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09-28-2008, 10:09 PM
"MMmmm Draco," Pansy purred as she collapsed next to him in bed. "That was so good, baby." She whispered, kissing him on the cheek. Draco said nothing.

Pansy was just a fuck toy for him.
She wasn't that great.
He had TONS better before.
She was just what he had to hold himself over til he found some better piece of ass.
But she didn't know.
Pansy thought Draco was deeply in love with her, and faithful to her and only her.
Oh, how wrong she was.

"Yeah it was good," he lied, slapping her ass while he rolled out of bed.
"Where you going, Drakey?" she asked as she sat up in his bed. The sheets barely clung to her body.
"Out," he replied and walked out the door. "You need to leave too. Can't have anyone finding you in my bed." Pansy was left in his sheets, confused and annoyed that Draco had just left like that.

Pansy meant nothing to him. She was way too clingy. All he needed at the time was a functioning pussy, and Pansy was always willing.
He popped a cigarette into his mouth and headed down the dark Hogwarts hallways.

He took a long drag and exhaled. He was thinking about the type of girl he wanted. He could have any girl in the entire world. He was hot, and rich: and he knew it.

But fucking any girl grew tiring after awhile. He wanted someone he had to work for to get into bed. Some girl that would never willingly get into bed with him.

There she was.
Hermione Granger.
Sure, he had always called her a mudblood in the past, and the thought of fucking her seemed crazy. But she had really...grown up. She had to at least have a C cup size by now, an amazing ass, and long curvy legs. She was ideal.

And the fact that she was interested in him made him want her even more. She was hard to get.

She was heading down the dark hallway, probably returning late from the library. She was rushing, afraid of getting caught past curfew. Draco didnt care if he got caught. His father could get him out of trouble in a heartbeat.

She didn't seem to notice him in the hallway. He finished off his cig and tossed it out the window. Intrigued, he kept following her. He tiptoed quietly behind her as to not attract attention. She was too preoccupied with rushing that she didnt even notice.

Much to his surprise, she suddenly stopped and knocked on what looked like the door to a broom closet.
"It's me," she whispered. "Sorry I'm late."
"Get in here. I've been waiting for you forever," the familiar voice said.
She quickly got in the room, closing the door behind her. Draco put his ear up to the door to listen.

He heard kissing, furious kissing. And unzipping. Clothes dropped on the floor. The ripping of a condom.
Draco was hard as a rock.
His dream girl, Hermione Granger, was fucking someone only inches away from him. And he would be able to hear every moan.

He pressed his ear up harder to listen in.
"YES! Ohhh yes! That's right, right there. That's the spot," she was moaning right now.
Draco heard the gushing juices and slapping of a cock against a pussy. Hearing her moan like that got Draco even harder. He whipped out his own cock and began rubbing himself to the sounds of her moans.
He wondered who she was fucking.
It had to be Ron, since they were dating now.

"OH GOD! FUCK ME harder, harder! That's right baby, pound me raw," she begged for more. Draco quietly grunted to himself as she heard her dirty talk.

"Hermione, I'm gonna cum," the boy declared.
Draco heard them speed up their tempo and then suddenly climax. Both of them were moaning and panting.
"Oh god, that was so good," Hermione sighed. "Thank you so much Harry. You are the best."

So Hermione Granger is a cheating whore.
Draco stood there stunned. She was indeed a dirty girl. It got him even more excited.
"Ron still won't put out, then eh?" Harry inquired as he began putting his clothes on.
"I can't get a thing outta him. All he does is kiss me and feel my boobs," she said between muffles, which probably meant she was getting redressed too.

"You do have great boobs tho, Hermione," Harry admitted. Draco heard her moan again, which probably meant that Harry had reached out and grabbed her tits.

"I gotta get back to Ginny. She'll be wondering where I am," Harry said. Draco heard him shove Hermione up against the wall and kiss her hard. "Sorry, gotta go. Let me know if you ever need some again." He continued to kiss her and squeeze her tender tits.

"Oh Harry, I'm always looking for some. I love a good cock in me. I'm tired of masturbating alone. Please talk to Ron, get him to fuck me."

"I'll do what I can," he promised, and Draco ducked behind a curtain as he sensed Harry was about to leave the closet. Sure enough, the door opened and Harry slipped out, covered in his invisibility cloak.
__________________________________________________ __

Harry rushed back to the Gryffindor common room, eager for Ginny's pussy. As he rounded the corner, he ran smack into Cho Chang. His invisibility cloak fell off, revealing himself.
"What are you doing out this late, Harry?" She asked.
"Umm nothing. Just couldn't sleep," he lied and folded up his cloak that had fallen to the floor.
"Where are you coming from?" He asked curiously.
"Oh ummm," she blushed awkwardly.
"...Oh. You got some action then eh?" He asked casually, smiling as she blushed.
"Well yeah, I had promised Hagrid that I would help him make cookies and well...one thing led to another..." she continued, blushing furiously.
"You fucked Hagrid?! Good Lord! He's so huge," Harry said, stunned.
"Oh no, I didn't fuck him. Just gave him a blowjob. That's all I let him do. He wanted to fuck me, but he's just too big, ya know? I asked him how big he was...he said 16 inches. I could barely handle Dumbl-" she stopped herself. She didn't want to tell Harry that she had fucked Dumbledore too.

"You could barely handle who?" Harry asked, suspicious.
"Oh um... my friend Damien," she quickly lied. "He was 11 inches!"
"Wow," Harry said.
"You know Harry, I've been thinking about you a lot...About that night we had together. I know we were both drunk, but I loved that. I want that again," she confessed to him.
"God I've been thinking about you too, Cho. I've wanted you again so badly. Ever since that night," Harry agreed.
"What are you doing tonight?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
He thought of Ginny. He really did. He had told her he would come to her dorm room and fuck her hard.
But he really really really wanted Cho again.
Cho was looking great tonight too. She had heard Hogwarts skirt rolled up to barely cover her perky ass. She purposely left open a few top buttons so she could give the guys a good look. Her hair was in braided long pigtails. She even had her sexy black pumps on too.
He could canel on Ginny.
Say he got called to Order of Pheonix headquarters.
That would work.

"I'm not doing anything tonight," he finally decided.
Her big glossy chocolate eyes lit up at the news. "Want to?" She asked seductively, running her hand up his arm.
"You know it," he said, pulling her close and kissing her hard.
"Where at?" She asked, once the kiss broke.
"Can we go to your dorm?" He asked.
"Umm yeah, Kristen is spending the night at her boyfriend's dorm," she said. Harry assumed Kristen was her roomate. He nodded, excited that he would once again be fucking Cho Chang. He followed her into her dorm, and closed the door.
This night would be amazing.
__________________________________________________ _

Hermione was still in the closet.
And horny as hell.
This was Draco's chance to get her. He couldn't finally have the girl that was always too hard to get.

Minutes passed by and Draco listened to Hermione finish putting her clothes back on in the closet. He heard her sigh, clearly still craving more cock.

She finally emerged from the closet, still hot and bothered.
Draco took that as his opportunity to step out from behind the curtains.
She gasped in surprise as he popped out.
"DRACO!" She whispered. "Um ummm...what are you doing here?" She tried to act casual.
"Heard you and Potter having some fun in there," Draco smirked. She turned bright red.
"You heard us?" She blushed, looking down to the stone floor.
"I also heard Ron isn't doing his job as a boyfriend," Draco continued. "He should've started fucking you months ago."
"I know!" She exclaimed, surprised by how loud she was. "I mean, I've been dating him for almost 8 months now. And the best I've gotten is him sucking my boobs."
Draco chuckled.
"You need a real man to hold you over until Ron is ready for sex," he led on. "A real man to appreciate how fucking hot you are. How sexy and smart you are. To want you every minute of every hour."
Hermione felt her heart flutter. That was exactly what she wanted. Draco seemed to understand exactly what Ron didn't.

"Yeah I guess," she mumbled nervously.
"I know we've had our differences in the past, Hermione," Draco began. "But I'm willing to move past that if you are. I'm willing to give you the best night of your life." He made his move, he leaned in and kissed her roughly but passionately on the lips. His tongue instantly darted into her mouth which she welcomed. After several moments, he pulled away. She gasped as he let go of her. "What do you say, Hermione?"
He knew she had loved that kiss. It always got girls to go crazy.
She said nothing, but leaned up and kissed him again. He pulled her into him, his hands on her ass, feeling and squeezing them until she moaned into his mouth.
"Yes Draco. Oh god, that was the best kiss I've ever had," she admitted, blushing more.
"Let's go find a place," Draco said, pulling her along, his arm never leaving her waist.

Hermione led him to the room that morphs into whatever you want (AUTHORS NOTE: See book #5, where they gathered Dumbledoor's Army).

When they opened the door, a huge bed was before them, with plenty of sex toys scattered around the room. Draco locked the door right away.
Hermione was nervous. Draco was extremely experienced. She knew that she was going to be in for a wild night.

The room was almost pitch black except for a few candles spread around. It was extremely romantic, everything she had ever wanted.
Draco began kissing her again, pulling off her Hogwarts robe to reveal Hermione in nothing but a dark purple silk teddy, fishnet stockings and black leather boots. She looked amazingly hot.

"God Damn, Hermione. Is Ron gay or something? What man wouldn't want to touch this?" He asked as he reached under her teddy to learn she had no underwear on. "You're such a naughty girl, Hermione. I never expected this out of you."

With that, he sat down with her on the huge bed, pulling off the purple teddy. He was in awe as he watched her marvelous tits bounce out, her nipples hard from the draft. "You like?" She asked, as she signaled for him to look down.
A shaved pussy. She was the hottest piece of ass he had ever seen.
"I want to suck you off, Draco." She said. "Ron has never let me do it to him. Harry has let me do it 4 times. He said I was good, but he was probably just being nice," she said. Draco had no problem with her sucking him off. He already had a raging erection from his fantasy girl naked before him. She climbed off the bed and got down on her knees. In one fast gulp she took him into her mouth, deep throating him at the beginning. Draco nearly cummed right then and there.

"Ohhh Hermione, you are such a pro. Ron doesn't know what he's missing. You're such a fucking great sucker," Draco moaned and thrust himself deeper into her mouth. Her saliva drenched his cock in her mouth, and felt even better as she slurped and nibbled on him. He grabbed her hair and began pounding his rod into her mouth. She met him with every thrust, him going furhter and further down her throat without her slightly gagging. "Ugh OH FUCK HERMIONE! You're so goddamn good. That's right, suck it. It's your lolipop, baby. Just keep sucking until you get to the creamy middle," he urged on, amazed at how good she was.

He didn't even have a chance to warn her. He just exploded in her mouth when she moaned onto his cock. He couldn't keep control of himself anymore. The amount of cum filled up her throat and leaked out her mouth, dripping down to her tits.

"That was so amazing, Hermione. You're the best girl who's ever sucked my cock," he admitted, still stunned at her skill. She was busy licking up the cum, but smiled when he said this.

When she was finished, she stood up.
"Want me to take off my stockings and boots?" She asked, realizing that she still had them on.
"Are you kidding? No way. You look even hotter in them. Now lay down so I can give you the fucking of a lifetime," he said, and she eagerly complied.

Draco reached down to the floor and picked up a dildo that was slightly smaller than his own cock. He saw that it had a vibrate option and grinned. That would get her all fired up.

But first, he wanted to do something else first. He picked up some scarves that were on the floor. "I'm gonna tie you up, Hermione. Trust me, it's the hottest thing in the world," he explained and grabbed one of her wrists, and tied it to the bedpost. He did the same to the other wrist. He then did the same to her ankles so that she was spreadeagle in front of him, somewhat like an 'X'.

"Oh God Draco, this feels so good," she purred as she felt herself bound up. "I feel like your prisoner. It makes me so hot." She moaned and felt juices soak up her pussy.

Draco started at her mouth, kissing her while squeezing her breasts so hard. She was moaning now as he kneaded her breasts, then stuck one into his mouth, bitting gently on the nipple, just to make her moan. She let out a deep moan and urged him to continue. He licked down her tight stomach til he got to her pussy. He stuck one, two, three, and then four fingers into her tight snatch. He thrust them in and out of her until she was bucking against them in ecstacy. He then pulled out, right before her climax and she was in despair. Right where he wanted her.

He shoved his own erect cock into her. Ten and a half inches of pure Draco. She moaned and trembled against the enormous cock inside her, screaming in delight. He then took the dildo, lubed it up from some of her pussy juice, and began to insert it into her ass. Hermione started shrieking in pain and pleasure as she felt the dildo going up her ass. She could barely take notice to it as Draco was fucking her so hard. Once the dildo was good and up her ass, he turned it on vibrate high.

She let out a loud scream and moaned for what seemed like hours. Draco kept fucking her. He couldn't believe how tight she was.

