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Introduction: A pilgrims progress

Bob walked down 8th Ave. and turned onto 43rd St. after a half block he reached his target. He wasn’t sure if he liked this assignment or not. His editor at the newspaper where he worked had asked him for a 1000 words on alternate lifestyles. In fact newspaper was kind of stretch, it was a weekly and not much more than a shoppers guide, one cut above the ‘Penny Saver’ types. But when your degree in journalism is from Altered State U. (Alfred State) you can’t be that choosey. So here he was in Manhattan about to visit and try to interview the denizens of a drag bar.

It was only four in the afternoon, so he was not going to get many patrons to interview. These places in Manhattan don’t get going until after 10 PM and aren’t in full swing until 1 in the morning. His editor had given him a train pass and $50 bucks to cover expenses, which would not last all that long.

Stepping into the cool of the bar, he was assaulted by the usual bar smell of old beer, whiskey with a hint of urine and a touch of vomit. It was almost frigid in the bar after the hot August sun. The owner had the ac running full blast, because he knew when the full crowd of drag queens, she-males, transsexuals and their admirers filled the joint, the temperature would go through the ceiling.

After a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the interior, Bob looked around to find a place to sit. This place made him nervous, as did the whole assignment and he wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Looking around the room he saw a fat bald guy sitting with two girls at the bar, and one lone woman about half way down the bar. The fat bald guy turned out to be the bartender, who lumbered to his feet, came around the bar and placed a napkin on the bar about one seat down from the lone woman. Bob realized this was his designated seat.

Bob ordered a glass of beer, figuring to make his money last as long as possible, and was amazed to find a draft beer was five dollars. He took a sip and looked around the bar again, when he got to the woman seated next to him, she smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. Not in the manner of children, but full out and down her chin. ‘That is strange.’ He thought. Had he bothered to read up a bit on his subject, he would have realized that the tongue was an invitation, a come on.

“Hi.” Said Bob.

“Hi yourself.” Replied the woman. She was small breasted, with long dark hair that hung almost to her waist, pale skin that appeared almost translucent. No sun worshipper here. “Scoot over a seat so we don’t have to shout.”

Bob moved over. After and awkward pause he began to explain his mission, as rapidly as he could words spilling out. “Maybe you could introduce me to one the people here so I could get my interview?”

“Why not me?” asked the woman, “I’m a transsexual or she male, aren’t I good enough for you?”
“Oh, I just thought you were, well you know.” Came a tortured reply, as Bob blushed.

“Well good, I am supposed to pass. Good thing I told you now, before I was six inches up your ass don’t you think.”


“Just kidding, I am Fran, or Frannie, and you are?”

“ Bob” he blurted out.

“Well Bob, let me fill you in. I am 26, and have been living as a woman since I was fifteen. I had my first encounter with a man when I was 13 and discovered my homosexual nature. That didn’t quite describe it though. I was an effete little boy, undersized and not interested in sports. So determining that I wanted to live and act like a woman was just a logical choice. Luckily I react well to hormones so no need for breast implants. Have had facial surgery, nose, cheekbones and voice box. Plus some work on my hips to make them womanlier. My equipment still works, wanna see it.”

“Ahh, no. Wow, that’s what I wanted to hear.” Said a delighted Bob. “How did you know, you know?”

“It came over me a little at a time, I knew I was gay, but doing the drag bit seemed to make it alright. Lots of straight men will go with a she-male, that would have fits if approached by a twink.” Came the reply from Frannie. “When I was 13 was seduced by one of my teachers. He kept me after school one day and had me suck his cock, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to take his cock in my mouth. Then he bent me over his desk and fucked me. I was in heaven, he chickened out though. Where I lived, in an Irish neighborhood, he would have been lynched if he had gotten caught.”

“Besides that what do you do now?"

“Oh I am a computer coder. Went to Junior college as a girl, and got a programming degree. The alternative isn’t very nice and that is porn or hooking. That doesn’t appeal to me guess there is a bit of the Irish training still hanging on in me. So I come in here, but am careful. Lots of straight guys will be in later on, some want a blow job, others want to blow a queen, and some come to get their shit pushed in, takes all kinds you know. One thing you should realize is there is a bit of sadism and masochism in all homosexual relationships, perhaps a little less with she-males, and trannies though. Guess you could say that is why we like to change our appearance so we get more loving with our fucking.”

Bob was furiously taking notes on his little pad. “Do you ever have someone, you know try and black mail you?”

“No, because anyone that knows what my real equipment is, has either had it in his mouth or up his ass, and wouldn’t dare say anything for fear of exposure himself.”

“Well you are telling me.”

“Yes Bob, I am, but the night is still young, and you’re so beautiful.”

“Ahhh, I don’t, well you know.”

“Just a little joke there Bob honey. To use a football analogy, right now you are a ‘tight end’ spend some time with me and I will turn you into a ‘wide receiver.’” Frannie grinned.

“I guess the next logical question is: Are you happy?” Asked Bob.

“Content and accepting would be the more correct way of stating it. Have spent a lot of time in therapy asking why me? Finally decided to accept what I am and make the best of it. You know, find a good man, settle down and have a few kids. Adopted of course.”

“Well by way of thanks let me buy you a drink.” Said Bob.

“Okay, but let me order, hey Cliff, two orgasms.” Frannie shouted to the bartender.

The bartender mixed to shooters that looked exactly like a load of cum floating in the brown liquor.

“Okay Bob baby, down the hatch.” Grinned Frannie as she drained her shooter then licked her lips.

The bartender relieved Bob of a twenty for the two drinks.

