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09-12-2008, 03:13 PM
My interesting office interview.

Charlady is a 21 year old, six foot tall blonde woman with 36D breasts, although living in Scotland she has often travelled to London to meet with her 51 year old Master.

She decides to change her job, but after looking through all the local positions available, she decides to look further a field. Checking with her Master Ray in London; who sends her some job vacancies from the London area; one of which looks interesting to Charlady with a great salary.

After Master Ray advised her not to quit her job, but come to London on a Holiday for three or four days to see if she can get employment there. Charlady arrived on the Saturday night and her first interview was at 9.00 am on Monday. Saturday night was spent renewing her relationship with her master and she loved the way he always slept with his arms cradling her making her feel safe and secure.

Charlady attended three interviews on the Monday, all run of the mill but the one she was interested in was surprisingly scheduled for 7.30 pm on the Monday evening. Master Ray escorted her to the address and promised to wait for her in his car. Nervously she entered the building; why she felt so nervous she was unsure because she had not felt this nervous with the other interviews; she put it down to the fact this one was the one she really wanted and the great salary would give her true financial independence.

We arrived outside the building at 7.15 pm, Charlady was wearing a stylish jacket and skirt which was mid thigh length, beneath which she wore her quarter cup bra and at my insistence no panties. I insisted on no panties for some fun on the way home afterwards. She finished this off with traditional sheer white stockings, suspender belt and black five inch stiletto heeled shoes. These shoes gave her the appearance of being nearly seven foot tall and they showed off her fine calf muscles as she walked.

Charlady kissed me quickly as she left to enter the building and I drove off to find somewhere to park. She entered the lobby reception area and was directed to a lift to the fourth floor. Here she entered through a set of glass sliding doors the offices of Wattle, Wattle and Witterson, chartered accountants. In the company reception she was directed to sit on a chair and wait to be called in to her interview.

Suddenly the receptionist stood up and moved from behind the desk, charlady almost did a double take as she noticed this girl had on the shortest skirt she had ever seen and what’s more from the cunt on display it was clear she was not wearing panties. The girl moved off without so much as a side glance to charlady as she entered an office and five minutes later emerged carrying an armful of files. It was now that Charlady noticed the her cunt was shiny and appeared wet and her nipples were erect and showed clearly through her white blouse.

When the receptionist sat down at her desk, charlady moved over to her and asked if it was alright to ask a couple of questions. The girl nodded; “what sort of uniform do they require you to wear here?” the girl simply opened her arms in a downward motion indicating that this was the uniform. “You mean this is the uniform, but who provides the uniform, do you have to buy it or is it provided by the firm?” Charlady asked.

The girl responded with, “You don’t think I would buy this short a skirt or go braless by my own choice; do you?”

Suddenly the intercom went and a voice announced they were ready for Charlady’s interview. The girl pointed to a different door and told charlady to go on in. On wobbly legs, Charlady approached the door and knocked. She seemed to wait for ages before she was told to enter. Sliding into the room she did not see her Master Ray enter the reception area. Closing the door behind her she turned to see a man of about twenty seven sat at a large oak desk. The desk was empty apart from the intercom, a phone and a large leather blotter. On Charlady’s side of the desk was a single typist’s chair set rather low for her height and as she sat she realised why.

The angle her hips were to her knees meant that the person could see straight up her skirt if she did not keep her legs closed. Also the low setting of the chair reinforced her feeling of talking up to a superior person. After a few questions charlady was told to stand and come around to the man’s side of the table. He then asked her some rather personal questions, questions Charlady thought to be too personal for the job she was applying for. But the man was persistent and insisted on an answer.

She reluctantly told the man her vital statistics and when really pushed that she always shaved her cunt. Just then the door of the office opened and in stepped the receptionist, she walked around behind Charlady and this man and stood on his other side. She announced his second visitor was waiting in the conference room. Then the strangest thing happened, instead of her excusing herself and leaving she opened her legs a little and looked Charlady direct in the eyes. The man’s hand immediately went up the back of her skirt and she could clearly see him slide his finger along her cunt lips and even parting them to stroke her clit.

Charlady blushed as the receptionist moaned her approval of the man’s actions. Without taking his eyes off Charlady, Mr Jackson said, “We are all one big family here, my dear and as such we always accommodate each other, don’t we Angela?”

