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this is the very first story i ever wrote. there are 2more parts to it.each was meant as a short story at the time.

Working in a small lab with only two males and five females something is bound to happen at some point. I would never believed you if you said it was my supervisor and me.

It all happened in snap of a finger. I have been working for many years with Mary, We have become good close friends, we both have families and share many things alike. One day while we were working close together I happen to catch her staring at me, thinking that she was in deep thought I let it pass. Later in the day I got her again staring at me, we had a work to do and were rushing around trying to get it done to go home, we have a small room were we do microscope work and is painted black so we can see better using the microscope. We were both in there trying to use it, there is enough room for one person sitting and another standing behind them and that's it.

Mary was sitting down and I right behind her wait. When it was my turn to use the scope, Mary stood up and turned to fast and last her balance, landing right in to my arms. I could smell the light perfume on her and feel the hardness of her nipples on my chest. It only lasted a few seconds, but I was getting a hard on fast. We were in a sort of hug I could feel her hand brush past me ass and that is when I felt her nipples get hard. She then left the room for me to work.

Later that day while talking about our project we sat across from each other all I could think about was how good she smelled, I started to glance up every time she leaned forward to catch a glance at her breasts, she must have caught me, because she left the room and came back a few minutes later. This time I did notice that she had a few extra buttons undone on her shirt and when glanced at her this time I was shocked to see that she had no bra on at all!. I was transfixed. Mary cleared her throat and I looked into her eyes. Knew then that I was busted. I turned away and returned to me desk. Before I went home Mary asked what my plans were for the weekend.
I told her that my kids were going to there grandparents and my wife was working all weekend. Mary asked if I would like to come over Saturday and finish work on our project and maybe help her with a few things that her husband could not do because he was traveling out of the country. I jumped at the chance.
When I showed up Saturday morning around 10 am, I was greeted by Mary wearing only a men's t-shirt. It went down past the cheeks of her ass. I asked were her daughter was and found out that she was spending the day and night at her girlfriend's house.
Mary poured coffee for us and we started shooting the breeze. I could not help but notice her long slender legs and the shape of her ass when she walked away from me. I don't know why but she wanted to clean up the house and started picking things up. Mary bent over right in front of me and her shirt rose up, I could see she was not wearing any panties. I had a instant hard-on! She looked back and said she was going to change clothes. After a few minutes she called me upstairs to give her a hand. I must have jumped to the second floor.
As I go to her room I open the door and see her laying on her bed and wearing a white teddy. Mary asked if anything was wrong? I just walked to the bed and gave her a long hot kiss. I have been waiting to do that for almost 7 years.
It did not take long before I was out of my clothes and she out of her teddy. We explored each other for well over an hour, she pushed me on to me back and came a cross me to engulf my extremely hard dick. It was unbelievably, she took every inch of my dick in to her mouth. I also came right then. After she had a few orgasms, I got up and entered her sweet and silky pussy from behind. I was a perfect match; I changed the pace every time I felt her about to cum. She told me to stop teasing her and fuck her hard and to make her cry out. I licked my fingers and pushed one in to her tight ass hole and pushed me dick into her pussy at the same time, which pushed her over the edge. She yelled she was Cumming and I could not hold back any longer. We both had an orgasm at the same time and just fell forward and pasted out from exhaustion. After a while I heard the shower running any went to the bathroom and watch her wash her body. She took her time washing her pussy until she came. I joined her and made sure that I licked her pussy clean of her juices.
Not much happen after that and I went home with a big smile and wondering what Monday morning might be like.

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Thanks for posting this......will be waiting to hear more

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Robin, the next trwo parts inolve more people at the same time so it could fall into other cat. then here shoudl i keep them here togeather or link them ?

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You can just keep them here together to keep the story easier for folks to enjoy

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After a weekend like I just had I was not sure what to say or do when I saw my supervisor Mary.

Since I am the first one in for at least hour or so, I am able to make some coffee and slowly get the first set of slides ready for preview. I could not help but to think of the warm silky feeling of her pussy, it was driving me nuts.

By the time Mary came in ;the first set of slides were almost ready for us to go over. "Good morning Mary," was all I could say as I turned around to see her enter the room. She had a very short skirt on. With her long legs it really looked short, it even had a small slit up the side to really show you the total length of her incredible legs. The blouse she wore with it was a nice button-down that was at least halfway undone. I told her that she had incredible timing and the first slide would be off in a minute or so, this way she could at least drink some of her coffee.

The timer went off signaling the start of the first preview. I loaded the slide onto the microscope and shut the light off in the room so I could see better. A fluorescent microscope requires the room to be very dark. Even the walls are painted black. The only light is the scope itself.

By this time, the rest of the lab was getting in, Mark, Jill and Beth were already starting their workload on the other side of the lab. Lisa and Christy were on vacation for the week (that is another story). I sat down to read the slide and called Mary to come and look. I moved out of her way since the room is really only big enough for two people. She sat down and said she would need another opinion and called Jill to come over and look.