Bob downed his obscene looking concoctions as Frannie had. It tasted much better than it looked, being a gooey blend of several different sweet creamy liquors. The warm liquor hit his stomach hard, and caused an immediate buzz.

“This place is expensive Bob, I saw you wince on the price of those drinks, but that is what you get for coming in a place like this. Now, my apartment is just a couple of blocks from here, why don’t you come over for a drink, and, we can continue the interview there.”

“Okay.” Said Bob, relieved that he wouldn’t have to blow his entire expenses on another round of drinks.

The apartment was more like 8 blocks, over an avenue and up to 48th St. It was a 10 story brick building with a court yard, and quite well kept. No athlete, Bob was breathing hard and sweating by the time they arrived.

Frannie’s apartment was on the fourth floor, and was quite impressive. There was a sofa in the living room facing a large screen TV, a combination kitchen dining area and a couple of doors which Bob assumed were the bath and bedroom.

“Gee, this is very nice, much better than my place up state.” Said Bob.

“Well your just starting out aren’t you Bob baby, you will get there. Have a seat on the couch, I call it the Mayflower.”

“You named your couch the Mayflower, why is that?” Asked a puzzled Bob.

“Because dear sweet Bob, many a little pilgrim has come across on it for me.”

“Sorry I don’t get that one.”

“Oh you will get it don’t worry Bobbie dear. By the way do you have a wife or girlfriend upstate?”

“A girl friend. We talk about getting married, but I don’t know, my career isn’t exactly taking off.”

“Is she a good fuck?”

“I, I, don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean Bob, does she put out for you. If she doesn’t fuck, at the least does she give good head, really suck your rocks dry?”

“Ah, well, we aren’t very good at, I kinda of well you know.”

“Oh Bob you make it sound so perfectly clear you ain’t getting any from her, maybe pussy isn’t what you really want. Here lets watch a tape, and I will get us a drink.” Going over to the VCR Frannie selected a tape, plugged it in and then went to the kitchen and fixed two White Russians.

Bob got out his note pad as the tape started. The girl in the tape was short with a long curly blond hair in the style of today. The guy was kind of fat and bald. They necked for a while. Then she kind of pushed the guy down to her crotch where in place of a cunt, was a large prick and balls. She was a she-male. The hero of the film began to eat her, first the cock, then the balls and finally her ass. Bob was fascinated, to this point he had no idea what or how any of this was all done. He became so fascinated that he didn’t realize he had consumed the entire drink Frannie had prepared for him.

The film continued and the ending was the guy mounting the she-males cock. The she-male fucked him and jerked him off, he finally spilling his seed all over her stomach as he bounced up and down on her cock.

“So Bob what did you think?”

“It ahhh, cleared up a few points for me.” Said Bob, whose throat was kind of constricted at this point.

“Let me get you another drink, and we can watch some more tapes.” Said Frannie as she took Bob’s empty glass for a refill.

Bob watched tapes for the next hour and a half. All kinds of acts and positions he could never have imagined, and it didn’t seem strange to him, since half the participants looked like girls.

Then he saw a particularly hot short. “Bob, you will like this one because the she-male is really good looking and likes to be fucked, plus they seem to like one another.”

Again his eyes were glued to the set, and Frannie had been correct. The she-male was active and enjoyed being fucked, and at the end as the guy jerked himself to a climax, she ate him with obvious delight as he came in her mouth.

“Pretty heavy stuff aye Bob?”

“Yes.” Replied a somewhat shaken Bob.

Frannie leaned over and kissed him. He was shocked at first but responded, her face was soft and smooth as she explored his mouth with her tongue. Then her hand went into his lap and began to message his cock and balls, as they continued to kiss. They kissed and necked for about fifteen minutes. One handed she reached up and pushed the top of her dress down revealing her breasts. Then she pulled up her dress took Bob’s hand and placed it in her crotch and held it against her cock and balls. Breaking the kiss, she bit his neck softly then whispered in his ear: “Just pretend you playing with yourself Bob, don’t think about it.” Meanwhile she pulled his cock out of his trousers and caressed it and his balls. His girlfriend never played with him like this.

Bob was amazed at how hard he gotten, and how nice Frannie’s package felt in his hand as he explored the area. They continued kissing and sucking each other’s tongues while their hands continued the mutual masturbation. Frannie broke the kiss and leaned down into Bob’s lap and took him in her mouth. Bob was shocked by the sensation and started to quiver. She only licked him a couple of times when his body went ridged and he shot into her mouth. Frannie sucked him dry, sat back up and grinned at Bob and kissed him deep and hard.

After another fifteen or so minutes of this heavy petting Frannie leaned back and with her right hand she held her cock in the air and with her left she gently guided Bob’s head onto the waiting member. “Please Bobbie, eat me raw, suck me off.” She slipped her cock into his mouth and he was powerless to resist the action. “Oh Bobbie honey that is good, kiss it lick it, suck my balls.” The cock end was covered with pre fuck lubricant as Bob slobbered over the head, finally having decided to copy what he had seen in the videos. For the next twenty minutes Bob copied every thing he had seen on the videos, as he explored Frannie with his mouth. He sucked her dick, her balls, then licked her asshole as she wiggled and cooed encouragement to him. His hand stole into his own crotch and found the unique pleasure of playing with his prick as he ate Frannie’s cock and balls.

Finally Frannie felt herself ready to catch a nut: “Oh Bobbie, that is so good, eat me Bobbie, eat me.” Whispered Frannie as she began to fuck his mouth. “That’s really what you want isn’t it, now hold still Frannie’s going to cum in your mouth.” Frannie held Bob by the ears and with his head still shot her load deep into Bob’s mouth and like the she-male in the film he gobbled it down, he was happy.

