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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-28-2008, 10:56 PM
The “Girl ?” I met

I had an experience recently that I wanted to share.
I was standing in line at the Movie Theater. When a beautiful woman got in line behind me. I had trouble not staring at her, which she obviously noticed. She looked me and started to giggle saying it was ok, she took it as a compliment.
I introduced myself as Rob, she told me her name was Stacie.

She had nice long blond hair, a gorgeous set of breasts (no bra) the nipples were protruding against her almost see-through shirt. She was wearing a tight little mini-skirt, which showed off her gorgeous legs. She was incredibly sexy.
The line was pretty long; waiting didn’t seem so bad. I talked with her while we were waiting. She was very friendly. She said she was in town with a friend looking for some R & R, her friend had a few errands to do that took awhile, so she thought she’d catch a show. I recommended a few places to see to go, good restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

When I finally got to the ticket booth I almost forgot what I was there for. The Movie I wanted to see had been out for almost a month, so I didn’t expect there to be many people there to see it. When I got inside, I was right. I was the only one there. I sat in my usual place, center in the back.
Just as I sitting down someone else came in, I couldn’t believe it was her. She told me she hated going to the movies by herself and asked if I didn’t mind if she next to me. I said of course not. She wanted to sit on the other side of me, so I stood up to let her pass. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but I could have sworn she pressed into me when she walked by, I could feel her breasts against me. It gave me an instant hard-on. We talked until the movie started. It was then that I noticed she had undone some of her buttons on shirt. She must of have done it before she came to sit down, I knew it wasn’t like that when were standing inline. The seats in the theater were the kind you could move the arm rest up and out of the way. She moved the one between us. I was still afraid to make the first move, I didn’t want make her uncomfortable.

The movie finally started, no one else ended up coming in. About half way through the movie I felt her hand on my knee, she started moving it up slowly. I daringly put my arm around her, she moved in closer, and her hand went right to my crotch, and started rubbing my hard-on through my jeans. I was already about to explode. She started undoing my buckles and asked me to help get my jeans down, I don’t think I could’ve moved any faster. When my cock was free, she went right down on it. Since I was so close already it didn’t take long. I couldn’t believe how good her mouth felt, I told her I about to cum, she doubled her efforts, by that time I was fucking her mouth moving my hips up and down to meet her bobbing head, I exploded like a volcano pumping load after load down her throat. She didn’t miss a beat; she kept going and got every drop.

When she sat up, she just looked at me and smiled. I said, “that was incredible” her reply caught me off guard she said, “it sure was”. Just then she leaned into me and gave me a deep kiss. I could feel her tongue press against mine and I could still taste my semen in her mouth, I didn’t care. My hands went right to her beautiful breasts, they felt awesome, I unbuttoned her shirt most of the way and lowered my head to her awaiting nipples. She started moaning right away, saying, “she loved having her nipples sucked on”.

I had my hand on her thigh and was moving it up slowly, but she stopped me before I could get under her skirt. She said “later for that”

The movie finally ended and we ended up going back to her hotel room. As I was following her I couldn’t take my eyes off her hot ass; I could almost feel my tongue sliding between those beautiful cheeks. When we got to her room she said, “my friend might be back already” I thought damn Her boyfriends here. But When we got in I found out her friend (who was there) was also a woman. She went over to her friend and gave her a deep kiss then turned to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, we share everything”
I of course replied “not at all”. Her friend was just as hot; she was a brunette about the same figure both about 5’9” I’m 5’10”. And wearing a similar outfit. Her name was Mary.
They told me to sit on the bed, which I did. They slowly undressed each other, stopping to for a deep kiss every so often. They both had their backs to me when they removed their skirts. Stacie was wearing a red thong and Mary was wearing a black one. They bent way down and I got a great view of their ass. They stood up removed their thongs looked at each other and grinned. They slowly turned around. What I saw put me in shock. They both had a hard-on. They were She-males. I was still in shock when Stacie walked over to me and put her cock inches away from my face and said, “Now, it’s your turn”.

