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This is story that is broken up into parts. The people and names are real, but the events have never taken place. I co authored this story with a friend of mine. I plan on posting all five current parts and the final section I am working on right now.

Tim & Tat

He was surprised when she gave him a key to her apartment. They’d been dating exclusively for two months but Tatiana seemed like the kind of girl who liked to take things very slowly. Timothy sat in his living room turning the key in his hands wondering what he should do with this new turn of events. There was no doubt that he was happy about it. It was the uncertainty of why she gave it to him that caused the hesitation.
Tim had met Tatiana at a Quizno’s restaurant in downtown Atlanta. He was new to the area and he needed directions to the Georgia State University Student Center. His plans were to catch a lecture in the auditorium there. They ended up having lunch together instead. Over the next few weeks the two of them learned a lot about each other. They were both 21 and both were students at Georgia State University. Tim had moved from Michigan down to Georgia in search of fairer weather. Tatiana was born in Atlanta and had grown up in its surrounding suburbs. She had only recently moved into a loft Downtown to get back in touch with the urban lifestyle.
Almost everything about Tatiana fascinated Tim because she had grown up so differently from him. She had grown up in a Haitian-American household while he grew up in a typical American Caucasian home. She was used to Southern food and Southern hospitality while he was a Northerner. What stood out to him the most about Ta, however, was her choice to remain abstinent. It was rare to find a woman like that at their age.
Timothy sunk lower in the love seat as he thought to himself. “What do I do with this? She told me she likes to take things slowly. This isn’t what slowly looks like to me. I don’t wanna ruin anything with her by making this out to be something more than she intended it to be. Shit, all she did was hand me the key and leave. She might only want me to fix a faucet or some shit like that.” He laughed nervous laughter at his little joke. Tim pocketed the key and grabbed his own. He needed a drive to clear his head.
He drove around aimlessly in his RSX thinking while the breeze from the sunroof hit him. After driving for an hour he found himself in front of Tatiana’s lofts. He sat for ten minutes before deciding to get out of the car. He figured that they needed to talk so he could understand exactly what she wanted. He made his way to door number 11 on the 14th floor. He began to knock then figured that this was as good a time as any to see if the key maker had done a good job for her.

Chapter 2

After giving Tim the key she had gotten made, Tatiana went straight home. Her mind was a maelstrom of thoughts as she threw herself onto the living room couch. “What’s wrong with me? Ever since I met this guy I’ve been acting differently. It’s like I can’t get him out of my head. Maybe I made a mistake…what if…what if he assumes something that I wasn’t trying to imply?” She flipped on the television and stared at it without acknowledging anything that was on the screen.
At 11:30 she got up to go to the kitchen. Her intent was to go to bed early but her body was telling her that it was wide awake. She reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed for the bottle of sleeping pills. The instructions had been worn off. “I guess four will be enough. I’m seriously wide awake. I need to stop drinking so much coffee,” she thought to herself. Since it was warm in the loft but not warm enough to turn on the air conditioner, she often slept naked. She did so tonight and settled into a deep sleep on top of the covers. She began to slip away almost immediately. Yes, four was more than enough.

Chapter 3

The key slipped into the lock perfectly as Tim unlocked and opened the door. The lights in the front hall and living room were on. Tim shut the door behind him and walked toward the living room where he assumed Tatiana was. She wasn’t. “Ta?” he called out to her. No answer. “Maybe she’s in the restroom.” He walked down the hallway to his right. As he passed her bedroom he noticed a light under the door. He knocked lightly then a little harder. Nothing. He decided against calling out again just in case she was asleep. He slowly turned the door knob. He just wanted to see her.
The sight that met him on her bed froze him in his tracks. He knew that she slept naked but had never seen her body. His eyes roamed over her 5 foot 8 frame and paused at her small, firm breasts. The nipples were hard. “What is she dreaming about?” he wondered, smiling to himself. He softly shut the door behind him and walked over to the bed. He stood at the foot staring at her exposed pussy. It was shaved clean. He groaned softly as he rubbed his dick through his fly. The beast was stirring. He walked around to her head and gazed at her peaceful face. His fingers traced the lips of her slightly open mouth. She whimpered softly at his touch. He pulled his fingers away quickly for fear that he might wake her. Too late. Her hand moved from its previous resting place on her belly and rested on her chest. The thumb was slightly rubbing the hard pea in the center of her right breast.
He stared with the intensity of a cheetah stalking its prey. His eyes moved back to her face where her parted lips beckoned him. “Is she awake or not? Her breathing hasn’t changed at all.” Her thumb continued its slow movements over the nipple. Tim decided that she had to be awake. He had subconsciously continued rubbing his dick the whole time he was in there. He unbuttoned then unzipped the fly on his jeans and his dick sprang through the opening in his boxers. Her eyes were still closed. He watched as the tip of his dick seemed to stretch towards her moist lips. Finally, it touched her. “Oh God,” he moaned. After they had started dating exclusively he hadn’t had any contact with a woman. He didn’t want to hurt her. He closed his eyes as her tongue crept out and licked the hole on the tip of his penis. Her lost his balance slightly and rocked back on his heels to keep from falling. After catching himself he waited for her to open her mouth again. Her mouth was closed as tightly as her eyes. “Did she fall back asleep?” He pressed the tip of his dick against her lips. They reluctantly yielded to his persistent dick. He groaned loudly as Tatiana began to suck on the head. He felt her tongue running along the underside of it as the top of his head rubbed against the roof of her mouth. He tried to push more of his dick into her mouth but she pulled away when he did. He settled for what he could get. He grabbed the shaft and squeezed in time to her sucking and licking. Her tongue swirled around the tip of his dick until the throbbing in his dick spread to his balls. He knew he was close. Another loud groan escaped from his lips as she began to dart her tongue in and out of his hole as his dick’s head rubbed the roof of her mouth. His heart beat became erratic as he felt a tightening in his stomach and in his balls. The tongue continued its ministrations on his dick as he squeezed and time seemed to freeze for an eternity before he felt his cum rush from his balls and through his shaft into her mouth. She kept sucking as his dick pumped the hot liquid onto her tongue. She was still sucking when his dick stopped sputtering. It twitched uncontrollably in her mouth and continued even after it fell out, spent. A soft snore escaped from her as Tim stood trembling in front of her.
When he was ready he walked over to the armchair in front of her bed. She hadn’t stirred one bit besides touching her nipple and sucking his dick. He wasn’t sure if she was awake or still asleep. “But could she have sucked my dick while asleep? Especially like that?” He sat down with his soft dick hanging out. After a few seconds he looked up at the bed. Her smooth pussy was still showing but something was different. The light from the ceiling was glinting off of it. She was wet. Tim swallowed hard as he looked at it. He had never tasted her. “I should return the favor.”
He licked his lips as he made his way to the still figure. “Why is she being so quiet? And so still?” He listened to her calm breathing. It was the breathing of someone asleep. “That’s impossible,” he thought to himself. He slowly spread her legs wider. He got a whiff of her arousal. There was no doubt that her body was being affected by all this. He tentatively let his tongue creep towards her opening. He sighed as he tasted her juices with the tip of his tongue. He continued lapping at her salty cum. He had never tasted anything like it. It wasn’t tangy like that of other females he had been with. He moved the tip of his tongue upwards until it lightly brushed her clit. He was rewarded with a soft groan from her. He continued to explore her vagina with his tongue, licking and exploring her walls. Her moans had stirred his penis back to life and he lightly stroked it as he licked. When he was satisfied with the wetness of her pussy he began to concentrate on her clit. He began licking the covering that protected it to see what her reaction would be. Her groans grew a little louder and he continued this movement for a few seconds. She still hadn’t stirred and her groans were the only indication that she knew what was happening to her. He knew there must be a way to drive her completely wild and force to her completely acknowledge his presence. He took a pillow and placed into underneath her to prop her pussy and ass up. Then he stuck his middle finger into her pussy to lubricate it and put it in her anus. He alternated between playing with the rim and sticking her finger in as he moved his tongue down and began licking her clit directly. Bull’s eye!!! Her hips began to buck and her moans turned to half screams. A few licks later they were full screams. With his free hand he pinched the nipple that she wasn’t touching. That sent her over the edge. The way her ass clenched his finger was exquisite as her body shuddered with her orgasm. He felt her juices flowing freely against his tongue as he licked up and down her whole pussy. She let out a scream like a primal beast and her pussy twitched. The experience left his heart beating fast and hard and his breath came like a rabbit’s. He had never made someone cum that hard before.
He stood up slower than an old man suffering with advanced arthritis pain. He looked down at himself. He was so hard he could almost see his dick throbbing. The head almost glowed a deep reddish-purple. He looked at Tatiana once more and his eyes opened wide in amazement. She had calmed down and she had the same complacent face she’d had on when he came in. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. He could see a drop of his cum in the corner of her mouth. She was still thumbing her nipple. Her breathing had also gone back to the slow, deep breaths of sleep. Once again he found his eyes traveling down her body. He stopped at her pussy. It was soaking after the job he’d done. He stared with a satisfied smirk. His dick jumped as he thought of the tightness he had felt with his tongue. Against all laws of physics, his dick got even harder. He knew what he wanted.
He kicked his boots off and pushed his pants and boxers down. His dick slapped his stomach as the stretchy waist of his boxers released it. He stepped out of his garments and rubbed the head as he focused on her delicious pussy. He knew what waited for him behind those lips. He got on his knees on the bed between her legs and guided his dick to her pussy. His tip touched her entrance but went no further. He continued to push but the resistance was greater. He didn’t push harder for fear that he would hurt her. She must have been clenching her hole closed. “Baby? Let me in, please. I’ll go slow. I won’t hurt you, I promise. Please?” he begged her. His voice broke on the last word as the thought of the ecstasy of being inside of her brought him close to tears. There was no answer from his girlfriend and soon-to-be lover. “Maybe I can coax her into opening up,” he thought to himself. Grasping his dick in his right hand he rubbed the head up and down her pussy lips to part them and to gather moisture. Then he rubbed her clit with the tip. She whimpered and her upper lip twitched at the stimulation. With his free hand he played with her free nipple. Pinching, squeezing, rubbing, and twisting until he felt the moisture on his dick increase. He removed his right hand from his dick and pushed against her entrance with his middle finger. It slipped in after some work. He could feel her pussy walls gripping his finger as he continued manipulating her nipple. He almost came. “Oh my God she’s so fucking tight!” He removed his fingers and guided his dick back to her entrance. He groaned when the first centimeter began to part her tight cavern. He pulled his tip back out and brought it back trying to get her hole used to this new intruder and bring more lubrication into the mix. After what seemed like an eternity the head of his dick poked all the way through. He shuddered and moaned as he felt her pussy walls clenching and unclenching. It almost seemed as if she was trying to suck his dick deeper into herself. “I can’t believe how directly what I do to her nipple affects her pussy.” He gave her nipple one good hard pinch. “Tatiana….” He sighed out as his head was squeezed even harder between her walls. Wanting to feel the pleasure of entering her for the first time again he pulled out. His dick left her pussy with a satisfying “pop”. He watched as her tunnel immediately closed back up like a bank vault. “Mmmmm…shit that’s so sexy baby.” He pushed himself back into her entrance with a groan and stood still savoring the feel of her pulsating walls on his dick head. He knew he had a lot more work to do. He slowly began to push his way deeper into her body. He worked in and out of her pussy trying to get her used to his width while going deeper with every stroke. He looked at her. Her face was slightly contorted but other than that she was still peaceful. He continued stroking and was about halfway in until his tip met with resistance. He stopped knowing that this was it. “Ta, baby. This is gonna hurt but not for too long okay? I’ll stop whenever you want.” No answer. Could she really be sleeping? He leaned down on his fists on both sides of her and braced himself. “If she’s asleep I don’t care. I’ve already gone this far and I’m not stopping now.”
He pushed and froze. Her face twisted more and she stirred. For the first time since he entered the room her eyes opened. She looked directly at him with the hazy gaze of misrecognition. Then the fog cleared. Her pussy twitched hard around his dick. It felt good to him but he was terrified. His dick shriveled immediately and fell out of her tight tunnel. She jumped upright in the bed.
“What the hell are you doing?!” In one fluid movement she got up out of the bed and wrapped the covers around her. Tim could only stand there watching her as she stared at him, her breath coming in rapid gasps. She stood for what seemed like an eternity. If she were not so angry her focus would have been on his exposed penis but instead she stared into his eyes.
“Baby I…I didn’t know…I wasn’t sure if……I’m so sorry.” Tatiana’s eyes softened. Her tongue reached out to the corner of her mouth and licked the drop of semen that had started to dry there. He saw the tears form in her eyes before she hit the floor. His heart tore open as she gathered herself into a fetal position whimpering: “Not you too, Tim, not you.”

