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Here's Part 4 of the adventures of Michael, and Kelly, and Tamara, and...

Part 4

The next week was tortuous. Oh, there were some very nice parts, mostly involving Diana at work. After our little escapade at the party, she was being very friendly. She took every opportunity to come by my desk and flirt, and managed to bump or rub up against me more than once. At one point she even cornered me in the break room, stuck her tongue in my mouth, and got her hand into my pants. She made a circle of her thumb and forefinger, wrapped it around my cock, and got in several strokes before we heard people coming. As she headed back to her desk, she smiled sweetly and teased me by saying, "Now you've got something to look forward to!"

Even the good things with Diana had a down side, though. We were both still married, so there wasn't really much chance we were going to spend much time together away from work. Meanwhile, the rest of my life was not going well. Every time I looked at Tamara, what flashed through my mind was jerking myself off as I watched my daughter having her pussy licked by another girl. That made me think about my indiscretions with Kelly. And wish for more. And wonder if Kelly would still be interested in me after she'd had Tamara. I was a mess.

And that wasn't the worst of it. Mary was drinking even more, and I was seriously starting to worry about her health. I talked to her again about entering a rehab clinic, but she would have nothing to do with that. I'd made up my mind to do some research on whether I could get her into one against her wishes.

As if things weren't bad enough, on Friday the phone rang. When I answered it the voice on the other end was vaguely familiar.


"Yes." I was curious. Only Kelly called me Michael.

"This is Sandy Posey, Kelly's mother. I was wondering if we could get together sometime tomorrow to talk about Kelly." Oh, shit... Had Kelly said something to her mother? Was Sandy suspicious about the amount of time Kelly had been spending away from home? Shit, shit, shit. If she was suspicious, the worst thing I could do was seem like I was avoiding her.

"Sure, what's a good time for you?

"Early afternoon would be best. Maybe about 1:00. I was thinking we could meet at the coffee house on 50th and have a cup of coffee while we talked."

"Sounds good, I'll see you at one tomorrow." Shit, shit, shit.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well Friday night, and I was pretty twitchy Saturday morning, too. Tamara commented on how nervous I was acting, and even Mary, who didn't notice much lately, seemed to know that something was up.

I got to the coffee house a few minutes before 1:00, ordered an espresso, and picked out a table in the corner, sitting on a bench against the wall. Sandy walked in a couple of minutes later, saw me, and gave me a big smile and a wave. She didn't look like she was going to rip me a new asshole or put me in prison, but you never know. She motioned toward the counter to let me know she was going to get something to drink, and a minute later settled into the chair across from me.

She apparently didn't believe in preliminary small talk. "Michael, I'm worried about Kelly. She almost never comes home, and I know she's fooling around with drugs and boys. I just don't seem to be able to communicate with her. I know she spends a lot of time with Tamara, and she seems to have a good relationship with you." Damn, woman, if you had any idea! "I thought maybe you could give me some advice about how to handle her."

I figuratively breathed the biggest sigh of relief of my life. Sandy wasn't suspicious about my relationship with Kelly, she actually thought I might be able to give her some parenting tips! In fact, maybe I could, because I'd heard enough from Kelly, both when we were together and when Kelly was hanging out with Tamara, to know that the biggest problem was Kelly didn't think she could talk to her mother, confide in her, because she was convinced Sandy would never understand any of the things she did, and would always get angry. I tried to explain this to Sandy without upsetting her. She seemed to take it fairly well, and I was beginning to think our little meeting might actually accomplish something.

After we'd talked things out for about 15 minutes, Sandy said, "You want more coffee? My treat."

"Sure, double espresso."

"I'll run up and get it."

When she came back with our drinks, Sandy plopped down on the bench next to me, instead of across the table. I suddenly realized that I'd never heard Kelly talk about her father, and had no idea of Sandy's marital status. She knew I was married, of course, so I was probably just seeing things that weren't there. On the other hand, my feelings about that type of thing had been pretty accurate lately. Unfortunately.

"So, how do you think I could start getting her to trust me?" Sandy asked.

"Just try asking her about what she's doing, and don't jump on her if it's not exactly what you want her to be doing. Then maybe she'll open up to you a little more."

"Yeah, but I can't talk to her if I never see her. Hey, maybe you and your wife and Tamara could come over for dinner sometime. If Tamara's there, Kelly will stay home. And maybe if you guys are there she'll be civil if I try to talk to her."

"That might work. I'll check with Mary and Tamara and see if I can find a night that would be good for everybody, and let you know."

"Great! I'm really glad we had this talk, Michael, I think it's going to help. I better get going now, I've got errands to run this afternoon." She gave my hand a squeeze as she got up to go. No, Michael, she is not trying to come onto you. And if she does, run away as fast as you can possibly manage. You need more women to worry about like you need to face the Spanish Inquisition.

Unfortunately, that was about to take a big drop in importance on my list. I was just getting into the car to head home when my cell phone rang. It was Tamara.

"Dad, something's wrong with mom! She collapsed, and I'm not sure she's breathing! Daddy, what should I do?!"

"I'm on the way home, honey, but call 911, right now. I'll see you in a few minutes."

I got home just as the ambulance was pulling up. Tamara was in a panic, and I held her to try to calm her down. The paramedics had Mary on a gurney and were wheeling her out the door. One of them turned to me and said, "She's breathing, but she's had some kind of seizure. They'll be able to tell more at the hospital. We're taking her to Memorial."

