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Phone Sex With Michael
by ImaFantasyŠ

The phone is ringing, as I grab it, I flop over onto the bed..."Hello?"

A deep, sexy voice on the other end of the line says "Hello Jackie, this is Michael."

"Ohhhh my!" I say. Thinking, Oh my God he has such a deep, wonderful voice. And I can feel my pussy contract, already becoming wet. "Hello Michael! My goodness, this is the first time we've talked."

"Yes, it is. I just wanted to hear your voice. I've wondered with you'd sound like." Michael purred.

And for the next few minutes we talked, laughed and got comfortable with each others voices. Michael and I have "corresponded" ****** for awhile now. And Michael has sent me some very hot and sexy stories that he wrote for me. We are both very curious about BDSM and D/s and have been sort of exploring each others limits and needs. We seem to have very similar tastes, needs, desires. I find his stories extremely erotic.

But as I listen to his deep, dark, rich, voice I begin to become aroused. We discuss the erotic stories he's sent me and past experiences we've had and as we talk...I get hotter and wetter.

When Michael says that he is laying on the couch and stroking his cock, that's all I can take. I reach for my dolphin, that I keep on the night table beside my bed, and turning it on, ease it between my pussy lips and against my clit.

As I do this, I tell Michael what I'm doing and I'm sure he can tell, by the gasps and catches in my voice as the dolphin goes to work on my already swelling clit.

"Michael, imagine...I'm naked, sitting across from you in a chair. I throw my legs over the arms of the chair and as you lay there, on the couch, stroking your cock, I rub my clit with my dolphin. We're going to watch each other masturbate." I say to him.

"Jackie, I want to fist you. I want to fist your ass! I want to grease my hand and arm and shove it up inside your hot little ass." Michael moans. Ummm...seems he has other ideas!!!

Oh God! The thought of that drives me crazy. I need more. "Michael, I'm getting up onto my knees, my legs are spread wide. I have my favorite toy, a vibrating, double dildo that I call "Big Jim." I'm going to use it to fuck my pussy AND my ass, while you tell me about fisting me."

And as I say this, I lube up both shafts of the dildo and prepare to ram it into my cunt and ass. All the while, the dolphin is humming away on my clit, I can't help but squirm and thrust my hips as the dolphin works my clit to a swollen, throbbing nub.

Michael is saying to me "I've got oil all over my hand and arm. I'm working my fingers into your sweet ass. Stroking them in and out, fucking your ass with my fingers. Now I have four fingers up inside of you. God, Jackie, you're so hot and wet already."

By now I'm on my knees and my head is down on the bed. I have the dildo pressed against my ass and am working it around, but not pushing it in yet. Not till Michael rams his fist in. I'm so fucking hot and needy, I'm moaning and gasping. Talking nasty to Michael and urging him on. I want it, I want more. I'm pinching my nipples with the other hand, pulling them and moaning from the pain/pleasure of it.

Michael is saying "I now have my fingers and my thumb pumping in and out of your ass Jackie. Feel it? Feel how tight it is. Your ass is so hot. Now I'm pushing, working the knuckles into your ass Jackie. Holding you with the other hand, I wiggle and work my hand till the knuckles pop into your ass."

Michael gives a grunt, just as if he were shoving his fist into my hot, hungry, needy ass. And as he does, I ram the dildo up inside of me. Deep, hard, fast it goes...to the hilt.

As I do, nearly screaming from the rush of sensations, groaning and panting, I say to Michael "Oh God Michael, I just rammed both shafts of the dildo up inside me. It's buried all the way in my ass and pussy. Come on Michael, ram your fist up in me, fuck me, fuck me hard. Please Michael, I need it. Hurt me, fuckin' pound me with your fist. Do anything you want. Give it all to me. Fuck me dammit!"

I'm ramming and pounding away with the dildo, so hot and wet I can hear my pussy and ass making wet, sucking noises.

"Michael, can you hear this? Listen..." I place the phone between my legs and thrust the dildo in and out of me. Listening to the sucking, squishing sounds my cum soaked pussy and ass are making. "Did you hear that Michael?"

"Yes. God yes. You're amazing. Fuck that's wild. Do it again. I want to hear it again." He pants.

Lowering the phone between my legs I continue to fuck myself hard and fast till I can't hold on any longer "Michael, oh God. Fuck me, I'm cummin' oh Jesus!" And all I can do is hammer the dildo into myself and scream out my orgasm. Gasping, panting and mumbling encouragement to Michael.

I hear Michael, "Fuck...oh shit, you are so fucking hot Jackie. Damn, I want to fuck the shit out of you. I can't hold it, I'm cummin'."

Roaring and talking dirty to me, Michael lets his hot, thick cum shoot out of his cock and over his chest and stomach. All the while, I'm begging for his cum, begging him to feed me his cum. I'm jerking and twitching, thru a series of extremely intense orgasms. Peeking over and over again as I fuck myself with the dildo and listen to the wild uninhibited way that Michael is cumming.

Still shivering and shaking from after shocks of pleasure, I hear Michael on the other end of the line begin to laugh. He's laughing, more open and free the longer it lasts.

Still laughing, Michael says "Damn Jackie, I've never in my life had phone sex like that. That was incredible. I can't believe how hard I came. Your are something else."