Now there are three of us in a room for two. Jill was sitting at the scope with Mary and me standing behind her. With only the light of the scope, you cannot see your hand in front of your face.I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand rub my crotch. If I could see Mary's face, I would bet she had a big smile! Jill was going over the slide and had no idea that Mary and I were rubbing each other though our clothes. The temperature in the scope room felt like it was 100 degrees!

I could feel the hardness of Mary's nipples and new she was turned on. Itfelt as if my dick was trying to drive through a steel plate at this point.Thank God, Jill said she was done. I opened the door and hoped that she could not see the large tent my pants had made. I could she the devilish grin on Mary's face. We both went back in to the scope room and pulled the door closed. I felt for her and found her soft body right next to mine and leaned in to kiss her. Our tongues inter-twined and I could smell her perfume. My blood pressure rose quickly.

The next thing I knew, I was no longer kissing Mary and could feel a hand tugging at my pants. I did not have to help her; I could feel my rock hard shaft being freed from the jail it was in. Then I felt the warm touch of her tongue run up the bottom of my dick and circle the head. Before I could say anything, she engulfed my dick with her mouth.
She was slowly moving up and down my throbbing shaft; the warm feeling was almost too much to handle. I started moving my hips back and forth.Mary stopped when she felt me about to explode and told me to open the door a little so she could see me Cumming. I was not sure that it would be a good idea with most of the lab only a few feet away. But what the hell, I turned enough to open the door to let in a little light.
Mary continued to jerk my dick off with her hand and mouth. It was not very long before I was Cumming.

Mary pulled away so that she could see the warm white juice leave me purplish head and shoot across her hand and into her awaiting mouth. When I finally stopped and thought nothing else could possible be in me, Mary milked my dick and took me in to her mouth again. When she came up for air, she said that she was so horny coming into work because she too had been thinking about the weekend we had together. I pulled up my pants, adjusted us, and turned on the light. As we left Mary grabbed my ass.

I was surprised to see that Jill, who never drinks coffee right away in the morning, was sitting at her desk (which just happens to be right next to the scope room). All I could think of was. 'How long was she sitting there?' I saw the weird smile on her face and was not sure of what to think.

It would be almost lunchtime before the next slides would be close to ready. I had to change one of the steps so that after lunch we could be in the scope room together again. This time, we could enjoy dessert after lunch.I could not wait to get back to the lab.It was a mix of hunger for Mary and adrenalin.

When we entered the lab the timer was just going off. Mary said she would take the first look. She could see the look of dismay on my face, but I smiled when I saw her wink at me as she entered the scope room. It was a minute or two before she called for Jill to look at the slide. Why Jill? It was my slide. A few more minutes went by and she called me in to join them.

I opened the door and sat down at the scope, after looking at a slide that looked almost perfect I asked what was wrong with it. Mary told Jill to look again and we had to play musical positions. Now Jill was sitting and Mary and I was standing. This time, I was not against the door.
I heard Jill talking about the slide, however my thoughts were on Mary because I felt a hand rub my dick through my pants. I could feel the blood rushing to my dick. I started touching Mary, rubbing her lips then worked my way down her blouse to her breasts - I even unbuttoned her top a little more. As I reached inside of her blouse, I was shocked to discover she was not wearing a bra.
The softness of her breasts was a great turn on.
I could feel Mary's hand pulling at the button on my pants. She managed to get them undone and pull my stiff dick out of my pants. I stopped playing with her nipples and decide to go for the mother load. I reached for her skirt and raised it slowly; she was not wearing any panties either!
My finger went around the outer lips of her pussy several times and then I drew them back to my mouth and lick them. I could smell her scent on the tips of my fingers. I replaced my hand, opened her lips with two fingers, and entered her with my middle finger. She was so hot and wet that I slipped in right away. I kept moving my finger in and out of her; I rubbed her clit with base of my thumb.That's when I realized that Jill was no longer talking about the slide, but was now the one with her mouth on my dick.

Then a small light came on, which took me by surprise. Jill had a small flashlight. I could now see that Jill was intensely sucking me as I finger fucked Mary. I don't know if it was the thought of Jill sucking my cock or knowing that she found out that Mary and I were having sex together that made me ready to shoot to the stars!
With Mary Cumming all over my hand, it was too much. I grabbed the back of Jill's head with my free hand and drove my pulsating dick as far as I could into her mouth and let loose a load of cum that could have filled a gallon bucket. Jill kept swallowing and swallowing. Then she hit the ultra sensitive spot we guys get after we cum, I shook all over. Jill just smiled and stood up and kissed Mary full on the mouth. I could not believe what was happening, Jill sucked me off, Mary came on my hand and now Jill and Mary were locked in a deep embrace! Before I knew what was happening Mary turned and planted a deep soul-warming kiss on me, as our tongues played with each other I could taste my own seed.
I had a feeling after today things were going to get really interesting in the lab and out side of the lab!

part three to follow .........
if you want it.

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Well of course...I want it.....even if no one else says anything....

