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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-28-2008, 10:31 PM
I had been married a month when she IM'd me. My fiancée and I had lived together for five years before we married and I had never considered cheating on her. I’m a “retired” sub/switch—I guess you never really retire—the yearning and desire is always there, just waiting for the chance to come out and play.

I’m a social alpha-male that loves being sexually submissive. Oh, I’ve been a Dom and thoroughly enjoyed it, but my first love is being subservient to a Domme.

I had forgotten all the different ads I had placed, even forgotten what my profile said and all the shemale pictures in the profile photo album. I had a shemale lover before meeting my wife. She was a switch—we were incompatible, but the sex was great! Anyway, her message said: saw your ad and checked you’re profile. I live in Richmond and need a new pet. Mistress Natasha.

I was stunned. All of my pent-up desires burst free. After a few moments I replied that I was flattered but now married and just couldn’t possibly become her pet.

She sent me a picture and her message said: You cannot resist me. Your wife will never know but will love you for it.

She was gorgeous. Shoulder-length, raven hair; green eyes; skin about two shades lighter than coffee ice cream. She was standing sideways and slightly bent showing her hot, big plump ass. (I love big butts!). She wasn’t fat nor was she anorexic (thank God!). She was naked except for a black thong. Great pedicured feet and a face that would launch ships. She was right, I couldn’t resist her.

I replied that my wife had class on Thursday night and I could be all hers from about 6:30-9:30. We set all the rules: no scat, no blood, no marks, safe word, etc. I was to be at her house Thursday, promptly at 6:30 and ready for her pleasure.

I nearly shot a load without touching myself. Of course, now that was forbidden. I was now only allowed to cum for her and my wife and only with permission.

* * *

At 6:30 I walked into her house, as ordered, locked the door behind me, stripped naked, and left my folded clothes in the foyer. I walked into her living room. She was more beautiful in person than her picture could possibly capture, firm bit not muscular. She sat, naked except for a black thong, on the couch. Her toe next to the grand toe was nearly a half-inch longer than the big toe, I thought I would melt. “Oh my God Mistress! You’re fucking gorgeous!” blurted from my mouth.

She smiled at me, “Come, and worship me pet.”

I fell to my hands and knees and crawled to her feet. “You’re my pet, my panty-boy, my sissy, my bitch, my plaything….”
I pressed my lips to the top of her feet and began kissing them, “Good girl, sit and worship your Mistress Natasha.”

She raised her foot to my mouth and I moaned as her big toe disappeared into my mouth. She had beautiful feet—long unblemished toes. I sucked it a few minutes and opened my mouth for another toe. My cock was rock hard, pre-cum oozed from my slit as she added the big toe from her right foot. My mouth was stretching with four toes wiggling inside it. I drooled all over my chin and her sweet feet.

“Good girl! No hands or cumming unless I command it.” I moaned yes and she removed her left foot from my mouth.

“Open.” I opened my mouth wide. She moved her right foot a bit, “Suck it bitch! Suck my foot like you suck cock!”

I moaned as her toes disappeared in my mouth and banged against my throat. My eyes watered as I felt the ball of her hot size 11 foot against my tongue, “Suck my foot-cock girl! Suck it!”

I sucked until my jaws ached, first one foot then the other then I lost count of the toes that came and went into my mouth. I was nearly ready to beg for mercy when she commanded me to lie on my back.

She stood above me facing my feet. She had to be at least six feet tall. Her fine hot ass just a short distance from my face. She stepped from view and a second later her thong landed across my eyes. I could faintly smell her ass from the panties draped across my face. I felt her move and she yanked the thong from my eyes. She was squatting over my face, her hot, ample ass just inches away. I thought I would shoot my load and die happy.

“Worship me.”

She dropped her ass-cheeks to my mouth and I began to kiss and lick her luscious ass all over. She slowly rocked and swayed her hips so that my mouth covered every inch of her ass.

“Stick your tongue out, bitch”

I stuck my tongue out as far as I could. Mistress Natasha maneuvered her ass-crack to my mouth and began a rhythm that had me licking her ass-crack all the way up and back. I could feel my cock glisten with pre-cum.

She stopped and positioned herself so that her ass-cheeks were spread wide and her asshole hovered at my nose. My cock stung from the slap of her hand.
“Don’t you dare cum without permission you sissy bitch!”

I thought my balls would draw up to my head as I did all I could not to spew my cum everywhere.

“Make sure my Queenly ass is clean, pet. Sniff it.”

She dropped down and her asshole rested against my nose. I slowly inhaled, then exhaled through my mouth. I sniffed her brown asshole; I pressed my nose to her asshole, sniffing all over her puckered hole. The tip of my nose slid up her ass and I kept sniffing.

“Is it clean?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Now, kiss it. Kiss my clean asshole.”

I pursed my lips and kissed her asshole. I thought I would explode! I kissed her ass-opening; I kissed every inch of her puckered hole. I pressed the tip of my tongue against her asshole and my cock immediately stung again from her slap. I jerked my tongue back into my mouth and kissed her asshole until I thought my lips would fall off.

“Clean? You’re sure my ass is clean?”

“Yes Mistress Natasha. Your ass is clean.”

