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Introduction: Harry, Hermione, Ron and Giny turn a day of telling the truith into a passionate night.

The time arrived, it was the end of the school year, and maybe the last time they would see each other for a long time.
Slowly Hermione crawled up into the boys dormitories, Neville wasn’t in the dorm, because his parents were showing promising signs of improvement, they could now talk freely without forgetting who there talking to and what they’ve already said, This meant that Neville finally had his parents back after 16 years of miserable living, rather like Harry.
Hermione steadied herself at the entrance to the 3 of there beds, hopefully lying there would be Harry and Ron.

As the door opened, nothing could be seen, it looked as if the boys had already gone to sleep, as it was pitch dark, with a new tint to Hermione’s eyes, she crawled into the dorm and found Harry’s bed. As she lunged to grab his shoulder, a bright light appeared followed by the distinct words
“Lumos” Harry shouted.
Adrenaline rushing, Harry dropped back into his bed.
“hermyoonay” Harry grunted
“What the heck are you doing? You scared me out of my pyjamas”

A slight ruffle came from over where Ron was sleeping,
“No! No! Get away. Get away I don’t like spiders! You know that” Ron squirmed around whispering his nightmare, reinacting it as if it was really happening.
Hermione raised her hand and guided it over Harry’s lips. Then she took a position on his bed, lying gracefully next to him,
“Harry, it’s been going on too long, we’ve agreed its wrong, not telling you that is” Hermione whispered shakily
Harry drifting from being asleep and awake cumsly listened on.
“Harry!” Hermione aggressively whispered
“Uh, what? Oh yeh, yeh something to tell me? What is it?” mumbled Harry.
“Well me, me and ginny, we’ve been well doing things. Things together.” Hermione told Harry unknowingly what was going to happen.
“Oh, that! That’s fine, it’s natural for girls to have sleepovers and talk all the time, your friends, But why’d you come up here to ell me that.” Harry annoyingly told Hermione.
Hermione was know starting to get tears in her eyes,
“No Harry, we’ve been, doing intimate things, things couples do” hermione croaked unaware of how Harry would take it.
Suddenly laugher erupted from two origins in the room, confused, Hermione spun around on the bed to see Ron laughing to himself, during the time Harry had settled down.
“Hermione, me and Ron have known for ages, like two years. We eased dropped, using the extendable ears that Fred and George gave us, we wanted to see if Ginny still liked me. But we, well we heard moaning and then you both screaming and talking in a low voice. We tried to open the door to see what was happening. But well, we couldn’t open your door, we tried olhamora, But it didn’t seem to work” Explained Harry.

Hermione just looked confused, bewilded that they both already knew, she opened her mouth to talk, but closed it soon after, unsure how to reply. She thought back to the time when Hermione and Ginny first started doing things together, 2 years ago, they must be talking about the first time me and Ginny, well did it.
“If you knew, why didn’t you say something?” trembled Hermione
They did not talk for about a minute, and then they both turned to each other, and nodded signalling for the events to unfold.
Ron spoke up for the first time that night, “Well, Hermione, I didn’t know how you’d take it if we told you, I mean, well if you can tell us about that I spose, I can tell you about me. Hermione I really like you. I know you knew it but I could never muster the courage to tell you. There is more as well, we didn’t tell you incase you got more protective about it, so we couldn’t see what you and Ginny got upto. Ron mustered
Within seconds a third voice appeared, giggling gently, Hermione glanced around the room but could not see anyone. Then in the corner of the room, a foot was visible, Hermione rushed over to the corner and snatched at thin air, Grabbing hold of something, that she knew must be the invisibility cloak, Hermione slung the cloak off, revealing Ginny as naked as the day she was born.
“Hi Hermione” Ginny smiled
Hermione just looked closely at Ginny, she was simply stunning, and Hermione thought that maybe someone stupefied her, because she was literally stunning, Hermione looked her up and down looking at her sleek straight ginger hair, unlike the rest of the families’ hair, which was more tangled and curly than straight and slender. Hermione grasped Ginny and bought her closer into a passionate kiss, Harry and Ron looked flabbergasted at the way Hermione reacted, they were thinking more of a full scale war, rather than a peace treaty sealed by a kiss,
As they kissed, they traced around each others bodies exploring all of the parts which shouldn’t be spoiled before marriage, As Hermione reached down in-between Ginny’s legs, she felt that she was moist, she must have seen or done something that she really enjoyed.
They broke apart from the kiss to see that Harry was now standing up, fully naked with a raging hard on. Hermione simply gasped, this was mainly because that Harry’s penis was the first she ever saw outside of a textbook, Ginny trailed over Harry and knelt beside him, grabbing his dick, she slowly started to toy around, making Harry, hornier than he had been in a long time, this all started with Ginny around a year back, when Harry had caught her in the shower by accident, And to his surprise Ron was sharing it with her.

