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09-16-2008, 05:56 PM
It started off with a story.

I wrote a story about a sub missive lady and posted it on the internet, basically just to see what response I received to my poor style of writing. Well three months after a Luke warm reception, out of the blue I received an email from a lady calling herself Candy. She thanked me for my story and declared she really liked it.

I responded to her feedback by thanking her for taking the time and trouble to let me know her feelings on the story and never expected any more although I did sign the email ‘Best regards, Ray’.

I received a further email from Candy asking if the Ray was the same Ray as the person Master Ray. I replied again thanks for your interest and yes I am the master Ray from the story. Within an hour I had a further email basically stating she was so excited to be talking to THE Master Ray. She mentioned at this point a little about herself, she was five foot two inches tall slim build with 36A breasts, brown haired and her husband also enjoyed the story and he was not the type to be dominant but she still loved him dearly.

Now my interest was peeked as it was clear she was looking for some guidance so I wrote to her and asked a little about her husband, He was three years older than her at thirty, over six foot tall and had a six inch cock and was of medium build. She also mentioned about spankings saying she had enjoyed one given her by a policeman who was her next door neighbour.

I emailed back asking if it was a sensual spanking or a punishment severe one. She responded that when they were first married she used to play her music fairly loud in her top floor flat and the policeman, who lived next door, used to complain about the noise what with being on shifts. Well one day an argument developed out side their mutual flats in the presence of her husband and brother in law. Suddenly the policeman followed her back into her flat and grabbed her calling her a spoilt bitch that needed a good spanking and then he spun her around and she finished up over his knee and whilst her brother in law and husband stood looking on. She was spanked harshly and with out any real ceremony despite it being through her jeans and therefore not really implying anything sexual but she was still turned on being used in front of her husband and the fact her humiliation was enhanced because her husband’s brother was there to witness it all.

I also emailed a description of one of my sensual spankings, namely: The naked female is placed across your lap facing off to the left, the master takes his left hand and holds the right forearm of the sub, the receiver of the spank is ordered to open her legs to at least two feet at the knees. The right hand is then raised above head height and dropped suddenly in a sharp downward motion until it makes contact with the right cheek of the target, it remains in contact with that target until the spreading heat of the spank transfers from the arse cheek to the hand and then it slides over the arse and its fingers lightly brush the anal ring and down over the cunt lips, which by now should be wet and parted. At least one full finger should now enter the cunt as the thumb strokes the clit, slowly dragging back towards the anal ring spreading its wetness there and back to the striking position, by the time the sixth spank is administered the finger should be accessing the anal ring to the first knuckle at least.

Even Candy emailed back saying this sounded very sensual and she would probably love to sample it first hand. Then something really unusual happened, about an hour later, Candy emailed saying if I wished to discus her becoming my sub maybe I would like to email her husband to discus this, or she could have a word with him.

I emailed back I would email her husband on the email address she provided and see where things went from there. I agreed to email next day to give her the chance to explain the situation to her husband, whose name was Roy. Basically this email just suggested that his wife had expressed an interest to sample the life of a sub missive and needed a strong dominant character to take her in hand so to speak. I offered to be that person with his assistance and using him as my eyes and ears around her.

So the original story, now was about to become just another adventure as I planned a training regime for Candy the slut…. I sent what I call my sub agreement email….

Dear Candy,

For me to become your master and take you along the path of learning to release your inner slut, it is necessary for you to formally agree to some simple rules and guidelines.

1. You choose for yourself a slut name which will become your handle in any playtimes we arrange. At all other times away from play time you will be treated as an equal and be able to have your say without contradiction.
2. You should choose a safe word which is easy for you to remember and if at any time I demand something which is not possible for you to do physically or mentally then use this word without fear of punishment and we will both step back and revue the situation.
3. Once we establish a working training regime, you will at all times show me the proper respect of your master, referring to me only by the correct salutation of Sir, Master or Master Ray! All other forms of address are deemed to be disrespectful and punishable by a spanking. However when not at a play time a courteous Ray will suffice any other salutation would be seen as an insult and attract an appropriate reaction.
4. You will commit to giving your mind, body and soul to your training and any tasks set should be completed in the allotted time spans given. These times scales would be agreed between us depending on current circumstances and would not be open ended.
5. Dress codes for meeting and play times will be clear and concise and not varied from. That dress code requires a short to mid thigh skirt, a blouse preferably white but at all costs semi transparent, Underwear would be at the master’s discretion unless at the wrong time of the month. Stockings are preferred but not essential and can be omitted by mutual agreement. Otherwise no other underwear will be worn unless specifically ordered by the master.
6. Finally all tasks set and carried out should be reported back to the master, in the form of a detailed email with in 24 hours of completing the said task. That email must contain the following information, what you were wearing, what you did, what you felt, saw or heard, and most importantly who was there to witness your actions.

If you accept these rules, Send me an email listing these rules with where appropriate the correct entries inserted, IE slut name, Safe word, also include an instant messenger way of chatting with or without web cam facilities. Finally also include a list of any specific sexual toys you own and list them in order of your favourite ones first.

Master Ray.

Having sent the email I waited and waited for a response. In fact I had just about decided the whole Candy email thing was a wind up until the email virtually dropped on to my virtual door mat.

Master Ray,

I have accepted your rules and guidelines. I apologise for the delay in responding but this was because I wanted to discuss everything with my husband.