“Make sure it’s clean. Be a good girl and lick mommy’s ass!”

Lick mommy’s ass! Don’t cum! DON’T CUM!!

I did as commanded. I truly could not resist. I slowly licked her asshole, lapped it lick a dog lapping water. I foolishly poked her opening with the tip of my tongue. She slapped my cock several times. I could feel it bounce like a metronome and I knew pre-cum was sailing from it. I licked and lapped her asshole.

“You sure it’s clean?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Suck it. Suck my asshole!”

I did exactly that. I sucked her asshole like I was sucking one of her bullet nipples. It swelled and puffed up in my mouth. My mouth was long ago filled with that slight metallic taste of her ass and I sucked and licked her asshole like a baby sucking for milk.

Her moans filled the room and she would sometimes coo what a good girl I was; good girl…worship mommy’s ass…m-m-m-m-m yeah, eat Mistress’s ass…

“Eat it. Stick your tongue up my ass. Tongue-fuck my ass…”

I shoved my tongue deep up her ass and began to move it in and out of her ass.

In and out and in and out and swirled it and sucked her asshole and nibbled it. She squeezed my balls and I jammed my face between her ass-cheeks and shoved my tongue up her butt. I wiggled my tongue and felt her brown hole open and her bowels widen. I prayed she was empty and thank God she was!

She slapped my sore cock several times and I tried to shove my tongue to her throat via her sweet ass. I wiggled my tongue some more and now my face was covered with my saliva and her ass juice.

All I could smell was her ass.

All I could taste was her ass.

Yess my pet…eat it…eat my ass…yess, that’s it…suck my ass bitch! M-m-m-m-m yes! Worship mommy’s ass!

I don’t know how long I ate her ass—seemed like days. She finally sat down on my mouth for a moment. She stood and walked to the couch.

“That was good, girl. Now, come here and get your reward before you leave. And before you even think of asking—no, you may not cum.”

I rolled to my hands and knees and crawled to her feet. I had not dared to look up, my cock was still sore and I wanted no more slaps.

“Up here sissy. Kneel, your reward is here.”

I sat up to a kneel and was staring at the biggest, fattest, most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Mistress Natasha! A shemale! Don’t cum! Her cock was fat and I thought it must be 12” long! The beautifully tapered head was just a little thinner than the shaft and her balls seemed enormous!

“Tonight you get just the head. Later I will break you in. you will learn to suck all of me, take all of me up your ass. Now, lick my slit.”

I stuck out my tongue licked the pre-cum from her pee-slit. Sweet/salty, she must love sweets. I opened my mouth wide and suck just the fat head of her cock into my mouth. Her huge cock made my 8” seem like a penis. I worked her cockhead, licking it and slurping it and sucking it. I ran my tongue up and down her cock-slit and sucked her head like a straw. Her load slammed into my throat, then ropes of her cum shot into my mouth. I sucked like a kid sharing a soda trying to get it all for myself. Her cum ran down my chin and I could no longer hold back.

I shot my load all over her feet and legs and still she came! Filling my mouth again and again with her salty-sweet cum. Her moans and groans I thought could be heard for blocks. She grabbed my hair but only her cock-head remained in my mouth and I drained her of every drop of her she-cum.

I kept her fat cock-head in my mouth until at last she commanded me to lick clean the nasty pet-cum I had let get on her. I licked all my cum off her and then she commanded me to all fours with my ass in the air. She spanked me for cumming without permission. My ass was hot and red. Then she sent me home until next week.

I savored the taste Mistress Natasha's cum in my mouth all the way home. My wife was asleep when I got home and I crawled into bed beside her without bathing or rinsing my mouth. I kept my weekly routine the same as always except the two times my wife and i fucked I waited until she screamed at me to cum inside her (just to stay obidient to Mistress Natasha).

Of course, I could think of nothing but Natasha all day and all night for a the whole week.

Thursday finally arrived and i rushed home from work and straight to the shower. I stuck the shower nozzle up my ass for several minutes to make sure i was clean, just to be ahead of the game. I dressed and raced to my Mistress's house.

Again, I stripped in the foyer and left my folded clothes in a pile. She must have heard the door close or just expected me to be on time, "I'm in the bedroom, pet! Approach me properly."

I nearly ran down the hall, stopped just before her bedroom and dropped to my hands and knees. I crawled into her bedroom, "Over here pet." I crawled to the sound of her voice. She stood beside the bed.

"Greet me pet."

I kissed the tops of her bare feet, "More."

I licked the tops of her feet and toes and licked her ankles.

She turned and bent forward, sticking her hot ass at my face, "Greet me, pet."

I rose to a kneel and began kissing her ass-cheeks. I kissed every inch of those sweet, bubble-cheeks, "More." I began licking her ass. I left a wet trail over her grand ass-cheeks, "More, pet!" I ran my tongue up and down and up and down her ass-crack. I was so hard I thought my cock would rip through my skin!

"Good girl! Now, get on the bed and lie on your back!"

I hopped onto the bed and she manuvered me so that my legs dangled off the side. She shoved a pillow under my head so I could watch and then she swung a round-house slap to my cock. It stung like hell and bounced back and forth--"Just to keep you honest bitch!"

