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It started with a story.

Chapter 4.

When Roy and Candy got to read the note on the Saturday morning, they discovered Master Ray intended to meet them the following Friday but at a later time of 8.30 pm at the same west gate of the park. The note contained specific instructions for them both and stressed that they wear only what the note detailed.

The week seemed to drag on and on although with each passing day there excitement grew. It was with great difficulty that the avoided making love to each other as the note expressly forbade them from doing so. Candy reasoned in her own mind that Master Ray could never possibly know if she was to masturbate herself off, but the note hinted that he would know. She really did not want to risk Master’s wrath by chancing it however everyone around her must have thought she was suffering from PMT, for she never answered a question she simply snapped their heads off.

Once again an hour before they were due to depart to the meeting, Candy was to freshly shave her cunt once more, insert the trusty Ben Wah balls and select a plain pair of panties. This time though even Roy was to shave his cock and balls and choose a similar pair of Candy’s panties to wear. Both were to be wearing suspender belts and stockings, whilst Candy was to finish her attire off with a short skirt and no blouse or bra beneath a long overcoat; Roy was to put on a bra and trousers but no shirt and wear a long overcoat too.

Once again Master Ray was at the park when they arrived, only this time he was already sat on the second bench inside the west gate. As they approached he stood and indicated to Roy to wait a moment, he then ordered Slut Caroline to open her coat and show him her attire. When she raised her short skirt; he easily noticed the gusset of her black plain panties was soaking wet as the dark stain of her cunt juices were spreading as he watched. He allowed her to close her coat and called Roy over and ordered him to open his coat. Roy looked silly for he had a smooth almost flat chest but the bra did not fit at all well even the empty cups failed to lie in the correct position to hide his man nipples.

Master Ray stepped in close to Roy and whispered have you carried out your orders. Roy simply nodded and was told to close his coat up. Then the three of them walked along the path till the came to the old boating shed by the park’s lake. Master Ray now spoke loudly to the pair of them, “You will go into the bushes here and remove your trousers and skirt. You will then place these items in this carrier bag and will come back to me with your coats open! Do you understand?” Master Ray demanded.

Both Caroline and Roy nodded and walked off into the bushes, while Ray stood tapping his foot. It was slut Caroline who emerged first her over coat flapping as she walked showing off her suspender belt and stockings also it clearly showed her panties were almost totally soaked now. Master Ray stepped forward and slipped his hand down the front of her knickers his index finger against her clit as he asked if she had indulged in sex of any type this week. Caroline truly answered no and as she spoke Ray flicked her clit causing her to jump slightly. He then told her she was a good obedient little slut. This puzzled Caroline, for how could he pressing his finger against her clit indicate whether she had lied or not. She wondered if she had actually lied would he have known. Master Ray pulled his hand away and stepped back as Roy emerged from the bushes.

Roy’s coat was also flapping showing off his stockings and panties which had a considerable bulge in them. Again Caroline stood in amazement as Master Ray stepped forward and slipped his hand down the front of the tight panties worn by Roy. She watched as his hand sought out the underside base of Roy’s cock and heard the same question she had faced. Roy said he had not had any type of sex since last Friday and Master Ray suddenly called him a liar. He had wanked him self in the last three days. A stunned Roy suddenly looked worried and finally admitted he had because he had been constantly walking round with a hard on at work and it had been embarrassing.

Caroline was stunned, not because her husband had cheated and lied but how the fuck did Master Ray know; just by feeling the base of his cock. What neither of them was aware of was that for 25 years as a Security guard Ray had developed a method of reading peoples faces as the answered a particular question and had noticed when lying your eyelids flicker twice in rapid succession.

Once more both were allowed to close their coats and Master Ray said no more as they continued to walk around the park. When they reached the park’s café building; he lead then over to the shadows and ordered both to remove their coats. Again these were stuffed into a carrier bag and he went up to slutty Caroline and slipped his hand back down her panties but from the rear this time and hooked his finger in the leads for her balls; with slow even pressure he pulled the balls one at a time from her cunt; which solicited a low rasping moan from Caroline and then popped them into her own mouth to clean them.

Moving over to Roy he slipped his hand down the back of his panties and felt the retaining lug of the butt plug, Roy had been ordered to insert. He told Roy his panties were too tight so he would have to drop them. Nervously Roy slid his panties to the floor and stood in the now silvery moonlight naked apart from his stockings and suspender belt. He immediately thought of how it would look for him if the park patrol turned up at this very instance. Master Ray slowly and deliberately took his time removing the butt plug and then made Roy suck it clean. Only when Ray was satisfied it was clean was Roy allowed to pull up his panties.

Turning back to slut Caroline, Master Ray held out his hand and ordered her to rub her cunt against it. Instinctively Caroline took hold of his hand and went to move it to her cunt. Master Ray resisted and she suddenly realised that she had made a fundamental mistake; she should have moved her cunt to the hand and not presumed as much at to move his hand to her cunt. Instantly; now she released his hand and moved herself to a position where she could rub her cunt against his hand with his need to move at all.

