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Introduction: Harry Potter's 6th year at Hogwarts becomes a little more exciting.

NOTE - This is supposed to take place at the beginning of the Sixth Book. A few things are changed, more prominently the beginning. I'll do my best to get all the details correct! Enjoy.

Harry Potter: The Boy who Fucked - Chapter 1: A Muggle Encounter

Harry Potter woke with a start, saturated in cold sweat and shaking. His nightmares involving a recollection of his parents' deaths and the other horrible things he had seen throughout the last 6 years in the Wizarding world had began to occur more often; around three times a night.

Groping his bedside table for his glasses, Harry swept them on and muttered 'Lumos'. A small orb of light appeared at the tip of his wand, brightening the dark bedroom. It was the end of June, only a week after his departure from Hogwarts, and he still was bored to death. Stranded at his contemptuous Uncle and Aunt's house, he had nothing to do all day but read the annual copy of The Daily Prophet and study his magical textbooks.

He peered out the dirty window into the misty street outside, pondering what to do next. Deciding to force himself to go to sleep as he would need his energy to survive the following months here which usually left him famished, Harry distinguished his wand and lay back on his bed, shutting his eyes tightly.


Harry strolled along the long road, looking at the Muggle houses which were completely identical. He made his way into the small Muggle town near the Dursleys' house and looked at each shop window, hoping but not expecting to see something even remotely exciting. Suddenly, a woman caught his eye in a shabby little cheese shop to his left.

Long auburn hair that reached her forearms and a soft, heart-shaped face was only the preview for the lower part of her body; She looked to have ample size tits, round and not sagging in the least, and she had a generic "hourglass figure" with a very thin waist and a round ass that sat perfectly above her long, bronzed legs. Only wearing a tight t-shirt and small jean-shorts, she looked to be about Harry's age, maybe a little older. Obviously a Muggle, Harry thought, but not bad. . .not bad at all.

The door chimed as the woman stepped out of the cheese shop, bag in hand, and made her way away from Harry, hips swinging seductively as she went. Deciding quickly, Harry
caught up with her briskly and, looking around for anyone who might see him, pointed his wand at the bag she was carrying and muttered 'Relashio'

The bag ripped loudly and its contents spilled onto the ground underneath the girl. Harry rushed beside her to help quickly.

"Shit!", the girl said loudly, then, realizing that Harry had heard her, blushed and added "Sorry. . . didn't realize you were there"

"No problem," said Harry, helping her store the cheese back in her bag.

"I'm Stacy", the girl said, holding her small hand out to meet Harry's.

"Harry", he replied.

"You live around here, or . . .?" she asked, but Harry was paying no attention; her tits had captured his gaze quickly, jiggling as she moved to pick things up.

"Oh. . .", Harry said, blushing, as she leaned down to meet his eyes, "Sorry"

She laughed sexily "Not a problem, happens occasionally"

"Only occasionally?" Harry replied. She giggled seductively again.

"Listen," Stacy said awkwardly, but smiling "Want to come back to my place? My parents are on holiday for the weekend, it's one of the rare times I can have friends over.

"Oh," Harry said, surprised, "W-why?."

"Oh I don't know," Stacy said. "To relax, listen to music...maybe something else if the mood strikes." She said with the smallest of winks.

"Sure, definitely" Harry said, knowing what she implied.

They walked to her house; it was just around the corner.


"You can sit on the couch if you'd like, Harry" Stacy said. He did, and she sat beside him.

"Want to watch a movie or something?" she suggested.

"A. . ." Harry's mind went blank. What was a movie again?, "Oh, right, yeah. Okay"

Stacy slid a disc into the small silver box near her TV, then sat back on the couch, this time closer to Harry.

"So, how long have you lived here?" said Harry, trying to start conversation.

"About three years so far. We moved here because my Dad was promoted; we used to live in Florida"

"America?" Harry said, again drawing a blank on this term.

"The. . . country?"

"Oh, right"

"Do you like it here better?"

"Not really. Much better weather there, but I suppose it's okay here"

"Do, er, do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked nervously. "If you don't mind me asking" He added.