I moaned and nodded my head, "Yes Mistress!"

She grabbed my warm balls and squeezed, "Did you cum without permission this week bitch?!?"

I violently shook my head, "NO! NO MISTRESS! ONLY WITH PERMISSION!"

She squeezed harder, "Are you sure?"

"Yes! YES MISTRESS! I'M SURE!" I thought I would shoot a load on her hand if she squeezed my balls any harder.

She raked her nails across my dick several times and raked my balls. Her cock was hard as granite and swayed as she moved. Her tits jiggled and her bullet nipples pointed at me. She caught me gazing at them, "No implants pet and you will soon enough worship them. You will soon enough worship all of me!" I knew my pre-cum was oozing down my penis and I did all i could not to cum.

"We're gonna play a little game tonight slut." She commanded me to grab my feet. She tied my wrists to my ankles amd pushed me backward on the bed. My legs were spread and the position gave me all the view I needed.

"We're gonna paly a little game called Agony and Ecstasy...." My eyes bulged and in my mind i screamed NOOOO! I had palyed that game with my sub and had not thought anyone else called it the same thing. I had a feeling about what was to come and with the size of her she-cock agaony was an understatement!

She rubbed a thin film of KY on my asshole, she grinned wickedly as she looked down at me. Her cockhead disapppeared between my ass-cheeks and I felf it press against my asshole. She grabbed my feet in a vice-grip and pushed down, spreading me further apart.

"Mistress...." meekly whispered from my mouth. She jammed about six inches of her rock hard cock up my ass and i screamed as the pain ripped through me. She pulled back and my head bounced up and down off the bed. She slammed her cock in me about eight inches deep and i screamed again. She was smiling the whole time and gazing down at my ripped ass. She pulled out and before I could beg or speak she rammed her entire cock up my ass. Her balls smacked against my ass, she laughed, my head was a frenzy of movement.

I turned into a giant snapping, babbling head as the pain ripped through my soul, "ohgodmistress! takeitout! please! takeitout! hurtssobad! takeitout! takeitout! PLEASEMISTRESSTAKEYOURCOCKOUTOFMYASS!"

She was jackhammer fucking my ass now, "Mommy."

"Mommy! Mommypleasetakeyourcockoutmommy! Mommy! Please!"

I felt impaled. I thought i could feel her cock in my throat as she smiled and laughed and just kept pound-fucking my ass. Her tits bounced to her rhythym.

Just as suddenly as the pain had started I was in ecstasy. Her huge cock felt so good up my ass, like nothing I had ever known. I loved it. A great moan escaped from my lips and filled the room and I wanted to cumm soooo badly.

"Tell me."

"OHHHH! GOD! Fuck me Mistress. PUH_LESE fuck me. Fuck my ass Mistress Natasha! Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass! I love your cock up my ass! Please fuck me...."


"Mommy! Please fuck my slut ass Mommy! Please fuck my ass mommy, please!"

She grabbed my hips and plunged her cock balls deep up my ass. I felt her load slam into my bowles as she groaned and filled my ass with what seemed like an endless rush of her cum. I felt her cum ooze from my asshole as she untied me and pulled her semi-erect cock from my ass, "Sit up."

I did as told and she pushed her cock into my mouth, "Clean me pet."

I licked and slurped and sucked the cum and ass jusice from her cock as she told me how nice it was that had celaned myself before coming. I was gonna explode! I needed to cum so badly but all i could do was grin with a moutful of her cock. She smiled and pushed me back on the bed.

She wrapped her lips around my dick, "Such a good girl...."

I came immediatley...shot a huge load that she swallowed and sucked my dick until my balls were drained.

I clencehed my asshole trying to keep her cum inside me and wished everyday was Thursday.

I had become obsessed. Natasha was all i could think of. I had to concentrate to keep my mind on work or listen to my wife when we were togehter. Sex with my wife was still good, but I found myself tinking of Natasha to maintain an erection.

I arrived at Natasha's house, on time, the following Thursday night. I performed my usual strip in the foyer.

Again, she called out to me, "In the bedroom, pet."

I ran down the hall and dropped to my hands and knees at the threshold and crawled into the bedroom. I glanced up for a second and saw her naked and smiling. She walked to the edge of the bed, sat down, scooched back so her feet could dangle, and beckoned me, "Come and greet your Goddess, pet."

I crawled to her dangling feet and kissed the top of each foot. She presented her left foot to my mouth and I kissed and sucked each toe and then did the same to her right foot. She slightly raised her feet, "More...." and I kissed and licked the soles of her feet. She moaned softly and told me I was a good little pet. She stood and faced the bed and bent her knees putting her ass in my face.

"Greet me, slut."

I sniffed and kissed and licked and sucked her asshole until it mushroomed in my mouth. Her moans became louder and her breathing quickened. I stuck my tongue up her ass and she pressed her ass hard against my mouth, nearly knocking me over. A loud moan filled the room and I knew I was pleasing my Mistress.

She commanded me to lie on my back on the bed. "Tonight we are going to play another game. The gravity game. But, first I must prepare you my little bitch!"