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Read part one to meet the main characters.


Chapter 1

Timothy paced Tatiana’s living room with his shirt untucked and his belt only halfway done. He had quickly thrown his clothes on when Ta refused to let him comfort her. He didn’t want to leave for fear that she wouldn’t want to see him again. He wasn’t even sure she would want to see him now. An hour and a half passed and still he paced. In another 20 minutes he sat on the couch, exhausted. He knew she wouldn’t leave the room until she was ready and he was determined to be awake when she did.

Chapter 2

He woke up at 11:26 am to the sound of the front door slamming. He didn’t know where he was as he looked around, then last night came back to him when he saw Tatiana at the door. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed again was Tatiana’s fist.

When his eyes opened again there was a half-melted icepack on his lap and a not-so-dull throbbing that originated in his left eye and traveled all the way down to the left corner of his lip. He removed the pack from the puddle that had formed on his crotch. He looked and saw Tatiana staring at him from across the room. She had gotten a chair from the kitchen so she could watch him. Her eyes were red from crying and had bags under them. It was obvious that she had not slept. She came over to where he sat and took the ice from him. In the kitchen now, she changed the ice and grabbed some paper towels. She went back to the living room and tossed the items in his general direction. The ice hit the floor and the towels scattered all over. She returned to the kitchen and sat down in front of a cold cup of coffee.

He got up, bypassing the ice and paper towels and went into the kitchen. He sat next to her and studied her face. She didn’t acknowledge his presence. He ran his fingers through her hair.

“Baby I’m so sorry…Baby…I didn’t know.” She got up to refill her coffee. As she poured more coffee into her mug he stood up behind her. Right as he was reaching out to her back she spun quickly to face him.

“Don’t ever try to touch me again.” Tim had never seen such hatred in anyone’s eyes before. “I don’t know how to fix this,” he thought with remorse. He continued to stare into her eyes. The same brown eyes that mesmerized him the first time they’d met. The eyes he looked into whenever he made her smile. Those same eyes were cold and unforgiving now.

Tatiana closed her eyes and turned her back to him. Then with her elbows leaning on the counter, she buried her face in her hands and wept.

Chapter 3

“Not you, Tim. Not you too.” Tatiana cried on the floor for what seemed like hours. She knew she couldn’t stay in the apartment, but she was sure Tim was somewhere just beyond that door. She knew he wouldn’t leave. They’d had arguments before where he wouldn’t leave until the problem was resolved. He was just that kind of person. Of course those arguments hadn’t been like this…She didn’t take any chances. She got dressed and left through the fire escape without her purse or keys.

She walked until she reached a 24/7 coffee house 26 blocks away. She sat in a secluded corner booth in the back. She ordered black coffee, no sugar. When it came she didn’t touch it. The shock of what had happened caught up with her. Her ex-boyfriend, Chris had tried to rape her five years ago. She put her head down and cried as the memories flooded her thoughts. She had been so happy with Chris. They were only in High School but she was sure she had found “The One.” At that point in time there was nothing that she wouldn’t have done for him up to and including death. If it weren’t for a miracle of God, she would’ve been a very different person from who she was now. Luckily for her, Chris had left the bedroom door open and their friend Mark happened to be heading to the bathroom and had peeped in when he heard them struggling.

“Please,” she had begged Chris. “Please don’t. She tried to push his body off of her but her efforts were weak as exhaustion took over. She was just about to give up when Mark pulled Chris off her. For that she was eternally grateful to him. They had gone out a little bit after that but he moved away after graduation and had only just recently returned to Atlanta. He was only seven blocks away from her present location. She checked the clock on the wall. 2:30 a.m. He wasn’t asleep yet, he was a night crawler. She decided to head over there.

When she arrived she rang the doorbell and waited. She began to get nervous. When no one came after a while, she rang the bell again. Still no one. She was just about to leave when the door opened.

“Hey!” he greeted her. “Damn, I was gonna call you to get together for dinner tomorrow. You don’t waste any time do you?” The old friends hugged tightly. Mark led her into the apartment. It was mostly dark with one light from a bedroom barely illuminating their path. He grasped her hand in his as she walked behind him to the living room. Once there he flipped on a lamp and looked at her closely for the first time in a year and a half. She looked back. He hadn’t changed much. He now sported very short goatee on his caramel face. His curly hair was cut short so that the locks could only start curling but not finish. He had kept its natural brownish-red color, the result of a white father and a black mother. As Tatiana stared into his green eyes, she came to a shocking realization: if he had not moved away, she would’ve fallen in love with him. And if it weren’t for Timothy now, she could still fall in love. Mark was thinking along similar lines only, of course, he didn’t know about Tim yet.

From the time he answered the door Mark sensed that something was wrong. He snapped out of his pseudo-trance and asked her.

“I’m just having a bad night,” she answered.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No. I just wanna get away from that right now,” she paused. “I’ve missed you.”

They sat down on the couch in silence. She leaned back against him in silent contemplation. He wondered what could be bothering her so much as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Ta…” Hearing his nickname for her confused her. Tim called her the same thing sometimes but it was different with Mark. She thought back to their high school days. Even back then things were more complicated than they should have been. Her eyes began to form tears.

“You can tell me anything. You know I’ve always tried to be there for you. What is it?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it,” she answered. “I just need someone to make me feel good before I go crazy and I thought of you.”

He scooted himself down lower underneath her and held her. It was pretty obvious that this was about a man. He was filled with regret for moving away. He would have never hurt her: “Not for anything,” he murmured to himself.


“Nothing, Ta,” he replied. He turned his face so that it was buried in her hair. He sighed as the familiar smell of her fruity shampoo flooded his nostrils. “Why did I leave?” he mentally asked himself. The reason was clear to him: he wanted to experience college without any attachments. He obviously still had feelings for her. She was the reason he had come back to Atlanta. He spent his first year at college in Chicago trying to convince himself that he didn’t miss her. He spent the second year working his ass off in order to get enough credits to transfer. He missed her so much but he wasn’t hoping to see her under these circumstances. Nevertheless, he was grateful for being with her. He held her tighter as he reminisced on the year they had spent together.

Her mind immediately leapt off of the night’s events as Mark held her. She felt more than safe in his arms…she felt…invincible. She didn’t understand why he left. She had just accepted it as one of those strange quirks of life. “Everything happens for a reason,” she thought to herself now.

She felt his heart beating faster against her back. She closed her eyes when he whispered “I miss you,” and kissed the top of her ear. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this but he just couldn’t help himself as he slowly made his way down to her neck, pausing to flick her earlobe with his tongue. She moaned. “He still remembers my spots,” she thought. He continued his journey trailing his tongue over her jaw line down to the soft skin of her neck. He placed light, feathery kisses while she sighed in pleasure. He worked his way back up as she turned her head to meet his mouth with hers. Her pussy immediately juiced up. She shifted her hips when she felt the heat.

Mark thought he tasted something strange on her tongue but he didn’t break the kiss. He didn’t care as long as she was here with him. She broke the kiss when she felt his cock slowly hardening in her ass crack. “You must not have any underwear on,” she mused, smiling at him. She gave his lips a lick and felt his cock jump. He slipped his body out from under her and stood up next to the couch.

He motioned for her to follow him as he walked towards a dark bedroom. He stopped at the door and let her get in front of him. Sniffing her hair again as she passed him, he began to massage her ass. It was still just as exquisite as he remembered. His fingers continued to knead her buttocks as she leaned against the doorframe. She let out a loud moan when he ran his finger up her crack through the thin material of her pants. He leaned forward against her back and slipped his hands up underneath her shirt and up her sides. Her breasts were small and firm so that she didn’t have to wear a bra all the time. Lucky for Mark, she didn’t bother with one tonight. He pulled his hands around to the front of her tits and rubbed the small nipples. When they began to harden, he rolled and pinched them between his forefinger and his thumb. She arched her back in response and hissed. He hadn’t forgotten how sensitive her nipples were. He pinched both nipples harder and kept twisting them. He was rewarded with her cry of pain. He missed that sound so much. He pulled her upright so that he could whisper in her ear. With his free hand he was still pinching and twisting.