Great story tim....Very hotttt

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hahah thanks Robin.. oh i have another one that could could be you... it was written in a way that if you are a women and close your eyes you are the one..
it will have to go in to the letters area...

the thrid will cum soon...promise...heheh

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Ok the other one sounds cool also.....Im in no hurry...when its ready I will be to

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Hey great story. I am definatley looking forward to more to come from you. I really enjoyed your work.

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Great 2nd part Hotwriterx...can't wait for more!

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thanks Andrew and Freedom!
thrid is coming shortly

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the last of the stories for this set.
this one is aahhhhhhhhhh bit more in to everything...as you will see.
actually let me know if you can "see" ...

As the summer comes to an end, it was time for the lab to have day of fun and drinking.
As a lab of seven people, we go out to lunch only once in a while and have a get together after work every 3 or 4 months. With the end of summer coming soon it was time to unwind and have a day and night of food and lots of drinking.

Our supervisor gathered everyone except our boss who was on vacation for two weeks and dropped and major bomb on us. Mary said that she was leaving us after 14 years to take a job in the R &D section of a worldwide biotech company not far from us. As I looked around the room I saw the same face of disbelief that I had. It was as if someone cut a large part out of me and said have a nice day!

After the initial shock wore off Mary Said that she was having a summer blow out at her house and it would be one of the last for a while, it was something she wanted to do for us. Mary said that she wanted to show off some of her new things done to her house in the last few months. Ever since I had helped her with some of the gardening and helped her get some sexual relief since her husband was away, I have not been to her house.

Mary said that she was providing everything and all we needed was our bathing suits. I guess that a new pool was one of the things that she had added. She did tell us that no kids were allowed since it would be a day and night of drinking. The more I thought about it the more my dick started to tingle. I was getting more and more horny each time I thought about it. With only a week's notice about the party, it did no leave me much time to set up a sitter for my kids. I called in a few favors and set them up with my brother. Since he has four kids what's two more for a day or so.

About half way through the week I was able to get Mary alone. With the lab being so busy we have not had anytime to fool around, Now that Mary said she was leaving us it was hard not touch her every time I saw her. We talked about her leaving and that brought that weird felling in my stomach back again. Mary said that the party would be one to remember for five lifetimes. She asked me for one thing, the same thing she asked from everyone else. Listen to her and do as she says during the party. What could I say but " YES". The whole time she was talking I was standing behind her and rubbing up and down her body with my hands and my body, even with clothes on I was getting so hard it was staring to hurt. I could feel her nipples getting hard and as she talked she had to pause several times. I nibbled on her neck (which is one of the favorite spots for me) I could feel her lean in to me and see that she was enjoying our brief time. We had to stop when we heard some one come towards our lab. We both returned to our desks to cool down and wrap up the day.

IT is now Friday and everyone is ready for the weekend party. Mary told us to come around 3 or later. This way will have time enough enjoy the day and not worry about missing anything at the party. I could not sleep that night, Thinking of what could happen at the party and knowing that Mary will not be working with us turned my night from that tingling pleasure of thinking about something you really like to the empty pit in your stomach feeling and back again. When Saturday morning came I took a nice hot shower and shaved my face and all round my dick to get a real smooth feeling. By the time I was finished with the under side of my balls, I had a hard on that was almost painful. I dried off and laid on my bed and started to move my hand up and down to relief the pressure in my raging hard on.
I closed my eyes and thought of the scope room were Mary and Jill both sucked on each other and me in turn until we all came. It did not take long before I was shooting cream from my dick across my chest. After taking another shower to clean myself up it was time to get going. I loaded up a cooler and some clothes for later in the night and a large beach towel in case I needed it. After hitting the liquor store and loading up on ice, beer and a few bottles of wine. I headed out to Mary's house.

When I pulled into her drive way I saw Jill's car along with Mark and Beth's and Lisa's. The other two I did not know. All together there was almost nine people their. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Jill wearing only a bikini and light cover shirt that was probable part of the whole suit. I said " hello" and was given and kiss that rocked my world. The sweet taste of her mouth and the alluring smell of her was enough to start the blood to flow to my dick. Jill told me that Mark, Beth, Christy, Lisa and Jenn and Denise were here already. I made my way through the house looking for Mary. I found her outside on her deck and round her new pool. The water was crystal clear and I could see lights were mounted on the sides of the pool. I came up to Mary from behind and put my arms around her and pulled her into me and nibbled on her neck for a second or two. She pulled away and said it was great to see me and asked if I brought anything with me. I said yes and told her about the cooler in my SUV and that I also brought a change of clothes with me in case it gets cooler.