Her cock was rock-hard and her warm balls still hung low and long. I loved the look! She squatted over my face and I was assailed by the nutty like smell of her groin and the smell of her ass. She faced my hard penis, "Open your mouth pet...." I obeyed and she dragged her balls across my face. Up and down and back and forth over my face, finally resting them on my mouth. I kissed and licked her hairless balls and gently sucked them in and out of my mouth. Her moans and groans were music to my ears. She reached back and stuffed both balls in my mouth at once and i licked and sucked them as best I could.

She raised up, pulling her balls from my mouth, "Trianing time."

Her swollen cockhead filled my mouth, she hunched her hips and the huge head knocked at my throat. My eyes bulged, she slapped my dick and she jammed half her cock down my throat. I watched her balls close on my nose then pull away as she began to open my throat with her immense cock. In and out and in and out until my asshole and eyes were bulging from it's enormity. My eyes watered and I could feel my throat bulge.

She jumped off of me and turned me over. She was giggling, "I think you're ready now, bitch!"

She pulled my feet toward my head and tied my ankles together, then she tied my arms behind my back and hogtied me. If tried to straighten my legs I could slightly lift my torso. She slid under me, placed her knees under my shoulders, "Let's see what gravity does...."

She raised me to her cock, I reluctantly opened my mouth and engulfed the swollen head of her cock. She dropped her knees and I gaged as half her cock slid down my throat. Inch by inch my head dropped until my chin rested on her balls and her hard 12" was down my throat. My eyes watered and I furiously breathed threw my nostrils and the sides of my mouth.

I pulled with my legs and raised my torso slightly for a bit of relief. She began to raise and lower her knees, jamming her cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat. She would pull her cockhead all the way back to my mouth then down my throat again. Tima after time after time after time...my throat was getting sore and my mouth and jaws ached; but I sucked and slurpped and sucked and slurpped.

I lost track of time but finally I felt her get tense and I knew a deluge would follow: "Yesssss!!!" burst from her lips, her cock pulsated, she grabbed my head and rammed her whole cock down my throat. I could feel and taste her hot cum fill me up. Her cock throbbed against my tongue and I swallowed loads of her cum until she was drained.

I was limp when she untied me and commanded me to masturbate for her. I let fly almost immediately upon touching myself and she made me lick my cum off of her bed.

"See you next week pet." She cooed as I wobbled to my car.

The week between Thursday's had become agonizing. Weekends no longer mattered. All I could think of was a couple of hours on Thursday nights with Mistress Natasha.

I rushed to her house and tore my clothes off, leaving them in a pile in her foyer. I burst into her living room, thinking she was in the bedroom, and froze. She was sitting on the sofa. For some reason I placed my hands in front of my dick and balls and shepishly looked at her. She smiled at me and shook her head.

"Covering up? Surprised?"

"Yes...no!" I dropped my hands to my sides, "A little surprised Mistress...."

"Come to me pet."

I slowly walked to her and waited for her command. She pointed at her left bullet nipple, "Kiss Mommy right here." I leaned in and kissed her nipple, following her command I kissed her right nipple. She put her foot against my balls and pushed me away from her. "Want to suck my Goddess tits?"

"Ye...yes Mistress."

"Want to fondle and suck and lick my Goddess tits?"

"Oh, yesss Goddess!"

"Not yet bitch!" She pounced like a big cat and smacked my semi-erect dick. I moaned at the sharp pain and whimpered at being teased. My dick shrank and my warm balls hung lower than my stinging penis.

She squeezed my balls and hissed at me, "Naughty little bo...no, naughty little girl." I cringed and my knees slightly buckled from the grip she had on my balls. "You're my sissy birch and will do what I say."

I grimaced as she tightened her grip and nodded my head, "Ye...yes Mis...Mistress."

She squeezed my balls harder and I dropped to my knees, her thick, hard cock at my mouth oozing pre-cum. Her heavy balls gently swayed. I was mesmerized. "Kiss it!"

I bent forward and kissed her glistening slit, her sticky pre-cum teased my lips. "Use your tongue!"

I ran my tongue up and down her pee-slit and she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her balls, "Kiss them too panty-boy!" I obeyed and smothered her balls with kisses. Her moans seemed to match my kisses to her balls, "Yes...good...girl...kiss...Mommy's...balls...."

She pulled my head up and shoved her cock into my mouth. I looked up at her, my mouth full with her cockhead oozing pre-cum, "You look soooo good like that pet...m-m-m-m...suck Mommy's cock...." I slowly began sucking on her mushroom head. A loud aaahhhh escaped from her.

She pulled out and commanded me to my hands and knees. I fel her kneel behind me and felt the cool of KY being applied to my asshole. I froze for a moment thinking we again were going to play agony & ecstasy. She slide a finger up my ass, "Not to worry pet. Tonight we play a different game."

She added a finger and moved them like scissors, opening my asshole. She removed her fingers and I felt her cock press against my asshole, she pushed and I moaned as my asshole closed around the headof her cock. She spread my ass-cheeks wide and pushed about seven incehes of her cock up my ass. I moaned and bent forward putting my head on the carpet, sticking my ass higher in the air, "Oh yes, that's it..good little slut. You love my cock up your ass."

"Yes Goddess, I love your cock up my ass."

"Say it!"