“Bobbie that was so sweet of you, now I am going to fuck you, here take your trousers down, and I will make a woman of you.”

As if in a trance Bob undressed, as Frannie stretched out on the couch and jerked herself back to and erection, then with personal lubricant made her cock extra slippery.

“Just like in the video Bobbie, straddle me and sit on it.” It was rough on Bob, but Frannie was patient and finally had her cock worked up his ass. With a slow rhythm she fucked him playing with his cock at the same time. Bob’s guts were in turmoil over this first ever intrusion, but he got a raging hardon from the attention to his ass. It was about fifteen minutes before Frannie could cum again, but when she felt her nuts tighten she pulled Bob down on top of her and kissed him as she pounded out her orgasm up his ass. His cock shot as she came, pressed as it was between the two bodies as it was.

They lay in each other’s arms for a while, kissing and enjoying the after glow, glued together at their stomachs by Bob’s cum.

“You’re a perfect little girl, you came when I did. Oh Bobbie, you are sweet, how did you like your first real fuck?”

“I, don’t know, didn’t know I was gay.”

“Well, we live and learn don’t we. Hope I didn’t get your pregnant didn’t wear a condom.”

“That can’t happen can it?” Exclaimed an upset Bob.

“No silly, I was just making a joke for you. No go to the bathroom and get me a washcloth. Then I will teach you how to 69, you can’t tell whose cocks is whose.” So it went that evening, the two new lovers fell asleep with their heads in each others groin.

The next morning Frannie took Bob into the shower, then introduced him to an enema. Afterwards she taught him to play horsy. He was of course the mare and found he loved being ridden high, tight and hard. After that morning he looked forward to getting on his hands and knees and having his ashes hauled from behind.

Bob gave up his apartment upstate and moved in with Frannie. He got a job on a New York Weekly writing political commentary. He has decided to remain a male, but behind closed doors Frannie uses him like a woman. Occasionally they will have a third over for fun and games. Bob has found he likes to have both his ass and mouth stuffed at the same time.

Frannie and Bob had just celebrated their one-year anniversary as a couple and were just a wee bit drunk. Actually they were both stoned. They had made the rounds of all the TV bars and discos and then taken a taxi back downtown to their new apartment. They had been playing with one another on the ride back and as soon as they were inside the apartment locked in a long sloppy drunken kiss. Bob had his hand under Frannie’s dress in her panties fondling her cock, and Frannie’s hand was inside of Bob’s trousers stroking his erection.

Finally they broke the kiss, coming up for air as it were. “Come on Bob lets get more comfortable on the couch.” Frannie whispered to her lover. “You can eat me, then I’ll eat you. No fucking tonight lets just suck each other off and off and off.” Frannie flopped down on the sofa pulled her cock out and pushed Bob’s head onto her rigid member.

Bob licked and sucked, as Frannie got her dress loose. “Come on Bob get naked she whispered. They broken and soon both were totally without clothes.

Frannie pulled Bob onto the couch with her and got into position for mutual cock-sucking. As soon as Bob got her cock in his mouth Frannie locked her legs around his head and begin to hump his face. They each hugged the others ass as they frantically mouth fucked. Bob was the first to cum, Frannie redoubled her humping when she tasted him, and soon Bob got his reward a mouthful of Frannie.

Frannie did not release Bob’s head as he sucked her dick out. She looked down at the head locked between her legs and grinned and said: “Happy anniversary lover, I have a new reward for you tonight.’ With that she released the contents of her bladder into Bob’s mouth.

Bob was at first shocked, but could do nothing since Frannie held him tight with her thighs as the stream of yellow fluid ran down his throat. His reaction though was immediate, he got hard again, as did Frannie as soon as her fluids stopped, and they went back to sucking each other. They made love slowly this time, licking each other’s cock, kissing and sucking their balls, with a little anal play for good measure. It took about a half hour of licking sucking until they each caught a nut and came again. They fell asleep in this position, exhausted by a combination of booze and sex.

Frannie awoke first, bright sunlight streaming in the windows, looking at the clock she could see it was almost nine AM. She was shocked to discover she was painfully erect.
‘That’s strange,’ She thought ‘Bob sucked me off twice last night and I get a morning woody. I guess the more you use it the more it wants to get used. No sense wasting a good hard-on.’

Bob was still sleeping, splayed out on his back. Frannie got up on the couch and reversed position so she was kneeling between Bob’s legs. She hooked her arms beneath his knees and raised his legs exposing his rectum. She positioned her hard-on at her second most favorite opening and began to push. Bob slowly awoke; confused at first, but when it finally became clear what was going on he pushed back and was immediately rewarded by Frannie’s cock sinking deep in to his bowels.

“Good morning lover.” Cooed Frannie. “Last night was so sweet, I just had to have you again.” Frannie reached down and massaged Bob’s erection. “I want you nice and hard that makes your asshole nice and tight for little Frannie to fuck.”

“Fuck me Frannie, fuck me, make me hurt.” Cried Bob.

“Lover I will make you hurt like never before.” Frannie positioned herself so that her pubic bone slapped up against Bob’s balls with each thrust and commenced to fuck.

