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Introduction: a sweet but not so innocent child of a freak of nature stood proudly before her full length mirror on her sixteenth birthday.

Chapter One.
Unnatural Evolution

Marti Maguire, a sweet but not so innocent child of a freak of nature stood proudly before her full length mirror on her sixteenth birthday. She admired her full breasts for a long while before letting her hands roam below her waistline. Marti’s hands played softly as they roamed lower and lower until they reached her most prized gift. Ten inches of firm hard male flesh which was rock hard and throbbing for attention. Yes Marti was born both a male and a female as well and all her organs functioned fully. As she fondles her rock hard weapon before her mirror her mind wonders backward to her first overnight sleepover with her best friend Betty when she was only ten. It was October 10th 2005 and Marti's mother Maggie Maguire was reluctant to allow her to go. However she knew she couldn’t keep her condition hidden forever.
Marti smiles as she remembers that evenings events as they enveloped. Both herself and Betsey were beginning to blossom buds and they were admiring them together in the privacy of Betsey’s room behind a locked door. The two girls could here Betsey’s parents talking in the room next door. Betsey had cupped her hands over Marti's ear and she whispered to her. “ Listen, Mom and Dad are getting ready to fuck.” Betsey told her quietly. “ What's fuck.” Marti had asked innocently to her friend.
“ My god girl are you that lame.” Betsey inquired instantly. “ You don’t even know what getting fucked is.” She teased her friend. “ No silly, I don’t know what fucking is.” Marti had admitted shyly. “ Common then and I’ll show you.” Betsey had offered as she took Marti by the hand.
Outside in the hall the two girls quietly snuck toward Betsey's parents bedroom door. Betty then slowly opened the closed door far enough for the two to watch the adults at play. Betsey's mother Gail was on her knees looking up at her husband Dons long throbbing tool. “ Baby those pills really are working on your tool.” Betsey’s mom had complemented as she grasped his member willingly in hand. Marti watched intently as Don looked toward the large bottle of pills on their dresser. “ Yes and better even than I imagined.” He bragged as his cock throbbed from her amazing touch. It was then Marti realized she too had the same body part in a miniature form herself. The two youths watched as Betsey's moms lips engulfed her dads cock and sucked him to explosion. They had returned to Betsey's room after Gail’s second heart felt orgasm exploded as she was getting fucked.
Once they were back behind safety of the locked door of Betsey's bedroom Marti told her she had a secret. Betsey begged her to share but Marti made her promise to never tell a soul before confessing the secret to her. Betsey did so and Marti therefore pulled her panties down ever so slowly. “ Look, I have one too only smaller than your dads.” Marti giggles as she shows off her little rod. Betsey's eyes grew quite wide as she gazed downward. “ You’re a boy.” Betsey squealed. “ No silly, I’m a girl.” Marti corrected as she takes her friends hand and places it against her bare pussy. As she did so the tiny stub of cockflesh hardened instantly. “ Wow.” Betsey expressed. “ Can I suck it like my mom does too my dads.” She had asked sincerely. “ I guess so, that really sounds sorta cool.” Marti had agreed. The next morning Marti stole that large bottle of pills before leaving Betsey’s house. By the time she was twelve Marti had even taken Betsey’s virginity. Betty fucked guys as well but no one had a five inch cock like her best friend had obtained using those pills.
Marti laughed out loud as she began to dress for the day knowing she just concealed twice the length of cock inside her jeans as any of the boys had her own age. Her only regret was her own virginity and how to lose it. She manage to hid her freaky nature all these years with the help of her best friend and her mother of course. Both sides of her metabolism had been kicking in pretty strong now a days. Besides even Betty did the wild thing and it was about time for her to join the band wagon. Marti continued her thoughts as she dressed for her exciting day ahead.
Marti's mother Maggie had planned her the perfect sixteenth birthday right down to the mint condition sixty nine mustang that was delivered in the driveway this morning as her daughter slept sound. She even had the driver hid the car inside the garage for just the right moment to surprise her. She even invited the new foreign exchange student that just moved in down the block. Maggie smiled as she went over all the details for the day ahead one last time before her daughter was to start out her day ahead. She knew the only dark spot on the day would be Marti's father being a no show for he had little to do with the two of them ever since Marti's strange birth.
Across the street at the Gibson’s, Betsey was beginning to stir for the day. She hesitates in bed as she often had done over the years to give her mother time to suck her father goodbye before work. Her minds thoughts roll back to last night after her parents went out to dinner and Marti's cock came out to play. She loved Marti's freak weapon and at times just couldn’t get enough of it. Especially directly after screwing one of her many boyfriends. Marti loved pleasing her with it as well. Just by thinking of last nights adventures Betsey was already becoming horny prior to facing her day ahead. Her fingers begin to drift south as her mind repeats her night before. Her finger happily play inside her damp walls for the next half hour or so.
Marti brought herself downstairs around ten and her mother instructs her to peek inside the garage. Needless to say when Marti sees her birthday gift she becomes instantly overly elated. In fact her muscle was fast becoming firmer than it ever had before. “ Gee mom you’re the greatest.” Marti reeled emphatically. “ I’d do anything for my baby goy.” Her mother confesses. Goy was her term of endearment for her daughter, half girl, half boy. “ Why don’t you go call your friend and tell her about your new toy now.” Her mother then suggests to her elated daughter. Marti hesitates to move before her mother however for she was rock hard and very painfully aching right about now. The one side effect of her enhancement pills she hated the most. She finally makes her break for the phone once her mothers distracted.
Betsey runs across the street to see her friends new ride after they finish their call. She finds Marti sprawled over the hood however with cock in hand. “ What the fuck are your doing bitch.” She questions immediately. “ Your mothers going to catch you red handed.” She squeals as she approaches her loving friend. Marti had faced this many times in the past but always within the safe walls of her girlfriends bedroom. Betsey knew just what to do and immediately takes the weapon to mouth. After some long doing Marti's gift of life explodes instantly but the pain remains and intensifies. She then mounts the throbbing cock and fucks it for all her youthful bodies worth. Still yet there’s little relief from the agony five orgasms later. Betsey was fast becoming exhausted from her efforts to relieve her lovers painful side effect. “ I’m getting your mom.” Betsey then announce. “ No, don’t.” Marti pleads. “ Yes Marti , we have to.” Betsey exclaims as she turns to leave. “ We have little choice not too.” Betsey explains.
After a quick panicked explanation Betsey returned with Marti's mom. When Maggie sees the swollen muscle in her daughters hands she becomes completely bewildered and starts asking questions. “ Can’t you see your daughters in pain Mrs. Maguire, You just gotta suck her and suck her right now.” Betsey insisted harshly. “ What are you saying child.” Maggie asked puzzled as she grasps her daughters overly swollen tool in hand. Her cool hand feels spectacular to her daughter and she moans. “ Yes mom, suck me, please suck me.” Marti exclaims. “ Suck me and make me feel better.” She pleads ever so convincingly to her mom’s ears. Betsey then takes hold of Marti's cock upright and begins to stroke it very firmly. “ Here Mrs. Maguire , I’ll jack her off while you suck her, maybe that will help as well .” Betsey offers.
“ Now suck her quickly, make her cum soon.” Betsey states demandingly. Maggie can’t believe what she’s about to do as her lips circle the largest cock she ever witnessed. Nor had Marti ever been sucked off so diligently as her mother was about to do for her.
Maggie sprawls over the hood of the mustang with her daughters cum still dripping from her lips as she peels down her tight jeans. “ Fuck me, please fuck me, you gotta fuck me.” She pleas in the heated rage of uncontrollable passion. Maggie hadn’t felt a cocks touch inside her for years. Without so much as a hesitation Marti's cock enters and her mother orgasms right there on the spot. Before Marti's cock spews it gift free Maggie endures multiple orgasms to follow. Her mother then lays panting hard over the cars hood as the pressures finally relieved from her daughters wondrous weapon of love. All the questions within her mothers mind were soon answered and she had many, the group then all headed back inside the house. “ You’ll have to fuck me like that more often.” Her mother hesitate to express with a beaming sort of glee as the doors shut behind them. Marti couldn’t believe what she’d just heard but she was happy all that pain had finally subsided. Maggie couldn’t believe she said what she said as well but she never felt so satisfied from sex in her life ever before.
During Marti's birthday party Betsey teased the exchange student right in front of Marti. He blushed pure red when Betsey dared him to expose himself. Before he could respond Betsey takes him by the hand and leeds him back behind the garage out of view as Marti sheepishly follows the two of them. Bodie was mesmerized over the attention he was receiving. No other girls even paid him any mind and these two knockouts want to expose him in broad daylight. Needless to say this pure Irish youth was about to enjoy whatever these two had planed for him around back. In fact he was already fast growing hard.
Once around back and well after the coast was all clear Betsy undoes Bodies pants. For the longest time she fondles him thru his underwear before exposing him fully. The girls both giggle over his small size but soon both are playing with him as well. “ Get on your knees and suck him, Marti.” The birthday girls finally gets told. Marti then goes instantly to her knees before the shaking youths body. It was evident this was about to become his very first blowjob. Low and behold just as Marti's lips touch his tip her mother appears around the corner and she can’t believe what her eyes are baring witness to. The youth quickly pulls up his pants and flees. Marti then becomes completely frustrated over getting caught. Her mother tells her to entertain her guests and proceeds to have a private talk with Betsey. Betsey fully understood how important it was to keep Marti's condition a complete secret. After all She’d fucked and sucked that precious piece of meat for years now. She Still wanted to get Marti fucked as much as Marti wanted to as well.
The party soon drew to a close and the girls planned to take the car for a spin. Maggie had a sad look upon her face but she knew the girls wanted a little fun on Marti's big day. “ Not to worry mom, I’ll be home early.” Marti tells Maggie on their way out the front door. “ Who they could get to break Marti's cherry was their combined though as they drove off down the street. By now Marti was about to explode from deep within. Maggie watches as the two pull out the driveway. She had so hoped they would have stayed awhile after the party. Especially after fucking that perfect sized weapon her daughter had developed. She knew it was wrong yet it felt so right she wanted even more of it. That cock was all she could think about since this morning. The girls after a long search returned home just before ten and Betsey spends the night.
Marti had remained frustrated throughout the night and her mother observed this well. Maggie had taken Betsey aside while her daughter showers and tells her she has the perfect solution to get her daughter laid. Betsey loves her idea and can’t wait to share it with Marti as she comes out of the shower. Marti drops her towel strait to the floor as she listens intently. Setting up her English teacher acting like she catches him jacking off in the classroom sounded just about flawless. He couldn’t tell anyone of her condition because only the principle was to know. Meanwhile her mother has another surprise as she helplessly slips a finger between her daughters unsuspecting folds. “ Do you like this sweetie.” She asks as her daughter softly moans. Marti does indeed like it and she thus pleas to be eaten. Maggie then pleases her folds right before Betsey’s youthful eyes. Marti's moans of exquisite pleasure soon fills the room and before the night was through two women were well fucked into exhaustion.
The following morning Maggie awoke her daughter gently sucking her enormous hard-on. “ Mom, its Sunday, I wanted to sleep in.” Her daughter proclaims upon waking. “ I know baby, but it was just so very tempting.” Maggie exclaims. Marti then closes her eyes, smiles and goes back to sleep. A short while later Betsey wakes and joins Maggie in the kitchen. “ I caught you sucking your daughter this morning Mrs. Maguire.” She teased as she enters the room. Maggie's face then turns beet red with embarrassment. “ I couldn’t help it, its been so long for me.” Maggie proclaims to her daughters best friend in life. “ How do you resist the urge.” Maggie inquires sincerely. “ I don’t resist it, usually she comes to me.” Betsey then takes it upon herself to brag. She's been fucking me now for six years strait.” Betsey confesses. “ How long has she been that big.” Maggie pry’s. “ A little over a year or so now.” Betsey admits gleaming. “ Last year it was just short of eight inches long.” She proclaimed.
“ Why, how, I don’t understand.” Maggie presses to learn. “ My dads cock enhancement cream,” Betsey offers as her answer. “ She's been stealing it since she was eight now.” Maggie's informed.
“ Her first summer alone it grew to be a little over four inches long.” Betsey then brags. “ That’s when she took my cherry.” Betsey just then began to feel a little ill like.
Marti walks into the kitchen groggy eyed with a sizable lump in her panties and a mood to go along with it. Marti's catches her mother staring at it and remarks harshly toward her as a result.
“ You like that cock, don’t ya mom.” She snarls. “ Maybe then you aught a tear your panties free and be my fuck bitch for the day.” Maggie's daughter declares. Maggie was both shocked and excited over the offer her daughter extended. “ Common mom, tear your panties off and fuck me, you fridged bitch.” Marti then growls. “ Its time for me to leave people.” Betsey exclaims as she hurriedly parts. As she goes Maggie peals her panties free and bends over the kitchen sink. “ Here baby, come fuck your mommy.” Maggie speaks with glee. As she approaches her mother from behind Marti spies the butter and broadly smirks.
Marti quietly smears the butter over her swollen knob. “ Ever get it in your sweet tight ass before, mom.” She coyly remarks as her knob touches her mothers anal opening. Before Maggie could even protest she was successfully invaded by half Marti's length. The moans that followed from Maggie's mouth were not those of pleasure. Marti however was loving every inch of herself being deep within her mothers forbidden zone. She soon began to twitch and throb inside her mothers tightness. Suddenly the phone rings just as Marti's gift begins to boil and she's forced to pull free. Maggie sighs a sigh of relief as that poles pulled free and finds her way to the phone. While Maggie talks on the phone Marti decides to clean her muscle in the sink. “ That was your Aunt Meg.” Maggie announced as she hung up the phone. “ She’s in town with her son and on their way over.” She explained. “ You mean step son, don’t ya ma.” Marti intercedes. “ He ain’t real family.” She added harshly afterward. “ Well so much my bitch of the day idea.” Marti pouted sadly. “ Its not over quite yet silly.” He mother interjects as she goes for her daughter zipper. “ We still have till they arrive and I really need to suck this fucker and right now.” Maggie admits as she brings her daughters love stick back into view.
Maggie was in the bathroom clearing the power load of cum from her face that Marti's pulsating balls presented as her sister arrived. Marti was up stairs changing into her ruffled short skirt. It was her favorite one as it hid her weapon the best. Maggie was feeling ill in the bathroom and thus Marti ends up answering the door. Just as Marti opens the door to greet her family a light bulb goes off in her head. “ Cockflesh, not related.” Her mind grins with thought. “ Hello Marti, don’t you look good enough to eat.” Her Aunt Meg compliments as the door opens. “ Don’t you wish.” Came Marti's swift reply. “ Hi sis.” Maggie calls out from the living room as she approaches the door. “ Come on in.” She extends next. Marti steps aside to allow them to pass. “ Hello Robbie.” She extends to her cousin as they have eye contact. “ Hi Marti.” He returns as he fills his eyes with her good looking firm body. Maggie then seats her guests and offers coffee and food. Aunt Meg extends her hand toward Marti while holding a card. “ Wasn’t yesterday your birthday Marti.” She enquires. “ Yes, thank you.” Marti replies. “ Go show Robbie your birthday present Marti.” Her mother then suggests. Marti's minds thoughts begin to reel at the suggestion.
Outside in the garage as Robbie’s eyes drool over her pristine Mustang Marti cracks him right between the eyes. “ Like what you see Robbie, fuck me and I’ll let you drive it.” Marti very boldly offers her cousin. “ Your kidding, right.” He answers. “ I’m kidding, wrong.” Marti answers as her hands reach up her skirt and peel her panties free. “ So what are you waiting for, fat boy.” Marti challenges. “ You gonna park your fat ass on the cold floor and let me ride your cock or what.”
She giggles. Robbie’s hands then fumble all over his zipper trying to let his hardness escape. Marti ends up helping him let his little toy free. She mounts his stick as his ass freezes on the cement and it was over in less than a minute. Her virginity, his load and his hardness. “ What a fucken rip.” Marti snarls out in anger. “ The deals off.” She tells her spent cousin as she lifts off his dead meat and stands to leave.
“ Wait.” Robbie pleas swiftly. “ Maybe it can get hard again.” He offers out of the sexual emotions roaring through his blood. “ Just suck on it and see if it works.” He suggests out of the heat of the moment. “ He’s got a point.” Marti thinks to herself as she spins around and returns two his side.
Marti held his limp rod by hand and her mere soft touch was all it took to get him to rise once again. Her first taste of male flesh came next and was she about to become addicted to it. Each time her lips ran the length of his small sized member became more exciting than the last. Once she had him fully hard for sure she told him to lay on the floor once again. Marti mounts his small staff and moans. A true given orgasm rushes thru her young body and it feels relishing. Her superbly tight walls squeeze his staff ever so tightly. “ Stay hard Robbie, stay hard.” Marti pants as she fucks his small muscle and her hands grope for her own sweet staff. She takes herself by hand and strokes for all she’s worth. Robbie’s eyes bulge at the sight and his face is soon covered in her crčme. Marti reaps dual orgasms from her feat and dismounts his spent muscle. Just as she stands she comes into view of her next door neighbor. “ You’ve got a real cock.” Her cousin blurts. “ Please Mr. Rodgers, don’t tell anyone, I’ll give you a blow job.” Marti exclaims in sheer panic. Later that night she appears at his front door to do just that and more if he liked.
“ Hurry and let me in before someone sees.” Marti proclaims at her neighbors door. Mr. Rodgers smiles and gladly lets her pass by. Once inside with the door closed Marti tells him to drop his pants. Mr. Rodgers smiles and intercedes. “ Not so fast little girl, lose your pants first.” He proclaimed.
“ Lets see that special toy of yours.” He then insisted. He had heard words spoken inside her garage but really didn’t see a thing. Just the sight of her zipper coming down caused her neighbors cock to blossom. He really hardens once he sees she truly had a dick. “ That’s truly remarkable.” He responds. “ Yet you look like a girl.” He states. “ You don’t have to suck me son, I don’t do fags.” Marti was astounded at the remark he made thus she strips totally. “ Do fags have these.” She snarls as she shows off her fine rock hard breasts. “ Does a fag have this.” She snaps as she inserts a finger inside her tight folds. “ I can fuck you and suck you and fuck you mister.” She brags readily as he gocks at her fine body. “ I’ll do all that and more.” She confessed. “ But you can’t tell a soul about me.” Marti insisted. “ Is that understood fully.”
Mr. Rodgers couldn’t believe what he discovered in his neighborhood as he unzipped his pants and exposed his rod for Marti's admiration. Marti was indeed pleased to see his tool was larger than her cousins as she took it quietly in hand. Mr. Rodgers cock quivers inside her palm as she caresses it into its full state of pride. “ I really need fucked bad Mr. Rodgers, would you please take me.” Marti finally speaks. “ I’ll even get on my knees and you can fuck me like a dog, if you like it that way.” She pleas. Mr. Rodgers cock then hardened like steel. He stepped behind Marti's fine body as she moved herself into possession. Once his hard meat touched her folds Marti gasped outwardly. “ Yes that’s it, oh yes, please.” She states as his knob grazes against her entrance. “ Shove it in, shove it in and fuck me.” She begs of her neighbor and he willingly complies. Marti's breasts shook violently as her neighbor assaulted her incredibly tight pussy from behind. Unlike her cousins cock, this one filled and stretched every inch of her. Marti was instantly placed in extreme bliss suffering orgasms as she’d never felt prior to this moment in her life. Mr. Rodgers wasn’t about to jeopardize his find yet he felt the need to press her buttons just the same.
“ Suck this bitch.” He exclaimed as he pushed his hard cock in her face. “ Suck it as though you’ll die if you don’t.” He demanded next. “ Eat me my cock raw and I’ll eat yours.” He promised sincerely.
He promised sincerely and Marti complies to his wish. Her neighbor gets his rod sucked raw and in return he sucks hers until she has to beg him to stop. “ Your secrets safe with me little girl.” He promised as her body trembled in bliss. “ Cum again soon.” He wittingly states as she leaves.
Marti rose for school the flowing morning feeling somewhat ill. Her mother had been up for a while already suffering in her master bedroom. Across the street Betsey was hugging her parents toilet and she was in a panic as well. Maggie knew this feeling well once before in her life but didn’t wish to believe it. The only sexual contact she’d had in years was with her daughter and how could that be she thought to herself. “ Your never going to believe this Marti but you knocked me up.” Maggie tells her daughter at the kitchen table. “ My daughters going to be the father of her very own little sister.” Her mother exclaims in mere panic for abortion was out of the question. As they walked to school together Betsey claimed the same fate had happened to her. Was her child to be Marti's or one of her boyfriends. Betsey wondered quietly. Marti felt she already knew that answer but what of her own fate. Who’s child was she about to carry she wonders as she walks, her cousins or her neighbors.
Marti's day at school passed by quickly and she was not to be found anywhere that Betsey looked for her. She now stood inside Mr. Frampton’s classroom with the door closed and locked tightly behind her. Her threat was made known and Frank Frampton’s cock was bared before her delightful eyes. If he didn’t fuck her she’d tell the principal she caught him masturbating. His cock felt exquisite as her pushed his girth through her pregnant tight folds and he began to pump his ass. Marti's body feels divine as she's punished over his desk from behind like a dog in heat. Her own cock was swelled and begging release as her orgasms flowed thru her body one after the other. Mr. Frampton’s swollen rod shook and quivered after he released his juicy gift deep inside her tightness. Just as his staff begins to calm the distinct sound of heels are heard coming down the hall. Mr. Frampton quickly zips his pants up concealing his lump and Marti rises from his desk hiding her swollen pride inside her own tight jeans. “ Play your cards right Mr. Frampton and I’ll come fuck you again, soon.” Marti exclaimed as the sound passed onward down the hallway. “ He surely wasn’t about to tell a soul about his dream come true of fucking a student in his class.
It was around five by the time Marti had walked home. Maggie greeted her in the kitchen and explained her confirmed fate. Their family doctor tested her positive and she was indeed pregnant. Marti then tells her mom she felt the same sickness herself this morning and after Betsey called on the phone and their was no doubt she too was about to carry child. Their was no question as to who was the father of her mothers child to be. Betsey wasn’t willing to accept her child to be could be Marti's as well however. It just couldn’t be her best friends child, at least not in her eyes anyway. It was right after Marti hung up the phone her mother notices the lump inside her jeans and reacts to its existence. Maggie's folds dampen just from the sight of her daughters hardness. Marti suddenly catches her stare and speaks. “ Look Betsey, someone wants to eat my binky.” Marti teases. “ Someone wants to fuck your binky.” Her mother confesses. “ You gotta suck it Mrs. Maguire, especially when its swollen like that.” Betsey intercedes. As the two tease Marti's mother Marti brings her magic wand into full view and begins to massage its mass before them both.
Marti had then sat in one of the kitchen chairs as her mother bent down on all fours before her. Maggie's sweet lips then played tenderly against Marti's swollen knob. As Maggie introduces her lips to Marti's fantastic tool of love Betsey peels completely out of her clothes as she watches the show. Once she's naked she joins Maggie on the floor. Betsey fumbles clumsily with Maggie's jeans but soon has them free of her hips and pulled down to her ankles. Her fingers next find Maggie's folds and she begins to play excitedly. Maggie was gasping left and right from Betsey’s delightful play as she worked her daughters cock into a frenzy. All the while Mr. Rodgers is watching from their opened kitchen door. He waits for the precise moment before announcing his presents to the three playful neighbors frolicking on the kitchen floor. Just as Marti's cock explodes down her mothers hungry throat he does just that and startles all three of them in the process.