She giggled at his embarassment. "Not right now, no. I wish I did though. . . it gets boring without" she paused. "Company" she said with a naughty smile. The movie rolled but neither paid attention; Harry staring intently at her amazing body, Stacy gazing seductively into his eyes. They were silent for several minutes, glancing at the movie occasionally but eyes mainly on each other.

"Want a drink or something?" Stacy said, breaking the awkward silence.

She went to a shelf in the other room, the kitchen, bending on the tips of her toes to grab two glasses. As she bent, her tits jiggled and her shirt road up, exposing her curvaceous body even more. His dick acting for him, Harry crept up behind her and clutched her hips, rubbing them. "Who needs music?" he whispered in her ear.

Harry reached from behind to cup her tits, jiggling them and rubbing the peaks of her nipples. She moaned sexily and thrust her ass backwards into his crotch, sending his now rigid cock to rub her ass roughly. He spun her around and ripped her tiny t-shirt off in a single swipe. Taking a moment to view her bare tits, which hung firm and perky on her chest, Harry closed in on them with his mouth.

Taking one firm peak of her tit in his mouth, Harry suckled roughly, occasionally biting the nipple so that it hurt but in a good way.

"Oh, fuck! I forgot how good this felt!" Stacy moaned, panting slightly.

Harry continued to suck, altering between her two tits and began reaching behind to squeeze her round ass roughly. He lowered her shorts and panties off of her waist quickly, then, still sucking, began to run his fingers around her pussy, getting closer to her clit but never touching. As he let her tit out of his mouth, she moaned and he kissed his way down her tight stomach. "The couch. . ." She muttered, gasping for breath. Harry stopped and, taking her hand, led her over and onto the couch.

He darted his tongue around the edges of her pink, small pussy. Perfect. . .he thought, taking in the swollen lips and creamy pink center with his eyes. His dick was harder than ever now. "Please. . . " she moaned in a sweet voice "Stop teasing . . . Fuck me, Harry. Fuck my pussy till I collapse".

Following her lead, Harry sat back against the arm of the couch and pulled her on top of him, her tits jiggling slightly as he did. Stacy undid Harry's jeans and boxers, letting his swollen cock swing up, pointing to the sky and, more importantly, her dripping cunt. Her eyes wide at site of how big his monstrous, veiny, bulbous cock was, she hesitated slightly, then slammed her cunt down on his cock.

Both of them screamed "FUCK!" and were breathless for a moment. Then Harry took in the view above him of her sexy form, her cunt stuffed with cock, eyes rolling and her tits sitting firmly. Her cunt walls, only several centimeters around, gripped Harry's large cock roughly; a tight fit.

As she regained energy, Stacy began to move up and down, fucking her cunt on Harry's cock. She was by far the hottest fuck Harry ever had.

"Fuck. . .Fuck . . . OH FUCK! " She moaned with each slide of her pussy on his dick. Juices rolled down his shaft from her pussy, lubing it up and making her go even faster.

"AGH! Oh my god Harry, FUCK ME! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! FUCK MY CUNT!" she screamed, riding his cock fiercely. And he did. Thrusting up to meet her falls, Harry grasped her firm, bouncing tits and rubbed them roughly.

"I can feel it Harry, I can feel your cock in my tight pussy" she gasped in between noisy moans, and rode his cock even harder, moving her pussy in circular motions that made them both pant heavily. He pinched her nipples and cupped her tits, thrusting harder and harder.

As she seemed to be getting tired, Harry pulled her off him, a strand of pussy juice hanging from in between her legs. She went on her hands and knees, leaning over the couch's arm, and Harry positioned himself behind her. In one swift motion, Harry once again buried his cock deep into her tight pussy.

He began thrusting into her, moving his hips back in forth to bury his cock farther in her cunt. She moaned loudly with each movement, his cock sending orgasmic waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. As her red-brown hair swung with each thrust, so did her tits, hanging loosely and jiggling uncontrollably. Her cunt juices formed a puddle on the floor as they slid between the two waists. As he thrusted harder and harder, his balls swung to tap her asshole lightly, adding even more pleasure.

"Oh yes, Harry! YES, OH MY GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR HUGE COCK! UGH UNGH....ohhh Harry, oh fuck!" she screamed, probably drawing the attention of Muggle neighbors.

