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Realising a dream.

Chapter 1.

Many years ago, my now ex wife and I adopted the swinging lifestyle by joining a swapper’s club. This was great fun and eroticism and actually strengthened our marriage, we divorced because we fell out of love and I suppose realistically began to get on each others nerves, although we were married for 19 years.

My wife, Karen, was five six tall, 196 lbs with 38C breasts raven haired and at the time was 25 years old. I was 24 years old and six one and a half tall, medium build 175 lbs with blonde hair.

During this alternate lifestyle period, we often attended parties and private soirees; the true story I am about to relate to you began around this period of our lives. We attended one such private soiree in Ilford, Essex; it was held in a semi detached two bed roomed house. We were surprised to find some thirty people in attendance when we arrived and that was at only 6 pm.

We joined the main group in the living room where there was already porno films being shown on the large screen TV. There were some ten males and six females in the room in various states of undress. We popped into the kitchen to grab some drinks and bumped into a couple of friends we had met from other parties, they invited us up to a bed room for some instant action.

We grabbed our drinks and went upstairs, In the main bedroom there was already loads of people on the large king sized bed, the four of us undressed and managed to squeeze on the edge of the bed. No matter where you put your hands, odds were that you would be touching someone’s privates or tits; but no one was complaining in the slightest.

After some twenty minutes a couple entered the room, I had not seen this couple at any other swinger events we had attended; The man, I later discovered was called David. He was five six tall slightly overweight and greyish haired. He nervously asked if there were two men here who would like to make his wife’s fantasy come true by giving her a dp.

He then pointed to his wife, Stella, who was five four tall around 160 lbs with large breasts and auburn hair. Karen volunteered me and a guy called Andy also volunteered; we cleared a space on the bed and I lay down, Stella then climbed on to me and slipped my hard seven inch cock up her cunt. As she did so he smiled a wonderful sexy smile in my direction and then pressed her large cherry tipped tits into my chest, her nipples were like bullets, they were so hard. From where I was I could not see what Andy was up to although I could see David looking closely as my cock slipped into his wife’s soaking wet cunt.

I felt the weight on the bed shift as Andy got into place; he must have been trying to slide his cock up Stella’s arse because she tensed up and moved up slightly up my body. I whispered to her to try to relax and enjoy the experience. Stella thanked me and relaxed allowing Andy to enter her arse, for the next twenty minutes we systematically double fucked Stella through three orgasms and finally deposited our loads in her respective holes. Stella was ecstatic and was passionately kissing me as my hands mauled her tits.

Andy soon pulled out and moved away, Stella kissed me once more and as she pulled back she whispered thank you, you were great. I replied that I was only as good as the person I was with. Stella blushed a little at this and made a big thing about giving me another passionate kiss as she said thank you once more.

David and Stella disappeared and Karen was soon sucking my cock clean before we wandered off to the living room still naked to watch some porn. About an hour later we were joined by David and Stella; Stella made sure to squeeze in beside me and asked if the film on the TV was any good. I replied that it was the usual standard and asked if she had recovered from her exertions. She nodded and smiled at David; I excused myself and invited David to come to the kitchen for a drink.

As we walked into the kitchen I asked David if he had enjoyed sucking my spunk from his wife’s cunt. He was shocked but then simply nodded; his shock disappeared when I said; good so everyone enjoyed themselves!

He asked if I was not disgusted by him eating another man’s spunk and I replied why would I be disgusted, after all one man’s meat may be another man’s poison but no one is forcing that man to eat the meat. David physically relaxed and smiled. I asked him to come and see us before he left and maybe we could exchange phone numbers. David said he would talk to his wife and if she was happy to swap details he would make sure to find us before they left.

To cut a long story short, two hours later, Stella came over and handed me a paper and pen and I jotted down our phone number; as I handed the items back to her she slipped a piece of paper into my hand. I was surprised as she then scribbled her phone number onto part of the paper and tore it off giving me her phone number. Now this was before mobile phones really took off and at the time the state of the art mobile was like a house brick and weighed about twice the weight; so the numbers exchanged were for the land line phones.

Around 3 am Karen and I left the party and made our way home. Now one of our usual routines as we drove home from these parties was to head for an all night taxi diner, where we would get a bite to eat. We arrived home at 4.30 am and crawled satisfied into bed. Next morning over a leisurely fuck we discussed the events the previous night.

With my cock buried up Karen’s arse, I suddenly remembered the slip of paper Stella had given me and reached over to take it from my trouser pocket. Karen asked what was I doing, I quickly explained and together we read the short note:

Hi Ray,

I don’t know if Karen will be reading this but, I just had to say your cock felt so wonderful when it ploughed into my cunt. I can’t wait to sample it again; David told me you sussed his preference for eating cream pie and was ok about it, which from your reactions on the bed was no less then I would have expected from such a gentleman.

Hope you give us a ring real soon.

Dave and Stella.

Karen grabbed the phone and dialled their number, even I expected Karen to be angry at this secret love note, but when who ever answered at the other end, she was all sweetness and light. It turned out that she had got David and soon asked to speak to Stella, I half expected fireworks from Karen but her tone never changed. She said, “Glad you enjoyed Ray and everything met to your approval. When would you like to get together because I loved the taste of your cunt juices as I sucked Ray’s cock clean”

Between the two of them they arranged to meet at Dave and Stella’s house in two weeks time, I heard Karen tell Stella that before I fucked her again she was going to eat her cunt and nibble on her clit and expected the same in return. Karen then hung up the phone with out allowing me to speak to either Dave or Stella.

The next two weeks really dragged, I suppose this was because I was not party to the full arrangements made by Karen and Stella. Apparently Stella phoned Karen during this two week period to find out what we both ate as they planned to lay on a proper evening meal.