1. My slut name is to be Caroline….. I used to be an avid listener of a pirate Radio station called Radio Caroline in the late eighties.
2. My safe word would be pirate for the self same reason.
3. I accept any sign of disrespect is punishable in any way you see fit.
4. I am a little concerned about committing mind, body and soul to you but will try to do so, I suggest that we start of with my body and work on the mind and soul sections. I also accept the tasks will be on a time scale set by yourself, Sir.
5. Dress code should not be a problem except for the stockings as I do not normally wear them and do not own a suspender belt at all.
6. I am sure, Sir, you will modify my reports back to you and in time I will achieve the style and degree of information you properly require.

I am open to any of your choices of Instant messaging as do not have one currently installed.

My sex toys are as follows.
A large 10 inch pink vibrator penis shaped, A pair of Ben Wah balls in silver coloured steel, A small butt plug and finally some nipple clamps.

Master the nipple clamps tend to be too aggressive as they hurt my nipples for days afterwards. But any other toys you think I should have I am willing to discuss buying them.

Your slut lady


Having read the reply from Candy, I too made a list of sex toys she would need, although I decided not to reveal the full list to Candy straight away. I also decided that the first things Candy should do would be to send me a picture of her in what would be her normal dress code.

I emailed demanding this picture and giving four days to send it. Included in the email was a suggested pose and lighting arrangement. This was designed to show whether she was wearing underwear through her skirt and top. I was not sure if Candy would come through with the picture but figured it was an easy task to complete and not a risk to anyone. But if Candy did carry out the task it was the start of some firm footing of trust between us.

Four long days later the email arrived with the subject title of completed task. It contained a single line of text and an attached picture. The line simply said, Task completed, Master. The attached picture indeed showed a five foot two woman with the angle of the lighting she was wearing a skirt and top which clearly showed nothing was worn beneath it.

I immediately emailed back to Candy:

My Slut Caroline,

Thank you for the picture which is just as I requested, how ever your email is far from the appropriate response. You need to read the terms you agreed to and in particular the section which deals with tasks and the reporting of them back to your master.

Your report should have contained a lot more descriptive detail. Like who took the picture, who was present, a description of what you were wearing, what were you feeling as you posed for the picture, what were you thinking at the time.

Now as an initial punishment, I demand you re write the report to me properly and beg your husband to spank you for messing up so clearly. Six spanks should suffice and they should be along the previously described sensual spanking.

Then add to the bottom of the email a report on this incident also.

Do not let me down with this report or your punishment goes up two fold.

Best regards

Master Ray.

Having sent the email I realised I had not set a time scale for the events but expected a reply within two days. Further more I was now planning for another poor email and what my response would be.

I was pleasantly surprised, for when the email arrived it was clear and concise and contained all the details I wanted. It read:


Forgive my poor attempt at your first task set for me.

One the day in question I arranged for Roy to take the picture and set out the lighting as you specified. I was nervous and feeling excited at the same time even though it was Roy taking the photograph, I imagined I was a pornstar and it was a press call. So I thought of being my sexy best for this man who was going to own my body but I had yet to meet him. I had on my powder blue semi transparent blouse, which I like because it shows off my nipples very well when they are hard. Boy were they hard at the time of the picture, also I wore my short denim skirt, which I know when I walk flashes my arse and cunt to anyone who looks closely enough.

Roy ordered me to undress as he prepared to spank me as per your method. He delighted in my squirming in anticipation of the spanking about to happen. Then I felt his hard cock against my lap as I laid there. I tried to relax but I was anxiously anticipating the sting of the first slap. When it finally arrived I was startled and jolted forward rubbing against his hard cock, his hand remained in contact with my skin till he felt the flush of the heat. Then slowly his warm hand slide over my arse cheeks and between my legs, forcing my legs even further apart. The tip of Roy’s index finger traced a line over my anal ring and along my cunt lips till it nudged the tip of my clit. As he withdrew his hand the finger dragged the first traces of clear cunt juice along and onto my anal ring where the finger paused and a steady pressure began to be exerted. As the tip indented into my anal ring, it was suddenly gone and I eager anticipated the second slap.

My husband delighted in waiting and ordered me to move back to my original position, so I deliberately dragged my ass back and felt his even harder cock roll back to press against my pubic bone. I almost gave up waiting and as I relaxed the second spank landed almost exact same place as the first. My blushing pink arse again shot forward rubbing myself against his cock again. Once more the hand waited and travelled over my ass to my clit only this time he tickled my clit a little before dragging far more cunt juice back to lubricate my anal ring with. Once more his index finger pressed against my ring and this time it slipped in to the first knuckle.

Over and over for the remaining four slaps, my husband made me reset to the original position and always waited till he felt me relax before spanking me and every time he got his finger to my anal hole he would slip more and more up me. By the last spank he had two fingers buried up my ass as far as they would go and it felt wonderful, my ass tingled my clit buzzed and my anal walls felt like small electrical charges were going off inside my head.

Later Roy slipped his hard cock into my mouth for me to make it wet before he slipped it passed my now bright pink ass cheeks and he fucked my anal opening with such vigour. I have never known Roy to be so active when fucking my arse, something he normally refuses to do unless I beg him so much.

Many thanks my benevolent Master,

Your slutty Caroline.

For the next few weeks we chatted on Windows Live Messenger at least once a week and I learned a lot more about my sexy lady. At the end of seven weeks of chatting we arranged a face to face meeting to take place in a local park to Caroline. Roy was allowed to accompany her as far as the gates omly where he would return to their car and wait.


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very interesting and intriging can't wait to read the rest.