Bob cringed from the pain but pushed back hard and begin to meet each of Frannie’s thrusts. He was in ecstasy over the cock in his ass and the pain in his balls. After about three minutes Frannie came releasing her load with four hard final thrusts. She kept the hard pressure on Bob’s trapped balls reaching down she caressed him and he shot all over his stomach. Frannie then collapsed into Bob’s arms and kissed him. They lay like that recovering their breaths, finally Frannie said: “Okay slut, lets get a shower and get dressed, you are such a little fuck bunny, fuck and suck that’s all you want to do. Frannie is going to have to hurt you one of these days.”

Bob just giggled as they headed to the bath for a shower and enema, just in case.

Later that day after a breakfast of bagels and plenty of coffee to subdue the night before, Bob reflected on the past year. When he met Frannie and she seduced him he had no idea of his sexual orientation being anything but the usual. He had the peripheral awareness of homosexuality; but no personal experience, and very little hetro experience to boot. After the awakening he did not think himself odd, because of Frannie’s very feminine appearance. She was just a sweet very feminine girl who happened to have a cock and balls. While they had some threesomes over the past year it had always been with other she-males so Bob felt completely normal, and could make himself believe that he had never had sex with a man.

About six weeks into their relationship, Bob had moved to the city and was shacking with Frannie. His parents were upset by his move from their area so he decided to travel upstate with Frannie to meet the parents. Bob had been somewhat nervous about this as was Frannie, but Bob didn’t want to spoil his relationship with his parents with whom he felt very close.

They needn’t have worried. Bob’s conservative parents Cindy and Jim accepted Frannie at face value and they had a marvelous time getting acquainted. Jim would think to himself that Frannie was a bit thick in the ankles and thighs and had awfully big hands but didn’t make a big deal of it. As a matter of fact they both preferred Frannie to Bob’s past girlfriend, who they both considered a tight assed bitch. Though both would have been loath to describe her that way. Being relatively young themselves, Bob’s parents accepted the fact the Frannie and Bob were sleeping together.

Finally after dessert and coffee everyone retired for the evening. Bob so relieved at the way the whole day and evening went was totally beside himself. As soon as the door to his bedroom was shut he whispered to Frannie: “Oh my parents love you, and so do I, fuck me Frannie, do me, do me hard.”

Frannie was also relieved she put Bob face down on the bed and penetrated him as hard and fast as she could from behind Then when she was far into his nether area she grabbed him by the hair pulling his head painfully back; then proceeded to fuck him until he bled. Bob would be totally bowlegged and limping for a week after this night.

Bob’s parents were discussing the day’s events in their bedroom and how much they liked Frannie when the unmistakable sounds of hard sex and someone having repeated orgasms reached their bedroom. They both kind of giggled as people do at this sort of thing. Jim’s hand stole down to his wife’s panties, he slid his hand in and began to finger her cunt. She in her turn reached over and played with her husband’s balls and growing erection.

Shortly after their second son Bob was born they decided not to have any more children. The strictures of the religion though forbade birth control and they were both good church going believers. They were also still young and horny. At first they tried oral sex exclusively, and found they like the sights, smells and taste of each other’s nether areas. But that was not entirely satisfactory, as both of them wanted the satisfaction of penetration. It was at this point Cindy offered up her anal canal to Jim. At first Jim would frig Cindy’s cunt with his hand as took her from behind. Then they found they could fuck like this face to face. This proved so successful and satisfying that for over twenty years the only thing that had gone into Cindy’s vagina was Jim’s tongue and fingers. Cindy got to the point where she could cum from just the anal penetration, a trait she would have been shocked to know she shared with her son. Of course since this wasn’t sex in the strictest definition of the word, Cindy had taken to carrying a bottle of Fleet with her in case she got any interesting offers. Jim would have been shocked to know the number of neighbors and friends that had also explored Cindy’s hemorrhoids. After all there could be no evidence. She had to do a lot of penance for these delightful thrills, but it wasn’t really adultery, just a friendly act.

Cindy and Jim, aroused totally by the sounds from their son’s room, were soon going down on one another, they didn’t quit until they were both covered with each others juices. Cindy gave Jim’s cock one last French kiss and reversed herself as Jim took her in his arms. “Its nice” she said “that Bob has found someone as nice as Frannie.” Jim nodded then they kissed enjoying the smells and tastes of their love making.

On Monday when straightening up her son’s room after Bob and Frannie had returned to the city, Cindy would be amazed at how much Bob had starched his sheets with his cum. Never knowing of course that there had been two cocks spraying the bed clothes.

At peace with his parents and their unknowing but unconditional acceptance of Frannie, his work going well Bob looked forward to a bright future. Frannie had insisted he seek counseling from a psychiatrist, the same one that she saw. This helped him immensely and avoided a bout of depression and the ‘why me lord’ syndrome.

Monday morning Bob was back at the newspaper where he worked. Frannie was a telecommuter and only went to the office occasionally to be briefed or when she needed supplys. It was a ho hum week, but they were both looking forward to the weekend as Bob’s parents were coming down Friday to spend a couple of days with them.

Friday afternoon at 1PM Cindy and Jim arrived Frannie greeted them at the door gave them a quick tour of the large apartment she and Bob shared. Frannie got them set up in the quest bedroom and then they all sat down for a glass of wine. Frannie poured them all a good stiff jolt of port. At about this time Bob called to say the servers were down at the newspaper and he couldn’t get his column in until they were back on line.

After much back and forth and all around the mulberry bush, it was decided that Jim would go to Bob’s office and see where his son worked. Cindy would stay with Frannie for a little girl talk. Jim was out the door and hailing a taxi, Frannie poured Cindy another glass of port and they began to chat.

“Do you and Bob plan to make it legal, we can post the bans at anytime.” Asked Cindy.