She said, " follow me and I will show you the changes I have done since you were here last". She headed towards the house and grabbed my groin and pulled so I would follow her. We headed towards the basement door. She turned and said that she had some remolding done and wanted all here to enjoy it. As we headed down the stairs I could see candles and small lights around the newly finished basement, there was a large sofa and a lazy boy chair on one side with a TV and VCR set up and on the other side I could see something hanging from the exposed rafters. Mary turned on the lights and said " this is one of my prized possessions", she pulled open the Swing which was hooked to the rafters." it is a wonder swing she said. I have never saw one up close only in pictures on the Internet and in a few magazines. I looked around and saw tons of those large throw pillows all around. Mary said she had the basement done for adult for only. She even had extra padding under the carpet.
I pulled her close so that we were looking at each other and said " I hope we can use this (I tilted my head towards the swing) later tonight". " That is one of the reasons I showed you all of this" Mary responded. " I do have a few rules though", " first you must have fun all night lone" " second if someone does not want anything that don't force them"," third and final rule that you must agree to or you will have to leave! You must do anything I tell you to do with out questioning me about it, I will not let anything happen to you that you would not enjoy!" It took me only a second to think it over and agree. " Good " Mary said and gave me a kiss to seal the agreement.
" first I want your keys, Everyone is staying the night and no one is driving drunk!" I said I needed to get my stuff out of my SUV first then they are all yours".

As I was getting the cooler out of my SUV another car pulled up and Jenn and Denise got out and had both of their arms full of groceries bags. I helped with what could and continued to unload my gear. Mark had the grill on and was cooking up a storm. Everything from hotdogs, hamburgers to ribs were cooking. I tossed Mark a cool beer from the cooler, as he came around the grill I saw the he had a pair of purple Speedo's on, Since he was only 23 and one of the youngest in the lab he could pull it off with no problem. He looked like he worked out enough to look almost buff. All he needed was sun, God he was the whitest thing I ever saw.

We talked a little bit about the weather, the weekend and about Mary leaving, I could not help but notice the size of the bulge in his Speedo's. I had on boxer style swimming trunks. I saw not as fit as I was when I saw Mark's age. But I was in pretty good shape. We looked around and I made the comment that Jill looked dam good in her bikini, I could see Beth in her one-piece suit being bright red in the water it was hard to miss. She and Jill were having a water fight with Christy, Lisa and Jenn.

I could feel the blood start to flow to my organ again. I excused myself and heard Mark snicker. I asked what was fun and he said, "that I had better do something with that or I could hurt someone", I looked down and could see a large tent in my trucks was showing. I put my beer down and quickly dove into the pool. Thinking that the cool water would help hide and or stop the hard on I had. Mary never said the pool was heated, so much for having the cold water shrink it like it normally does to us guys. The pool was "L" shaped and had a wading area that was only 3 foot deep and one end then went down to 10 foot in the deepest end. Mary had a diving board at that end of the pool. I could see Denise was sunbathing She wore a white bikini and had the top off exposing her firm young breast to the late afternoon sun. As I looked around all I could see was the people I worked with on a day-to-day basis but they all look so different at play. It was hard to hide the fact that I had a hard on, with everyone slashing and looking so tasty.

I swam under water and paused when I reached Jill. I came up out of the water behind her and took a deep breath; under I went and grabbed her hips with both of my hands. Jill fought for a second or so then just stopped. I slowly pulled the string of her bikini to untie it. To the surface for a another breathe, back under the water, I could see her bottoms float around her I pushed them away and used my fingers to rub her clean shaven pussy. When I came up for air. This time in front of her she smiled and said," Aren't we a bad boy". I just smiled and went underwater again. This time I lower myself so that my face was looking right at her shaven pussy and then I just pulled her forward so I could eat her as long as I could hold my breathe. My tongue worked up and down and in and out of her sweet tasting pussy. I found the clit and sucked on it until it was the size of a small button. Up for more air. Back down I went and found the clit again. Jill's hands were now running through my hair and sometimes pulling me in tighter against her pussy. It was a good thing that we were in only about six foot of water. Jill was having a Major orgasm and would not let go of me. I was almost out of breath, her grab on my head was getting tighter and I felt as if she was going to crush my head if she did not let go. I moved my tongue and sucked her clit as hard as I could, I could feel Jill shake and she released me. I stood up and gasped of air. Jill said " sorry but she could not help it". I looked around and could see everyone had seen what we were doing and just watched the show; I had concentrated on Jill's sweet pussy that I had lost almost all of my hard on. Jill reached down and grabbed my almost normal size dick and said, " We will have to make this grow soon". We swam of the side and heard Mark say the food was ready.

Everyone ate and you could tell that there was excitement in the air as the sun was going down and everyone was getting touchier with everyone else. Mary said she wanted to talk to the women alone then would talk to the men alone in few minutes. The sun was setting and with the trees around the back of her house it was blocking out most of the sunset. Mark and I talked about what was in store for tonight. I figured that since this was a " last " blow out with Mary that I might as well spill the beans. I told mark of the hot times I had at work with Mary and Jill over the last year or so (How times flies when your having fun). The look I got back was not shock as o thought, but the look of knowing already. Mark said that he too has had " fun" with Mary then with Jill and Mary. He went on to say that all of us here have had some sort of passion with Mary or our other co-workers. I could only look and him with a bit of confusion and wonderment. Before we could get any further Mary came out to talk with us.