I couldn’t stop myself I just opened my mouth and took her into me. She started moaning right away, “Oh god Rob that feels so good” I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had never done this before, but it felt so natural. As I was sucking I reached around and started rubbing her ass, god her ass felt good in my hands.
Stacie started a pumping motion as I was sucking; I was doing to her what she had done to me. I must have been doing something right she kept moaning, “mmmm, OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD, UUHHHHH OH YEAH, UUUUUUUUHHHHH OH ROB I’M GOING TO CUM” I started moving faster there was no turning back now. She grabbed my head, pulling me into her, burying her cock all the way in. I could hear her “ YES, OHHH GOD YES ROB, HERE IT COMES” With that I felt her start to cum, I actually managed to swallow it all. She kept pumping it in my mouth, I was actually pulling her into me, I wanted to swallow every bit.

When her orgasm subsided she laid down on the bed on her side with her back to me. She then said “I want your cock deep in my ass” I wasn’t even undressed but I took about 5 seconds. The first thing I did was to play with her ass, I put my face right between her cheeks and started licking and sucking her back hole. It didn’t take long for her to start moaning again. I could hear her “mmmm oh that feels soooooo good” she started grinding her ass against my tongue. She finally said “Oh fuck me now, I want to feel your cock deep in my ass” I moved right up, positioned myself and slowly entered. Damn her ass felt so good. I suddenly felt more weight on the bed behind me. Mary was behind me moving her tongue in and out my ass, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I kept slowly moving in and out fucking that hot ass, and when I had my cock buried all the way in, Stacie said “ hold right there, that feels wonderful”

Mary had moved her tongue now, but it didn’t take long for me to realize why. She had moved up next to me as I had done to Stacie, and I could now feel the tip of her cock against my ass. It hurt at first, but as she started fucking me it felt better and better. I started moving my hips back to meet her thrusts. The double pleasure I felt was too much, being fucked and fucking at the same time. I could hear Stacie “OH MY GOD, YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD” At the same time I could Mary “ OH GOD STACIE HIS ASS IS SO TIGHT I’M GOING TO CUM” Hearing that I shouted “ OH YEAH, I AM CUMMING” I buried my cock in as far as it would go and started blasting I could hear Stacie “OH GOD I LOVE THE FEEL OF YOU CUMMING IN MY ASS” I felt Mary’s cock start to swell inside me, she was saying “OH, OH, OH UUUUHHHNNNNNN I’M CUMMING” She buried her cock in me as I done to Stacie, I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I wasn’t laying there long before Stacie and Mary got up and switched places. Mary placed her ass right in front of my face, at the same time I could feel Stacie’s cock start to penetrate my well-lubed ass. I went right to work on Mary’s ass, licking and sucking as she ground her ass against my tongue. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again. I could already hear Stacie “OH YEAH MARY HIS ASS IS TIGHT, I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT FEELS” Mary took that as a cue, she moved here ass down and pressed it against my awaiting cock. I had lubed her pretty well with my tongue so my cock slid in easily.

I again was feeling the double pleasure. Mary’s ass felt just as good as Stacie’s and Stacie’s cock felt just as good as Mary’s.

All three of were moaning again. It didn’t take long to build up another climax. I just kept saying over and over “OH GOD OOOHHHHH MY GOD, OH GOD YEAH” Stacie was the first to start “UUUUUHHHHHH OH I’M GOING TO CUM ROB, I’M GOING TO CUM DEEP IN YOUR ASS”
Upon hearing her I felt her cock start to swell, that’s when it hit me “OH I’M GOING TO CUM TO, OH MARY HERE IT CUMS.” I felt Stacie bury her cock deep in my ass at the same time I buried mine deep inside of Mary. I could feel Stacie cumming while I was also cumming. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. I just kept cumming filling Mary’s ass, while feeling my ass being filled.
When I was done, Mary got up turned around, I could see she had a hard-on again, and I knew what she wanted. She moved her cock right to my face and put between my lips. As I had done to Stacie I opened up and started sucking right away. Mary was already on the verge of cumming so it didn’t take long. I could hear her “mmmm oh yeah, uuhnnnn oh god yeah, oH OH YES OH ROB YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN” She grabbed my head pulling me into her and started, I could feel the cock swell in my mouth so I knew what was coming and was ready. She started bucking her hips against my face saying
“I’M CUMMING OH GOD I’M CUMMING ROB TAKE IT ALL” With that I started swallowing making sure to get every drop.