"OH MY GOD DRACO! Fuck me fuck me harder. You're so big. You feel so good. Ugh ahhh UGH UGH AHHHHHHH!" She screamed as he increased his pace. She couldn't breathe she was in so much pleasure, and a tiny bit of pain from being so stretched. "Harder Draco, please. Fuck me till I collapse."

Draco happily obliged, shoving his throbbing cock into her over and over again. He was so happy to finally be pounding the pussy he's always dreamed about. So much better than Pansy. Hermione's cunt was so tight and milked his huge member so well. Her pussy walls were clinging to the massive cock, allowing him to feel every groove of her. Her moans were getting louder now, and he could tell she was going to orgasm. He wanted to get her to orgasm 3 times before he cummed. That would guarentee future fuck sessions from this goddess.

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" She cried and her juices soaked his cock. Draco nearly blew a load right there. But he kept it in. It would be worth it. He kept pounding her, watching her boobs jiggle from the intense fucking. "Oh Draco, Draco. You're so amazing. You're so big." He slammed into her extremely hard again which got a new high pitched squeal from his whore.

Moments of more pounding, she orgasmed again.
Second time.
Draco was desperate to cum, but vowed not to until she did it a third time. He felt the cum begging to burst in his balls, but he wouldn't let it. Not until she climaxed one more time.

"UGH UGH DRACO OH GOD! How are you still going? You're so fucking amazing. That's right, keep going. Fuck me nice and hard. I'm all yours," she cried out in pleasure. Draco complied, continued pounding her swollen pussy. Draco looked down to admire the sight when he realized that the cock in her ass was slipping out.
Without warning he shoved it back in at full length, making her scream loudly and orgasm a third time.

Seconds later, Draco exploded into her pussy. Gallons of cum poured into her, her shaking in euphoria as she felt it coat her insides.
He pulled out of her with a plop, and collapsed on top of her. They were both gasping for air. She still had the dildo in her ass, which was still getting her hot despite the intense fucking she had just had.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Draco!" She sighed happily as he freed her from her bounds. She kicked the scarves off the bed, and then pulled the vibrating dildo out of her ass with a loud moan. "You were amazing, Draco," she said quietly once she caught her breath.

"You were the best fuck I've ever had," Draco breathed, kissing her again.
"Same," she confessed, rubbing her hands up and down his chest, feeling every muscle. "You were so good. I don't think I'm gonna be able to walk for days after that fucking haha. My pussy is so sore."

She noticed he was hard again, and began stroking him gently. "Want some more?" She teased, without waiting for an answer. She climbed on top of him and sat on his cock. She screamed as he went all the way in. Her pussy was already so sore from before but she wanted him again so badly. After she adjusted, she began riding him. She groaned every time she thrust into him. He bucked back, getting his cock further and furhter into her cunt. She was in bliss, rocking up and down on the hugest cock she had ever had.

Draco was beyond thought. He watched, in a trance, as she bounced on him. She was still wearing only her boots and fishnet stockings. Her tits were bobbing with every thrust and when she lifted her head back til she was looking at the cieling. She closed her eyes and kept riding her stallion. The pleasure was unbelievable. She was fucking the hottest boy in school, with the biggest cock she had ever had, and she loved every minute of it.

Finally she climaxed again and he did too shortly afterwards. She stayed on top of him as she collapsed from exhaustion. She didn't let the cock leave her pussy. She loved the feeling of having it in her.
"Oh God Draco, I wish I could have your cock in me all the time. I wish you never had to take it out. It feels so good. I feel so complete with it in me," she said, not releasing his cock from her twat.

"I wish I could be in you all the time too, Hermione. You have the best pussy I've ever fucked. So tight and so hot. You're a goddess," he said as he ran his hands along her thighs and squeezed her ass gently.

"Will you fuck me again?" She asked hopefully.
"Anytime, anywhere."
She kissed him again, her hands running through his hair. His hands remained planted on her ass.
They spent the rest of the night together, fucking in all differnent sorts of posistions...
__________________________________________________ __

Ron took another shot of Firewhiskey.
Hermione was supposed to come to his room that night. He wanted to fuck her. He knew she wanted it, and he was finally ready to give it to her.
The clock read 2 a.m.
She wasn't coming.

But suddenly he heard the Gryffindor common room door open and close. Eagerly, he rushed downstairs hoping it was Hermione. It wasn't.
"Ginny? What are you doing up?" Ron asked as he saw his baby sister come into the common room.
"Harry stood me up. I have no idea where he is. Him and I were supposed to spend all night together," she sounded so disappointed.
She sat down on the couch, next to the crackling fire. The dancing flame outlined his sister's amazing figure. He felt himself go hard at the sight of her.

STOP IT! She's your sister. Jesus Christ Ron, keep yourself together. She's your sister. It's incest. Don't think about it.
Ron couldn't control his cock. It continued to grow, creating quite a buldge. Thankfully Ginny didn't see, she buried her face into her hands and began to cry.
"Why did he ditch me, Ron? Am I not attractive? Where could he possibly be? I looked everywhere." She sobbed, feeling heartbroken.
Ron sat down next to his sister on the sofa.

"Oh Ginny, I'm sure he didn't mean to stand you up. He probably got called to the Order of the Pheonix again. You know how much he has to be there these days," Ron comforted her. She stopped crying.

"You think so?" she asked between sniffles. Her eyes were still watery, making her look so innocent. His erection grew.

"Ginny, you're gorgeous. You're funny, sexy, smart...Harry would be stupid to pass a girl like you up," he continued his pep talk.

"Thanks Ron," she said, drying her eyes. "You're so good to me. I don't know what I'd do without you." She kissed him on the cheek.
She kissed him once on the right cheek, then again on the left cheek and finally landed one right on his lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, just his instincts kicking in. She suddenly pulled off.

"I'm sorry Ron, I didn't mean to kiss you on the lips. You were just so nice to me," she said, turning red. He leaned in and kissed her again, his cock doing his thinking for him. His hand was on her knee, then on her thigh, she let out a tiny moan as he reached her pussy.

"Wait, Ron. We're brother and sister. This...isn't right," she breathed.
"We both wanted sex tonight Gin. Harry bailed on you, Hermione bailed on me. We both deserve it. Who cares if it's wrong or right?" He said, as he continued playing with her thong.

She moaned again and then said "Oh, you're right. I want you in me Ron. You've always been the nicest older brother I've ever had," she agreed.

She had been forced to fuck Fred and George before. And she had loved it. Maybe Ron would be just as good. Plus, Ron had been so sweet to her.

"I want you Ron. I want you so badlyyy," she admitted, kissing him passionately. "Let's go to my dorm. Just in case Harry comes home, it wouldn't be good if he walked in on us, since you guys share a room."

Ginny led him up to her girls dorm, stopping to kiss him along the way. She opened the door to her room, her roomate was gone, probably fucking her boyfriend. She pulled Ron in quickly, locked the door and silenced her bedroom so they could scream as much as needed.

"God, Gin, I've wanted to fuck you ever since you started getting those huge tits of yours," he said as he squeezed them. "I knew you'd grow up to be hot. You're so fucking beautiful." He pulled off her Hogwarts cloak and saw that she was in nothing but green langerie. "It was for Harry," she explained. "But I want you to have me in this. You deserve it more than him. You were there for me when I needed someone."

He pulled off his own shirt as they continued kissing. He couldn't believe he was making out with his sister. He was gonna lose it to his own sister. He had wanted to wait for Hermione that night, but she was gone too. Maybe fell asleep in the library or something.

She pushed him onto her bed gently and got on top of him.
"Umm hey Gin, I've never done it before," he told her, before they got too far.
"Oh...really? I thought you and Hermione had been fucking for months now," Ginny said as she unbuckled his jeans.
"I wanted to fuck her tonight but she's missing too. Dunno where she is," he explained. "I want you though. You are someone I can be comfortable with, no matter what."
"I'll make it good for you, older bro. Trust me. I'll have you moaning like Harry does," she teased him as she pulled off his jeans and whipped off his boxers. His cock was standing straight up, so erect from his sister's dirty talk.
"Looks like nearly 9 inches. Not bad. Bigger than Harry's by a little. Should be good," she mumbled aloud. "Enjoy this, Ron. It's gonna feel amazing. Promise."

And with that, she slammed her pussy down onto his cock. Both of them screaming with pleasure. She rod her older brother harder and harder, Ron finally figuring out that he was supposed to thrust too when she landed all the way down. "UhHHHHHHhh GIN!" He cried as she fucked him with full rigor. "You're so tight. This feels so amazing!"

"That's right. Fuck your little sister. Fuck her hard. Be a big older brother and ram your cock into me harder and harder," she moaned out and kept riding. Ron felt himself about to cum. She was so hot and juicy, the tighest thing he could imagine.

To Ginny's surprise, he flipped her over suddenly. He had her on her hands and knees, fucking her doggy style. The bed was shaking like mad, the headboard rocking against the wall. Every thrust Ron got deeper and deeper into his baby sister's cunt. He saw her tits jiggle in the green laungerie. Rocking into his sister like that was the hottest thing he had ever experienced. She was flawless, fucking him smooth and rigorously back against his cock.

"FUCK ME HARDER OLDER BROTHER! POUND YOUR SISTER'S CUNT!" She shrieked as he increased tempo.
Ginny was amazed at how well he was holding up, it being his first time and all. She climaxed as she felt his cock go deeper into her. Ron felt the juices flood in her pussy and got him even more excited.

"Take this cock Gin. You naughty girl, let your older brother fuck you nice and hard," he teased, slapping her on the ass. She screamed in pleasure as it trickled through her body.

"Cum in me. Cum in your little sister. I want your cum all the way in my pussy, Ron. Fill me up," Ginny begged and Ron exploded at her words. The amount of cum filled her up to the brim. "YES YES YES YES!" Ginny screamed as she felt his cream fill her. "I love cum in my pussy. I love you Ron."

The cum poured out of her as he pulled out with a slurpy poping noise. Ginny flopped onto her bed, cum spurting out of her full pussy. She began to scoop up his cum and suck on it. Ron laid down next to her, amazed at how good sex had felt.

"I never realized what I was missing out on," he said in a daze. "Sex is amazing. Best feeling in the world." He kissed her roughly, tasting his cum in her mouth but not caring.

Ron fucked his little sister for the rest of the night. Most of the time it was in doggy style posistion, because Ginny liked that the best. She was constantly bent over her bed with Ron shoving his cock into her different holes.

Ron and Ginny drank up nearly all of his Firewhiskey, getting more horny with every shot. They started getting more erotic with their fucking. He stuck a water bottle into her pussy, and watched fascinated as it grasped tightly around the bottle. He pounded the bottle in and out of her, causing her to scream every time he pushed the bottle in. She loved it. After the bottle, he moved up to an umbrella, then he got a great idea.

"Do you have your Quidditch stuff in here?" Ron asked, drunk and stumbling around her room.
"Yeah, there's a chest in my closet with all my stuff. Why?" She asked. He didn't answer but opened the chest. Bingo. He found what he was looking for.

"Spread your legs Ginny. This is gonna feel amazing," he said and she complied. She felt him stick a cool ball into her pussy. She purred at the touch of cold metal into her hot twat.

When he released the ball and began to withdraw his hand from her pussy, the ball started vibrating intensley in her. She cried out in shock and bliss.
"Oh god Ron," she panted, "what did you put in me?"
"A golden snitch. I turned it on. How do you like it?" He smirked.
Before Ginny could reply, she let out a huge gasp and moan. "It just went really really deep into me," she panted. "Oh! OH OH OH! AHHH! OH FUCK! OH YES YES YES YES!"
Ron watched, amazed as Ginny thrusted and squirmed on her bed. This was the best toy she had ever played with. It was constantly moving up and down her pussy, trying to get out. It went further than any cock could. It rebounded off all the ares of her pussy. Moments later, she climaxed, screaming at the top of her lungs. The golden snitch slid out in her juices when she climaxed. She was breathing so heavy and rolling her head back into the pillow as she cherished her orgasm.

"That was amazing Ron. You're so smart. I'm so glad I fucked you tonight," she sighed dreamily, and cuddled with him. She fell fast asleep to the feeling of him sucking on her tits...

Cho's eyes fluttered open as she sat up in bed. She was so sore again, and she could smell the aroma of sex in her bed. Her legs were tangled in the silky white sheets, her tan complexion looking even more radiant.

She looked over and saw Harry next to her. His black bangs flowed across his forehead in a disshelved yet attractive way. His torso was exposed; his fine toned muscles and smooth abs. His trophy for all the Quidditch practice he endured.

She rolled on top of him in bed, kissed him gently on the lips. His eyes flashed open and he smiled and kissed her back. "Good morning beautiful," he whispered when the kiss broke.