“Do you want to go into the bedroom with me?” She nodded. “Why don’t you go in there and take your clothes off. I’ll be right back.” Before he let her go he gave her nipple one last hard pinch and slapped her ass as he walked away. He looked back as she was closing the door behind her, his cock screaming at him to get in there A.S.A.P. He went into the master bedroom and opened the closet door. On the floor in the back was a bag full of goodies he had picked up in Chicago. When he returned to the guest room, Tatiana was on the bed with her legs spread open, rubbing her clit. He closed the door behind him and went over to her side, watching her face. Her eyes were closed with her mouth slightly open. He remembered that face and knew that he could get more than that from her. He bent down to place a kiss on her protruding nipple. He felt her breath on his ear as she sighed with gratitude. Moving her vigorously rubbing hand aside, he placed his middle finger in her cunt and gave the hard nub a lick. He was rewarded with a twitch from her pussy around his finger. He removed the finger, brushing her clit on the way up her pussy and put it in his mouth. A slight groan escaped from his mouth as he licked and sucked the juice from his finger. Tatiana stared at the tent in his pants as she absentmindedly played with her nipple.

When his finger was clean, Mark he scooped up some cum from her pussy and began rubbing her clit. He rubbed it up and down applying more pressure on the upstroke than the down stroke. This caused her moans to fluctuate in pitch: just the way he liked it. He knew she liked to close her eyes and savor the pleasure but he captured her in his gaze. He wanted to see them. He took his time, cycling through all the ways she liked her clit to be pleasured. He wondered if he was still the only one who knew. “I seriously doubt it,” he thought with remorse. “She’s too beautiful.” He stopped rubbing up and down and began alternating between circling her clit and pushing it like a button. With every ‘button push’ her hips thrust involuntarily into the air. As he continued his ministrations, her eyes narrowed and he could tell she wanted to close them. A hard pinch to her clit brought her back into focus. Her cry of pain was like music to his ears. He loved rough sex but he didn’t believe that Ta would ever go for it. So he used to just settle for small actions every now and then. But the way she was looking at him now told him that she most definitely didn’t mind. However, he decided against it tonight because he was trying to please her, not himself. He continued cycling through her favorite techniques in an effort to get her to cum. When he started moving his finger in a rapid side to side motion over her clit, she began to squirm and her moans got quicker. He had one last thing he wanted to know if he still remembered. He intensified his gaze into her eyes as he felt her body writhing on the bed. He watched and waited. Not now…not now…not yet… He felt her clit harden even more. He brought his face closer to hers to where the only thing in his field of vision were her eyes…and removed his finger from her clit. He quickly grabbed her arms and held them above her head. His dick jumped as he felt her squirming underneath him, desperately trying to finish herself off. She began to whimper as her impending orgasm subsided. Her gaze fell from his as her heartbeat slowed its pace.

When Mark was sure she had completely calmed down he reached over and grabbed the four scarves that were in his bag. He kissed her neck as he tied first one arm to the bedpost, then the other. Then he began to kiss his way down her body, trailing the other two scarves across her nipples as he made his way toward her wet pussy. He pinched both nipples lightly through the scarves as he placed a kiss, then a lick on her clit. She instinctively spread her legs more thinking that he was going to make her cum. She sighed in disappointment when he continued his downward journey without anymore attention on her clit. He spread her legs until each ankle reached the bedposts and tied them.

She hadn’t noticed him tying her up until after it was too late. Her mind had been on the way he had left her hanging on the edge. She tested the scarves to see how strongly she was tied up. There was about 2 inches of slack in them but she knew it was impossible for her to get out of them. Normally she would’ve panicked, but she would trust Mark with her life it came down to it. She watched as he got up from the bed and rummaged through the big bag he had brought with him. There was still a tingle in her clit from its earlier adventure. Mark pulled out a blindfold and a vibrator from the bag. He turned the vibrator on and her eyes widened.

“It’s only a six inch, Ta, don’t be a punk,” he warned.

“I can’t take six inches.” He gave her a puzzled look and then understood.

“Are-are you still a virgin?!” She nodded. He couldn’t believe it! How could someone like Tatiana have remained untouched two years out of high school? He knew she was strong but there must’ve been dozens of guys trying to sleep with her. Still shaking his head, he reached back into the bag and pulled out a two inch vibrator. It was really meant only for teasing but it would have to do. He worked the tiny appendage into her vagina and turned it to low. She closed her eyes as the vibrations rippled through her pussy. He had started to put the blindfold on but returned to the vibrator to put it on medium. He wanted her to moan for him, not silently enjoy this. Her response was immediate. The faster vibrations created stimulation for her tunnel and clit. She let out a low, guttural moan as he brushed her nipple with the blindfold. He tied it around her head making sure she couldn’t see through the top or bottom. He kissed her earlobe and whispered to her: “Tonight is your night for pleasure. I know you’re upset so I want to do this for you and make you feel better. I don’t expect anything back, okay?” She nodded and groaned as another wave of pleasure hit her. In all honesty, she had pushed the night’s earlier events out of her mind already. She would deal with them later. He got up and reached back into the bag for some nipple clamps. He pulled out a pair that didn’t clamp too tight but were by no means whimpy. Her face contorted a little while her nipples got used to the pain. He moved the clamps around and twisted them gauging her reaction. Her sounds of pain and pleasure were satisfactory. Mark silently got up and turned the vibrator on high. Her hips thrust violently upward and a scream escaped from her throat. He laughed and left the room keeping the door open so that he could hear her.

Tatiana tried to concentrated on the dildo in her pussy and push her painful nipples out of her mind. She didn’t have to try hard. The vibrations felt exquisite to her. The waves traveled from her tunnel through her whole pussy, stimulating her g-spot and clit. It amazed her how intense the pleasure was on her clit even though the vibrator wasn’t directly touching her. “It must vibrate faster and harder than most toys,” she thought even though she wasn’t sure since she didn’t own one. She had just finished one orgasm and was already on her way towards building another. She discovered that by swaying her chest from side to side, the weight of the clamps provided pleasure on her nipples, pulling them side to side. She did this as her pussy contracted around the dildo. Her mind flashed back to Mark’s earlier ministrations to her clit. The imagined stimulation mixed with the stimulation the vibrator was providing brought her moans to near screams as she continued swaying her breasts. Her breath caught in her throat as her orgasm gathered force. A hard shudder racked her body and a scream burdened her vocal cords as her hardest release of the night came thundering through her like a high-speed freight train. As her pussy squeezed out more juice, the vibrator fell out onto the bed.

Mark was sitting on the couch in the living room just outside the bedroom he had left Tatiana in. He stroked his cock lightly as he listened to her moans. He wanted nothing more but to go in there and stuff her virgin pussy with his cock. But he had more respect for her than that so he contented himself with giving her pleasure only. When her moans got louder and increased in intensity he squeezed his cock harder and began stroking at a medium pace. It was all he could to keep from cumming on the couch when he heard her scream. He stood up immediately, breathing hard. Forgetting to put his dick back into his sweatpants, he walked into the bedroom. He found the vibrator on the bed and Tatiana desperately straining against the scarves that bound her wrists trying to make contact between the dildo and her pussy. He walked over and picked up the dildo. Tatiana didn’t notice and continued squirming on the bed. Mark narrowed his eyes and placed the object against her clit pressing hard. She screamed against as an instant orgasm left her body in uncontrollable spasms. While she twitched, he placed the dildo in her pussy and withdrew it. Putting the volume back to low he placed it against the head of his cock at the tip. A long low moan escaped from him as he moved it from the tip to the sensitive spot underneath the head at the ridge. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as he rubbed his dick against the toy. He reluctantly stopped when he heard Tatiana call him.

“Mark? What are you doing now?”

Realizing that he had left her just laying there he pushed the dildo into her pussy and took it back out. He walked to the end of the bed where her head was and placed the tip of the vibrator against her lips. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip of it. “Mmm…”she groaned and pushed her tongue out to lick it once again. He pushed it into her mouth and held it as she licked her juices off the toy. He pushed it in and out as she began sucking it like a dick. He reached down to the nipple clamps and alternated pulling at them both until she began to groan around the false cock in her mouth. He twisted and pulled at each clamp and watched her mouth working as he thrust the toy through her lips. When he was satisfied that the dildo was clean, he pulled it out with a pop as he fought against her suction. He sighed as he watched a string of saliva break off from the dildo and her mouth. He placed it back into her pussy still on low.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked her. “Remember, this is your night.” He reached over her to rub on her wrist. It was red from trying to move further down the bed to get at the dildo. His cock’s head accidentally poked her cheek as he did this and he moaned.

“I want to taste your dick. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like.” He couldn’t believe his ears. He was going to get some release out of this after all. He pulled his pants all the way down and stepped out of them before grabbing his dick and guiding it to her face. He rubbed the head against her cheek until she murmured: “Please, baby, let me taste it.” He straddled her chest on the bed still holding on to the base of his cock. He wasn’t ready to stop his teasing just yet. He rubbed her lips with his dick watching as her tongue darted out to catch the tip every time it passed over. When he had tired of that he scooted up and placed his balls on her face. She quickly began licking them. He stroked his cock his fast as she tickled his sac.

“Show me how much you want it, slut!” he challenged her. He froze when he realized what he had let slip out. To his surprise, she moaned at when she heard the name. “You like that name, huh? You slut.” Another moan. It felt good against his balls so he decided to continue his verbal abuse. “I know you like my dick you whore. You just can’t get enough of the taste can you? No, I know you can’t. It’s what you live for. You go to bed dreaming about me cumming in your mouth don’t you? Yeah, I kno—“ His breath caught in his throat as she put one of his balls in her mouth and groaned against it. He scooted back down her chest and placed the head of his dick at her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue into his hole, scooping out the precum that had formed there. He had had enough. Grabbing the back of her head with one hand, he stuffed his dick into her mouth. She immediately tightened her mouth around it and began swirling her tongue as he fucked her mouth. Letting go of his cock, he reached back and grabbed a nipple clamp, twisting it hard. Her breath caught but he never slowed down his thrusting. He twisted it again and pulled at it. She screamed but immediately closed her lips back around his stiff member. He continued twisting and pulling as he thrust deeper and deeper into her mouth. When he felt his head touch the back of her throat he stopped thrusting. He knew he was close. She contracted her throat around the head, milking him for his cum. That sent him over the edge. With both hands he grabbed her head and shot his load deep into her mouth. She didn’t even taste the semen as it squirted down her throat. She sucked hard trying to get as much cum out of him as she could. She swallowed every drop. When he was spent, Mark collapsed backwards onto her body.