She collapsed right there and we fell asleep, When I woke up several hours later. I felt satisfied like never before. I was a little sore, but nothing to bad. We took turns showering, went out to dinner and came back a few hours later for more fun.

It had been a couple of days since my encounter with Stacie and Mary. That whole night had been unforgettable. I couldn’t keep my mind off it. I had given Stacie my phone #, I didn’t really expect her to call I hoped she would.

Just to recap, Stacie I met 1st, she has nice long blond hair, A very nice of tits around a C-cup maybe a little larger. She likes to wear tight shirts that show off her ample breasts and nipples, She also likes to wear mini-skirts about thigh level that shows off her beautiful ass and sexy legs. Mary is her friend, she almost identical proportions only she’s a brunet, their both about 5’9”.
I'm 5'10" about 230lbs.

But sure enough while I was lying in bed this morning she called. As soon as I heard her voice I got an instant hard-on, I couldn’t believe how much she turned me on. We set up a lunch date for noon, and she told me not have any plans for the rest of the day. Which got me even harder, I resisted the urge to masturbate after the other night, if there was going to be a repeat I was going to need every ounce I could use, I couldn’t believe how many times I had actually cum. The day seemed to really drag on. I got to the restaurant a little early, Stacie and Mary both arrived right at noon. We had a nice lunch, Stacie told me they someone very special and was wondering if I wanted her. I said, “You have to be kidding, Of course not”. She looked over at Mary who just smiled. Stacie said, “I’ll have to talk to her to see if she wants to, if it’s ok I’ll have her come over after dinner”.

After lunch Stacie told us to go ahead to the apt. She’d join us after she took care of something.

Mary brought me up, and no sooner were we in the door when she practically jumped into my arms. She just about mashed her lips into mine and felt her tongue come out which I immediately met with mine. God she was hot, my hands right to her ass feeling and rubbing it through her short skirt. She started moaning as soon as I touched her ass. I couldn’t help myself I reach up under her skirt with both hands to rub her bare ass. She really started moaning as soon I touched bare flesh. I couldn’t feel any material so I figured she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I moved one of my hands up, right under her shirt she had no bra, so I was rewarded by a nice handful of breast and a hard nipple. She felt so incredible.

We started to undress each other, as we were making our way to the bed. When I got her skirt off I could see she was wearing a red thong from which I could see her hard on through the lacey front. This really turned me on. I was finally out of my clothes and Mary pushed me on to the bed. She came down right on top me, letting our lips meet again as our tongues met each other; I could feel her breasts and hard nipples against my bare chest. I moved my hands down again to her ass. I could also feel her hard-on through her panties rubbing against my raging hard-on.
The feeling was incredible. She then said “I want to suck your cock while your sucking mine. We had landed on the bed sideways and had plenty of room to maneuver around. Mary got up turned around and putting her panty filled dick right in my face. I moved the soft silk like material to the side and went right at her hard cock. I could feel her hard nipple press against me as she was licking and sucking like a woman possessed, GOD it felt so good. I started doing the same to her, reaching up at the same to feel her ass and pull her into me.

Every now and then I would stop and pull her thong aside so I could lick her tight little ass. When she felt my tongue against her ass she started moaning and ground her ass onto my tongue. She really enjoyed a good tongue fucking. I just kept moving back and forth filling my mouth with her cock letting her feel my tongue swirl around the head the same way she was doing to me. At the same time I was humping her face, thrusting my hips into her hot mouth as she was going down.

We must have been in the room for about 20 – 30 min. when Stacie came in. I could only hear her; “I see you two couldn’t wait for me” sounded kind of amused giving a little chuckle. She came over so she was in my view. Stacie got undressed down to her panties; she was wearing something similar to Mary only hers were blue. When saw her cock straining against her blue lace I lost it. Mary sensing I was about to cum, I shoved my cock all the in, deep throating me as I started to cum. I could hear Mary moaning around my cock. Stacie got on the bed behind Mary, burying her tongue in Mary’s ass. She pulled back a second saying, “looks like someone’s been busy back here.

