erection is my reward. I finish my appetizer, placing the apple core on the counter I wait for my human breakfast feast. He turns towards me at the same moment my tongue had been licking the sticky juice from my lips, he steps quickly to me, tilting my head back he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, licking and stroking mine as he taste the sweet apple juice lingering in my mouth. Our mouths twist and turn as we stroke and suck, tasting each other, loving each other. When he releases my lips I can no longer taste the apple, but only him.

His hands move to my legs, lifting one up on one side of his hip before he urges the other to wrap around him. I tighten the hold my legs have on him as he scoots his hands under my ass, lifting me and supporting me so I may straddle his waist. His cock is pressed against my pussy, longing to let itself slide deep into me. My mouth kisses his neck, slowly nibbling it, tasting it, stroking it. Moving he places one foot into the tub, the water hitting our skin to sting at my leg, until the temperature is no longer a shock on my body. I place my hand against the wall to steady and support us, my legs still wrapped around him, as he moves his other leg into the shower. Together the water falls across us, he lifts and shifts me on his body, his cock still aching to be buried inside as I release the wall, wrapping my arm around his neck and allowing the other to close the shower curtain, encasing us in our own heated waterfall.

He presses his lips to mine again and I run my fingers through his hair, letting the water flow over his head, coaxing it to fully soak him. He smiles against my lips, then moves my legs from his body. I let myself support my weight with his shoulders as I steady my legs on the shower floor. I look up to his face, the warm light in his eyes has turned to a glowing ember, awoken and raging to escape. He stretches his arm behind me reaching for the bath sponge, it looks small in his hand as he squeezes a large dollop of bath wash onto its surface. I sigh as the first touch of his ministrations begin.

I close my eyes and let one hand rest on his hip while the other he washes for me. I can feel the sponge run across my arm, soaping it all over, cleaning it as it rubs under my arm, then up and over my shoulder. Sighing quietly, the sponge slides across my neck, moves to my other arm and he begins the soapy caress on that arm also. The sponge moves from under my arm to slide down my ribs, his knuckles and the sponge run gently over the curve of my breast. Moaning, I feel the sponge move under my breast, lifting it to clean the smooth flesh. His tongue sneaks out and licks the nipple, hardening it to form a perfect peak, before he moves his mouth away to slide the soap over that treasure as well. He works a lather on the other breast the same way as he did its mate, kissing it before soap finds its way to cover my nipple from his prying eyes.

I open my eyes to see him slide slowly to the shower floor, I hear a stutter fall from my lips, as his tongue licks my pussy from the back to the front. One good lick is all I receive before the sponge glides across my belly to my wet haven below. He continues to stroke my thighs, cleansing one then the other, sliding his hands down my calf muscles he works the sponge up and around it heating my skin. My ankle is washed, circled and massaged with soap bubbles left to cling and slide, my toes curl in delight as he washes and admires each polished nail. He slides the sponge over the other leg, gliding across the back of my calf and knee. I feel the sponge being brought to the front of my body, it runs across the front of my thigh, then nestles against my warm aroused pussy.

I clench my muscles tight as he slides the sponge over me, feeling it slide further down the curve of my body, my legs spread wide as he massages the sponge up and down. As he focuses his attention on my heated sex, my own hands move along the places he had worship, rinsing the traces of soap from my skin. The shower water flows over me, letting my head fall back I feel it hitting my breast causing a ripple along the porcelain globe. I look down at him as he presses his hands to my hips, turning me so my ass is facing him. The water falls in pellets against my back and I feel it slide down burying itself between my wet cheeks.

I groan loud as I feel a kiss pressed against first one cheek then the next, taking a small bite of each one before he cleanses them. The sponge slides up, down, left then right as he covers every inch of my ass. His hand takes the sponge further up my body, covering my back with soapy suds. Up and down he strokes me, as he continues to wash my skin, the water flows over each muscle as I let it ease away any thoughts of this dream ending. I feel his hands on my shoulder, pressing into my neck to turn me around to face him, our lips cover each others and I melt into his arms. I feel clean, refreshed, new as if it has just been scrubbed of every painful event in my life and then coated with a fine sheen of silk.

He tilts my head back, combing his fingers through my hair, letting the water fill in the curls as he works through the tangles, slowly loosening them till he can glide his hands freely through it. The beat of the water, massages my scalp, I hear the sounds of the shampoo bottle being opened, followed by the cool soap being worked into my long tresses. I feel my legs weaken as his fingers lift and tug at my hair, moving it in large handfuls as the shampoo is worked deep into my scalp. I bite my lower lip as he moves the pads of his thumbs into my neck, easing my muscles as the water had eased my tension and fears. He moves my head back again under the water, bending his head to my neck I feel a slight kiss upon my skin, as fingers and water work with soap. As the suds rinse away he licks on my neck, sucking gently, slowly tugging my skin into his mouth he sucks harder, enjoying my moans of rising desire. Moving his hands from my hair I raise my head up and he begins to work in the conditioner, again paying my head complete attention as each strand of hair is allowed to be healed and refreshed. Once my hair is finished I let my eyes roam over his body, smiling up at him, I tell him, "Your turn."