She licked her lips and enjoyed the aftertaste of his cum in the back of her throat as he lay on top of her, breathing hard. She didn’t mind him being there but wished that she could hold him. Her thoughts went back to the vibrator in her pussy. He had left it on low so it wasn’t doing much for her. She had surprised herself with her reaction to his name calling. She never thought that something like that would arouse her, but surprisingly, it did. She wanted more of it. “Mark?” she called. He grunted in reply. He shifted his leg and it brushed the nipple clamp he had been twisting while she sucked him off. She hissed as it agitated her now sensitive nipple. “Talk dirty to me some more. If you don’t want to do it, though, I’ll understand,” she quickly added.

“It’s your night,” he replied, smiling. Without moving he began talking to her. “Did you enjoy sucking my cock, slut? Huh? I know you like the way my dick tastes. I should’ve smacked you with it for being such a fucking whore. Yeah, that’s what I should’ve done, you dick-sucking bitch. I’m glad you like having cock in your mouth ‘cause that’s all I’m gonna give you, trick! I don’t know who else has been in your dirty-ass pussy. Fuckin’ cum slut. Next time I’m gonna cum all over your face and take a picture. Show the world what you really should look like bitch. Then Ill make you suck my dick again and cum in your eyes. You’re not worthy of seeing my face whore. You don’t deserve to see anything but my fucking dick in your mouth!”

“Oh my god, Mark, please make me cum!” His words made her pussy even wetter and she needed release. He turned onto his stomach still on top of her. She could feel his hot breath on her hard clit. Reaching his hand up, he turned the vibrator back to medium and watched her pussy twitch with the new pleasure. She was insatiable! He licked his lips as he eyed her small nub. “I know you want more, you fucking bitch,” he told her. “Let’s see how much whores like you can really handle.” He dove in, licking her clit without abandon. Her legs strained against the scarves as the vibrations and his tongue on her clit brought groans from her mouth. He licked her clit fast and hard, never pausing or letting up to lick other parts of her pussy. He concentrated on her center of pleasure. Tatiana grabbed his soft dick dangling over her face into her mouth and sucked, bringing it back to life. He continued his assault of her clit with even more fury as she slobbered over his newly revived dick. Just as he felt that she was about to cum, he turned the vibrator on to high and sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking h is tongue over its tip. She opened her mouth and let out a mammoth scream as she shuddered underneath his body. He thrust his dick deep into her open mouth and continued his licking. Replacing his tired tongue with his finger, he continued rubbing her clit as he yelled at her: “Keep sucking my cock you fucking slut!!!” She obeyed and he thrust his hips in time with her sucking as he brought her to another orgasm. He pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and placed his mouth over the entrance to her tunnel. He thrust faster into her face as he sucked juices out of her abused pussy. When he was satisfied he pulled out of her mouth and stood up beside the bed. He removed her blindfold. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in ragged, raspy heaves.

“Look at you, slut.” She opened her eyes and turned her head towards his hard cock in her face. She licked her lips as she watched him stroke it in front of her face. “No, whore, no more sucking for you.” She closed her eyes in disappointment. He looked at her tied up on his bed. He wanted her so bad…”Ta? I wanna make love to you.” She looked him. Her mind was a whirlwind of thought as she processed his proposal. This was what she had wanted when they were in high school. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t answer him. She wanted to say no because of Tim, but it wouldn’t come out. Mark moved around to the end of the bed where her legs were tied and climbed in between them. She watched him torn between saying no and letting nature run its course. He placed his cock at her entrance and held her eyes with his. “Thank you,” he mouthed. He prepared to push himself in.

“No!” he stopped. “No, Mark, I’m not ready.”

“You’re not ready or you just don’t want to do this with me?” She didn’t answer. “You know our history. And our chemistry, babe. Whatever you and this other guy have, it must not be that great or else you wouldn’t be here tonight. So why can’t we just pick up where we left off? I came back for you.” She shook her head no and bit her bottom lip. He looked at her a few seconds more then rolled off her body. He lay beside her, his pole sticking up to the ceiling. He scooped up juices from her open pussy and coated his cock. She groaned when he touched her pussy.

“Mark, come on…”

“Shut up,” he calmly replied. He continued until he was satisfied with the lubrication and wrapped his fist around the rod. She watched his cock as he jacked off. She swallowed hard as she watched him bring his fist up over the reddening head and back down to the base, squeezing harder as he went down. He jerked off beside her moaning and panting as he fisted himself. He ran his other hand through her pussy as he imagined his cock in her tunnel. Her eyes followed him as he got off the bed and stood up, his hand still grasping his cock. He walked around to the end where her pussy was. Her hips bucked slightly as she felt her nipples tingling and getting harder against the nipple clamps. Mark stared at her pussy as he quickly stroked his dick. After a while, he reached down and scooped up more cum from her already twitching cunt and slathered it on his cock. She groaned. He moved around to the side of the bed and began to stare at her tits. With one hand he kept stroking as he reached down with his free hand and took off a nipple clamp. She responded with a sharp intake of breath as the blood rushed back into the abused nub. He put the clamp on her stomach and flicked the puffy nip. She yelled in pain as he smiled and stroked his cock faster. He placed the nipple clamp back on and removed the other. This one he pinched, then twisted. She struggled with her bonds as a hot flash of pain erupted in her chest. This time she screamed and his laugh filled her ears as he continued to jerk his hot dick. He replaced the clamp and moved over to her head, looking her in the eye. Having his stiff appendage this close to her face partially blocked her view of him. She had tears in her eyes from his abuse of her nipples and knew that he must be angry at her. Yet this knowledge did not stop her from licking her lips as she watched his cock closely. Her nipples throbbed and her pussy twitched but what she really wanted was his cock in her mouth again. He did not indulge her. He simply continued his stroking and began to speak:

“You mother fucking tease. You make me think that I’m gonna get some pussy and then deny me?” He slapped her. She cried out and it was like music to his ears. He could feel himself getting close now. “You’re nothing but a fucking whore, so I don’t know who you think you are to tell me that I can’t have you. I’ll fuck you whenever I please. I won’t tonight, though because you need to get punished for what you did.” He slapped her again. She fought hard against the scarves that held her but only succeeded in rubbing her wrists raw. He watched her struggle with a gleam in his eye. With his free hand, he traced the hand mark he had left on her face. Then he grabbed her face.

“Look at my dick! Look at it!” Just as she turned her eyes to face it, he came and his hot cum squirted all over her mouth, nose, and eyes. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick in her mouth. “Clean it, bitch!” She did as she was told, licking and sucking for fear that he might hit her again. His eyes rolled back into his head as her tongue roamed over the sensitive head. When she was finished he left the room and closed the door behind him. Tatiana lay on the bed bound and left to cry. She cried for the pain, but she also cried because she liked it. That was the beginning of Mark’s domination over Tatiana, an ongoing relationship of abuse and sex.

He untied her and carried her to the shower 30 minutes later. He had forgotten the nipple clamps and took them off after he laid her in the tub. In the well-lit bathroom he got a good look at her nipples. They were swollen and bruised. He gave each one a light lick and watched her face contort in pain. He brought her to one more orgasm before he washed her body, being careful around the breast area. He lightly washed her tender pussy somewhat satisfied with his job tonight. He would do a lot better next time. He dried her with a soft towel before going into the bedroom to fetch her clothing.

When he returned she was standing with the towel partially wrapped around her naked body. He tossed the garments in her direction and sat down on the toilet seat to watch her dress. She dressed quickly and walked out to the living room. He followed her and grabbed her hand just as she reached the front door. She turned to him, unable to look him in the eye. After a few seconds, she tore her hand out of his grasp and walked out the door. She slammed the door behind her hoping that she wouldn’t have to face Tim as she walked out into the already scorching Georgia sun.

“She’ll be back,” Mark muttered to himself. “She’s my slut now. She knows she’ll be back.”

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This is part three of the series.



When she finally arrived back at her apartment, the sun was high in the sky. She wasn’t surprised to find that Tim had stayed overnight. He never left an argument unresolved. She slammed the door behind her and he stirred. Her first reaction at seeing him was fear that he would find out what she had done. She didn’t want him to smell the sex on her body. The fear quickly turned to anger that she had participated in the abomination and enjoyed it. She quickly walked to where he was sitting up on the couch and punched him as hard as she could in the face. When he slumped back down in the cushions, unconscious, she almost panicked. But then her good sense prevailed. She figured that she couldn’t have hit him that hard and she simply made an ice pack and tossed it onto his lap. He could fix himself when he woke up.
Upon returning to the kitchen, she fixed a cup of coffee for herself and sat at the table watching him. She contemplated telling him about the night’s events at Mark’s house. The urge to make him jealous battled with her common sense which was telling her to keep the experience a secret. Part of her feared what Tim what think of her if he ever found out, but the other part didn’t care, as long as it hurt him. She contemplated the matter until the coffee in front of her was cold and decided against telling him. It wasn’t worth the pain she knew it would cause him. Although she felt hurt and betrayed by him, she loved him too much to do the same. Her mind was a flurry of thoughts as she watched him. She knew that forgiveness was the way that she wanted to go but how was she to know if he wouldn’t do it again? She continued to weight her options when he stirred on the couch. She froze and stared at him as he stirred again. His eyes opened and she could see him trying to focus his disoriented gaze. Her heart tore as he removed the melting ice pack from his wet crotch and held it in front of his face, staring. She walked to him and took the bag without a word.
Discarding the water, she filled the bag with fresh ice and grabbed paper towels so that he could dry himself. As she returned to the living room, she couldn’t bring herself to go near him again as he looked at her with pleading eyes. “I should be begging him for forgiveness too,” she thought to herself. She tossed the bag and the towels in his direction and walked back to the kitchen table.
She replayed the moment she awakened to Tim’s assault on her unknowing body. Unexpectedly, her sorrow for her actions during the night molded itself and changed into hatred for his actions once again. She wondered how a man that seemed as nice as Tim could do such a thing to her. Within seconds, all pity she had felt for him left her body and was replaced by cold, hard hatred once again. The swiftness of this change even surprised her, but it did not soften her feelings.

He got up, bypassing the ice and paper towels and went into the kitchen. He sat next to her and studied her face. She didn’t acknowledge his presence. He ran his fingers through her hair.

“Baby I’m so sorry…Baby…I didn’t know.” She got up to refill her coffee. As she poured more coffee into her mug he stood up behind her. Right as he was reaching out to her back she spun quickly to face him.