Mary had pulled my now limp dick out of her mouth and was just enjoying the sensations. “OH MY GOD STACIE HIS TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD, JESUS HIS MOUTH FEELS INCREDIBLE ON MY COCK” Stacie Just replied, “Does it now, I’ll have to sample it again myself”. Stacie moved up pulling her cock out and placing it right above my head, sensing what she wanted, I moved my mouth from Mary’s cock to Stacie’s, tilting my head back at an awkward position, but I managed to get the right angle. Stacie just shoved it in; I closed my mouth and started using my tongue swirling it around the shaft and head. I could hear Stacie, “OH YES ROB JUST LIKE THAT, OH, OH, OH HOLY SHIT MARY HE IS INCREDIBLE”. Mary just looked back and smiled. I was a little surprised Mary wasn’t complaining, I did just move from her to Stacie. I figured they were used to sharing.
Stacie then pulled out of my mouth and back up a little, I moved right back to Mary, engulfing her cock again. Stacie got up closer to Mary placing her cock right against Mary’s rear entrance. Then with one fluid motion, buried her cock in Mary’s well-lubed hole. Mary really loved that “OH, GOD I LOVE HOW YOUR COCK FEELS IN ME STACIE, FUCK ME, FASTER, ROB YOUR MOUTH IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM. STACIE CUM WITH ME, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT SPERM INSIDE ME.” Stacie started moving faster “UHHHNNNN, YES MARY, I’M GOING TO CUM, UUUUHHHHH OH MY GOD YES, I’M CUMMING” Mary “I’M CUMMING ROB” Both at the same time, Stacie buried her cock all the way inside Mary, I could feel Mary’s cock start to swell and as she exploded, she shoved her cock in my mouth flooding me with her hot cum.

By that time I was hard again, Mary got up and Stacie moved so she on my chest facing me. Her limp cock was right in my face still dripping from her orgasm. She just smiled and looked at me expectantly. I didn’t disappoint her; I placed her cock in my mouth and started sucking right away. It was a kind of turn on knowing where it had just been. It didn’t take long for her to respond, I could feel her growing my mouth. Mary had gone back to sucking my cock again. God she was an expert, I couldn’t help start humping her beautiful face as she sucking and licking.

Stacie pulled her cock out of my mouth then moved perfect little ass right over me and just about sat down right on my awaiting tongue. Mary got up and moved over to Stacie. They started making out, and rubbing each other’s tits. Mary would move her down every so often to suck on Stacie’s nipples, and rubbing her mouth all over Stacie’s breasts, then move back up again to join lips.

Stacie then got up, and told me to move to the edge of the bed so my legs were over the side. When I moved, she place her ass right at the tip of my hard cock, she held my cock in place as she slowly moved down. When I had just entered her, she impaled herself in one motion. Stacie then started a slow fucking motion I could hear her moaning already “Oh that feels so good, I love having your cock inside me” Mary got in front of Stacie and placed Stacie’s cock in her mouth. Stacie was now getting the same treatment we Mary were getting. I couldn’t get over how good it felt feeling such a tight ass on my own cock. I was really getting into it “MMMM OH MMMM YEAH STACIE, YOUR ASS FEELS SO GOOD, IT FEELS LIKE YOUR GRIPPING ME AS YOUR MOVING UP AND DOWN” She just turned and smiled, I the realized, she was. Stacie was using her muscles to clench her cheeks together. The feeling was amazing, Stacie started really getting into it “OH YES MARY, DON’T STOP, ROB’S COCK FEELS SO GOOD, YOUR BOTH GOING TO MAKE ME CUM. UH, OH GOD, OH GOD, MARY, I’M CUMMING, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING, YES, OH YES UNNNHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH”. As she started to cum, She buried my cock all the way in for max feeling. I could hear Mary noisily sucking on Stacie probably not missing a drop.