Both Candy and Roy now realised they had a punishment to come for disobedience and it played on their minds as to when and how they would be punished. Slut Caroline continued to rub her cunt against her master hand as her passions rose and she began moaning and begging to be fucked all to no avail as Master Ray merely chastised her for being such a horny wanton slut. Looking directly at Roy, Master Ray teased him by asking if he wanted to be fucked too or did he just want to be the cock sucking wimp he had shown last week.

When Slutty Caroline finally gasped and groaned her way to the end of her orgasm; they continued to walk along the path until they reached the bowling pavilion which had a shed with banked seating facing the green and away from the path. Slipping in here the three figures positioned themselves on the fourth tier of seating and once more Master Ray turned around to Roy and ordered him to remove his panties. Then Master Ray informed him that he was going to be punished right now for having disobeyed his instructions not to have any form of sex.

Master Ray told him you are to receive six spanks on your bare arse, and then turning to Caroline he told her she was to watch carefully because she too was to receive the same treatment afterwards. Now he ordered Roy to kneel over his lap; Roy’s hard cock pressed into master Ray’s leg. Whack the first spank landed; causing Roy to jolt forward rubbing his cock against the master’s leg and every jolt led to a groan from Roy as he delighted in his contact with Master Ray. Six firmly delivered spanks were landed on an ever reddening arse of Roy and with each spank a jolt rubbed Roy’s cock. Now Master Ray ordered Roy to stand and watch his wife receive her spanking and to slowly stroke his cock as he did so. He was warned that if he came before the final spank was administered to his slut wife then he would receive double his previous spanks.

Now Caroline was made to remove her panties and place herself over her master’s lap; Master Ray then took hold of her right forearm in his left hand, resting his right hand on her arse cheeks he ordered her to open her legs a little wider. Then raising his hand above his head; Master Ray paused waiting till Slut Caroline relaxed, then with a whoosh the smack landed resting his hand against her anal cheek until the flood of heat spread to his fingers. Then slowly he traced those hot fingers down between the cheeks of her arse; she gasped as the hot fingers press against her anal ring and then continued down to her clit. Then a single finger traced her cunt lips back towards her anal ring. Once there it stopped and pressed firmly into that ring. The ring resisted the pressure before slowly opening and swallowing the start of the digit. No sooner had the tip entered it was withdrawn and the finger continued back up to her arse cheeks.

This process was repeated a further five times and each time more of the finger was embedded in her anal ring until it was inserted to the second knuckle. This time before removing it, Master Ray wiggled his finger inside her anal chute which caused ripples of lust to cascade through her cunt.

Regrettably for Caroline the finger was withdrawn before her inflamed passions led to her climax. All the time of giving Caroline her spanking master Ray watched Roy’s attempts at stroking his cock. Then Master Ray ordered his slut to suck off Roy’s hard cock while he played with her cunt. Eagerly she began swallowing his cock and using her throat muscles to suction his spunk from the depths of his balls. When she swallowed his load she managed to do so with out spilling a single drop and looked pleased with herself as she smiled in Master Ray’s direction. He wiped the smile from her face when he reminded her she had not obtained permission to swallow.

As they stood to prepare for leaving, Master Ray told Caroline to pick up her cold wet panties. Then he took them from her and passed them to Roy ordering him to put these on instead of his own female panties. The cold wet patches of the panties felt icy and yet stimulating to Roy. Master Ray allowed both to put on their overcoat but nothing else; before heading back to their car. Roy was told to drive them all home whilst Master Ray and slut Caroline climbed in the back.

Roy adjusted the interior mirror so he could see the action in the back seat and watched as he saw Caroline open her coat and have her legs parted by Ray’s hand. Suddenly Caroline bent over and released Master Ray’s cock and began sucking the stiff cock which popped out. Having learnt her lesson from earlier, she accepted his load without swallowing any of it. Raising her head she smiled and opened her mouth firstly showing her master her white spunk coated tongue and the thick fluid in her mouth; then she turned so her husband could see her with another man’s sperm flooded in her mouth.

Back at their home, Master Ray ordered a strap on cock be fitted over Roy’s mouth and he was told to fuck his slutty wife’s cunt with it. His wife lay on the living room carpet on her back while her husband on his knees used his mouth to steer the rubber cock into her cunt and at the same time presenting his own boy pussy to his master’s gaze.

Master Ray knelt behind him and slipped his cock up that virginal boy pussy. The pain quickly subsided as it was replaced by sheer lust. Master Ray governed Roy’s pace of face fucking his wife with his own thrusting into Roy’s boy pussy. Then for twenty minutes he fucked him hard and fast. Caroline screamed her way through three orgasms in this time span. Although untouched by anyone’s hand Roy’s cock suddenly spurted its load all over the carpet at just the same moment he felt the hot gushing spurts of spunk hitting the walls of his anal chute.

After everyone dressed Master Ray had Roy drive him back to the park to pick up his car and promised to send an email within a couple of days which would be of interest to the randy couple.

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Wow I don't know how you top that. Very good

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you have outdone yourself yet again...your stories are not only well written but great reads as well. you never disappoint

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Thanks everyone for the great praise in deed.... maybe it's becauseI seem to be a deep seated pervert.....lol