His smirk makes my mouth grin wide, I slowly step closer to his body and let my breast touch his chest, my nipples hard from the need and desire he has provoked in me. He squirms under my touch, I feel the power of controlling him run through my skin, I lower my lips to his nipple and suck gently. "That isn't going to get me clean you know?" he tells me as I suck harder on his body. Shrugging my shoulders I continue to lick and suck the water from off him.

"I'm cleaning you my way." I mumble against his nipple. My fingers stroke the other, teasing it pulling it, twisting it gently, his groans of approval urge me further. My teeth pull the hard bud into my mouth, my tongue flicking it across the tip, drawing it into my mouth I suck his nipple hard, enjoying the tugging and pulling I place on his skin. My mouth moves over to his other nipple, not sparing it any mercy as I bite it, bringing into my mouth, sucking hard, again his groan makes my body tighten, feeling the surge of power, letting me suck his nipple harder, biting his skin, his hand pressing into my hair.

I move my tongue slowly down the center of his chest, loving each flex and twitch of muscle that jumps under my strokes. His body is quivering underneath my hands, they move slower down him as does my mouth. My knees bend and I settle myself before him, he is like a prize, waiting to be claimed, waiting for the right woman to lay claim to his body. I feel the water hitting my skin as my tongue licks his balls, closing my eyes, I allow my heart to guide me.

My tongue presses the right sphere, caressing it and flicking it gently, over and over I allow my tongue to push against the hidden jewel. I could feel his scrotum tighten with each stroke of my tongue. My hands continue to roam his body, one moving slowly down his thigh, then grazing back up the inside, my nails skim along the sensitive flesh underneath his balls. He groans loud as his sound of encouragement beckons me further, sliding my tongue across the bottom of his tight sack, I proceed to pull the left sphere into my mouth, tasting him, stroking him with my tongue, again I lick and lap at his ball. Opening my mouth I slide his balls, guiding them with my hand, into my hot haven of moisture. Sucking gently at first, coaxing his balls into my mouth, my jaw becomes accustomed to the feel of him, calming my bodies natural reflexes to reject this perfect gift, as I begin to suck him with more pressure.

I feel his hand digging into my hair pressing me to him, looking up I see his eyes through the haze of water that is streaking over us. Closing my eyes I slide my tongue underneath the sack, as it stays bunched in my mouth, finally I allow his balls their freedom and guide them out with my tongue and hand. Cupping his scrotum in my palm, I move, rub, and stroke it slowly, while my tongue slides up the shaft of his cock. My mouth reaches the tip, placing a kiss on its center, before moving down the sides of him, to lick and enjoy once more. Moving over his cock with long licks and strokes, I drink the water from his body, only to have it replaced by more from the shower. Circling his cock with licks, I slide my tongue up to the head, this time using my hand to guide his penis head into my mouth.

My mouth wraps around the head of his cock, sucking it as I swirl my tongue around the tip, my nails bite into his skin. The sounds of grunting and the movement of his hips urge me forward, my mouth covering his whole shaft. "Yes!" I hear him growl out. Sliding my mouth deeper against him, sucking harder, my tongue presses against the tip as my hands continue to occupy themselves with his balls and ass. I feel the blood rushing through the veins of his shaft, reminding me of liquid being ran through a straw. More and more I urge his cock to cum to me, to let me finish my breakfast. I hunger for him, his touch, his emotions, his raw passion. I hunger for all of him and I hunger for this moment.

His cock rams hard against the back of my throat, but I continue to give it long strokes of mouth and tongue. My lips roll over the head, then back down again. Faster I move, harder I suck. Stroking his balls, my nails slide against the sensitive place just under his sack, just as his finger twist in my hair. He pushes my head on his cock the same time he thrusts his hips forward. His hot seed is emptied into me, filling my mouth with its liquid heat. My mouth slides just a small ways from the base of his cock to ease the pressure, making more room in my mouth to suck and stroke. I swallow his cum each time he sends more down my throat. I feel his hands on my shoulders and I look up at him, sliding my mouth off his cock, I reach for the sponge and the soap.

I wash my mate's legs, the long firm muscles flex under my touch, his hair becomes soapy and bubbles collect all over him. His ankles and toes are treated each accordingly with tender rubbings. My hand moves back up to his thigh, running the sponge over the front then circling to the back. I bring the cloth back down the full length of one leg and then the inside. I wash circles across his inner muscle before slowly sliding the soapy suds over his cock, cleansing it with the sponge and my soapy fingers, stroking him to harden against the slick bubbles. The erotic washing moves to his other side. Working my fingers into his skin, cleaning and relaxing his body, as sponge and soap move as one to cover and clean his whole leg. I press my finger against his ankle and slowly massage soap against it. My hand moves up the back of his leg, resting under his ass cheek, my nails touch it gently, before I rise.