I was close but not quite ready to cum yet. Stacie got up, and I was told to move back on the bed some. Mary moved up and I could tell she was hard again, she had also removed her thong. I was lying on my back and I knew what she wanted, so I spread my legs apart to give her access. Mary first went down licking and my ass opening. “OH YEAH MARY THAT FEELS SO GOOD, GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT I’VE BEEN MISSING.” I started humping my ass against her mouth, I had closed my eyes, just feeling the sensation, I felt movement on the bed and over me. Stacie had climbed on top me with her little hole staring right at me. Mary had got up place her cock right at my entrance, and then she did to me what Stacie had done to her. Mary slammed forward and buried her cock all the way in. It hurt at first being penetrated so deep so fast, but the pain didn’t last long. Stacie was now lying on top of me, we were in a 69 position like Mary and I were earlier, only she made sure I could only get at her ass. When I felt her mouth around my cock the feeling of being double stimulated was incredible.

Stacie stopped for a couple of seconds like she was waiting for something. I knew what she was waiting for and didn’t keep her waiting any longer. I went right to her ass, licking and sucking, I could taste my cum that was leaking out, it didn’t seem to bother me one bit. As soon as I was in Stacie’s ass with my tongue she went right back to my cock. I could feel her mouth and tongue working like tight pussy. Mary was moaning like crazy “OH GOD YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT ROB, MMMMM UNHHHHHH OHHHHHH YEAH, OH GOD YEAH IT COULDN’T FEEL ANY BETTER, IT’S LIKE IT’S SUCKING ME IN.” Stacie was bobbing her head up down making sure to take all of my cock in every time she went down.

I thought I’d try something Stacie had done. Using my ass muscles I started to clench my ass as she was pushing in.
It actually felt even better; it almost felt like my cock was being fucked from the inside. It was then I felt it “HOLY SHIT MARY, OH GOD STACIE, I’M GOING TO CUM LIKE NEVER BEFORE, OH, AH OH GOD YES, OH FUCKING MY FUCKING GOD” Mary at the same time “HOLY MOTHER STACIE, HE’S GRABBING MY DICK WITH HIS ASS, HE’S MAKING ME CUM, OHHHHHH, FUCK. OH GOD FUCK, OH, YEAH, UHNNNNNNN, AHHHHHHHH, YES, OH YES, OH YES.” As soon as I felt Mary cock start to swell inside me I started cumming like a volcano. “OH STACIE, OH GOD, OH YES. JESUS MARY YOUR COCK FEEL SO GOOD UP MY ASS, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING CUMMMMM, UUUNHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

Stacie didn’t miss a beat she deep throated me just as I was cumming; She was a real pro at cum swallowing. Mary just kept pumping me with load after load, feeling her hot cum in me only made my own orgasm last. I couldn’t believe how satisfied I felt,

We had been going at for about 3-4 hours, so we took a little break, got cleaned up. The shower really felt good after all that. Stacie said, “we weren’t supposed to meet until 7 for dinner”. I looked at her puzzled, she said “remember I told you we had someone else we wanted you to meet, “Oh, that’s what you had to do when you left us after lunch”.
She just winked and smiled. Well we had a few hours, so we decided to take a nap. Boy did I need it.

I got up feeling refreshed; Mary and Stacie were already getting dressed. I quickly used the bathroom, and got myself dressed. I asked “So who is this were supposed to meet?” Stacie just said, “It’s a surprise” and just smiled at Mary, who turned and smiled at me. “I like surprises” and just grinned back.

We went to a nice place for dinner. Their friend was already there, waiting at a table. When I saw her, my jaw just about hit the ground. She a gorgeous red head, Her outfit was tighter then Stacie’s and Mary’s. Her Skirt was also shorter coming almost to her ass, Her breast’s were easily a D size, which, I noticed she also wasn’t wearing a bra. She had a low cut blouse that showed a lot of cleavage. I wondered if she also had cock like her friends. If she did, I never would’ve guessed she was a guy. Of Course if you didn’t know it, you’d never guess Stacie and Mary were guys either. I had wicked hard-on all through dinner, and I noticed their friend kept bending forward, giving me a great shot of breasts almost to that nipple, Her name was Kerry, she was about 5’9”. Stacie kept moving her hand under the table caressing my bulge, all through dinner

We finally made it through dinner and Kerry suggested we go to her hotel room. Luckily her hotel wasn’t far away. I walked next to Stacie just behind the others. I couldn’t keep my eyes of both those hot asses as they walked. Stacie took my hand and placed it on her ass whispering in my ear “how does this feel?”. I just simply said “incredible”.
She was obviously enjoying the feel of my hand. When we were in the elevator, Stacie moved my hand again, this time under skirt to her bare ass, god she knew how to turn me on.

