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Introduction: First time writing a story. Fantasy about a worman I know who is a taker. This is what she deserves.

Chapter !: Under her spell

Mr. Green called Cindy and asked her to come to his office.

Do I need to bring anything along?

Just you.

Cindy arrived and was told by his secretary that he was expecting her so she could go right in and he would be right with her.

Cindy, I need your help with something that will help the law firm and perhaps you. As you know Tom Hastings is leaving as office manager. We have hired a new office manager, Kelly Preston to take his place. She has aquired a downtown penthouse a block away form work but it needs to be totally redone and it won't be ready for several months. I understand your roommate moved out and with rent being so high you are having some difficulty meeting your obligations. If Kelly could move with you we would pay the rent until she moves out. Kelly is 31, taller than you, blonde and is from Huston. Word is she likes baseball, going to clubs, likes to tan and likes wine that cost lots of money. Sound like someone you could get along with?

Sure does, when is she due to arrive?

She arrives in two weeks on a Friday and is scheduled to start that following Monday. Need time to thing about it?

No. This will certainly help me out also, we are close in age but I'm only 28 and lots shorter thanKelly, I'm only 4' 6" tall and almost everyone is taller so no big deal there. I will have to take off work to get things ready and if you would like I can do you a favor and pick her up at the airport.

Good, then it is not a problem for you to take off and thanks for picking her up.

Cindy spent that week off cleaning and fussing over everything in the apartment, everything needed to be just right to impress Kelly. Friday morning she spent every moment she could maklng herself llook like a sexy madel. She arrived at the airport an hour early and waited in the front where she would be noticed by those deplaneing. Kelly departed the plane and found Cindy in front with a big card with Kelly's name on it. Hi Kelly, I'm Cindy and you will be living with me until your penthouse is ready. Pardon me but they told me you were taller than me but WOW, just how tall are you. I'm sorry, I sometimes wish I were petite but I'm 5' 10" tall, please don't feel threatened by height Cindy. Cindy was put at ease wo,mewhat but still wishedI Kelly were shorter. The rest of the day and weekend they worked at getting Kelly somewhat settled, shopped for food and even had time to see a movie. The more time Cindy spent with kelly the more she really liked her and felt more and more at ease. Kelly, true to Mr. Green's word, really liked wine and introduced Cindy to several different kinds. Nightly Kelly would pour two glasses of wine and they would sit on the sofa and talk. Cindy learned that she and Kelly liked many similar when it came to dressage, food, entertainment and best of all they both loved cats. Over the next two months Cindy began to feel more aroused and sexy, she began to feel drawn towards Kelly and looked forward to being around her. Kelly would leave several buttons undone on her blouse, let her skirt ride up on her thighs and tease Cindy sexually to gauge her reaction to her sexually. When it was time for bed Cindy would dream of Kelly and masturbated about Kelly.

One night while watching a chic flick on tv they both had tears in their eyes and they hugged eachother. Cindy nearly came from that contact and hugger Kelly tighter.

I apologoize Kelly.

Don't apologize Cindy, that felt good. I for one really needed that hug and I wished you had hugged me longer.

Me to Kelly, I for some reason think of you often and I like thinking of you. I really get wet anymore just looking at you let alone thinking of you.

Really? Thank you Cindy. with that she leaned over and gave Cindy a light kiss on the cheek. Kelly acted supprised when Cindy wouldn"t let her go and kissed Kelly on the lips. Kelly now knew the the drugs were at full efect and Cindy was in her complete power. She returned the kiss with a kiss that started out acting cauious but ended with her tongue down Cindy's throat and her hand on her tits. Things went well for them after that first contact. Cindy started to go around the apartment in just panties and felt great when Kelly stared at her. Kelly went in just panties also to make Cindy think that everything was as usual with her and she was in control. Kelly found Cindy staring at her also.

Kelly, I really like, no love you. Your tummy is so flat and i love your breast and your long nipples really get my pussy flowing.

With a little work your nipples could become longer also, but your nipples are so fat, they would really look good with jewelry on then don't you think so? You know Cindy, I have been thinking, it's almost time for me to move into my penthouse, I've really grown to need you around and love you so how about moving in with me? Cindy, I'm feel of suprises.

Really, you want me to live with you, OH Kelly that would be a dream come true. Cindy hugged and kissed Kelly passionatly and pressed her body against her. Kelly responded with her tongue and hands, roaming all over Cindy's body, pinching her nipples and squeezing her ass.