Our lips meet again, a long slow kiss of pleasure, his tongue cleans the taste of him off my own and he licks my lips. I step back and wash his shoulders, running a path down his arms, then his fingers. Each one is loved, cared for and enjoyed, each feeling special in its own way. I move the sponge to the other hand, reading the lines on his palm before they disappear to be covered in a blanket of soap. Once again my fingers skim over his muscles as each stroke of the sponge cleanses his body. Reaching his shoulder I slide the cloth under his neck, seeing the pulse beating underneath its thin protective casing, I look into his eyes, "I love you" I whisper to him.

"And I you."

My mouth moves to his nipple, giving it a lick and a kiss before the soap devours it, leaving it hidden from my lips. I place a lingering kiss on the other, again my lips are chased away by the need to wash him. The sponge moves back and forth across his chest, over each hard nipple, his body shutters at the textured touch. My hand comes to his belly and smoothly I run the soap across him. Sliding the sponge to each hip and up one side. I cleanse his underarm before switching hands to slide the sponge down the remaining side, being sure he enjoys my presence. Standing we slowly and with some friendly chuckles and giggles trade places in the tub.

He faces me, our lips touch for a soft gentle kiss before I reach for the shampoo. Squeezing some on the palm of my hand I work in the soap, cleansing his hair, watching the suds cover it. My fingers massage his scalp, his neck, his temples. When all of his head is covered I stand on my toes to help rinse the soap clean from his locks. I repeat each process with the same loving caresses and motions with the conditioner. Hearing his sighs of pleasure, the water and I work as one to rinse this too from his hair. I place my hands on his still soapy chest and press him to turn into the spraying water.

As the water hits his body, he uses his hands to slip the soap off of him. Grabbing the sponge again, I use it this time to wash his back, cleansing it of the sweat our bodies had produced earlier. The sponge and my hands move to his waist, running along from side to side the sponge washes each part, leaving a soapy layer behind. Over his ass I move the tool, squeezing it to release more of the trapped suds and water, circling each cheek, washing it. Tossing the sponge, I hear it smack against the floor of the tub. I move to place my hands on his shoulders again, turning him to me, his body clean. Soap falls from his back, with the onslaught of water behind him, my lips once again face him and we kiss gently. He takes his cock and slides it over my wet lips, I smile into his mouth as I hear myself ask, "Now, do you think we'll stay clean if we do that?" His laugh is drowned out by the sound of my voice raining his name throughout the room, as his hard cock slams into me.

"I'm tired of being clean." He growls into my ear as he grabs my ass and thrusts harder into my pussy. My head falls back as each pump of his cock, brings waves crashing through my body. He controls me, controls us, as each time he pulls and returns, he goes deeper, my pussy clenching harder. He moves his hips in a circle as his fingers grip into my ass. Screwing me against the walls of my pussy, we stir our juices again and again, blending our hairs together making us one. Faster he pushes into me, harder I clench his shaft, together we grind and pump moving to a new rhythm as each one of us learns how the other likes to be pleasured. I move my lips to his neck and I feel my passion building to great heights as each impalement of his cock brings me closer to release. His mouth is on my shoulder as I feel his final drive into me. His mouth opens and bites my neck as his cum floods my pussy. My own orgasm slams down against me and covers his cock, my own savage hunger is released as I too use my teeth to mark him, own him, master him.

We continue to clench and pump, our bodies humming to each others emotions, feeding off of one another. I feel his shots of cum filling me up, taking me as his woman, again and again he spasms inside me. My own passion flows freely, no longer do I hold back what I feel, but let it leave my body to join with his, to let him know that forever I will be his whether here or in our dreams. I settle my body against his and he holds me gently, kissing my forehead and moving back to cup my chin in his hand, he kisses my lips as he moves back allowing his cock to slide out of me. Turning he shuts down the water and moves the curtain open, the room billows with steam as he helps me to step from the shower onto the rug then follows close behind me.

I am quiet now, relaxed, serene, and for once without words. I just stand there enjoying his touch as he runs the towel over my back then up into my hair, squeezing the excess water from my long curly strands. I close my eyes and let every moment of our shower imbed itself in my mind, not wanting to forget even the temperature of the water or our bodies as we touched and loved. I breath deep as I feel the soft towel running over my skin. My shivers cease as he wraps the towel around me, knotting it at my breast. I turn to him, treating him to the same loving caresses with his towel. I bring my hands to his hair and let the towel absorb the moist droplets gathering on his head and dripping to his shoulders. I slide it down his chest and around his back. My fingers bring the towel to his legs, sliding my hands over them, I transfer the water from his leg to the towel. I step back, admire his form and wrap his towel around his waist.

"Now we have breakfast." I hear him tell me.

(20 hours to go)

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