We got inside Kerry’s place; it was a penthouse suite. A lot of room, and the bed was a king-size bed. Kerry came up to me pressed her beautiful breasts against me and gave me a deep long kiss. My hands right to her ass, grabbing and pulling her closer to me. Her tongue was all over mine it was like I was in a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. She took my hand and guided it up under skirt placing right on her already hard cock, she said “how do you like the feel of this?” I said “I like it very much”. Then she took my hand again and moved further down, I figured she wanted me to play with her ass some more.

What I touched next really caught me off guard. She guided my hand to her “pussy?”
She was one of those hermaphrodites. That explained why she had huge tits that felt so real.
By the time I regained my senses, realizing how much more I was turned on, she was already walking to the bead where Stacie and Mary were already waiting, both nude. Kerry was dropping clothes as she walked, until she to was naked on the bed. She looked at me and said, “are you just going to stand there or are you coming over.”
I don’t I could’ve gotten undressed any faster. The three of them were already all over each other kissing, caressing, licking every where.

I went right to Kerry’s breasts burying my face between them. I started licking her cleavage all over, moving to her nipples and back. I was rewarded with moans of pleasure. I wasn’t sure where to move next, she so many choices. Kerry knew what she wanted, she told me to eat her pussy 1st, which I gladly moved down and did so. Mary was sucking one breast while Stacie was on the other. Kerry started moaning “OH MY GOD YOU DO THAT SO WELL, EAT ME ROB, YES LIKE THAT, KEEP GOING, OH YES SUCK MY NIPPLES DON’T STOP, ROB MY PUSSY IS GOING TO CUM, OH GOD YES, I’M CUMMING.” She had been real horny I could tell, she came all over my face rubbing her sweet juice against my mouth.

She wasn’t through though, she next told me to go to her ass. I moved down and went right at it. She started moving her ass against my tongue. “MMMmmmmmm that feels so good, I can tell this is going to be a great evening, mmmmmm, oh yeah Rob just like that, fuck my ass with your tongue, mmmmmmmmmm, god that feels good”.
“OH YES, I can’t wait any more, I need your cock deep in my ass”

I got up and laid down on the bed, she had me spread my legs wide, then she got over my cock with her back to me. She guided to her ass and started slowly moving up and down until I was all inside her. Next Mary got in front of her and guided her cock into Kerry’s awaiting pussy. Her cock went in easily. By now Kerry was really moaning louder and louder. “OH YES, GOD DON’T STOP, FUCK ME YES I CAN FEEL BOTH INSIDE ME, UUUUHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OH GOD, YES” Stacie next moved over to Kerry’s side and put her lips right over Kerry’s cock.



I could actually feel Mary’s orgasm, as soon as she was done; Stacie changed places with her. Sliding her cock into the well-lubed hole. Mary was right at sucking Kerry’s cock.



Kerry was really cumming like never before, she released a huge load into Mary’s mouth while her pussy gripped Stacie’s cock driving Stacie over the edge. Even her ass was orgasming around my spurting cock. She just kept bucking and screaming “OH YES STACIE CUM WITH ME, GOD ROB YOUR FILLING MY ASS, UUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHH”

Her body kept jerking from the after affects of such a huge triple orgasm, I had never even heard of someone having an orgasm through their ass, but she sure as hell did.

The rest of the evening was just as good; they were in town for a couple of weeks. I got to together with them several more times. I also found out the day I met Stacie she told me she heard what movie was seeing when I bought my ticket. That was the only reason she chose that movie.
During those 2 weeks I had the best sex of my life, I still get hard every time I think about it, but at least I get to share my amazing experience with other people.