“ What the three of you need here is another willing hard cock in the wood pile.” He speaks as he slyly opens the screen door to let himself inside. Maggie was speechless as she’s caught red handed giving her lovely daughter a well presented blow job. Betsey instantly agrees with the neighbor as Marti's mother blushes pure red before the three. “Yes I sure could use a stiff dick right about now.” Betsey spurts out as he begins to undo his pants before the trio. “ Ben its not what it looks like.” Maggie manages to speak as Betsey reaches out for his stiffened mast. “ Why Mrs. Maguire Its exactly what it looks like.” He counters as Betsey begins to firmly grope his prize. “Maggie I’ve wanted to fuck you for several years now and this seems to be my dream come true.” He confesses as Betsey plays with his member. “ Now I have my chance and you seem to have no way out of it.” He boasts proudly. “ Hell, your daughter can even watch if she wants to.” He offers sheepishly. “ Don’t you wanna fuck me Mr. Rodgers.” Betsey pleas. “ Sure I’m gonna fuck you sweetie.” He assures the teen. “ Right after I split the hostess of this party wide open.” Maggie wasn’t about to admit he was just what the doctor ordered, at least not yet. However she was now standing and stepping out of her tight jeans that were gathered at her ankles. Marti looses her jeans completely as well. “ Lets all retire into the living room and see if this man can fuck my moms eyes out.” Marti then suggests. Maggie was soon placed into a world of ecstasy as Bens rod plummeted repeatedly within her wetness.
Maggie was still writhing in ecstasy as Ben orders Betsey to her knees before him and does she ever willingly comply. She screams out emphatically however as his cock pierces her forbidden zone. Betsey’s anal orifice splits open wide as his meat stick penetrates her deeply. “ Your mother could use a good ass fucken too.” He tells Marti as he begins to pump her best friends dark void ever so violently. Betsey was in full tears by now as he punished her deliberately from behind. “ I have a better and more fitting idea.” Exclaims Marti as she heads behind her neighbor as he pumps his cock hard inside her friends aching cavity. She’s on her knees next with cock in hand taking careful and direct aim with her massive hard weapon. Bens eyes widen as her knob disappears inside his own dark void and a second later his ass is fully packed. “ Not as much fun when the shoes on the other foot is it Mr. Rodgers.” She questions as her own punishments began. He was soon on the floor suffering the same pains as her best friend Betsey suffered from. However he loved the uninvited invasion just the same. Her mother soothed Betsey’s despair as she strokes her hair. “ It will be alright shortly baby, the pain does go away.” Betsey’s assured.
“ You should have fucked me in the ass first and shown them how it was done Ben.” Maggie scolded harshly. “ They would have seen how a woman can love such a thrill once she gets use to having it.” She adds emphatically. “ If I wasn’t here she’d be afraid of it now forever.” Maggie professes. “ Now then.” She speaks with a long pause. “ You can fuck my tight ass and show these two how it can really feel but first things first.” She insists. “ My daughters condition gets never spoken of ever, is this very clear.” Maggie demands. Bens silent nod was his word of promise. His spoken word was already given her daughter. Ben found heaven right across the street and he wasn’t about to wreck that ever. Maggie's void soon accepts his cock willingly and the rooms filled with moans of pleasure. The girls soon witnessed how provocatively inviting getting fucked this way was intended to be. “ Betsey, right after your pain subsides have Marti take you there again.” Maggie explains in a knowledgeable tone. “ You sir are a pretty good fuck mister.” She then compliments her neighbor. The next morning Ben was paid a surprise visit by the girls prior to heading for school. Marti got the idea the night and Betsey was all for it.
The girls thought they got across the street unnoticed as they circled around behind Bens home. Marti kept her eye out as Betsey searched for an open window. “ Wha-la.” She announced as she did just that and slides it even further open yet. “ Uric- a.” Marti exclaims excitedly as she goes to help hoist Betsey up to its ledge. Just as Betsey's bodies halfway thru the opened window, Marti feels a tap on her shoulder. Her whole body tenses up as she hears a males voice speaking. It was Jeremy Jason and they were caught red handed. He was outside smoking behind his parents home and was this ever his lucky day. “ What's up ladies.” He whispers. “ I always wondered if Betsey wore panties.” He shared looking strait at her exposed sweet folds. “ Guess its time for breakfast.” He boasts just before touching her bared ass. “ JJ my god, you scared the living shit out of me.” Marti exclaims as he laughs. “ Quiet, we’ll be caught.” She proclaims over his laughter. “ Well, it looks as though you already have been caught.” JJ expresses with a wink to follow. He then slips an eager finger between Betsey's exposed folds. In response she gasps outwardly toward his touch. “ You know what happens now Marti.” He inquires sincerely. “ No, not really, what happens now.” She dares to ask. “ You eat my cock while I eat her pussy.” JJ proclaims without a moments hesitation to follow. Marti had no other choice but to comply to his wishes. Especially after his lips began to suck her girlfriends pussy while she’s stuck inside the windowsill. Betsey's body trembles over his delightful touch and she practically goes mad.
Marti worked diligently hard on JJ’s firm muscle even though he wasn’t half her own size. After all he had no idea she was hung even better than he was. Nor was she about to ever let him find it out. Not if she could help it from happening at least. He cums hard down her throat just as another mans shadow appears on the ground. Marti inhales his cock as she gasps over the sight. There was no mistaking the voice that followed the tapping on her shoulder. “ I suppose that’s my daughters ass hanging out that window.” The man behind her boldly dares to ask. Marti couldn’t even mutter so much as one word, she was just that petrified. “ Get your face out of her ass young man.” He uttered next. “ Come down out of that window Betsey.” He next demands. Jeremy bolts away from the site the second Marti's mouth pops free. “ Now get your sweet ass back home.” He tells his daughter.
Marti couldn’t help but think about her friend as she sucked Mr. Rodgers unsuspecting cock while he slept so soundly. She loved hearing him call out her own mothers name as she quietly assaulted him in his sound sleep. Over at Betsey's house she really had her tit in a ringer. “ But Daddy, but.” She stated against his demand. “ I said to lift that skirt and I said now.” He blazingly repeated.
“ Dad, no, I don’t want to.” Betsey resisted. “ Do it tramp and do it now.” Her father insisted. Betsey very reluctantly then does as she's asked to do. She felt so ashamed in doing so but her father got his wish. It was either this or face her mothers wrath and she knew this was the lesser of the two resulting evils. Her father grew instantly hard as she exposed herself for his inspection. “ Now lose the top.” He insisted next. Without further argument she stood shaking naked before him. “ Any idea what happens next.” He asks. “ I can only imagine.” Came her sharp reply back to him. Her father then exposed his hardness and she automatically drops to her knees. Her fathers meat stick looked even larger in person than anytime she ever watched him do her mom. “ You know moms gonna flip if she catches us.” Betsey blurts out as a last attempt to change his mind. His mind wasn’t about to be changed on this day. “ Shut up and suck me.” He commands her. “ Suck me like you’re your mothers child.” Betsey first nursed her fathers muscle then she sucked him in a more vigorous manor until his missile exploded almost causing her to gag. “ Now fuck me like I was your neighbor.” Came his final demand. Betsey without question lays back on the cool tiles of their kitchen floor and opens her shapely legs. Her father bends to the floor and touches her opening with his hard cocks tip. She gasps and he presses forward. She gulps as he then fully penetrates her. Something felt totally different from his cocks invasion than any other she had. Her first orgasm therefore came swiftly and was followed by many more thereafter. She pants and pants as he fucks her fully. Screams of lusting passion escape her throat willingly. “ Fuck me dad. fuck me, oh yes fuck me.” She screeched as he reached her inner nerves. Just as he came within her tight walls her mother came thru the door. “ You whore, you bitch, get out.” She's immediately told.

Chapter Two
Twisted Relationships
“ Its almost time to leave, are you girls ready to go visit grandma.” Marti yells up the stairs to her twins as they were dressing to go. Marti was anxious to see her mom again as it had been quite some time now. Her sister and biological daughter was now sixteen as were her twins. It had been ages since she’d seen Betsey as well and she heard she had a new lover named Tarnisha. A black lesbian girl who adored Marti's daughter Mischief. A name given for the way in which she was conceived. Mischief was best friends with Marti's child and sister Marna, her mothers birth child. Her twins were given the names Carrie and Cassandra. All the girls mentioned had Marti's special gene from birth and were all hung well goys.
“ We’ll be down in a minute mom.” Cassandra yelled out her bedroom door. Carrie’s lips were tightly fastened to her twin sisters prize, thus she couldn’t respond. “ That’s it sis, do it too me.” Cassandra whispers as her knob swells tightly. Carrie absolutely loved sucking her sisters gifted prize as she’s done for her since birth. Cassandra seldom returned the favor but when she did it felt magnificent. Cassandra did so love to fuck her sisters tight folds and did so quite often. Again Marti yells up the stairs as Carrie’s hard at work bringing her sisters gift off. “ Come on sis, let it blow.” Carrie pleas. “ Moms gonna get pissed.” She hungrily expresses. Cassandra doesn’t speak a word in response to her sisters frustrated plea. Instead she gives her that special moan of hers. One in which her sister grew to love so well. Carrie eagerly guzzles her gift for all she’s worth. The balance is wasted over her fine taught globes. After a quick cleanup the girls join their mother to leave.
Back in her home town Tarnisha was still fast asleep on the living room couch where she passed out the night before. Betsey was already up and gone as her lover dreamed deeply. In her deep sleep Tarnisha’s lips were fastened to Mischief’s wonder stick and she sucked it hungrily. A dream that came often to her as Betsey’s daughter was growing up. A dream that came to her one time to often for today her dream became real. Mischief was standing over Tars sleeping mass with her cock in hand. Her swollen knob was being nourished on in one hungered manor. Mischief was living up to her name wholeheartedly as this beautiful black woman slept sound in the nude. Seeing her naked body was what pushed Mischief’s bravery to act upon her need. The need to satisfy her virgin cocks calling. Tarnisha suddenly awakens as she always had at this point in her dream only this time her throats pasted with white cream. “ You have to fuck me now or I’ll tell my mom you sucked me off.” Mischief threatens as Tar gulps down her thick load of love. Mischief then lets her tiny skirt fall to the floor exposing her fine stocky weapon of love. Her god given gift was a wondrous nine inches long and as thick as a small child’s wrist.
Tarnisha was speechless as she awoke fully from her sound sleep. Her nightmares were about to unfold into reality right before her eyes. “ You can’t be serious, I’m a lesbian, remember.” Tarnisha objects in sheer panic of what was to come. “ Serious you’re a lesbian and your about to get fucked.” She’s informed harshly. “ My virgin cock aches for a woman's cunt and your black cunts virgin, right.” Mischief announces. She then takes Tarnisha by hand to lead her into the kitchen where she could watch for her mothers return. Mischief stood Tarnisha before the kitchen sink and began to rub her hands over her firm smooth thighs. She loved the feel of Tarnisha's soft skin. Her muscle was now standing proud and throbbing. Tarnisha was beginning to relax even though she really didn’t want this. “ You could at least eat my pussy first.” Tarnisha expressed in hopes to somewhat delay her fate. “ I will, after I spend myself inside you. She’s instantly informed. “ In fact we’ll eat each other.” Mischief declares. With that said Tarnisha’s virgin folds are penetrated and she gasps out loudly as Mischief drives in deep.
Mischief's fine specimen began to feel spectacular to Tarnisha within minutes. Tar was beginning to love her invasion. Especially after her first intense orgasm flows thru her body and shakes her clear to her soul. “ That’s it child, punish me, truly punish me.” Tars lips call out toward the window. “ Fuck me harder, harder, yes.” She plead as her blood boiled within her. Tar began to pant harder and harder as her next orgasm built for release. Mischief was loving the feel of Tarnisha's soft folds squeezing against her thick sided dick and she lets it to be known. “ My god your pussy feels so great.” She compliments. “ Fuck me you whore.” Again Tars pussy explodes with another intent orgasm as Mischief continues to fuck her hard. Four violent orgasms later Mischief joins Tarnisha with her own wondrous release and the two collapse toward the floor. “ I simply just love that cock of yours, its fantastic.” Tar pants from the floor just as a cars heard in the driveway. Mischief then scrambles out of the kitchen however Tarnisha doesn’t quite make it.
Betsey was with Tarnisha ever since high school and was use to Tarnisha prancing around the house naked but she wasn’t use to seeing a white love cream dripping from her inner thigh. “ What's oozing from your thighs.” She asks innocently as if she doesn’t already know. If she wasn’t black Betsey would have seen she was just now physically blushing. Still there was no answer to her question until it was asked again in a different mannerism.
“ You fucked my daughter, didn’t you witch.” Betsey snared. “ Yes I did and you should also, she’s really great at it.” Tar then confesses. “ It was simply the ultimate feeling of all time.” Tarnisha admitted. By now Mischief's whole load began escaping confinement from Tars magnificently shaped inner thighs as Betsey stands before her. Betsey studies the cream as it oozes down Tarnisha's leg. Tar goes to wipe it clean and immediately gets scolded. “ No, don’t touch it, it is simply beautiful.” Betsey insists. She then calls out to get her daughters attention. “ Mischief get down here, and get down here now.” Betsey calls out. “ Get down here right now, I said.” She blares. Mischief answers but is very slow to show.
Mischief had a clue what her mother wanted but she had no idea what was to follow. She was indeed asked to explain herself and immediately after is told to expose her tool. “ I haven’t seen your cock since you were a small child.” Her mother confesses. “ Take it out and lets see how its shaped up since then.” She's asked, sounding ever so sincere. Mischief was readily confused but slowly complies to her mothers wishes. “ That’s it child, go ahead, make your mother suffer.” She's told as she slowly unzips her tight jeans. Mischief then slowly peels her jeans downward exposing her skimpy thong that barely held it a bay. “ My god its such a beautiful weapon now.” Her mother compliments at her first sighting. “ Pull it out further and let me see all of it.” The teens informed next. “ Mother please, I’m so embarrassed.” Mischief admits as she turns pure red standing before the two of them. Tarnisha was taking it all in for she somehow knew what her lover was up to.
Mischief's cock began to grow against her better wishes as though it had a mind of its own. Betsey smiles over its grand size as it reaches its fullness. “ I want to touch it, may I .” Her mother then declares as her hand reaches out and takes hold of her daughters great mass. “ My god it feels so grand.” Her mother confesses as she surprisingly drops strait to her knees. “ Mother what in the world are you doing.” Mischief asks as her knees land squarely on the carpeting. She got her answer silently spoken as her mothers hot lips then encase her firm cocks head. “ I believe she's going to suck you off, sweetie.” Tar expresses in place of Betsey’s own voice. Mischief was even redder than she was a moment ago. Betsey was one fantastic cock sucker as she’s practiced since she was ten and her daughter was about to learn this first hand. Betsey's mouth only lets her daughters thick juicy cock slip from her mother for a moments time. “ Tar, finger her pussy as I suck her.” She then tells her lover. Mischief’s mother brought her to a level she’d never achieved before and her gifted load was intently a massive release. Betsey swallowed for all she was worth trying to keep up with the huge flow of cream. “ My god daughter, that was magnificent.” Betsey compliments as she catches her breath. “ You too mom, that was my greatest blowjob ever.” Mischief complimented in return. “ Does that thing fuck as good as it sucks.” Betsey asks next. “ Well ma, spread-em and lets find out.” Her daughter teases.
Tarnisha was extremely jealous over the deep felt gasp her lover lets loose as her daughters huge knob splits her open. Betsey then wraps her firm shaped legs around her daughter and yells. “ Ride baby ride, fuck your horny mothers eyes out.” Mischief’s cockflesh felt grand as it punished Betsey's wet throbbing walls. Her nails dig deeply into her daughters back as her first orgasms begin to flow free. “ Tear your clothes off Tar, you can get it next.” Mischief promises. “ Then you can make mommy feel jealous, like she’s making you feel right now.” She adds. Tarnisha doesn’t even hesitate to comply to her invitation. Mischief even went as far as to lay on her back and grasp her missile holding it upright in her hand.
Tarnisha stood over Mischief's body for the longest time looking downward. “ Go ahead Tar, do her.” Betsey coaxes. “ Its ok, I want you too, it will turn me on watching you go down on her.” Betsey assures her. She finally listens to her lover and lowers herself down. Tar gasps as the head presses thru her folds and she loves it. “ My god Mischief, this is magnificent.” She praises as she takes even more of her long member inside. Tarnisha was even wetter that she’d ever been before, feeling that powerful stick slide inside. Once she fully lowered herself and took in all the meat stick she could her whole body trembles repeatedly. “ Look at that, your cumming already.” Mischief elaborates as Tars whole body shakes. It was just then that Betsey came up with a grand idea of her own. She therefore lowers herself over her daughters face. “ Eat me, my child.” She stated. “ Eat me, while you fuck my lover.” She exclaims heatedly. Mischief instantly finds her face covered in her mothers flowing juices. Tarnisha praised the cock her body pounded down on as Betsey's hands freely fondles her large nipples. The two women used Mischief's body until the were both brought to the point of complete exhaustion.
During her road trip home Marti's daughters were up to a little mischief of their own. Carrie and Cassandra had an Asian girl around the age of twelve trapped inside one of the bathroom stalls at the road stop where they were having lunch. Cassandra’s cock was stuffed inside the girls tiny mouth as she sat on the toilet as her sister Carrie’s hardened mass penetrated her pussy from behind. The virgin Asian screams are muffed as Carrie pounds her cock between her reluctantly wet folds. Shortly after four orgasms later the Asian girls body turned against her as she begins to enjoy the unwanted assaults against her. Her muffled screams soon turn into moans of pleasure as her orgasms pour out uncontrollably. Cassandra’s cock suddenly explodes like a volcano and the girls cheeks are filled. Carrie’s cock was soon to follow and her load soars deep within the youths tight folds to her very depths. She was then left to explain her fate to her awaiting mother as the girls continued their journey.
It was just about dark as Marti pulls into Betsey's driveway on their way to visit her Mother. The three girls were then introduced once more. They hadn’t seen each other since they were small. Marti was intrigued by Tarnisha’s great looks as she resembled Tara Banks so well. It was as though Tars breasts were calling out to her for attention. Marti's cock grew intensely hard right there in the driveway. Betsey doesn’t notice her mast but Marti's daughters certainly do see it swell. Tarnisha bared witness to it as well and she knew it was her and not Betsey that caused it to swell. The three girls took off almost immediately to catch up on life and they began by comparing their toys just out of view of their parents. Mischief was thrilled to see they all were hung magnificently. The twins weren’t disappointed either. “ Guess what.” Mischief exclaims to her step sisters. “ I’m still virgin, anyone wanna fuck.” Both twins grew instantly hard once again. “ Your kidding.” Carrie answers in delight. “ We’ve only fucked each other.” Mischief's informed. “ That’s almost virgin like, isn’t it.” Came Cassandra’s comment to follow.
The parents were having their own conversation and Tar was getting hotter by the minute just listening to their childhood escapades. The three then opted to go out to dinner and leave the kids at home. There was no trust in Marti's mind about leaving her two behind. She knew they’d fuck Mischief's eyes out if they were anything like she was growing up with a special tool attached. Especially during this time period of life. By the time they cleared the driveway all three teens were stripped naked. Mischief was excited beyond belief as she eyed the twins now standing before her so totally nude. “ Who’s gonna fuck me first.” Mischief questioned once they were all naked. “ First things first.” Carrie exclaimed. “ Where’s your shower.” She demands. “ What's my shower have to do with my getting laid.” Mischief innocently inquires. “ Show us and you’ll see.” Cassandra exclaims firmly. Mischief remained miffed yet leads the two up the stairs to where her private shower was located. Once the showers in sight the girls tell Mischief to close her eyes and get inside. The twins both giggle as she willingly listens and complies. Once inside the shower Mischief's told to get on her knees. The twins then took careful aim with their love tools and presented Mischief with a golden shower she wouldn’t soon forget. “ What was that for.” Mischief exclaimed. “ Call it our initiation.” Carrie answers. “ Now our little tart, where’s your bed.” Carrie inquires. Mischief leeds the two toward her room and she was simply glowing inside.
Inside the restaurant Tarnisha chose to be seated next to Marti. While the three were casually talking as they awaited their food Tars hand slowly drifts into Marti's lap. Marti then gives her a quick look of approval as well as a smile as she catches up further with Betsey's life. Tarnisha tenderly then plays with her toy as the two talk on and on. In no time at all she has Marti's staff flying at full mast and its size has her delighted beyond belief. At one point Tar begins to hike up Marti's skirt and Marti has just got to smile about it. About then Betsey excuses herself from the table. “ You gotta let me see it Marti.” Tar pleas as Betsey gets out of sight. Marti then quietly hikes up her skirt and shows off her prize. “ My god you gotta fuck me with that after we get back home.” Tarnisha declares. “ Why wait bitch, I can fuck you right here and now inside their bathroom.” Marti explains. Tar didn’t speak another word until Betsey returned to her seat. “ My turn next.” She exclaimed.
“ I think I’ll join her also.” Marti then adds coyly.
About the same moment the two women enter the bathroom Cassandra’s cock pierces Mischief's folds. The youth gasps a long fruitful moan and Cassandra begins to fuck her ever so slowly. As though they were in love with each other. Mischief loved the feel of her thick stick slowly pounding inside her wetness and she squealed openly out in ecstasy over its wondrous feel. After her first confirmed orgasm Carrie lays her log against Mischief's juicy lips and asks her to please suck it for she was throbbing. Mischief complies and takes the head of Carrie’s cock between her lips and begins to awkwardly suck upon her first cock. Cass then begins to increase her tempo and begins to fuck her extremely hard and in turn Mischief engulfs Carrie’s cock deep inside her hungered lips. Her orgasms intensify extremely as her pussy gets pounded and she screams outwardly for mercy even though she wants even more of the same. Mischief was physically intoxicated over her assault.
“ Stop.” She pleas. “ No more, I can’t stand it.” She screams outwardly. “ More, more, give me more.” Mischief utters instantly afterward. Cassandra simply glows over Mischief's need for her hard swollen cock. So much so she cums uncontrollably inside her yearning womb long before she wished to explode.
Marti stepped into the stall directly after Tarnisha entered. “ What if someone here’s us.” Tar inquires as she hikes her skirt up and sits over the edge of the commode in readiness. Marti brings her long thick hot cock into full view and smirks openly. “ Just spread your legs and stop your worrying.” Marti softly answers. “ The worse that can happen is they’ll hear some unknown stranger moaning in a stall.” With that spoken Marti moves her cock in tighter toward its awaiting target and Tar spreads her willing legs open as wide as she possibly can. Tar begins to tremble over Marti's huge size yet she still wants penetrated just the same. “ Its even larger next to my entrance.” Tar whispers. “ I can’t believe a woman could have such a wondrous rod.” She proclaims as Marti presses her knob against Tars wetted doorway. A second later and Marti's knob disappears from view and a gasp escapes into the air. One more second and Marti's hardness is half way swallowed by Tarnisha's cock starved womb. Marti then slowly begins to pump her muscle thrilling Tarnisha with each and every stroke. Hardly three minutes go by and Marti's assault has Tar moaning out of control. Tar digs her nails into Marti's firm ass and she pleas to be punished harder. Marti drives her cock home over and over thus causing Tarnisha to literally scream out. “ Cum in me please, right now.” She begged and upon her wish Marti's load flows from her tip both thick and hot. Tarnisha's body trembles for the longest time before the two even attempt to exit the stall.
Carrie turns Mischief over after Cassandra’s load fills her depths. Her hard cock stands momentarily pointed against her anal opening. “ No your not.” Mischief objects. “ Oh yes she is.” Cassandra answers on her sisters behalf, while she snickers over the fact. Carrie’s tip presses against Mischief's tight void and she objects yet once again. This time Cassandra stuffs her muscle between her lips to quite her complaints. The twins giggle together and Carrie crams her hard cock home. Mischief's teeth therefore bite down in defense. Cassandra becomes so excited she therefore thrusts her length strait down Mischief's throat and begins to fuck her face. Mischief was forced to surrender to their combined punishments. Carrie’s load spews forth in a violent manor filling Mischief's inner depths. Cassandra lets loose her own juices fly freely directly after. Mischief collapses to the floor as a result, exhausted yet feeling even more of a woman than ever before. “ You guys are the greatest.” She panted almost out of breath. “ You gotta let me fuck you back.” “ Fuck us back.” Carrie exclaims. “ Oh I think we’ll just have to be insistent upon it there girlfriend.” Cassandra answers back.
