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We Join our Hero and her Best friend Roxella on route to the castle xelark, her family’s ancestral home. Which unfortunately is in possession of her dire enemy Lord Arkhydt. Lena: a petite, beautiful blond. Roxella: an Elf Maiden of the Sea Elf kingdom. Deep green hair, a gymnast’s body and ocean blue skin. Her ears coming to a delicate point.

“stupid bitch”. Roxella muttered under her breath. “What did you call me”?! Lena asked. “A STUPID BITCH”! “That’s what i called you”. “What did i do”?! “Oh let me see”; said Roxella, “First you just had to go and fuck that guard, then you let him see your birthmark, and now were sitting in a cage and being dragged off to see the very person we’ve been running from for a month, AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK WHAT YOU DID”?!!!! Lena gave a half apologetic look and began “Look Rox I’m sorry, but if you had a guy that hot hitting on you maybe you would understand”. “I’m used to getting dick whenever i want dammit”! “I’m a princess”!, “Ive been so horny lately i just couldn’t resist”! No longer able to take the argument, and more than a little horny because of it the guard captain walked up to the cage and “SILENCE”!, !SMACK! As the guard captain slapped Princess Lena hard enough to send her into the bars of the cage. “I may have to babysit the two of you till we reach the castle, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to listen to your bickering”. “If you had just accepted the Lord’s proposal you wouldn’t be in this mess and i wouldn’t be wasting my time with you”.

Roxella sat back and tried to ignore the situation. She quickly found this was impossible. The cage was small, only big enough for the two; petite, women to sit knees to chin. It stank and had nothing to cushion the bottom. “Why wont lena ever listen to me”? she thought. “I’m always trying to keep her out of trouble but she never listens to me”. “If she wasn’t my best friend i would have left years ago”. “Now i might get killed because of her”. Giving the Princess a sour look she turned away and tried to go to sleep.

A few hours later they were let out to take care of needs. Lena; despite roxella’s protests, grabbed her and tried to run. They woke up a few more hours later with knots on their heads and little men banging rocks together in them. They weren’t let out of the cage again. After a few days they welcomed the all day rain storm that soaked them, despite the cold. On the 7th day of the trek they were met by an armed escort lead by Tillith, the general of all Arkhydts military. A Tall Dark Elf woman with black skin, hair of ice and piercing red eyes. Her demeanor as cold as the ice her hair resembled. “So”; she said, “its true”. “After a month of searching by the entire army shes caught by a guard, and all because shes a slut”. Tillith gave a short bark of a laugh. “While i can understand the need to be taken in bed lena, your judgment is as always… impulsive”.

Slowly shaking her head she continued. “Of course Lord Arkhydt knew you would make some sort of blunder like this, you are soooo predictable lena”. Turning to Roxella, “and you are just a stupid for sticking with the little slut”. “Did you really think you could get to the border before she did something like this”? “I hoped” Roxella replied. Again tillith laughed, “you see Lena you really need to learn some self control if you are going survive”. “Your father is no longer around to protect you from yourself and Roxella cant always keep you out of trouble”. Defiantly Lena shouted, “GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU COLD HEARTED BITCH”! “MY FATHER TRUSTED YOU AND YOU HELPED THAT PIECE OF SHIT ARKHY”. Tillith slammed her guantlet across Lena’s face and sent her sprawling unconscious on the ground. She pulled her sword and began moving forward but the guard captain stopped her; “he wants her alive and unharmed”, he hissed at the enraged Dark elf. She paused long enough to gather her rage. Giving the guard a withering glare she turned to her troops. “Gather this trash up and put them in chains”. “I want to be at the castle tomorrow NIGHT!”. Roxella; who had run to Lena, looked at the Cold,evil women and shuddered. She preferred to deal with Arkhydt than that woman, not for the first time she wondered what hold Arkhydt had on the Dark ELf? What could possibly cause her to not only give her loyalty, but to even lose her temper when he was insulted?

Meanwhile At Castle Xelark:”mreooooow”, “ughh”, “UGhhhh”, “UGHHHHHHH”"MEOOWOOOOWWW”. Hemlock walked into the throne room knowing the scene before she saw it. Lord arkhydt had one of the CatGirl Slaves Bent over the throne, fucking her vigorously. He had just shot a load of seed deep inside the CatGirl, not a nice thing to do since she was more than able to become with child from him. The paunchy, average looking man enjoyed using the slave girls to fulfill his rather over eager sex drive. “Sir she is coming”. “I am; ughh, well aware of that fact hemlock”. He stroked a few more times into the Catgirl before pulling his member out of the pussy’s, dripping pussy. “What could posibly be so important you felt the need to play voyeur, or do you just like watching me fuck”?