“Don’t ever try to touch me again.” Tim had never seen such hatred in anyone’s eyes before. “I don’t know how to fix this,” he thought with remorse. He continued to stare into her eyes. The same brown eyes that mesmerized him the first time they’d met. The eyes he looked into whenever he made her smile. Those same eyes were cold and unforgiving now.

Tatiana closed her eyes and turned her back to him. Then with her elbows leaning on the counter, she buried her face in her hands and wept. She quickly regretted her words as she realized just how much she didn’t mean them. She wanted him to touch her, to hold her, to comfort her. Against her wishes, she admitted to herself that she needed to forgive him and forget what he had done. She knew that in his heart he was a good person and he hadn’t meant to hurt her.

“Sweetheart, I thought you were awake,” he begged, “and that’s the honest truth. I swear I thought you were awake, otherwise I would have never touched you.” His eyes pleaded hopelessly with the back of her head as she didn’t turn around or answer.

Hopelessly, Tim turned around and went to the guest bedroom. He lay on the bed there and thought about what he had done and why he had done it. He could have sworn that she was not asleep when it was happening. Her “awakening” came as an unpleasant surprise. He thought about her still form as it lay naked in the bed, her thumb slowly stroking a nipple. He remembered her clean shaved pussy and how tight the cavern was. Despite himself, he felt his dick lengthening and thickening in his boxers. He looked down at his pants and noted that the fly was still undone as his penis formed a tent in his boxers. He closed his eyes and groaned as he remembered the feeling when she had wrapped her lips around his cock’s head. He opened his eyes again in time to see the tip of his dick slowly poking its way out of the slit in his boxers.

She dried her tears after she heard the door to the guest bedroom close but did not leave the counter. She knew that she was going to forgive him but she was torn between leaving the apartment once again to get away from him and following him to the room. She decided to follow. Every relationship has its bad times and she didn’t want this one to last any longer than it had to. Fighting with Tim always made her feel bad because he was so sweet and he looked so helpless whenever she was angry with him. She felt her anger melt faster and faster as she walked from the kitchen and down the hall to the guest bedroom. She could see the top half of him as he lay on the bed. His arms were propped up underneath his head and he appeared to be deep in thought. “Let me go soothe his mind and let him know everything’s alright.” She still couldn’t believe that she was letting this go so easily, but she figured she owed him after what she did with Mark last night. Plus, she had to admit that she had given him that key for a reason. She was more than ready to start a sexual relationship with him.

She pushed the door open all the way and froze in her tracks. Tim was laying there with his dick reaching for the ceiling having completely freed itself from the confines of his boxer shorts. She licked her lips as the sunlight from the window glinted off of the pre cum that had formed at the tip. Without disturbing him, she walked to the bed and slowly bent over his hard snake.

His eyes popped open and he jumped to his feet when she ran her warm tongue over the head of his penis. He saw her with her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she savored the taste of his liquid. “What the fuck?!” he thought as she opened her eyes to look at him.

“You taste good, baby,” she whispered to him. She beckoned for him to come to her and he complied. Confused and wary, he slowly walked towards her.

He whispered “I’m sorry” into her ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Ssssshhhh,” she urged him. “It’s okay now. What were you just thinking about?” she inquired. He moaned as she rubbed her bare belly on his dick.

“You,” he replied. “Last night. I know you don’t believe me, but I really thought you were awake. And you were just so sexy lying naked on the bed. I had to have you.” He groaned again as she continued her slow grind against him.

“To be honest, Tim, I want you too. I just wasn’t expecting you to come by the same night so I took some pills and went to sleep. I guess they brought me a little too deep.” She kissed his lips, running her tongue over his. He kissed her back, slowly running his hands down her back to her firm ass. She moaned against his mouth as he caressed the flesh in his hands. He sighed as she broke the kiss too soon and took his ear lobe in between her lips and gently sucked.

“I want you to continue what you started last night. I’m ready for this and I would be honored if you accept my gift to you.” They both laughed at her melodramatic mockery. “Seriously though,” she continued when the humor had passed, “I want to give you my virginity.”

Without a word he laid her across the bed and stood up watching her for signs of hesitance. She returned his glare and showed none.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Ta? Because I don’t want you to do anything that you’ll regret later. I don’t know what happened to you in the past, but last night you made it pretty clear that you didn’t want to be touched.” Instead of replying, she sat up and pulled at his shirt, bringing his body down to hers:

“I know I’m ready. Forget about last night. I had to time to think about it and I don’t blame you for anything. As for my past….let’s just keep it there. Now please, get these clothes off of me and give me some of that sweet dick you’re trying to keep from me.”

He pulled himself up, picked her up, and laid her back long ways on the bed. Lying on top of her he smiled at her and gave her a peck on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed hers.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a while, baby. I can’t wait to feel your throbbing dick in my tight pussy…” She stopped and moaned in his ear as he began gently sucking on her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist and continued her one-sided sexual conversation. “You make me feel so good; I can’t wait to make you cum. I don’t know if I want you to cum in my pussy more or in my mouth, I—“she was interrupted by a sharp intake of breath as he sucked harder and his teeth scraped her skin. After getting used to the pain, she continued. “I wanna cum with you inside of me so bad, so you can feel my pussy squeezing you while I beg for your cum.” She had unconsciously started grinding her hips against his pelvis and his cock was rubbing uncomfortably on the zipper in her jeans. He lowered his hand down to her crotch to undo them. His fingers fumbled around until he got the button out of the hole, then he quickly unzipped the fly trying to get her pants off as fast as he could. She lifted her butt off the mattress as he pulled the pants down her legs and she kicked them off. He brought his hand back up to her pussy, running his fingers lightly along the skin of her inner thigh and slipped his fingers into her panties. Using his fingers he felt around her pussy, playing with the lips and wetting his fingers with her wetness. She contorted her face and grunted as his fingers momentarily nudged her sore clit. He took no notice.

He removed his fingers from her pussy and pulled down at the elastic waist of her panties. He slid down her torso as he pulled them down until his face was only inches away from her pussy. He licked his lips and stuck his tongue out to lap up some juices that had leaked down below her tunnel. She closed her eyes and relaxed her body as he slid his tongue back up, agonizingly slow. His tongue passed along her pussy hole, scooping up cum as it went. She moaned as he made the long stroke over her sensitive pussy lips. He stopped just below her clit and licked down her lips again and continued passing his tongue back and forth along them. Instead of bringing his tongue up to her clit, he pressed his thumb against it and stuck his tongue into her virgin pussy. She winced in pain then cried out as he pressed his thumb harder against it and began to rub it back in forth. It took all of her willpower to push aside the pain of her soreness and concentrate on the pleasure underneath it. Soon, she was moaning and slowly moving her hips in rhythm with his thumb.

“Mmm, baby that feels so good. But I want you to lick it. Can you do that for me, baby? Can you lick my clit?” Without hesitation Tim removed his thumb from her clit and replaced it with his tongue. Her moans grew louder as he flicked his tongue back and forth along her clit. Reaching down with both hands, she grabbed his head and held it in place as she rocked her hips rubbing her clit against his tongue, lips, and nose. She was trying to hold back her orgasm but Tim wouldn’t let her. He flicked his tongue rapidly on her clit as she rubbed it against him and the sensation became too much. She rolled her hips against his face one last time before her breath caught in her throat and her body tensed up. Tim continued his tongue lashing on her clit and reached underneath her body to push her cunt upwards even closer to his face. He thought that she might rip his ears off as the orgasm rushed through her pussy and her whole body pulsed as the waves of pleasure washed over her. The orgasm was so intense that she could hardly cry out. She only whimpered as it silently overtook her and subsided.

Her muscles went weak and she could only lay on her back and watch as Tim dipped his tongue back into her wet cunt. It pulsed once against his tongue and he withdrew, reveling in her salty taste on his tongue. He looked up at her and noticed the hazy look in her eyes. He flashed a brief smile before plunging his tongue back onto her clit. He felt her body tighten as he assaulted her clit without remorse. She cried out repeatedly as he manipulated her hard clit, her hips bucking with every flick of his wet tongue. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm again. She cried out his name as the wave of pain and pleasure washed over her.

Tim looked up once again. Her hands were up above her head, underneath the pillow and she was staring up at the ceiling. She trembled from the intensity of the two back to back orgasms. He licked her clit one more time and she quickly sat up.

“No, Tim, please. I can’t have another one. Come up here and kiss me.” He got up, his knees cracking from being in a squat position so long and climbed up on the bed to meet her face. She kissed him passionately, her tongue seeking out her cum from his mouth. She gave his lips a slow, sensuous lick and broke the kiss. She gently pushed him off of the bed and scooted up to the edge so that she sat before him, him dick wobbling inches from her face. She licks her lips and his cock jumped.

“Feed it to me,” she beckoned him. He stepped forward and placed the tip of his cock on her moist lips. “Tell me how you want me to suck it,” she told him. Her lips moving against his cock produced a moan out of him.

“Stick your tongue out and lick my cum hole,” he began. She pulled her head back away from him and snaked her long tongue, flicking it in and out of the slit. “Now lick the whole thing from the base to tip then back to the underside of the head and keep it there. She did as she was told, wetting his cock with her saliva. She stopped at the underside and licked the sensitive spot as if she was trying to make him cum right then and there. He placed his hand on the back of her head and grabbed his cock, guiding it into her mouth. “Suck the head.” She obliged swirling her tongue around it as if it were a lollipop, flicking her tongue into the slit and licking around his ridge. “Now take in some more.” He pushed his hips putting more dick into her mouth. “Yeah, swirl your tongue around the ridge, baby. Mmm, just like that...” Still grabbing the back of her head he slowly pushed more and more of his hot dick into her mouth. He lifted her chin up, straightening her throat. “Ta I want you to deep throat it.” She took a deep breath and relaxed her throat. He fed more of his cock into her until he felt the head poke into the opening of her throat and still he pushed. She gagged a little, her throat muscles massaging the head. He groaned and began to pinch her nipples. She groaned as his fingers gently twisted the tender nubs. She continued groaning and the vibrations from her throat felt like heaven on his dick head. She swirled his tongue around the member, feeling the ridges his veins made on the shaft. He pinched her nipple harder which brought a loud groan from her, but the pain broke her concentration and she began to gag again. Her throat clenched his cock and he felt himself go over the edge. “Baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” he screamed as he pushed her head further on his cock, and she got her gagging back under control as he shot a load of his salty cum down her throat. He pulled halfway out, wanting her to taste it as her tongue swirled around the head and another load shot out onto it. Then another, and another. She swallowed all four loads but continued sucking. He screamed her name as she continued her ministrations on his sensitive head. She brought her hand up, massaging his balls as she sucked. He groaned deeply as she sucked his cock clean. After a few minutes, the sensitivity went away and he was ready for another round.