“Perhaps we are both immature for that big a step, besides there are certain legal considerations.” Replied Frannie.

“Legal considerations? What about kids, it sounded like you and Bob were going at it pretty hot and heavy at our house.” Grinned Cindy.

“I am quite certain there will be no children, not at this time at least.”

“Your not using birth control are you?”

“No, Bob and I sort of engage in alternate sexual practices, that way we don’t have to worry about birth control.”

“Alternate sexual practices, I think I know what you mean, but want to be certain.”

“Well Cindy we use our mouths, and the alternate opening.”

“Oh.” Said Cindy. Then after draining her third glass of port, she poured out her and Jim’s whole sexual history, in every living detail and in glorious color, even to the point of her fondness for using the front seat of the family sedan to satisfy neighbors and members of the church. “Its not like you know real sex, real sex is where you are trying to make a baby, this is just a way to avoid that. Even the last president said it wasn’t really sex or prohibited, and he researched it thoroughly.”
“My, my, my Cindy you and Jim are sure a trip. How often do you go at it.” Smirked Frannie as she topped off Cindy’s glass of wine.

“Probably twice a week, with Jim, and maybe once a week with one of my other friends.”
Giggled Cindy, who was now in the bag.

“I think it just wonderful that you have made such an open minded accommodation that fills your needs. Can you keep a secret from Jim and Bob, just between us girls?”

“Of course Frannie, you a member of the family now.” Slurred Cindy.

“This is a biggie, are you sure? Asked Frannie again.

“Positively.” Said Cindy as she pursed her lips and made the locking motion with the throwing away of the key.

“Don’t lock you mouth Cindy, I am going to want to use it here. Now remember you promised.” Frannie slide next to Cindy on the couch and slipped her hand down the back of Cindy’s skirt. “Lean forward Cindy.” Cindy leaned forward just a little confused by what was going on. Finally Frannie found what she was looking for and inserted a finger into Cindy’s asshole. “There it is Cindy, now for the secret, I am mentally a woman, but physically I am a man.” With her free hand Frannie popped her cock out from her skirt. “Now Cindy show little Frannie that you can suck cock as well as you son can.” Still fingering Cindy’s asshole, she pulled the older woman’s head into her lap. Cindy was drunk, and she was used to fooling around and here was a cock so she sucked it. Later she would realize the enormity of what she was doing but right now she was doing exactly what she had been told to do by dozens of other men and her husband, she sucked.

“Cindy you are good, you like my cock, this is how a family gets to be really close.” Cindy sucked and licked and when Frannie ejaculated she gobbled it all down. Frannie continued to finger Cindy’s round brown. “Now on the floor Cindy, time to give Frannie a little ride.” Cindy drunkenly got down on her hands and knees. Frannie quickly jerked her wet cock back to erection and pulled the older woman’s panties down, then she mounted and began to fuck her.

Cindy it turned out was a screamer, she started cuming immediately and continued for the full fifteen minutes it took Frannie to unload a second time, all the time voicing in a high pitched keening voice her pleasure at the activities.

“Wow Cindy, you must wake the dead up when you get off. Are you sure you can keep this a secret?” Asked Frannie as she withdrew from the well fucked ass.

“Weeeellll.” Said Cindy as the whole picture began to penetrate the wine soaked mind. “This is, how can I say it, different.”

“That’s what I was afraid of Cindy. Let me go get you another glass of wine and a pill so you won’t have a hang over.” Frannie poured another glass of wine and went into her stash of medicine for a roofie, the rape drug, one of those and the wine would make the whole evening a blur for Cindy. She gave the pill, and wine to Cindy making sure it was taken, when the phone rang, it was Bob saying the computer was up, the column was in, but that he and his father were going to take a stroll around Greenwich Village before coming back to the apartment and not to get worried.

“Well Cindy that was the boys they are going to be late.” Frannie informed Cindy, who was totally walleyed now. “Wanna blow me again, you might as well, there is nothing good on TV tonight.” Cindy obligingly got down on her knees and sucked Frannie off for the second time, frigging herself to orgasm as she did, not too long after swallowing her second load of cum for the evening she passed out. Frannie badgered and cajoled her to her feet and into the bedroom, got her night clothes on and tucked her in.

Later when Bob and Jim came home Frannie explained that the wine had been a bit too much for Cindy and she had gone to bed early.

“Well” said Jim, “we aren’t much for drinking, so I can understand that.”

The three sat and chatted till 11PM, and then they all retired. Bob was a little put off when Frannie said she was too tense to fuck him. Jim was certainly not going to ever buy any of that brand of wine, his wife Cindy’s breath was like dead fish.

The next morning they awoke all bright andcheerful, except for Cindy who was very woozy even after three cups of New York Style coffee. They all sat around the table chatting about this that and the other until it was noon. Cindy still had come around so Frannie said perhaps a bit of the ‘hair of the dog’ would help. She poured Cindy a shot of scotch, and held her nose while Cindy downed it. Sure enough in about twenty minutes Cindy was all bright and cheerful and ready to go.

Cindy suggested at this point she would like the walking tour of the Village. Jim opted out saying all that walking in his dress shoes had caused a painful blister, and Frannie volunteer to stay home with him. So Cindy and her son Bob got dressed, and headed out. Bob was heard to say as he was leaving with his mother that there was a great open air market he would take her to see.

“They will be gone forever” quipped Jim, “Cindy will buy out the whole market.”

“She likes the flea markets does she. Well that isn’t all she really likes is it Jim.” Grinned Frannie. “I am probably going to need a nap here, all that talking last night to you and Cindy told me her life’s story, lets have a glass of wine.”