"Please Goddess...please fuck my ass! Please Goddess Natasha! Please ram your cock up my ass! Please please fuck my ass!"


"Yes, please Mommy! Please fuck my ass Mommy!"

I could feel her grin as she began to slowly fuck my ass. In and out until her entire cock was buried up my ass. Pounding my prostate. I felt her balls slap against my ass. Her whole 12" cock up my ass, i thought the head of her cock would pop out of my mouth!

She gently smacked my ass-cheeks, "Tonight (slap! slap!) we are going to (slap! slap!) play (slap! slap!, slap! slap!) keep the cock!"

"Here's how it works: I will give you 10 slaps on each cheek. You will make sure my cock stays buried in your ass. If you pull away and my cock falls out of your ass you get two extra slaps on each cheek! Got it?" SLAP! SLAP!

My ass was stinging, my asshole tightened and loosened around her massive cock. I nodded my head, "Yess Mistrees!"

She pulled her cock half way out of my ass. My right ass-cheek stung from her blow, then my left cheek, right, left, right, right, left, left! My ass was on fire. I could feel her reach back for a roundhouse blow. Her hand came downhard on my right cheek. I yelped and dove forward and her cock popped out of my ass.

"Awwww, poor little sissy!" She grabbed my hips and shoved half her cock back up my ass. i moaned and bent forward. Her hand came down hard on my left cheek and I jerked forward, again her cock popped out of my ass.

She cackled, "Poor little baby! can't keep Mommy's cock up her ass" She shoved half her cock back up my ass. Two hard slaps set my right ass-cheek on fire, by the second slap on my left cheek I had pushed my ass against her cock so hard I nearly knocked her over. I had her cock buried balls deep up my ass, she was laughing and my ass was on fire!

She counted off the remained of my spanking, thrusting her cock up my ass with each slap. She finally grabbed my hips, jammed her cock up my ass, I couldn't believe i hadn't cum yet, and she filled my ass with endless loads of her hot cum. She pulled out of my ass and made me suck the cum amd ass juice from her cock.

She commanded me to lie on my back. She stood above me and grinned down at me, "Wanna cum my little slut pet?"

"Yes! Oh yes Goddess, please let me cum!"

"Well, you have been a good little girl, haven't you?"

"Yes! Yes I have!" I couldn't believe it, but i enjoyed all the names she called me. "Please Goddess...Mommy, please let me cum...."

"I think you deserve a reward." She sat on my dick. Sat right down on me and told me to fuck her! I fucked her for all I was worth! I rammed my dick up her ass and we moaned and groaned and I finally filled her ass with my cum. When our breathing finally regulated and my dick shrank from her ass she scooched up to my face, stuck her asshole on my mouth and, "Clean me slut! Clean my ass that you made dirty! Clean my ass!"

I tried to press my head through the floor. I opened my mouth and ate all my cum from her ass. "There, there pet, good girl. Eat mommy's ass."

I went home and slept like a baby.

The 5th Thursday finally arrived. I had to make myself drive the speed limit. I was a mess. I was consumed by Natasha. I felt bad about cheating on my wife but obviously not bad enough to stop. I was as good to her as always; maybe even better because of guilt. Always had sex with her when she wanted and always waited for her to "tell" me to cum.

I just could not stop think about Natasha. If I could find a way to become her bitch permanently without hurting my wife.... I was still very much in love with my wife...I was just consumed by Mistress Natasha.

I forced myself to calm down and entered her foyer and stripped, as usual, folded my clothes and went into her living room. She sat naked, at the edge of the sofa: "Come to me pet and sit before me." Her legs were spread wide and her limp cock and low hanging balls deliciously hung toward the floor. I sat between her legs and stared at her jewels.

She smiled down at me and commanded me to open my mouth. She forced both of her balls and the tip of her cock into my mouth. I groaned and closed my eyes for a moment then I began to suck them as best I could. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an empty gallon jug of spring water. Apprehension gripped me and she pulled herself from my mouth.

"I am your Goddess."

"Yes, you are my Goddess Natasha."

"I think I shall call you Nikki from now on. How do you like that? MY little pet Nikki? My sissy Nikki? My slut Nikki? My little girl Nikki? My slave Nikki? My bitch Nikki?"

I was on fire and would surely cum! "Yes Goddess--Nikki...."

She reached down and stroked my cheek and cupped my chin, "I own you Nikki...."

I nodded my head...I could not resisit her. I felt doomed.

She produced another gallon jug of water and began drinking it, "I have had to pee badly for about thirty minutes now Nikki." My eyes widen with fear. "Suck me pet...suck Mommy's cock...."

I opened my mouth and leaned forward and sucked the head of her limp cock into my mouth. I loved this feeling of her growing while in my mouth. Her cockhead swelled, filling my mouth and I slurpped and sucked thinking if I made her cum.... "Do not try it. I will cum when I want to. For now your job, bitch, is to make me hard."

I nodded my head and began to suck as much of her cock into my mouth as I could. I pulled bacl so just the tip was in my mouth then sucked about eight or nine inches down my throat then back to the tip again. My eyes watered as she greew to her usual huge hardness. She told me to hold out my hand and she spread KY on my fingers, "You know where that goes pet."

