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A slow process.

This story begins way back in the mists of time, in 1980 to be exact. A young virgin of seventeen called Kathleen met and married a man of 18 called John. Her anticipation of the romance of her honeymoon and wedding night in particular was quickly dashed when alone at last she and her new husband undressed.

John was less than adequately endowed with a two and a half inch cock which when extremely aroused measured a measly four inches. But no to an innocent virgin who knew no better, this was what all men had to offer. Her luck did not change when John took her virginity either; for she had secretly hoped for hours of fucking and in reality all she got barely ten minutes from beginning to him rolling over and falling asleep.

Still knowing no better she never complained, in fact for ten years she assumed this was the norm, until one day in the ladies loo at an office where she worked as a temporary secretary she over heard two females talking. One was telling the other about this guy she had been out with the night before and delighted in declaring when they went to his bedroom and he dropped his slacks, he displayed an eight in cock which was not even hard yet and when it was it was almost ten inches long and as thick as her wrist. Further more she described how he had made her knee and suck him for thirty minutes not caring if she choked on his cock or not.

By now Kathleen or Kath was rubbing her cunt to orgasm as she listened intently to the voices outside her cubicle. The woman was now telling her friend that he fucked her in several different positions for over an hour without cumming and when he did cum he spurted gallons of spunk over her face and tits. Kath had to bite her lip to stop from screaming out at this moment for her orgasm swept through her body. Not just her normal orgasm but this one started deep inside her brain and sent electric shocks to every nerve in her body before massing in her clit.

She could not believe what she had heard and decided to try to find out if such things were true. Instantly she took the decision to get John to buy her a computer so she could check out some of the sites she had heard existed on the internet. Oh course she would have to play it cool as to why she wanted the computer but she was sure she could handle that.

That night she was surprise how well John had taken the demand for a computer, for additional home work from her job she had declared. Well this was not exactly a lie for the additional homework was job related as she had been given the idea that there were monster cocks out there from girls at work. John was almost as pleased as Kath was about the introduction of a pc to their home for he too had heard of wife cams where he could watch women undressing and playing with themselves to an untold audience over the internet.

That night, Kath’s dreams were the wettest she had ever experienced and it was centred around her being made to suck a large thick cock and having it deliver its torrents of spunk over her tits. By the weekend they had their computer and on the Sunday night whilst John was at his parents, she began to explore the internet.

She found several sites which showed various sized cocks and the one which stuck in her mind showed white women taking large black cocks whilst their husbands were forced to watch. Initially this disgusted her, for how could a man allow his wife to take another man’s cock especially a large black one when he supposedly loved her.

She also found some adverts for sex shops and the sort of toys the sold, she toyed with the idea of buying on line a six inch rubber cock, just to see what it would feel like in her hand and as it was not a real cock it could hardly be classed as being unfaithful if she gave in to the temptation to slip it into her cunt, now could it! Instead she went to a store in the next town where she would not be known and selected one off the shelf.

She purchased a six inch model which was one inch in diameter and shaped like a pink prick, she chose this because after ten years of a small cock she did not know if she could handle a massively large one. For six months she hid her toy and used it only when she knew John would not be around. But as usual fate sometimes has a way of conspiring against your wishes. One day when she thought John would be working till well after seven pm, she took her toy to bed. It was two thirty in the afternoon and she stripped off completely. Her 38D tits ached for the feel of her rubber friend as it buzzed to life and increased her excitement.

Soon she was on her knees on the bed with her arse to the bedroom door, one hand gripping her rubber toy as she probed her cunt with it, her free hand snaked around her arse and pressed against her anal ring. She was unaware of her husband’s presence, for having feigned a migraine at work he had hoped to find time alone to check out some amateur web cams he had managed to find web addresses for. When he entered his home he had heard these strange noises coming from upstairs and upon investigating he had seen his wife’s lewd display through the part open bed room door. Instantly his tiny cock sprouted an erection and he fought the urge to barge in and stick it into his wife’s arse. No instead he watched silently whilst stroking his aching cock.

As Kath now fucked her cunt with the rubber prick, and fingered her anal ring, she began moaning out John’s name but surprisingly she was not begging him to use his big cock on her, no she was begging him to let her take big cocks from other men. Suddenly it hit John, his wife, was secretly wanting to get herself fucked by a big cocked guy and she wanted John to approve it. His mind whirled as he suddenly shot his load over his hand at the sudden implication of this. Without thinking he slipped away and as he crept down stairs he had the sudden impulse to lick his own hand clean, imagining it was some other guy’s spunk. He thought this would disgust him but his cock sprang back to life and it really did not taste as bad as he thought it would.

Straightening his clothes as he left his house; at the end of the road he phoned home and told a panting Kath, he was not feeling very well so he was on his way home. Ten minutes later he was ringing his own door bell. Kath let him in and asked where his keys were, he lied that he had left then at work in his haste to get home because of this blinding headache. Entering the bedroom where so recently he witnessed Kath’s pornographic sex act, was now respectable and no sign of her toy.