Removing his cock with a satisfied pop, she smiled up at him. Not a trace of his cum could be found on her face. She had swallowed it all. She breathed hot air on the tip of his glistening cock, then followed with cold air. They both watched as it jumped and jerked. She stood up in front of him and kissed him deeply.

“I love you,” she told him when the kiss was broken. “Come, sit on the bed.” He climbed up and sat against the headboard, his feet spread and his cock looking up at the ceiling. She climbed on top of him and straddled his lap. She hugged his neck as she rubbed her pussy against the underside of his dick. She breathed harder as she pleasured her clit with his cock. Her tiny button jerked each time it passed over the ridge or any of the series of veins in his organ. “Yes, yes, yes! Tim!!!!” she screamed when she reached orgasm. He saw the room spinning as she finished her sexy act, whimpering into his ear as she recovered from her self-inflicted orgasm.

She rose her hips up, her eyes locked onto his, and placed her pussy lips at the tip of his cock. “Touch me, please,” she asked. He immediately began rolling one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as his other hand sought out her clit. He wanted to make this as pleasurable for her as he could. “Don’t we need a condom?” he inquired. She assured him that she had gotten a prescription for the pill and she was completely prepared. She slowly sank her body down onto his cock clenching her teeth as she felt the head spreading her virgin pussy open. She worked her pussy up and down getting it used to his width, pushing further down with each stroke, yielding precious millimeters of her virgin pussy to his probing cock. She shuddered as she thought about his cock being there the night before, and how close he was to taking her treasure. She opened her eyes as she felt him hit her hymen. He continued to stroke her clit trying to concentrate on it to keep himself form pushing his hips up to forever take her virginity. He wanted her to do this on her own time. “Suck on them, please,” she begged, referring to her nipples. He ran his tongue slowly over the first one, then moved on to the other, eliciting a moan from her. “Thank you,” she sighed as he sucked the first one into his mouth and she sank her body down further, gasping from the pain of his dick tearing through her hymen dulled by his attention to her nipples and her clit. She screamed as his cock poked all the way through her pussy and was buried to the hilt, the head hitting her cervix. She grabbed his head closer to her chest as she sat in his lap, tears streaming down her face.

The pain was almost too much for her. She could not move as she felt his throbbing dick in her tunnel, the pain also causing her pussy to throb. He stopped massaging her sensitive parts when he heard her begin to sob. He looked up, a concerned look on his face. “Baby, are you okay? If you want to stop, I’ll understand.”

“No, no,” she replied, “It just hurts. I know it’ll stop hurting soon, just give me a minute. He kissed her all over; her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, her neck as he gave her time to adjust to his width. When she indicated that she was ready, he flipped her on the bed so that she was on her back and he was on top. He placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt and looked down at the mixture of blood and pussy juices that covered her pussy. He looked up at her for permission and she nodded. He pushed himself back into her groaning as he stroked in and out until he had buried himself to the hilt into her tight pussy. She gasped each time the bulbous head passed over the spot where her hymen used to be attached to her walls. He began kissing her neck again as he slowly made love to her for the first time, his moans sending vibration through her skin that echoed in her pussy. Her tunnel seemed to suck at his cock, the tightness not wanting him to leave the confines of her hot, velvety flesh.

She groaned each time he buried himself into her hole, her clit being rubbed by the thick base of his dick. “Faster,” she urged him, and he increased his pace to meet her demands. She gave a series of deep, guttural groans as the attention her button was receiving increased and his cock invaded her pussy more fervently. She felt so full. She knew that if she could cum, the pain would be forgotten. “Baby, more, more, go faster!” she begged. He pushed himself up into a push-up position on top of her and began thrusting his hips faster. The pleasure on her clit overwhelmed the dull pain in her vagina with every inward stroke. Her groans became open-mouthed “Ah’s” as she felt her orgasm building. A few strokes later, her body tensed. She shuddered and let out a long “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…”—a sigh—as she came. Tim lost control as he felt her tight pussy clenching and unclenching, getting even tighter around his cock.

He flipped her onto her belly, raising her ass and pussy up, placing her thighs on his and guided his cock back into her. He pumped into her fast and hard, unable to stop himself. She gasped air as he ravished her, enjoying it immensely. He reached forward with one hand and grabbed her breast, squeezing it while he fucked her. He thrust as deep as he could until he was hitting her cervix with each pump, the stimulation sending stars into his vision. Suddenly, his balls bunched up against his cock and he felt the cum rushing through his shaft. He shot load after load of his hot cum into her wet pussy. He stayed in her, still kneeling behind her as they both caught their breath. His shrinking cock fell out and he lay next to her. She turned onto her side to face him. They kissed and she thanked him over and over again.

He placed his hand in between her thighs and began to rub her slit which was slippery with her juices and his cum. She turned onto her back, closing her eyes and tilting her head back and he reached up with his other hand and pinched her nipple. She yelped as his fingers dug into the sensitive nub. He brought his head up and looked at her breasts closely. The nipples were reddish-brown and he could see a minor bruise on the areola of one of them. It didn’t look fresh, but he knew that it wasn’t there the night before. He ran his forefinger over the other one and watched as she winced slightly. He placed one in his mouth and ran his tongue over it and heard her sigh. Slowly, he reached up with his free hand and lightly pinched the other one. He felt her body tense up underneath him. He pulled away looking at her as she stared back, searching his face for any sign of what was wrong. She knew what was wrong, but she wanted to know if he sensed it too.

Tim turned away from her and sat on the edge of the bed. “What time is it?” She didn’t answer. He looked back and asked again. Still no answer. He crawled back to her and laid his head on her stomach. He lay there gazing at her abused nipples.

“I need to get cleaned up,” she announced suddenly and she pushed him away and crawled off the other side of the bed. He stayed in the room, staring at a blood stain on the sheets until he heard the shower running next door. He quietly opened the door to the bathroom and stepped into a cloud of hot steam. He slowly drew the shower curtains aside and stepped in behind Tatiana, kissing her neck. “Not here, baby,” she moaned as he slid his hand down to her bottom. She leaned forward and placed both her hands on the shower wall in front of her, the water cascading down her hair and back. She felt his cock as he rubbed it along her ass and pussy, prepping her for another romp.

“Baby…” she protested, but even as she said it, she arched her back pushing her ass and pussy higher to allow him better access. His cock slid in easily and he slowly pulled it all the way out and back in a few times. Then, grabbing her waist with both hands, he began to fuck in and out of her with long, hard thrusts. Her cries echoed off the shower walls each time he bottomed out in her sore cunt. He reached around her with one hand and began pinching and twisting her right nipple and she gasped with each cruel twist. “Tim….please…stop.” she begged in between gasps and he put the hand back on her waist and thrust even harder. Instead of resting her hands on the wall in front of her, she was now pushing back against it to keep from banging her head. He fucked her unmercifully with no signs of letting up having cum so soon before.

She gave a sigh of relief when he stopped his thrusting and pulled out of her pussy. However, her rest was short-lived because as soon as he pulled out, he pulled her body around and lifted her up, her fuck hole hovering only centimeters above his cock. He quickly dropped her, impaling her with his dick and turned so that her back was against the wall and he began beating her pussy again. She hissed as her back hit the cold wall. He immediately leaned forward while fucking her and took one of her nipples in between his teeth. “TIM!!!!” She cried out his name loud enough to hurt his ears but he didn’t stop. Each time he pushed into her, a flash of heated pain seared through her nipple as her breasts bounced. As he fucked her with both hands holding her by the ass, he began pushing one middle finger against her puckered hole. Her cries turned into screams as he invaded her virgin ass and he couldn’t contain himself as he felt her muscle clench his finger hard. He buried his cock in her to the hilt and came hard, pumping his seed deep into her body. His cock squirted two loads into her and he thrust three times and pumped out another three. When his balls were empty, he removed his twitching cock and let go of her nipple, putting her down on her feet. She immediately turned her back to him pressing her tits against the cool wall to soothe her nub. He slapped her ass, rinsed his dick, and stepped out stating, “I have to go to work,” and left her there, tears streaming down her face.


The next day went by without any contact from Tim. There was no doubt in her mind that he knew she had been with another guy the other night. She knew that he fucked her the way he did because he was upset, but she couldn’t help but notice the warmth that spread in between her legs whenever she thought about it. She began replaying the event in her mind as she folded the sheets she had just washed. A distant sound broke her out of her day dream and she realized it was her cell phone ringing from the living room. Putting down the sheet, she rushed to it knowing that only Tim could be calling her at midnight. Breathless, she reached the phone and breathed out “Hello?”

“You sound sexy on the phone.” She knew immediately that it wasn’t Tim. It was Mark. Her pussy got even wetter and her nipples became hard, painfully rubbing against her t-shirt with each breath. “Come to my apartment. Now. I’m giving you fifteen minutes. Don’t bother with underwear.” With that, he hung up. She grabbed her keys and purse, and headed out to her car in the parking deck. Closing the door as she stepped in, she put the key in the ignition and stopped.