“Not that stuff from last night, Cindy smelled awful what’s in that stuff?”

“Oh it probably wasn’t the wine, it was probably something she ate, I gave her a couple snacks which she gobble right up, but no difference I’ll get you something else.” Frannie poured them both a glass of a sweet heavy duty wine from upstate.

“Here’s to family Jim, may we all get closer and closer.” Frannie drained her glass, and not wanting to be a spoil sport, Jim did the same.

“Wow, that is a strong one.” Said Jim as the wine hit bottom.

“One more then, remember in wine there is truth.” Returned Frannie as she poured them another glass of the potent wine.

Jim seemed to relax and loosen up. He found Frannie quite attractive, the thickness of her ankles and large hands not withstanding, she was sitting next to him on the couch, her dress up, and her tits almost out of the light sun dress and her legs underneath her. It was just a bit warm in the apartment and she had a light patina of sweat covering her, this mixed with her perfume was making him a little giddy.

“I think it improper for someone as young as I am to address you by your first name, so how about ‘Daddy Jim?’” Grinned Frannie.

“Gee Frannie that would be okay.” Said a very pleased Jim.

“Good lets have some more wine to as a sort of baptismal Daddy Jim.” Said Frannie as she refilled their glasses for the third time. She leaned over and give Jim a big kiss on the cheek as she handed him the wine.

Still leaning close to his ear she whispered: “Mama Cindy tells me you are a great lover, that turns little Frannie on to think of a big strong man like Daddy Jim, doing all those things to his wife.”

“Huh?” Replied Jim as he gulped down some more wine. “What did Cindy tell you?”

Still whispering and now even closer Frannie said: “She said you were real voluntary on her little pussy. You and your tongue could make her scream no end when you eat her out. That is really sexy to think of you with your head buried in her little bush just licking away like crazy.” Frannie dropped the top of her sundress so her tits were in the open, causing Jim’s eyes to bulge. “Have some more wine Daddy Jim.”

“Ahh, what else did she tell you.”

“She told me that you and she like to play hide the wiener with her back door, you give her what you got in the fanny.”

“She didn’t, did she?” Slurred a very drunk Jim.
“Yep, she told me all about and how much you and she like to do the back door rumba. That is neat Daddy Jim, big sexy Daddy Jim.” Frannie’s hands were now at work on the belt on his shorts, and before he full comprehended what was happening she had his zipper down and his shorts pulled away from a semi erect cock. “Oh Daddy Jim, how big you are, goodness, all the girls must want your big manly cock.” Jim got harder, and as he did Frannie leaned into his lap and begin to blow him.

Without the wine Jim would have been appalled that his potential daughter in law was giving him head. But his reactions and morals were far away and hard to reach.

Frannie looked up a little saliva dripping off her lips: “This isn’t sex Daddy Jim, just relax and let it happen.” Then she went back to blowing him. She took her time, not a fast blow job like you get from a hooker, but rather slow love making by someone that loves a cock.

Finally just as he was about to blow his load Frannie sat up. “Come on Daddy Jim, Frannie likes it in the fanny too. Fuck my ass Daddy Jim, do me hard.” She lowered her panties just enough to expose her asshole and assumed the position pulling Jim by the dick up to her opening. “Bob’s never done me there Daddy Jim, take me please.” As soon as his dick touched her round brown she pushed back and he was engulfed.

For his part Jim was amazed even Cindy as experienced as she was could not move like Frannie, he felt like he had climbed aboard a bucking horse. He responded and pounded back.

“Oh Daddy Jim, your so hard, fuck me, fuck me.” Screamed Frannie.

“Oh my goodness I’m cuming.” Yelled Jim.

Frannie pulled off and spun around and took Jim’s cock in her mouth sucked him up as he came. It happened so fast that Jim almost didn’t realize he was no longer in her ass but in her mouth. Looking up from his crotch her mouth loaded with his seed Frannie smiled a wicked smile and said: “That was great Daddy Jim, you sure know how to do a girl. Now lay down on the couch and I will make you feel real good.”

Jim was in shock at what had just happened, but did as he was told, lying face down on the couch. Frannie pulled his shorts down and his shirt up and began to give him a massage. Tension began to flow out of him, but he couldn’t get around the wines effect to think clearly.

“Daddy Jim you fucked me really nice, you have such an experienced dick, it has a mind of its own. Mama Cindy said you were good at it and you are.” Breathed Frannie as she worked down Jim’s back.

“Thanks I think.” Mumbled Jim into the pillow.

“You know what some people say don’t you Jim?”


“Some people would say of you that if you lick the hole, you will eat the pole. Have you ever eaten the pole Jim?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh yes you do, are you being coy with little Frannie Daddy Jim. Have you ever sucked another man off, taken a cock in your mouth?”

“Good god no.” Came the emphatic reply.

“How about fucking another woman, or eating your neighbors wife.”

“No also.”

“Mama Cindy say she has blown half your town, and the half she hasn’t blown she has taken up the ass, so I assumed you fooled around too.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Mama Cindy is a little fuck bunny, she thinks if a man asks her for head, or wants to fuck she is supposed to comply, and apparently everyone around knows but you.”

“That can’t be true.”

“Well Daddy Jim it is now hold still for a second Frannie’s got another surprise for you.” Frannie parted his ass checks and drove her cock in. “Don’t be a sissy now Daddy Jim take your fucking like a man.”

“What the hell are you doing to me?”

“Fucking you Daddy Jim, fucking you. Now hold still till I get my nuts off in your ass.” True to her words Frannie began to fuck Jim in the ass.