" Well boys it is a night you and I will never forget", Remember my rules and we will all have a night that will be hard to forget" All I could think about was how hard she had made me the other day. " Remember that I will not let anything hurt you and you will both enjoy everything" " that I promise". "Well with the sun going down, it is almost time for our first game of the evening". Mark and I just looked at each other with that HUH? Look. Mary yelled for the others to join us. " Everyone in to the pool" Mary said. We jumped in or stepped down into the pool, I looked for Mary and saw her going into her house. Then all the lights except for every other pool light went out, and then the jets on one side of the pool came on. Jill, Beth and Christy swam over and leaned into the jets to have a free massage. Mary returned to the pool with several bottles of liquor, I could make out at least two bottles of champagne and four other bottles with her. She put the bottles on the table and removed her heavy Terri cloth bathrobe to reveal a bikini that did not leave much to the imagination.
All the working out that Mary had done during the summer really paid off! She gathered the bottles and stepped into the pool. She said " the first game tonight will be MARCO- POLO with a twist", " Each time a person is caught they must remove one piece of clothing", She looked at mark and me and said " if we are caught before any of the women were, we were to sit on the diving board and wait until one of the women lose a piece of clothing, Then we will get one free pass back into the water". " Now for the rest of the rules, Every time we start everyone must do a shot from one of the bottles. If you catch someone they have to do two shots and you do one shot. The last rule is that the bottles stay in the pool and that tops must be sealed after you drink. The last one left wins the prize that I will tell you about later".

We passed the bottles around twice before Mary said that Mark would be the first one to be "it". As he went under water to start the game we scattered around the pool. Mark pushed up from the bottom and came out like a rocket, " Marco" he called out with us saying "polo" back, it did not take long before we all got into the swing of things and were having a blast. It took about 30 minutes before Mary, Jill, Beth and Denise were out of the game. They were all sitting around the diving board trying to keep warm. Every once and a while you could see one of the women dip back into the pool to warm up. The nighttime breeze felt good unless you were naked and wet. Jenn had already tagged me earlier so when Lisa started coming my way, I got caught between Mark and Christy. With nowhere to go and Lisa headed straight for me I went under water and just held my breath. I could make out Lisa's body through the dimly lighted pool. She stopped right in front of me. She was treading water, her top gone out of the pool 15 minutes or so ago. I rose up close to her to get a better look at her firm breasts. They were very large and firm. They did not sway much in the water. Her nipples were standing out begging to be sucked on. "What the hell" I though, and brought my mouth up to hear left breast. I quickly engulfed as much as I could. Her hands grabbed the side of my head and pulled me up out of the water. The Look in her eyes was one of surprise and lust.

Everyone was hollering and carrying on. The alcohol has hit us pretty hard now. Lisa grabbed head pulled me forward. Our lips meet and I could feel her tongue probing the inside of my mouth. Then I felt water around my ears as she pushed me to her breast again. After a few moments of sucking and lightly biting both of her nipples I came to the surface of the pool. Well it was time for me to strip. With Lisa making me hot and causing my blood to flow, when I took of my trunks everyone could see that I had a semi hard on. The bottles were passed around again. I could fell the burn as the tequila went down. As I made my way to the diving board Mary headed into the house to grab yet another bottle for everyone to share!

I sat down next to Jill and Beth both were starting to shake from being out of the pool for so long. Beth and Denise were doing there best to get each other warm, I could tell by the look on Denise's face that she was about to have an orgasm. Beth was using both her hands and tongue to probe and manipulate Denise's clit. Just as she was about to cum, I could hear Mark yell pass the bottle. Now he was out of the "game" too. That left Jenn, Lisa and Christy still in the pool, all three were top less and down near the low end of the pool. Jill could not take the cool breeze, so she jumped in the pool to warm up; the splash was a tease for the rest of us. It was warm then goose bumps appeared of all of us. I pulled Beth close in to me to offer her warmth; I could feel the goose bumps on her arms as I rubbed them.
Jill gave out of the pool and sat behind me on the diving board, The warmness from her body I could feel as she moved closer to my back, I felt like a giant cookie two beautiful naked women and me in between, What could a guy ask! I continued to work on warming Beth's body, using my hands to slowly rub the front of her. I learned forward and nibbled on shoulder and the lower part of her neck. The taste was a mix of chlorine and salt from her body. It only made me want to have more of her. I let my hands roam down to the soft spot between her legs. The hair itself was trimmed close to her body. At first she felt cool and almost sticky. But as I moved my fingers around and in to her pussy her whole body seemed to respond and warm up. Jill must of saw or heard Beth let out a sigh. I the next thing I know is she was moving her hand up and down my dick. It did not take too long before the blood started to rise and making me stand out like a flagpole at the top of a hill!