She smiled, but felt a pang of guilt in her. Poor Ginny. Her boyfriend was off sleeping with another girl behind Gin's back.
Cho rolled off Harry and sat up.
"What's wrong babe?" He asked, his hand traveling to her thigh. She got up from the bed, and slid on her thong. She quickly pulled her bra back on and quickly threw on her red kimono robe.

"Harry listen...these past two nights with you have been really great. I love you so much, and every moment I spend with you I feel so alive and perfect. But you can't keep doing this to Ginny. I can't keep doing this to Ginny. She's one of my friends...and look at me, I'm here behind her back sleeping with her guy. I'm such a horrible person!" Cho cried, her eyes watering up.

"Shh don't cry Cho. You're not a horrible person. It takes two people to do what we did. It's as much my fault as it is yours. Damn...I hate having to choose between you in Ginny. I love you both so much," Harry explained as he sat up in bed. Cho looked away as he pulled the sheets off and pulled on his boxers.

"Harry, go to her. You have to be faithful to her. She's your girlfriend...You owe her that much," Cho reasoned, sitting down at the end of the bed. "God, I hate giving you up Harry. I care about you so much. But we can't keep doing this. It isn't right. Please, just leave. Go find Ginny and fix things with her. I'm not going to be the person that stands in the way of your relationship."

A few tears escaped her eyes which she quickly brushed away, not wanting Harry to feel sympathetic.

Harry pulled on his jeans and Quidditch shirt. "Yeah I know. I will go find Gin and fix things with her. At least I'll try to. But Cho, oh god, I can't imagine never sleeping with you again. You're so amazing at everything."

"Maybe one day we can again. But not now. Not when you're dating Ginny. It's not right. Let's just forget it happened and move on with our lives," Cho insisted and got up. She walked over to the door and opened it.

Harry headed to the door reluctantly. Right as he got there, he locked eyes with her. Her chocolate eyes looked even more lucious than usual. Her gave her a long passionate kiss goodbye and left to go find Ginny.
__________________________________________________ _____

Sunlight pounded onto Ron's head.
He groggily woke up, his head throbbing. His eyes darted to the floor where he saw an entire handle of Firewhiskey completely empty. He looked at the collect of used shotglasses that were littered around it.
What the fuck happened last night?

He heard a little sigh next to him in bed.
He slowly turned over.
Next to him, naked, was his baby sister.
Her fire red hair was askew but in a sexy way. He watched momentarily as her chest rose and fell with every inhale and exhale. He could see the outline of her tits underneath the sheets.
I fucked my little sister last night...How drunk was I?!
Ginny, as if sensing him watching her, suddenly woke up. She basically had the same reaction as he did. Her eyes discovered the empty bottle on the ground, the shotglasses, and her head was pounding from the massive hangover.

"Ginny...what did we do last night?" Ron asked, hoping that maybe it wasn't how it looked.
"Oh god...we had sex! OH MY GOD!" Ginny shrieked, covering herself up. "How did this happen?"
"I can't remember. But I do recall loving every minute of it," Ron admitted, blushing.
Ginny blinked a little bit, and then suddenly her eyes lit up. "Oh my god, yes I remember how much I enjoyed it too. God especially when you put that golden snitch in my pussy. Oh Ron that was so amazing. I have never orgasmed before so many times in my life."

Ron quickly kissed her on the lips. He pulled away, waiting for her reaction. She lunged onto him, kissing him deeper and more passionately than Ron did.
She climbed on top of Ron, kissing him and running her hands along his chest. She felt his erection poking at her pussy. She purred as she let it slip in.
Ron forgot his morals. He forgot that this was his baby sister who was riding his cock. All he knew was that he wanted it. He wanted it so badly.
She was quickly bouncing up and down on his shaft, moaning with every thrust.
"Oh yes Ron. YES RON!" She cried as he began to thrust under her, pushing his thick cock up further into her tight cunt. "That's right Ron. Fuck your little sister. Oh YEAH!"

The door flew open.
Fred and George, smirking yet again.
"Well isn't this just wonderful? The entire Weasley family has commited incest now," George chuckled as he closed the door.
Ginny immediatly stopped bouncing on Ron's cock and froze.
"What do you mean the entire family?" Ron asked. "Who have you fucked in our family? Don't tell me you fucked Mum!"
"No no no, she's too old," Fred laughed. "We fucked the same cunt that you're fucking right now."
"You had sex with Fred and George?!" Ron asked Ginny in shock.
"I had to! They blackmailed me when they caught me and Harry fucking," Ginny explained as she tried to lift herself off Ron's cock, but he held her down on him.

"May we join you? Fred, you can have her ass. That's the tightest hole on her. I got it last time. I'm gonna take that sweet little mouth of hers," George plotted.

Ginny's eyes widened in fear.
Three guys in her at the same time?
She wasn't ready for this...

Fred and George quickly stripped and joined Ron and Ginny in bed.

"You're gonna be real sore real soon, baby sis," George warned her with an evil look in his eye...
__________________________________________________ ____

Draco woke up quickly from his dream. The first thing he noticed was Hermione naked next to him. Her tits were exposed but the rest of her was covered in his black silk sheets. Her nipples were hard, probably from the cold draft of the castle.
Her hair gently flowed across the pillow. It was soft and shiny, just how Draco liked. He leaned over to his goddess and gently kissed her. She purred, but remained asleep.

He kissed down her neck til he took a tit in his mouth and sucked. His tongue danced over the hard nipple. She shuddered and subconciously opened her legs. Draco knew heat was building inside her.
He kissed and licked down her tight tummy all the way til he got to her smooth shaved pussy.
He stuck a finger inside her, sliding it up as far as it could go. She cried out and woke up as he added a second finger.
"Mmmm Draco," she exclaimed as he added a third finger. He kissed her roughly on the lips. "I want you Draco," she breathed when he broke the kiss.
Draco smirked and posistioned himself on top of her. He fucked her gently at first, since she had just woken up and HAD to be sore from last night.

She was moaning and purring loudly as he continued to fuck her. She begged for him to go faster, to pound her harder, and he was more than happy to do so.

His massive cock dipped deeply into her every time, making her tremble with ecstacy. It wasn't long before he cummed in her hole, drenching her insides with his seed. She squealed as she felt the cum fill her up and leaned up to kiss him.

"I want to fuck you every day Draco. I want your cock in me every night. You make me feel so good," she confessed.
He kissed her and said "Baby, you can have this cock whenever you want it." With that, he flipped her over so she was laying stomach down on the bed with her ass in the air. Draco got on his knees and posistioned his cock at the entrance of her ass.

He shoved in hard and without mercy. She screamed at first, much like she did with the dildo he had shoved up her ass last night. She began to sob at its huge size, much larger than the dildo had been. The pain was excruciating. She felt like she was being pulled apart from the inside. She cried as he began to shove in and out of her. Her sobs quickly turned to moans as she adjusted to the huge cock in her ass.

"Oh yes!" She found herself begging for more. It was really getting her horny, having him fuck her in the ass. She felt the heat between her legs once again. Moments later she orgasmed. Her juices poured out of her pussy and dripped down her legs, making her whole body look shiny and juicy.

Draco pounded into her ass, grunting as he stretched her tight ass. It felt so hot and wet that he could barely contain himself. Her ass was grasping onto his cock, almost squeezing it with every thrust. He burst inside her ass, filling that hole up too with his creamy cum.

Hermione was still moaning when he flipped her over again. She loved how he was rough with her, but not too rough. It was just enough to turn her on and make her want more.

"Only one hole to go, baby," he smirked. She smiled and sat up. Draco laid down, his throbbing shaft standing straight up. She saw the vein pulsing on the lower end of his cock. It looked so big and so thick. She got wet at the thought of him in her mouth. She seductively climbed on top of him and lowered her mouth down to his ballsack.

She took one of his balls into her mouth, drenching it with her saliva and gently tugging on it just to get him excited. She felt him shudder as she licked the ball and then switched to the other one. "Ohhh yes Hermione. No other girl has ever done that before. It feels so good!" Draco urged as she took the other ball into her mouth and tugged ever so sweetly.

Once she was finished with the foreplay, she licked up his shaft slowly. She felt the pulsing vein with her tongue, paid special attention to it. He moaned with her every lick. Hermione was an expert at giving BJs.

She took the whole end of his tip into her mouth, slipping her tongue in between his navel. He gasped as she ran her tongue over the crown of his cock. She slowly inched down on his cock, taking more and more into her awaiting mouth. Draco felt the heat building in his cock but desperatly wanted to hold on. She was nowhere near finished.

In a frenzy of pleasure, he grabbed the sides of her head and quickly pushed Hermione's mouth down further on his cock. She was prepared for this and quickly swallowed all of it. Her breathing increased as she sucked down another two inches. She now had eight inches in her mouth and she was ready for more.

Finally she took him all the way down, all of it in her mouth, deep throating him. She swirled her tongue along the top of his cock and let her teeth gently scrape the shaft. He bucked his hips against her tender mouth and instantly cummed down her throat. She slurped it all up like a pro.
Not a single drop fell out.
It took her awhile to swallow the amount of cum he released, but once she did, she licked her lips and kissed him.
"So, hows it feel to have cum in all your holes, baby?" He asked as he gently nipped her neck.
"Amazing." She sighed dreamily. "We are sooo doing this again."
__________________________________________________ ____

Harry hurried in his dorm room. He took a shower and changed clothes to erase any sex smell that may have lingered on him from his time with Cho.
He headed down to the common room, ready to begin looking for Ginny.
When he got down there he saw Luna Lovegood reading a magazine. She was reclined on one of the sofas. Her skirt barely reached the top of her thigh, exposing a lot of her toned legs. A few more inches and he would've been able to see her pussy.
Luna had also developed some admirable breasts. She was only two years younger than him after all. And heck, she looked pretty good.

Ever since she had gotten rid of her horrid glasses and actually learned how to use eyeliner, Luna had become one of the most desired Gryffindor catches.
"Hey Luna, have you seen Ginny?" He asked casually, trying not to stare at her amazing body.
"Umm I think she's in her room. You could look there," Luna figured, shifting a bit on the sofa. She revealed her thong accidentally, and Harry had no intention on telling her that she was exposing herself to him.
She had a dark pink thong on, clearly one from Victoria's Secret.

Harry wanted so bad to just go over to her and pull off her thong and fuck her but he shook the thought out of his head.
He had to find Ginny.
He coughed to try to break the sexual tension, "Um thanks. I'll see ya later Luna," Harry said and dashed off to the girls dorm wing.
Luna smiled to herself, aware that Harry had been drooling over her.

Harry headed up to her room and quietly knocked on her door and opened it.
His jaw dropped.
His girlfriend...was being fucked by 3 guys.
And all of them were her brothers!

Ginny was spread wide open with Ron fucking her pussy, Fred slamming into her ass, and George thrusting himself into her mouth.
He had to admit it looked sooo hot seeing her spread like that...but still!

"GINNY what the fuck are you doing?!" Harry yelled and slammed the door.
Ginny gasped. Ron pulled out of her pussy, Fred and George both quickly withdrew too.
"You left me last night Harry. I got drunk...I did some stupid shit with Ron. You couldn't expect me to wait for you when you most likely were off fucking another girl," Ginny defended herself.
This hit Harry hard.
"I wasn't fucking another girl," he lied. "I had to go to an emergency meeting at Order of Pheonix headquarters. God Ginny you are such a slut. Three guys? All of them are your brothers!"

Harry turned to Ron. "And Hermione was looking for you last night Ron! And here you are, fucking your little sister?" Harry yelled, unaware of where Hermione had gone after he had left her.

"Hermione never came last night. She was out all night, and I doubt she's back now. God knows what she's doing..." Ron explained as he covered himself up.
"You won't put out for Hermione, but you will for your sister?" He shot back. "That's sick!"
"Last night was the first time I ever did it with anyone. Ginny was there for me. I was drunk and she got pretty liquored up too. And we had an amazing time. Why is it so weird? She's fucked George and Fred before. You knew about that and you didn't care!" Ron argued.

"This is different. Ginny, we're over. God you are such a fucking slut. I should have never trusted you," Harry yelled.
Ginny said nothing but pulled on her robe.
Harry looked at them all in disgust and turned to leave. Ginny hopped out of bed and ran after him.
"Please Harry, I'm sorry. I just...I don't know. I was drunk and sad and Ron made me feel better."
"And Fred and George? Did they make you feel better too?" Harry spat bitterly.
Ginny said nothing but sobbed.
"Please Harry let me explain-" she began and tugged on his arm to stop him from leaving.
He looked at her with such rage in his eyes.
"THREE GUYS GINNY? How can you possibly explain that in a way that doesn't make you a complete and total cum guzzling whore?" Harry said and slapped her across the face. She fell to the ground in tears. "I'm done with you Ginny. You can go back to your men. Have fun with them."

Ron, Fred, and George watched in total silence as Harry stormed out of the room. Ginny was sobbing and shaking on the floor. After a few minutes of total silence, she got up, dried her tears and locked the door. She walked back over to the bed and dropped her robe.