The night of our private meeting, we arrived at 7.00pm and were shown into the living room, on the coffee table there were several porno video tapes and David asked to select one we would like to watch. As we sorted through the titles I noticed they were all about guys watching their wives being fucked; I whispered to Karen that we should play it by ear and allow David to select the film.

David entered the living room carrying our drinks, I said, “David, we are not familiar with these films, as you know them why don’t you pick the one for us to watch!”

David smiled and immediately picked one of the tapes, placing it beside the TV. Then Stella shouted from the kitchen area that the meal was ready and we were to come through. David showed us through to the kitchen diner area and I stopped dead in my tracks, for Stella was wearing a clear transparent top which showed off her tits to perfection, a short bright red skirt which flashed the top of her white lacy stockings as she walked.

Karen turned to me and said, “I feel over dressed compared to Stella!” I suggested in that case why don’t we all undress and eat au naturale, but Karen said no our hostess has the right idea and with that she removed her top and bra and told us men to remain as we were.

David invited us to sit at the round dining table with Karen sitting directly opposite Stella and to my left. I asked it they would mind if I moved slightly and when told no and to treat it like my own home, I moved a lot closer to Stella. As we ate the meal I slipped my right hand on to Stella’s knee, she shot me a lustful look. I noticed David looking towards me but he was not able to see what I was doing from his position.

I whispered for Stella to open her legs and as I felt her do so, I slowly slid my hand along her stockings pausing at the top edge of them. I said loud enough for all to hear, “I love getting to the giggle band!” As I looked over at David I noticed he too had moved closer to Karen and was stroking her left nipple.

David then turn to me and said, “What the fuck is a giggle band?”

I laughed as I replied, “the giggle band is the very top of the stocking and its called Giggle band because when a guy gets past the he’s laughing!”

Everyone giggled and my hand slid further up her leg and began rubbing her cunt through her silky panties. Stella squirmed in her seat as I stroked her cunt soaking her panties as we went. In between stroking her cunt I was eating the delightful food; Stella found more difficult to eat as her passions rose.

I whispered for her to remove her panties without leaving the table; Stella managed to slide her panties down her legs and I ordered her to pick them up and toss them to her husband David. Stella did as she was told and tossed her soaking panties at David who immediately picked them up and began sucking the gusset of them.

I broke the silence by telling David that not only was he going to be eating my spunk from his wife’s cunt but he was going to be preparing my prick before I fucked her and Karen was going to be preparing his wife’s cunt for my cock.

After we had finished the wonderful meal we helped Stella stack the dish washer and then all retired to the living room. David put the video he had selected earlier into the video player and started it playing. Stella sat on the settee and I sat at her invitation beside her. Karen chose to sit on the floor on the other side of Stella’s legs and David sat on an easy chair to my left. Stella wasted no time in getting my cock out and slowly stroked it showing it all the time to her husband. I slipped my right hand back between Stella’s legs and was met by Karen’s long fingers as the TV burst into life with a blonde wife being undress by what appeared to be her husband in preparation for a large black cock which was just visible in the corner of the screen.

Stella’s eyes were now closed as she sat legs wide open and little groans escaping her lips; Suddenly she sat bolt upright and moaned, “David, hurry and prepare Ray’s cock for me as I don’t think I can wait much longer!”

David Suddenly was by my feet on his knees and his mouth about to engulf my cock, Karen told him to flick the underside of the head with his tongue before swallowing my hardening cock. David did as she suggested and it felt wonderful but soon I was thrusting my rock hard cock into David’s mouth whilst Karen had her mouth glued to Stella’s cunt. Stella was going crazy crying out Karen’s name as she orgasmed over and over.

I placed my hands behind David’s head and suddenly pulled his head towards me, forcing my cock deep into his mouth. I was not aware of when David had released his own cock from his pants but he was busy stroking his cock furiously as he took mine almost into his throat. Suddenly he spurt string after string of spunk all over Stella’s left leg the streaks soaking into her stocking. The sexual atmosphere suddenly got to me and I spurted my first load of the night into David’s mouth and he swallowed every single strand. But such was the sexual tension, my cock never went soft and I was soon lying on top of Stella with my arse going like a fiddlers elbow as I fucked her hot horny cunt.

Mean while Karen was kneeling over Stella’s face as Stella devoured Karen’s cunt; David not to be left out was slowly licking up his spilt spunk from Stella’s left leg.

Karen quickly began bucking her hips as she neared her climax and as I drove my cock into Stella’s cunt she too began writhing in ecstasy. David was now like a dog in heat humping his renewed cock against Stella’s leg as his head was literally inches from my cock ploughing into his wife’s cunt. He was muttering encouragement to me to fuck the bitch, make the slut pregnant with a bastard child to be brought up by me, her wimp of a husband. I did not have the heart to correct him by letting him know I had a vasectomy some years earlier and therefore could not make her pregnant.

Beginning called a slut and a bitch really drove Stella’s passions higher and she seemed determined to live up to these names as she was now tongue fucking my own wife while Karen was pinching, pulling and twisting Stella’s nipples. I heard David grown as he once more spurted his spunk all over Stella’s stockings, Karen then screamed out as her orgasm hit but Stella’s cunt had been spasmming for a good five minutes as she went into multi climatic state and I then shot my sperm deep inside her cunt. As I rolled off David dived straight in and began sucking my sperm from her hot hole. Stella helped by clamping her cunt muscles and forcing the white sticky cum into her husband’s face.

As Karen and I recovered we quietly dressed and left a big thank you note and an invitation to get together at our house in two weeks, before we let ourselves out and left the horny couple to finish in private.

Veronica Dreams
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As always, I am wet and ready, after reading one of your stories.

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shame you live too far away......lol