I rubbed KY on my asshole while she moaned and groaned and drank water. She began humping my face and eventually her balls bounced against my chin. I could feel my throat bulge and I would sometimes gag from my jaws and throat being stretched by her giant cock. Finally she ordered me to my hands and knees, "...and get that ass high in the air!"

She spread my ass-cheeks wide and I felt her cock at my asshole. With a steady push she stuck her entire cock up my ass. I gasped and dropped my head to the carpet. I could hear her drinking water and then she fucked my ass a few strokes, buried her cock balls deep up my ass and held my hips.

Aaaahhhhh burst from her mouth and I felt my bowles fill with her piss! Oooohhh God hissed from my mouth and my asshole constricted around her cock. She slapped my ass and I loosened the grip of my sphincter. "Higher pet!" I raised my ass as high as I could and she shook her cock while still inside me. I felt my asshole stretch and prayed I could hold her piss; I just knew I would be punished if I cut loose on her carpet.

She pulled her cock from my ass, "You know where the bathroom is slut."

I jumped up and awkwardly ran to the toilet. A huge load of her piss gushed from my ass and I was ever so grateful I had given myself an enema before I came to her. She continued drinking water and filled my ass with her piss again. By now I knew she would be pissing clear.

"Come here and suck my cock dry. Mommy wants her girl to eat Mommy's cum!"

I knelt before her and opened my mouth. She humped my face for I don't know how long, shoving her cock balls deep down my throat. Pulling it back until just the head of her cock was in my mouth then back down my throat. Our moans danced with each other and she finally grabbed my head and began filling my mouth with ropes of her cum. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could until her balls were drained.

She continued to hold my head and I realized, just as a spurt of clear, sweet tasting pee filled my mouth. I closed my eyes and gulped, seemingly forever, until she moaned and the last drop of piss rolled down my throat. She stood up and forced me to open my mouth, stuck her semi-hard cock in my mouth and she pissed one more time. I just knew I would bust from all the piss and cum in my gut.

"Aaahhhh yes...good girl! Drain me pet...drain me..."

I was delirious, thought I would pass out and I knew I could not refuse her commands.

She grinned and this time she kissed me before I left, her tongue danced in my mouth like a magic wand. I could not remember driving home. All I could remember is the Goddess that now owned me.

I walked into Mistress Natasha’s foyer and was startled by a beautiful blond standing there. She was about six feet tall, dressed in a black corset, black fishnets, and black high heels. Her alabaster skin made for a dick-hardening sight.

“I am Mistress Darla.” She cooed and handed me a note. It was from Natasha and simply stated do as you are told.

Darla wickedly smiled at me: “Strip bitch, then kneel before me.”

I nodded my head, “Yes Mistress….” Then obeyed. I dropped my clothes in a heap and knelt before her. She raised her left foot to my mouth, “Greet me bitch Nikki.” I kissed the top of her shoe and kept my mouth glued to it as she lowered her foot. I kissed her right shoe and waited. “You will get hard when I say so or be punished.”

Great…here comes punishment.

“Keep your head to the floor, reach up and pull down my panties.’ I obeyed and pulled her black panties to her ankles. She spread her feet shoulder length apart. “Raise your head bitch….” I raised my head and stared at her warm, hanging big balls and semi-hard cock. She put her hands on her hips, “Lick my girl-balls slut….”

I began licking the underside of her balls with long, slow stokes of my tongue, I licked across the top of her balls until they glistened with my saliva, and then wiggled my tongue all over them. “Suck them bitch….”

I slowly sucked her left nut into my mouth then slowly let it slide out then did the same with her right nut. I repeated this for several minutes, my dick became rock hard, she reached down and pulled her balls together; “Open….”

I opened my mouth wide and she stuffed both her balls inside and moaned. I ran my tongue, as best as I could, all over her girl-balls. Her nine inch dick twitched and bounced against my face. She had one of those surprise dicks; the dickhead less wide than the shaft. I could fell her sticky pre-cum on my forehead. She pulled her balls out and shoved half her dick in my mouth. I began sucking it lick a straw.

“What is that pathetic little thing trying to grow between your legs?” She jerked my head back and glared down at me: “N-n-no-nothing Mistress….”

“What did I tell you?!? Stand up!”

I jumped to my feet; she ordered me to spread my legs. She shoved my balls inside me and yanked my dick between my ass-check, I winched with pain at my hard dick being bent and tucked between my checks. She slapped my ass hard and ordered my legs back together, she pulled my ball sack on each side and I gasped the pussy lips I had just acquired. She knelt and sucked hard on each of my pussy lips causing me to groan. She then ordered me to wear the gaff she handed me.

“Make sure that pussy doesn’t disappear slut; and if I see the pathetic little penis again….”

I nodded that I understood. She pushed me to my knees and forced her girl-cock into my mouth. She began humping my face, I sucked her as best as I could but, I knew her intent. It didn’t take long until she let loose a satisfied groan and shot her load into my mouth. I swallowed all I could and felt some of her cum roll down my chin. Her cock throbbed and twitched against my tongue; she reached down and squeezed every drop into my mouth. She threw me to my hands and knees.

“Wait for me in the living room cunt….”