"Gin...don't you want to fix things with Harry?" Fred asked as he watched his little sister climb back into bed with them.
"He said he's done with me. I'm not going to try to make up for what I did. I don't regret what I've done. And I plan to do it again. He's right. I am a whore. I love cocks in me. I don't care who's or how many. I love fucking. And if he can't handle that, then he doesn't deseve me." Ginny said, cracking a smile.

The boys' faces lit up.
"Now fuck me, all of you. Fuck me hard." She said and spread herself for them yet again.
And they did.
__________________________________________________ ___

Cho was quietly crying in her room. She was laying on her bed, trying to remember the amazing night she had with Harry. She wanted him so badly.
There was a knock at her door. She dried her eyes, though they still remained watery, and headed to the door in nothing but her red kimono robe.
She opened it slowly.
"Harry? What are you doing here?" Cho asked in surprise as the man of her dreams entered her room.
All he did was shove her against the wall and kiss her deeply.
"We can't Harry. I won't. I refuse to hurt Ginny like this again," Cho asserted as she pushed him off her.
"I went to Ginny like you told me, Cho," Harry explained. "She was fucking three guys. All of them her brothers!"
Cho's face turned to shock.
"There's nothing standing in the way of us. I broke up with her. I'm done with that slut. I only want you, Cho." He finished, kissing her again. This time she submit herself completely to him. She closed and locked the door quickly.
Harry was aggressive with her, not like he usually was. She realized this probably because he was so furious at Ginny still.

He pushed her roughly onto the bed. His fierce moves got her excited. He tore off her robe in a swift motion. Her tits popped out and she moaned as he took one into his mouth.

"Ohhh. Please fuck me Harry," she begged as he sucked on her tit.
"Believe me, I will."
He hastily pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. She was rubbing her pussy, getting her juices flowing as she waited for him to undress.

Cho felt something at her pussy and she groaned with delight as she felt it entire. She looked down to see what Harry was sticking in her and squealed when she saw it was her broomstick.

"Oh god Harry!" She cried as he continued to push more and more of the broom into her. She felt it touch every corner of her pussy. The broom slid in with ease and her pussy milked the edges of the stick. She was crying out in delight as he pulled it almost all the way out and roughly slammed it into her again.
"YES HARRY YES YES YES!" She screamed as he kept thrusting the broomstick into her. It only took seconds for her to orgasm and collapse from the momentous pleasure.

He pulled it out slowly, letting her enjoy the feeling of it brushing against her entrance and went down on her. He licked up all the juice leaking out of her.

"Ready to be fucked, Cho?" Harry asked.
She nodded, craving his cock.
And Harry was happy to give it to her...

Hermione kissed Draco passionately goodbye.
"Do you have to go, Hermione?" Draco asked sadly.
"Yes...Ron will want to know where I've been. I'm gonna tell him I accidentally fell asleep at the library. Haha, it's happened before," she said as she clipped her bra on. She slipped back into her thong and slung her skirt around her tiny waist.

"But I don't want you to leave. I want to fuck you again," Draco whined.
"I told you Draco, I have to go soon," she insisted as she buttoned up her Hogwarts blouse.
"Will you come back tonight?" He asked excited.
"Doubt it. Ron will probably want to be with me tonight. He said he wanted to tell me something last night but I never showed up," she said slipping into her pumps.

"Dammit, then when will I see you again? When can I fuck you again?" Draco asked, frustrated that his goddess would be temporarily absent from his life.
"Soon, I promise." She got back onto the bed and gave him another long kiss goodbye.
The kiss soon broke and she climbed off the bed, but not before he gave her ass a nice hard squeeze.
She headed to the door, opened it, gave him one last sad glance, and left.

Hermione bounded down the empty Hogwarts halls, hurrying to the Prefect Bathroom to clean herself up.
She opened the door and saw no one in the bathroom. She locked the door behind her, poured the water and bubbles out, and stripped.
She gasped as she climbed into the steamy waters.
The warm water enveloped her sore body, making her feel much better. She closed her eyes and relaxed.
That's when she heard loud moaning.
Her eyes flashed open and looked in the direction of where the moaning was coming from.
She swam to the edge of the pool and looked at the locker room to the side.
Moaning Myrtle was there, naked and fucking another ghost!

"Oh my god..." Hermione whispered.
"YES PEEVES OH YES!" Myrtle moaned as Peeves the ghost pounded her.
Hermione got extremely hot at the sight of two ghosts having sex. It was perhaps the most errotic thing she had ever seen. She subconciously began to rub herself as she watched the two lovers go at it.

"Take it Myrtle. You like it hard, don't you, you little slut?" Peeves taunted her as he flipped her over and stuck it in her ass. Myrtle complied happily and continued moaning.

So THAT'S how she got her name...
Not wanting to disturb the couple, Hermione quickly slipped out of the pool and dressed quietly.
She scurried out of the room and headed back to Gryffindor.
__________________________________________________ __

Ron was reclining by the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room.
Ever since he had fucked Ginny, all he could think about was sex and how amazing it was.
Every girl he saw looked fuckable in some manner.

Luna Lovegood entered the Common Room, wearing a slutty short black skirt, purple leather boots and a violet tight fitting low cut blouse. She looked so hot, it was ridiculous.
Ron remembered when Luna had glasses and brasses and was flat as a board.
She had turned out quite nice in the end.
But she was such a tease.
She sat down in the couch opposite from Ron, leaned back and sighed dreamily. Ron had a perfect view up her skirt to see her black thong peeking out.
He almost got hard at the sight.
Luna smiled, glad to see she finally had this kind of effect on men. She had always wanted it.

"How are you doing today, Ron?" She asked sweetly.
"Pretty good I guess. Had a good night. Drank a lot," he laughed.
"Yeah I heard you. My room is right next to Ginny's and you guys werent exactly quiet last night..." she grinned, crossing her legs to expose almost all her thigh.

Ron gulped as her skirt inched more and more up. He tried not to stare. It was so hard.
"Oh uh," he turned bright red.
"Don't be embarrased. It got me so horny," she admitted, smiling at him.
"Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah that was hot, Ron. You fucking your sister. God its so taboo and totally a turn on," she continued. "Made me want some too, ya know?" She giggled.
Ron's hard on stiffened even more.
She looked down at his growing erection.
"Hmm looks like I got you a little excited," she smiled, pleased with herself.
Ron grinned nervously, "Yeah you kinda did."

The common room door swung open.
Ron quickly pulled a pillow over his raging erection.
"Hey Ron! Sorry I didn't get back last night. Fell asleep in the library again. I was catching up on Magic for Muggles Volume XII. Lost track of time. Sorry baby," she straightup lied and sat down next to him.
"Oh its ok Hermione. I know you are such a little nerd," he teased her and kissed her.
"Hey Luna, love your boots!" Hermione greeted her as well.
Luna smiled her thanks and got up to leave. "I'm gonna go take a walk. I'll see you two lovebirds later."
She headed out of the room, the black mini skirt barely covering her firm ass.

Once they were alone, Hermione asked, "What did you want to talk to me about last night baby?"
"Oh um nothing," Ron said, looking away from her. He had wanted to tell her that he was ready to fuck her.
But then he fucked Ginny...
And that kind of messed up his plans.
"No, tell me!" She begged.
"I wanted to have sex with you last night Hermione," Ron finally said.
Hermione's heart sank. "You what...I thought you weren't ready for it."
"I had been thinking about it for a while and last night was gonna be the big night," Ron said, disappointed.
Hermione straddled him and kissed him deeply. "Let's make tonight the night, then, Ron," she whispered seductively in his ear.
His erection poked through the pillow. Hermione felt it on her ass.
"Or maybe right now?" She giggled as she pulled off his pillow. "Wow, you're really hard Ron."
"You get me so hard sometimes Hermione," he said.
She beamed, grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to her dorm...
__________________________________________________ ______

Harry emptied his seed deep inside Cho.
She was panting and moaning from the intense fucking.
"God Harry it gets better every time," she sighed as he climbed off her.
The cum poured out of her and formed a sticky puddle around the both of them.
"I know, Cho. It's weird but it feels like you get tighter and tighter every time I fuck you. Sooo wonderful."
She giggled happily as her breathing returned to normal.
"God I'm so happy with you Harry," Cho breathed and kissed his chest.
"Me too Cho. You're perfect," Harry said.
"Oh god! What time is it?!" She suddenly cried out.
"It's a quarter after four," Harry said.
"Oh NO! I have to meet my parents at The Three Broomsticks for dinner tonight. They want to discuss something with me. Wouldn't tell me what," Cho said.
She hopped out of bed, frantically pulled on a fresh white thong and matching white bra.
Harry watched her bounce around her room. She ran to her closet, pulled out a really elegant low cut satin blue silk dress.
"You look beautiful, Cho," Harry complimented when she zipped into the tight but sexy dress.
"Thanks. Gotta impress the parents. Meet me here tonight...9 o' clock?" She asked, slipping into silver high heels.
"Of course baby," Harry said.
She grinned, adding a silver locket as a finishing touch to her outfit.
She ran over to the bed and gave him a deep kiss. He reached and cupped her breast through her dress. She moaned but then pulled away.
"Not now. I gotta go. Wait til tonight, Harry. I love you," Cho called as she rushed out the door.
Harry chuckled to himself as she left.
He got dressed and headed out of her dorm.
The castle seemed to be empty as he found himself walking the halls alone.
He rounded a corner and saw Luna Lovegood looking out one of the windows.
"Hey Luna," Harry said.
His eyes traveled up and down her body. Luna was looking HOTTTT. Every curve was accented perfectly. His dick got rock hard.
"Oh hey Harry," she said, pretending she was more interested in looking out the window than talking to him.
"Whatcha thinking about?" He asked.
"You," she boldly said, taking Harry off guard.
"Wh-what?" Harry asked.
"Oh come on Harry. How could you not know? I've had the biggest crush on you all year. I've wanted you so badly," she told him, turning to face him.
Harry gulped nervously.
"I honestly had no idea!" He defended himself.
"Well now you know," she whispered, moving close to him. Her hand found his dick and she began to rub him. He moaned and got extremely hard.
She leaned up to his ear and whispered, "Do you want me Harry?"
His erection continued to grow. She sounded so sexy and she was so slutty, yes he wanted her! Of course he wanted her! Who wouldn't want a piece of her ass?
"Oh god yes," Harry gave in.
"You want to fuck me, Harry? You want to shove your cock in me and pound me till I collapse?" Her words got him even harder.
"Y-y-yesss," he moaned back as he felt cum building in him.
"You can have me, Harry. You can have all of me," she led him on, pulling him into an empty classroom.
He locked the door and shoved her rougly against the wall. He aggressively tore off her tight purple blouse and ripped off her black minsikirt.
She moaned as he yanked off her bra and freed her C sized breasts.
"You're beautiful, Luna. And you're such a teasing whore," he told her as he took one of her tits into his mouth.
"It was because I wanted to get your attention. I wanted you to notice me," she purred as he continued to suck.
"Trust me, I noticed."
She grinned and he kissed down her tight flat stomach til he got to her thong.
He pulled it off in seconds and stuck his tongue into her shaved pussy.
She squealed in delight. He was thrusting in and out of her wet hole, getting her more excited with every second.
He then suddenly got up, right as she was about to climax and threw her to the ground.
She realized what he wanted, and got on her hands and knees.
"I'm fucking you doggy style you little whore," Harry ordered, as he pulled off his jeans and freed his hard cock.
"Do what you want with me, Harry. I'm your slave," she cried, knowing exactly what to say to get him even hornier.
He slapped her across the ass, causing her to cry out and get her even wetter.
Then he suddenly slammed his cock into her ridiculously tight pussy. She screamed as he quickly inched into her without mercy.
Tears dotted her eyes as the massive cock continued to go deeper into her.
"Harry you're so big! I can barely fit you. You hurt so baddd," she cried out as he pulled out and slammed back in again. She screamed again.
"You wanted it, you slut. And you're gonna get it," Harry said with no sympathy.
This just got her even hotter as she began to thrust back against his massive cock.
It was beginning to feel amazing.
Her pussy was so tight, it was squeezing his cock over and over again. "God I've never fucked a whole so tight before. God damnnnn LUNA!" He cried out happily and continued to pound her.
"YES YES YES YES HARRY FUCK ME HARDER HARDER!" She panted as he kept going.
Her tits were hanging and jiggling uncontrolably with every movement. Harry reached around and squeezed them, causing her to moan.
"I'm gonna cum in your tight cunt, Luna." He warned her.
"Yes please do! I want all your cum in my pussy," she begged.
He exploded at her words and iced her pussy with layers of his cum.
She screamed as she filled up, her pants making her breathing stagger as she collapsed.
Harry fell on top of her, his cock softening up in her pussy.
He gently pulled out with a gooey pop noise, causing a river of cum to leak out of her.
"Get what you wanted?" He smirked as he looked at her exhausted body.
"Oh yes. Thank you Harry. That was amazing," she admitted as she rolled over to face him. "Let me give you a blowjob, pleaseeee?"
"Go for it," he said as he pulled her limp body on top of his.
One quick motion.
Entire cock in her mouth.
It was the fastest thing he had ever seen.
Most girls slowly inched down his cock.
But she just took it ALL down with one gulp.
All eight and a half inches of his rock hard cock down in one swallow.
She sucked and sucked on him, rolling her tongue on the head of his cock.
He was grunting as she licked rigorously on him.
Her tongue was wet and the texture felt amazing on his cock.
His cock got really hot and she knew he was about to cum. That's when she pulled her mouth off him.
Harry angrily groaned when she stopped sucking.
"I want you to cum all over me Harry. I want to be covered in it," she begged.
He stood up and leaned over her. She was laying on her back on the floor, hungrily waiting for cum to drench her.
He jerked on his cock a few more times and then suddenly he burst.
Cum squirted out, landing in her hair and tits.
It splashed onto her face, her lips, her arms....everything.
She was drenched but oh so pleased.
That's when she opened her mouth and he aimed the last few squirts right at her open mouth.
When he finished, she licked her lips lustfully.
She proceeded to rub the cum all over her body, the sticky cream making her body glisten.
Harry had to admit that she looked soooo hot covered in his cum.
He wondered if Cho would ever like to be drenched in his cum like Luna did.
But Luna was one dirty girl.
"God that was so good Luna. You are such a dirty little whore," he said as she finished licking up the extra cum.
She smiled sexily and got up.
"I know," she winked.
"I'm not done with you yet Yuna. One hole I haven't taken yet," Harry smirked.
"Then what are you waiting for?" She played along. "Take it."

