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It started with a story.

Chapter 2.

The day before the park meet, Master Ray sent Candy the following email:

Good Morning Slut Caroline,

Here are your orders / instructions for tomorrow nights meeting and must be followed to the letter.

1. At home. You will prepare two hours in advance of leaving by showering and ensuring your cunt is thoroughly clean. Then you will shave your cunt as slut slaves are not allowed pubic hair.
2. You will then dress in the appropriate dress coded clothes, on this occasion you will be allowed to wear panties. The choice of these I leave with you so long as they are lacy and flimsy.
3. Before putting on those panties you will take your Ben Wah balls and slip them into your cunt at least one hour before you leave.
4. Then at the arranged time to arrive at the west gate of the park by 7.15 pm you will leave home. Your husband will accompany you to the park.
5. Entering the park by the west gate, you will find the first available empty park bench and sit open legged and flashing your panties, there awaiting my arrival. Your husband will then go back to the car and wait.
6. When I arrive, I will stop in front of you and ask you, “Which way to Paradise?” you will reply “There are three steps to paradise, first is to communicate, second is to dominate, the third is to consummate!” If any one else stops to talk to you; you must tell him it will cost him £100 to fuck you.
7. After my arrival I will ask my question, listen to your answer before walking on to the next available bench where I will sit down. You will wait to see if I sit or not. If I do not sit you are to return to your husband and our adventure will be at an end. If I do sit down you will walk to me and stand in front of me with your legs open. From there you will follow any and all my demands.

Master Ray.

I sent the email in plenty of time to give Candy enough time to consider the impact and also to increase her anticipation of the events. I was not expecting a reply and therefore was not disappointed when I did not receive one.

Next day in the evening I set off to make the rendezvous and timed my journey to be at the west gate by 7.00 pm. Sure enough your car passed mine around 7.10 pm as I recognised you from your picture. Your car pulled in several hundred yards in front of mine and you both exited it. Slowly you walked towards my car before turning into the park gate some thirty yards ahead of me. I calmly got out my car and went to the gate but never entered. I peered around the corner and saw you sat on the third bench into the park, the first two already being occupied. As soon as you spread your legs, your husband knelt as though he was tying his shoe laces but even from my position I could see he was staring up your skirt at your panty covered cunt.

Then he stood up kissed your forehead as he then turned and walk back towards me. I ducked out of sight and waited till he climbed back into his car, before entering the gate myself. I slowly walked towards you and saw you looking around in anticipation. I walked a few yards past you and paused. As I turned I saw a man approach you and was close enough to hear you reply to him, “For a £100 you can fuck my cunt!” he straightened up and scurried past me as I noted the deep red blush on your face. I was almost tempted to return to you and ask you what was a sexy lady like you doing here, of course this would have elicited the same response as you gave my stooge friend I had arranged to approach you.

In stead I approached you from a wide circle making sure you were aware of my staring up your skirt. When I was close enough I asked you the arranged question and received the proper response; I turned and walked off towards the next park bench, which was empty and I immediately sat down. You stood and turned as though you were going to walk back to the gate, but instead turned full circle to face me and took the first step to giving yourself to me in mind body and spirit. As you now approached me you turned to face me and made a show of opening your legs. Just twelve inches away from me you were presenting me with your cunt to use and abuse.

I ordered you to raise your skirt and show me your choice of panties. You had chosen bright red lacy panties; the gusset of which were darker red than the rest of the panties, I recognised this was because your overactive cunt was soiling the area. I reached forward and rubbed the back of my hand against the wet patch and pressed it into your cunt lips. The Ben Wah balls were doing their job very well as you gave an involuntary thrust of your hips and a groan of passion escaped your lips.

I looked deep into your eyes as I instructed you to go over to the group of bushes, behind you and remove your panties, before bringing them back to me and symbolically placing them in my outstretched hand. Once again you were told to raise your skirt and my free hand now stroked your shaved soaking wet cunt lips before two fingers pressed into your cunt. I could feel the weighty balls buried in there and smiled for the first time at you. I then stood and allowed you to adjust your skirt, before taking your arm and escorting you from the park. We made a detour to your car where your husband was waiting. He sat in the driver’s seat and had his window open.

I steered you to his side of the car and as we approached we stopped as I told him to go home, but not before I dropped your panties into his lap. As you leaned into the car to kiss him good night I slipped my hand up your skirt from the back and pressed a finger against your anal ring. I told you to tell your hubby what I was doing to you and you hissed that I was probing our anal ring. Your voice was shaky and full of tremors as your passion cranked up another level.

The last view Roy got was of me walking you towards my car and my hand still up the back of your skirt. Once in my car, I ordered you to open all but the bottom two buttons of your blouse and to raise your skirt. When your cunt was on full view, I dipped a finger into your cunt and latched on to the Ben Wah balls string jerking it your reaction told me just how horny and excited you really were. I pulled once more but not enough to extract the balls before I allowed you to suck your cunt juices from my fingers. I slipped a hand inside your blouse and pinched your rock hard nipple.

I then informed you we were going for a drive back to your house where you were going to be fucked whilst your hubby watched. Not only that but you were going to play with your cunt as we drove and later whilst I slipped my cock up your arse you were going to stroke your hubby’s cock until he spurted over your face as a true slut would want.

I started the car and slowly followed your directions to your house, although some of your directions were given mid orgasm as your cunt pulsed with your fingers and the reactions of the balls. Eventually we arrived outside your house and to your horror your neighbour was stood talking to your husband. I quickly allowed you to adjust your dress and as we Got out, I approached Roy, Saying “Hi Roy look who I just met up with and offered her a lift home!”

Roy quickly recovered from the shock of us arriving and thanked me before offering me a drink. We all excused ourselves from your neighbour and headed inside. Once the door was closed I slipped my hand back up your skirt and stroked your clit as I told you to undress. Whether Roy miss understood or simply thought I meant both of you he too undressed. I smiled to myself and thought if he wants to be cuckolded then why not. I ordered you to go make me a cup of tea; which for me should be strong, white with two sugars and served topless.

I led the now naked Roy into the living room and noted how hard his six inch cock looked. I turned to him and asked if he had ever sucked another man’s cock he quickly responded by saying never. I then seriously asked him why when I ordered you to undress; why did he react as he had and he confessed to being as much a sub as you were.


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I think Im a chapter behind....thanks Ray

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Thank you, It's always a pleasure to write for such descerning readers.

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good story

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I am enjoying this too much, I think... ready for more

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