Betsey was relieved to see the ladies return. She was beginning to wonder what they were doing being gone so long. “ What’d ya do, fuck her eyes out back there Marti.” She questioned out of the blue. Tarnisha could only giggle out a response to her question. “ Did she, did she fuck you Tarnisha.” Betsey insisted to know. “Yes, yes dam it she did fuck me and it felt grand, I’ll tell you that.” Tar admitted finally. “ I was fucked by your daughter this morning as well, while I’m into confessing.” She confessed as well. “ That’s my little girl.” Marti lets slip from her lips accidentally. “What.” Tarnisha states in disbelief of what she’d just heard. “ Yes honey, Mischief’s her daughter also.” Betsey confesses. “Marti's rod knocked me up when I was young.” She tells her lover. “ So if she fucked you without protection your probably one pregnant bitch as well for she’s got one potent member between those perfect legs.” Betsy explains to her lover. Tarnisha's hand was in Marti's lap the whole time Betsey was talking. She seemed not able to give Marti's prized cock enough attention. “ So it looks like we might have a little chocolate running in the family now.” Marti snickers.
Marti's mind drifted off toward her daughters as Tarnisha gently plays unnoticed inside her lap. Her hardness magnified but not over Tars persistent fondling. Of course Tarnisha couldn’t have been told differently about it however. As Betsey's mind drums up more and more memories of their childhood Marti's mind slips momentarily away. She pictures her girls both naked and their cocks standing proudly. As she knew deep inside herself they would be by now. Either penetrating Betsey's daughter or each other as she caught them doing many times over in their pasts. She was part right within her day dreaming at least. Mischief had just finished blowing her load as she fucked Carrie’s eyes out and was about to penetrate Cassandra's willing body next. Cassandra laid in readiness with her firm legs spread wide as her sister remained still panting. Mischief’s love making skills while they were lacking something still had the capability of sending chills of delight strait up ones spine.
Across town as Margo's daydreaming ceased as her mother calls for her help. She was lying in bed grasping her well endowed morning hard-on as she had often done. Margo hadn’t seen her older sister in several years and she was elated the day was finally arriving. She was never told by her mother that her sister was her birth parent as well however. To date this was one well kept secret within the Maguire household. Unlike her parents build, Margo’s skinny body was built more like an anorexics. In fact her only true muscle was the one she was gifted with between her legs. Against her super thin body her lengthy nine inch long rod gave the appearance of looking superbly massive to those who she allowed to see it. Margo loved to wear her hair in a short tomboyish style as well. Low cut tight shorts that were never buttoned was another one of her trademarks as well.
Margo cleared her bed and reached inside her dresser to find her favorite pair of low ride hip huggers. Pink in color and very revealing as well. She slides them on carefully and settles on the dirty t-shirt she wore last night. Margo then awaited her hard muscles retreat and heads down the stairs. Margo hurriedly helped her mother prepare for their guest then shoots across the street to the Scotts home. After she enters she learns her best friends not awake yet ,however Madeline her mother, was thrilled to see her so early. Madeline smiled brightly as she walked across the kitchen to stand before her skinny neighbor. Without a seconds thought her left hand extends toward Margo’s crotch.
“ Looking for a special treat or something are you Mrs. Scott.” Margo teases her best friends mother as she’s groped. “ You know very well that I am sweetie.” Madeline admits readily. Her hand now attached to Margo's lump where it stayed as her ball bat swelled instantly hard from the attention it received. “OK bitch, you can suck me now.” Margo exclaims after she's fully extended. Madeline loved being talked down to and drops to her knees with glee in her heart. Margo loves the feel of Peggy’s mothers lips and she begins to moan. “ Fucken my mothers face again whore.” Her best friend utters as she quietly enters the kitchen. “ Better hurry slut, my dads awake now and he’ll catch you if your not careful.” She warns the two very naughty girls. “ Its not even close yet, your mom just started.” Margo confesses quietly to her friend as she watches her mother eat cock for breakfast. “ You know mom if that was beer you’d be an alcoholic.” Madeline’s daughter teases as she reaches for her friends hardness. “ Here, I’ll pump it for you as you suck.” She then offers.
Peggy pumps Margo's flesh for all she's worth into her mothers hungered mouth, which excites her mothers effort even further. They could all now hear the shower running upstairs. “ I’ll go upstairs and delay him.” Peggy next offers. She then runs up the stairs to use the very toilet that sat next to the running shower. Madeline had been sampling Margo's flesh since she was twelve and her daughter was right for she was indeed addicted to it. It was almost four years ago to the day when she caught Margo screwing her little girl red handed down in their basement. She thought of that day very often and as Margo's cock blasted forth its gift she began to remember the day once more. Back then her daughter wasn’t the voluptuous looking one that she was today.
It was a sunny Saturday morning around six am the day Madeline heard strange noises coming from the far corner of their basement. Her husband was out of town for the weekend and Margo had spent the night. The girls had gotten a hold of some of Martin Scotts porn flicks and had watched several before going to sleep the night before. Curiosity took over as daylight broke the darkness. Margo's morning hard-on was swelled to the max as she punished Peggy’s virgin pussy that very first time and Peggy body was loving every second of its invasion. Margo was seconds away from release when Madeline walked down the stairs catching the two in the full wraths of hot preteen passion. Margo's startled body had rolled off her friends heated body and her cock flesh glistened in full view of her mothers intrigued eyes. Madeline was both shocked and amazed as she stared forward. Madeline’s mouth opens to speak but her lips failed to form words. Margo thought quickly and quoted a porn stars words she heard the night before. “ Shut up and eat me bitch.” She’d told the startled parent. Peggy was frozen in place with her legs still spread open with cum dripping from her entrance as her mother then approached. “ Com-on suck me slut, I dare you, you know you want too.” Margo then quotes another stars familiar words. That huge weapon glistening between Margo's legs has had her totally and fully mesmerized from that very day forth.
Peggy was gone for the longest time. In fact so long her mother begins to worry about it. She couldn’t take her eyes off that huge piece of meat that was standing proudly before her even after her lips drained its massive load of cream. Upstairs Martin Scott was still trying to catch his breath from the best blowjob he’d been given in his life span. Peggy was wiping his cum off of her chin as he smiled. “ Now there my little girl, you keep sucking daddies cock so well and daddies will keep Margo's special instrument a secret.” He promised as he dressed before her. “ I’ll do anything to keep Margo's gift a secret daddies.” Peggy confesses to him quietly. “ Good to hear cause I want to watch you get fucked by her later.” He informs her in a firm tone. “ Meanwhile those incriminating pictures I found will be kept in a safe place.” She’s assured. Martin had no idea of his wife's involvements until later in the day when he came home unexpectedly and catches her getting her cunt pounded hard.
“ Now fuck her in the ass. child.” He calls out, alerting all three naked bodies of his presents. His wife was instantly shocked over seeing him standing there. Still her blood was flowing strong in an excited manor. “ I said fuck her in the ass.” He repeated next. This firm tone excited his surprised wife to even further heights. Madeline had no idea getting caught could feel so rewarding. Margo's mass never felt so exciting up her ass as it did on this occasion. Even Peggy was getting turned on over it. Listening to her mother beg for more had gotten her wetter than ever. To both her and her fathers amazement she finds her hand seeking out his swollen muscle. Martin gasps over his daughters touch and he instinctively unzips his pants. Without one thought of whose cock she held Peggy begins to pump him off. She then throws her left leg high in the air and slips his hardness inside her. Madeline sees this and she instantly objects to it. Margo pounds her cock deeper inside Madeline’s darkness to distract her yet her mind was set against this happening. “ You’ll not fuck our own daughter.” She snarls harshly. “ Not in front of me at least.”
Peggy reads between the lines and leeds her father down the hall just out of sight. Try as he might he was unable to resist following her. He then tries to object as she peels down his pants and she counters his words. “ Something’s just not right about this.” He complains. “ Something’s not right about any of this.” Peggy shares as she bends over before him grasping her ankles. “ Fuck my pussy and cum in my ass.” Peggy insists. Martin can hear his wife's moans of pleasure coming in loud and clear from the living room and his hard cock aches for attention. “ I really want to do your friend instead.” Martin explains. “ I shouldn’t do this with you.” Peggy giggles as she looks up at him from between her spread legs. “ You gotta fuck me to get to fuck her, so get busy already, will ya.”
Her Dad unwillingly then steps up behind Peggy, takes his cock in hand and presses his knob against his daughters wet folds. “ This just isn’t right, I’m tellen ya.” He expresses as his knob slips inside her wet slit. “ Its not right that my best friends got a cock between her legs either dad.” Peggy responds. “ But this is 2021, nothins normal any more.” She exclaims. “ Now get busy mister and fuck away.” She insists finally. Martin finally gives his daughter her wish and sinks his cock whole inside her. “ Not bad daddio now do me.” She pleas. Martin then begins to pound away inside her sloppy tight folds. Her tightness was found to be unbelievable as her inner muscles squeezed against his stiffened staff. Peggy’s legs soon begin to tremble as his hardness strokes in constant rhythm. Her whole body shakes as her first orgasm explodes within. “ Give it too me, give it too me, then cum in my ass.” Peggy pleas over her fathers punishments as she feels his cocks throb begin to boil within her. His load came to his cocks tip swiftly as his daughters tightness squeezed. Margo appears in the hallway just in time to watch him withdraw and heatedly stuff his pulsating post into his daughters eager superbly divine anal entrance. Martin tip scarcely penetrates prior to exploding a massive blast of cream. Peggy collapses strait to the floor.
“ Guess its my turn now.” Margo giggles as Martin catches his breath, standing over his daughters spent body. “ Looks like you fucked your daughters eyes out daddy.” She deliberately teased as Madeline came into their view. “ Personally I think you should fuck him in the ass next.” Madeline exclaimed sincerely. Peggy could only smile upwardly her agreement over her mothers kinky spoken thought. Margo then looks back over her shoulder toward Madeline and smiles. “ No, for real, fuck the bastard up the ass you little slut.” Madeline exclaimed in a harsh tone. “ I think its vulgar he fucked our child.” She ranted. “ He’s a pig and I hate him.” Madeline expressed coldly as she pushed Margo behind him. “ Fuck him up his tight ass or I’ll never suck you again.” She threatened. She then stood face to face with her husband. “ Bend over asshole.” She declared. “ Bend over and take it up the ass.” She snarls angrily. Margo then takes her first man.
Margo was thrilled to see her family finally pull in the driveway. She runs outside and excitedly greets them. Marti grins as she feels her daughters lump forming in her pants as they hug. Her girls giggle over the fact of their own tools responding to the hugs given out. Cassandra and Carrie already had plans made on seducing their Aunt as they once did when they were younger. Aunt Margo was hoping for the same but trying very hard not to show it. Cassandra felt her lump with her hand and smiled brightly as she whispers in her ear. “ I wanna fuck you.” She expresses as she winks. “ Lets all go inside.” Maggie announces to her family after they all greet. Maggie and Marti were quick to start catching up on life as the girls separate and go off on their own. Once the door closes to Margo's bedroom the three begin to compare sizes. Of course Margo wins hands down. Cassandra fondles her and her fingers find her wet entrance as well. Cassie caresses her body ever so gently from behind.
“ Your so boney that its inviting enticing.” Carrie whispers. “ Then fuck me already, what are you waiting for.” Margo pants back as her body heats up from their combined wondrous touches.
“ Not quite yet sweetheart.” Carrie informs her. “ We’re going to make you squirm a lot first.”
Cassandra then drops to her knees before Margo's huge prize and Carrie concentrates on rubbing her knobby breasts until her nipples are like hard little rocks. Margo gets truly excited thinking Cassandra about to take her by mouth. Her excitement intensifies ten fold as Cassandra next tenderly moves her balls aside to expose her damp folds. She gasps out as her nieces sweet tongue grazes her left fold and her knees weaken as that talented tongue presses its way inside her wet tightness.
“ Do you like this Aunt Margo.” Carrie inquires in a soft tone as she continues to caress her tiny breasts. Hardly a moment later Margo explodes into one violent orgasm followed by several more just as strong. Carrie then bends her Aunt over forward pressing her hardness against the crease of her tiny ass as she addresses her sister. “ Fuck her face sis, while I fuck her tight ass. Cassandra responds by plugging Margo’s tiny mouth with her swollen gift as her sister pierces her tight skinny ass. Margo knew then and there she was going to love this short visit.
On the far side of town while these three teens were playing Betsey was beside herself listening to her lovers moans of illness thru the bathroom walls. Tarnisha's mind was reeling with thought as her body took on a new meaning. She was fast transforming from a pure lesbian to a blossoming mother to be. Betsey knew these sounds well as they were once her own. Her only question left unanswered was she was to carry Marti's child or was it the product of Mischief. How could she carry on with her if it was her child’s child or worse yet another of Marti's bastard freaks of nature gone awry. Yes Betsey was truly at a loss. Mischief could here the sounds as well from where she lays quietly in her bed fondling her folds. Mischief had fallen into the same demise it just hadn’t been noticed yet. Their was no doubt in her mind who impregnated her body.
Just as Maggie begins to wonder about the girls they appeared back down stairs. They all joined the adults talking in the living room. Maggie was dying to catch up on the girls lives and began to ask questions about them. They immediately told their grandma about the summer camp they were attending next month and how excited they were both about it. “ Its an all girl camp Grandma with around fifty girls attending.” Carrie explains. “ Do they know about your.” “ No, of course not.” Marti interrupts. Knowing which question her mother was about to ask. “ What about when you get horny.” She blatantly asks the girls next. Both Carrie and Cassandra look at each other before answering her question. “ We have each other for that, grandma.” They state in the same breath to their defense. Maggie looks at the two for the longest time before responding further. “ Its just I know first hand how potent those long weapons of yours can get at times.” She admits. Margo's eyebrows raise at her mothers reply.
Marti opens her mouth to speak but no words exit. “ Its about time they know, don’t’ you think Marti.” Maggie exclaims. “ This family is a very twisted family as you all know and Margo, your Marti's child.” Maggie exclaims for the first time.
“ Marti is this true.” Margo pleas. “ Yes, its true, I’ve even knocked up my own mother.” Marti confesses solemnly. “ Which makes Margo your sister girls and not really your Aunt.”
That very night Margo creeps quietly into her mothers room as Maggie and Marti sleep soundly. As she crept closer and closer her cock grows incredibly hard. Maggie was moaning in her sleep as Margo silently listens. She hears her mother call out her daughters name as the covers slip off her body. The moonlit rooms makes Maggie's forty-eight year old body look even more incredible than it already was. With cock in hand Margo next stands over her mothers sound sleeping body. She studies her for the longest time then touches her lips with her oozing cocks tip. As her mother unknowingly sucks her child this girl ties a blindfold to her sleeping eyes and cuffs her to her bedpost. Margo then crosses over to the other side and confines her other mother in the same pattern of moves. Once being sucked off by both sound asleep parents Margo’s cock swells and throbs intently. Her cock aches severely as she hovers over her Grandmother on more time as she dreams heavily. It wasn’t until Maggie rolled into a cradle position her daughter could do what she would do next. Margo's swollen throbbing pole of bliss slowly enters Maggie's tightness as she moans in her deep sleep.
Marti awakes the following morning to a hard swollen morning hard-on getting the very life sucked out of it from her mothers talented lips. “ You go mom, you go girl.” She cheers as she awakes swiftly from the pleasuring she was feeling. Those talented lips hadn’t touched her flesh for the longest of times and Marti was elated over this. Maggie's lips were thanking her for the outstanding life like dreams in her mind last night. Little did she know she was thanking the wrong daughter. She takes Marti's gifted load down her throat happily and tells her about those fabulous dreams. She even at one point explains how her pussy even feels as though it was used. Marti's cunt felt fucked as well and her mind begins to wonder deeply about it. It was about that time Maggie began to feel that special type of cramp, one of which she hadn’t felt in years. As Marti leaves the room she can hear the girls giggling clear down the hall. “ Oh no you didn’t Margo.” Carrie exclaims as she listens. “ You didn’t fuck our grandma.” Marti gets her answer but how to tell her mom about it next. She decides to wait until they leave to explain.
The time for summer camp had fast approached and the twins became very popular among the girls in their group one particular hot night in August. The girls were all lying around in their panty clad bodies trying desperately to stay cool. Carrie had only stripped to her jeans as usual and Cassandra was outside taking a walk. Two of the girls were talking about how they missed their boyfriends and the rest were all tuning in and closely listening. Sage and Paris were two black teens from different sides of the tracks. One from a very rich family and one not so lucky in life. Paris was the poor one yet she looked adorable. Sage although she came from money looked very plain. Both however had everyone’s undivided attention as they talked among themselves. Paris who was twenty loved to fuck and she wasn’t ashamed to admit to it. Sage mostly was a teaser with most boys but she talked of one who’s cock she found to be extremely divine. Everyone was getting horny just listening to them compare notes. “ If their was a cock in this room right now I’d fuck it.” Paris boasted to her listening peers. “ Right here right now in front of all of your drooling eyes.” She exclaimed with pride. It was then Carrie couldn’t resist the challenge and spoke.
“ So if someone entered the room right now with their cock in their hand, you’d do em.” Carrie challenges Paris. “ Right here, right now bitch.” She bragged sarcastically. “ Hell I’d pay a hundred bucks for a good lay right now.” A voice in the back of the room announces. The girls all turn to find their counselor standing just inside the backdoor. “ Really, a hundred bucks Darcy.” Carrie intercedes. “ What's it worth to you Paris.” She inquires next. “ All I have is twenty.” She answered with her head hung low. “ How about the rich girl.” Carrie asks last, looking Sage right in the eyes as she spoke. “ Hell I’m so horny right now I’d pay a grand.” She boasts, not wanting to be out bided by anyone else. “ So if I came up with a real cock right now you’d fuck it for twenty.” She confirms once more looking Paris strait in the eyes. “ Yeah but it would have to be a big one bitch.” Paris boasted with pride. Carrie then stands before them all.
Everyone was silent as Carrie’s hands reach for her jeans and they all were puzzled. Down they came and out comes her prize. “ Big enough bitch.” Carrie exclaims. Paris answered as her panties peel down before them all. Everyone gasped as their eyes absorb her bountiful gift. Paris then walked before Carrie and dropped to her knees. “ Suck me whore if you still dare.” Everyone in the cabin was both shocked and amazed, especially their counselor. There was no backing down for Paris now. Just as Paris licks the swollen pink knob to see if its real Darcy feels a tap on her shoulder. Cassandra takes her left hand, places it on her lump and whispers in her ear. “ Care to join me outside.” She asks. Darcy doesn’t so much as hesitate to follow her as she leaves. “ I’ll fuck you for free.” Cassandra exclaimed at the door. As Paris nurses on her sister rod Cassandra exposes her gifted stick for Darcy’s approval. By midnight every teen had a taste of bliss and by dawn morning sickness was filling the air. By the time summer camp was over forty plus teens were with child and the twins made a fortune together making it all happen. History was in the making as well as time would tell.

Chapter Three
The Imbalance of Evolution

Twenty plus years of life went by since that glorious day Tarnisha's body was relished from Marti's advances. Her ending result was a set of triplets to raise. Carrie and Cassandra had let loose an epidemic onto the world themselves, as well as the works of Mischief’s mischievous adventures. It was now 2042 and the Maguire name was one well known name by now. Human nature had fully taken on a new meaning which was totally unexplainable even through scientific intervention. At sixty-four Maggie was truly the grandmother of a new form of human being and Marti at 53 was as voluptuous as ever. Every nationality has been thus far affected. Every night was filled with the breaking news of a new birth on the nightly news. Tarnisha and her new lover never missed the chance to watch it all transpire. Tarnisha’s three girls even though they looked the same were all very different inside. Unlike Marti's twins who were very much the same in every direction. Marti's newest daughter named Mystic carried on much like her older sister Margo. Maggie had named her blessing Miracle for in her eyes at her age she truly was just that. For the last several years Maggie's health was failing and her miracle child Miracle was forced to take care of her. Upon her mothers passing Miracle took over the house left behind. It seemed the fitting thing to do in her mothers eyes.
Mystic and Miracle Had grown up close together. They shared many things in common especially their kinky ways of thinking. Mystic had talked her mother into letting her spend the summer with Miracle unsupervised. It was difficult to pull off at first but Marti finally caved in at the end. After all they were both well old enough to make decisions. Miracle was just that indeed for she didn’t look a day over thirteen at all even though she was twenty one. She enjoyed the internet and had her own special game she played very often. She loved subduing unsuspecting internet predators. She played by her own set of rules and she played them well. She went by the name of Miracle sixty nine. She was a twelve year old who’s mother always left home alone. Her game was called the Saturday night special. Her fee for a visit was an expensive gift and you were guaranteed a special surprise in return.
Once again it was Saturday night and there came a familiar knock on their backdoor. Miracle answers thru the intercom and invites the stranger inside. “ Come in.” She answers. “ Come in, drop your pants, sit down and cuff yourself to the chair. She tells him. “ Do this and I’ll give you a big surprise.” She promises with a giggly voice for insurance he’d listen. Just like the many guys before him the man enters her kitchen and follows every command. Once he’s secure Miracle shows herself for the first time. She looks so innocent he hardens fully where he sits. “ I brought your gifts.” He tells her as an icebreaker. “ I see.” She answers. “ And I like your other gift as well.” She teases as she looks into his lap at his small token of a cock. “ Good.” He states. “ Then your going to suck me like you promised.” He inquires. “ Oh sure mister.” Miracle exclaims. “ Your going to get the surprise of your life.” She guarantees him. “ Right after I play my little game.” She explains as she shows him her hidden gag. “ Wow, a real gag.” He states unsuspectingly. “ How very kinky of you.” Miracle then gags his mouth and binds his legs as well right afterward.
Panic was written all over the mans face as he was laid face forward over the kitchen table. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen. Miracle then strips off her t-shirt showing off her baseball sized breasts with those marble sized nipples she was so proud off. Just about the time the perverted man began to calm down Miracle drops her shorts and reveals a foot long hotdog for his eyes to feast upon. “ How do you like this cock, mister.” She teases her would be assailant. “ Its three times bigger than your own.” She boasts defiantly proud as she strokes herself in front of him very seductively.
“ So big and juicy and fuckable too, don’t you think so.” She added before giving him the greatest news of all. “ So fuckable in fact, I’m going to fuck your fat ass with it.” She alerts him as she steps behind his bound up body. Miracle greases up her staff and he squeals like a pig as she next fills his ass. Her internet would be assailant feels as though his ass is filled with a huge pipe as she pounds relentlessly against his bowls until she cums deep within him. “ How’s it feel fucker, was that how you were going to do me.” Miracle asks as she pulls her cock free. After a short rest she rapes his bowls again until she's sure he’ll barely walk.
Miracle wasn’t totally nasty toward her latest victim as with all the others after she releases him from the cuffs she plays with his small mass then mounts him. As she rides his four inch member she undoes his gag that he may speak. Just as she thought they’d be, his no longer muffled words were quite nasty to hear. Unfortunately for the man his words were like music to her ears. It was at this point Mystic arrives home and decides to join the party. She bares her mass as Miracle continues to fuck the male then stuffs his mouth full. As Miracle pounds his post into her tight folds Mystic pounds her gifted prize into his face until he gags on her massive release. He lays perfectly still afraid to move as Miracle dismounts him after several welcomed orgasms arrive. The internet predator is then allowed to dress and leave. He does just that and goes with a memory to last him a whole lifespan time.
“ When does your next guest arrive Miracle.” Mystic asks as the man bolts out their front door. Miracle turns toward her and smiles. “ He’ll be here at noon tomorrow.” She shares. “ Oh goodie, a lunch time delight.” Mystic replies. “ Got one coming for dinner too.” Miracle boasted. “ Care to stay for the night.” She offers. “ Wouldn’t wanna miss it.” Mystic answers. “ I just love watching you pound ass.” She readily confesses. It was just then that Mystic notices Miracles girth as she pulls her panties back into place. “ You look thicker today for some reason.” She inquires studying her impressive bulge. Miracles face glows over her noticing. “ It really shows doesn’t it.” Miracle answers. “ I’ve been taking special vitamins.” She explains as her stiffness begins to return once again. “ It gets hard a lot now, even when I don’t want it to.” Miracle expresses. “ Wanna fuck each other.” Mystic can’t help but ask. She then reaches out to fondle the growing bulge and hears sweet moaning as a result of her foreplay. They were both about to proceed into an interesting evening.