I crawled to the living room and an unfamiliar voice beckoned me, “Come to me bitch.”

I glanced up at the voice and saw her on the couch; she was naked except for a white lace bra and panties. She was dark brown and bewitching.

“I am Mistress Lynne.” She was stretched out and I crawled to her feet. She ordered me to stand.

“Ooooh, look at the sweet pussy lips. Walk to the wall and back.” I obeyed her and found I had to walk with my thighs together in order to keep my pussy lips. It made me walk like a street whore.

“What is a bitch?”

“Ummm…I…I am Mistress….”

She reached out and pinched my pussy lips making me groan. I hadn’t notice Darla had come in and my ass suddenly stung from the slap of her hand, “Not WHO silly little cunt…WHAT!”

“A dog Mistress’s…a female dog!”

Lynne twisted my pussy lips between her fingers, “Good girl…good girl! Now, be a good little bitch and act the way you should. Get down there and sniff my feet!”

I fell to my knees and began sniffing Mistress Lynne’s feet; “Lick them….”

I used long strokes and started at the heel of her right foot and licked to her toes and back down again. Her feet were gorgeous, size 10 with long toes and kinda wide.

“Suck them!”

I began sucking her toes; first one at a time then several together then all at once. My dick ached from being shoved between my cheeks and being hard and needing to cum.
“Come here.” I stopped sucking and raised my head to her. She pulled her 10 inch cock from her panties; “You know what to do bitch.”

Her cockhead was wider than her shaft; she grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and popped her mushroom into my mouth and moaned while I sucked it. I began sucking her while Mistress Darla tortured my imprisoned dick; yanking it and pulling it and laughing at me. It almost seemed my aching balls were laughing at me.

Mistress Lynne jerked my head up and down until my nose pressed against her belly. She held me there a moment while I gagged on her cock then drew my head back until just the head remained in my mouth then pushed me back down again. She repeated this until her hips began to jerk, her cock twitched, and she emptied her load down my throat. I sucked and slurped until I had swallowed her last drop.

She threw me to the floor; “Get up bitch and go to the dining room.”

I walked, like a whore (keeping my pussy lips visible) to the dining room. A beautiful red head was there, about 5' 6" tall, legs spread, she was toying with her 11 inch girl-cock: “Come here you slutty little bitch and get to work.”

“Yes Mistress….” Dear God! How much cum can I eat before I get sick?!?!!

I dropped to my knees and began giving her a blow job. “I am Mistress Stephanie and YOU are quite the little whore aren’t you?!?”

I nodded yes for I dare not stop sucking her. She humped my mouth; my saliva ran down her cock and my chin. My gurgling, gagging sounds filled the room. “What would Mistress Natasha say about your whorish behavior?”

I tried to say something about the note Darla had but Stephanie humped her hips faster and faster so that my only reply was gurgling. She pinched my nostrils together and bucked and began spewing her cum into my mouth. I sucked her dry and she let me collapse to the floor. I was exhausted.

“Bedroom little cunt.”

I followed the three of them to the bedroom and there was Mistress Natasha. She was naked and kneeling on the bed with her ass high in the air.

“My little pet…. Have you behaved yourself little bitch?”

“Ye-yes Mistress….”

“Really? Full of cum?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Who am I?”

“My Mistress Natasha.”


“Mom-Mommy Natasha….”

“Mmmmm…and is this your Mommy’s ass?”

“Yes Mommy….” I knelt and kissed her ass-checks all over. Darla spread Natasha’s cheeks and I sniffed her asshole; “Is that Mommy’s asshole?”

“Yes Mommy….”

I kissed it and licked it and sucked it and stuck my tongue up her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass. “Good girl....”

She stood and pinched my left nipple and pulled on it until I rose to my feet. She pinched my scrotum pussy lips and smiled: “My little bitch has a cute pussy….” She nodded at Darla who the released me from my cock and balls prison.

“On the bed and on your back my little pet….”

I scampered to the bed and lay on my back as she ordered. She tied my hands behind my back and tied my ankles to my thighs. Darla sat on my chest and stuck her cock into my mouth. Someone grabbed my balls and started to roll them between her hands while Darla’s cock grew rock hard.

Darla got off of me and Lynne straddled my head and shoved her cock in my mouth. Darla rubbed spit on my ass and I went limp all over. I was going to become a giant fuck hole; I prayed not to die here! Darla rammed her cock up my ass and I screamed into Lynne’s cock. They were both humping me in rhythm and I could swear their cocks were meeting inside me.

Darla dug her fingers into my hips and was pounding my ass while Lynne had moved to a 69 position and was shoving her cock balls deep down my throat. Darla clenched me and rammed her cock up my ass and I could feel it filling with her cum while she let out a satisfied moan.

She pulled her limp cock out of me and Lynne moved around and jammed her hard cock up my ass while Stephanie 69’d me; humping my face like I was a fuck doll. Stephanie’s balls bounced against my nose, my ass felt stretched enough for a truck to fuck me, my eyes rolled back into my head.