Ron know gaining consciousness from his sleep, walked over to Hermione,
“I meant what I said Hermione, Ginny has told me your still a virgin, if it’s alright with you, id love to start our relationship tonight”. Nervously asked Ron, though somehow he knew it was the right time to ask this.

Hermione stood up, as thoughts rushed to her head, she’d always liked Ron since the third year. Something made Hermione melt when she thought about Ron, this partly is why she started her fondling with Ginny, as an excuse to get abit closer to Ron, but eventually true feelings came though for Ginny, and Hermione liked them both just as much, There was just something fascinating about the weasleys that made Hermione melt, and orgasm as hard as her body could muster.
Finally, when Hermione came out of this daydream, she heard moaning coming from the other side of the room, Harry now had his head buried in Ginny’s thick ginger pubic hair, Rampantly attacking Ginny’s clit just as Hermione had done on many occasions, But something made Ginny scream and moan harder than Hermione had ever heard.

Hermione was getting extremely agitated. She could feel a trickle starting in her pussy, and seconds later the trickle reached her pants that she was wearing. This sent her over the edge, as ravishing thoughts came over her mind, as fast as she could think of doing them to Ron, Harry and Ginny.

“Ron, take me now, right here. In front of the 2 people I love most in this world” moaned Hermione
With this lead she started undressing, fast and clumsily, Ginny and harry had now stopped what they were doing, with an excited expression in there faces, they glanced at her and then at Ron.
They walked over to Hermione who had fell onto the floor whilst she was trying to pull her pants off, Ginny pounced onto her and started kissing her with more lust than previously.
Harry had now come over, silently had pointed his wand at the girls, seconds later both Ginny and Hermione had dropped onto the bed, Ron pointing his own wand At the girls, he silently came out with the engorgio spell, instantly blood flowed faster to both of there clits, causing them to moan simultaneously and there clits to grow considerably.
Ron knelt down in front of Hermione, looking into her eyes, they were connected into a gaze so furious and erotic, neither could stand turning away, to help the process Ron, attacked her clit, encircling it, teasing it, seconds seemed like minutes and Hermione moaned, groaned and squirmed every time. Ron left the repetition of encircling and brutally made her squirm more aggressively with passion growing everytime this occured, as she fondled herself, with enough passion to start an orgy. Eventually Ron could feel and hear her breathing becoming to much for her to handle, As Hermione clenched her torso up, she gushed her juices all over Ron, she couldn’t either keep the strength to tense up any part of her body. She lay there twitching, screaming and moaning all in one process.
This in turn seem't to take Ginny and Harry over the edge. Ginny was on all fours, taking the brunt of Harry’s cock, Ginny was pounding and grinding furiously away at Harry’s member. Making Ginny scream in pleasure, and to make things unbearable, Harry grabbed his wand and slowly pushed it into Ginny’s anus. This made Ginny moan in a high-pitched manor. Which alternatively made her orgasm, as she fell off of Harry’s cock, onto the bed, Harry’s cum mixed with Ginny’s own dribbled out, and then she just lay there rubbing herself slowly. Making the orgasm subdue so that she could once again be ready for another fucking by her brother, Ron.

The night outside was a blissful one, the world beamed down through the tiny window, finding eyes with so much confusion, tears and joy that even the world couldn’t understand.
Sitting there, perched gently upon the oak windowsill was Hermione. As if her teared eyes, acted like a magnifying glass, Her mind poured out in the open, with sobs and relentlessness.
With the world’s wisdom and age, Hermione let her fears go and let the truth unfold willingly.
Thoughts rushing through her, Hermione vigorously erupted into tears, not knowing whether this was the result of love, lust, heartbreak or confusion. She seemed to sob to herself for hours, now sitting in the corner of her room at grimmauld place, unsure what to do next, memories flashed by her mind causing the shedding of another tear. Reminiscing, in a state that it shouldn’t cause.

She stared at the world’s contented heart once more, suddenly Hermione lashed around, her hair following seconds later. Now looking into the direction of the dark walls of the Blacks house. They looked so inviting, to just go there, forget, be cold and not care for anything anymore.
Confusion struck over her once more, tears streaming more violently than before. Ron and Ginny at the brunt of her mind, always analyzing, thinking 10 steps before she took one. 16 years of its loyalty, but now it was relenting, with no mercy. Memories, fantastic, loving, caring memories flooded her mind.
For the first time in hours, she felt a calm. Related or not, Hermione didn’t care. She wiped her tears away; a new era in her life was about to begin. One without remorse, guilt, confusion. She was set out for one thing only, and that was to get what she wanted. And in her case it wasn't just that special someone, but siblings who she cared for so desperately.