Ginny sat sobbing by the fireplace of the Gryffindor Common Room.
She missed Harry more than she imagined.
Ron was busy fucking Hermione at the moment, and George and Fred were off spending the night in the Ravenclaw dorm with some drunk girls.

She sighed, staring blankly into the fireplace.
She missed Harry's perfect sized cock so badly. It was just the right size. She missed him holding her so close to him. Most of all, she missed the way he would pleasure her when he fucked her.

The door to the Common Room swung open and Ginny quickly dried her tears.
"Hey Ginny," a very flustered Luna said quickly. She seemed to rush to her dorm as fast as possible.
"Hey Luna," she said with a sniffle.
Luna stopped, now aware that Ginny was upset over something.
"What's wrong, Gin?" Luna asked, walking towards the sofa she was laying on.
Ginny noticed that Luna's blouse was unbuttoned at some parts and that her skirt was lopsidded.
Her hair was somewhat disshelved, but in a sexy way.
Ginny noticed that you could see down Luna's blouse, but tried not to stare.

"Nothing, I just hate boys. They don't care at all," Gin complained.
"Oh I know what you mean Ginny. That's why I love doing girls so much," she said casually, reclining on the sofa next to Ginny.
"You....what?!" Ginny cried in surprise.
"...I have sex with girls sometimes. It's amazing. So hot," Luna continued.
Ginny began to get aroused at the thought of her doing another girl.
"You haven't ever fucked another girl before, Gin?" Luna asked in surprise.
"Umm no I haven't. I always thought it would be gross. But now that I think about it, it's kinda hot," she admitted.
"God Ginny it is sooo hot. Girls are such great people to fuck," Luna rambled merrily.
Ginny felt the heat between her legs grow.
"You mean you kiss them and stuff? I can't imagine kissing a girl," Ginny pondered.
"It's not hard. Just kiss me," Luna said.
"What? Kiss you!?" Ginny shrieked.
"It's not a big deal. You'd be surprised how good it is," Luna encouraged.
"Ok fine I'll do it. But it's gonna be so weird!" Ginny agreed, and sat up.
Luna leaned toward her and Ginny's lips met hers.
Ginny was amazed at how soft Luna's lips were and how delicious they tasted.
Luna gently pushed her tongue into Ginny's mouth, who surprisingly accepted it without a problem.

Both of the girls were starting to get horny as they continued kissing. Luna reached up and cupped Ginny's breast.
She gasped in surprise but moaned as Luna began to knead her.
They broke the kiss and looked nervously at each other.
"What'd you think?" Luna asked first.
Ginny said nothing but pulled Luna close to her and kissed her again.
Luna suddenly got more passionate in the kiss. She pushed her tongue deeper into Ginny's mouth and slowly began to climb on top of Ginny.

Luna was now straddling Ginny's lap, both of them furiously making out.
Ginny felt hands on her thighs, and moaned quietly as Luna inched them up further to her waist.
"You want to go upstairs, Ginny?" Luna whispered in her ear.
Ginny was so aroused by Luna that she readily agreed and got off the sofa together.

The two girls bounded up the stairs. Luna's dorm was empty so they headed into there. After locking the door, Ginny climbed onto Luna's bed seductively.

Luna grinned and went to her closet, pulling out a special box from her closet.
She brought the box to the bed and opened it for Ginny.
All sorts of different sex toys from dildos to anal probes were present, in different sizes, textures and colors.
"This is gonna feel amazing, Gin," Luna comforted her as she got on top of Ginny. They both started kissing again, but this time Luna's hand reached under Ginny's shirt and unclicked her bra.

Ginny's C tits popped out from their restraint. She moaned as Luna ripped open her blouse and took one into her mouth.
Ginny unbuttoned Luna's purple blouse and threw it to the floor as she sucked on Ginny's tit.
Moments later her bra was off, soon followed by both their skirts and thongs. Both girls were now naked on the bed, one on top of the other, sucking rigorously on her tit.

Ginny cried out in delight as Luna grabbed a huge dildo from the box and began to rub it at the entrance of her pussy.
"Does this get you hot, Ginny?" Luna breathed onto her neck as she continued to rub the dildo against her entrance.
"Yesss Luna, oh it does!" She cried out. Just then, Luna pushed the ten inch dildo deep into Ginny. She screamed at the sudden entrance but then trembled as Luna began to pull in and out.
"OH OH OH LUNA!" Ginny cried as Luna slammed the dildo into her over and over again.
In the middle of her fucking, Ginny reached over to the box and grabbed a clear ninch inch dildo and shoved it deep into Luna's pussy.
Luna let out a scream as she felt it enter her but continued pounding at Ginny's twat.
Ginny began to pump the dildo in and out of Luna.
Both of the girls were moaning and sweating onto one another as they fucked each other with dildos.
The panting seemed so loud emitting from both horny girls.
Their screams and moans slowly got louder as they both felt their climax building.
"Yes Ginny, god you're such a natural," Luna called as Ginny kept thrusting the dildo into her.
The heat got too much for Ginny, who let out a loud errotic scream as she orgasmed all over the dildo.
Seconds later, Luna climaxed with a deep cry and collapsed onto the bed next to Ginny.

Ginny's breathing returned to normal as she crawled over to where Luna had laid.
Luna's breasts were decently sized, each rising and falling as she continued breathing hard.
Her nipples were hard and up, probably from the cold draft in the castle.
Ginny climbed on top of the exhausted Luna and began to kiss her.
She lovingly accepted Ginny, rubbing her hands down Ginny's back and squeezing her ass.
Ginny inched down to Luna's breasts, licked and nibbled on each one and then continued down. She licked around Luna's bellybutton ring and travled all the way down to her shaven pussy.

Luna moaned as Ginny stuck her tongue deep into her. "Eat me out Ginny, please!" Luna begged as Ginny began to suck tenderly on her clit.
She ran her tongue along Luna's entrance, smiling as she felt her shudder with ecstacy.

Ginny slurped up Luna's juices that were still flowing from when the dildo had gotten her excited.
"Yesss Ginny! Oh yesss Gin! Lick me, eat me out godddd," she moaned as Ginny continued sucking on her twat.
Juices soon filled Ginny's mouth as Luna climaxed once again.

Ginny grinned as Luna pushed her on her back and went down on her too.
Girls are SOOO much better than guys...

"Hermione, you're so tight. How am I supposed to fit this into you?" Ron asked in a kidding way as he shoved deeply into Hermione.
She cried out as his cock slammed into her.
"Fuck me Ron," Hermione whispered. "Fuck me as hard as you want, baby."

Ron took that invitation and pounded into Hermione. She screamed with every thrust but also pushed back onto his massive cock.
"YES HERMIONE OH YES YES YES!" He yelled as she thrusted into him as well.
"I'm cumming in you Hermione," he howled as he exploded into her.
His cock slipped out with a 'plop' and he watched as his river of cum dumped out her hole.
Hermione was red in the face and panting. She looked so hot, covered in sweat and glistening from the cum.

"God Hermione, I love you," Ron confessed.
"I love you too Ron. You're so amazing!" She giggled, closing her eyes as if trying to remember him pounding her.
He kissed her on the lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth.
The wet smacks of their tongues together got them both hot again.
She rolled him over til he was on his back and she climbed on top of him. She took one long slurp on his cock and then planted her pussy right on top.
She shrieked as she dropped down onto his cock.
Ron grunted as he felt his cock get consumed by her tight wet hole.
Hermione began to ride Ron hard.
She lifted herself up all the way and slammed back down onto his cock. She whimpered every time in pain and pleasure but continued penetrating herself upon him.
"Yessss Hermione. That's right. You keep bouncing on my cock you slut," he taunted her and ran his hands up her thighs and around to her ass.
He pulled her ass cheeks far apart to allow her to go down deeper on him.
She orgasmed onto his cock within seconds, but kept riding him, shaking from the pleasure.
The sight of her: her head thrown back, her chest out and bouncing up and down got to him. He pulled her close and burst into her pussy once again.

Hermione could barely breathe but gently slowed down her bouncing.
She fell onto his chest, exhausted from their fucking, but still had his cock buried deep inside her pussy.
Ron kissed her head affectionately, caressing her ass as she gently rocked on his cock.
"I love this Ron. I wish you would've been willing to do this earlier this year. We wasted so much time," Hermione purred into his ear as she eased herself off his rod.
Juices dripped out of her cunt as she rolled over on the bed next to him.
She then cuddled up next to him as he pulled the sheets over both of them.
Ron kissed her deeply on the lips as they both drifted off to sleep...

The next day, everyone packed up and headed back to The Burrow for Spring Break.
Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione all headed back to the Weasley home to spend time celebrating Easter.

It was unusually hot during Spring break, and the heat was unbareable at the Burrow.
Everyone (especially the girls) was lounging in very little clothing.
Mr. Weasley was off in the corner, smoking a pipe and reading the Daily Prophet.
He was in the middle of the economics section when someone entered the den.
Hermione, Ron's little girlfriend, entered from the outside. She was wearing unbelievably short jean shorts and a tight black spaghetti strap tanktop that showcased her perfect breasts.
Mr. Weasley felt himself go hard as he watched her smile at him and head to the kitchen.
Her body was glistening from being out in the heat for so long.
His eyes traced up her long legs to her firm ass that was perfectly noticable in her tight jean shorts.
He watched her open the fridge and grab a pitcher of water. She leaned down to get a cup from the bottom cabinent. Her ass sexily strained the material of her jeans.
She poured her water and took a short gulp of it.
Mr. Weasley developed a tent in his pants as he watched her lick her lips, craving more water. She took another sip, and carried the pitcher back to the fridge.
Hermione grabbed her cup and headed back into the den.
Mr. Weasley desperatly tried not to stare at her amazing figure.
She saw he was reading the Daily Prophet and walked towards him. She sat on the sofa next to him and leaned forward to grab some of the paper he left on the coffee table.
Her black thong rode up past the brim of her jeans and peeked out, taunting him.
He folded the newspaper and put it over his lap to cover up his huge buldge.
"Hmm do you have the economics section? I want to check the stock I invested in," she asked casually.
"No! I don't have the economics section!" He said too quickly.
"...It's in your lap. Can I please see it?" She asked again.
Mr. Weasley groaned on the inside as he handed her the paper and his hard cock attracted her attention.
"Oh um..." she looked down nervously when she noticed his hard-on.
"I'm sorry Hermione. It's been difficult since Mrs. Weasley left to go visit Charlie. I miss her so much," he said. "Sorry for making you uncomfortable."
"It's okay, Mr. Weasley. I understand. You have your needs. Just like I have my needs," she smirked as she tossed the paper to the floor and dropped to her knees in front of him.
"Oh um Hermione, what are you doing?!" He asked, in a panic as she unbuttoned his jeans.
She didn't answer him, rather she pulled off his pants and pulled down his boxers.
His cock sprung out.
She took a big gulp of it, downing almost his entire cock.
"Ughhh Hermione! This is wrongg but it feels so good," he groaned as she sucked on his huge cock.
She stopped sucking and leaned up to kiss him on the lips.
Her tongue slipped into his mouth, catching him off guard as this young girl made moves on him.
"Mr. Weasley, if you want me, I'm yours. Leave your bedroom door unlocked tonight if you want to have me," she whispered in his ear.
He closed his eyes and imagined fucking her sweet young hole.
With that, she climbed off him and walked outside.
Mr. Weasley was left hard as a rock and horny as can be...