“What am I doing?” she asked herself. She knew why he wanted her to come over and she knew that it would hurt Tim if she continued. She came up with dozens of reasons why she shouldn’t go. Her rational thoughts didn’t keep her from taking a deep breath and turning the key. Nor did they keep her from slipping the transmission into reverse, then drive and leaving the deck. They didn’t even stop her from stepping out of her car in front of Mark’s apartment complex, engaging the alarm, and walking to his doorstep. Mark opened the door before she could ring the doorbell and ushered her inside.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered her after closing the door behind them. Hesitating, she looked at him then looked around before starting to obey. Angrily, he pushed down on her shoulders to put her in the kneeling position. “You’ll regret hesitating before doing something I tell you to do and you’ll also regret that you were two minutes late. Now take my cock out.” He let his hands hang to the side as Tatiana unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. She pulled his pants and boxers down, revealing his soft cock to her face. “Breathe on it,” he commanded. She opened her mouth and began blowing hot breath on the head. It jumped with every breath and slowly got harder. He scooted forward until his balls were above her face. “Lick my balls.’ She stuck out her long tongue and ran it over his sack, rolling each ball with her tongue. He encouraged her as he slowly stroked his dick. “Yeah, feel how heavy they are? They’re full of cum that I made just for you, bitch.” He pulled away from her mouth and held his cock in front of her. “Lick that pre cum up.” She stuck the tip of her tongue out to taste the drop of his liquid in his cum slit. He let out a low, guttural moan as he felt her wet tongue exploring the hole, trying to get as much of his nut as it could. “Stroke it slowly and lick it every time you see some cum.” She wrapped her fist around his 9 inch cock and stroked it. She got more and more excited as the hot, thick member twitched in her hand. As soon as she saw a bead of liquid form at the tip, her tongue immediately left the confines of her mouth and scooped it up into her mouth. Soon she was using her thumb to spread the steady stream around his cock head and shaft. When it was lubricated enough, she stroked it faster.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his dick out of her grasp and grabbed the back of her head and her hair. He rubbed the head and guided his dick towards her face. “Open your mouth,” he calmly instructed her. He gripped her hair tighter as he felt her hot breath on his member and stuffed it into her mouth. He put it halfway into her mouth before she closed her lips around it. “I better not feel your teeth slut.” She heeded his warning and folded her lip s over her teeth to shield his sensitive flesh from them. He pulled her head closer to his crotch and pushed into her mouth at the same time. He felt his dick head slide down her throat and groaned when he saw a bulge below her chin when he looked down. She swallowed and her throat muscles contracted on his cock. He pulled out until just the head was on her tongue and thrust back in. He began fucking her face and she swirled her tongue around him concentrating so that she wouldn’t choke. “Yeah, swallow my dick you slut! I know you like it. You can’t get enough of this thick cock!” His gaze bore down on the top of her head as he pumped into her wanting to douse her throat with his cum. “Rub my balls.” She took the heavy sack into her hand and pulled gently at the skin as he fucked her. She began squeezing it softly, trying to make him cum quicker so that he could finish fucking her throat. Her jaws were sore and her throat was feeling sore too from his abuse. With her free hand, she reached around his thigh and began playing with his ass hole. He thrust hard into her mouth and her nose slammed against his pubic hair as the cum came gushing through his shaft. She kept squeezing his balls as she felt them pulse with every load he shot down her throat. “Swallow it all trick! I don’t wanna see one drop out of your mouth or on my dick.” She swallowed as fast as she could but still, the cum filled her cheeks. She began to feel afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold it all until, finally, his cock stopped spurting and she swallowed the remainder of his seed. He sighed “Aaaaah,” every time he felt her swallow, her throat contracting against his spent penis. “Clean it.” She sucked and licked around his softening cock adding to the amount of cum that was already making its way into her stomach. When she was finished, he slid out of her mouth and commanded her to stand up. Tucking his organ back into his pants and underwear, he grabbed her by the hair to make her stand up quicker.

He turned her around, directing her to the guest bedroom. “Since you played with my ass, I’m gonna play with yours too,” he said with an evil smile as he kneaded her ass cheeks roughly. “Later, though. For now, I want you to meet my friends.” When he opened the door she saw three well-built men sitting around the room talking. Two were white (one blond and one with brown hair) and the last one was black. They immediately stopped their conversation and looked at her with pure hunger in their eyes. “Welcome to dinner. Guess what’s cooking?” Mark laughed. “Take your clothes off,” he demanded as the other three stood up and began making their way toward her.

“Mark, please…I can’t do this. I just came for you, I—“he silenced her with a hard slap to her bottom. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. “When I tell you to do something, you do it, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!” She nodded yes as he rubbed the hot flesh where he had stung her. “Come over here and get this bitch naked.” The three men came to her, smiling, and began to touch her body. The blond one grabbed both breasts through her top and began fondling them roughly. The black man went around to her butt and began kneading it in between his rough hands, letting go every now and then to give her cheeks a slap. The brown-headed one stood off to her side and demanded her to kiss him. He leaned in towards her mouth and invaded it with his tongue. Her body was tense as these three men man-handled her body and she became even stiffer when she felt Mark’s hands cupping her pussy and squeezing.

The blond unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse, became impatient, and ripped the rest of the shirt open, exposing her braless tits and bare stomach. He eyed her healing nipples, noting that they were hard. “Hey, I think this slut likes being treated like this! We’re gonna have some fun tonight with you, slut.” He began kneading and squeezing her breasts in each hand and pinching her nipples roughly as the black guy unbuttoned her pants. She gasped with every twist and pinch and only barely heard when he commanded her to step out of them. Mark’s hand returned to her shaved pussy and he began pinching her pussy lips and pulling them away from her body. At the same time, the blond (she later found out his name was Dean, the brown-head was Josh, and the black guy was Michael) began pulling her by the nipples, causing her to thrust her chest towards him and push her ass back into Michael’s hands. Mike worked his middle finger into her tight pussy and withdrew it, lubricating her ass hole with her cum. He repeated it over and over before pushing his thumb into her puckered hole. Josh was still invading her mouth with his tongue when she felt his cock rubbing her thigh. It was hot and it was trailing liquid onto her smooth skin. She figured he must have been stroking it.

“Grab my cock,” he whispered into her mouth. She did as she was told, fearing punishment and she gripped it hard just as Mike pushed his thumb further into her and began reaming her bottom in and out with it. She spread Josh’s cum around his head and began slowly stroking his large head. He groaned as he got even harder and pushed his dick more into her hand. Dean began sucking her nipples hard as he unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them revealing that he had no underwear on. She was beginning to believe that none of the three had any on. Josh moved away from her mouth and soon the two white men were sucking on her nipples, roughly nibbling on them and pulling them into their mouths, stretching them out. Michael’s thumb vacated her ass and Mark’s fingers stopped pulling at her pussy as they both undressed themselves hurriedly.

Mark moved away from the group and sat down on a chair across the room, slowly stroking his member back to life. The three men led her to the bed and the burning sensation in her nipples intensified momentarily as she remembered the other night’s activities and the nipple clamps. “No clamps tonight, little one,” Mark said, as if reading her mind, “Today we’re going to abuse your body without toys. And you’re going to enjoy it, whether you like it or not.” He laughed at his little joke as his three friends laid her on her back and stood around the bed, stroking their cocks and waiting for his next instructions. “Dean, play with this bitch’s cunt. Josh and Michael, give her nipples a little bit of attention. Tatiana, you’re not allowed to cum until I tell you to. I might not let you until much later. Each guy gets three minutes to touch your pussy. Whoever makes you cum can have their way with your body however they please for five minutes. You get a one minute break to calm down in between men. I suggest that you put your mind far from here because when these guys take possession of your body, they really take possession. And they’re not the type to take good care of their toys.” He winked and she whimpered as Dean began running his finger up and down her stomach waiting for Mark to give him the word to start.

She closed her eyes and thought about every unpleasant thing she could imagine, but her mind went blank as soon as she felt him run a finger up her wet slit and circle her clit. The two at her head dipped their fingers into their pre cum and began rubbing her nipples with it and “accidentally” brushing their cock heads against her moist lips. She gasped as he increased the pressure on her clit and placed his finger into her hole. He pistoned one finger in and out of her as he rubbed circles around her clit, trying to make her give in. She looked down her body to where his cock waited, twitching with anticipation. He rubbed her clit faster and Michael placed more of his cum on her tit and flicked the nipple back and forth, trying to get her body to yield to them. She kept her eyes open and looked at the ceiling, concentrating on the little grooves that had been formed onto it. She felt her pussy betraying her, however, as Dean pushed her further and further to the edge. Her hips were twitching every few seconds and she could feel more blood rushing into her clit and lips. She began breathing out of her mouth and grabbed onto both of her nipple stimulators’ thighs, digging her fingernails into their flesh just as she heard a voice say, “Stop!” Dean’s fingers immediately left her crotch and she lay there, breathing heavily, still grasping both Josh and Michael’s thighs as they reluctantly removed their hands from her nipples. “You have one minute, and then they’re going to switch counterclockwise. Breath. Relax. Better yet…panic.”

“She closed her eyes and concentrated on slowing her breathing down as the three athletic-looking men switched places with Michael at her feet. She could hear them stroking their cocks as her mouth dried with each intake of air. Dean leaned forward until his penis was above her mouth and her eyes shot open as a stream of his pre cum fell onto her lips and tongue. He wiped the last drop from his cock on her cheek and smirked at her, daring her to protest. She flinched. Waiting for Mark gave the word for the next player to begin; he grabbed her right breast hard and forced his cock closer to her face. “You’re gonna be suckin’ this dick and callin’ out my name before we’re through here, so you’d better start liking him.” With that he began rubbing her lips with it until the order to begin was given.

Dean and Josh pinched and twisted her nipples, but not very harshly, as Michael circled her clit with his middle finger applying great pressure after every few revolutions. She shuddered and gasped with pleasure as the three men tried to coax her body into releasing for them. Her pussy felt impossibly wet as Michael ran his other fingers all around, exploring her folds, brushing against all the sensitive and ticklish spots he could find. Her gasps turned into moans and she felt her legs twitching as his fingers continued their exploration of her parts. She felt as if little men were dancing on her pussy lips and clit. She gritted her teeth and began bucking her hips to escape his intruding fingers, trying her best to keep him from touching her clit. Michael began to get angry and slapped his hand down on her stomach, keeping her hips in place, but just as he did, they heard the command: “Stop! Switch.” He removed himself from in between her legs and growled at her as he took his place on the right side of her head. Slapping her with his massive dick, he needed to say no words; his eyes gave her all the warning she needed. She opened her mouth and received his black throbbing member and he slowly but deeply fucked her mouth as Mark counted one minute for her to calm down. The others said nothing, only watched as they stroked their straining cocks. Mike pulled out when he felt his balls contract and tightly squeezed the base, quarantining his sperm for the time being. She took her attention away from his closed eyes when she felt the head of Josh’s dick rubbing her cunt. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her leg as she opened her mouth to announce his invasion of her free minute. Instead, she hissed with pain as he squeezed harder, bruising the sensitive skin. She softly whispered no, no, no as he agitated her clit, barely moving, his movements imperceptive to Mark where he was sitting across the room.

