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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-28-2008, 10:58 PM
Introduction: Story of Jamie, a girl with a very big Cock

This is the story of a “girl” named Jamie, Jamie isn’t what you would call a normal girl, mostly because she is packing a 12’’ cock between her thighs. Jamie is a good looking girl, standing at 5’8’’, big voluptuous tits, nice firm stomach, toned legs and a nice firm ass that has men drolling when they see it.

7:25 AM:
The buzzer on Jamie’s alarm goes off and she lazily pushes the button to turn it off, she gets out of bed, stretches, pull the blinds open and lets the sun-shine in, she looks down at her crotch and notice an extremely big hard-on. Normally she would just jack-off in the morning, but today she had to rush a bit, so she prayed her erection would go away after she went to the bathroom. When she got finished, her cock was still hard and wasn’t showing any signs of getting flaccid. She sighed and said to herself “I really do not have time for this, or I will be late to work.”

When Jamie got back into her bed-room she took her tank top off and her big 32G tits popped into view, she went to her dresser, pulled out a pair of panty-hose, a red thong, a red lacy bra, a mini skirt, and a white button up shirt. She arrayed her clothes on her bed and sat on the edge pulling her panty-hose up, she noticed her cock was still hard, so she just said “Ahh, what the hell” and started to masturbate. She had a pretty good groove going on, alternating between hands and she started to rub her tits and pinch her nipples. She turned on a porn movie she had in her VCR and started masturbating to that. While she was watching the movie and jacking off, she spit on her fingers and started to slowly ease them into her tight little ass. When she got about 3 fingers in her ass, she blew a load all over her hand, stomach, tits and got a little bit on her lips, she just reached down and licked it all up. When she was finished she looked at the clock and it read 7:57AM
“Shit! I’m gonna be late today” said Jamie as she hurrily put her panty-hose, panties, bra, skirt and shirt on, she went to her kitchen and made a quick cup of coffee and headed out the door.

When Jamie pulled into her work’s parking lot, she was greeted by the security guard Sam, they said their pleasantries and Jamie was on her way. By the time she got into her office and settled in, her boss Joe Johnson, called her into his office. She sighed and got up to go into his office, she knocked when she got to the door and was told to come in
“You wanted to see me Mr. Johnson?” Said Jamie.

“Yes, Jamie please, have a seat” Joe said, indicating the empty seat in front of his desk “Do you know why I called you into my office Ms. Lane?”

“No I don’t Sir, have I done something wrong?” asked Jamie

“No you haven’t” Said Joe “but you have been late 4 times this week, and I haven’t received your annual survey of our clients” Joe added, a little worried that he could lose potential clients.

The rest of the small meeting when on for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

When Jamie came out of Joe’s office, she went straight to the bathroom and went to the bathroom. As she was sitting there she started thinking about this girl she was with a couple days ago, and started to get an erection. She made sure the bathroom was clear and started to masturbate. Jamie really got into it, she pretty much tore at her shirt to free her tits and started playing with them. When she was close to cumming, the door to the bathroom opened and in walked Anne, one of Jamie’s co-workers which she secretly had a crush on. When Anne heard a strange noise, she started checking the stalls, and when she got to Jamie’s stall she was surprised and all Jamie could think to herself was “SHIT! I forgot to lock the door!”

So there stood Anne, jaw almost hitting the floor, staring at Jamie with her hand wrapped around a gigantic erection and with her tits out. Jamie started to say something, but Anne just got on her knees and engulfed half her Jamie’s tit and started sucking like a baby sucking their mother’s milk out. Jamie moaned and started rubbing her cock again, but Anne stopped her. Anne took Jamie’s hands and made Jamie sit in them and took he massive tool in her hand and started to slowly rub it up and down. A drop of pre-cum appeared and Anne bent her head down and licked the drop of pre-cum up with the tip of her tongue and wiggled it into Jamie’s pee-hole. Jamie was in a state of pure bliss! She was being sucked off by her secret crush and she loved it! Anne sucked the tip of Jamie’s cock into her mouth and started to slowly move her head down, towards Jamie’s gigantic cum filled balls. When she got Jamie’s cock all the way into her throat, Jamie almost lost it right there,
“Noone, has ever been able to do that before Anne” Said Jamie to Anne, the first words spoken since they began.

Instead of replying verbally, Anne just sucked Jamie’s cock for all she was worth and even got one of her balls in her mouth too along with her cock. Jamie couldn’t handle anymore and blew a humungous load in Anne’s mouth and when Anne started pulling it out of her throat, she let the last of it land on her tongue and face. Anne’s face was a complete mess, covered in a white sheet of cum. Jamie just slumped towards Anne and kissed her on the top of her head lovingly. When they got out of the stall, Anne spoke her first words to Jamie

“Jamie, how come you never told me you got such a big, beautiful cock?”

“I don’t know Anne, I guess it is because I’m ashamed of it” Said Jamie, starting to blush.

“Don’t worry Jamie, I love it, and I love you” and with that, Anne jumped into Jamie’s arms and started to French her.