The more Jill moved her hands up and down the more I rubbed Beth. Beth started to tremble and throw her head back as she came all over my fingers. Her whole body seemed to turn into Jell-O. I brought my hand to my face and smelled the scent of Beth orgasm on my fingers. I slowly licked each one. Jill said to share or she would stop jerking me off. I lowered my shoulder and put my hand back behind my head so she could taste the sweetness of Beth. I felt the warmness of Jill's mouth on my fingers and enjoyed the sensations of her hand on my now rock hard dick. I new I was going to cum soon. Jill must have sensed this also." Lay back " she told me, "Now we both can enjoy". I laid back on the diving board letting my legs hang over each side. I left Beth in the hands of Mark for now. Jill reached for a towel and bunched it up under my head. Then she startled my face so I could see her clean-shaven pussy. I reached up and grabbed her lower back to bring her moist love spot down on to my face. My tongue shot out and went right into her wet pussy; the musk scent of her was driving me crazy. I licked up and down, in and out, stopping long enough to breathe and flick her clit with tip of my tongue.
Jill leaned down and grabbed my hard shaft and licked around me like I was an ice cream cone starting to melt. The warmth of her tongue and the movement of her hands were about to send me over the edge. I started to eat get her wild man, o pulled her cheeks apart and used two fingers on her dripping pussy, She cried out load as a orgasm ripped throw her. I moved my fingers way so I could lap up the sweet juices from her pussy. Then the warmth around my dick stopped and I could feel the lower base of my love sac being sucked on. Then I squirmed as a tongue hit the little tickle spot we guys have at the base of our balls.
My dick felt as if it was going to rip right off, I don't think I have ever been that hard before! I could fell the warmth of a mouth engulf of engorged dick it slid up and down several times then stopped at the tip of the dick and ran it's tongue around the head. Then it went all the way to the base of dick, the warmness of the mouth was too much. I arched and grunted as orgasm started to explode from with in me. I grabbed Jill and sucked of her pussy searching for her clit. When I found it I pulled it in to my mouth and worked my tongue on it. The seed from my body was leaving like a bullet from a gun. The mouth kept working and swallowing each time I shot. I could her Jill moaning another orgasm rocked her body. I had no more love juice in me left, the mouth swirled the tip of me head and hit that one spot that makes men shake all over. Jill rose off of me and lay down on the ground trying to recover from her orgasm. I looked up top see mark leaning away from me and kiss Beth fully on the mouth.

I could see what looked like cum dripping from both of their mouths now as they looked back at me." feel better now?" Mark asked. " God yes " was all I could respond with. Then a thought came into my head. When Jill came the second time I could hear her, but she was sucking on my then......... Then I saw the cum. My cum dripping from Beth and Mark's mouth. I had a feeling that Mark was either gay or Bi sexual. But I was never sure about it. I guess that I have my answer now.
The orgasm the Jill and I had disrupted the Marco- Polo game; only Christy and Jenn were left in the pool. Mary said, " Why don't we take everything inside and continue the nights events there". I helped to gather up the bottles still floating around the pool with Mark. A total of 12 bottles in all, most were empty. God we all most be pickled. Everyone headed into the warmth of the house and grabbed a towel as we headed down the hall to the basement door.

Once everyone was in the basement playroom Mary told us "since we don't have a winner from the pool that I have a contest for Jenn and Christy" Mary moved over to the Large dresser on the sidewall and pulled open the double doors. I was in awe when I looked in it. It was about six foot tall and had a double door on the front and two drawers below the doors. Inside the doors were almost every sex toy you could imagine, I saw small and big dildo's, at least a dozen different sized and colored vibrators, a pair of black leather looking panties with a little red nub sticking out and three different types of whips.

Mary looked up and down her collection of erotic pleasure devices and shook her head "no". She kneeled down and opened one of the drawers. " Ahhh" came from her, " this is it". She stood up and told Christ and Jenn to get into the center of the room. Everyone looked at each other with amazement and lust for what was happening, it was a night that we would all remember.
Mary approached Jenn and held up her hands," which one " was all she said. Jenn looked a little frighten, Mary held up two different Straps and cuffs, one was a fuzzy pink and the other was a leopard spotted color. Jenn said the " pink one", Mary dropped the leopard harness and moved Jenn's hair to the side, She opened the collar and snapped it around her neck, "Lay down on your back" Jenn was quick to respond to Mary's order. Mary attached the cuffs to each of Jenn's wrists, Mary grabbed Jenn's ankle and brought it you to her chest and snapped on the cuff for Jenn's ankle, the she did the same for other ankle. Now Jenn was bound up from her ankles to her head, The way it worked was if she raised her hands a little her legs would go down some, But this only pulled her head up. SO her own body Would keep her legs and Ankles up and spread apart with little or no effort on her half.

The site of Jenn exposed like that had everyone starting to heat up. Christy was next. Mary moved over and attached the leopard harness in the same fashion, as was Jenn's, now both were lying on the backs in the center of the floor with their moist pussy's glistening in the light.
Mary said "since there was no winner, Each one of us will lick the girls until one of the cums twice, I will time each person so that we have only one minute to help them cum, then the next person tries for a minute and so on". I could tell by the looks in the room that not everyone was up for this." Remember what everyone agreed on " Mary said. " Okay Mark and Jill are up first". Each of them took their place in front of one of the girls now at our mercy. " No hands " Mary said. "Ok start", Mark and Jill dove into the women in front of then like the world was about to end. Mary lined us up behind each woman. It felt like one of those races you did at summer camp when we were kids. Always trying to beat the other team.