“Begin!” he shouted when the minute was over. The three Adonises immediately dropped down to their knees and began using their tongues on her helpless body. Mike squeezed her right tit roughly as he flicked his tongue over the nipple, occasionally sucking it into his mouth and moaning against it as Dean sucked and bit the other. Josh, at her pussy began a relentless assault on her clit with his long tongue. She screamed as he sucked it into his mouth and softly nibbled on it, forcing her hips upwards, pushing her pussy harder against his face. He took the opportunity to hold her up in that position with one hand propped up under her ass and with the other he began to finger her rim. Her hips began to buck, involuntarily this time, as she groaned out his name, repeating it unconsciously encouraging him. “Don’t cum, bitch, you’d better hope you don’t cum! Thirty seconds!” Mark announced. It only made the three men work harder on Tatiana. Michael and dean sucked harder at her nipples and kneaded her breasts in their hands. Michael reached up with one hand and began slowly squeezing her neck, cutting off more and more air to her lungs. The lack of air intensified the pleasure on her clit. Josh pushed his finger into her ass hole and she began screaming his name louder, begging for him to stop. His tongue was a blur as he flicked it back and forth over her sensitive pussy and his bottom lip rubbed seductively on her cunt lips as she fought against her body. She turned her head towards Mark only to see him stroking his long cock with his strong fist and groaned as her muscles went rigid, her ass clamping down on Josh’s finger. It seemed like an eternity as she realized what was happening to her body and what would happen to her body when it was over before an orgasm swept all thoughts away from her mind. She screamed every time her vagina spasmed, her body undulating with pleasure as she came. The pent up pressure from Josh, Dean, and Mike’s work spilled out in the form of energy through her cunt. They watched her body hungrily, staring at her abs as they contracted. Her body shook with the force of every spasm and it felt like a long time before she laid back, her muscles limp and her forehead and hair damp and shiny from sweat as her orgasm subsided. The three men didn’t stop licking, sucking, choking and biting until she was barely breathing, indicating that she was through. Josh stood up at the end of the bed by her feet, a triumphant smile on his face.

Mark stood up, slowly and walked over to where Josh was celebrating. Tatiana didn’t notice; her eyes were closed and her mind had blanked out, a mild form of sensory overload, we could say, halfway shutting her body down for a short period. “Congratulations, Josh. You made this slut cum good. I knew she’d give in eventually, she loves this shit. I’m disappointed in you two, though,” he said, glowering at Michael and Dean, “I prepped her up for you guys real good and you couldn’t get her to release. I’m this close to kicking you out right now.” The two losers looked away, their straining cocks standing up before them. “As for you, Josh, you’ll get your five minutes with this whore. But first, I’ve got to deflower her. She’s mine and what she has is mine to take.” Tatiana’s eyes lazily opened and drifted in Mark’s direction as he mounted the bed in between her legs, his dick at her entrance. “She’s plenty wet already, this should be easy for me,” he announced as he plunged into her pussy. She gasped when he hit her cervix and so did he. She because of his girth and he because of the quickness with which it happened. He stayed still, breathing hard as her pussy still twitched around his cock before he realized the reason why he had plunged in so easily. He pulled out, staring furiously at her as he pulled his right arm across his chest and backhanded her as hard as he could. She screamed as he yelled into her face “You cunt! Whose dick did you fuck?! Your virginity was mine! I OWN YOU!!!” he finished with another smack to the other side of her face and he began to fuck her hard and fast as tears came streaming down her eyes. He slammed his massive cock into her body over and over, not letting up and filling her pussy with himself as she whimpered and cried, saliva dripping out of her mouth and down her cheeks. He pulled out and quickly flipped her body over grabbing onto her breasts as he forced his way into her pussy again, using her tits as handles to fuck her even harder. She screamed and buried her head into a pillow as he pummeled her hole, praying that he would cum soon and be finished with her. She never wanted Tim more than she did now and she cried as her face rubbed against her own sweet, tears, and spit, his thrusts rocking the bed causing the headboard to slam against the wall repeatedly. He began to tire and his thrusts came slower and less hard as he tried to coax his dick into cumming in her cavern. He slapped her ass, hard, as he pushed as deep as he could, the head of his cock pushing through her cervix. He pulled his dick out quickly and placed it at the entrance to her ass. “No, please don’t!” she begged as he began working the head into her tight sphincter. “If I can’t have your virgin cunt, then I’m gonna take your ass. You should’ve thought about this before you went and fucked someone else, you whore.” By the time he finished his sentence, his head poked through her rim and he plunged forward, stretching her tightest hole as she screamed out in pain, clawing at the headboard, trying to reach anything that would help her pull herself out of his grasp.

“Hold her!” he demanded and his three minions grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her head back down to the pillow on her cheek. Mark assaulted her ass, his thrusts lubricated by her juices on his cock and blood. When he felt his cum began to rush from his balls, he pulled out of her ass and stuffed her pussy again. “I’m gonna give you a baby tonight, bitch!” and he gritted his teeth against any sound as he pumped load after load of hot sperm straight into her cervix. When he was spent, he came around the bed pushing Dean out of the way and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head up out of the pillow. “Clean it, trick.” With that, he pushed her mouth onto his softening cock. She sucked it hard in between sobs, cleaning off not only her cum and his cum, but her blood as well. Her body and mind were numb as Josh mounted her and took his five minutes with her. She didn’t even notice the other two when their turns came. Even Michael, whose dick was wider and longer than Mark’s caused her to feel nothing. All three of them came in her pussy at least twice and Dean came in her mouth after fucking it while Mike fucked her cunt. She tasted nothing as she swallowed his liquid. They each petted and stroked her forehead and stomach when they left the room. Dean stopped to whisper in her ear before he left: “See, I told you you’d like it, you didn’t even complain when I filled your mouth with my sperm. You even remembered to chew before you swallowed,” he laughed at his crude joke as he left, nodding to Mark who was again sitting across the room. He had put slacks on and now walked towards the bed where Tatiana lay still, barely breathing, her right leg twitching.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his fingers running over her fleshy calf where he eyed the bruise Josh had given her. He ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh and lightly touched her vagina which was oozing out her juice and the cum of four men. She winced gingerly as he explored her battered pussy, and lifted her butt to peer at her ass hole looking for any damage that might need serious attention. Finding nothing, but a little bit of dried blood he wiped the cum on a clean spot on the bed sheet and continued sliding his hand up her belly and over her breasts. The nipples and the globes were bruised again and a little puffy, but nothing more serious than what had occurred the last time she was with him. He lightly passed his fingers over one and watched her tense up and gasp before moving on. He squatted down and peered at her neck, lifting her chin when he noticed the bruises Michael caused while he choked her. He growled softly, angry that one of them could toy with her life like that and he kissed each bruise gently. He tried to kiss her cheek and she flinched away, whimpering unable or unwilling to speak. “Ta,” he whispered as he rubbed her stomach. “Ta…” again. “I’m so sorry. I just wanted it to be some harmless fun, but I got angry. I just…I wanted your virginity so bad and when I found out you still hadn’t had sex, I thought it was mine. I got a little caught up in my fantasy. He kissed her chest as his own tears began to flow from his eyes onto her soft skin. “And I’m sorry about the bruises on your leg and your neck. I swear I’ll find out who did them and they’ll get what they deserve. None of them were supposed to hurt you, they were only supposed to pleasure you into cumming, but I wanted it to only look as if you were actually serving them. Again…my anger. I fucked up. And I swear to you that nothing like this will ever happen again, baby.” He looked up at her, sobbing now: “Ta, please forgive me. You know I would never do anything to purposely hurt you, I don’t—“he was interrupted by a sob and he laid his head back on her chest. She lifted her arm and placed her hand on his head, running her fingers through his hair. Her own tears stopped as she reminisced about moments when she would touch his hair as they talked about their deepest secrets. He closed his eyes as she massaged his scalp, but stood up suddenly as a thought occurred to him. Looking down at where their cum oozed from her pussy, he panicked. “Oh shit!” He ran to the bathroom connected to the room and grabbed a towel and wetted it before brining it back to Tatiana. He wiped her pussy as best he could while being gentle, but he could still see the thick white liquid at the entrance of her hole knowing that there was more inside, not to mention the load he had deposited straight into her womb. There was nothing he could do so he said the only thing he could: “I’ll take care of it if you get pregnant. I swear I will.”

She took a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling with relief and told him: “I’m on the pill. I’m not gonna get pregnant.” He stroked her forehead and sat down on the bed next to her body as she drifted off to sleep. After he took a shower, he returned to her, fully clothed and smelling fresh. She woke up as he lifted her off the bed and carried her towards the bathtub. He had drawn a hot bath with gentle soap already in the water. He slowly lowered her into the tub, letting her get used to the hot water. She felt completely relaxed as the heat penetrated her muscles, melting them. He reached into the tub to massage her shoulders with soapy hands and she moaned while he worked any tautness left in them and the muscles in her back. He must’ve learned something else in Chicago, she thought as he kneaded the muscles like a professional. “Where did you learn to give massages like that?” she inquired before she let out another moan. He replied, “I had to work as a masseuse to make ends meet and pay for tuition while I was up there. Now be quiet and relax. No talking.” When he was finished, she laid back against the wall of the tub her body all the way underneath the semi-clear water except for her head. “Is there anywhere else you need massaged?” he asked, reluctant to leave her. “My thighs and calves,” she answered, “I went jogging longer than normal this morning.” He lifted her right leg over the tub wall as he squeezed more soap out onto his hand. He rubbed his hands up and down her leg, paying special attention to her calf. It was firm but somehow soft at the same time to his touch. He marveled at her long leg as he touched it and he slid his hand up to her thigh. The flesh here was even softer and it jiggled a little as he kneaded the muscles, begging them to relax and leave his little slave at peace. She sighed with her head back and her eyes closed as he slid higher, only three inches from the center of her pleasure. He was about to move to the other leg when she told him, “You don’t have to go to the other leg…if you don’t want to.” He understood and he slid his hand back up the other thigh and stopped with his middle finger at her folds. He gently rubbed her pussy’s lips as she sighed. They were still a little slippery with cum, but most of it had washed away with the water and soap in the tub. She pushed her hips up, begging him to touch her clit and he obliged. She pinched and rubbed her hard nipples as he slowly rubbed her clit, being careful not to touch the sensitive hole where the men had fucked her. It did not take long for her to cum. She felt her body tighten then relax as his hand left her body and he kissed her forehead. As her breathing slowed and her eyes were still closed, he began to speak: “I know that it’s probably too late to say this, given that you’ve given your virginity to this guy you’re with but…I want you to know that I always loved you. I loved you in high school, I loved you while I was in Chicago, and I still love you now. And I’m happy for you because apparently you’ve found love without me, but I’m sad for me because now I’m miserable. I know I shouldn’t have left you.” And with that, he left the restroom, closing the door behind him.

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