"No Ron, not tonight," Hermione insisted as he tugged on her tanktop to expose her bra.

Her and Ron were making out on Ron's bed as the first night of Spring Break began. "I don't want to do it in your house. I would feel too uncomfortable," she lied to Ron as she pulled her top back up.

"But I want you so bad Hermione," Ron whined. "Just look at my dick. Biggest erection in the entire world right now. Don't leave me like this."

"Sorry but the answer is no," she said and leaned in to give him a deep kiss goodnight.
She reached down and gave his cock a little squeeze as she got up from the bed.

With that she left Ron and went to her room to go change into something that would make Mr. Weasley cum at the sight of her.

She dug threw her drawer, looking for the sluttiest thing she owned.
She found a silky black teddy and drapped it over herself, no underwear and no bra.

Then she rubbed lotion all over herself to make sure she felt soft and smooth everywhere.

She waited patiently until 11pm when she heard Ron's usual snores through her room.
When the coast was clear, she sneaked out her room and down the stairs. She then headed down the hallway to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's room.

Her heart was pounding.
Did Mr. Weasley want her? Was he going to leave the door unlocked for her?

Her hand trembled as she reached the door and grasped the handle.
To her delight, the door opened with a quiet click.
She could tell he was waiting up for her. He had candles lit about the room.
"Oh Mr. Weasley, this is so romantic," she smiled as she gazed at the roses scattered around the bed.
"I wanted to impress you Hermione," he said. "I want tonight to be special."
"Oh, me too Mr. Weasley."
"Call me Arthur when we're alone, Hermione," he told her as she walked towards the bed.
He was looking very well for his age.

Hermione was so excited to get his cock inside her. He MUST'VE been good since Mrs. Weasley had so many children. She must've really enjoyed herself to go through that.
He must be good.

"You look wonderful tonight, Hermione," he complimented her as she sat down on the bed next to him.
"Thanks," she said and laid back. "Please, do what you want with me Arthur."
Mr. Weasley got rock hard as he watched this young beautiful girl lay down in front of him and tell him that she was his.
Her locks of hair flowed across the pillow as she laid down. Her eyes closed and she smiled as she waited for him to begin.
"You're sure you want to do this, Hermione? Once we do, we can't go back," Mr. Weasley reminded her.
"I'm 100% sure. I want you to fuck me, Arthur."
He didn't need convincing.
He pulled off his robe and whipped off his boxers.
A huge cock hung from him.
Hermione licked her lips in anticipation.

He got up from the bed and went over to her side. She opened her mouth as he approached, well aware that he was expecting a blowjob.

Noticing that she was more than willing, Mr. Weasley shoved his ten and a half inch dick into her soft wet mouth.
He moaned as she sucked and slurped on his cock. "Godddd Hermione, you are so much better than Molly. You know how to work a cock," he grunted as she tugged gently on his balls.

Her saliva drenched his cock as she sucked and nibbled on his shaft.
Within moments he was ready to cum and burst down her throat.
She gulped up every drop like the pro that she was and then rolled over onto her stomach.
"Fuck me, Arthur. Please fuck me," the horny teenager begged.
His cock went hard again as he pulled the goddess closer to himself and inserted his huge cock into her tight pussy.
"Yessssss thank you Arthur. Fuck me hard!" She cried as he began pounding her from behind.
Her whole body was shaking as he pounded into her. She met with every thrust, letting out small screams every time he got in deep.

"You are much better than your son, Arthur," Hermione panted.
"You are quite the little Weasley whore, now aren't you?" Mr. Weasley chuckled as he watched her bounce continuously on his cock.

"I love Weasley cock," she answered simply between her moans.
Mr. Weasley reached up to her bouncing tits and began to squeeze and knead them.
Hermione threw her head back as she continued to ride Mr. Weasley. Her moans were getting louder and hotter, which meant she was near orgasm.
"Yessssss Mr. Weasley! OH yes oh yes yes AHHHH!" She screamed as she climaxed on his cock.

Despite her exhaustion, she continued to ride him, determined to get him to cum in her before she crashed.
Sure enough he emptied himself into her with a loud grunt.
She sighed dreamily as she felt the ropes of cum cake her insides.
"God Arthur, that was amazing," Hermione mumbled as her breathing returned to normal.

"Haven't had a hole that tight in a longggg time," he confessed as he squeezed her ass.
"I got a tighter one," she winked and met his hand on her ass.
"You take it up the ass, too?!' He said in shock.
"Every hole. Want to try?" She asked.
"Hell yes! Molly never let me do her in the ass," Mr. Weasley said with excitement.
"I want you to fuck me doggy style tho. It's my favorite ass posisition," she insisted as she climbed up on her hands and knees on the bed.
With her ass straight up in the air, she said "Take it Arthur."

Mr. Weasley leapt up and immediatly shoved his soaked cock into her ass.
She screamed as he continued to push. The pain only got her hornier.
With a few more painful thrusts, he had his huge cock all the way in her ass.
Hermione was doing her best to keep from crying from the immense pain as she rocked against him.

"Oh god its so tight! Your ass is squeezing my cock. I'm not gonna last much longerrrr," he cried out as he burst in her ass. She moaned as she filled up again.
He pulled out and watched as cum leaked out of her.

Hermione licked him clean and then kissed the tip.
She kissed all the way up his chest until she got to his mouth.
She kissed him rigorously, her tongue slipping into his mouth.
His hands were running up her thighs and tight flat stomach.

Then he scooped her up and carried her to the shower. He laid her against the cool tile wall of the huge shower and turned on the water to hot.

Hermione loved the feeling of the steamy water against her cold skin.
Suddenly Mr. Weasley grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him.
They continued to kiss as he ran his hands all over her smooth young body.
He then pushed her against the wall and slammed his cock into her again.
She screamed in surpise and he thrust himself deep into her.
Hermione was pinned against the shower tile wall and Mr. Weasley who was pounding her twat aggressively. The water cascading down upon them made her feel so good and she orgasmed on his cock right there.

"Oh Arthur. Fuck me harder. That's right oh yesss OH YES!" Hermione cried as he increased his tempo. He pulled all the way out and slammed back into her over and over again.
Her shrieks grew louder as he pushed in further every time.

The slapping sounds of dick against pussy grew louder. The water only amplified the sounds, making their moans sound even more erotic.

Mr. Weasley then pulled out as she climaxed again and he errupt all over her.
His cum splashed her hair, face, tits and even parts of her stomach.
She eagerly licked it up and rubbed herself with his cum.

"God Arthur, I dunno if I can handle your cock again. You're so amazing," she moaned as she leaned in and kissed him.
"You're gonna have to handle it a few more times before tonight is over, Hermione," he told her as he stuck a finger into her pussy.
"Godddd I'm gonna be so sore by the end of tonight," she cried out as he flipped her over and bent her over.
"Yes you will, Hermione. You will be very, very sore indeed," he taunted as he shoved his cock into her pussy again...

One cock in her mouth.
Other cock in her pussy.
Streched across a sofa.
This was the posistion Ginny Weasley was in that night.
Fred Weasley was busy getting an amazing blowjob from his little sister while George Weasley was busy pounding her tight little hole.

Ginny found herself in this place almost daily now.
She never grew tired of the feeling of her brothers' cocks inside her.
"Take it, Ginny. That's right little sis slurp up my cock. Take it all the way down your throat," Fred urged as he pulled her head closer to his dick.
Ginny attempted to swallow as best she could, but his cock was quite large so she struggled.

Plus George was being really distracting because he was fucking her so brutallly.
She was so worked up from their teasing and now the intense fucking was driving her crazy.

Fred pulled out of her mouth and coated her hair and face in his cum. Ginny gasped for air and recived another rope of cum down her throat.
"You're such a whore Ginny. But you know how to fuck and that's what counts," Fred patted her on the head, amused as she wiped the cum from her eyes.

"I'm almost finished up with this cunt," George stated as he increased his pounding on her. She whimpered as he shoved in harder and harder.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and cummed in her pussy.
She gasped as he pulled out of her.
The cum rolled out of her, as she struggled to slow down her breathing.
Fred and George smiled as they watched their little sister collapse onto the bed next to them, exhausted.

"Alright Gin," Fred began. "Time for your punishment for being such a dirty little slut."
Ginny looked at him, confused and scared.
"That's right Gin. We're gonna punish you for loving cock so much, you whore," George added in, slapping her ass.
"Cuff her," Fred told George, who grabbed her hands and cuffed them together.
"W-w-what are you guys doing?" Ginny asked in fear as they chained her to the top of their bedpost.
When they didnt answer, she began to thrust her feet in an attempt to free herself, but then they locked both of her feet to the opposite end bedposts so she was spread for them.

Ginny, her body now locked in an 'X' form on Fred's bed was now quivering in fear.
"What are you guys doing to me?" she whimpered.
"You'll see," George grinned as he pulled out a large 12 inch dildo from under his bed.
Ginny's jaw dropped as she eyed the massive dildo.
"You can't put that in me. It's way too big!" She cried as he began to inch it closer to her.

"We can't? That's interesting. Because I do believe it is YOU who is cuffed up and at our mercy," Fred taunted her.
Ginny struggled against her restraints to no avail.
She felt the huge dildo at the entrance of her pussy and screamed as he shoved it hard into her.
"AHHHHH TAKE IT OUT ITS TOO BIG!" Ginny cried as he continued to push it in further.

Tears rolled down her cheeks like rivers as the twins continued to shove the huge cock up her pussy.
She choked on her tears as the last few inches disappeared into her pussy.
"It hurts so badly. It's too big for me. I feel like I'm being ripped apart," Ginny sobbed to her brothers, desperate for mercy.

Neither of them halted.
That's when George turned it on.

Ginny shuddered as the dildo began massively vibrating in her pussy.
She continued to shriek as it vibed rapidly.
"Ohhhhhhhh GODDDD!" Ginny cried as she adjusted to the huge dildo in her.
Right as she was getting adjusted to the huge dildo in her pussy, she felt something at the tip of her ass.

This time it was only 8 inches, but still enough to make Ginny tremble as they shoved it into her.
She groaned as it went in but took it.
Tears dotted her eyes again with the final shove, but the minute they turned it on vibrate, she calmed down.

Her whole body was shaking from the two massive vibrating dildos in her.
"Enjoy, baby sis," George teased as he kissed her on the forehead.
"Wh-where are you going?" Ginny asked frantically between her cries.
"To Angelina's. Her and Alicia Spinnet are looking for some dick tonight. We are going to oblige her," Fred smiled.
"You can't leave me here like this," Ginny whimpered as the cocks continued to pleasure her.

Fred and George looked at each other.
"She won't be tight anymore if we leave her like this for a while," George reasoned.
They both retrieved the dildos from her, to her relief.
She gasped for air as both of them were removed and her body recovered from the massive intrusions.
"What about the chains?" Ginny declared as the boys were leaving.
"You can stay in those for a while. Hope Harry or Ron don't come looking for us anytime soon. We won't be back til tomorrow night probably," Fred explained.
"YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!" Ginny cried and tugged on her chains.
"I'm pretttty sure we are right now," George laughed as they left.
Ginny began to cry when she realized they weren't coming back anytime soon...

Ginny struggled against her restraints and sighed miserably as she realized she was not going anywhere.

She was exhausted from all her brothers had done to her. She knew why she let them fuck her though. She missed Harry so much that she had sex with anyone these days. Her only way of getting over Harry is by fucking as many guys as possible.

Tears began to form at her eyes as regret hit her. She wanted Harry back. But he was off with Cho Chang now. He would never come back to her. He always liked Cho better than her anyway. He had just settled with her because Cho wasn't interested at the time.

At least, that's what she told herself.

She sighed again and nodded off to sleep, trying to forget about her mistake.

Hermione collapsed yet again onto the soft cotten sheets as Mr. Weasley spilled his seed all over her breasts.

"Yessssssssssss," she happily moaned as she rubbed the cum into her breasts. "Ohhh yesss," she cried out again and stuck a wet finger into her mouth and sucked.

"God Hermione, my son doesn't deserve you. You deserve a real man, one who can pleasure you like I can," he whispered as he kissed her arm. She purred in agreement, but guilt struck her.

"Oh Mr. Weasley, this night has been...amazing. But I feel terrible doing this to Ron. He means so much to me. I don't want to hurt him," she confessed and rolled away from his kisses.