Hemlock rolled her eyes; while forcing her own urges down, and stepped forward with his robe. “Sir I was referring to Princess Lena”. “I just recieved word from Tillith that they will be here by the morrow’s end”. A look of pleasure and the irritation flashed on his face. “Ahh; yes, very good Hemlock”. “You were right to come tell me”. “The princess is a pain, but after all these years of desiring her I will not give up my prize so easily” Turning to the pained catgirl. “Panthera, gather yourself and go prepare Lena’s room” The Catgirl; panting, gathered her clothing and doing her best not to cry rushed from the room. “That one does not appreciate your attentions” Hemlock remarked. Arkhydt shrugged. “I make her body want me, why should i care if she doesn’t once her head takes back over”? “It makes her dangerous Arkhydt”. “one day; when her pain is greater than her will to live, she might do something drastic”. Patting Hemlock on the cheek, “don’t worry so much Hemlock”. “Even if that time comes what real harm could she do”? “We have them de-clawed”.

“Go on and prepare for my future brides arrival, I don't want any screw ups this time”! Hemlock walked out of the room with stormy thoughts brewing in her head. “what does that little bitch have that i don't”!? “I have been by his side through the loneliest years at the University, I helped him kill the old King, I have always been loyal, yet he ignores my need for him”. “Why am i doomed to love a man who only sees me as a friend and adviser”? Hemlock stalked on to make preparations for Lena’s arrival and momentarily wondered if Arkhydt would forgive her if she “accidentally” killed Lena.

Tillith lead the small group of soldiers to a good site then ordered that camp be ready before dark. Dismounting from her horse she walked back to the prisoners. “Lena how good of you to rejoin the land of the waking”. Lena just glared at her. “well you should be pleased to know Lore Arkhydt already has the wedding underway”. Lena began to speak but a sudden tinge of pain made her think it best not to. “Well, well”. Tillith said. “you do have some restraint”. “I think its time you just accepted you fate Lena, Lord Arkhydt is the most powerful man i have ever met, and a good lover as well” Tillith got right up in Lena’s face. “I would wed him in a heart beat if he asked”. “I once said no man would have me as his bride, Lord Arkhydt proved even my heart could change”. “I suggest you set aside your pride and give him what he wants”. She then got close enough to whisper in Lena’s ear. “Because if you don’t give him what he wants; a measure of pure menace entered her voice as she hissed, “I will skin you alive and feed you screaming to my hounds”! With that horrific image wracking Lena’s skull Tillith walked away to oversee the camp.

Later on in the night Tillith walked purposefully into her tent. She looked down at the two soldiers, naked and tied down ass to ass. The first Dark haired the other blond. The two men nervous at the site of their commander, but more so because of her reputation. Tillith slowly; enjoying the tension but most of all their fear, removed her armor and clothing. Her hard, warrior body perfectly formed for war but completely feminine. Her breasts well formed perfect handfuls, her tight ass and muscles covered by ebony skin. “well boys you better do your best to please your general”. The light played nicely off her black skin as she finished undressing; enjoying the feeling of removing the armor and leather. She began oiling up her body, and winked at the dark haired soldier “A lady must keep her skin soft”. She slowly oiled herself up and massaged the tension out of her muscles. After she finished with the oil she began rubbing her moist white muff.

Walking round to the Dark Haired soldier’s head she sat on his face and ground her pussy lips into his. The soldier knowing his life depended on his ability to please the lustful Dark Elf eagerly ate her pussy. “mmmmm yes” she murmured softly. Then slapped the man across the abdomen hard enough to raise a welt. The soldier yelped and doubled his efforts. Ramming his tongue inside her and sucking on her clit. He worked his lips over her pussy bringing Tillith to climax. “That was very good, i think i will reward you” She said, then bent down to give him a slow passionate kiss. “Now lets see if you can out-do him” She ground her pussy down onto the other mans face and began grinding back and forth. He licked her with all the enthusiasm he could muster; but to no avail, he only got a mild orgasm for his efforts. Tillith rose without a word. Her Night Black skin dripping sweat, her white haired muff dripping juice she positioned herself above the mens' dicks and came down. The Dark haired mans Dick in her pussy, the blond's in her ass she drove her body up and down on their shafts. While it may seem as if being granted her ass would be reward, Tillith’s ass is as tight as an ass can be. The problem being she expected both men to last longer then she did. So each man doing his best to hold out, she rode them more wildly till finally the blond could not stand it and blew his load all over her back. The dark haired guard kept his cool until Tillith fell off to the side enjoying the pleasure wracking her body. The blond soldiers cum all over her ass and back, she sat up and slapped him hard enough to break a tooth “how dare you cum before me”! She called to her chamberlain. As the old women entered “yes m’lady”? ” Have the blonde taken outside and kill him”. “yes mam”. Other soldiers came in and carried away the begging blond soldier. Tillith added. “Oh and ulaini”; “yes m’lady”?, “make sure they do it slowly”. A wicked grin spread on her face as she looked at the still hard soldier on the ground, “and i want to hear it”. The chamberlain Ulaini replied “yes m’lady” and left. Tillith climbed back on top of the Dark haired soldier “I just love my soldiers, and you all love to please me dont you”? “Yes mam”. He answered quickly as she began riding him. She took her time until the screams enveloped them. Then she picked up momentum, The look on her face one of ecstasy.

Next Time: Lena Arrives at the Castle.
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