Shortly after this slight variation within Hermione's composure. She regained her insight and walked downstairs, to meet the rest of the order and to also get something to eat, as she was hungry. As she slouched down the stairs, in the distance a mumble of Mud-blood could be heard. Obviously it was Miss Black flaring up as she usually does.
As she clambered down the last step, she could hear the roars of laughter emitting from the kitchen, more than likely Tonks was morphing her face again, doing impressions of Moody.
"Hello dear, grab yourself a seat" said Mrs. Weasely with a polite ring to her voice.
"I don’t feel like eating down here today Molly, I think ill just get a tray and" before she could finish Ginny cut in
"Me too mum, I think ill go and join Hermione if that’s alright" followed Ginny.
Hermione picked up a tray, and placed a stack of waffles and pancakes onto a plate, then trailed back off upstairs.
Half way up the stairs, when Ginny caught up. Hermione felt a slight touch of her bum. She turned around only to see Ginny with a devilish grin on her face.
"Hermione... Erm, are you alright? Its just well the other night at Hogwarts, we didn’t get to finish things. You just upped and ran off." Asked Ginny nervously.
Hermione just carried on walking, when she got into her bedroom, she put the tray down, and flung herself around, now staring at Ginny who seemed to have followed Hermione’s lead and had already placed her tray down as well.

"I was confused Ginny, I just got a little scared. I’m sorry, I was just feeling" Hermione couldn’t speak, thinking someone had jinxed her, but then she came to her senses. As she felt Ginny tongue caress Hermione's own with such care.
In a passionate flurry, Ginny attempted to tell Hermione something, but she wasn’t having any of it. With a quickened pace Hermione started caressing Ginny, slowly feeling her whole body, Ginny's tight slender ass, and her beautiful sleek red hair. With a burning lust, Hermione droved her tongue deeper into Ginny's mouth, eager to explore every part of her veela like body.
Ginny taking this hint, returned the kiss, which the same level of eagerness as Hermione, they just stood there kissing each other, caressing every body part which felt natural to them, the kissing only letting up to allow the occasional moan to escape from the lustful bodies.
As the both of them untangled, they flopped onto the bed; from there they simply looked into each other’s eyes, which much more than passion and desire, but love.
"Hermione, I felt the same, I mean, when I first did it. I couldn’t look anybody in the eye for weeks" spoke Ginny sympathetically
Hermione, now feeling on the same level as Ginny, as she too had to endure this feeling took Ginny's hand and placed it in front of her pussy.
"I think I love you,” moaned Hermione awaiting a reply.
Ginny took the opportunity, rubbing Hermione's pussy with the hand that she placed there.
"I don’t think I love you, I know I love you" cried Ginny with a fire now burning in her eyes.

Again they entwined, kissing each other much more gently, lovingly with the new heard words in both of their minds.
Ginny stood up, breaking apart the kiss once more, and started stripping in a saucy way. As Hermione stood up to do the same, Ginny forced Hermione back onto the bed, about to speak, Hermione was once again found speechless as Ginny gingerly placed her finger upon her mouth.
Complying with this, Hermione sat up against a pillow and started playing with her tits, not missing any part of them, and paying more attention to her delicate nipples.
Ginny started dancing slowly, as if there was music playing from somewhere, carefully she unbuttoned the front of her shirt, slowly revealing her pale body, radiated by the black bra that she was wearing.
With this Hermione fastened her pace, lifting her skirt up, revealing her now soaked pants. She place a hand at her panty covered soaking pussy, and started toying with herself furiously.
Ginny watched stunned at how horny she was making Hermione, taking a huge skip in her planned routine. She hastily removed her bra and skirt in order to rush over to Hermione, who was now moaning every few seconds. Sensing that she was close to cumming. Ginny spread her legs open, pulled Hermione’s now saturated pants to the side of her mound, and started indulging on Hermione’s pussy, as if it was a valuable artifact, taking in every detail. She licked her clit, slowly sending tingles down both Ginny and Hermione's spines.