"Don't think of it as cheating on him. Think of it as practicing. To get even better for him! Cause everytime you fuck someone, you feel something new. You learn a new move or a new sound that turns you on. I'm just training you so you can handle him when he gets older. He's gonna be just like me, Hermione." Mr. Weasley told her and cupped her hand.

"I guess that makes sense. I'm just trying to make myself even better for him," she mumbled to herself. "So...the more I fuck you, the better it gets for him!"

"That's true," Mr. Weasley smirked. "Want to get in some more practice?"

"Oh god yessss," she moaned and rolled over to him. She kissed him deeply as he ran his mature firm hands up her thighs. He pulled her tiny waist into him and kissed down her neck.

She moaned as she felt him at her entrance yet again. "Ohhh yesss!" She delightfully screamed as his tip slipped into her pussy. The rush of juices began flowing inside her as his tender cock penetrated her further.

Inch after inch filled her up. She let out a loud gasp as he shoved in all the way. Her pussy clung tightly around his sensitive cock.

She could feel it throbbing inside her. The heat was driving her mad as he pushed into her yet again, even harder this time. "Oh god! MR. WEASLEYYYY OHH YES!" She screamed out as he continued pounding her pussy. Faster and faster each time, sending her over the edge.

She was so satisfied with his cock inside her. It felt complete, amazing, and all she wanted was more. She screamed as he cummed in her, his cream filling her tiny hole. His cock slid out, followed by more of his cum and her juices rolling out.

Hermione was gasping for air as her own climax ended. Her back was arched up to make herself closer to his cock. Her breasts were jiggling free, looking tender and delicious. He tugged on her nipple and cupped her two breasts together. He then began kneading them roughly, making her feel like she was being punished...but in an arousing way.

She panted as he continued pleasuring her. They both knew the night would be long and unforgettable.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Harry woke in the middle of the night, maybe 3:30, to get a glass of water from the bathroom. He had been having more nightmares about Voldemort and needed to splash his face with some water to calm himself down.

He staggered to the bathroom and poured on the water. After a quick dousing in water, he looked up at his face in the mirror.

His electric green eyes shined through the darkness.

He could barely see his ruffled mess of jet black hair in the dark bathroom. He continued looking at himself, as if he was expecting something to happen.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone crying. The sobs sounded familiar... he knew it well. Ginny, crying again. His heart broke a little, listening to her sobs. She probably had no idea he was awake and able to hear her crying.

Quietly he tiptoed out of the bathroom and down the hall to where the crying was coming from. It led to Fred and George's room. Sure enough he opened the door and attempted to flick on the lightswitch. It produced no light.

The crying was quickly muffled as soon as he opened the door. "Ginny...are you in here?" He asked the darkness.

"No" a sniffled voice replied. Harry rolled his eyes and replied, "Where are you?"

"On the bed...Don't come any closer. They left me here. They cuffed me to the bedpost. I don't want you to see me," she mumbled to him.

"Whoring yourselves to your brothers again, Ginny?" He smirked with satisfaction.

"I only did it because I knew you were cheating on me Harry. I knew you were fucking Cho Chang. I've been letting them fuck me because I can't get over you Harry. I don't want to like you. I fucking hate you for what you've put me through. But I can't stop caring about you," she sobbed.

Harry's heart sank immensly. "I'm sorry I cheated on you Gin. I don't even care about Cho. I just fucked her because I wanted some change, you know? I shouldn't have been so quick to judge you when I saw you and your brothers. I'm sorry Ginny," Harry said quietly, silencing her sobs.

"Harry...do you still care about me?" She asked, her words shaking in fear of his answer.

"Of course, Ginny. I love you. I just...I dunno, I needed a break. I would never wnat to lose you," he admitted and walked over to the edge of the bed. He sat down, unable to see Ginny, but able to feel her presence next to him.

A small glint on the floor caught his attention. A small key. A small silver key....most likely to the handcuffs!

"Ginny, I'm gonna uncuff you. I promise I won't look at you," he said as he grabbed the key and walked over to the end of the bed.

"You can look, Harry." She said simply."I want you to look at me. I want you to touch me."

Harry could barely speak as he unclicked the cuffs and watched her siloutte. Her beautiful tits and tiny waist were outlined in the darkness. Harry said nothing as he leaned down and kissed her deeply. His hands cupped her face as they kissed passionately. She gasped as he pulled away.

"Harry, do you want me? I'm yours if you do," she said to him.

"I want you right now. Right here," He told her and kissed her again, this time climbing on top of her in bed. He pulled off his gray wiftebeater and plaid boxers. He knew every contour of her body as he kissed down her torso.

"Fuck me Harry," she whispered and he began.

One inch slipped into her. She sighed dreamily as more inches slid into her, streching her to the perfect size. A long groan from Harry accompanied her moan as he pushed in all the way. He began sliding in and out of her, her thrusts matching his. They were both panting and sweating as they fucked rigorously.

She rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him, riding his cock like a pro. She bounced her tight pussy up and down on his cock, milking his balls every time she went down far.

Her moans were loud and hot. His cries of pleasure were dominant and errotic. They were both turning each other on so much that they climaxed several times.

Her pussy was dripping wet, his cum spilling out of her every time she went down low. Her rapid pants never seemed to end, and her legs seemed to be running on a whole other energy source. She didn't even feel herself get exhausted. She just kept riding Harry for all she was worth. Over and over again.

Her body was glistening from his cum and her sweat. He could see her soft figure in the moonlight. He had forgotten how absolutely amazing Ginny was. She had gotten so much better from fucking her brothers. She was lightyears ahead of her years.

With a final erruption, Harry's cock blew in her pussy, drenching her yet again. She collapsed off of him onto his side, trying hard to breathe.

"Ginny, you're all I could possibly want. I was an idiot. I'm so sorry baby," he said and kissed her. She smiled and said nothing. Instead she kissed her way down to his cock. She began squeezing his balls tenderly, knowing it would get him hard again.

Sure enough within a few moans and a few seconds, Harry was hard as a rock yet again. She took the first few inches into her mouth gently.

And she pleasured him for the rest of the night...

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

"Luna! I'm so happy you could come up to visit!" Ginny exclaimed when she saw her dear friend Luna Lovegood at the door.

"Hello Luna!" Mr. Weasley said from the kitchen. "Would you like to stay in the guestroom or in Ginny's room?" He asked politely and took her bag.

"She'll stay in my room," Ginny decided and grabbed Luna's hand to lead the way. Luna quickly unpacked as nighttime drew near. They were both giggling over magazines when a knock sounded at the door.

Ginny opened it to see Harry. She looked back at Luna reading on the bed and quickly stepped out into the hallway with Harry. They kissed deeply and Harry tugged on her hand to motion her to come to his bedroom.

"I can't Harry. Not with Luna here. I need to spend the night in my own bed tonight," she apologized as a defeated Harry returned horny and alone to his bed.

She quickly opened her room and saw Luna pulling on her pajamas. Her tyedye thong was clearly visible through her white short shorts and her tight black tanktop. Ginny felt herself get wet as she remembered the night she had with Luna.

"Ginny...I haven't forgotten about that night either," she said, knowing exactly what Ginny had been thinking.

Ginny closed and locked her door and walked towards Luna. Their eyes met and they looked at each other for a few moments before Luna leaned in and kissed Ginny gently on the lips. Ginny then pushed Luna onto the bed as they began kissing each other even more.

Ginny didn't consider it cheating on Harry. She was just pleasuring her friend. Nothing wrong against that. As long as whoever it was didn't have a penis, Harry shouldn't care.

She ripped off her own pajamas as Luna unbuttoned hers. The two girls were moaning as they undressed each other. Ginny slowly opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out a long black dildo. Luna moaned as Ginny clicked off the light and pulled her under the sheets with her.

Luna felt Ginny begin to insert the dildo into her tight wet pussy. She moaned as Ginny pushed the dildo deeper into her. "Ohhh Ginny!" Luna moaned as she kissed Luna's hard left nipple. She took a breast into her mouth and sucked tenderly as she thrust the dildo deep into her friend.

The two girls were moaning eagerly into each other.

They were so distracted by the heat that they didn't notice the door swing wide open...

The door swung open and both girls gasped and tried to cover themselves as someone flung on the light.

Ron stood speechless as he watched the two beautiful naked girls desperatly pull the sheets on top of them.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT RON?" Ginny screamed in embarrasment as she pulled a blanket over her tits.

"Uhhhh," he stared blankly in shock. An erection grew in his cock as he realized what exactly he had walked in on.

"Ron get out!" Ginny cried again as she wrapped herself in a blanket. "God...I locked my door for a reason!"

"I wanted to know if you had any um condoms. I'm all out. I went to Harry first but he's all out too. He said you had some," Ron mumbled as he continued to gawk at the girls.

"In the drawer," she said harshly and pointed to her dresser.

"Thanks...wow Gin I had no idea you played for the opposite team too," he chuckled to himself.

"I don't! I mean, I guess I do. But just cause it's so hot," she explained, still red in the face.

"Ya know Ron, you should get in on this," Luna smirked.

"But Ginny's my sister," he said and closed the drawer.

"Never stopped you before..." Ginny reminded him.

Ron stopped to consider but suddenly declined, "Nah, no thanks. I have Hermione waiting for me in my room. Maybe another time tho. Have fun. And don't worry Gin, I won't tell Harry," Ron said and left.

Ginny rolled her eyes and clicked off the light.

Her and Luna continued to pleasure each other for the rest of the night...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

It was the last day before they had to all go back to Hogwarts.

Hermione awoke to the sun rising through the window. She rolled over and felt Ron next to her. Her pussy was so sore from last night. She sighed happily, kissed him on the cheek and got out of bed. She pulled on her very revealing nightgown and fuzzy slippers as she checked the time.

It was 5:08 in the morning. She couldn't sleep so she decided to get up and make some tea.

She tiptoed out of Ron's room, thinking of the amazing night she had with him. They've never fucked that much before in one evening. Over and over again. No wonder she was so sore.

The whole house was still asleep as she headed downstairs to the kitchen.

She was so distracted by her thoughts of Ron that she didn't notice a light on in the kitchen. She walked in and Mr. Weasley was up reading the Daily Prophet.

Hermione gasped in surprise and he folded down the paper with a simple "Good morning, Hermione. You look beautiful in that nightgown."

She blushed, remembering the night she had spent with him and the amazing sex.

"Uhh thanks," she said awkwardly and pulled her gown down further in an attempt to cover herself more. She wanted to run upstairs and grab a robe, but she knew it was too late for that.

"You excited about heading back to school tomorrow?" He asked casually as he watched her pour herself a cup of tea.

"Yes sir. I have so many books I want to check out from the library," she explained and took a seat near him at the table.

"I wish Ron was as passionate about reading as you are. Speaking of which, how are things going with you two?" He inquired.

"Really well actually. I learned quite a few things from that night we had, Arthur..." she said quietly.

"I wish we could do that again before you leave," he admitted.

"Me too. Why not right now? The whole house is still asleep, and they'll all be out for hours," she suggested.

"I have to go to work soon, Hermione."
"It could be a quickie?" she recommended.

He checked his watch and agreed.

"I want you right here, Arthur. Fuck me on the table," Hermione begged.

"God Hermione, you know exactly the right thing to say to get me hard," he said as he unzippered his pants. He stood up and walked over to her end of the table. She rose to meet his gaze and they kissed passionatly for a few moments. His hands ran down her body, making her moan into his mouth. He hoisted her up onto the table and she continued to kiss him. He slowly unbuttoned her nightgown, each button revealing more and more of her smooth milky skin.

She laid back as he pulled the gown off her and was completely exposed to him.

"Fuck me Arthur. It's gonna be the last time for a while," she reminded him as she spread her legs across the table. Her naked body against the hard wood surface made her quiver as she felt the tip of him at her entrance.

"I'll make it unforgettable," he said as he shoved deeply into her. She let out a small cry of delight as he began to thrust into her. The slapping of his balls against her ass made her grunt as he continued to pound her.

"Oh Arthur! That's right, fuck me harder," she cried as her already sore pussy continued to be pounded mercilessly by him.

He grunted as he railed her, he could feel his cum building up inside his cock. Her pussy was so tight and wet that he knew he couldn't last much longer. The sight of this sexy young girl spread across the kitchen table, moaning to his every move made it impossible for him to keep going.

He burst inside her, she squealed as she felt the ropes of cum fill her up. The hot seed drenching her insides made her cum alongside him. Both of them moaned as they orgasmed. The heat between them soared as he collapsed on top of her.

It took a while for their breathing to return to normal. He eventually pulled out of her and a pool of cum formed on the table. With the sound of a zipper being pulled up and a quick peck on the cheek, Mr. Weasley headed to the fireplace and used floo powder to get to work.