I managed to get Tamara calmed down enough to get her into the car so we could follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Waiting. Too much waiting. That's always the problem during any trip to the hospital. I was vaguely aware of Tamara sitting next to me clinging to my arm. Then of her talking to someone on the phone, Kelly from the way the conversation was going. People wandering in and out. The various indistinguishable sounds of a hospital always in the background.

Finally, a doctor appeared, middle-aged, undistinguished looking. He introduced himself, then got down to business.

"Your wife's seizure was caused by the amount of alcohol in her system. We have her stabilized now. She should be all right, long term, but it will be a long process, and she'll have to stay away from drinking. She's going to have to stay here for a few days, then she should go into a residential treatment center for at least a month. I can't emphasize too strongly how important it is that she stop drinking."

"I know. I'm not the one you have to convince."

Tamara and I were able to see her briefly, although she was still pretty much out of it. We then headed home. There really wasn't much we could do at the hospital besides make ourselves crazy.

We were just sitting around, not really doing anything, when the phone rang.

"Michael, it's Sandy. Kelly told me about what happened, and I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am. If there's anything I can do, please let me know."

"Thanks. I appreciate the thought. There's not really much any of us can do right now."

"Would it help if you and Tamara came over for dinner? You could at least get out of the house for a bit."

I checked with Tamara, and she thought it might be a good idea, so we found ourselves having ham and scalloped potatoes with Sandy and Kelly. If you didn't know the background, you'd have thought it was a really happy, homey family dinner. Tamara seemed really relaxed, and Sandy and Kelly treated each other like human beings. We'd gotten the dinner that Sandy and I had talked about, but the circumstances weren't exactly what we'd had in mind. And Sandy might not have been such a good host if she'd known her daughter was fucking both of her guests. (Actually, I didn't know if Kelly was actually fucking Tamara or not, having no idea if what I'd seen between them was a one-time thing, or part of something larger. What Kelly and I had going on, though, was definitely more than a one-night-stand.)

On Sunday morning, Tamara and I went to the hospital to see Mary. She looked better, but still pretty ragged. Tamara did most of the talking. I felt uncomfortable pretty quickly. Mary and I hadn't had much of a marriage for some time now, and, although I felt guilty about it, I wasn't really sure I belonged there. Tamara came to my rescue.

"Mom, Dad's got to go now, he's got some things he needs to take care of. But I'm going to stay here pretty much all day, and he'll come and pick me up later." I shot Tamara a grateful look, hoping Mary didn't notice. I knew Tamara would want to spend as much time as she could with her mother. They'd always been close, in spite of Mary's shortcomings as a parent. And now, if Mary went into rehab, Tamara wouldn't see her for at least a month. If she didn't go into rehab... Well, I didn't want to think about that.

I headed home, and not long after I walked in the door my cell phone rang. It was Kelly.

"Michael, are you alone?"

"Yeah, Tamara's at the hospital with her mother."

"Good, 'cause I've got something you need." I heard a hissing intake of breath, letting me know that Kelly had pot that she wanted to share. I was in no condition to resist.

She got there within a few minutes. We settled down on the couch, Kelly pulled out a joint, and we were soon on our way to the land of the crispy. It was very reminiscent of the first night that we'd had sex.

At some point after we were blissfully fried, Kelly turned to me, looked into my eyes, and said, "You want me, don't you?"


"Then take me." I should have been laughing my ass off at that, especially since I was stoned. It was the ultimate cliche from a bad porno movie. But humor wasn't really a big part of my life at that point, so instead of laughing, I grab her hair with one hand, pulled her to me, and crushed my lips against hers. She moaned into my mouth, and we started clawing at each other's clothes. Being high made us clumsy, and it took a while for us to strip each other; that we managed to laugh about. Before too long, though, we were naked on the couch, and I was sliding into Kelly. I wasn't gentle, but then Kelly had never really wanted me to be. I was pounding into her roughly, and she was obviously loving it. Her breathing was ragged, and she was moaning, as I drove my cock into her pussy, while at the same time kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"I'm gonna cum, Michael, fuck me hard! Yes, god, yes!" Kelly stiffened, then shook and clutched at me, pulling me tighter. Her orgasm washed over her, and she gasped several times before relaxing back against the couch with a sigh.

I pulled my cock out of her and began to move up toward her head.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to cum in your mouth, baby."

Before I reached her mouth, I made a stop at her tits. I brushed the head of my cock against her nipples, and Kelly purred in appreciation. With that encouragement, I began rubbing first the head, and then my entire dick, over Kelly's tits. I slid it into the hollow between her tits, pressed them together with my hands and began tit-fucking her. Kelly, moaning again, replaced my hands with hers, holding her tits together around my cock as I rocked it back and forth. Kelly leaned her head forward and stuck out her tongue, brushing the tip over the head of my cock as I stroked up toward her face. It was an incredible feeling, my cock trapped between Kelly's big, firm tits, while her tongue teased the head. It didn't take long until I was ready to blow.

"I'm ready to cum, baby, open your mouth." Kelly did as she was told, and I moved the rest of the way up and pushed my cock between her lips. She sucked hard, and ran her tongue the length of my cock as I drove it into her mouth. The head of my cock wedged against the back of her throat, and that was enough to push me over the edge. I shivered as my balls poured my cum out through my cock, into Kelly's mouth and down her throat. She gulped reflexively, swallowing everything I shot into her.

We curled up on the couch together, and I began to wonder just how morally bankrupt I had managed to become. If only I'd known how much farther I could fall.

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