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09-14-2008, 10:26 PM
A gently curved breast
My souls starved caress
Silky Skin a Shared Bright test
Your milky sin bared to lights jest

Of soft cashmere I taste
A smile beyond all space

Hair a sex symbol robbed
Share a sex cymbal sobbed

Belly that hero of Fantasy bared
Jelly tween thy legs, ecstasy squared

Triangle Arrow pointing to my freedom
wrangle sorrow jointing in my kingdom

Mangle morrow mounting in my bones

Lips parted to seam, if this is sex i will sing
Tips pointed to seem, if this is joy i will sing
Ships sailed to sea, if this is love i will sing
sips mailed to dream, if this is pain i will sing

Legs spread for love A sound
tongue shed my love go round 'n' round
Give myself to thy clit sweetest mound

Moist thy nectar given to me
Hoist a specter driven through me

Lust a forceful sigh
i will hear your cry

My seed planted deep
what you sow, be it what you reap
Remember love is all, sex is cheap

09-15-2008, 12:50 AM
Very nice


10-13-2008, 01:48 PM
Tall and slender he uncoils out the car
Sending quivers down my spine from afar!
A willow in the wind – subtly moving,
Swagging sensually with graceful strides –
Could it be a cheetah, a feline in disguise?
Such perfect symmetry of shoulders
Torso, head, and thigh-
Instant desire - I feel so high!!

His eyes- so dangerously alert
Embracing all in a glance
A mouth so sensual, oh erotic joy
His Smile-what a sexy naughty boy!
A tenderness awake within
Realizing the shyness
The Lightness of Being
My heart just found its Wings…!

Lips butterfly wings, hovering
Inviting, touching, caressing,
Whispering Innuendos,
Reaching new crescendos
Dear God, what a Guy, what a Man!
His member so smooth –pure silk
So magnificently uncompromized
From base to tip, to girth

Glistening white drops of milk
Then filling the deepest cave of my desire
Rapture, fantasy, ecstasy, again and again
My soul craving, igniting an all-consuming fire
Keep on yearning, craving for You....
‘Till all in me turns frazzled,
Yet, I want you more and more and more..
Oh what a member? Oh what a Man… !

I am so .......... Bedazzled!!!

10-13-2008, 02:36 PM
great additions thanks