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09-18-2008, 10:49 AM
It started with a story.

Chapter 3.

Just then Slut Caroline entered the living room carrying a mug of tea in her outstretched hand; which she offered to her new master. Master Ray took the mug and placed it on the coffee table; he immediately ordered Slut Caroline to jog on the spot.

Whilst Caroline’s tits were smallish, Master Ray delighted in the way they jiggled as she jogged, but more importantly he knew that as she jogged her Ben Wah balls were working their magic. It was not the pace of Caroline’s jogging that was affecting her breathing; no it was the spinning throbbing silver balls buried high in her cunt.

A one word command had her instantly stop and with her breathing returning slowly to normal, a mischievous Master ordered Roy to kneel between her legs and begin licking her cunt juices up. He knew this would further inflame her passions and as she reacted to the sensations she would trigger further responses from those well worked balls in her cunt. While Roy licked at the open puffy cunt lips and Caroline moaned her way to another orgasm; Master Ray quietly slipped out of his clothes.

Almost unnoticed by the randy pair, He came to stand beside Caroline. The first they knew of his presence was when he reached out and ran his fingers sensually over Caroline’s pert breasts until his fingers closed around her erect nipple. A quick pinch and twist left Caroline groaning and humping her husband’s face.

Roy was rewarded for his skill at licking her cunt by a sudden flood of juices splashing over his upturned face. Suddenly Master Ray simply pushed his rigid cock towards Roy’s face and in an instant his mouth was open and he was sucking his first cock. This freaked Caroline out as she stared wide eyed in astonishment, she had never suspected her husband would be into cock sucking let alone becoming another man’s cuckold.

Master Ray began fucking Roy’s mouth; whilst telling him to suck it good so it was ready to fuck the slut Caroline. Master Ray added, “Yes prepare my cock so it can fill your wife’s cunt and leave you the cream pie you so desperately want to eat!” This help to renew the vigour of Roy’s oral skills and Master Ray had to pull his cock from Roy’s mouth before he too lost it and fed him his load of cum which was intended to be deposited up Caroline’s hot and horny cunt.

Master Ray ordered Roy to find the Ben Wah balls up Caroline’s soaking cunt and remove them; he stopped Roy when he saw the string which was attached to the balls and then ordered him to use his mouth only. As Roy’s gripped the string between his teeth and pulled the was a loud plopping sound as the first ball slipped from its wet hiding place and hit Roy on the chin. Another quick tug had the second ball clanging into the first and with out hesitation Roy, when ordered, began sucking the cunt juice from the silver balls marvelling in the way as he sucked them they continued to vibrate.

Master Ray demanded that his slut get on her hands and knees and present her cunt to him like the bitch she was. He then knelt behind her and had Roy take hold of his Master’s cock and bring it to the entrance of this horny fuck slut. Whilst Roy still had two fingers around the base of the cock, Master Ray pushed quickly embedding his cock in Caroline’s clutching cunt, but also trapping Roy’s fingers against her arse and cunt. Holding still he told Roy, that he now had hold of the fuck stick which was going to release his wife’s inner slutty nature.

As Master Ray slowly pulled back till his cock head was the only part still in her cunt, he ordered Roy to take his cunt juiced slick fingers and press his index finger into Caroline’s anal ring. Then with her husband’s finger buried deep inside her arse he began to fuck her cunt, knowing her husband felt every thrust of his cock up his wife’s cunt through the thin membrane between her cunt and anal cavities.

Turning to Roy he told him to now begin stroking his own cock until he was about to cum, but warned him he would be punished if he went too far and actually spurted. Also he would be punished if he appeared not to be stroking his cock correctly. Poor Roy was caught in a real dilemma, if he concentrated on stroking his cock he would soon spurt and be punished, if he lessened his stroking attack on his cock he again would be punished.

He quickly decided that he would have to try his best to stroke his cock to completion and hope he had the resolve to stop just as he felt the first tingling of a climax. Master Ray was well pleased with the way things were turning out for not only had he a sexy sub missive female to train to be a complete slut, but her mild mannered husband had shown a devotion to becoming a first class cuckolded cock sucker.

Suddenly, Master Ray pulled his cock from Caroline’s cunt and sprayed his white baby making seed all over Caroline’s back. He turned to Roy and now demanded he cum on top of his load now spread in streaks all over Caroline’s back from her shoulder blades to her arse. Roy redoubled his efforts at stroking his cock and coupled with the erotic site of his beloved wife as a spunk target board he was soon adding his viscious liquid to the cold clammy spunk from their mutual master.

No sooner had Roy’s cock stopped spurting, when Master Ray was having his sucked clean by an eager Caroline. Roy looked and almost pleaded with his eyes for Master Ray to allow him to have his cock sucked clean too. Instead Master Ray ordered Roy to lick up the spilled cooling spunk from Caroline’s back and before swallowing any he had to show Master Ray the load in his mouth.

In total humiliation, Roy did as he was told and even when he was instructed to run his tongue through the load of white cum in his mouth, he did so. Suddenly Master Ray demanded he swallow and then continue cleaning Caroline’s back, whilst Master Ray stood sipping his tea.

Master Ray thought about making Roy drink his piss but decided that may be a step too far for this first meeting, however he asked Roy, “When was the last time you fucked your slut of a wife?”

“Last night, sir!” Roy responded.

“Where did you stick your worthless cock, you cock sucking cuckold?” Master Ray demanded.

“Master, I fucked her cunt twice as she told me all about the plans for the meeting tonight and what Candy hoped would happen!” Roy replied.

Master Ray turned to Caroline/Candy and asked, “Oh, and what did you hope would happen my little cum slut?”

“Oh master, I hoped you would make me strip in the park and then allow me only to wear the coat I had on back to your car, where upon I would have to open the coat and sit there as we rode around whilst you played with my body!” she revealed scowling in Roy’s direction.

Master Ray smiled, before he told slut Caroline and cuckold Roy his plans for the next hour or so; He was going to watch Roy fuck Caroline while Roy sucked Master Ray’s cock until he was ready to cum and then Caroline was to open her mouth while Master Ray plastered her face with his spunk.

That is exactly what happened and at midnight, Master Ray slipped away leaving Roy licking Ray’s spunk from his wife’s face. Master Ray turned as he closed the front door just long enough to slip a note through the letter box. It contained plans for another meeting back in the same park only this time Roy was to remain alongside his slut wife.


Veronica Dreams
09-27-2008, 01:34 AM
this is a great chapter can't wait to get to the rest

10-01-2008, 03:20 AM
well written, and the sensual excitment is at it's peak - looking fwd to more.

10-01-2008, 07:43 AM
Thanks everyone for the encouragement