I could hear Jenn starting to moan under Marks tongue. Mary said " Next" Jenn started to protest but then started to moan again as Beth started to lap up the warm juices going from Jenn's pussy. That was all it took for Jenn's to cry out "I 'm Cumming " " Ahhhhh". With Jenn crying out this sent Christy over the edge. She let out a howl, I was sure the world could have heard it. " All right Jenn and Christy both had an orgasm, only one left" Lisa knelt between Jenn's legs and started to suck up cum from Jenn's orgasm. Denise dove tongue first for Christy clit and both women were moaning and squirming all over. I looked over at Mary and smiled. I could tell the by the look on her face that she liked everything that was going on. The scream snapped my attention back to the race. Christy had her second orgasm. Jenn sat up as Lisa moved away from her legs. " Dam I was that close too" she said. Mary moved over to Christy and unsnapped her ankles; Christy released the rest of her self from the harness and let it fall to the floor. Mary looked at Denise and pulled her face to her. She licked Denise's chin and then kissed her deeply, sharing the juices from Christy. Mark moved over to Jenn and helped her remove her pink harness.

"All right everyone, now we have a winner", " Christy time for the prize" Christy moved over to Mary, and I wondered what the prize could be; she just had two earth shattering orgasms! Mary took Christy's hand ad lead her to the other side of the playroom. She hit the light switch on the wall and the love swing lit up. "Your prize is to be the first in the swing," Mary explained. She moved Christy to the front of the swing and helped her lie back on it. Mary put Christy's legs through a harness so that both her knees and her ankles were supported. The she slid each of her arms through a leather clamp and tightened them down. When Mary was done with Christy, She moved out of the way so we could all see. Christy was suspended in the air about three feet off the ground. The leather clamps supported all her ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Her back was on a bit of padded leather that connected to the chains above.

With Christy helpless in the swing now, everyone saw looking around to see who would approach her first. Jenn moved in front of Christy's head and said " since I came in second the I think we should start first", with that said Jenn leaned forward so that her warm and acking cunt was over Christy's face. Jenn grabbed the sides of the swing to steady herself and lowered her own mouth to Christy's cum drenched pussy. Mary grabbed my hand and pulled me in to her. I lower my head to kiss her fully on the mouth. As our tongues intertwined I could taste the tanginess of Christy's pussy!" I have something for you" Mary said as we ended our kiss. I followed her over the cabinet of pleasure and watched as she opened one of the lower drawers and pulled out a tool that looked like it came from the dark ages. With a big grin on Mary's face she said " hold still while I put this on you". Mary went down on her knees in front of me and moved my balls away from my dick; with her touch I could feel my dick starting to get hard. " Not yet" she said.

Then I felt tightness around each of my testicles and then around the base of my growing hard-on. The pressure around my dick and testicles was not painful just very snug. Mary then grabbed my jailed dick and started to lick it all over, holding it at the base of the shaft and using her tongue to lick up the underside and then taking the tip of the now purplish head into her mouth. The feeling of the warmth and coolness as she moved from the base of my throbbing member to incasing the head in her mouth was sending goose bums thru me. When she realized that I was pumping out a lot of pre cum, Mary pulled away and said " not yet" once again. She stood up and pulled me over to the swing. Jenn and Beth helped Christy up as soon as Mary removed the cuffs from her arms and legs. Mary looked at me and had devilish grin on her face as she told me to lie down on the swing. I grabbed the chain hanging down from the ceiling for support, not sure if it would hold me. Mary helped me move in to place. I could feel the cold wetness of cum, sweat and leather against my skin. The next thing I knew was hands were all over me pulling my arms and legs apart and locking me in! I was not sure if I was feeling excitement or fear of the unknown.

As Mary moved away Lisa and Denise moved to each side of me and sucked on my chest until my nipples were hard. The swing had lost the coolness and was warming up quite fast. I leaned my head back to see Mary walking towards the chest of pleasure. Upon her return see said " Trust me and you will enjoy everything I have for you". When a woman says that to you, what can you say or do about it, especially since you are locked into place! Mary leaned over my head, Her breasts her inches in front of me. I could see the shine of sweat and saliva on them. I tried to arch up to reach them with my mouth. Mary pushed my head down and told me to close my eyes. I did as she commanded and felt a soft but firm cover go over them. "There now look" Mary said. As I opened my eyes I could see nothing at all. " You are blindfolded, now you will enjoy everything and have it magnified by not seeing at all." Mary's voice was the last voice I heard other then moans, giggles or cries of someone cumming.

I have to admit Mary was right on the button. Not being able to see anything with my eyes made every sense I had reach out to give me knowledge. I could fell my neck and nipples being sucked on, someone was running their hand down my legs. I felt the warning coolness of a lick on my extremely hard dick. Then I heard a buzzing coming closer. The vibrations on the smooth vibrator sent fire through my whole body. It was run across my chest, my legs and around the base of the cock ring. As the vibrator moved away I could her the sound of it going from loud to soft, I guess that it was sliding into one of the women. I heard some one scream out as she came. It sounded like Beth. Someone whispered " Taste" I opened my mouth to feel a somewhat wide and smooth thing being pushed into my mouth. The taste was very sweet; it must have been the vibrator with someone's cum on it. Then I felt a burning on my chest. I tried to move, but I was locked down, then I felt my hair on my chest being pulled out. Damn it hurt; they had poured hot wax onto my chest and nipples. I could feel the blisters starting to form when a cool liquid was rubbed in. then I felt someone blow on me, everywhere the liquid was tingling and warming up. Who ever was rubbing the liquid or oil on my rubbed the warm coolness around my strangled dick and trapped balls. The feeling of breathe around me blowing on to the oil was so intense.