Harry drew out of her, swiftly dropping to his knees to insert his tongue in between her swollen pussy lips. He darted his tongue in and out of her cunt, occasionally stopping to pinch her clit lightly with his thumb and forefinger. She moaned with orgasmic delight and her face was contorted in ecstasy as he continued his assault on her womanhood.

Rising again, Harry stood and slowly pushed his cock into Stacy again, stopping briefly every inch to savor the pleasure. Eventually, when he was fully in, Harry drew out quickly then slammed back in, full force, making her scream with pleasure. After a moment, Harry continued a steady thrusting motion, driving her insane as her tits jiggled madly under her and she moaned noisily.

As Harry felt his balls tighten slightly, and his cock tingle, he moaned "I'm gonna cum soon, Stacy".

"Cum in my pussy Harry" she said, pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts, "OH FUCK, HARRY! FUCK AGH UHH FUCK ME! Oh my god..." she said, and her juices burst out, coating Harry's waist in cum and sending a stream of it all around his cock. This was too much for him, coupled with her slippery, tight cunt still wrapped around his cock, coaxing his cum into her, and he came as well; he grabbed her waist and thrust into her one last time, bursting his seed inside of her sticky mess of a cunt and sending the excess to drip down onto the floor.

"That was...amazing", Harry panted, his cock still semi-hard and dribbling cum.

Still panting and sweating heavily from their fierce fucking, the two collapsed together on the couch, Harry holding Stacy in his arms, rubbing her tits softly as they both drifted to sleep. Maybe it's not so bad here after all, Harry thought with a smirk.


Chapter 2: A Heated Reunion.

It was three days after his encounter with Stacy, having stayed the next day for several hours of fucking before her parents got home from vacation, and Harry could not have been more bored; the mundane topics in articles of The Daily Prophet could only entertain him for so long. He sat at his desk, lamp flooding the small area with light with his face practically pressed against the window, hoping someone would come. The only thing he heard was the snoring of his Uncle in the adjacent room and Hedwig (his pet Owl)'s occasional "hoo"s.

Suddenly a light appeared in the street outside. It was small, and distant, but it was definitely out of the ordinary, and a person was carrying it. Harry sat up straight, squinting through the smudged glass at the figure outside. Slowly but steadily, the figure was making its way closer to the Dursleys' house.

Dumbledore?, Harry thought, Or it could be someone...unfriendly. Harry grimaced at the thought, and, by reflex, slid his hand inside his jeans to grasp the handle of his wand.

The figure stopped right at the gates to the Dursleys' front yard and muttered something. The small orb of light extinguished and Harry heard the footsteps of the figure shuffle along the path to the front door of the house.

Harry made his way downstairs, taking care to make as little noise as possible. He glanced through a window in the Dursleys' living room to the doorstep and saw a tall figure. He could not see his face clearly, but flowing silver hair reached the figure's waist. Harry's heart jolted with happiness, and he made to open the door.

The door exploded violently, sending shards of splintered wood in every direction, and a blast of red light blazed through the doorway. Harry was knocked to his back and couldn't stand up. He saw, through hazy eyes, the silhouette of the tall figure with its arm descended, pointing straight at Harry.

"Polius Reversio" the person muttered, and it seemed to shrink several inches, its hair shortening and turning dark brown. Polyjuice Potion? Harry thought, his scar sending waves of agony through his whole body.

"Thought you could hide in here all summer, eh Potter?" the figure spat with a high pitched voice. As the dust and mist cleared from the blast, Harry saw the man clearly for the first time; He was rather short, with ragged brown hair and a pimply, red face.

The man's robes had been torn in several places in the blast, and Harry saw with horror a glowing green skull upon his left forearm; The Dark Mark.

Scrambling for his wand, Harry glanced around the hall way quickly. Rubble lay everywhere and shards of the broken furniture and appliances were piled into corners.

The man sent a stunning spell straight at Harry's chest as he saw him reaching for his wand, and hit his target. The bolt of red light surged into Harry's body, knocking into the wall opposite of the house's threshold, and everything went black...