Jim tried to get up, but Frannie’s weight and the wine made it impossible. The more he struggled the further in Frannie’s cock went. After what seemed like hours she finally came and collapsed on top of him. “Oh Daddy Jim your as good going in as going out.” Giggled Frannie as bit him on the back of the neck. “You can be my old mare Daddy Jim, I can ride hard can’t I.”

Frannie flopped back on the couch, her dress was pulled up her tits were hanging out, as Jim struggled to get up. “Come on over here and clean me up Daddy Jim, if you suck me off really well I’ll cum in your mouth just like I do in Bob’s and Mama Cindy’s they both eat my cum and love it.”

“This has to be a nightmare, this can’t be happening you can’t be a man.”

“Oh I am not a man Daddy Jim, I am a she-male, all girl except for this.” Giggled Frannie as she waved her cock at him and stuck out her tongue. “Now down on your hands and knees Daddy Jim and blow me, I blew you.”

“No, this is wrong, this is crazy, this is insane.”

“Daddy Jim its just turn around, you found out your wife is a slut, your son is a fag, and your future daughter in law has a cock bigger than yours, now quit stalling and blow me, cause if you don’t I will publish it your home town newspaper.”

“Go to hell you pervert.” Screamed Jim, as he pulled on his shorts and got dressed. “I’m leaving and when my wife comes here tell her to get her ass home.”

“I suppose that means I don’t get my blow job doesn’t it Daddy Jim.” Whined Frannie.

“Fuck you, whatever you are.”

“We already did that one Daddy Jim, and you liked it.” But Jim was out the door and down the stairs headed for the parking garage.

The activities of the late morning and early afternoon had tired Frannie. So she decided to take a nap. She felt good, there was a warm glow in her ass from Daddy Jim, and her balls had been emptied in his ass. She slept soundly and was awakened three hours later by the laughing return of Bob and his mother. ‘Have got to think of some fun and games for this evening.’ Thought Frannie, ‘Something really dirty and perverted.’

After a couple of cups of coffee, Frannie was her old self and along with the giggling mother and son inspected their haul from the Greenwich flea market. It was the usual junk you can’t resist, nick knacks and such that gathered dust and were of no earthly use, but they had fun. Frannie made up a cock and bull story about Jim having a non critical emergency upstate, and that Cindy was supposed to stay with them in NYC until he called.

Frannie got out a fresh bottle of wine and by six they were all a little high. She then switched to white Russians and ordered a couple of pizza’s. ‘Roofies are the answer.’ She thought, no memories, and no inhibitions, too bad she hadn’t give Daddy Jim one, she probably could have talked him into blowing her.

“Well everyone we don’t want any hangovers tomorrow, so here are the magic pills.” Handing both Bob and his mother a roofie.

By 7PM they were all in the bag, the pizza had been eaten and Frannie suggested maybe it would be a good idea for everyone to have another hangover pill. So it was roofies all around, Frannie took one herself, just in case a conscious suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Mother Cindy, come with me to the bath and we’ll leave Bob by himself for a while.” Frannie guided a really wobbly Cindy into the bath, and showed her the enema bag already and waiting for her. “Mama Cindy, get yourself ready, Frannie wants you nice and clean for your little boy.” Then Frannie helped Cindy clean herself thoroughly. Frannie lead Cindy back to the living room and placed here on the couch with a fresh drink. “Your turn in the bath Bobbie lover, get yourself ready for me.”

Bob got up also on unsteady legs and went into the bath. Frannie thought maybe she had ‘od’ed him on roofies, so she followed him in to make sure he put the nozzle in the right place.

“Oh girls we are going to have so much fun tonight. Mama Cindy is it true what they say about mothers?”

“What’s that Frannie?” Said a rather flannelled mouthed Cindy.

“Well you know, that every mother wants to fuck her son.” Replied Frannie. In light of the chemical composition of both mother and son’s blood it seemed a perfectly normal question.

“You know I never thought of that Frannie.” Replied a completely serious Cindy. “It sounds like some psychological mumbo jumbo, yet it has a certain delicious wicked appeal to it.”

“Bobbie honey, get undressed, your mother has seen you naked before, show her your cock.” Ordered Cindy. “Mama Cindy it will save a lot of time if you get naked too.” Cindy doffed her dress and panties revealing a semi erect cock which was anticipating all kinds of use and abuse.

“Oh Mama Cindy what beautiful tits you have and such large nipples, Bobbie dear suck you mothers nipples.” Bob dreamily leaned over and cradling one of his mother’s breasts begin to nurse. Cindy hesitated then started to caress her son’s head as her nipple extended and hardened, she was getting wet. Frannie leaned over and kissed Cindy and exploring her mouth with her tongue. Frannie picked up Cindy’s hand and placed it over her cock, Cindy grabbed and begin to fondle it.

They stay like this for about five minutes, kissing, sucking and stroking. Frannie broke the kiss and said: “Now Mama Cindy see how your little boy has gotten big down there, you’ve sucked lots of cocks, isn’t it about time you sucked off your son.”

“Yes your right Frannie, I should, Bob dear lay down and let me do you, I should have sucked you years ago.” Cindy pushed Bob on to his back and begin to explore his cock and balls with her mouth.

“Bobbie honey doesn’t your mother have a really educated mouth, she sure knows how to suck cock doesn’t she?”

“Oooooh yes.” Replied Bob.

“Bobbie lover its only fair you return the favor, 69 with your mother and lick her pussy, you’ve never done that before, its about time you did.” Ordered Frannie.