Kelly, I'm so sorry but I'm so happy inside and I want your body. Well thank you Cindy, don't be sorry, I want you so bad also and the only way I knew I had a chance was to invite you to live with me. With that Kelly kneeled in front of Cindy and kissed her tummy while slowly pulling her panties down. She was in control, Cindy's panties were so wet and her sex smelled so good. Let's go to my bedroom Cindy. On the bed Kelly sucked and bit her nipples and trailed her tongue to Cindy's pussy and licked her lips until she finally went to her clit. Cindy was moaning as Kelly was getting her closer to an argasm. Cindy was so close, just seconds away and then Kelly stopped. Now it's you turn Cindy. Cindy opened her eyes and was suprised to see Kelly on her back already, nipples hard and her legs together and her hairless triangle awaiting her touch. Cindy began with Kelly's lips and gave her a long deep kiss. Then she kissed her neck and shoulders before stopping at her tits. Cindy sucked the right nipple into her mouth, it felt so good almost like a penis, for ten minutes she sucked and bit Kelly's nipples making her moan, Then she moved down to what she wanted most, the treasure between her legs, she kissed her was down and pushed Kelly's legs open. Oh Kelly, what are you, why is there a cock between you legs? Well, never mind, I need to come and your cock is so beautiful, not a hair on it and it is so smooth and big. Cindy sucked the head into her mouth and then she just did what was expected and took as much cock in until it hit the back of her mouth. Kelly wanted more and took Cindt's head in her hands and forced Cindy to take it all. Then Kelly told Cindy to get on all fours and she fucked Cindy liked she had never been fucked before. Cindy came 3 times before Kelly did and Kelly stayed inside her until she softened. They laid together and kissed and touched when Cindy stated that she really loved Kelly and the two best things were her tits and that lovely 8" cock between her legs.

Do you still want to come and live with me Cindy? If the answer is yes then when we move your life will change forever and you will be mine completely.

Yes I still want to move with you and yes you can change me and take me completely!

Cindy laid awake thinkin g about what just happened sexually between Kelly and her. Like a ping pong ball her thoughts went back and forth between right and wrong. Based upon her prejudiced thinking everything tonight was wrong but the feeling within told her it was good, right and the best. She rolled towards Kelly and saw a beautiful, no, the most beautiful person she knew. Her skin was blemish free, smooth and her features were soft. She had firm tits with fantasticly long, fat nipples. Her tummy was flat and what Cindy liked best was her hairless balls, cock and pubic area, just as smooth as a babies butt. While she had sucked Kelly's cock the absence of hair was so erotic that she came twice. Kelly also had the greatest legs, she wished her legs were long and that great. Looking at Kelly she decided that it wasn't wrong, it was love, love of a person who gave without wanting.


What Cindy.

I love you Kelly! I have never loved anyone with the conviction that I have for you. I want to be yours completrly Kelly!

Thanks Cindy. I want you completely also. Are you really sure that completely i9s the right word to use?

I believe so Kelly, it feels right laying next to you and you gave me your love.

Well Cindy, you are right, I gave youb love, you took itand ti felt great but my taking has just started. I, if you want my love will take your mind, body and soul, then I will take your dignity. Finally I will take your unconditional servitude to me and for that I will allow you to give back your whole being to me. Do you understand what I just said and do you agree to what I said?

OH Yes Kelly, I understand exactly what you said and I understand what you are requiring of me. Again Kelly, I want to belong to and love you completely and unconditionaly.

Good, if that's what you want from now on there is no turning back!

From now on Cindy you ARE OWNED by me. Your name is now kitty because you remind me with your movements and your sneekiness, a little kitty cat. From this day on when we get home you will remove all clothing, and posture yourself like a cat laying on the floor except your legs will be spread under you so your pussy is open to me at all times. You will always be on all fours while inside. Obey and you will recieve rewards, disobey and you wo;; recieve harsh and immediate punishment. You may speak only when spoken to. Most importantly, you will always address me as "Mistress." Do you agree to these terms Kitty?

Yes Mistress.

Now get on the floor and assume the position. After four tries and several lashes with the crop kitty mastered the proper position.

"Good kitty'! Kelly patted kitty on the head as one would a real pet.

"Meow, Meow"

kitty, what was that for?

Mistress, you said i was like a cat and that's why you called me ikitty. Sionce you do not own a real kitten i shall be your pet.

kitty I can see now what you meant by completely. you shall really be my kitten. Mistress shall have to get you a tail and also get your hair cut. Follow me and we shall prepare for our shopping trip today.

Meow, kitty brushed Mistresses leg with her head and then followed.

You may rise kitty. First they showered, Mistress instructed kitty 9in proper water temp, which body wash and which sponge she liked. So far kitty was learning well and only made minnor mistakes. kitty dried Mistress and herself. Mistress dressed in thong panties, skin tight black leather pants and a white sild blouse and heels. kitty was taught how to dry and do Mistresses hair which was a shinny blonde. Mistress then handed kitty a micro-mini black leather skirt, white crop top, no panties or bra and over the calf heeled boots. kitty, your nipples look good enough to suck and chew on.