Harry woke pleasantly, lying comfortably in a warm, large bed. He blinked several times, remembering the encounter with the man at his house and wondering how he'd gotten here.

His body ached. He had several cuts on his arms and a large gash on his cheek which was bandaged up properly, but leaked a yellow ooze, the product of wizard medicines no doubt.

He suddenly, glancing around, recognized Ron's room. Since he had been here last, Ron had plastered the walls even further with pictures of Quidditch teams, relatives and much more. On his left was a shabby end table, on which a steaming cup of tea lay.

Harry reached for the cup and sipped cautiously. The scalding hot tea burned his tongue and he let out a cry, spilling tea all over himself and letting the cup smash into shards on the floor below him.

The door to the bedroom creaked open and in came the beaming figures of Ron, Hermione and Mrs. Weasley.

"Here for a day and you're already breaking our stuff, eh Harry?" Ron muttered sarcastically with a grin.

"Oh, hush Ronald. You're not one to criticize about clumsiness." Hermione retorted, glaring briefly at Ron but then running to embrace Harry on the bed where he lay, "Reparo" she muttered with a flick of her wand, and the teacup reformed as good as new on the table beside them.

She had changed alot in the few short months she and Harry had been seperated, he noticed. Her auburn hair was sleek and long, as opposed to the bushy mess it normally was, and her teeth had shrunk slightly. She also looked older, more shapely, and her ass was perfectly formed and tight inside a pair of muggle sweatpants. Hermione's small T-shirt, borrowed from Ginny, Ron's sister, no doubt, strained, her much larger and round tits threatening to burst out. Her tits pressed up against Harry, and he could feel slightly erect nipples through the fabric.

Ron put an arm around Harry's shoulder, greeting him warmly. Ron glanced at Hermione who was now comforting Mrs. Weasley (who, upon seeing Harry awake had burst into tears, muttering "He's okay" over and over).

They both stared at Hermione's ass, sticking out and perfectly round as she bent over next to Ron's mother.

"She's...different" Harry said quietly.

"Yeah, you could call it that", Ron agreed with a smirk."We're, uh, going out now. Me and her". Ron said, a touch of pride and bragging in his voice.

Harry looked at Ron, beside him, with little surprise. "Yeah well, it was only a matter of time" he said, laughing. "Have you two been..." Harry said, nodding his head toward Hermione's shapely ass.

"For a while now. Mum said she's fine with it, as long as we don't ruin the sheets from Aunt Muriel. And Hermione..." Ron trailed off, gazing blankly. "Well, she's amazing"

"So, any idea what happened to me...?" Harry asked, touching the long wound on his cheek with a thin hand.

"Death Eater, or Eaters, by the look of it." Ron replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I only saw one. He was disguised as--"

"As Dumbledore, yeah. The Order doesn't have any idea where they got his hair, but they got there pretty fast. Had a huge battle up and down that Muggle street with Voldemorte's people; The Ministry's giving them hell for it."

"Did anyone get hurt?" Harry asked.

"Dawlish got splinched on the way back to the Ministry while Disapparating, they think because of a Confunding Charm, but other than that no."

Harry sighed with relief, and worry. Once again he had been able to, through luck and assistance, evade Voldemort. But how long would it be before someone was hurt...an Order member...or a friend. Harry suddenly had a thought which hadn't occurred to him until now.

"Ron, the house was nearly blown up in that explosion. The Dursleys..."

"Fine. Cleared of all memory of the thing, their house, their jobs. Currently living in the Bahamas." Ron replied, reassuring Harry. Harry didn't know why he cared, the Dursleys had always been cruel and neglectful towards him, but for some reason it was better knowing no one innocent had been hurt because of him.

"And now," Ron said, standing up from the bed and heading towards the door, "I expect there's someone else who'd like to see you for a moment".

As Hermione, Ron and Mrs. Weasley filed out, Ginny appeared beside him with a loud CRACK. She too had changed. Her tits swelled generously, stretching out the material of her thin sweater and Harry could see erect nipples stabbing through the wool. Her ass, as Harry could see it, was round and almost screamed "Fuck me!" as it sat firmly in a pair of jeans. Shiny red hair lay on her visage, framing a perfect, beautiful, heart-shaped face with plump lips and sexy green eyes.