With all of the new feelings I had almost forgot about the dildo sliding in and out of my mouth. It went from going very deep to just in the front of my lips. After a few minutes it stopped and then a larger one came to rest on my lips. I could smell and taste strawberries, I opened my mouth to eat the sweet taste. This one was much larger and was not smooth; I could feel ridges and veins. Then a painful sensation came from my ass, someone was pushing a finger into me! It only lasted a few minutes before it really started to feel good; when the fingers stopped I wanted so much more. My mind was on fire with the pain and pleasure I was having. My mouth was alone again; my head was brought up to a higher position. The blood was return to normal. A hand rubbed more oil on me and around my freshly finger fucked ass. I felt Something rub around my balls, it was solid and warm, I could not decide if it was a vibrator or a dildo that had been just used on someone.

Burning came from my ass. It was slowly spreading me open. I tried to move again and could do nothing to stop it. The head of my dick was in a throat and the tongue of the person was doing a great job. My mind started to leave the object that was sliding into my ass to the mouth eating my throbbing member. A tongue licked my balls and then just stopped. I was now focusing on my ass again. I could not believe that there was not pain now. The thing was sliding into me with more ease now. Each time a little bit further into me and a little faster. The feeling was unbelievable. I was getting fucked in the ass, I had thought about it before but was always afraid to try. Well that fear went out the door. Hand started to slide up and down my dick, keeping in pace with the object in my ass.

The speed was very fast now; it would not be long before I would shoot the tidal wave of cum in me. I started to breath heavy and arch up. The blindfold was pulled down from my eyes; it only took a second or so for my eyes to refocus. I saw Mary's hand sliding up and down my shaft; She moved her lips around the tip on my dick. Then I felt a swelling not only in my balls, but in my ass too. Then the tidal wave of cum erupted from my dick shooting into Mary's mouth. As she pulled away I shoot out three or four my times. Now the Mary moved away I could see that Mark was fucking my ass. The feeling was so intense. The pressure was starting to hurt. Mark pulled out and pushed deep into my ass and shoot what felt like a gallon of cum into me. He lowered his head and deep throated my shrinking cock, it made a popping sound as it left his lips. Mark slowly backed away from me, cum started to drip out of me and on to the floor. Lisa moved quickly in between my legs and started to suck and lick my ass. Making sure to eat the rest of the cum before it fell to the floor.

Mary started to unlock me; Mark helped me rise out of the swing. I could barely stand. My legs felt like jelly. I slowly moved to the large cushions on the floor. As I lay there thinking of what just happened, my eyes became heavy. I slowly started to drift off to sleep.

The last thought I could remember was what was going to happen next.

The End.

08-08-2006, 01:33 AM
Holy smokes Batman.....That was an awesome story...I could see everything...I love stories that draw you in like that.....Made me wet.

Thanks Tim for sharing that....Sounds like there could have been more....

08-08-2006, 02:31 AM
heheh yes it could have. but at the time i was trying to keep the word count down.. it seems like certain types of stories get turned off if there is too much to read.. unless you can really grab the reader and let them see and feel it..just over 7000 words in this part.total of 34,704 characters..

Thanks for letting me know Robin..means a lot ..mmmmmmm perhaps i shoudl check to make sure ;)

08-08-2006, 02:38 AM
Hee hee hee

11-26-2006, 03:26 AM
Another Good story to bump up.....;)

08-19-2007, 08:30 AM
This has also had alot of views...and was written by 1 of our Own Mods Here.

10-23-2007, 05:19 AM
I like your ability to develop scenes. In the second section of your story, the lab is fabulous. I don't think I've read any erotic story set in the lab before. In my opinion, you could have stuck to that setting, with his encounters with his lab mates. I would have enjoyed it if they would have made petri dishes with his sperm swimming around, and if she would have worn a white lab coat and black framed glasses.
In the third section of the story, I thought you had three fabulous ideas: The swing play, the pool orgy, and the toy and fetish parts. Each of these were a story all on their own, showing great imagination and all were delightful. I guess for me, the story was a little pushed together, like you were trying to fit everything in one huge swallow. I love your imagination and could definitely see each scene, which is what you encouraged us to do. For me, it could have been broken into sections and each developed separately. I hope to see more of your work!

10-23-2007, 09:42 PM
thanks Fyre,
this is a work i am hoping to head back in to soon..
i am quilty for pushing it all at once.. when i first started writing , everything and everyone was pushing for the most.. i have learned alot sinmce then and know the build up is better .......
I am really glad to hear that you could "see" the scene

03-25-2008, 10:17 PM
Pretty cool..nice rhythm

03-28-2008, 11:57 PM
thank you