Hermione remained naked on the table, still glowing from the fucking but then got up. She slipped her nightgown back on and began to lick up the cum from the table. Once it was cleaned up, she headed to the bathroom and took a long hot bath...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Luna left the house around dinnertime that evening. The whole gang was sad about it being the last day, particularly Harry who had gotten little to no sex during the whole break. Ginny promised him that tonight she would do whatever he wanted in bed and they wouldn't stop until he was satisfied. She was nervous to make that promise, but was excited nonetheless.

That evening Ginny put on her sexiest black bra and thong she owned and pulled on her silky white bathrobe. She slipped out her bedroom and tiptoed down to Harry's room. She popped into his room and quickly shut the door behind her.

Harry was waiting in nothing but boxers; she could see a hint of an erection hidden.

She seductively untied her robe and let it drop in front of him. His erection grew even bigger as she climbed into the bed with him.

They began to kiss furiously.

"God I missed you Ginny," he said as he unclicked her bra and her C tits sprung to life. She sighed happily as he began to suck on them, nibbling on her nipples just how she liked.

"I can tell," she teased as she felt down to his rock hard cock. Her hand found the elastic liner of his boxers and she pulled them off with a quick motion.

She felt his thumbs hook the end of her thong and pull down. He began to kiss down her tight stomach as he ripped the thong off. His mouth trailed down to her hot cunt. He spread the folds of her pussy and pushed his tongue deep inside her. She cried out in delight as he licked up and down her clit.

"God Harry I want you now," she insisted and pulled him closer to her. She grabbed his hard cock and gently moved it in front of her hole. "Fuck me hard baby."

Harry thrusted into her hard right away, making her moan as it slid deep inside her.
"Ohhhh yesss Harry," she sighed as he slowly pulled out and then quickly shoved back in.

"God Ginny, how do you remain so tight after all this time? Your pussy is so perfect," he grunted as he gently withdrew and then roughly plunged back into her. She cried out every time he did this, begging for more.

He continued to rail her for the rest of the night, both of them loving every minute of it.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Meanwhile, in the next room, Hermione and Ron were going at it as well.
Hermione was bent over the bed as Ron pounded into her.
He held onto her small waist as he rammed into her over and over again. Hermione screamed in pleasure as he pounded her with no mercy.

"Ohhh Ron!" she panted as he emptied his seed into her.

"God it gets better every time," Ron said happily as he pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to her. He squeezed her ass tenderly as her breathing returned to normal.

"Ron, I love you so much," she said quietly as she rolled over next to him. "I want to spend every night with you."

"I love you too Hermione. And I can't even sleep at night if you aren't next to me," he whispered into her ear and kissed her cheek.

"You get a special treat for being so sweet," she smirked and rolled over so her ass was up in the air.

"I get to fuck you in the ass?" He said excitedly.

"Go for it, baby," she grinned as he eagerly stood up and lubricated his cock. He scooped up some of his cum that was dripping from her pussy and rubbed it all over her ass and into her hole, making her squirm in anticipation. "Nice and easy Ron," she warned him as he put the tip at the entrance to her ass.

He shoved in slowly, letting her relax as he shoved in gently. She let out a few moans of pain, but they soon turned to pleasure as he shoved in all the way.

Ron had never felt anything so tight and wonderful in his life. Her ass was squeezing his cock randomly, making it so difficult not to cum on the spot.

After a few quick shoves, he felt it building up in him. Hermione was doing her best to enjoy herself through the pain; she only wanted to make Ron happy. And he was more than happy; he was ecstatic.

She cried out as she felt him explode into her ass, it spilling out as he removed his cock. The cum dripped down her legs as it poured out.

Hermione rolled over, exhausted from the painful but pleasurable assfucking. Ron was absolutely glowing from the experience.

"Sooo amazing..." he kept moaning.

They fell asleep in bed together, dreading waking up early to get back on the Hogwarts Express..

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Ginny dashed down the hallway, late for class.

She KNEW she shouldn't have spent the night with Harry. She had slept past her alarm and now was late to first period.

And to make it worse, her first class was Potions.

She slowed her pace as she neared the dungeon, not wanting to attract attention to herself as she slipped in.

Snape had his back turned to the chalkboard, writing out the ingredients to a potion they were most likely going to begin making.

"Miss Weasley, so nice of you to join us. You're only...20 minutes late," he said coldly as she shrunk down in her chair. The class sniggered as Snape put down the chalk and walked over to her desk. "Maybe a detention after class would teach you to get here on time."

"But sir, there's Quidditch practice today afterschool," Ginny pleaded.

"That's a shame because you aren't going. I'm sure Potter will understand," he smirked. "Be here at 6 o' clock tonight Miss Weasley."

Ginny glared at him, wanting to hex him on the spot but contained herself.

The rest of class continued on as uneventful as ever, though she thought she saw Snape staring at her...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

Hermione's eyes flickered open. She instantly noticed how sore her legs and pussy were, and moaned a little as she sat up in bed.
Her eyes lingered to Ron sleeping next to her.
The clock read 10:15 in the morning, which was ok because as 7th year students, they had free time in the morning until 11:30 to get homework done.

She looked over at Ron's figure once more, his very white but toned chest stood out against the navy blue sheets. He looked very much like a younger hotter version of Mr. Weasley, which made her smile a bit as she climbed out of bed. Careful not to stir him, she slipped on her bath robe and headed to the shower attached to his room. Then she dropped the robe and turned on the hot water.

Ron, hearing the water turn on, woke up from his slumber as well. With a quick glance at the clock, he sighed and got up. He entered the bathroom to brush his teeth when he saw Hermione's siloutte behind the shower curtain. She was so beautiful, and part of him felt like he didn't deserve her at all.

As he finished brushing his teeth, he made to leave when he heard her say, "You know, showering with someone helps conserve the world's clean water supply."

He smirked and called back, "Well, if it helps the enviroment, what choice do I have?"

She laughed as he closed the door and joined her in the shower.

Hermione was washing herself off with shower gel that smelled like cherry blossoms. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. The passion between the two seemed hotter than the nearly boiling shower water.

He nudged in closer to her and she broke the kiss, "Oh god Ron, I want to so badly but I'm so sore from last night. You rocked me pretty hard."

"Sorry baby, I know you like it rough," he kissed her again and she giggled.

"Doesn't mean we can't do anything, ya know," she hinted as she slid her fingers around the end of his cock, bringing it back to life.

"What did you have in mind?" Ron played along as she began to kiss his neck and his chest. Her kisses led down and down until she was on her knees in front of him.

The water showering down on both of them seemed only to arouse them as she stuck only the tip of his cock into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as she tenderly sucked on the head. The grooves of her tongue were sending sparks of electricity through him as he felt the cum building.

She continued to suck on him for what seemed like hours but was really only about ten minutes until he couldn't hold it in anymore.

He emptied his seed down her willing throat, him moaning loudly as he was relieved. She sucked it dry, swallowing every last drop.

"Oh god Hermione that was so amazing," Ron panted as she stood up and kissed him.

She turned off the shower, kissed him again and then whispered in his ear, "You owe me now" as she stepped out of the shower.

Ron smiled and followed after her...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________

What time is it, Harry?" Ginny asked as she rolled over next to him.
"Nearly five forty five, why?" Harry inquired as he pulled on his boxers.
"Ughhh I have detention with Snape tonight. I can't make Quidditch practice, sorry Harry," Ginny apologized.
Harry smiled, "After a fucking like that, it's impossible for me to be upset with you."
Ginny giggled and kissed him and got up, slipped her bra and thong back on and then threw on her robes.
"I'll see you tonight?" He leaned over to kiss her.
"Yeah of course. I'll come here straight after detention. Then I'm yours. You can punish me for missing practice," she teased him as she slipped into her pumps.

"Well, there is a big penalty for missing practice..." Harry smirked as she blew him a kiss and walked out the door.

She hurried down to the dungeon, not wanting to be late again.
She knocked on the door before walking in, and noticed Snape brewing something.

"Ah, Miss Weasley, a few minutes early this time. How considerate of you," he sardonically replied, stirred his cauldron and headed to the door.
He closed the door and locked it.
Ginny began to get nervous as he went back to his cauldron, took a ladel and poured a goblet full of the brew. He smelled it, seemed satisfied, and then walked over to Ginny.

"Drink this Miss Weasley," he ordered.
"What for?" She asked defensively.
"It helps you focus on work, and I have plenty for you to do, and I certainly don't want you slacking on it," he barked and put down the goblet in front of her.
"You know, Professor, it's illegal to give a student the Truth Potion," Ginny warned as she looked at the drink.
"I am well aware, and if you intelligent enough you would know the Truth Potion is a dark blue color, not clear like what I put in front of you," he rebutted.
Ginny looked down at the goblet and decided to trust him.
She gulped down the potion in a quick moment, actually enjoyed the taste of it; it was almost sweet.

About maybe thirty seconds later, Ginny suddenly began to feel very weak.
She lost her grip on the goblet and it fell to the floor with a loud clang. Her back seemed to lose the ability to sit up as she leaned back into the chair. Terrified, she suddenly attempted to stand up, but found it impossible to move her legs. Panic rushed through her as she realized what had happened.
Snape came towards her, grinning with delight as she began to slip in and out of consciousness. Her whole body felt paralyzed and exhausted.

She opened her mouth a little to scream but nothing more than a mumbled whisper came out.
He grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto one of the tables.
Snape was going to rape her, and there was no way she would be able to stop him.

Tears flooded her eyes as he laid her back and began unbuttoning her robes.
"No...please no..." she barely managed to whisper as she felt her robes open to expose her in nothing but her bra and thong.

"I had a feeling that underneath all your robes, you were indeed very desireable, Miss Weasley," Snape smirked as he saw her attempt to struggle against him and fail.

His disgusting hands ran up and down her thighs. The tears began to pour out as he slowly pulled down her thong, exposing her shaved pussy to him. "Very desireable indeed!" He exclaimed as he ripped open her bra, and released her C tits.

She sobbed as he began unbuttoning his own robes, only enough to expose his penis.
"You are going to be very sorry you were late for my class, Miss Wealey," he tormented her as he pulled her waist closer to the end of the table where he was standing.

Ginny was unable to speak or even think but had to watch as he leaned down and sucked roughly on her breasts. Once he bruised them up pretty badly, he licked his way down to in between her quivering legs.

His tongue shot into her, making her want to scream in disgust but was unable to do anything.
He roamed her pussy with his tongue as she tried to push him off her, but to no avail.

He pulled his tongue out of her, licked his lips eagerly and posistioned his hard cock at her entrance. She desperatly begged him again to leave her alone but she was just smacked across the face.

Seconds later she felt his hard rough cock enter into her. She bawled as he slid slowly and painfully into her, him laughing at her pain. He felt no mercy for her as he pulled out and slammed back into her, making her emit a painful moan.

Again and again he thrusted into her, more tears streaming down her face as he raped her.

She felt him get really hot and her insides squirmed when she realized he wasn't gonna pull out to cum.
With one last deep thrust he shot his semen deep into her, letting out one low groan as he emptied the pressure from his cock.

His penis slid out in his own cum as it dripped out of her, her sobs only increased.

Satisfied, he pulled up her thong and clipped her bra back on. He didn't bother to button up her robes, enjoying the view of her body as he walked behind his desk and sat down.

"Miss Weasley, you can tell the world what I did to you. But nobody is going to believe you. Who do you think people around here trust more: me or some idiotic student?"

Ginny barely heard the words before she blacked out.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

Draco's cum sprayed across Pansy's face.
Pansy sucked at giving blow jobs.
Draco knew this.
But he was so desperate.
He still hadn't gotten over the perfect fuck that Hermione was; he was still unable to find a girl quite like her.

"Hope you liked that Drakey," Pansy purred as she rubbed the cum off her cheek.
Draco rolled his eyes and said a very unenthusiastic, "Yeah thanks."
Pansy sighed dreamily and got up. She kissed him on the cheek and left him.

Draco, unsatisfied from the blowjob, left his room and headed down the dark corridors of Hogwarts. He lit a cig and took a long drag, he found that smoking helped deal with being horny.

As he finished his cig, he flicked it out a window and turned a corner to see Cho Chang, crying to herself on a bench.
Curiousity got the best of him as he sat down next to her.

She looked up from her crying, saw it was Draco and suddenly stopped.
"What do you want, Malfoy? Come to harrass me? Now is not the time," she spat and turned away from him.

"No, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Why are you so upset?" Draco asked.

Cho, thrown off by his concern, said nothing.
"You can tell me," he urged her and she finally gave in.

"Everyone that I give myself to just leaves me. Cedric left, Harry left...I'm tired of giving guys everything and them abandoning me," she mumbled.

"I wouldn't leave you," Draco said, placing his hand on her knee and slowly running it up her thigh.
"Draco, I...don't know about this," she said uncomfortably as he leaned in and deeply kissed her. After several moments of passionate kissing, she broke away.

"Draco, want to take this to your room?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Draco, delighted by her easy submission, agreed and took her by the hand and led her back to his dorm room...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______