Bob reversed him self and rolled his mother onto her back, she did not relinquish his cock however, continuing to enthusiastically blow her youngest son. When he finally got in position he began to lick and suck his mother cunt.

Frannie stood back and admired the tableaux she had created mother and son enjoying oral sex with one another. It is really wonderful to see a family doing things together, even if the thing they are doing is each other.

With all her few inhibitions unplugged from the drugs and booze, Cindy came rather quickly, locking he son’s head into her crotch so that he had trouble breathing. Then she relaxed and he gulped in air, but hadn’t rewarded his mother yet.

Frannie got up on the couch behind Bobbie and prepared to fuck him. “Mama Cindy get ready your little boy cums in buckets when I fuck his ass.” She grabbed Bob’s hips and sunk her cock in up to the hilt. Bob’s balls cut loose and he flooded his mothers mouth. With her mouth full of her son’s essence Cindy went into an earth shattering orgasm that shook the couch and the floor. This time Bob though his ear drums were gone for sure.
Cindy sucked until nothing came out of son’s cock, then she kissed and tongued his balls. She then reached up and fondled Frannie’s balls as Frannie fucked Bob.

“Oh god, I am cuming, cuming, cuming.” Screamed Frannie. Cindy released her son’s cock from her mouth, reached behind her and grabbed Frannie’s cock pulling it free and into her mouth. Years of conditioning and alternate sex had made trained Cindy when a cock was going to shoot it should be in her mouth. Greedily she gobbled Frannie and swallowed as Frannie thrust down her throat. This set Cindy off again on a series of orgasms during which she almost suffocated her son for the third time that evening.

They collapsed into a pile and relaxed, breathing hard and drenched in sweat. Frannie’s ac unit couldn’t handle this amount of physical activity. The odor emanating from the pile of bodies, a combination of sweat, cum and female juice would have startled anyone just coming into the room, but to the participants it just added to their enjoyment.

Frannie was the first to move, walking to the kitchen returning with three glasses of a nice tart white wine to cut the coating in their throats.
The three sat on the floor propped against the couch, with Cindy in the middle flanked by her son and Frannie, quietly sipping their wine. Frannie was the first to move she began to fondle Cindy’s breasts. “Mama Cindy you have the nicest nipples.” She said then leaned over and began to suckle and could feel the nipple harden in her mouth.

“Oh my” Said Cindy, “I hate to break this up, my tits just love what you are dong to them, but I have got to pee.” She exclaimed.

“No need to move Mama Cindy. Bob take care of your mother with your mouth so she can stay right here.” Bob trance like went down on his mother again and locked on to her cunt. Frannie licked Cindy’s neck and whispered in her ear. “Give little Bobbie a taste of his mother, pee in his mouth.” Then Frannie locked Cindy in a kiss and at the same time rubbed her abdomen so she could easily release her bladder into her son’s eager mouth.

This was a bit more affection than Cindy could take without tossing her cookies again, and once again she locked her son’s head to her as she orgasmed.

“Mama Cindy that is so nice to be kissing someone as they cum. You do cum easily don’t you.”

“Practice makes perfect.” Giggled Cindy.

“Do you know what Mama Cindy.”

“No what?”

“Your little boy has never penetrated anyone. I use him like a girl, as have our other visitors. Don’t you think yours should be the first ass he fucks?’ Asked Frannie.

“Oh the poor dear thing, yes I should be, Bob dear fuck your mothers ass will you?”

“Oh mom can I?”

“Yes dear, let me get your little cock ready.” Cindy leaned into her sons’ lap and licked and sucked him back to erection.

“There you two, Bobbie is ready for him’s mommie, Mamma Cindy present yourself.”

Cindy rolled onto her stomach and stuck her ass in the air. Bob fumbled a bit, but once Cindy felt the head of his cock near her rectum she pushed back. Her asshole was so use to and fond of cock’s by this time that his was engulfed immediately. Bob’s thrusting was not of great quality but it didn’t matter Cindy shifted into overdrive and fucked her son instead of the reverse.

Bob caught a nut rather quickly, seeing this Frannie got behind Bob and shoved her new erection up his ass. The added weight caused Cindy and Bob to collapse to the floor.
Cindy began screaming as wave after wave of orgasm swept her from Frannie pounding Bob and the sympathetic fucking she was getting.

All good things must come to an end, Frannie’s cock finally gave out, as did Bob’s and Cindy was thinking that if she came one more time her mind would turn to mash potatoes.

They were all too tired to move and just adjusted enough so all tension was gone. They did recover a bit. Frannie was the first to speak: “You know its been a long time since I have tasted a cunt, do you mind if I taste yours Mama Cindy?”

“Please it would make me so happy to have you eat me?” Replied Cindy.

“Bobbie lover eat me while I eat your mother.” Whispered Frannie.

This was how the evening ended, Frannie’s face in Cindy’s cunt, Cindy blowing her son who was making love to Frannie’s cock. A perfect family ‘daisy chain.’

In time to come, Frannie often wondered just how much of this evening was the drugs and booze and how much of it was spontaneous. She came to the conclusion that the drugs were merely an excuse for Cindy to do what every mother has thought of doing, making love with her son. Coupled with this of course was Frannie’s realization that Cindy’s husband Jim had been the moral base of the family. Cindy apparently followed the old middle eastern philosophy that says “No matter the gender, as long as its tender.”

The next morning they awoke, cold and chilly, the ac finally have caught up with them. Remember gang it isn’t sex, I don’t know what it is but it isn’t sex, just a series of friendly gestures designed to releave tension.


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