Tarnish, Tablica and Tarnika the triplets from Tarnisha’s demise were always in competition with each other and this night would be no different to them. Tarnish ran cold, Tablica ran warm and Tarnika was always the hot one of the three. Tarnika approached her sisters from behind as they talked and grabbed each one by the ass. “ I’m in the mood to give some head.” She taunted. “ Any takers.” She adds. Both her sisters turn around at the same time and answer “definitely.” As the both reach for the zippers in their jeans. Tarnish exposes herself first bringing her sixteen inch rod to a full and proud stance. Her sister Tablica joins her promptly as her twenty inch post rises proudly as well. The two girls were somewhat jealous of their sisters magnificent member both wishing they had been gifted with the same. They loved the fact that Tarnika couldn’t get enough of theirs just the same. Just moments before Tarnika had sucked herself off as she often had done for the last ten years. Right after her length topped off at a magical two foot long.
Her sisters stood with their cocks head to head as Tarnika slowly stooped to her knees before them. Her lips engulfed Tarnishes wealth first then her sister Tablica’s. Moments later she had them both moaning just as wildly as she often had before. Tarnish had begun to run her foul mouth exciting Tarnika to the max. Tarnika loved hearing herself being degraded. The only thing she loved more was getting fucked and fucked hard. In turn for their services she got to fuck her most willing sisters in much the same way. Tarnika ’s own mass began to harden thru her excitement therefore she swiftly undoes her jeans to allow for the extreme expansion. Both sisters gleam seeing her wondrous mass swell once again. “ Eat me you bitch, eat me.” Her sister Tarnish called out excitedly as her muscle throbbed harder. “ Taste my seed you slut.” She wailed as her gift began to erupt forth. Tablica’s mass began to throb as well as her own gift began to show its existence. Tunica was then feed all the seed she could ever wish for. It was then they heard giggling coming from the kitchen.
Tarnika had just returned from shopping with her daughter, ten year old Taralla . The three scurry in separate directions as the result. In the families tradition, Taralla was the gift of Tarnika ’s powerful seed. Conceived when she was only twelve herself. Taralla’s body was still forming and her breasts were larger than her three older sisters. Her thin body made them seem even bigger yet. Her muscle was the smallest in the family, only a mere twelve inches, yet its girth was a firm two inches thick. Taralla was also the prettiest of them all. Not to forget the most spoiled as well. After their purchases were all placed on the table Taralla runs off to find her sister Tarnika to brag about what she had bought. After all Tarnika was her favorite of them all but she never understood exactly why.
All of a sudden Tarnika’s door bursts wide open and her little sister fly’s into the room boasting happily. Her eyes bug out as she catches her sister with cock in hand pumping for all she's worth as well. “ My god yours is huge.” Taralla expresses. “ We are certainly freaks aren’t we.” She adds.
“ Yes.” Her sister answers as her volcano explodes. “ You didn’t know this.” She proceeds. “ You mother didn’t tell you yet.” She inquired. “ Tell me what sis, tell me what.” Taralla pleas. “ We’re both sexes silly.” Taralla expresses. “ Both a girl and a boy.” She declares proudly. “ Is that why I always harden up whenever I see you.” Taralla then asks innocently. “ Are you hardening now little one, oh please let me see it.” Her big sister asks excitedly. Taralla was more than very happy to please. “ See.” She tells Tarnika as she brings her manly prize into full view. “ Wow yours is thick. Tarnika expresses. “ Let me feel.” She asks extending her hand outwardly in the direction of the gift.
Taralla carefully walks forward placing her swollen mass into her sisters extended hand. She gasps as her sister caresses it. She gasps yet again as she begins to ever so gently stroke her meat stick.
“ Wow is this ever great.” Taralla comments as he sister begins to gently play with her. Momentarily her legs begin to quiver ever so slightly. “ You must be getting ready.” Tarnika expresses as she smiles outwardly. “ It feels as though its going actually to explode.” Her little sister confesses. Tarnika continues to turn her little sister on and loves every second of doing so for her first time adventure. Once her lips take over where her hands began Taralla goes wild and her first ever released cum load bursts forth coating her big sisters throat fully. Her whole body shivers and she feels tingly all over. “ Wow sis that was ever fantastic.” She states elatedly. “ You liked that did you.” Tarnika inquires as she smiles brightly. “ Oh yeah.” Her little sister expresses in a very sincere atone. “ Well come find me after mom takes her nap and I’ll do it again for you.” Tarnika promises. “ But don’t even ever tell on me, ya hear me.”
Taralla’s mast was still standing proudly long after she left her big sisters bedroom. Getting sucked off again was the only thing on her mind all the way thru dinner time that afternoon. Once Taralla’s mother settled down for her nap Taralla happily darts off to seek out her sister. She hears substantial moaning coming from Tarnika’s room and still dares to enter without first knocking on the door. She discovers Tarnish totally naked pounding her muscle violently between Tarnika’s folds. A sight she’d never seen ever before and she was awe struck over it. Tarnika was bucking upward meeting each stroke her sister presented and she digs her nails deep into Tarnishes back as her orgasms begin to erupt. “ Now you can put the fuck to me bitch.” Tarnish demanded after her load embarks. “You can fuck me like a dog” She demands firmly as she pulls her spent muscle free. Taralla sees her sisters massive rod for the first time and gasps silently over its immense size. At least she thought it was big until she sees Tarnika ’s huge black snake in full view. Taralla was able to hid inside the closet just in a nick of time and she escapes completely unnoticed.
Tarnish crawls out of bed and lowers herself to the floor to get on all fours. She holds her ass up high and wags it like a dog. “ Come fuck me Tune, pretty please.” She speaks with glee. Taralla watches intently as her sister takes position behind her sisters tight ass. Just as Tarnish gets her folds split open Tarnisha appears in the doorway expressing her disapprovals. “ What if your little sister would see this act.” She expressed sincerely as she scolds the two. “ Oh mother she's just as much a freak as we are.” Tarnish declares. “ Its only a matter of time before she's just like we are as well.” She explains as she carefully rears up against her sisters long hard throbbing mast and gasps. “ You gonna just watch or you wanna get your cock sucked while your here.” Tarnish states sarcastically. Tarnisha welcomes the invitation and carefully reaches for her own gifted prize. Taralla’s eyes bug out yet again at yet another huge cock to visualize as her mother places her precious post before her daughters gapping mouth. As Tarnish takes on her sisters mass she engulfs her mothers happily as her little sister unknowingly watches. Between her own legs things were beginning to feel very sensitive. Suddenly out of nowhere her little mind decides to act upon the feel that came over her.
Tarnika smiles brightly as her little sister appears with her cock in hand as she steps behind her mother unnoticed by the rest. Tarnisha feels the warmth of a hard knob knocking against her wet folds and spreads her folds by hand to welcome it. All the while she being split open she thinks its Tablica trying to enter her. It wasn’t until she felt the blast of her load she realized it was her baby girl instead. It was too late to punish for she already was filled by her massive blast of paste. All she could do was collapse toward the floor from the immense orgasm that ripped thru her aging body.
“ Way to go little one, you just fucked your moms eyes out, good for you.” Tarnika exclaims giving away the truth to what just transpired. Tarnish instantly hollers “I’m next, I’m next.” Tarnisha couldn’t object a bit after feeling that thick posts punishments. By the end of the night Taralla impregnated her entire family. As time went by Taralla had grown into a full blown woman only to be with child herself. By sixteen she gave birth to Charisma.
Miracle was hooked on yet another internet game she learned to love so well. She called it the lonely housewife game and she acted on it each and every Monday morning. Once the women who answered her ad saw her youthful picture they jumped at the chance to seduce her. As it always turned out however she became the seducer instead. Even in her thirties she looked barely thirteen. So it was true and she was found to be irresistible to boot. Was it her button sized breasts or her skinny framed body that was her main attraction, who knew. As a result of her being so promiscuous she’d by now knocked up half a town of unsuspecting housewives that were all out to find a thrill. Dickville was certainly to become a town of a new meaning.
Miracle was also dating twins as well as entertaining the boy next door. Darnell kept her secret well and visited her quite often when his mother was busy. He’d been having his way with her for three years now. At sixteen he had it made for he could date girls his own age tell Miracle all about it and watch her get aroused. One night he let himself in her back door and got quite a surprise for his announcement. He heard talking and quietly followed the sounds. As he closed in on the direction the voices were coming from he hesitates to speak and what a discovery he makes. Three lovely looking Asian women were unbuttoning their blouses, one of which was running down her husband in a very pathetic manor. “ Not only does he suck in bed, his dicks too tiny as well.” She expressed as her blouse dropped to the floor. Darnell remained still and speechless as he listened.
“ My man can’t fuck worth a shit either.” The Asian in the middle confesses as her blouse falls free. Her bare breasts were a feast for Darnell’s eyes to envision. “ Hell I got ya both beat, my husband cums instantly.” Announces the third. Miracle undoes her blouse as well to expose her knobs but lets the blouse hang on her body. The Asian ladies were all excited as the watched Miracle next drop her skirt. Fifteen inches of fine bliss hung softly before their eyes. The Asian woman on the left then dropped her skirt free and stood looking delicious in her high heels and full crop of pussy hair. It was so thick in fact it would have to be parted to see her hidden wet folds. The lady in the middle frees herself of her tight jeans and pulls free of her panties. Darnell’s cock by now was a throbbing mess. As the third Asian drops her shorts the party begins.
“ Anyone want a drink first.” Miracle politely offers. “ Fuck no lady, we’re here to fuck, not socialize.” She’s told in a harshly spoken tone. “ Yeah bitch lets not waste any time here.” Another one added. The third simply tosses down her grand on the table. “ This all better be well worth the cost.” She announces. The other two added their money to the pile as well. Three thousand in all and Darnell was shocked to see it. “ You can bend over now.” Miracle then demands of the one who bitched first. “ What you just say missy.” Came her reluctant reply. “ I said you can bend over now bitch.” Miracle clarifies harshly. “ What you deaf.” She sarcastically adds. “ Go ahead Chin, listen to her.” Char expresses. “ Yeah Chin, take it in the ass. Karin cheers on. “ Your so frigid, I can actually feel it.” Char exclaims As Chin centers herself before Miracle’s blissful hard mass. The once harsh spoken woman's ass is then slowly invaded as she gulps. As her cock gets buried as deep as it will go Mystic appears holding a surprised Darnell by the scuff of the neck with one hand and a firm large mass of cock in the other one. “ Is this a private party or can anyone join in.” She announced as she laughs. Chin was so deep in bliss from Miracles prize she couldn’t imagine not getting the same from another huge mast. “ Hell even the boys welcome.” She panted out as her anal cavities filled with delicious cream. “Go ahead and fuck her tight pussy, Mystic.” Miracle invites as she pulls her cock free.
“ Who wants it up the ass next.” Miracle invites as Mystic takes Chan by the hand. “ Your so cute, I’ll just bet your pussies a really super tight one.” Mystic compliments as Karin blushes red.
“ Fuck my ass.” She then pleads as Chan goes on all fours. “ How about you, little boy.” Chin addresses. “ You want some Asian pussy also.” She most willingly offers the young lad. “ Fuck ya lady, I’ll fuck ya.” He persists. “ You better not be no quick cummer though.” She threatens as she leeds him away and takes him into the far bathroom. Chan sits him on the toilet and takes his small tool to mouth. Seconds later unfortunately he explodes prematurely. After she guzzles down his sperm she slaps his face extremely hard. “ You’re a fucken worthless little hung bastard.” She snarls harshly. “ Lady just fuck it, there’s more I swear.” Darnell expressed as his body shakes in fear.
Mystic brought forth seventeen orgasms thru Chan’s luscious body before she erupted finally filling the woman's womb with her lavishing gift. Chan laid on the floor exhausted and watched her lover begin to fuck Karin. Karin’s body was soaked in sweat as her pussy was ravished. She screamed out many times in blissful orgasm. Screams were heard coming from the bathroom walls as well as Chin grinded her pussy against Darnell’s little rod. He soon came yet once again and promises her a third. Chin lifts and lowers her body continually as her pussy pleas for more of his tool. Darnell loved her tight foreign slot and how it squeezed against his stick as though it was trying to suck his sides in. Chins last ride on his cock as he sat on the toilet was her longest ride of all. After he finally cums she dismounts slowly letting his toy plop free. Chin pats him on the head and thanks him for the ride. Darnell was therefore useless for a while but eventually samples the other two Asians as well.
The years rolled by swiftly for Mystic as she adventured thru life as Miracles best friend. She met the man of her dreams after she turned forty or so she had thought. His Male sperm gave her a set of twins before they had separated. Both a boy and a goy to raise so late in her life. Now at fifty-five she enjoys her life thru her twins activities. Her daughter Mariah especially kept her busy getting herself in and out of trouble so often. Her son Marty led a life of mischief as well but nothing like his sisters doings. The friends he brought around the house all were more interested in his sisters features. They couldn’t keep their eyes off her breasts and she so loved that happening. One morning Mariah came into the room were her brother and his five friends were talking. Who had the biggest member was the conversation. She knew her brothers was big for she caught him jacking it off one day but Tony claimed his was bigger. “Com-on get em out guys and prove it.” She hollered as she entered the room startling the group of guys where they stood. “ Lets see those prize poles your all bragging about.” She dared upon them. Marty’s member was well beaten hands down by a good inch and a half at least. “ I’ll bet there’s one bigger yet in this room guys.” She declares. “ Bigger than mine, I doubt it.” Tony bragged whole heartedly. “ Yes, and way bigger than yours and if I’m right you have to suck it.” Mariah exclaims proudly.
Marty somehow knew where his sister was going with this as all the cocks were displayed before her. “ See, mines way bigger than all of them.” Tony boasted, but just a little bit too soon to win.
“ There’s one more yet to be witnessed.” Mariah announces as her own pants are then instantly dropped down exposing her foot long gift of life. “ My god, not fair, your one of those.” Tony protested before his peers. “ Tuff shit Tony, she won hands down so you gotta suck it.” He was informed. “ Yeah a deals a deal.” He was firmly told next. “ Either suck her cock or we hold you down while she fucks you up the ass.” Her brother Marty threatens him coldly. “Yeah, come-on Tony, maybe she’ll suck us afterward.” He’s further encouraged. “ Come-on Tony, clean my cock, a deals a deal.” Mariah pleas. “ Suck her Tony, you know she’s right.” Another females voice states. The boys all turn to see Mariah’s mother Mystic standing at the kitchens entrance. “ When your finished you can suck on mine.” He’s further informed. “ You can call it buying my silence.” Mystic expresses as she slowly walks into the room where they stand. “ Why don’t you suck her Mrs. Maguire. Tony quickly argues. “ Show us how its really done.” He further adds causing Mariah to blush.
Mystic slowly walks before the boy continuing to smile. “ You don’t seem to understand young man, I got you by the balls right here and now.” Mystic stresses as she gropes him for real. “ She is considered jailbait and lets just say I’m the new sheriff in town.” She adds to make her point further understood. “ Therefore right after her luscious cock cums down your throat I’m gonna butt fuck your sweet ass with mine.” Tony’s informed sincerely. Tony’s forced to comply especially with Mariah's mother now involved, his cock now fully hardened from her hands touch. He walks before Mariah and states, “ It looks like I don’t got much choice.” Then smiles a silly smile. As soon as Tony’s lips touched her hardened mass his lips couldn’t get enough of her. Tony licked her length, he sucked, he bobbed his head vigorously, he made all the moves a cock loving fagot would make until her cock finally exploded forth. “ Holy shit I’m gonna erupt.” Mariah screeches a second before exploding.
Mystic wasn’t laughing like the others were as Tony’s face received its pasting. Instead she unloosens his pants and drops them to his ankles. She lubricates her stiffened staff and penetrates his dark virgin void in front of his astounded peers. “ My god your huge lady your gonna kill me.” He complains as her cocks firmly pressed within. “ No sweetie you won’t die.” Mystic promises as she begins to fuck his ass as her daughter gloats on with pride. “ You, over their.” She announced, pointing at the skinniest boy in the group. “ You can fuck my daughter while your friend sucks her off next.” She boldly explains. Before the day was over every boy there had a piece of her daughter except for her brother Marty and Mystic had a piece of ass from everyone literally. They all left the house more educated than when the arrived. “ Go and jack your brother off.” Mystic tells her daughter after they all leave. “ And by god get him fucked by someone out there will ya.” She expressed.
Mariah listened to her mother well, she gave her brother the hand job off his lifetime. Marty came so hard her flooded her face with his cream and the two laughed wholeheartedly over it. Mariah then got on the phone and found her brother a whore. Not one of which he’d ever brag about having however. She could have chosen any one of ten foxy lookers but instead she chose Lori. Lori was a freckle faced flat chested skinny twig who most every girl liked to tease. Lori jumped at the chance to screw Mariah's brother and agreed to come right over. Minutes later there came a knock on Marty’s front door. “ Did my part brother now its up to you.” Mariah explained. “ Don’t worry though, she's easy.” His sister teased. “ Hi, I’m Lori, are you Marty.” This skinny twig asked as Marty opened the door to let her in. “ Yeah, I’m Marty.” Mariah's brother answers. “ Great, I’m here to fuck you.” She bluntly tells him as she giggles.
Once inside the door Lori explained she had a date in about an hour so this had to be done as a quickie. “ I’m not here to fall in love or anything, so you don’t have to kiss me or eat me or anything, just go ahead an fuck.” Lori declared as she pulls her t-shirt over her head exposing her button breasts. Marty unzipped his pants as Lori exposed her finely shaved pussy. “ Wow that’s a biggie.” She exclaimed as his cocks exposed. “ Maybe I’ll just cancel that date.” She exclaims. “ You any good with it.” Lori dares to ask next. Marty sort of just looks at her stupefied and speechless with his cock held tightly in his hand. “ Well then where do we fuck at, on the couch.” Lori asked bluntly. “ Get it covered up and lets get busy.” She proclaims as she spreads herself open lying on the couch waiting. Her folds spread wide as his pole presses inward and she moans over each inch of entry. Lori actually orgasms just over his entry and she's amazed over his thickness. Five strokes later her body ignites again and five more his cock exploded to match with her third violent earth shaking tremors. Marty came so hard his seed blew a hole thru the front of his protection searing her insides as she’d never felt before. Lori rose up afterward pulling herself free then dresses and runs for the door.
Over the next several years Mariah found herself in and out of trouble. She was always running with the wrong crowd of people. Over time it all caught up to her right up to her day in court. Her first conviction got her six months probation for shoplifting. Even Mystic was at her wits end over her twenty-one year old daughter after catching her in bed with her latest man Steve. Steve loved getting butt fucked by Mariah a little too much and one morning was caught red handed. Mystic had walked into her daughters room just as Mariah's load launched up his dark anal cavity. From that point on Mariah faced the world alone. Mystic had tossed her out of control daughter to the streets as this was her final straw. Mystic also cleared the house of the man she loved so for he violated his trust. Speaking of violations, it wasn’t long afterward Mariah violated her parole.
Mariah faced her day in court and was sentenced to three months which was the remainder of her probationary time. Rendering her verdict was an easy decision for the judge, where to place her was a real problem to face do to her anatomy. This took the decision of three judges while Mariah spent three days in holding. She spent her time there with a young blonde who was completely as dumb as spit. Her name was Kelly Pickler from deep in the south. Kelly was so dumb she was cute about it. Hell it was part of her total personality as well. By noon Mariah's secret was out for she couldn’t hold it any longer. Kelly got her first visual of a female cock and was she ever delighted about it. Kelly looked at Mariah's limp rod for the longest time as she used the toilet in front of her. “ You gotta weenie, that’s so cute.” Kelly innocently giggled out loud. Her face was as red as a beet as well. Mariah almost split a gut laughing. “ What's so funny are you a guy or what.” Kelly asked innocently. “ That’s why I’m here sorta.” Mariah began. “ They’re deciding where to put me, I guess their confused over which gender I am, a guy or a girl.” Mariah explained.
The two talked well into the afternoon. It seemed as innocent as Kelly looked she had another side that came into play one day. She confessed to Mariah she cut her boyfriends weenie, as she called it, clear off after catching him in bed with her baby sister. She was sentenced to six months at Carson Corrections as the result of it. Kelly was half scared out of her mind as she was leaving in two days. Mariah took an immediate liking toward Kelly. Kelly as well was falling hard for her new friend as well. Toward dinner time the two had discussed everything they could think of short of sex. As evening approached even that subject was opened up accidentally for decision as well. The next time Mariah used the toilet Kelly couldn’t help herself. “ Can I see it up close.” She innocently asked. Mariah turned toward her with her cock still in her hand. “ See what up close.” She exclaimed. “ See your weenie. Of course.” Kelly giggled as she turned pure red. “ I never saw a girl cock before.” She half proudly proclaimed.
Mariah turned fully toward her new found friend and walked up before her as she sat on the bed. Kelly was truly amazed over Mariah's special gift. “ Go ahead silly, you can touch it if you want , its ok.” Mariah assures her curious friend. Kelly reaches out and fondles Mariah very slowly. Mariah then gasps softly and begins to grow. Kelly simply goes all aglow over this herself . “ My god its so big and juicy.” Kelly proclaimed as it expanded before her to a full sixteen inches. Mariah's cock then turned painfully hard from Kelly’s unique soft touch. One like she had never felt before. Mariah though her cock was going to literally explode it grew so painfully hard. “ I have a real pussy underneath as well.” Mariah pants as Kelly’s hand played. Kelly was delighted beyond belief after hearing this as well. Without further words spoken Kelly’s free hand sought out Mariah's folds as she fondled her cock. Mariah's cock soon bursts shooting its load and covering Kelly's face as her orgasm ripped thru her shaking body. At this moment true love was born. “ You can fuck me with it if you like.” Kelly offers. “ After the lights go out sweetie.” Mariah promises. “ After the lights go out. “ I love you.” She confesses. “ I love you too.” Kelly assures her.
That evening Mariah's pussy never had such attention. After those lights went out Kelly's tongue brought forth unbelievable orgasms for Mariah's enjoyment. Kelly lapped up her juices over and over time and time again until the midnight hour approached. At precisely midnight Kelly took Mariah's highly swollen member by mouth and made facial love to it until it was ready to explode then she crawled overtop of Mariah's fine body. Her pussy was as wet as it could ever get as her folds touched the hard knob at the end of Mariah's fabulous muscle. As the tip penetrated Kelly's eyes widened. It felt like she was sitting on a baseball bat. She gasped out loud and Mariah covers her face. “ Shush.” She whispers. “ We’ll get caught.” She assures her lover. Kelly’s orgasms that followed were unbelievably phenomenal.
The time soon came and both girls were moved to Carson Corrections. It was a well known all woman facility. They were fortunate that they were housed together in the same cell. It was located in a back corner out of view of anyone. Their first day in proved to be an interesting event as they were cornered out in the yard during break. Big Bertha and her crew of inmates surrounded this fresh meat and Bertha had her eyes on Kelly. Mariah was no match for this whale so she had to out smart her. Beat her at her own game, so to speak. “ What makes you think your good enough for her.” Mariah dares to ask. “ Cause I got the biggest clit here.” She was countered. “ Oh really.” Mariah jests. “ So if my clits the bigger one, I get to rule.” She adds sincerely. “ Bitch if your clits bigger than mine you can have anything you want.” Big Bertha roars. “ If not your girlfriends ass is mine.” She promised.
Bertha then stepped into the center of the ring. “ Tighten it up girls.” She commanded as she goes to open the front of her orange jump suit to expose her clit. “ Bet you wish you kept your big mouth shut now, don’t ya.” Bertha brags as she shows off her three inch clit. Mariah then slowly opens her own zipper and producers a dream come true. “ It ain’t over till the fat lady sings bitch so chirp away.” Mariah boasts. Everyone in he circle then gasped out of unbelief. “ A deals a deal so just leave us alone.” Mariah pleas. “ You can still rule your henhouse just leave us out of it.” Was all she asked. Big Bertha was purely in shock over Mariah's tool. “ Your gonna share that while your here ain’t ya.” She finally dared to ask. “ Sure, a pack a blowjob and a carton a fuck.” Mariah blurts out firmly. “ And sweetie you can suck me for free.” She tells the fat pig leader. During her three month stay Mariah earned over eight thousand cartons of cigarettes and knocked up three hundred women as well.