"Almost got the hang of it, I have," Ginny said with a giggle, brushing off the dust that had settled on her clothes from the apparation. "Mum says I need to focus on something I want at the location I'm going to. I suppose this is my best one yet..." she said sweetly, grasping Harry's hand and sitting beside him.

Her eyes watered slightly, "I was so glad to hear that you were okay, Harry".

"I'm happy to see you too, Gin" Harry said, grinning and staring at her beautiful face, slightly wet from the moment.

They kissed wetly, and Harry put his arms around her, holding her for a moment before letting her go.

"There's also", Ginny said, sweeping a strand of crimson hair out of her face and raising her eyes naughtily to Harry's. "The fact that I haven't been fucked for two months now".

Her sudden vulgarity startled Harry, but it was also very sexy. Ginny straddled him, resting her warm groin on his own. "One moment" Harry said, adjusting himself on the bed so that he didn't ache as much.

Ginny kissed Harry on the lips, then down his chest slowly, raising the blankets. She undid the button on Harry's jeans and slid them, along with his underwear to the floor. Harry's cock, already slightly hard, rose up like a flagpole as Ginny's small hands rubbed it up and down. The purple head swelled gloriously above the shaft, rising 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 inches into the air steadily as Ginny worked on it rapidly.

Gazing at Harry's cock briefly beforehand, Ginny sank it into her mouth. She sucked fervently at the bulbous head, coaxing his precum out and moaning at the saltiness of it. Ginny worked her mouth up and down the dick, taking it inch by inch before withdrawing it and slurping her tongue around the head.

"It's bigger" Ginny said in a small, seductive voice, and plunged her throat down on the cock, taking it all the way down her throat. Harry thrusted upwards, flinching at the pure pleasure as Ginny rotated her skilled tongue around the shaft of his cock, wetting it and occasionally withdrawing it to rub it up and down with both hands.

"S-soon..." Harry gasped, feeling his balls tighten as Ginny worked faster and faster on the hard cock, giving Harry the best blowjob he'd ever experienced.

"Not yet", Ginny said, withdrawing the cock from her moist mouth to Harry's displeasure."I want it in my pussy"

She sat on top of him again, his cock rubbing wildly against the now moist fabric of her tight pants. Ginny raised the small t-shirt above her head, and Harry's jaw dropped. Her tits were perfect, sitting round and firm on her chest with small, erect nipples. Her chest heaved as Harry rubbed his cock against her panty-clad cunt rapidly, but before she could expose it further, Harry sat up.

Bringing his head to her glorious tits, Harry sucked on one nipple, kneading her tits softly and biting gently on it occasionally. Ginny gasped "Oh, god" and heaved her chest, thrusting her tits into Harry's mouth harder. Harry pressed his cheek against the soft, creamy flesh of her boobs and rubbed both of her hard nipples at the same time, sending waves of ecstasy through Ginny's chest.

"Oh, fuck, Harry, more" Ginny panted, reaching down subconsciously to rub the fabric-covered slit of her cunt.

Harry withdrew his mouth from her tits, though he could have done it for days, and reached to hook his thumbs around the waistband of her jeans, sliding them off slowly, savoring the view to come. "No panties?" Harry asked, surprised slightly. Ginny shrugged with a sexy smile and slid her jeans off and onto the floor beside the bed. Her cunt appeared before him, bright pink with a large, visible clit and moist; Harry could see the tiny droplets of cunt juice forming on the thin folds of her pussy lips. Ginny's pussy was shaven almost completely, with a few red hairs budding just above her clit.

Ginny looked down at his cock, standing veiny and hard below her dripping snatch, and lowered her pussy onto it. Her pussy walls strained to let Harry's cock in, but with a thrust on his part, his cock sank itself deep into Ginny's waiting cunt, as she sat on top of him, enjoying the feeling of being full of cock. "Fuck, Harry. So big" Ginny said with a sigh, adjusting herself on his dick.

She started rocking, moving his cock around in her pussy as Harry thrust upward, burying his cock deeper and deeper into her steaming, hot cunt. "Mmm, fuck me Harry". Harry obeyed and thrust harder and faster with piston-like movements, making Ginny rise and shake with every thrust. Her tits dripped sweat and her nipples puffed out sexily, every atom in her body filled with pleasure and wanting more.

