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09-09-2008, 12:40 PM
The latest chapter with Jason, his girlfriend, and his sister.

Part 4

After resting for a few minutes, Wendy decided it was time to get things going again. She bent over Jason's cock, looked down at him, and said, "You better be able to do one more tonight!" Then she turned to Jennifer and added, "You going to help me with this?"

Wendy opened her mouth wide and took in Jason's entire limp dick. The taste was intoxicating; a mixture of Jason's usual flavor, along with his semen, together with the pussy juices of both girls. She'd never tasted anything quite like it. Wendy joined in, and they took turns sucking Jason, and giggling at each other as his cock began to grow and stiffen again. Jason simply lay there, letting his girlfriend and sister work on him, wishing he'd be able to tell his friends about it. They'd never believe him! He'd just have to be content with enjoying the experience. He watched as the two girls each licked up one side of his dick, then brought their tongues together at the tip, dissolving into a long, deep kiss. Damn, just like he'd seen it so many porn movies!

Jason's cock was back to full throttle now, and Wendy was ready for her next step. She moved to the head of the bed, knelt down, and braced her hands against the headboard, then turned to Jason and said, "Put it in my ass."

"You... What?!" Jason was shocked. He simply couldn't believe what he was hearing. After everything else that had happened tonight, this might just be too much.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass. Do it. Now." Wendy wasn't in any mood for a debate.

Jason, moving in slow motion, crawled up behind Wendy, while Jennifer watched. Jason was still a little hesitant about the whole thing, but the sight of Wendy's naked ass sticking up in the air was enough to overcome his misgivings. He slowly spread apart Wendy's ass cheeks with one hand, while he guided his cock to the opening of her anus with the other. He placed his cockhead against the ring of Wendy's ass, and pushed forward just enough so the head popped through into her ass. It gripped his cock like nothing he'd ever felt before.

"Owww! Oh, god!" Wendy winced in pain as Jason's cock stretched her anal ring. It opened her up a lot wider than her finger had. Still, she was excited by the feeling.

"Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?"

"No! Don't stop! Just take it slow."

Jason leaned forward pushing just an inch or so of his cock into Wendy's ass, then pulled back slowly until just the head was still inside. Wendy groaned as she felt her ass open reluctantly to take him in. He repeated the stroke, then again, and again, each time moving into her just a little further. Wendy grunted with each stroke as more and more of her ass was stretched open. The mixture of pain and pleasure she was feeling was something completely new to her, and was taking her places she had never expected to go. Since her ass was tighter than her pussy, she could feel each movement of his dick inside her more clearly than when he was in her cunt. As Jason's cock penetrated farther into her ass, she could feel her pussy begin to pulse with the rhythm of his strokes. Each time she thought she must have all of him inside, he humped again, and she felt her ass violated deeper.

Jason, meanwhile, found that same extra tightness meant that his cock got more stimulation when it was in Wendy's ass. He began to thrust into her more quickly, and finally announced, "It's all the way in."

Wendy let out a gasp; she knew she wouldn't have been able to take much more inside her. She looked over at Jennifer, still lying on the bed, and ordered, "Come here. Finger-fuck me." Jenny did what she was told, kneeling next to Wendy, reaching between her legs, and thrusting two fingers into the older girl's pussy.

Wendy was on fire. Her pussy pulsed around Jennifer's fingers, dripping wet. Her ass burned with each stroke of Jason's cock. Unlike when she'd had her cherry popped, the pain wasn't going away, but it didn't matter, because the pain was now simply part of what was driving her to the edge. Her mind no longer operated, her body was simply a series of nerve endings. She was gasping with every stroke now, barely able to breathe.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. I'm... Oh my god!" Wendy's entire body convulsed. Her ass spasmed around Jason's cock, her pussy around Jennifer's fingers. The muscles in her belly contracted and released, again and again. Her hands gripped the headboard as if she was trying to rip it off, as her back arched. She let out one, two, three explosive breaths, then her body shuddered and relaxed.

And then Jason's semen erupted into her ass. Combined with Jennifer still fingering her pussy it was enough to trigger another orgasm, although her body didn't have enough strength left to explode as it had seconds before. This time she simply trembled and moaned, then remained frozen in her kneeling position, her body too spent to even allow her to lie down. Jenny took her fingers away from Wendy's pussy. Jason's cock had quickly shrunk and slipped out of her ass, worn out from its big night.

Wendy finally slumped onto the bed and curled up in a ball. Under her breath, she was moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Meanwhile, her mind had started work again, and she was beginning to wonder what she could try next that would outdo even this.

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