Chapter Four
Womanhood’s Redefined

Mariah Maguire the distant grand daughter of Marti, long ago deceased, some might say sent a plague among the world. Her kind was well into the thousands of thousands and continually growing day by day. A fully out of control mankind one might state. Of course there would be a rebuttal to follow. It was nothing anymore to hear of a new birth on the nightly news. In fact many a talk show had covered this subject at one time or another. Mariah's kind could be found just about anywhere a person looked . Even her own Kelly gave birth to three sets of twins since their stay at the corrections facility. Early on Kelly had taught the girls to fondle each other which kept them quite content while they were small and kept them mostly quiet as well. Kelly’s figure was still as pristine as the day she entered Mariah's life even still. Raising three sets of twins proved to be most interesting for the Maguire’s. The oldest set now fifteen followed by twelve and ten.
It was dawn one morning when young Marissa stumbled into Kelly Sue’s bedroom catching her in full play with a wondrous rod. One very much like her very own except twice the length and surely much thicker. Marissa had just finished playing with her own rod moments before visiting her big sister. She had never given a though she might walk into something so wild and precious. The moment Marissa had popped her door open Kelly Sue’s rod burst its powerful load right down her very throat. As she had done so now for years Kelly Sue sucked off her morning hard-on. Marissa stood still momentarily awe struck. Kelly laid panting as her body shook after her powerful explosion. “ Woe Sis, I didn’t know you could suck yourself off.” Marissa finally speaks as she unknowingly held onto to her semi hard staff. “ Your so lucky, your cocks so pristine.” Marissa spoke from her heart. “ Yours ain’t nothing to sneeze at either, little spurt.” Kelly Sue compliments in return as she motions for her sister to join her in bed. Marissa then slips under the sheets and joins her Sister.
Marissa gasped as Kelly Sue next gropes her semi hard shaft. “ Sis, what are you doing.” Marissa pants. “ Playing with your cock silly.” Kelly Sue whispers. “ Getting it hard for you.” She explains as Marissa begins to stir. “ What if mom catches us like this.” Marissa questioned as her body begins to heat up. “ Fuck mom, never mind just keep playing.” She blurts a second later. “ You aren’t going to fuck Mom but you are going to fuck me.” Kelly Sue expressed as she slides down in the bed and takes the stiffened cock to her lips thus beginning her sisters her first blowjob ever. Marissa was inside pure heaven as her big sisters lips worked her mast and all twelve inches were now standing proudly.
“ Now be my first and fuck me.” Kelly Sue insists. Marissa wasn’t at all sure as to what to do thus she felt quite awkward until her tip penetrated her sisters wetness. The feeling she then felt was spectacular as it felt for her sister as well. Marissa then pumped and pumped until Kelly Sue began to buck like a wild horse. Kelly Sue’s body filled with orgasms just as Marissa’s load burst free.
“ Now you can fuck me.” Marissa exclaims as her chest pounds extremely hard.
Down the hall Tina was beginning to fondle little Melinda’s entrance behind her closed bedroom door. Melinda was the youngest sister of them all and she loved getting fondled, especially by Tina. Tina was being very careful as usual not to awaken others from their sound sleeps. Tina worked diligently on Melinda’s fine mast until it begins to quiver. Suddenly Melinda begins to buck upward driving her twelve inches deeper into her sisters throat. Tina works on her throbbing mast even harder as a result and she is well rewarded from her efforts.
The coffee had just finished perking As Mariah joins Kelly in the kitchen. “ That smells great.” She compliments as she enters the room. Her huge mass was standing proud hidden behind her thin flowered robe as she approaches the table to sit. “ Want some.” Kelly offers as she pours two cupfuls. Mariah's nipples were stiff and taunt from the brisk morning air and Kelly can’t help but notice them. Hers as well were acting in the same manor as she sits herself down. “ We aren’t going to let that bountiful hard cock go to waste are we.” She jests as her lips rake her first taste of that morning brew. Mariah takes her first sip as well before answering by opening her robe. Kelly then straddles her lover and squats down over her huge post engulfing its swollen tip inside her wet folds. “ We won’t be wasting this load at that clinic.” Kelly announced as she fills her pussy tight. Mariah sold her sperm for a thousand a load every Monday morning and it was in high demand. Just as Mariah explodes their daughter Toni appears. “ You’d think with six kids already you two would quit fucken around.” She boldly remarks caching them still connected. “ Wanna fuck mine next mom.”
Of the three sets of twins Toni was the most forward and she was always running her mouth and getting herself in trouble. She teases her parents by exposing herself and jacks herself off right in front of them. “ Com-on mom, suck me off.” She dares. “ You know you want too.” Kelly was stunned but she knew she was right. “ What you need is a good spanking, young lady.” Mariah interjects. With that spoken Toni drops her panties. “ You go bitch.” She expresses. “ Alright young lady, that’s quite enough disrespect, we’re going to the basement.” The teens informed firmly. Mariah then pulls her cock free from Kelly’s folds and stands before her child. Toni was quite impressed at the size of cock that was now hanging before her youthful eyes. She was about to learn her mouth had bit off more than it could chew.
Leslie pulls the sheets down her body well past her hardened rod and her big sister smiles brightly at her. “ Want me to fuck your post do ya.” Tina asked in a softened tone. “ Yup do me.” Leslie replies as Lisa gets up to dress for the day. “ You go sis.” Lisa cheers on as she opens her dresser to chose an outfit for today. “ Bout time you used that rod for what its for.” Leslie had been sucked off a few times before but never had her muscle ridden. Tina straddles her little body and lowers herself over her staff. Tina’s folds separate and stretch over the weapon as she mounts her ride. Leslie moans as her sisters pussy clamps against her staff. Once Lisa leaves the room Tina begins to ride her sisters cock hard. The two go oblivious to time as their orgasms build and just as Leslie begins to explode her bedroom door opens wide and there stands her mother in total disbelief.
“ What are you doing to my baby.” Kelly exclaims harshly as her mouth drops wide open right where she stands. Leslie’s cocks sore and I’m soaking it for her.” Tina quickly responds to her bewildered mother. “ It looks like your fucken her to me.” Kelly responds angrily. “ No way mom, we ain’t doing that, yuk.” Leslie chimes in her sisters defense. “ Bullshit, your getting fucked.” Kelly retorts. “ Now both of you dress and get downstairs immediately.” Kelly commands as her daughters try to look both sweet and innocent. Kelly then watches as her daughter slowly dismounts her sisters muscle and leaves the room. Kelly then stood silently as Leslie dressed for the day. She chose a denim ruffled skirt and a white t-shirt. Kelly was miffed however as to why no bra and panties were chosen yet she doesn’t question this. Leslie then heads downstairs as she was told. Tina was already down there waiting as her little sister arrives. Before Kelly ascends the stairs she knocks on each bedroom door calling for a family meeting in five.
Kelly studied the girls faces as she awaited the rest of the family. Mariah was already gone and headed for the donor clinic. Lisa was the next child to join her sisters closely followed by Kelly Sue. Toni soon joins her family as does Marissa and Kaitlyn, Kelly Sues twin. Kaitlyn wasn’t promiscuous as her sisters were, at least where her family was concerned. She was however hung as well as her twin. She in fact loved sucking herself off and never dreamed of doing one of her sisters. Kaitlyn was attracted to the girl who lived across the street. She’s called Courtney and she is as lesbian as a lesbian can be. The whole time her mother scolds the girls for their sexual endeavors Kaitlyn’s mind was on this girl who lives just across her front yard. Courtney was stacked with very large nipples that protruded thru any material she wore and they were very hard to miss and even harder for anyone to simply ignore. Courtney had just broken up with her girlfriend and it was time for Kaitlyn’s move.
Kaitlyn got her chance to act on her emotions, she dressed skimpy and headed across the street toward Courtney’s. Courtney’s mother Ann answers the door and her eyes lock onto Kaitlyn’s skimpy skirt that barely covered her free hanging gift of life. Ann was watching a special on the news covering goys on the morning news. She heard rumors of her neighbors strange fate and wondered if it was true. “ Hello, your one of Kelly’s girls aren’t you.” She greets Kaitlyn at the door. Ann’s eyes study her body as she awaits an answer. “ Yes I am, my names Kaitlyn.” Kaitlyn expresses. Ann opens the door wide and invites her inside. “ I’m sorry Courtney’s not awake for the day as yet but your welcome to come in an wait.” Ann offers. “ I was watching this news special and your welcome to join me. She invites. Kaitlyn had little else to do this morning so she chooses a chair and sits right down. Ann offers her coffee but she declines. “ When will Courtney be awake go you think.” Kaitlyn inquires as Ann takes a seat across from her in direct line with the hem of her skirt.
“ You have very nice legs.” Ann compliments as she sits. “ Courtney will be up in an hour or so.” Ann answers to her question. Kaitlyn was careful to keep her knees touching as they talked. “ Did you hear the latest on these people.” Ann opens up. “ Within a year they’ll number one in five.” She shares. Kaitlyn talked to Courtney’s mom for quite a while on the subject. At one point Ann confessed she give anything to know someone like that and it was then when Kaitlyn couldn’t help but flash her a quick show. Ann thought she’d seen what she just saw but she wasn’t certain until Kaitlyn dares to let herself flash once again. “ Oh no, your not one of those, are you.” Ann exclaims as she points toward the TV set. Kaitlyn only smiles brightly and flashes herself once more. “ Yes you are, oh wow.” Ann states excitedly. “ Can I see it, please, you just got to.” She exclaims happily. “ Your really excited over this, Aren’t you.” Kaitlyn declares. “ I’ll let you see it if your willing to touch it as well.” Kaitlyn offers as she lets her skirt ride upwardly. “ My god is that huge thing for real.” Ann remarks as Kaitlyn’s huge toy comes into full view. “ Yes Mrs. Mathews, its really real.” Kaitlyn assures her.
“ Does it work too.” Ann dares to ask next. “ Why don’t you play with it and see if it works for yourself.” Kaitlyn offers gleefully. Ann just couldn’t refuse her offer and was she ever wet between her legs.
Kaitlyn’s love muscle towers proudly as Ann’s small hand encompasses its girth. “ I’ve never seen anything so huge.” Ann boasts as she investigates. “ Go ahead and taste me, you know you want to.” Kaitlyn daringly offers as Ann enters both hands into the picture. “ We can’t do this here my daughter will catch us.” Ann then exclaims. “ Sure we can Mrs. Mathews, just suck it.” Kaitlyn dares. “ I want your daughter to catch us.” Kaitlyn confesses. Ann was growing continually excited for she hadn’t held a cock in her hand in several years. All of a sudden Ann’s cock hungry lips couldn’t resist this mass a moment longer. “ Yes, that’s it, go ahead and suck me.” Kaitlyn expresses as Ann takes on her fated adventure ahead. Kaitlyn loved the feel of this as well as the fact she now would have Courtney’s mom to fall back on should Courtney show her no interest. Ann finds her first taste of pre-cum desirable as her lips hungrily play on. A creek in the top stair is heard by both as Kaitlyn’s volcano boils. Ann works desperately to bring Kaitlyn off before being caught red handed. Kaitlyn deliberately holds back to assure Courtney’s mother is just that. However Ann stops suddenly and backs away. Kaitlyn twenty four inch wonder rod is left hanging.
Courtney ascends the stairs looking as feminine as ever in her thin sheer short see thru nightie. She sees Kaitlyn sitting with her mother and greets her politely. Ann then gets up and excuses herself from the room. Courtney invites Kaitlyn to her room and off the two go off together. Once upstairs the two talked about this, that and the other things until Kaitlyn finally broke the frozen ice.
“ You know Courtney, I can make you forget all about her.” Kaitlyn explained. “ I do after all have the gift of all gifts.” She enlightens her forlorn friend. “ What gift could you possibly give that could heal my hurt.” Courtney asked innocently. “ Well its well known you like girls and I’m a very special kind a girl, you know.” Kaitlyn explains. “ Special, how so.” Courtney inquires. “ Like I said sweetie, I have the gift.” Kaitlyn boasts. “ What gifts that.” Courtney questions. “ This one sweetie.” Kaitlyn announces as she raises up her hem line. Courtney’s mouth drops wide open in disbelief as she stares at Kaitlyn’s limp tool. “ What the hells that thing.” Courtney questions as she stands in shock. “ You can’t be for real.” She exclaims. “ I’m as real as real can be doll.” Kaitlyn boasts proudly. “ A real woman's woman, one might say.” She bragged. Just then Courtney’s ex girlfriend calls on the phone and she’s left with making a decision.
Kaitlyn let herself out Courtney’s front door as she talked on the phone. Courtney did look for her after hanging up. She made her decision but Kaitlyn wasn’t there to here about it. She was long gone in the family car along with her mom and Kelly Sue. The whole time Kaitlyn was with her family she could only think about Courtney. Her main wish was that they should of gone to Courtney’s bedroom just a little sooner. Her sister could see she was being distracted trying on new outfits and she inquires about what's wrong. Kaitlyn confides in her and Kelly Sue tells her everything will be fine. At the same time Courtney worries that Kaitlyn might feel she wasn’t interested. She just didn’t want to be rude to Julie on the phone. The shopping trip took up most of the afternoon but the Maguire’s soon pull into their driveway. Next door a new family was moving in and the twins went over to meet them.
Paris and her daughter Sable were busy choosing which boxes went into their new home first. Primes arm muscles bulged as she lifted yet another one to take inside. Primes body was toned from head to toe and there was no denying this fact. She loved lifting weights and her body reflected the results of such. Kelly greeted Paris and introduced her daughters as soon as she and Paris made eye contact. Even Kelly remarks about Sables fine shaped body during their opening conversations. Kelly offers a dinner invitation and Paris readily accepts it as their daughters continue to talk among themselves. The whole time the families were meeting Courtney was watching from across the street and was becoming extremely jealous and worried. She therefore bolts out the front door, crosses the street and joins them all. She put her hand on Kaitlyn's left buttocks and squeezed as she introduced herself. It was a message that was heard loud and clear in Kaitlyn's mind. Kaitlyn's smile telegraphed her answer. It wasn’t long before the two twins headed for their house and of course Courtney joins them. Kelly helped Paris separate boxes for some time before leaving herself.
Kelly Sue smiled when she saw her sisters arm go around Courtney’s trim line waist and witnessed their shared happiness. “ You two look so good together.” She compliments as she opens the front door. “ Does she know about us Kaitlyn.” Courtney inquires. “ Of course silly, my sister and I share everything.” Kaitlyn explains. “ Everything.” Courtney states as she blushes. “Yes, everything.” Kaitlyn repeats as Kelly Sue blushes next. “ I was so worried you went back to Julie before we had a chance.” Kaitlyn then stated to change the subject. “ Julies the past and you’re my future.” Courtney assures her. At this point Kelly Sue leaves the two alone while across the street Paris and Kelly are getting more and more acquainted. Paris learns that Kelly's lovers names Maguire and she cant’ help but inquire deeper. “ Are you people related to Carrie Maguire.” She asks inquisitively. Kelly wasn’t sure about it and tells her to ask Mariah about it at dinner.
All the while Kelly was cooking dinner constant moaning was coming from Kaitlyn's bedroom walls upstairs. Courtney had fallen madly in love with Kaitlyn's prize cock and couldn’t get enough. She was instantly turned into a lusting minx and was fucking Kaitlyn's cock quite raw. “ Fuck me again.” She’d plea each time a new load painted her interior walls. Courtney was by far infatuated over the female cock and she couldn’t get enough. “ Fuck me again.” She continued to plea as Kaitlyn released yet another powerful load of cream deep inside her sopping wet womb. Kaitlyn was near exhaustion trying to please her lesbian lover. “ Get your sister bitch.” Courtney screams as Kaitlyn finally wears out completely. Kelly Sue then took over where her twin sister failed. The older twins then decided to share the wealth of Courtney’s tight folds. Courtney loved the idea of having twin girlfriends as well.
At dinner Mariah treated their guest Paris and her daughter Sable to her families history. It was then Paris explained her daughter too was one of them. Sables best shaped muscle was found right between her spectacular shaped legs. Hard as a petrified stick she could become at a moments notice. Both Lisa and Leslie found Sable irresistible as the night wore onward. Prime was somehow drawn to the two of them as well. Courtney sat there taking it all in and was amazed to learn this families tree was full of well hung women. She couldn’t help notice Marissa and Toni giving her the once over more than once. She thought to herself. “ Why not.” Hell if she played her cards right she could fuck this whole family. Before the new neighbors left for home Sable was thrilled to learn about her background. Even at learning the fact she was probably conceived during a summer camp romp.
Courtney could not sleep all night thinking about Kaitlyn and her twin sister. She never considered having two lovers at the same time but she had them now. The best part of all was that both were hung like horses. Courtney was out of bed at the predawn hour watching for motion across the street. Her pussy was moist and begging for attention. She had wished Kaitlyn had asked her to spend the night but that didn’t happen. Why she hadn’t offered the same idea to Kaitlyn she wasn’t sure at all. Daylight was just breaking as she sneaks out the door and darts across the street hoping to be unnoticed. Her thoughts were to wait for one of Kaitlyn's family to appear in the kitchen then knock quietly on the door. It wasn’t much of a wait before Leslie was the first one to appear in the kitchen. She stands in full view of Courtney’s eyes with an unbelievable morning hard-on hanging nine full inches above the top of her skimpy panties. Leslie spies her at the door and allows her to come inside. “ Like what you see.” Leslie asks as Courtney stares downward. “ It so proud standing there.” Courtney expresses.
“ Kaitlyn’s still asleep, but you can talk to me.” Leslie tells her. “ Want something to eat while you wait.” She offers next. “ That’s some piece of meat you have there.” Courtney expresses. “ Yeah, I know and its still growing.” Leslie states very innocently. “ Do you use it much.” Courtney has the courage to ask. “ I’m only ten.” Leslie answers back, what do you think. “ Do you like having it.” She asked next. Leslie thought hard before extending an answer. “ Yeah, I guess so, it makes me different.” She finally tells her. “ Hey you wanna touch me there.” Leslie suddenly asks. “ Do I ever want to touch you there.” Courtney confesses as she reaches her hand outward toward Leslies stiffness. Her cool hand feels great as it firmly yet lightly grasps Leslies firm post. “ Do all you girls have one of these.” Courtney inquires. “ Yep.” Leslie answers. “ If you wanna stroke me, you can.” She then offers. Courtney answers back by doing just that. “ You gotta watch though, it goes off awful quick.” Leslie warns. Three minutes later Courtney witnessed just what she meant. Just as Lisa enters the kitchen catching them both by surprise.
“ Courtney’s here sis, want jacked off, she's good at it.” Leslie offers. “ No thanks but I’ll fuck her in the ass.” Lisa replies unsuspectedly. “ Sounds really kinky.” Courtney answers in return. “ Never had that offer before.” She admits instantly. Lisa soon proves that she's the bolder of the two ten year olds as she pulls her weapon out of her panties. Leslie, you can plug her mouth shut with your cock while I enter her tight cheeks.” Lisa brazenly expresses to her sister. “ We gotta keep her quiet so mom don’t hear us.” She further explains. “ Then why not take her into the garage.” Leslie suggests. “ We won’t be heard inside there.” Leslie counters. Courtney was too excited about getting done and really didn’t care where. She’d become an overnight minx and loved the feel of female flesh being driven inside her. All in all it was Kaitlyn's fault she’d become this way. While the girls held their sexual adventure inside the garage Kaitlyn was up, dressed and out the front door.
“ Come on in.” Courtney's mom extends after she answers her doorbell and sees Kaitlyn standing there. “ Its so nice to see you again Kaitlyn.” She adds in a bubbly manor. “ Its nice to see you again too Mrs. Mathews.” Kaitlyn answers. “ Is Courtney awake yet.” Kaitlyn inquires. “ I haven’t heard her stirring yet but she might be.” Ann answers politely. “ Your welcome to run upstairs and see.” She offers. Kaitlyn does just that but finds her room empty and returns downstairs very disappointed that she's gone. “ Your welcome to wait here for her if you like.” Ann extends after learning her daughter already left the house. “ Besides I have a million questions left after yesterday.” She adds. “ OK, I guess.” Kaitlyn answers as she sits down on the cool leather couch. “ First off however, about yesterday.” Ann begins. “ Not to worry, I won’t tell.” Kaitlyn interrupts quickly. “ You sure suck nice though.” She then compliments. “ Its not that, Its that I didn’t mean too to begin with.” Ann tries to explain. “ But you did it.” Kaitlyn expresses. “ A woman never does what she doesn’t truly wish to do.” Kaitlyn intercedes. “ You must a really wanted it, deep down inside somewhere.” Ann knew she was right.
“ Have you ever done a guy before.” Ann then inquires. “ No, guys suck.” Kaitlyn complains. The two of them laughed over her pun. “ You’ve never done a guy before.” She persists. “ Nope, never have.” Kaitlyn admits. “ Would you do one.” Ann brazenly asks next. “ Yeah, I’d do one, if he’d let me do him too.” Kaitlyn confesses as she rubs her limp muscle. “ How about you, Mrs. Mathews, would you do me.” Kaitlyn fires back. “ Would you like to feel me deep inside you in depths even your boyfriend couldn’t reach.” Ann then grows totally silent. “ You really want it don’t you.” Kaitlyn giggles. “ You want my cock inside you.” She exclaims. “ Your boyfriend doesn’t cut it, does he.” Kaitlyn rubs in. “ He’s got a nice sized cock but her cums too soon.” Ann admits. “ And yes I’d just love to feel that ball bat inside me, fucken my eyes out.” She admits. “ So how about it sweetie, wanna fuck this old woman till she screams bloody murder.”
“Then go get on your knees.” Kaitlyn responds. “ Get on my knees.” Ann questions. “ Get on your knees and suck this monster, bitch.” Kaitlyn clarifies perfectly as she bares her muscle for business.
“ Then you’ll fuck me.” Ann inquires. “ Eat my cum, then I’ll fuck you.” Kaitlyn exclaims. Ann then smiles brightly as she lowers herself toward the floor. Just as Kaitlyn's knob disappears inside Ann's lips her daughter walks thru the door. For well over a minute Courtney stood watching as her mother hungrily sucked her girlfriends large tool. Courtney quickly noticed her mothers lustful hunger. She’d never witnessed such an intense hunger before and couldn’t help but cheer her mother on.
“ You go mom, you go.” Courtney announced. Therefore alerting the two of her presents. Even knowing her daughters eyes were studying her every move Ann wasn’t about to stop seeking the hidden gift held so deep inside that wondrous mass between her longing lips. She had that massive wand at the boiling point and she wasn’t turning back now. Suddenly her mouth was overfilled with delicious cream to the point of almost suffocating. Her face was instantly covered as her lips slip away and her blouse is flooded by the remainder.
“ Wow mom, you really know how to suck a cock right.” Courtney exclaims. “ That was incredible to watch happening.” She added excitedly. Ann was too caught up in the moment to even care her daughter caught her eating her friend. “ I got to fuck that thing next, you promised.” Ann boasts with glee as she peels her wet blouse from her body exposing her milky white breasts. Kaitlyn smiles at her lover as she quickly greets her then lays on the floor. “ OK Mrs. Mathews, Fuck away.” She tells Ann as she peels down her jeans and spreads her legs wide. Ann has her first orgasm just mounting Kaitlyn's firm post. Her daughter squats over Kaitlyn's face and lowers her pussy to her lips. “ Eat me lover, while you please my mother.” She exclaims. Ann begins to pulverize the top eight inches of Kaitlyn's two foot of pride stick as Kaitlyn’s tongue begins to get busy. Ann's body suddenly begins to shake violently as a mammoth orgasm releases. Kaitlyn only then lets her missile explode.
