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09-21-2008, 09:43 PM
past midnight, high as a kite and this super sex boy stumbles into my bedroom. He knows from the way i look at him what i want and he takes his shirt off and climbs into bed. He sits on top and takes control right away. He is kissing me and running his hands up and down my body. He presses his knee into my crotch knowing that the pressure on my pussy is making me want to explode on him. He slides down my body and gently touches his tongue to my already dripping cunt. He flicks his tongue and sucks hard on my clit. He does it perfectly. He knows just how hard and just where to lick. He drives me up the wall teasing and tickling me with his tongue. I come once and he knows, my volume has quickly increases since he entered the bedroom. He brings me all the way back up, and i am about to explode for the second time on his face and he stops, wipes his face on the blanket and slides up to kiss me. He plants a passionate kiss on my lips and pushes my hand between his legs. I start jacking him off, wanting to get him hard for me. I open my mouth with longing eyes and he quickly accepts my offer. I bury his cock as far into the back of my warm mouth and slide it back out again. I pay particular attention to the head, knowing it drives him crazy when i do that thing with my tongue. He moans and i know he is good and ready to take me on. He takes his dick in his hand and gently slips the head into the opening of my pulsing vagina. He slips in and continues to fuck me, pushing his swollen cock in and out of me, faster and faster. He slows and i know what he wants. I get up and climb ontop of him. I think he likes looking at my chest as i ride him till i come yet again and cover him with my sweet juice. Hearing me come has pushed him over the top and i am now beant over his body. His hands are on my ass and i can't do anything but scream and moan. In and out in and out, untill finally i feel his body tense up and he grabs my hips. I latch onto his kneck and suck on it hard. I feel his dick start to throb as he blows his load inside of me. I lay ontop of him begging him to stay inside of me forever. He pulls out and tells me he loves me. We kiss and love on each other for a long time and then i fall asleep still dripping with his sweet love.
I woke up next to the sexiest person i know to exist on this earth. I don't remember how it got started but eventually smoking pot was involved and then he took his clothes off and rammed me real good with his cock.It was short and sweet and too the point. We both got off and i rolled over completely satisified. He got up for breakfast and i laid in bed. It is my day off, anyways. I eventually convinced him to come back into bed wth me again and one thing led to another. I've been liking it from the back lately and we tried spoon sex. He said he almost came in 3 seconds but i switched positions to calm him down. He climbed on top and i pulled my legs up as far as i could letting him penetrate me as deeply as he could. I love the feeling of him inside of me. I came and then came again as he came with me. I have never had sex like this before. I have never came multiple times in one fuck. But he just fucks me so good, he knows when i like it hard and knows exactly where to touch and what to do. I get horny just thinking about it. Our day continues as normal until we meet unexpectadly in the bathroom hallway. He leans down to kiss me and we start making out. Every kiss i get is filled with passion and want. I know he is asking for it again. He pushed me against the wall and rubs his cock on my pussy through our clothes.i drop his pants and slide my hand up and down letting him know i want it too. By now he has his hand up my mini skirt and is flicking at my clit, just the way i like it. He pulls my panties down and sticks his fingers inside of me. We start to kiss and i direct him towards the couch. He sits and i climb onto his lap and spread my legs as far open as i can. I drop down slowly onto him and he starts to push in and out. I grab his shoulders and bounce up and down fast. The couch bangs against the wall as we let go of all intuition to really fuck. I come once and moan digging my nails into his shoulders. A couple more pumps and he has pulled out. I get on my knees and push my chest up against the back of the couch. Ass in the air he enters me from behind and we start again. I can feel his balls slapping on my ass as he fucks me hard. It doens't last much longer and he cannot contain himself any more. He explodes inside of me and i feel it seeping out around him as the continues to pump in and out of me. he slows and grabs my chin turning my head to the side and kissing me deeply. He tells me he loves me as he always does and we slowly begin to get dressed. We had better accomplish something today, but i swear he is a porn star secretly. Because i crave his dick like i never have before.

09-21-2008, 10:24 PM
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Couple suggestions for the future....break up your paragraphs a bit, double space so you get a proper break, it will make it alot easier to follow.

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Brigit Astar
09-21-2008, 11:41 PM
break it up

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thanks for the story