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The day was young, Sirius walked through the halls of the college. It was a large campus. People passed by him continuing their every day lives. His eyes set upon the women he loved. She had told him, she loved him... she had told him many things. His friends had laughed, he quit the football team for her. He no longer cared for anything but her. She was a bitch at times but he loved that about her. She was his girl since high school and his treasure.

She embraced him tightly. She was beautiful in every sense of the world. she had brunette hair that streamed down her back lightly, it was soft and delicate and smelled of lavender. Her breasts pushed against him and he seemed to sank into her arms.

"I see your pretty cheerful."
He smirked. Sirius said as the embrace broke.
"Yea I got a A on my report in world civ."
She said lightly.

He smirked.
"we still on for tonight?"
He asked lightly as he embraced her again, his hand moving down her slender body.

"Of course."
She smirked as she turned away.


The night came and he found himself pulling on a suit and tie. He looked quite well. The army had thinned him up since high school. He stuffed a Xl condom into his wallet and contemplated if he was going to use it or not.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He was a medium sized guy who had a handsome face. His eye was half black from the beating he took during CQC the previous week.

He smirked as he turned away from his reflection and walked out of the apartment, toward his car. He drove to her house and knocked on her door.
His jaw dropped as she opened the door. She looked amazing... He wanted to kiss her to hold her to fuck her. Her C-cup breasts seemed to appeal to him as he embraced her. Her short red dress seemed to make her thighs look enticing, he wanted to run his hands over her smooth skin... To feel her under him.

"The truth is... The reason I wanted to be with you, is I have to ship off to Iraq tomorrow."
He whispered.

She seemed shocked.
"My love im going to give you a hell of a night... I know you'll be safe when you get there, after all your almost a officer they wont sacrifice you needlessly.

After dinner he found himself at her house again.
This time he knew she would invite him in. He wasn't wrong.
"You wanna come in?"
She asked lightly.

He smirked and nodded.
Instantly they were at the door kissing, his tongue ran over hers lightly as they kissed, the pushed open the door and moved toward the bed room. They lost their clothes as they went up stairs. When they were in her canopy of a bed, they were down to their underwear.

His dick was hard and created a tent-effect in his boxers.
She rubbed her ass against it lightly letting him feel her.
Slowly he slid off her bra and began to run his hands over her breasts, tenderly massaging her breasts.

His tongue ran over her nipples lightly and he sucked on her tits.
Slowly he ran his tongue down her stomach until he reached her openining.
"Comon... Please... I want to feel your tongue inside of my pussy."
She moaned.

He smiled as he ran his tongue over her soaking wet panties.
His finger began to slid around her panties lightly, he slowly slid them off using his teeth. Her pussy was shaven well, Which accommodated him.
"Well... I could do that but Im going to be cruel. 69?"
He smirked.

"Hell yea Ive been wanting to milk your cock all day."
she smirked as she slid his boxers off.
His 8 inch dick poped out and her hand moved over it. Her hand was strangly cold which felt great against his dick.

He pulled her on top of him so that her pussy was near his lips.
His tongue slowly slid over her slit tickleing her lightly.
Her tongue moved over the tip of his dick.
She moaned as she felt his tongue move into her.

"Ohh Sirius... That feels so good. Fuck me with your tongue."
She said softly. She slowly began to go down on his dick taking only 3 inches of his massive cock into her mouth.

His tongue moved deeper into her wet pussy. Her flavor was strong yet sweet, he pushed it into her as deep as he could. She began to take his dick deeper into her mouth, the pre cum began to run slightly out of his cock.
"Umm... Let me taste that sweet cum."
She said as her mouth plopped off of it. His dick was covered in her spit. She slowly moved down his dick licking his entire shaft with her tongue, until she found his balls she began to suck on them and run her tongue over them as he tongue fucked her.

"IM about to cum."
He whispered as her hand moved to his balls, her tongue moved back to his dick and she took it fully into her mouth moving his huge dick into her throat. As she went down on it, his dick went deeper into her throat and he released a huge wave of cum into her throat, she coughed and gagged and pulled it out, more cum went all over her face.

She was smiling now.
She giggled as she felt his tongue push deeper into her pussy.
Suddenly and unexpectedly she had a orgasim on his face and her love juice ran into his mouth and all over his lips, chin and neck. He savored the taste as she sucked the cum from his dick. She seemed to want to suck him dry.

Without a moment to spare his dick hardened again.
It took him very little time to recover as he pulled her up by her hips.
She was now on top of his dick, her legs was all that held her up.
Instantly she dropped on top of him full weight, his dick pushed into her fast and hard. She let out a loud scream as it seemed to rip her apart.

He moaned lightly feeling his dick slip into her wet tight pussy.
"So tight.."
He moaned. She smirked and began to bounce up and down on his dick.
He couldn't stop himself from cumming and soon found himself emptying the rest of his cum deep into her pussy. He didn't withdraw it from her. He let her lay on top of him for the rest of the night as he held her in his arms. His cum buried deep within her.

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good story

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Hope you guys liked it. * stretches*
I'll probally write another story soon though I'de say it will be a bit more hardcore.*