He lay down on the bed slightly aware of the musky smell of his wife’s sex antics, his wife turned out the light and whispered that she was going to see her mother. With in ten minutes of her closing the front door, John was searching everywhere to find her toy with out any joy. Reluctantly gave up looking and instead went to the computer; as he booted it up he wondered where his wife got her toy and more importantly where she got the idea of buying such an item.

Curious he decided to check the coolie files and soon accessed the sites his wife had been looking at. He was fascinated when he saw the cuckold sites and happily wanked off as he imagined his wife taking on such a big cock as he was made to watch and then when he read an account of how a man was made to eat his wife’s cunt after her lover had spunked up her; it really blew his stack.

Further investigation of this subject matter, led him to reading a particular story by an author on a story site and before he convinced himself against it, he sent feedback to the author including his feelings about the subject. He was not aware he had disclosed to the guy that he was so poorly endowed; but when he received a reply which indicated that his wife was unlucky to have to be lumbered with such a poor excuse for a cock, he was intrigued and began to enter into correspondence with this guy called Ray.

Following his new Master’s instructions, John wanked into a glass and drank it pretending it was Ray’s spunk and that he had actually wanked Ray’s cock to get this thick white cream. John began opening up to this man he never really intended to meet; telling him of his inner most fantasises and indeed related the incident when he watched his wife fuck herself with the rubber prick shaped vibrator.

In the following email Ray suggested that John introduce Kath to the idea of being sexy enough to be chatted up and even suggested that he bet her that she would never dare to allow herself to be chatted up to the point of actually going to a hotel room with John and this other guy.

Two weeks later, John emailed Ray to say that Kath had taken the dare and was prepared to allow herself to be chatted up if the circumstances allowed. It was at this point Ray mentioned being in Wales for a week, in three weeks time, and could start that visit to Wales in Swansea on the Saturday before moving on to his real reason for visiting Wales on the Monday. Now john fell in and instantly agreed to meet Ray when he came to Wales, over the next few emails they sorted out the details of their plan.

So it was that three weeks later, Ray booked into the Premier Lodge, Swansea, walked down to the local internet café and sent John an email. John spoke to Kath and emailed back it was on. Later he sent the information Ray had demanded in order to make things work, including a recent picture of Kath.

John had simply to ensure that Kath entered alone, the residents bar at the premier lodge hotel, and he stayed away for twenty minutes before entering the bar and seating himself at a table booth.

Kath arrived at seven pm and sat at the bar, supposedly waiting for John who claimed to be delayed, although he did remind her of her acceptance of his dare to allow someone to chat her up. Ray recognised Kath, as soon as she entered and he waited till she was seated before sidling up to her and offering to buy her a drink. Reluctantly she agreed, glancing round checking for her husband.

Ray spun Kath a tale about being a psychic, and offered a free trial of his skills. Intrigued Kath agreed with reservations, Ray then placed his hands lightly on the temples of Kath’s head. Suddenly he pulled them away apologising as he did so. Kath asked “what was the matter?” Ray coyly answered its just that I had a flash image of her sexual problem and concerns.

Now curious, Kath asked for more details, Ray then related that her psyche suggest that she has an issue with her sexual situations and in a lowered voice Ray hinted he had picked up on her being dissatisfied with the size of her husband’s cock. He deliberately stressed the word cock as he said it. Kath looked aghast, had she really subconsciously told him of her husband’s small puny cock.

Just then she saw John slip into the table booth near the door. She pointed him out to Ray and asked Ray to join them at their table. She quickly scooted over to John and briefly told him what had occurred and suggested that he ask Ray to give him a reading.

Obviously John was aware that Ray was not psychic, but playing along he asked for a reading; Ray responded by saying he would be happy to give a full no holds barred reading if they would care to join him in his hotel room.

John and Kath looked at each other before John nodded and agreed. When they got into the unmanned lift, Ray turned to John and told him to take his cock out of his pants. The tone of Ray’s voice warned John against disobeying this command. Kath looked astonished when John meekly carried out the instructions. As lift approached the four floor level, Ray ordered John to cover his cock but not to put it away. Again John complied and walked along the hallway with his cock hanging out.

Outside Ray’s room, he made John raise his shirt and show his cock. It was now fully erect but still looked tiny. Once all three were inside the room, Ray turned to Kath and said, “Watch this!” “John, remove all your clothes this instant!” Ray demanded. As john began removing his clothes, Ray turned to Kath; he instructed her to stand perfectly still, his palms again rested lightly against her temples as he stood close behind her. He was sure she could feel his prominent bulge in his trousers pressing against her arse cheeks. He did notice in the mirror how her cheeks blushed.

Ray pretended to be concentrating as he pressed his hardening cock against her rear end; then he ordered her to raise her arms and hold them straight out. Lightly he slipped his hands over her shoulder blades and down to the small of her back before bringing them up again until he was pressing his palms into the side flesh of her tits. Kath had trouble catching her breath when she felt this; and even gulped as she felt Ray’s fingers find and pinch her nipples, all the time now she was pushing her arse cheeks back on to his hard cock.