Thank You Mistress, this feels great and looks very sexy.

Yes indeed kitty, making men and women want you is what it is all about. One important point, they can't have you unless I say they can. Let's go shopping.

They got in the car and drove to the northern part of downtown where the chic shops were. First to Victoria's Secret where Mistress bought 3 one quarter shelf bras to life kitty's tits up and make her nipples stand out straighter. 3 sets of sheer see through bra and panties. Then they went to a formal dress ship. After looking for awhile Mistress what she wanted. It was a white spagetti strap evening dress with eight inch slits on the sides. Mistress asked a 30'ish clerk for help with filling and alterations. They went into the bacik and kitty was told to undress and put the dress on. kitty stood on the platform as the clerk listened to what Mistress wanted. I want the entire inside layer of material taken out, then I want the slits on the sides lenghtened to reach mid hip and the slit must be made wider. Any problems with that being done. Not a problem, I will have it ready in 3 days. Next the went to the leather shop and purchased skin tight black leather shorts that only covered about 6" of kitty's pubic area, a undersized black leather vest that had 3 metal buttons and very deep V which only hid about 1/2 of kitty's tits. Also Mistress got kitty some leather pants and several revealing silk blouses. Now they headed for a hair salon and Mistress exolained what and how she wanted her "little kitten" to look. An hour later they walked out with kitty looking like a sexy teen.

We are done here kitty, only one more stop. They gathered all the packages and walked to the car. Mistress drove to a store that was named D/s supply. They went inside and kitty had never seen so many things relating to sex and bondage. First Mistress went to the anal section and looked over the plugs that also sported a fine whip coming out of the plug. Look at all these tails kitty, you may speak. Aren't they great!.

Oh Yes Mistress! i like this black one.

Silly kitty. I want your ass tight, not a bottomless hole. Here's one just like it and it's only 1 1/2 " in dia. that will stay in and make your ass very sexy. Thebn they went to the section with collars and Mistress purchased a simple black collar. Mistress talked to the clear and then ordered a black titanium collar the was 1/4 " in dia. a name plate and a 1/2" dia D ring that would be ready in 2 weeks. Well kitty I think it is time to go home, carry these packages.

Yes Mistress.

When they arrived home kitty brought a;; tje [ackages in and placed them in Mistresses bedroom. Then kitty went to the entrance hall, stripped and assumed the correct position and waited. Mistress came and knelt behind kitty and placed the slightly lubed plug at her ass and slowly shoved it in. kitty purred and purred as Mistress teased her. Be a good kitty and move about for Mistress so I can see how it looks. It was so erotic to see the tail moving over kitty's ass cheeks and pussy liops, kitty was purring with excitment. Does your tail make you excited kitty?

Meow, oh yes Mistress. kitty likes being and feeling like your pussy cat.

Good, leave it in and go lay by the sofe.

Meow, kitty was so happy to be Mistresses kitty. Finally kitty felt she was where she belonged and safe, purrrr,purrrr.

In the three weeks left before moving Mistress and kitty were busy. kitty learned the proper way to care for Mistresses clothing. Several times kitty was cropped severely for her failures but she did master that task because the clothing Mistress had and the clothing Mistress bought kitty was very beautiful,sexy and kitty wanted it to stay that way. Mistress had picked up the dress that was altered and when kitty tried it on she was amazed at the way her completely tanned body showed through the material. The new light treatment used to remove hair was working and the way the cloth felt on her was very erotic. The most precious gift from Mistress was her new collar. The black titaniuum contrasted so eroticly with her skin and the gold nameplate was like a neon light flashing in the night. The collar was impossible to remove but that was not a problem since kitty was so proud of her collar. A 36" long and sturdy leash completed the look Mistress desired. At night kitty knelt on the floor next to Mistress and purred often as Mistress played with her hair and rubbed her body as if she really were a cat. When Mistress allowed kitty to lay next to her on the sofa kitty would lick Mistresses body and purred with satisfaction. kitty especially liked licking Mistresses cock to arouse her and rewarded by Mistress letting her take her cock into her mouth. kitty was so attuned to Mistresses needs she could take Mistresses cock down her throat immediately. kitty was allowed to be in bed with Mistress twice a week, otherwise kitty slept at the foot of the bed on the floor. kitty always awoke before Mistress and prepared her coffee,prepared the shower and made sure her clothing was ready. kitty remained naked until Mistress decided which cothing kitty would wear. kitty really liked the outfits Mistress picked because it would always be just enough to draw lots of attention to her. At work she became friends (with Mistresses approval), with two women, Moi, a beautiful somewhat tall Asian and Rhonda a Polish immagrent. Steven who was a man with the looks of a weight lifter but acted like a sissy was really friendly. They were really nice people and thought highly of Mistress.