As Harry slowed down his movements, Ginny picked up hers. She bounced lively on Harry cock as though riding a horse, her huge tits jiggling with each bounce. Harry's cock slid up and down in her juicy cunt, stretching the size of her pussy and creating an orgasmic friction as it rubbed up against her snatch.

As Ginny rode Harry's cock fiercely, Harry reached up and grasped her tits roughly, squeezing each handful and making Ginny moan. "Ugh, fuck me, fuck me harry, oh god."

Ginny reached down to rub her clit rapidly, squeezing it, sending enormous 'zaps' of ecstasy through her pussy as her cunt, tits and clit were stimulated simultaneously.

Ginny slowed down slightly, weak from the rays of pleasure shooting into every part of her body, and rose from Harry's cock. She swayed for a moment, then regained her energy and strode to Ron's dresser. Ginny bent, leaning on the corner of the dresser. Her ass thrust out, offering a dripping cunt and perfectly shaped ass to Harry.

As Ginny wiggled her ass seductively at Harry, he took this as an invitation. Moving forward to position himself behind her, Harry gazed for a moment at her wet hole then rubbed Ginny's pussy lips with his cock, up and down the slit. "Fuck me hard, Harry!", Ginny cried, thrusting back at him.

And Harry did. In one swift, powerful motion, he buried his cock in her hot snatch. Ginny screamed, her entire body jolting as Harry's dick penetrated her pussy. Harry withdrew his cock from her cunt for a moment, then, pausing to rub her swollen pussy lips, pushed back in, grazing the folds of her steaming hot pussy.

Harry regained a steady, piston like movement, slamming repeatedly into her pussy over and over; Ginny moaned faintly with each thrust, shouting "Oh my god" and "fuck me" generously.

Her ample tits pressed hard against the side of the dresser as Harry fucked her, bouncing and jiggling constantly. Ginny's nipples, erect and hard on the cool, flat surface, sent waves of pleasure through her body with each scrape.

Harry felt his balls tighten, about to cum. "I'm close, Gin..." he muttered, slowing his pace as he still steadily pumped into her pussy. She thrust her ass back at him more powerfully, close to her own orgasm as well. Ginny's swollen cunt lips flared as her ass slid back and forth, up and down Harry's cock, pumping out the cum into her pussy.

With a series of final thrusts, Harry slammed into Ginny's cunt and emptied his hot, messy seed, filling her pussy to the brim. His cock pulsated and grew inside her cunt, spraying his cum inside her.

Ginny, feeling this sudden warmth and stickiness, gave in to the mountainous pleasure that had been driving at her since their departure from each other 2 months ago, and came. Her pussy lips were inflamed with pleasure and she sent rivulets of cuntjuice spilling down to the floor and all four of their legs.

The two lovers leaned against each other before falling on the bed adjacent to them. "That was awesome, Ginny" Harry said, understating his real opinion. She giggled at his tone and rested her head on his chest.

"I thought so too, Harry" Ginny replied in a sweet, gentle voice, rubbing a forefinger along his chest, "And not just the sex. I mean, it's amazing" she paused, smiling, and Harry nodded before she added "But being with you...two months was too long"

Harry nodded in agreement. They sat in silence for a long while, holding each other. Suddenly, from below the floor, came Ron's agitated voice "Are you two all through yet, or should I tell them in London that they'll still have to hear it!?". Footsteps came from the stairs, and Harry and Ginny scrambled for their wands. Apparelio they both muttered, flicking their wands towards the pile of clothes on the floor. They were dressed instantly and, hand in hand, headed for the door.

Ron's voice came shrill and angry as they reached the stairs; "What is this bloody mess?! SCURGIFY!". A loud BANG! came from Ron's room, and he emerged with soot all over his face, his eyebrows singed and clothes smoking. "Used the wrong spell, that's all..." Ron said meekly, blushing.

As they went downstairs, a sense of calm came over Harry. He was with his beautiful girlfriend, his best friends and his almost-Family, and would be going to his favorite place in the world shortly. All was well.

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