John was now naked and staring at his wife, allowing someone she had just met for the very first time; pinch her nipples so plainly and in front of her husband to boot. John’s eyes widened further when he watch as Ray slid his hands down and his left hand disappeared behind her, whilst his right caressed with light butterfly touches her stomach. Ray then knelt down and his right hand pressed over Kath’s pubic bone. Ray then motioned for her to open her legs and instantly she did so. Now his hands moved down towards her knees; once he was below her skirt hem, he slowly rubbed his hand up her stocking clad legs and under her skirt. Ray watched John’s eyes following the bulge of his hand as it neared his wife’s cunt.

Ray pressed his hand tightly against her panty cover cunt and rubbed his index finger against her clit as he suddenly spoke up, “Kath, for a while now, you have wanted something your husband has not been able to give you! You want a large cock to fuck your womb entrance and wimp John there cannot help; for his weedy cock barely enters your cunt let alone your womb!” “I offer as proof of these feelings the fact that your telling me that our wearing peach coloured panties and have bought a six inch rubber cock to see what it feels like to be fucked full of cock!” Kathy Blushed.

Ray turned to John and said, “John, remove your wife’s, my slut’s, blouse and bra!” Ray felt Kath’s resistance begin to fade; as john quickly unbuttoned her blouse laying it on to the bed before he unclasped her bra and laid that on top of the blouse. Ray spent some time soaking up the view of Kath’s 38D tits with their rock hard nipples sticking out so proud. Then Ray had John remove Kath’s skirt and stockings and suspender belt. Very quickly, Kath, who blushed from head to toe, was left standing in front of this stranger in just her panties. Ray moved his hand up and then down inside the waist band of her panties, making sure he stroked the smooth skin of her shaved cunt. John was clearly aware that by now Ray’s fingers were either inside her cunt or stroking her clit and Kath could not help but begin thrusting her hips as her clit was on fire.

John was now ordered to remove Kath’s panties and then both were shocked when he was ordered to dress himself in her stockings, suspenders, panties and bra. A stern look from Ray was all it took to convince John not to disobey. Kath could not believe her eyes as John quickly dressed in her clothes, whilst as she glanced down to where her panties had been moments earlier and saw Ray’s large fat fingers spreading her cunt lips and filling her more than John’s cock ever did.

Once john was properly dressed, Ray made him remove Ray’s trousers and underwear and hold out his eight inch cock for his wife to admire. Ray’s cock was not only twice the length of John’s but was three times as thick as well. Now it was John’s turn to sweat as Ray ordered him to kneel and open his mouth. Ray placed his cock head in the entrance of John’s mouth and ordered him to suck it to its maximum length before he was going to watch his wife, Ray’s new slut, get the fucking she deserved and craved. Ray delighted in telling the couple, John was even going to be eating Kath’s cunt after Ray had filled it with spunk!

But first Ray announced he was going to show John how a sexy woman would beg
to be fucked when she was with a real stud of a man. He made Kath, climb on the bed, lay on her back and he knelt between her legs, taking hold of her ankles he raised and opened her legs, before assaulting her cunt with his mouth and tongue. Kath began whimpering and these sounds turned to screams as she reached the stage one of her orgasm, she needed no prompting to begin begging for Ray to stuff her cunt full of his magnificent cock. Ray held back from giving her wish till she suddenly began screaming that she wanted, needed and loved his monster cock after being starved by only having John’s weedy effort for so long. She promised Ray anything to get him to stuff his cock into her throbbing cunt even to become his whore, his baby making whore anytime he wanted her night or day.

Ray continued to lash her cunt with his tongue until she finally plateau’d her orgasm with her cunt squirting its juices like a little cock peeing. Then standing he ordered John to take hold of his cock and feed it into John’s wife’s cunt. He told John, he was feeding his slut of a wife with some other guy’s cock because he knew his own was never going to be enough.

For an hour Ray fucked Kath, several times getting John to feel how wet her cunt was and always when they changed position, was John required to suck Ray’s cock clean and then he had to guide Ray’s cock into Kath’s cunt or arse. Eventually after Kath’s seventh orgasm, Ray spurted his seed deep inside Kath’s cunt. Ordering John to remove the panties he is wearing; he slowly pulls his slimy cock out of Kath’s spunk filled cunt and made John suck it clean whilst ordering Kath to put her panties on.

Then Ray ordered John to dress in his own clothes over the top of Kath’s clothing he is still wearing, Kath is allowed to dress in just her blouse and skirt over the panties keeping the torrent of spunk up her cunt. John is then given very clear instructions to go home and once there, Kath is to use her rubber dick on his arse while he licks the spunk from her cunt and after wards John had to wear the spunk stained panties till tomorrow morning when he has to suck the spunk stained gusset.

Ray took Kath’s phone number and promised to phone them in the morning for a full report. Ray intended trying to secure a visit to their home before moving on to his business contacts in Wales. But that is another story.

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