Everything that kitty had owned was given to GoodWill and what was left in the apartment would be taken away this weekend to the dump by a company Mistress hired. Mistress informed kitty that on Sat. night they would have a party to celebrate their new home and Moi,Rhonda and steven plus others would be there. Mistress also stated that more changes were in store for kitty once they moved. kitty purred because changes had always meant good things for her since Mistress had named her kitty and owned her.

Mistress moved all that was necessary during the week while kitty was at work. When they awoke Sat. morning and showered Mistress dressed in her tight black leathers and kitty was dressed in her skimpy leather shorts, boots and her crop top. Mistress knew how the manager, Mrs. Henry lusted ofter kitty so Mistress gave kitty the apartment key and a invitation to their party that night and told kitty to deliver them to her.

They left the old life behind and Mistress drove them to her penthouse. There was a private elavator to the penthouse which they took. Mistress entered their penthouse and showed kitty where she was to remove her clothes everytime she entered and where her tail was kept and where it was to be put just before she left for work. Mistress showed kitty the entire penthouse except for one room which kitty would see tonight. Where everything was kept, how she required the penthouse to be kept. kitty meowed and purred the whole time and asked good questions of Mistress. kitty was intrested in all the artwork Mistress kept, paintings of Shemales making love, Mistress fucking men in the ass, lezbians, and many pictures of some of the biggest cocks kitty had ever seen. Mistress turned kitty towards her and kissed her deeply and told kitty tonight she would recieve three special gifts and many people would welcome her into the circle of the owned.

Around 8 the gurst began to arrive. kitty was kept naked as she served drinks and such to the guest. kitty was told not to offer anything to the males and females that accompanied Mistresses guest. All of Mistress guest were dress in stunning outfits with only one male guest, a tall well built Black man. At exactly 10 p.m. Mistress announced that the show was to start at 10:30 sharp so everyone was to go to the entertainment room. Mistress took kitty by the arm and led everyone into the room. Mistress told kitty to stay put and went to the wall and pushed a button on a recessed panal and a platform arose from the center of the room that was 8' square and 3' high. Mistress asked Moi if she would do the honors andbind kity to the platform. kitty was taken to the platform by Moi and told to lay down. First her left leg was stretched out and cuffed to a tie point. Then her right leg was stretched tightly so her legs were almost parallel to her hips. Lastly her arms were stretched and cuffed above her head. Mistress announced that she had 3 special gifts for kitty and that Moi had the pleasure of giving these gifts to kitty. Moi smiled to Mistress and thanked her for the honor and was handed a tray with 3 rings and piercing devices on it. Kitty, it is the custom of the slave to accept these piercings honorablely and make not a single noise. Moi selected the proper piercing needle and without hesitation slowly put it through the left nipple, put the proper ring to the needle and put it through the nipple. kitty did not make a sound, she loved Mistress to much to dishonor her. Moi repeated this procedure on the left nipple. Then Moi asked Mistress to assist her, Moi had Mistress hold kitty's clit hood away from her clit and took the appropiate needle and told kitty to bite her lip and slid the needle through her clit proper, attached the ring and put that through her clit and was done. kitty, you have homored your owner Mistress Kelly, therefore tonight you will further honor your Mistress and you will service all guest here by allowing each and everyone of us to use your mouith and ass as resepticules for our gifts to you. With that Moi, one of kitty's best friends at work disrobed and to kitty's suprise was a tranny with a 7" dick which was put into kitty's mouth and Moi fucked kitty's mouth very hard and deposited what kitty thought was a quart of cum. One at a time and two at a time everyone enjoyed the hole of choice. Then the male slaves were told to masturbate on kitty and kitty was told to eat the pussies and asshole of the female slaves that were serviced as she serviced the guest. Around 2 am the guest left and Mistress returned to kitty who was left of the platform. Mistress had not enjoyed kitty with the others, the only hole no one was allowed to use would now be used by Mistress. Mistress was very excited and wanted kitty's pussy, even if it was sore. Without regard for kitty Mistress sank her 8" cock into kitty with just two shoves and roughly fuck kitty, tring to get kitty to wimper but kitty took it wantingly until Mistress came in gallons. Mistress stayed inside kitty until she became hard again and again fucked kitty for a full 20 minutes until she came again. Mistress left kitty bound to the platform, covered in come and retired for the evening.

To be continued..........;wild;rulez;