But still in the throes of pleasure all I can do is pant and moan "Michael, Michael, oh God, I can't stop. Michael, I'm still cummin'."

I hear Michael's voice "That's it baby. Cum for me. You're incredible. Cum some more. Give it to me. God, I can't believe it...I'm already getting hard again. Jackie, you make me so fucking horny."

"Michael, I need more. I can't stop. Fuck me, please! Please Michael, fuck me...dammit FUCK ME!!! Talk dirty to me. Call me names. Say anything, do anything. I want it, I need it. Fuck my face. Ram your cock down my throat. Choke me with your cock, make me gag Michael!" I'm again pounding away with the dildo.

Only, I really DO need more! Have to have MORE! And reaching into my toy box again, I pull out the long double headed dildo that is so detailed and realistic looking. Rubbing it around my pussy and covering it with my cum, I begin trying to work it into my swollen, hungry pussy with the other dildo I still have in there. I'm thinking, can I do this? One in my ass and two in my cunt? I have to try, I'm going crazy. I NEED MORE!!!!

All the while Michael is talking "I'm hard again baby. Look what you do to me. God I want to fuck your mouth. I want to ram my cock down your throat and choke you with it. I want to hear you gag on my cock as I hold your head and fuck your face hard."

I can't even talk. All I can do is feel and listen. Then I realize I'm screaming again. I'm cumming and cumming and cumming. It just won't stop. I hear myself begging Michael to hurt me, use me, talk to me and treat me like a whore.

I hear Michael say "Do you have another dildo? Get it, get a big one. I want you to suck it. I want you to shove it down your throat. I want to hear you choke and gag on it."

Suddenly I rip the long dildo from my pussy and mouthing to Michael, telling him what I'm doing, I shove the dildo, cum and all into my mouth and begin to suck and lick it. God, I love the taste of cum.

Harder and deeper I thrust the dildo. Just as if it WERE Michaels cock and he WERE ramming it down my throat. I gag and choke on it, but I keep right on shoving it into my throat. At the same time I'm humping and thrusting onto the dildo that's still deep inside my pussy and ass. And the dolphin, my sweet little dolphin, is still humming away against my clit.

I hear Michael, he's ranting, so into the imagery of his cock ramming hard into my face. His ability to "see" and "be" in the fantasy is awesome. It drives me over the edge again and I realize I'm trying to scream while with one hand I'm drilling the dildo at least 8 or 9 inches down my throat and pounding my ass and pussy with the other.

Wave after wave of sensation is washing over me. I'm in one of those places where I've lost control of my body. It's taken over and is thrashing in total, uncontrolled abandon. If the Pope walked in now...he'd just have to watch and wait till it was over. I couldn't stop now, even if I wanted to.

Michael is incredulous. I hear him almost talking to himself. Amazed that he's cum twice during phone sex. All I can think is...MORE! I NEED MORE!

"Michael, it won't stop." I gasp. "It just keeps cummin and cummin. "Fuck my ass Michael. Please, I want your cock in my ass. Tear it up. Ram it deep and hard into my ass. Hurt me Michael. for Gods sake, please hurt me!"

Again Michael is talking. "Yeah baby. I want to fuck that tight, sweet ass of yours. I'm gonna pound the fuck out of you, slut. Come on be my whore, give me that ass."

I realize that he is again off, into the image of his hard cock plunging into my hot, needy ass. And listening to him describe what he would be doing to me if he could, I again resume fucking myself with the dildo that's been in my ass and pussy all this time.

"Come on Michael, treat me line a whore, like a slut. Talk nasty to me, call me names, give it to me. I need your cock. I'm so fuckin' hungry for cock. I want a big old cock in my ass and my cunt and my mouth. I want to be covered with cocks and cum. I want to take you up inside me, just suck you right up into me. FUCK ME GOD DAMMIT!!!! FUCK ME!!!!" And screaming, another huge wave of cum gushes from my swollen and battered pussy. I have cum all down my legs, all over my hands and up my arms.

Michael is crazed by now. I can't help but wonder if I could get him to go completely wild and turn into a raging beast if we were together. He sounds like one now. He's roaring, growling, so wild and animalistic in his fantasy. I want him to become an animal, a beast. A wild, mindless, lust filled fucking machine.

Finally, after cumming three times for me, I can tell Michael is worn out. We've been at this for how long now...a couple of hours?

I whisper "Michael, tell me to stop. Tell me to take the dildo out. To turn off the dolphin. I can't do it by myself. I can't stop by myself." I want more!

Gently, Michael tells me "Damn girl. I don't believe you. You're something else. Turn them off now. We have to stop, I'm beat. Take them out. You have to calm down now."

Finally I do as Michael says. I turn them off. And slowly I pull the dildo from my swollen ass and pussy. Causing another wave of cum to flow from me.

We talk for a while longer. Michael repeatedly tells me how awesome it was, how amazing I am. Talking gently and soothingly to me. But, he has to get back to work, so we say good-bye and hang up.

I lay here thinking about him. I've never talked to anyone with an imagination as similar to mine before. He seems to be, like me, almost limitless. And so willing and eager to experiment. It will be very interesting to see just where our imaginations will take us.

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good story is there more to come?