Lisa knocks on Sables door once more as she had done many times with her sister in hand. This times different than the many times she visited before. This time Paris had left for the day and her sister was missing as well. Lisa just simply adored Sable, she loved to watch her exercise and tone her fabulous muscles. She especially loved the skimpy shorts Sable wore to workout in for they barely concealed her most special muscle of them all. Right in the middle of one of her exercises Lisa asked a very provocative question right out of the blue. “ Do you ever think about fucken me.” She’d asked innocently. “ Either that or having me suck you off.” She tenderly inquires. “ Your bodies so fine I’ll bet your cock simply tastes delicious.” She added. Sables primary muscle reacted in a positive way to her inquisitive nature of questions as she stops midstream in her exercising. Against her better judgment she was becoming hard as Lisa prodded for answers. “ You’re a little young for sex aren’t you.” Sable asked sincerely. “ I fucked all my sisters.” She answers with pride. “ So I ain’t no virgin.” She bragged. “ Can I see your cock, I ain’t never seen a black one before.” Lisa persists. Sables mind tells her this is wrong but she can’t help but slip her thumbs inside the elastic band of her shorts allowing them to slide downward. “ Wow, its so beautiful.” Lisa responds excitedly over Sables exposed mass. “ Wanna see mine.”
Before Sable could form a word Lisa had her unit exposed. Sable was amazed to learn Lisa had a larger unit that she did. “ Isn’t it nice.” Lisa asked as she wagged her cock before Sables eyes. “ Its still growing too.” She bragged. Sables cock was so hard by now it was painful to her. “ You can touch mine If I can touch yours.” Lisa then offers. “ You know you want me.” Lisa teases. She was dead on too. Sable wanted to feel that white cock inside her pinkness but worse yet she wanted those not so innocent lips wrapped around her throbbing member as well. Lisa moaned the second her cock was felt for the first time from a black woman's hand. She gasped as Sable stroked it as well. “ You like this little one.” Sable asks. “ Are you going to suck me Sable.” Lisa inquires between her subtle moans. “ Yeah, how about that, I’m going to suck you.” Sable readily confesses to her neighbor. Lisa’s body shivered as Sables lips kiss her swollen knob. She no sooner begins to suck the child and the telephone begins to ring.
“ Hello.” Sable answers the phone finding her mothers voice on the other end of the line. “ Hi mom.” She utters recognizing the voice. “ Oh really, that’s nice.” She interjects as her mother explains her call. While the two were talking Lisa stood next to Sables side. She couldn’t hold herself back any longer from fondling that bountiful black wand that was hanging between those immensely strong black legs. Sable was therefore finding it difficult to concentrate her mothers conversation but she does learn she's having lunch with an old friend. As her mother hangs up the phone Sable questions her little friend. “ Well now, are you going to be my first blowjob or are you just going to play with me.” She asks her inquisitive friend. “ You mean your first white girl ever.” Lisa inquires. “ White, black, pink or purple sweetie, you’re my first.” Sable confesses. Lisa doesn’t waste another second before taking her first taste of brown sugar. It wasn’t long afterward Lisa’s face gets covered in Sables rewarding cream. “ Wow.” Sable moans out as her body shakes violently. “ Your one great little cocksucker. She compliments. “ I can’t wait till you take my cherry.” Lisa sucks her off yet again even hungrier than the first. Sable finds herself pleading to the child to enter her folds. Lisa licks her folds prior to an explosion then kneels into position to enter her virgin folds.
After bringing her mother to the point of exhaustion Kaitlyn spent the rest of the afternoon with Courtney. Courtney couldn’t get enough of her new found lovers attention. The two planned their new life together and Courtney was really excited over it. She was somewhat jealous over the attention Kaitlyn gave her mother however. Kaitlyn assures her that fucking her mother was no different than letting Kelly Sue bang her. Kaitlyn had to admit she loved it when the twins tag teamed her. “ Wonder what Kelly's doing right now.” Courtney couldn’t help but ask. Kaitlyn couldn’t help but smile over her questioning. Courtney was probably the only girl around that was being sought after by over four foot of cockflesh. She so loved the attention that she received and she looked forward to each days arrival.

Chapter Five
Full-Circle Exposure

It was a crisp fall morning outside in the year 2118 outside twenty-two year old Zoewi Maguire’s secluded home and the leaves were just beginning to fall to the ground. Her immense cock was still throbbing from the males attack just made upon its dark colored flesh. Her black body shook violently from her blessed orgasm that resulted from her younger brothers undertaking. Her brother Zen was an obedient black servant who served his sisters needs well. As did the three female white slaves who now slept sound in the room next door. The world was overrun by Zoewi’s kind and strait females were now considered to be extremely rare. In fact Zoewi was considered very rich in many ways by today’s standards for she possessed three of these such these women. April, August and Autumn were their names and the three followed Zoewi's every demand be it big or small and they were more than willing to do so. As though they were put on earth to do so.
Zen stands over his sisters face with a rock hard throbbing five inch long skinny dick. Not much of a weapon to speak of at all but it was what he was born with. Unlike his sisters massive length that they all loved the privilege to please. Zoewi takes hold of his misgiven pleasure stick and begins to stroke him very hard indeed. So hard it was absolutely painful for him to tolerate. “ This is what you really like, isn’t it little brother.” Zoewi exclaimed as she stroked him in this vicious mannerism. Zoewi loved toying with minds and telling others what they really liked and wanted. After his cock finally spews its load she orders him downstairs to prepare her breakfast as she did every single day. As he objects she reminds him that he was put on this earth to please her and thus he does as she asks. Outside the kitchen window he watches Bambi as she picks fresh morning flowers from her back yard. Bambi was sweet and innocent and didn’t have a clue about this world that surrounds her. She was very shape full and very appealing to the naked eye.
April was the first of Zoewi’s three possessions up for the day. She quietly walks into the kitchen clad only in a short frilly skirt. The cool autumn air had her nipples standing firm and proud. Neither of the three slave girls ever wore so much as a bra except when going out in public. She smiles and greets Zen with a smile. “ You still just watching that girl over there Zen.” She inquires sincerely as he turns toward her direction. “ When are you going to ever make a move on her.” She politely inquires next. “ What if she has a cock, what then.” Zen responds. “ Then when the time comes take her to your lips and suck her silly.” April answers. “ You suck your sisters don’t you and your
OK with that.” She clarifies. “ Speaking of Zoewi , is she awake yet.” April then asks. Zen pauses his gaze at the girl across the yard to answer yet another question. “ She’s awake but not ready to come down yet.” He tells her. April takes notice of his hardness as he answers.
“ You want that hard thing taken care of sugar.” April asks with a bold smile as she takes in the view. “ You girls are always hungry in the morning aren’t you.” He answers. April had a way with cocks unlike the others and Zen knew he loved it. “ Tell ya what sugar, I’ll take it out and play with it while you watch the girl in the garden.” April offers. “ We’ll have fantasy time and you can pretend I’m her.” She tells him as she walks over closer. “Now you just pretend I’m Bambi, sugar. She whispers as her hands both grope for his prize. “ Now you just let your sweet Bambi girl please you, sugar.” She speaks as his pants are unzipped. His five inch prod stood proudly for his gifted assailants fantasy. Even if it was really against his best wishes. “ Lets go out on the back porch where she may accidentally see us.” April taunts him further as she strokes his throbbing stem. She then takes him by hand before he has a chance to refuse her idea.
Zen’s cock was still rock hard as April positions him just right for her teasing show. She fakes a sneeze just as she drops below him to catch Bambi’s inquisitive eyes. Bambi became instantly mesmerized over what she was seeing. Her pussy walls answered the viewing with immediate wetness. Her first sight of male flesh was directly in view and there was no mistaking it. A real mans cock and it was right in her view. April seduced Bambi’s eyes as she seduced her masters little brother on the back porch. “ Suck me, yes suck me Bambi.” Zen tells April as she licks his swollen knob. He then closes his eyes tight as she takes him in whole. Bambi’s doe eyes widen even brighter as she hears him sigh across the yards. Zen was unaware their voices carried across the yards. Aprils talented lips worked his stick like a prostitute in heat as he calls out Bambi’s name once more.
April felt the presents of another body as Zen’s cock reached that magic moment. There came a soft tap on her shoulder and she smiles. “ I’ll take it over from here.” Bambi whispers in Aprils unsuspecting ear. Zen’s cock reacted positive to the change in gears his muscle was feeling and his load bursts forth. Not one, not two but three long bursts of milky white cream soar to freedom from his staff down Bambi’s willing throat. “ Thank you so much neighbor.” Bambi responded while his cock still shook violently from the care giving it just received. “ Wanna fuck me now or suck upon my member.” She softly offers. It was only then he realizes April turned into the real Bambi. Aprils pussy was now hungry for cock after she watched the performance. Zen looked down upon Bambi’s cum drenched lips and he smiles ever so brightly. “ I’d just love to suck your cock.” He tells his neighbor. “ In fact it’s all I dream about doing.” He confesses.
April then goes to leave and she’s abruptly stopped by Bambi. “ Don’t leave, you can eat my pussy while he eats my cockflesh.” Bambi offers April. “ I’ve always dreamed about such things and now I see why.” She expresses. Bambi wasn’t quite as innocent as her looks presented. She next presented her ten inch wonder for Zen’s proper attention. “ Sorry mines so much bigger.” She brags. April then kneels before her and tenderly kisses her folds. “ Yeah that’s the way, now lick me.” Bambi mutters softly. “ Gonna suck me now Zen.” She asks sweetly. “ April, get your lips out of her cunt and get in hear.” A voice is heard stating from the doorway. Shivers then rush directly up her spin for she knows she’s caught red handed and there could be hell to pay for this. “ Zen you get your ass inside as well.” Zoewi blurts out next. Bambi’s pussy is left sopping wet and her thick sweet muscle is left unspent. “ Well aren’t you coming.” Zoewi asks her neighbor. “ Your all gonna get caught doing this out here.” She’s informed.
Once inside the house Bambi meets the other two females. She finds all three to be extremely exciting as she's told their three of the last real females around. August and Autumn are both dressed identical to April. Nothing but a skimpy frilly grey skirt. No bras, no panties and bare feet as well. As Zoewi stood talking to her neighbor August sat on the floor to her left fondling her left thigh and Autumn sat on the floor to her right fondling that thigh as well. April took her position directly before Zoewi’s feet and had a look of shame across her face for what she was doing outside. “ You know you’ve been very bad, now don’t you April.” Zoewi pretends to scold. “ You know what you now must do to repent, don’t you.” She continues. “ Yes my mistress.” April answers. “ Well tell our neighbor what she gotten you into.” Zoewi requests. “ I must lick your folds before her and make your cock harden fully.” April answers as her nose snuggles against her owners folds. “ Mistress may I speak.” August interjects. “ Speak my child.” Zoewi answers. “ I wanna watch Zen fuck the neighbor.” She blatantly requests. “ I’d much better like to see her fuck my brother.” Zoewi tells her obedient one. “ Yes.” Autumn interjects excitedly.
Up to this point Bambi was only reacting from what she learned reading articles when her mother wasn’t looking. “ I can’t do that.” Bambi attempts to explain. “ You can’t or won’t.” Zoewi exclaims harshly as she looks coldly into the freckle faced redheads eyes. “ I can’t, I simply can’t, I don’t know how.” Comes Bambi’s innocent reply. The three on the floor begin to laugh at her heartedly.
“ Enough.” Zoewi barks causing the three to tremble. “ Keep licking me bitch, I haven’t told you to stop yet.” She tells April before she continues her questioning. “ Are you still virgin.” Zoewi then asks in even a more excited tone as she now studies her neighbors fine body a little closer. “ Yes and I’m afraid I must leave now.” Bambi shyly confesses. “ Leave.” Zoewi exclaims. “ You can’t leave yet.” She adds. “ You’d be a very perfect student for me.” Zoewi attempts to explain. “ I have no interests in sitting on cold floors fondling shapely legs.” Bambi confesses in her own defense.
“ Indeed not, I’d never permit it.” Zoewi brazenly remarks next. Zoewi went on to explain herself and Bambi toward noon leaves for home to make a decision.
Even as she walks across the yards heading homeward Bambi’s mind was going over Zoewi's spoken words of the ways of her world. Bambi was becoming already drawn toward the whole Idea already. The ideas that were now rushing thru her mind showed no negativity what so ever for her mother never taught her any sort of true values. Throughout her entire childhood conversations of sexual conduct were never once spoken ever. Bambi for the most part was an innocent child of the world in need of direction. Every conceivable thought about sex now popped thru Bambi’s mind as her innermost thoughts totally take over her very moldable mind. Even as she walks thru the screen door leading to her kitchen. Just as she does so a noise is heard in the other room that sounded sorta like a females moan. Bambi heads toward where she heard the sound thinking her mothers been injured.
Brie’s mouth was hungry for more that just the pizza on the stand and she was oblivious to her daughters sudden appearance. The pizza boys back was toward her so he doesn’t see her either. Brie often ordered out and Bambi often wondered why she took so long at the doorway. She knows why now as she silently watches her very own mother giving head to a complete and total stranger. She had to be doing just that even though all Bambi could see was a bare ass. Oh how her mother moans as she devours the youths hardness. Making oral love to every inch of his pride. Bambi’s folds were becoming very excited indeed. One of the things Zoewi explained was now happening right before her eyes. Bambi was truly feeling the inner need she talked of so intently. So much so that just as the boy’s cock explodes down her mothers willing throat she calls out across the room. “ How about you suck mine next old lady.” Seeing her mothers both startled and cum drenched face for the first time Bambi knew her true inner calling. She slowly then steps forward as the boy pulls up his pants.
Zoewi was excited over the phone call she received from Bambi after her mother Brie finished sucking her prized weapon of love in front of the pizza boy. The taste of her own daughters cum was something to behold. “ My mothers on her knees before me just begging to be fucked right now.” Bambi brags to her new found mentor. “ Just let her fondle it, don’t fuck her yet.” Zoewi exclaims.
“ Look into her eyes, does she lust for you yet.” She then asks. Bambi looks down at her mothers face a long lasting moment before replying. “ It would seem that way to me Zoewi.” Bambi finally exclaims. “ Put her on the phone.” Zoewi demands and Bambi does just as she's asked. After a very long mostly one way conversation Brie hands back the phone to her daughter. She brushes back her long red hair and kisses her very deeply on the mouth. Brie’s tongue dances like a professional within her lips for quite some time. “ She wants to talk to you now.” Her mother declares after her deep kiss is finally broken. Bambi could barely breath for the longest moment. “ Hello, Yes I understand and I’ll be right there.” Bambi exclaims.
Without a word spoken by either of them Bambi heads for the front door and her mother heads upstairs. Bambi’s new world was about to unfold right before her mothers eyes. Upstairs Brie searches for just the right look and across the street Zoewi helps choose her daughters. Thigh high red leather boots with six inch stiletto heels were Zoewi's first choice and Bambi just loved them. Zoewi then chose a six inch wide red and black hip hugging belt for her waistline. Bambi’s thick bush was then shaved and sculpted. Zoewi then hands Bambi a matching leather support bra that exposed her breasts perfectly. She was handed a long black leather whip with a cock shaped handle with an activation switch on the side. The final touch was braiding her hair into twin ponytails. After a long look at herself in the mirror Zoewi leeds her new apprentice downstairs for her introduction.
April, August and Autumn all bow to the newborn mistress for the first time as she's escorted into the living room by Zoewi's hand. Zen opens the door at the far end and greets the new mistress as well. “ We have a gift for you my mistress.” She’s told as Zen jesters toward the room. Zoewi then leeds her by the hand into her awaiting destiny. Bambi had no idea what awaited her inside that door until she entered to find her own mother well chained to the wall. Inside the room was a bed, a chair, a table and a bathroom. There was thick padded carpet on the floor as well and on the wall it stated
“ Discipline is Devine.” Brie was hardly recognizable as Bambi had never seen her dressed so provocative before. As is was with the others, Brie was the first to speak. “ My mistress, I’m here to please your every wish.” She exclaims and does so very willingly. Bambi never had seen her mother look so vulnerable and beautiful as she did this day. “ Do you desire to use that on me mistress.” Brie next exclaims gesturing toward her fancy leather whip. Not knowing just how to answer Bambi turns toward Zoewi and sees her nod her approval to do so.
“ Go ahead, do to me as you wish, your not my daughter on this night.” Brie tells her offspring.
“ You may whip me and feel pleasure in doing so as well.” Bambi just looks at her in a dead stair.
“ Its alright my mistress, you may flog me, I need such disciplines.” She reassures her voluminous daughter. “ My child, present her with your wonder rod and let her give you untold pleasure for all of us to witness.” Zoewi informs her. “ Should she fail you, you must then beat her.” Zoewi exclaimed. Bambi still a little shaken walks slowly toward her. “ Yes my mistress, that’s it, let me give you pleasure.” Brie pants seductively. “I know I can bring you great pleasure.” She assures, kneeling toward the floor before her daughter. Her lips felt damp and cool as she kissed the hardened knob presented to her for adoring. Zen’s cock grew so hard watching he though he was going to explode.
“ Little brother that looks so painful.” Zoewi declares as she takes careful notice of his swelling.
“ Why don’t you fuck the lady in the ass while she pleasures her new found mistress.” Zoewi expresses. Bambi sees the worry in her mothers eyes and bellows outwardly. “ I’ll decide who touches my slave, so back off bitch.” She snarled angrily. Zoewi then bails on the whole idea. “ You right me dear and I am sorry.” She states. “ Zen remove yourself.” She commands. “ You learn swiftly my love child.” Zoewi finally compliments.
Brie nourishes on her mistress attempting to please her beyond reason. Bambi couldn’t figure out why her mother loved her cock so much. But she simply adores the stiffened muscle. Her lust for cock was a well kept secret from her daughter over all these years. The truth was coming clean now however. Bambi was beginning to moan outwardly and Brie was pleased to hear this. She wanted to feel her daughters whip however. She wanted to feel the laces slapping against her skin and she wanted to feel the whips hardness between her folds as well. Just as Bambi’s cock comes to a boil, Brie’s teeth graze her tender skin. Bambi pulls her cock from harms way and her volcano erupts. Brie’s face and hair both are instantly cum soaked as Bambi’s Whole body trembles. Bambi scolds her slave verbally. “ You bitch, you rotten bitch, your to eat my cum not spill it.” She stated insultingly. The slap of the whip is then heard by all. Even Zoewi became incredibly wet after seeing Bambi’s assaults of the whip take place. After hearing her students next comment she knew her apprenticeship was to be very short lived. “ I feel my first piece of ass is coming.” Bambi announced proudly to her audience. “ Bend over that chair old woman and spread your ass.” Bambi then excitedly commands. “ I feel its virgin ass and I want it for my own pleasure.”
Brie’s body tightened as Bambi’s knob began enter her target zone. “ My god daughter, no.” Her mother pleas. “ Not dry, you must lube it first.” Brie pleas. Her plea although fell against deaf ears. Bambi penetrates her knob and her submissive slave screams a bloodcurdling scream for all to hear. The scream was earth shattering and even Zoewi's body cringes from the sound. “ Gag the bitch someone.” Bambi orders as she pushes her cock yet deeper inside. A new and more painful cry is next to be heard by all. It was Autumn who listened to the command and suddenly stuffs her pussy in Brie’s face to cover her complaining mouth. Brie’s tongue instinctively goes for the golden dew. Autumns eyes light up brilliantly. “ Dam that’s one fine tongue.” She utters. The deeper Bambi pressed her cock the deeper that tongue explored Autumns wet folds. Bambi’s virgin load was a powerful release. One in which the woman on her knees would not soon forget. Brie hung over the chair whimpering for the longest of time.
Zoewi was in shock over this outcome of events. “ Its not like this, this is evil.” She protested harshly. “ What, does my innocents not become you my teacher of forbidden traits.” Bambi states in an alarming tone. “ My sweet innocents of evil.” She declares. “ All your doings are of the devils liking himself and I am the devils very own daughter.” Bambi announced with a glowing pride of all prides. “ You’ve all heard of my coming and I have so arrived. “ You, bitch.” She adds pointing in Zoewi's direction. “ Bare your cock and fuck my mothers ass next.” Bambi demanded firmly as they all stood in shock from her spoken words. “ You, slut.” She states, pointing toward August. “ You get Zen and place him on the floor beneath me.” She harshly orders. “ You are all my children now and you’ll all follow my rule.” There was an overwhelming feeling of power that at that moment filled the room.
August returned shortly towing Zen in hand. She finds Brie sitting on the floor looking upward into the eyes of who use to be her daughter. Her left hand stroking the firmness of Bambi’s right cheek. Autumns lips were fast at work below Bambi’s balls licking the outer surface of her wet folds. Bambi smiles as she sees Zen now back in the room. With out a spoken word August returns to Zoewi's side and takes her natural place on the floor. “ Well he’s here now Bambi, I suppose you are going to rape him now.” Zoewi acknowledges. “ That would be Princess Bambi to you from this moment on.” Bambi corrects. “ For I am now and shall always remain the Princess of Darkness.” She declared with an abundance of pride within herself. “ What was that.” Bambi then states.
“ Something’s on your mind Zoewi.” There was a long pause of silence before Zoewi answers. “ No.” She states. “ I’ve said nothing.” She adds. “ You were thinking that I ain’t shit.” Bambi elaborates. Zoewi was shocked for she was right dead on. “ I feel therefore that your brother will get a reprieve for now and I shall use your body instead.” Bambi decides as she points over toward the bed.
“ Over there woman and prepare your cock for my virgin ride.” Bambi had instructed moments ago. She was now hovered over Zoewi's massive black snake of love preparing to mount its girth. Bambi lowers herself slowly until her folds touch the tip of Zoewi's heated stick. “ Prepare to take my virginity.” Bambi announces as her folds swallow the stiffened mass. The feel of this first ever penetration was overwhelming. Bambi moaned pleasure moans such as were never heard before. She rose and fell upon the stiffened mass and felt pleasure as she had never known. The screams of her first true orgasm were almost ear shattering. Her second, third and fourth were equally moving , strait to her inner soul. Bambi seemed to not get enough of Zoewi's black snake as she continued to pound down upon its unique length. Zoewi finds her attack on the rod both pleasurable and painful as well. Zoewi's staff had become incredibly hard, almost a petrified state. Her load burst thru in a most violent manor and it scorches Bambi’s tender walls.
Without a moments notice August appears before these insane lovers and without permission mounts Bambi’s staff. Her tight inner muscles clamp the rod tighter than a vice. She now had the ultimate of all sensations. August was as hot as the month itself in her search for self satisfaction. Her huge globes bounced in the air as she rode the ride of her life. Bambi’s lips sought out a large swollen nipple and pleased Autumns breast beyond belief. Autumn panted hard as her first orgasm came to the surface and her body shook violently as it explodes. Bambi’s cream all at once paints her innermost depths and her seed is well planted. Bambi’s first child of darkness was therefore conceived. There was no doubt in Autumns mind she was just then impregnated. The look upon her face was to be unforgettable to all those who bore witness to it.
The following morning Autumn awoke for her first time under Bambi’s roof. She rubs her eyes and finds Brie sound asleep right next to her. Autumn was clad in her new look that fit Bambi’s approval. A tiny pink micro that barely covered a thing, especially when she would move. Brie’s birth given pride was standing proud in its morning hard-on state as she slept sound and Autumn was watching it intently. Even though she now carried Bambi’s child of lust she wanted that stiff being that proudly stood upward on the sleeping body to which it was attached. She ever so slowly finally reaches out and does precisely that. For the longest time as she played Brie remained sound asleep. The moment her warm lips engulfed the swollen tip however Brie began to stir. Brie began to moan softly to the sweetest dream of all times. She dreams however that a man was sucking her and not this fine built brunette that moments ago was sleeping. Autumn enjoys the game she’s playing immensely. She wanted to feel Brie’s love stick inside her other than from her being ordered to do so.
Autumn continued to suck gently upon Brie’s risen rod and it soon begins to quiver. Brie’s eyes pop wide open thinking she’s about to pee. Instantaneously her dream subsides and reality takes its place. Her toes curl up and her body lurches forward. Autumns lips are then fed Brie’s entire length. All Autumn could think was thank god it wasn’t Bambi’s weapon as her mouth is filled. Brie grasps Autumns head by the hair and she moans a throated moan as her cock violently quivers. Autumn sucks down hard with an emotional hunger and she is well rewarded. After Brie’s body calms down Autumn looks at her with a look of pure innocents. “ Don’t tell Bambi Brie for she won’t ever understand.” Brie assured her that her secret was safe then whispers in her ear. “ Wanna fuck me now.” Autumn never answers, she simply glows all over.