Angela rasped, “Yes Mr Jackson, we try our best to help each other out in what ever is needed!” Charlady noticed Angela leaning forward slightly now as the movement of Mr Jackson’s arm indicated he was finger fucking Angela’s cunt or arse.

Suddenly Mr Jackson said, “Charlady, you come highly recommended by a mutual friend and I just want to make sure, what he told me is correct! So raise your skirt now!” Charlady almost in a trance raised her skirt a little until the authoritive voice of Mr Jackson demanded it go higher a lot higher. Soon Charlady was stood there legs open and her skirt a small band of material around her waist. Her shaved cunt al hot and wet with its lips opening like the petals of a flower displaying her clit jewellery. Again Mr Jackson broke the silence when he said, “I hear you’re an avid expert cock sucker and love nothing more than accepting full facials from hard cocks!”

Charlady simply nodded. Suddenly Angela reached into Mr Jackson’s lap and released his ten inch long rock hard cock from the confines of his trousers. “Prove what I have heard is true, slut!” Mr Jackson demanded.

As if by unseen hands, Charlady found herself on the floor in front of Mr Jackson and her mouth fastened on to his magnificent cock. Angela now scuttled off from the room and Charlady settled into her rhythm of cock sucking. She only half heard the door of the office close and it was not until Mr Jackson ordered her to get beneath the desk and continue her sucking that she heard a tap on the door.

Mr Jackson shuffled up to the desk forcing charlady into the foot well of the large desk, where she continued to work her oral ministrations on his cock. She heard a males voice and heard footsteps approaching the desk, but still she kept up her pace of sucking and licking his cock. She then heard a voice she knew, it was Angela and she was almost screaming as in the throes of an orgasm. Suddenly charlady became aware of other noises in the office area; it was like someone slapping the sides of the desk she was hiding under. The rhythmic grunting of two people unmistakeably having passionate sex invaded her ears. Just at that moment Mr Jackson let out a loud strangled moan as his cock lurched and sprayed his white stringy load all over charlady’s face. It went everywhere, in her hair, up her nose, in her mouth almost blinding her as it went in her eyes.

Mr Jackson, immediately pulled back away from the desk and as he did so he pulled charlady out with him. She crawled the rest of the way out and as she wiped away the spunk that was in her eyes she turned to the desk and saw a black mail pounding away at the cunt of Angela, at that self same instant the office door opened and in stepped Master Ray. He walked over and shook hands with Mr Jackson before addressing his as Rob.

Rob thanked Master Ray and told him everything he had said about Charlady was true, she was a great cock sucking slut and if ever he was in a position to employ her she would be the top of his list. Angela shot him a real dirty look and he said don’t worry my love for you would be a director of such a company anyway. Master ray explained that Rob and Angela were old friends of his and between the three of them and Max the coloured guy still pounding Angela’s cunt, they had arranged this treat for Charlady.

Although no real job was on offer, charlady was now required to satisfy not only the three rampant cocks but also the horny slut cunt of Angela before we could go home.

Rob Jackson, turned to charlady and demanded she strip completely and while she did so, Master Ray told them that the two way mirror on the wall had been an excellent way for him to have seen all of Charlady’s reactions to the questions and the demands made by Rob.

When charlady was naked, Angela quickly removed the rest of her clothes and began to undress Ray, not to be out done, Charlady began undressing Rob whilst the almost naked frame of Max stood in admiration of these two fine looking cock hounds.

Soon Rob made Angela and charlady lean on the desks from opposite ends and told them to kiss as He and Max slipped their cocks into the two wanton slut’s cunts. As they all built up the speed of their fucking Master Ray moved in between the two horny bitches and stuck his cock up to their faces, both girls immediately began sharing his cock, when one was licking its length the other was sucking its head into her mouth and vice versa.

The evening ended up with Rob laid on his desk, Charlady on top of him taking his cock up her cunt and Max behind her fucking her arse, Angela was riding ray’s cock buried deep inside her cunt in a cowgirl position and loving every second of the wild fuck screaming as his cock kept pounding her g spot.

At 10 pm a well and truly fucked Angela and Charlady emerged from the building quickly followed by Rob, Max and Ray. After quick farewells an exhausted Charlady cat napped as they drove home. Upon climbing into the master’s bed she smiled as she thanked him for her excellent adventure and with in seconds she was sound asleep. As she slept she moved her arse rhythmically against Ray’s leg as she dreamed her dream of the fun she had experienced.

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Loved it. What an office.

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good story