Moaning even louder, and breathing harder than she had ever done Hermione grabbed Ginny's hair and pushed her further into her pussy. Ginny responding to this, dragged one of her hands over from Hermione’s leg, and inserted a finger into Hermione’s now flowing pussy, clawing away at her pussy for a few seconds, Hermione screamed with pleasure, placing the drenched finger on her asshole, Ginny gracefully started rubbing it, causing Hermione to start squirming, driving her pussy into Ginny’s face with more force each time. With more courage Ginny slipped the tip of her finger into Hermione's ass. Making her grind even harder, Now tonguing deep into her pussy and brushing against her clit the odd time, Hermione couldn’t take anymore. She screamed, louder than she had ever done. Not caring of the consequences and who would hear her. She felt a sensation all over her body and the feeling to pee, She tensed her body as she came right into Ginny's face grinding furiously, as the pulsating waves came, each with more intensity than the last, Ginny had now placed her tongue on Hermione’s clit, trying to keep the orgasm going as long as she could. With every wave Ginny sampled her cum, after Hermione finished, she scooped some cum onto her tongue and crawled up Hermione, and embraced her into a deep kiss, where they swapped the cum in there mouths, making sure it hit every taste bud imaginable.
"I love the way you taste" smiled Ginny
"And I love the way you get to taste me" moaned Hermione with her eyes closed, recovering from the orgasm.
"Now its my turn" Hermione winked with a devilish look in her eyes.

Ginny getting excited at these words flopped off of Hermione onto bed, taking up the same position that Hermione was just in, within seconds her remaining clothes disappeared, looking at Hermione with he wand in hand, she instantly realized that Hermione was indeed extremely horny.
Hermione slid down Ginny’s slender body, caressing her tits for a few second, then as she got to her pussy, Hermione gathered momentum and started toying around her clit, Ginny taking this welcomely grabbed her tit with one hand, and started twisting her nipples and pulling them away from her body in an unnatural way. Meanwhile with her other hand she grabbed Hermione’s locks of hair and forced Hermione to lick and tongue more of her pussy. Ginny getting abit heated up, started moaning every time that Hermione penetrated her folds, delving deep into her pussy, flavoring every last crevice.
"Hermione, I’m getting close! Don’t stop please" squealed Ginny with lust.
Instantly she felt as if she became rigid, Ginny tried to move but simply couldn’t. Staring, helplessly down at Hermione who was still licking her out, almost with a fear in hr eyes, Ginny wondered what Hermione was planning; she knew it before the words even reached her.
"Stupedfy" whispered Hermione between breaths of air.
Unable to even speak, Ginny just lay there motionless, trying to figure out what Hermione was planning.
"Sorry about that Ginny, but its needed" said Hermione with a lustful tone.

"Accio Vibrator" spoke Hermione clearly
"There we go, now we can both have some fun, my mum gave this to me before I went to Hogwarts, something about temptation of boys or something like that. I never wanted to deflower myself with it though, so I’ve never used it" said Hermione slowly almost in a resentful voice.
Ginny just stared at it, this muggle thing. Unaware of what it could do.
Within a few seconds, the vibrator started up, which made Ginny's eyes widen. Hermione bought the vibrator down to Ginny's pussy, and started rubbing her clit with it. As soon as it hit Ginny soaking pussy, bursts of pleasure rippled through her body, screaming with pleasure, but nothing came out, as if being tortured Hermione fastened her pace and began stroking the toy up and down her crack, making sure to hit every spot of cum and Ginny’s juices, with the toy now lubed up. She placed at the entrance to Ginny’s pussy and carefully pushed it all the way in.

Ginny was trying to hard to grip the bed sheets, and wave after wave of pure joy ran amok inside her body. But still nothing happened, laying there with no chance, she just stopped trying and let the torturing continue, Standing back with the vibrator lodged inside Ginny’s pussy, Hermione pointed her wand at Ginny’s pussy and the vibrator seemed to come alive, as it started furiously pounding Ginny at inhuman speeds. Taking no more, Ginny started trying to squirm but still nothing happened.
She just lay there moaning and screaming to herself, after she came all over the toy, which was going that fast the cum hit the toy, and was slung out, like a spray. As Ginny felt the orgasm subsiding, Hermione had climbed back onto the bed and was now sucking Ginny's tits, twisting them, and nibbling them. Ginny, coming to sensitive around her pussy, started screaming in a mixture of bizarre enjoyment and pain. Again she felt herself tense up, and before she knew it she was once again cumming all over the toy, as she felt it hit deeper inside her pussy every time, almost in sync Hermione dropped the spells that she had Ginny under, simultaneously the toy dropped out of her pussy, with all her strength she lunged her hand towards her pussy, rubbing furiously she started squirting all over the bed, arcing into a crab like position she sprayed once or twice, screaming along with the jets of cum. As it ended, she crashed to the bed, trembling and twitching.
Hermione looking pleased with her self pulled her head up from Ginny's tit and kissed Ginny, which it seemed Ginny could not return, still trembling.
"Looks like someone enjoyed themselves there" Hermione giggled as she carried on "I certainly did"
Still trembling looking blankly up to the ceiling feeling the after shocks of the orgasms
"How did you do that..." responded Ginny with a feint looking face.
Hermione just stared straight into her face, winked and said, "Because I love you"