Brie quietly settles overtop Autumns firm body and takes her cock to hand. “ This is what you want, huh.” Brie teases as she wiggles her tool. “ You know it baby, stick it in.” Autumn answers sweetly. “ You know she’s gonna catch us eventually.” Brie warns as her knob penetrates Autumns wetness. “ Shush, I don’t want to hear that right now.” Autumn gasps as she takes Brie inside whole. She then takes a thigh in each hand and brings her legs back over her head. “ Now bang away Betty.” She boldly expresses. “ I can’t believe how tight you are.” Brie compliments as she begins to pump her thighs. “ Only cause your so thick.” Autumn compliments in return. “ Zoewi's cock was much longer but your splits me open.” Autumn confesses. “ I love your cock and your daughters.” Autumn expresses. Moments after they stopped sharing words Brie brings her to a series of full orgasms. For an old woman Brie wears her out in a very special way. As a result the two were late getting up for the day and Bambi wasn’t going to be very pleased at all about it at all.
Bambi had been fully awake for well over an hour as she stood watching out the picture window in the living room. Her muscle was hardened stiff and standing proud, although unattended and in desperate need of proper attention. The hand cream she had used on her hands seemed to have placed her baton in a petrified and painful state. It was somehow the penalty she received for fondling herself after she softened her hands. Bambi continues to watch two little girls at play in the street as she tries to relieve her mind from her terrible ache. Before she knows it Bambi finds herself standing on her sidewalk talking to these youths. She invites them inside for a break from the heat and they innocently accept her offer. The youngest of the two named Martisha was reluctant at first however Bambi’s fast talk was found to be very convincing.
Martisha Gibson and her best friend Mindy were both the ripe age of nine. Both had slipped several blocks away from the home for wayward girls where the two resided. Martisha has the most innocent eyes of all times and Bambi becomes swallowed up in her innocents. Within their first five minutes inside the house Bambi has the two calling her Aunt. Bambi wanted to feel these girls innocent lips around her swollen mass in the most erotic way. She was intently drawn in by their complete innocents. Neither Martisha nor Mindy had any idea at all of what could eventually happen should they continue to hang around. Bambi learned all she could about these two as they all talked over ice tea that she had made and served. Martisha and Mindy both make the innocent mistake of trusting in a complete stranger. The next two glasses of tea served Bambi had spiked with something special. The girls begin to giggle and Bambi leeds them into another room. The two soon find themselves fastened to a wall with collars and chains. Bambi gags the two and locks the door as she leaves.
Months went by and then finally a year came and went since Bambi’s capture of her prey. Martisha and Mindy both followed Bambi’s every command and wish to the letter. The search for the missing youths had been cancelled for months as they were given up for lost runaways. Autumn and Brie shared a secret love for each other of which Bambi was kept blind from seeing. Although they still quite willingly heavily followed Bambi’s dark sided world. The girls both loved their Aunt Bambi far beyond even her expectations. They had learned to satisfy her both bodily and by mind. Bambi had corrupted the two to perfection. Martisha loved listening to Brie tell her stories of life especially those related to Bambi’s youth. Mindy just loved the attention anyone would afford her.
Bambi stood in the doorway watching the youths intently watching a special that came over the TV. Missing Youths all but Forgotten, it was entitled. Martisha and Mindy, low and behold were two of missing that were featured. Thousands of dollars in rewards were being offered for information and that fact had Bambi a little puzzled. “ Why such an interest all of a sudden when the two had no family to speak of.” She wonders to herself. Martisha sat on the floor with her left hand inside her panties fondling herself as she listened. “ Mindy, wanna suck me, I’m all hard and ready for you.” Martisha whispers. “ In a minute Martisha, I wanna hear this story.” Mindy announced as she stayed glued to the set listening intently. Martisha then stood next to Mindy and pulled her panties downward exposing her hardness. Bambi’s mouth waters as she watches from the back of the room while Martisha continues to fondle herself. “ Common Mindy, suck me, would ya, huh, please.” Martisha whispers yet again. Her small but firm cock standing proudly. Mindy loved being a complete tease and she knew ignoring Martisha would drive her just about wild with the need. With her eyes still focused on the set, Mindy reaches out and takes the little hard cock in hand. She giggles emphatically as she does so.
It was just then Bambi felt a tap on her shoulder. She turns to find Brie standing behind her with a visible pair of rock hard nipples that the cool morning air helped make even more prominent. Brie motions for Bambi to follow her into the kitchen But she was too focused on the kids to let herself leave. Brie therefore reaches beneath her Mistress’s sheer black robe, finds her mass and whispers in her ear. “ Come with me and I’ll make it worth your while my Mistress.” Bambi found the offer very tempting yet stayed focused on the children playing on the rug. Mindy had by now taken Martisha’s post to her warm wet lips and as the little girl moans she begins to suck her. “ Stop it and watch mother.” Bambi quietly insists in a very serious tone. At that very moment Autumn appears behind the two, still hardly able to walk from the morning fucken she received from Brie. Autumns face becomes all aglow as she witnesses the children making love on the floor. “ God that’s so cute, the look so innocent there.” Autumn shares. “ Little do they know.” She adds.
Mindy sucks Martisha’s wand with an experimental hunger these adults had never seen before. As she devours Martisha’s stick she feels all the eyes that were upon her and it excites her to even further heights yet. “ I love your cock Martisha, I really do.” Mindy expresses in great emotion. As a result Martisha grows even harder. Her cock soars to a state of becoming almost painfully hard. “ Its all yours so suck away.” Martisha moans. “ Yeah that’s it, eat me.” Martisha expresses. “ You go girl, you go.” Martisha adds as Mindy’s mouth mulls Martisha’s small prize. Mindy therefore gives her all she’s got and brings that swollen gift of love to a complete boil. Martisha moans yet once more as her load of love comes to the surface allowing Mindy a taste of precum. This causes Mindy’s youthful desire to increase ten fold. Her own tiny muscle hardening to its maximum consistency. As her audience watches Mindy guzzles the load that suddenly explodes free. “ Good girl Mindy.” Bambi announces with glee. “ Good Morning to you too, Martisha and you certainly are having one, aren’t you.” She adds.
Martisha scrambles to pull her panties upward as her face blushes. “ Its OK to play Martisha.” Bambi alerts her. “ Just as long as you still take care of my needs, you know.” Mindy rushed over to stand next to their mistress. Martisha wasn’t far behind however and she looked so endearing in her yellow smiley faced panties. Brie and Autumn opted to go their separate ways as Bambi brushes Martisha’s hair. “ I’m going to try something very special with the two of you this morning.” Bambi calmly alerts the two. “ Will it be fun, my Mistress.” Mindy asks in an attempt to suck up to her after getting caught having Martisha’s panties down. “ Oh, in deed it will, for one of us.” Bambi boasted with a sheepish grin on her face. “ I found a special cream I want to try out on you two.” She tells them as she starts to walk away. “ Follow me.” Their then told.
Bambi takes the two into the bathroom and has them both pull their panties downward and instructs them. “ Now hold out your hands.” She tells the two as she reveals her special cream for them to see. She squeezes a large amount in both their hands and tells them to rub their little dicks. Martisha was the first to comply and she wipes her hands on her rear cheeks when she’s finishes. Mindy follows her leed and both their cock grow rock hard instantly. Martisha’s ass cheeks grow as shapely and firm as can be as well. Bambi feels the results she never expected to have happen and loves Martisha’s new shapely ass. She takes a dap of the cream in her hand as well and rubs it into Martisha’s budding breasts. Moments later she does the same to Mindy’s buds. The girls breasts hardened like small rocks and their pointy nipples had become very prominent. Martisha certainly grew to love this attention Bambi gave her, as did Mindy as well. “ My tits look real Bambi, rub them again, please.” Martisha pleas. Bambi studies the excited look on the girls face for the longest time before answering. “ Ok, I’ll cave, but you’ll have to help me for it.” Bambi states wearing a sly grin on her face. “ Anything, I’ll do anything.” Martisha agreed. “ Good my child, then come with me.” Bambi demands.
Bambi then walks her over to the front window and points across the street. “ See that man over their.” Bambi asks as she points. “ I want to feel his cock inside me.” Bambi begins as the youth looks his direction. “ So I want you to somehow seduce him.” She continues. Draw him over here somehow and let me catch him fucking you.” Martisha was somewhat confused as she watched the man play with the young girl in their driveway. “ How do I seduce someone when I know not how to fuck.” She dares to ask. “ You can flirt, can’t you, you can tease can’t you.” Bambi asks. “ Oh yes my Mistress, I can surely flirt and tease.” Her little vamp answers. “ Then tease him into wanting to take you.” Bambi instructs. “ Lure him into your underwear and let nature take it course.” Martisha begins to understand better, yet she’s still full of questions in need of answering. “ Just how do I lure him over, Mistress.” She questions. “ Give him peeks of your privates and let his mind take over.” Bambi then advises her sincerely. “ What man in this day and age could resist being your first.” Bambi answers.
“ Now come with me.” Bambi states as she leeds the child to her room to assist her in dressing for the part she's about to play. The perfect little sundress was chosen with just the right adorable panties to go along.
Later that afternoon Martisha hit it off perfectly with her new found friend Suzie. The two were swinging on the swing set in Suzie’s back yard in no time at all. Martisha made sure she was facing toward the house as she swung and Suzie faced the other direction. Everything was going just as she and Bambi had planned. Martisha made certain her little sundress opened up just right with each and every upswing she made as the two children talked and became friends. She could almost feel a set of eyes were watching her thru the kitchen window and she was right. Mr. Banister was doing just that very thing as she swung. Martisha every now and then would rub herself just to add icing to the cake. Unknown to her the whole idea was working perfectly as Mr. Banisters minds thoughts wondered. Just as he wished the two would come inside they hopped off the swing set and did just that.
Inside the house Suzie introduces her new found friend to her dad. As the two sit by the kitchen table Martisha makes sure she flashes just the right views for the fathers enlightenments. He talks to the two of them but most of his questions are pointed in Martisha’s direction. At one point as Suzie’s dad reaches into the refrigerator Martisha whispers to her friend. “ I’m so horny I could just about burst.” Suzie just about turns pure red over hearing this confession. “ Shush.” She answers. “ He’ll hear you.” Suzie warns her new friend. Mr. Banister does hear her comment and it registers inside his mind. At this point Suzie excuses herself and goes to the bathroom allowing the little vamp time to make a move. Martisha brushes her tight tiny ass against Suzie’s dad as she walks by and then she deliberately giggles as well. The reaction he shows is a purely physical one. Martisha momentarily sees his reaction however and she smiles and winks at him over it. Unfortunately just then Suzie returned.
The rest of the afternoon the girls played both inside the house as well as out. At one point well after three the two were rifling thru Suzie’s games on the living room floor. Mr. Banister came into the room to read his paper just as they chose to play twister, a game that was now well over a century old. As Suzie sets up the game Martisha leaves the room. At which point Mr. Banister does as well. Martisha sees that he’s following her or at least her little mind thinks he is and she smiles internally as she opens the refrigerators door. Martisha presses her newly budding flat chest into the refrigerators cold air as she searches for a drink. When she finally turns toward Suzie’s father to leave he gets an eyeful of well hardened young nipples. Mr. Banister’s member once again reacts to what his eyes visualize and after the girls quit playing their game he was hiding a swollen lump under his newspaper and his mind was wondering all over the map. Later as the darkness begins to overcome their day Martisha asks Suzie’s dad if he’ll walk her home and he readily agrees to do so. Suzie wishes to go but Martisha smoothly talks her out of going.
As they crossed the street together Martisha makes sure she brushes up against Suzie’s father several times, her last just before the door aimed perfectly, goes gently against his crotch. As she opens the door she calls out. “ Aunt Bambi, I’m home.” But of course there’s no answer in return. Martisha walks into the house a little further and calls out yet again. She then turns toward her neighbor with a look of bewilderment upon her face. “ It looks like Aunt Bambi went somewhere, I guess.” She tells Suzie’s father. All he does is smile. “ Your smiling, why are you smiling.” Martisha asks almost innocent like. Bart Banister takes a long moment before even attempting to speak his answer. “ You’ve been sending me little signals all afternoon and now this.” He tells her. “ I know.” She confesses. “ I just like to see your weenie grow.” She adds all so innocent like. Bart studies her facial expression momentarily before responding. “ You like to see it grow or like to make it grow.” He half jokingly asks. “ Both, if you’ll just let me.” Martisha expresses as she fakes an innocent like blush.
“ Come-on, Mr. Banister, whip it out for me.” Martisha teases. “ I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” She coaxes. “ If its cute, I’ll let you fuck me, I’m virgin, ya know.” She boasts in order to further entice her neighbor into Bambi’s entrapment. Martisha then moves further into the living room and raises up her skimpy skirt, exposing her panties to him fully. “ You want me don’t ya, Mr. Banister.” Martisha teases as she drops her panties downward, exposing the thin slit of her peach fuzz covered pussy. This alone would have been enough to condemn him but Bambi waits ever so patiently for even more deeper incrimination against the man. Bart’s mind tells him this whole idea is wrong, yet his body isn’t listening for he’s now standing rock hard and proud. Martisha sees his reaction thru his pants and just glows all over. “ See, I knew you wanted me.” She bragged. “ That’s why I brought you home with me.” After a moment of false gloating Martisha lays upon the floor and spreads open her tiny legs just as wide as she can. She bends her legs up behind her head and speaks again even more convincingly. “ Come-one now, Mr. Banister fuck me.” She pleas ever so innocently as he looks down practically drooling.
Bart’s now on his knees between her spread legs opening his fly and removing his swollen tool. Without a spoken word he bends forth and touches his tip against her wet virgin folds. Just as he does, he feels a tap on his shoulder. “ Just what the fuck are you doing to my niece, mister.” Bambi snarls in an angered tone. “ Aunt Bambi, he forced me to do this.” Martisha interceded right on queue. “ I’m calling the police.” Came Bambi’s reply. “ No, don’t, I’ll do anything.” Bart spoke out in a sheer and total panic.
“ Get up Martisha, go to your room.” Bambi instructs her little actress. “ As for you, mother fucker, stay on your knees and pray.” Bambi orders. “ I need to think a minute.” She states emphatically. About this point the man began to shake in fear. He was trapped for sure, even if he ran he was doomed. “ Mom.” She calls out across the room, suddenly. Brie answers and enters the room with Autumn following close behind her. “ I caught this stranger about to fuck my niece right here on the floor.” Bambi alerts the two. “ What should we do.” She questions. “ Very interesting, a pervert, huh.” Brie states as she approaches Bambi’s captive. “ Well I say since he’s so horny he’ll fuck a little girl then we aught a fuck him and teach him a lesson instead.” Autumn was in total agreement however another forgotten voice was heard as well. “ Hey, I got an idea.” Mindy calls out from the hallway. “ Lets chain him up and keep him as a toy to play with.” By now Bart had no doubt he’d been had. “ Out a the mouths of babes.” Bambi replies cheerfully. “ Chain him up mom.”
His first night of captivity Bart was left to wonderment. Martisha was sent to bring Suzie back. She was kept in a separate room where she had done quite a lot of confessing to Martisha over her dads mistreatments in her past. Suzie agreed to become one of Bambi’s followers before the night was thru. Bart found himself molested and raped in many ways his first full day of captivity. Many a time he pleaded and many a time he was ignored in return. He soon learned what it was like to have a mouthful of cockflesh and feel those powerful explosions run down his own throat as it was learned he was doing to his daughter. Suzie very quickly learned to enjoy watching him being used like a sex toy. Her only worry was that he may be set free in the future. Five hours into his first full day of his imprisonment his cocks practically fucked raw. First Bambi rode her fill of his cockflesh then her mother fucked herself using his male rod. Autumn was well into her twentieth orgasm around five thirty.
“ Wow and I ever getting horny.” Suzie confesses as the end of the afternoon arrives. “ Why don’t you go ahead and fuck her Martisha.” Bambi suggests. “ You know you’d like to, why hide it.” Martisha gave her a look and blushed accordingly. How did Bambi know she felt this need inside her. “ Go on now and screw the little girl, she waiting for it.” Bambi tells her. “ How about it Suzie, you want her don’t ya.” She dares ask the skinny neighbor girl. Suzie blushes about the same shade as Martisha from her question. “ Aren’t we too young yet though.” Suzie innocently inquires over the suggestion. “ You’re a little young for my muscle sweetie however Martisha doesn’t have one anything like mine.” Bambi stressed. “ Now you two go have fun and leave us to torment our new boy toy.”
Martisha and Suzie went out to the screened in breezeway where they could be alone. Inside the house Bambi had Bart down on all fours like a dog in heat. The tip of her cock was greased and she was pressing against the brown target between his shaking cheeks. His eyes enlarge as she presses forward, entering an inch at a time. About this time he was fully trembling with fear. He goes to plea for her to stop however find his mouth immediately being filled with an aging pussy. Just as Bambi’s cock fully inserted inside his dark walls Martisha fishes her hands down Suzie’s jeans and smiles over her find. “ You’ve got one also.” She announces with glee. Suzie simply smiles. Her little stub of a cock instantly stands up with pride from the feel of Martisha’s innocent groping. Martisha excitedly drops down Suzie’s jeans and strips off her tiny sized panties. “ Wow it’s so cute, a tiny penis.” Martisha expresses with glee. Suzie’s toy was a mere three inches and about as wide as ones finger. Martisha touches it once more before exposing her own. As soon as she was given the opportunity Suzie plays with Martisha’s given endowment in return. “ Mines sure cute but yours at least is usable.” Suzie compliments. “ Yes but your more a girl than I am for it.” Martisha exclaimed.
Martisha was so engrossed with that little thin penis she includes it right into her fumbling foreplay. Before long Suzie spurts right between Martisha’s curious lips. Martisha smiles at her victory and places herself on her knees between Suzie’s skinny legs. The very moment her dick touched Suzie’s folds Suzie shivered throughout her whole body. The instant Martisha’s tip penetrates she orgasms as well. As Martisha sinks her cock whole Suzie wraps those unshapely skinny legs around her and tightens her pussy like a vise. Less than a moment later Martisha’s cock explodes violently, meeting one of Suzie’s orgasms head on. Suzie felt a burning feeling deep inside her body and it felt simply grand. They played sexually with each others bodies well into the night and had loved every moment of it. Suzie awoke first the next morning with her cocklike clit completely swollen. Suzie carefully leaves her bed and quietly closes the bedroom door behind her as she heads for the bathroom down the hall. She was momentarily confused over her whereabouts until she bumps directly into Autumn. Suzie had no doubt then that last night was no dream in any manor.
“ What gets you up at this pre dawn hour little one.” Autumn asks. “ Just a little scared I guess.” Came Suzie’s reply. “ That and my clits kinda swollen some.” She confesses. “ How about you, why are you up so early.” Suzie dares to ask. “ Well, usually Brie’s morning hard-on is between my legs about now but I just don’t feel up to it this morning.” Autumn shares. “ Lets go in the kitchen.” Autumn then suggests. Together the two walk down the stairs past the room where Suzie’s dads being held and head toward the kitchen. “ What all happened to my dad last night, Autumn.” Suzie inquired as they passed the room. “ Will he ever get let go.” She adds. “ Do you want him let go.” Autumn asks. “ Do you want your old life back as it was before yesterday.” She inquires. “ Yes and no.” Suzie responds. “ Yes and no, after all he’s still my father.” She answers. “ So then, you liked doing daddies dick, huh.” Autumn wonders out loud. “ Yeah kinda, sorta.” Suzie responded back in kind. “ After all, I’m all he has.” She admits. “ Well if Bambi does let him go it won’t be for awhile yet.” Autumn then expresses as she gently lifts the hem of the skirt Suzie’s wearing.
“ Stop, what are you doing.” Suzie snips. “ Gonna take care of that swollen clit for ya.” Autumn admits. “ Oh really now, are you.” Suzie retorts. “ And what if I don’t want that.” She bravely asks.
“ Oh you want it, sweetheart.” Autumn answers. “ You may not think so, but you do.” She expresses as she lifts the skirt even higher yet. “ Your pussies so cute.” Autumn then compliments. Suzie had to admit internally she really did want Autumn to play with her and the smile on her face told all. Autumn slips a finger gently between the youths folds and she moans delightfully over it. “ You gonna finger fuck me.” Suzie whispers. “ Yes sweetie, that I am, right until your knees shake and buckle.” Autumn alerts Suzie with a grin. “ Then I’m gonna lick that cute little cock clit of yours.” She readily confesses to the child. Suzie was elated over the whole idea.
Muffled moans were quietly escaping the walls where Bart was being held while Autumn and Suzie played outside in the breezeway. Bart managed to free himself just before dawn and just like a spider with a web he had Martisha both gagged and bent over with her panties torn free. His hardened cock was half penetrated inside her tight ass and tears were flowing from her eyes as he raped her unwilling body. “ I remember you, your that girl that escaped that home.” Bart boasted as his cock drove in deeper. “ Your going to be my willing little bitch love slave or I’m going to turn you in.” He tells her as his cock fills her little tight brown hole. Outside as Bart’s cock begins its unwanted adventure Autumns sweet tongue pleases a little girls clit until she purrs with delight. Unlike Martisha’s sloppy ways of delighting her Autumn was more like a professional cunt pleaser. Suzie therefore cums like a river overflowing its banks. In very short order Bart’s cock explodes like a volcano filling Martisha’s deepest dark void. Both pleasure and pain riddles her body as he explodes. Martisha however loves the fact she had a real man even though she was forced to do him.
“ So what’s it gonna be, little bitch.” He asks as her body still trembles, both from fear and of delight. “ Ya gonna be my love whore or ya gonna go back where you came from.” Suzie’s Dad demands to know. “ Guess I’m gonna be your little bitch love whore.” Martisha agrees. “ Rather have you fucken me than go back to that hell hole.” She confessed. “ Good then.” He remarks. “ Lets creep out a here before they all awaken.” She told as he takes her by the hand. Together they slipped down the hall and quietly open the front door. Bart waits till there’s no traffic on the street before he darts across it dragging his new toy behind him. “ Come-on bitch.” He proclaims as they begin to run. Once inside his home he tears her panties and tee shirt free of her body. For the longest time he says not one word, he just studies her. “ Your gonna make a good pet, little whore.” He finally states as he pulls her by the arm toward his bedroom door. “ Your fucken me again, aren’t you mister.” Martisha dares to ask. “ Not yet little darling but soon.” He tells her. “ Very soon indeed.” He states as well as he points toward his shower door. “ Get in there and get cleaned up.” He demanded. “ Then I’ll pick you something to wear.” She gets told. Bart then watches her thru the clear glass and he hardens like a rock.
Suzie looked all over Bambi’s place looking for her friend but she couldn’t find Martisha anywhere at all. She wakes Bambi and Bambi awakens Brie. Brie checks the room where Bart was held and finds it to be empty. Autumns sent to the basement and finds nothing there as well. “ Well now what.” Autumn states as she reenters the kitchen. “ Their not down there either.” She exclaims. “ Well send the send the little girl home then.” Bambi answers and Autumn offers to walk her home. “ Just be sure to return.” Bambi demands. “ Just be sure to return.” She states again directly after. Autumn then takes Suzie by the hand and leeds her homeward. “ I don’t want to leave.” Suzie states as the door shuts behind them. “ I know Suzie, I love you too.” Autumn proclaims. “ You don’t understand Autumn, my dad does things.” Suzie expresses. “ I know little one, that’s the way of the world now.” Autumn explains. “ You just gotta learn to love it, we don’t have much choice about it anyway.” Autumn added just as they reached her front door. “ Your just a little young yet to understand what we’re all about now.”