I was a fuck hole. I heard Mistress Natasha coo: “Good, good girl….make Mommy proud of you…little slut…make Mommy feel good….”
Lynne bucked her hips and filled my ass with her cum. Stephanie replaced her immediately, jamming her cock up my swollen, sore, cum dripping ass. Natasha 69’d me and fucked my face as though the world was about to end. My eyes watered, my throat bulged from her giant cock. I faintly heard their squeals of glee and delight. An eternity passed and finally Stephanie shot her load up my ass while Natasha sent ropes of cum down my throat.

“Ahhhhh….sweet girl…! Eat Mommy’s cum! Yes! Drink it all! Suck Mommy dry!”

Stephanie pulled out and Natasha cooed into my ear, “We’re just getting started sweetie. Remember, we have all day and night….”

I had forgotten my wife had gone out of town and I had the day off. I was gonna die; smiling, but gonna die…..

Natasha stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, “We’re gonna have lots and lots and lots of fun sweetie…. Did mommy’s little girl get her ass dirty?”

“No Mistress…Mommy!” I whispered. I yelped as someone slapped my hard dick. It bounced around like a stinging metronome. “Yes!” I whined, “Yes! My ass is dirty Mommy….”

She smiled and covered my eyes with a blindfold. I felt someone sit on my chest and thought I smelled excited pussy. Natasha cooed into my ear, “Do you know that smell?” I realized there was no cock and balls in my face.

“Pussy Mistress.”

“Yesss…pussy…excited pussy…pussy that has seen everything….”

I heard the other Mistress’s giggle and squeal, somebody squeezed my balls and I groaned and my breath came back to me filled with pussy.

“Does mommy’s slut like pussy?”

“Yes Mommy….”

“Better than Mommy’s cock?”

I gently shook my head, “No Mommy….”

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that. You will love this pussy like my cock my little bitch….” I nodded my head in agreement. “Sniff that pussy slut, sniff it so you know it….”

The pussy was suddenly shoved on my nose, shaven and wet; I sniffed the clit, the labia, she hunched and my nose was inside her and I inhaled through my nose as best as I could.

“Kiss it bitch, kiss that sweet pussy,”

I kissed the pussy all over, inside and out; kissed the clit, the luscious, clamshell like lips and her urethra. My face was getting covered in pussy juice and her moans filled my ears.

“Lick it girl…suck it….eat that pussy….”

I licked and sucked and stuck my tongue inside the pussy. I licked the clit. I sucked the lips. I tongued the urethra. I stuck my tongue deep inside her. Her clit was nearly as long as my little finger and reminded me of my wife’s clit.

She moaned and groaned and I drank her pussy juice and my face was covered with her juice.

My wife’s clit…

She hunched her hips and ground her pussy into my mouth and I felt like it opened and swallowed my head. My mouth inside her: licking and kissing and swallowing. Then outside of her: sucking and licking and swallowing.

Wife has a long clit….

She held my nose and shoved her clit into my mouth, “Suck it bitch…suck that sweet clit….” Natasha ordered.

Wife’s clit…oh…no….

Someone removed my blindfold and I stared up at my wife looking down at me. “Hi bitch!” then she ground her pussy into my face and stopped.

“Mistress Natasha and I have become, well, quite close. I’ve known about you all along my little slut. Lick! (I began licking her pussy). You’re gonna have 2 Mommy’s and be our little pet and spend your life in our service (I nodded my head).”

She slid forward and stuck her asshole in my mouth, “Eat it bitch! Eat Mommy’s ass!” I began licking and sucking and eating her asshole. It opened and I put my tongue up her ass. Connie ground her hips and I though my face would slide up her ever opening asshole.

“You have more cum to eat sweetie, Mommy’s don’t want you to go hungry. Here’s what we’ll do: first, Mommy Connie will let you fuck her in the ass with your pathetic little pecker because mommy can hold that tiny little girl juice of yours inside her. Then, all of Mommy’s new friends will add to it, so you can have a full meal our little slut.”

She slid down and put my dick up her ass. Natasha shoved a ball gag in my mouth. Connie started riding my dick so hard I though it would break off. Before I knew it I blew my load up her ass. Somebody held my balls between their hands; I screamed into the gag as someone slapped my balls together and more cum shot out of me.

All the girls were giggling and pinching and slapping me. Connie squeezed her asshole tight and got off of me and lay on the bed. Natasha untied my legs and propped me up. My ass hurt, my mouth ached, throat sore, balls ached…I was in slut heaven! Kill me now! “Get the ladies ready, like a good little girl….”

Natasha lay on the bed and Darla “helped” me sit on her cock. Stephanie stuck her cock into my mouth and pulled me forward. I felt Lynne ram her cock up my ass! Two cocks up my ass and one in my mouth! I turned in a fuck doll; bouncing and moaning and sucking. After a few moments they threw me off and ordered me to watch. One by one they fucked Connie in the ass. She was on her back and they all made sure her legs stayed high so all the cum remained inside her ass. They were all yelping, and squealing and laughing.

Finally, they helped Connie slide over to me and sat her asshole on my mouth. Cum and ass juice filled my mouth; I licked and swallowed until I thought my tongue would fall off. Connie held my nose, someone played with my balls, and somebody toyed with my limp dick, someone pinched my nipples, someone slapped my legs and feet….

Connie in one ear and Natasha in the other: “we’ve just started sweetie. Let’s see….what’s next…?”