Martisha greets Suzie at the door, clad only in a tiny tube top and a very tiny g-string that just barely covered her manhood. “ I didn’t think that dark sided mistress would let you go.” She states directly. “ I know, she did though.” Suzie states. “ She wanted me to get dad to go over and fuck her once in a while.” She explains. “ She’s not sorry for what she did though.” Suzie adds. With that said Autumn says her goodbyes and crosses back across the street. Suzie knew she was going to miss the woman. “ Come-on in Suzie, your dad has me to fuck now so you have no more worries.” Martisha declares. Suzie couldn’t help but smile. “ You’ll still do me, won’t ya.” Suzie wondered out loud. “ Of course silly, I’m not spending the whole night in his bed.” Martisha expresses. “ Better not either.” Suzie replies. It was then her dad appeared in the room. “ Oh good, I see you made it home finally.” He stated. “ I wondered if I’d get you back from them.” He added. Suzie runs over and gives him a big hug. In doing so he hardens as she squeezes. “ Look what you’ve gone and done, Suzie.” Martisha teases. “ You’ve gone and made him all hard again and now I’ll just have to suck him.” She giggles. Martisha then slowly walks over to the two of them.
“ It’s ok Martisha, I’ll suck him if he wants me too.” Suzie offers. “ I just don’t like being forced into doing it.” She admits as she smiles. “ You want me to suck you off daddy.” Suzie then asks. This offer causes him a great embarrassment. “ Well, hell yeah.” Her dad answers. “ Ok Suzie, you suck em, then I’ll fuck em.” Martisha adds. I’ll suck em, you fuck em, them you fuck me.” Suzie stresses. “ Or the whole deals called off.” She continues. “ Ok, ok, you win.” Martisha answers and the two girls laugh together. Bart had found himself a little piece of heaven or so it would seem. He now had his personal little whore and a naughty daughter as well. His cock stiffened even harder yet. Painfully hard as well. So painful in fact it only soothed as his daughters young lips sucked upon it. The load her sucking lips revealed was an enormous load. One in which she almost drowns as she swallows.
Five years went by since Martisha’s escape from the home she was in. Her body was now totally pristine in every direction. Whenever she would walk down the street everyone took notice. Suzie’s body had taken its own fine shape and she was very, very pregnant as well. Fortunately it was not her fathers child inside her body, it was most definitely Martisha’s. The DNA test they had taken had proved that factor. Suzie wanted the child to be Martisha’s and she truly got her wish handed to her on a platter. The sonogram they had taken had shown a normal girl inside her body. No little stick was protruding from this child’s tiny body. It was a crisp fall morning as Suzie broke into labor. Bart was bent forward over his bed and Martisha’s firm cock was driven deep inside his ass when Suzie called out Martisha’s name. “ Come quick.” She announced at the top of her lungs. “ My waters broken.” A few more hard strokes driven into the mans ass Martisha blasts her load deep into the void. “ We gotta go, lover boy.” Martisha states as she jerks her cock free.
Bart was a no show at the hospital and the girls expected no less of him. They both had tired of him years ago. He was a place to stay for them with free room and board included. Just fuck him now and then to keep him quiet, that’s all they had to do. He wasn’t happy over the pregnancy from the beginning and wanted the fetus terminated. Suzie wasn’t about to let that happen, not to this special child she carried. Her labor was a long and hard labor but well worth the fruits of its doing. She gives birth to the first baby girl born in years and it makes the news instantly. The hospital was flooded with reporters everywhere one looked. Martisha and Suzie even made the evening news. Cameras flashed constantly and come morning their faces were in every newspaper across the continents. Deep into the night an old woman appears after everyone else was gone including Martisha. She was a most beautiful woman for her age and her voice was pure as she spoke. “ That’s such a beautiful child you have.” The old woman speaks. “ I hear she’s perfectly normal, have you named her.” This woman asks.
“ Who are you.” Suzie inquires before answering no. “ My names Marissa.” She’s answered. “ You should call your child Marti.” Marissa expresses sincerely. “ Marti Maguire Gibson.” After a long silence Suzie speaks again. Just who are you, again too ask such.” She asks again. “ My names Marissa, Marissa Maguire and I’m your babies great grandmother.”
During her short stay at the hospital Martisha received a personal invitation from Oprie of the Oprie Winchime Show. An upbeat talk show that was a take off of one from well over a hundred years ago. Oprie was a well known and well hung oriental woman in her late forties whose show was the most popular on satellite viewing. Martisha and Suzie were both elated over being asked to tell their story. Their baby had been the first born female in who knew how long. For the next month the two went over each others lives over and over again to seek out every detail they could recall. Zoewi and April made sure they had tickets to witness this show first hand the first time the commercial aired. Especially after Zoewi heard their female child’s name and she remembered the name Gibson mentioned many times in her family tree. April on the other hand was just glad to get out of the house and go anywhere. Zoewi decided to make the trip a vacation and thus the two grabbed a midnight flight a week before the show. April picked out a skimpy wardrobe to keep Zoewi’s interests spiked. She’d had Zoewi's complete attention ever since Zen took off with August.
Barely an hour into the flight April had her hand roaming up Zoewi's inner thigh until she found that chocolate instrument of love. “ Careful April, she might awaken and catch you.” Zoewi warns, referring to the young girl sitting next to them who’d already fallen asleep. During introductions they learned her name was Tippy and she was from Tennessee. A boney skinning little thing from the base of the mountains. April heeded her warning but it just was too tempting to play. She plays with Zoewi’s inner thigh then plays gingerly with her black snake. She had her rock hard and quivering in no time at all. Zoewi was right about the young girl sitting next to them much to Aprils surprise.
“ You can play with mine too while your at it, lady.” Tippy lets it be known. “ April was quite startled and immediately removes her roaming hand. “ No lady, go ahead and play, just play with mine too.” Tippy exclaims quietly. “ Play with mine too or I’ll tell the attendant what I saw.” Tippy stresses. April looks toward Zoewi and Zoewi remarks swiftly. “ Don’t look at me, you’re the one caught with a cock in your hard.” Zoewi further stressed. “ So you better go ahead and play with her”
Tippy chuckled quietly. “ Oh, she ain’t gonna just play, she’ll be a eaten my meat for a midnight snack.” The two were informed by their new friend. Tippy the raised her skirt and spoke again teasingly. “ Here ya go lady, eat away.” Aprils told as the girl then giggles. “ Go ahead April, do her.” Zoewi tells her obedient one. “ Show the little girl just how well you can suck cock.” Zoewi expresses. “ Show her why you were put on this earth.” Zoewi compliments, knowing just how well that girl was about to feel all through her budding young body. April then places her hand on the passengers lump and silently raises her staff instantly to half mast. She ducks her head down and takes her tiny staff by mouth. “ Holly shit lady, your sure better at it than my cousin Luke.” Tippy sighs as April works her small wonder. Moments later her whole body tightens. Seconds later she begins to shake all over, her cock explodes its erupting load and she pants uncontrollably just as the flight attendant walks by. “ Wow, that was close.” Zoewi expressed. “ That lady dam near caught you two.” She teased. “ Hey lady, you want some cock too.” Tippy somehow manages to pant thru her lips.” “No thanks honey but your welcome to come and play with mine.” Zoewi offers. “ Ever have a black one before.” Tips eyes actually light up in amazement. “ You have one too lady, one like mine, only its black.” Tippy anxiously inquirers. “ We’ll its black for sure and its sorta like yours.” Zoewi expresses. “ Wanna play.” She invites. “ Wow, do I.” Tippy answers instantly. “ Well come on then and play with me.”
The flight Attendant took notice as April and Tippy changed places and began to watch them with a careful eye. Careful that is not to get caught spying on them. Tippy quietly giggles as she settles into her seat next to Zoewi. “ Wow lady, you have great legs.” She compliments. “ Their so firm and muscular.” She adds as she places her hand gently on Zoewi’s left leg. “ Go ahead child, play away.” Zoewi assures her and Tippy doesn’t hesitate to comply. “ I ain’t never sucked cock much.” Tippy confessed as her hand ventured upward. “ Outside of cousin Luke, that is. “ My big sisters never paid me much mind.” She shares. “ Tippy, why don’t you lift her skirt up and see what your playing with.” April suggests. Tippy then looks toward Zoewi, looking for approval. “ Go ahead honey, take it out.” Zoewi assures her. Just as she raises Zoewi's skirt and reveals that massive black snake the Attendant slyly walks past them. Zoewi noticed her looking but Tippy doesn’t see. Angelina smiles internally after she passes them. She couldn’t believe what she notices but she loves the idea she’d caught them.
Tippy had that magic stick standing tall and proud. “ Gee wiz, I ain’t never seen no cock that size ever.” She blurts out, unknowingly letting Angelina overhear her comment. Again Angelina smiles internally. For once she was glad that her associate had called off. “ Go ahead Tippy, you can suck it if you like.” Zoewi tells her. “ Really, can I, really.” Tippy questions with glee. “ Sure sweetie, remember to make it feel real good though.” Zoewi halfway teases. “ I will, I promise.” Tippy assures as she lowers herself to the floor. As she takes her first taste of black flesh she lets out a satisfying moan. April notices Angelina peeking their way and she winks toward her. Angelina almost turns red faced over getting caught. April laughs quietly and Zoewi gives her a stare while Tippy diligently licks and sucks her chocolate log. It was then that Angelina couldn’t help herself any longer and heads their way. This time instead of passing by she stops cold.
“ Excuse me ma’am, theirs absolutely no one fling in first class tonight, would you care to move your little party up there.” Angelina extends. “ And oh, by the way, mind much if I join you there.” She daringly asks. “ Haven’t had a blowjob in months.” She adds. Right about now Zoewi could have about killed April for her prank. “ Com-on, You know you want a go, can’t pass up free first class. Zoewi brushed Tippy’s hair back from her freckled face. “ What do you think little one, wanna go first class.” Zoewi asks. Angelina then gets her first visual of Zoewi's prize. “ My god your huge, ma’am.” She expresses with a bold smile. “ What I’d give to do that monster stick.” She adds. Tippy looks up from between Zoewi's firm legs and grins. “ Sure, I’ll suck ya anywhere ya want lady, just give me that wink.” Tippy answers happily. Angelina smiles and tells them. “ Lets go.”
Tippy didn’t waste any time getting her lips wrapped back around that black snake and was loving every inch of its taste. Angelina serves April a drink and body asks. “ Well are you going down on me or are you a tease.” She’d asked. “ Both, I guess.” April answers. “ Your all hard and bothered aren’t ya.” She questions back. “ Good, we got two hours before this plane lands and I’m making the best of it.” Angelina answers as she drops her skirt exposing her piece of male flesh. They were about to see Angelina was no Angel. “ Nice prize.” April compliments. “ Is that god given or enhanced.” She dares to ask. April then begins to jack her off. Angelina gasps over her touch Just as Tippy swallows and immense load of white love juice from Zoewi's black rod. “ Ya want me to fuck ya now lady, huh, do ya, huh.” Tippy pleas. Zoewi could only smile. “ Honey, if that gets you off, go for it.” She gladly agrees as she gets on all fours.
“ Is this what you want sweetie.” She asks the mountain girl. Tippy then giggles as she gets out her tool. Moments later Zoewi's eyes pop wide as that white sticks planted strait up her ass in one motion just as Aprils lips swallow Angelina’s seed. “ Wow, you taste pretty dam good.” April compliments the stewardess. “ How well do you fuck.” She teasingly inquires. “ Well enough to wear you out.” Angelina boasts. “ You wish, doll baby.” April retorts. “ Hey Zoewi, do I ever wear out.” She asks across the isle. “ Fuck no Angelina, she’s like a minx.” Zoewi exclaims as Tippy banks her cock back and forth between her black cheeks. Tippy finally explodes and Zoewi announces, “ Now its my turn, oh little one.” Angelina then inserts her rod between Aprils sweet folds. “ Oh yeah, do me baby.” April screeches with glee. Zoewi lowers her body over Tippy and touches her monstrous black snake against her folds. Tippy’s whole body then begins to tremble. “ Don’t worry so little one, it doesn’t all fit inside.” Zoewi states in her attempt to calm the hillbilly before penetrating. Her skinny legs spread wide as Zoewi penetrated as much cock that could enter. Tippy gasps and instantaneously orgasms clear to her inner soul. As Zoewi begins to withdraw yet another orgasms flushes thru. “ Oh my god, oh my god, fuck me nigger.” Tippy screeches out. “ Yeah, fuck her nigger and eat this while your at it.” Angelina demands. “ As much as she wanted Aprils white body she wanted to fuck Zoewi's face even more.
Angelina was truly caught up in the moment as Her knob enters Zoewi’s mouth. Zoewi never skips a beat taking Angelina’s pole between her lips. Angelina rocks her hips causing her pole to dance around creating a fantastic sensation. Tippy came and came again as Zoewi's monster black snake pleased her skinny body. Angelina's cock suddenly blows, sending it love seed free. Angelina's knees weaken and she drops to the floor to recover. April then seeks out Angelina's folds with her lips as her hand plays with her throbbing member. Tippy’s orgasms grow and grow as Zoewi's cock pleases her tight pussy. She moans and moans some more as each one rips thru her. She never had anything like this happen at home or even come close to it. “ I ain’t never been fucked this good ever.” She pants as another full group of orgasms rush thru. “ My god that’s over twenty.” She exclaims with glee. “ And their still rushing thru me.” Zoewi was enjoying molesting this skinny twig hillbilly to the max.
Aprils lips soothed Angelina's inner walls as her hand happily pumps her cock. Angelina coaxes her on as her cock stiffens fully and comes back to life. “ I wanna fuck the little girl.” She pants but Zoewi would have no part of it. Zoewi wanted her as well and Zoewi always had her way. Tippy awkwardly mounts Zoewi's body and slips her sweet weapon between her wet awaiting folds. Tippy first begins to pump then begins to pound. Zoewi's black body absorbs each and every blow as the skinny girl fucks. “ I want you Tippy.” Zoewi exclaims. “ I want you bad.” Zoewi then wraps her long muscular black legs around Tippy’s pounding body as she violently orgasms. Her voice echoing her inviting moan. Tippy's thrusts became harder and harder, to Zoewi's amazements and she flows like a river yet again and again. Tippy finally shots and scores. The plane landed and Angelina said her goodbyes to all those departing the plane. Zoewi and April give her a wink as they walk by and Tippy boldly pats her ass. Inside the airport the three say their goodbyes and Zoewi rents a car. They find the hotel in which they were staying and their amazing weeks stay begins. The two shower and nap the rest of the afternoon.
April was the first to awaken. She was so excited over their vacation that she lets Zoewi stay asleep. April opens her suitcases and searches for just the right look, then heads down to the lobby to look around. This lobby was huge and it contained many little stores, as well as three separate bars and a casino too boot. April was completely mesmerized over this place as she walked around. She shops several mini stores then heads for a drink. The bar was dark as she walked inside and she didn’t realize at first it was mostly men inside. Except for the barmaids of course. “ What will it be lady.” The bartender asks as she sits on a stood, her skirt rising ever so seductively. The height of the stood combined with her stiletto heels made her look completely irresistible. The extra cool air in the bra had her nipples pointing proudly. “ I’ll have a Manhattan, thank you.” She tells the man as he drools over her cleavage. He brings her, her drink and moments later three more just like it. “ These are from the boys.” He tells her as he points across the room. There was a gang of older men all playing pinball over in the darkest corner of the bar.
April downs her first Manhattan, then follows it with yet another as the bartender learns about her life. She becomes giddy after her third and while on her fourth she’s approached by one of the older guys. “ Care to join us at some old fashion pin ball.” He offers, pointing toward the dark corner, where his friends were all waiting. “ Why not, what do I have to lose.” She answers while getting up off her stool. A moment later she was surrounded by over twenty guys. “ Here little lady, sit up here.” One man offers as he grabs her by her waist and lifts her onto one of the machines. The guys all gathered in even tighter yet. Still unaware anything was amiss she watched one of them playing on the machine. Suddenly out of nowhere she’s grabbed by four guys. Two of them tie her legs to the machine on which she sat. Two more fastened her arms securely and a fifth gags her mouth while the sixth steps between her legs, tearing her tiny thong free. “ She ain’t got a dick guys.” The guy announces as her reaches up her skirt to play. “ This one here’s a real female, fella’s.” Everyone’s cock instantly had risen hearing this announcement. April began to shake with fear as the man between her legs exposes his dick. Two other men then hold her still while he penetrates her. They all laugh when he cums way to soon.
The second man to fuck her restrained body came next, then the third, fourth and so on as they all took their turns doing her. It was all April could do to hide her multiple orgasms that resulted from their assaults on her body. After the twentieth male finished she laid there panting for breath. Just when she had thought it might be all over the line formed to take her again. This time the line doubles in size. They all laughed heartily over having their way with her as they played their pinball games. Aprils pussy was literally pack full of male cum. It pours out of her pussy’s slit as fast as its added in. One of the males about halfway thru the line pierces her tight anal target and she squeals uncontrollably unit one of them tightens her gag. “ I need me some ass too.” Chants one of the guys in line, pushing his way up the line. By the time they were all through with April she can barely walk at all. Her blouse is torn to shreds, her skirts ripped and her sheer nylons are destroyed as well. April was officially raped New York style.
April halfway crawls back to her room and falls thru the doorway when she enters. Zoewi's awoken from her deep and sound sleep as the result. She’s completely mortified over how April looks and jumps readily out of bed to go to her. “ My god, what happened.” Zoewi gasps. “ I was raped in the bar.” April whispers in an exhausted atone. “ By over forty guys or so.” She clarified. Zoewi stokes her messed up hair as she comforts her. “ Take these clothes off of me, I feel filthy.” April requests as she lays perfectly still, trying to recuperate her body. Zoewi the carefully removes her nylons and skirt as she lays. Cum was still flowing from Aprils slit as she did so. Zoewi them removes her blouse and unsnaps her bra before drawing her a hot bath. As Zoewi helps her walk toward the bath her cock begins to stiffen. She helps April into the drawn water and her cock grows immensely hard. So much so it was painful. “ I thought I may never see you again as they took me.” April confessed as Zoewi pampers her used body. “ Shush child, don’t speak.” Zoewi exclaims. “ I have to speak, Zoewi, I love you.” April exclaims as her hand reaches over the tubs dam to clenched her masterpiece. “ I need to suck you.” She confesses. The rest of their stay in New York was spent in their room where it was safe, making passionate love together.
April and Zoewi take their seats in the front row of the show they came to see. The Oprie Winchime Show was the most informative x rated talk show around and all over the entire world people just loved it. April and Zoewi wait patiently for the guests they came to see are to be aired. Zoewi was pretty positive she was related to these Gibson’s who had made the news over the birth of their little girl. As the crowd claps Zoewi is elated to be in the audience and even more so as the show begins. Oprie looked even more inviting in person. Her body was simply superb. April was even impressed over her oriental elegance. “ What I’d give to get laid by her.” April whispers in Zoewi's ear. Before she can reply the program begins.
“ Before I begin today’s show, I have a question or two for the audience.” Oprie began. “ How many woman here today are both sexes.” She body asks and all but one raises their hands. April instantly felt all alone in the crowd. “ Now how many woman here are strictly females.” She daringly asks the audience next. April bravely raises her hand and is the only one there to do so. “ Just as I expected, only one of you are only female.” She states. “ The woman that just held her hand up looks quite old as well.” She adds. “ Over the last hundred or so years the female sex has become pretty much extinct.” She informs the crowd as they listen intently. “ Today’s guests, Martisha and Suzie Gibson have broken the ice on child birth.” “ They are the first parents in twenty or so years to give birth to a pure female child.” The whole place became completely silent. “ Please welcome Martisha and Suzie, to the show.” She introduces to begin the show.
Martisha and Suzie enter the stage and take their seats. The audience cheers their arrival as Oprie speaks on their behalf. “ So tell me, what’s your little girls name Suzie.” Oprie asks as her first question as a full frontal naked picture of the child’s displayed for all to see. Everyone one gasps as Martisha interrupts to answer. “ Marti Maguire Gibson.” She proudly announces. “ Named after her great, great, grandmother, Marti Maguire.” She boasted. “ Yes, I knew it April, we’re related.” Zoewi blurts out just a little too loudly. “ Did we here you correctly.” Oprie asks Zoewi, giving her, her full attention.
“ Yes, I’m Zoewi Maguire.” Zoewi proudly states as she squeezes Aprils hand. “ I come from a long line of Maguire’s dating all the way back to Marti, herself.” Zoewi also boasts. “ Really now, even though your black.” Oprie intercedes. “ Yes, I’m indeed black.” Zoewi professes. “ Just as black as Tarnisha Maguire, one of Marti’s lovers, right after Betsey Gibson, her childhood lover.” Zoewi enlightens as Martisha looks on in shock. Oprie then breaks for commercial.
During the commercial Oprie invites Zoewi to join them on stage. It seemed she knew more about the Maguire’s than Martisha knew. Which was understandable since Martisha was orphaned early on in life. April sat fidgeting as question after question was asked and answered. “ It was almost as though Zoewi was on trial instead of on a satellite show. “ You must have one big dick to ask those sort of questions.” Zoewi had finally snapped. “ Big enough.” Oprie had bragged in defense. “ Bet mines bigger, care to compare.” Zoewi then dares. The crowd all began to chant together. “ Take em out, take em out.” Over and over again. Oprie Winchime had found herself at a temporary loss for words. Zoewi smiles as she makes her final bargain to the well known host. “ I’ll tell ya what, if your cocks bigger than mine, you can suck me.” She states before ten million or so people watching. “ If mines bigger, than I’ll suck yours.” Zoewi declares. The commercial interruption this time didn’t last long enough at all.
“ Take em out, take em out.” The audience still cheers as the commercial break ends and Oprie couldn’t wiggle her way out of the challenge. “ So then, If mines bigger you’ll suck me in front of all these people.” Oprie tries to clarify. “ No silly, if your cocks bigger you suck me in front of all these people.” Zoewi clarifies once more. “ But it should be the other way around, shouldn’t it.” Oprie then questions. “ It can be, if you want on your knees instead of me.” Zoewi proudly declares as she lifts up her skirt revealing her mass of limp flesh. “ It’s gorgeous, look at this, audience.” Oprie openly then compliments as she points to Zoewi's exposed flesh. “ Now you can show us all yours.” Zoewi requests sincerely. “ I will, right after these messages.” Oprie announces. Zoewi made sure she didn’t harden during the break.
When the commercials ended and the show continues, April was standing before these two beautiful bountiful woman. Oprie fully accepts the challenge and exposes her mass for all to see. Everyone sighs over her oriental elegance as she stands before them all. “ Ok April, make em both stand proud.” Zoewi informs her lover. April fondles both masses and makes them fully rise. Martisha is then asked to stand and measure Oprie’s mass after which Suzie’s invited to measure Zoewi's. Zoewi wins of course and by a full three inches or more. The audience roars out a cheer as Zoewi takes Oprie’s risen mast to hand and smiles brightly. “ Now its time to claim my reward.” She announces as she lowers to her knees. Just as she takes the oriental flesh to her lips comes the final commercial break of the day. The worlds left in suspense as the show breaks away. Oprie Winchime moans and the audience goes wild. Oprie never felt hunger as she did this day as Zoewi adores her hardened mass before everyone watching. The show comes to a close with a mighty explosion from a well known well subdued Oriental.
Oprie Winchime whispers in Zoewi's ear as the audience claps and cheers. “ I gotta fuck you after the show.” Zoewi smiles and whispers back to her. “ I was hoping just so.” She admitted readily. “ Care to join us, Martisha.” Zoewi extends. “ After all we are family, ya know and family shares.” Martisha smiles brightly as she speaks. “ I only have half the cock you got but I wouldn’t pass up the chance just the same.”
Marti Maguire Gibson, a sweet and very innocent child stands proudly before her full length mirror on her sixteenth birthday October 10th 2140. Just as her greatest grandmother of all time had done so many years ago. She admires her full breasts and large puffy nipples for the longest time before allowing her hands roam below her trim waistline. Marti’s hands played softly as they roamed lower and lower until they reached her most prized gift. She moans softly as her fingers touch her swollen clit. She gasps as her finger next gently penetrates her silky smooth slit. She plays ever so gently with her wet folds until her inner passions flow. Outside her bedroom door are the sounds of her adoring parents in the hallway. Marti smiles as her first orgasm of the day builds in intensity. Inside her mind as she gingerly plays she recalls the stories once told to her. Stories so remarkably unbelievable they’re referred to as A twist in the Times.