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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-29-2008, 02:46 AM
My fantasy is to be taken by a shemale.

I have been workingat this boutique for about three months. I sometimes work the same shift with this very attractive young lady who is tall with a knock out shape. Her breasts look absolutely luscious as she dresses very provocative at times. I find myself very turned on whenever I am around her.

One evening after the store was closed, I was at the register counting the till and she was supposed to bestraightening up the dressing rooms. As I was standing at the register, I noticed her walking towards my way with a very sexy look in her eyes. I could tell, as she got closer, that her nipples were very hard. Though I was looking very intently at her, I managed to ask her if she was finished. She said, "not yet." Before I knew it she was standing behind me with both of her hands covering and squeezing my very supple breasts. She pressed into me and got very close to my ear and whispered, "I can't take it anymore." "I have to have you." I was weak at the knees, but I couldn't resist pressing back into her. She told me that she wanted me right then and there and that she had a big, big surprise for me. Man, I was so excited and turned on that I continued to press my buttback into her and as I did I felt something long and hard. With her mouth still pressed to my ear she asked, "do you feel that." Speechless, I shook my head yes. I felt it and I wanted it.

She pulled up my long skirt and started rubbing my butt through my panty hose. She pulled my panty hose down to my knees and had full access to myass as I was wearing a pair of black thongs. She bent me over and proceeded to kiss and lick my ass. It felt soooo! good. She told me to step out of my panty hose. I did so very quickly, wanting to continue feeling her toungue. As I bent over, she didn't back up so I kept bumping back into my surprise. By now my pussy was getting very wet with excitement.

After I had taken off my panty hose, I tried to turn around, but she told me to "stay like you are." I didn't put up a fight as she bentme back over and continued to lick my ass like it has never been licked before. With my panty hose off, I was ablespread my legs more. She just licked and moaned. She asked me if I liked her tongue. In total bliss I managed to say "yes" that I loved it and wanted more. Her tongue felt wonderful. She told me she was getting me ready for my surprise. I spread my legs a little more. As she was licking, I could feel her moving and noticed her short skirt drop to the floor and noticed those beautiful and long knock outlegs of hers. She stood up behind me again and I could feel something long and hard rubbing against my ass. All the while thinking it was a big strap on cock, my pussing quivered with anticipation. She asked me if I was ready. With just a whisper I said "yes." As I spread my legs and bent over, that long hard thing plunged right into my now very, very wet pussy. It felt so good and she knew just how to work it in. She asked me if I liked it. I responded by pressing back and moving with her. I told her I was coming, the first of many. She worked deeper and deeper into my pussy. Before I know it, I was coming again. She told me how she had dreamt about this moment and how good my pussy felt. As I was about to tell her I was coming again, she told me she was coming. All I felt was something very warm as she went as deep as she could, while I was having my own orgasm. We were both working in a frenzy trying to get as much of each other as we could. As I finished, I fell limp over the counter with our juices running down my legsand as she finished, she fell limp over my back. She told me how wonderfulit felt andthat it was as good as she imaged. Before long we both got our breath and I felt her rubbingour juices from between my legs all over my ass. It felt so good as she proceeded to bend over and lick my ass. She told me that she loved to lick asses and that she will be licking mines from now on. I didn't object in the least. It felt too good. She also told me that she couldn't wait for me to lick our juices off of her cock. Still oblivious to what she was saying, I couldn't wait to suck on the dildo that had just given me so much pleasure.

After a few minutes of licking, she turned me around very quick and kissed me very passionately. The combination of her very talented tongue, mixed with our juices and saliva was very intoxicating. This was the first time that we had been face to face. After a minute or so of kissing, she pulled away and told me she wanted to feel my mouth. With that she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor in front of the most beautiful and biggestcock I had ever seen. I wasted no time putting her in my mouth. I thought no more about a dildo, I just wanted to pleasure her with my mouth like she pleasured me. As I wassucking on her, I looked up right into hereyes and she gave me a smile and a wink. I knew that from then on this would be my favorite position, second to have her deep inside of me.

As Isucked, all I wanted was her cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel that warm, hot cum that had filled my pussy. I licked and sucked like my life depended onit. She just laybackwards limp on the counter. I loved everything about her cock and I wanted her to know it. After a few minutes of intense sucking and her talking dirtyto me about what a good time we were going to have with each other, she told me she was coming. She came very hard with cum spilling out of my mouth and down my chin. It felt warm, hot and good. When she finished, I just continued to lick. She had her eyes closed and was still enjoying my tongue. After a minute, she lifted me up and kissed me with my mouth still full of her cum. We kissed like only two women could kiss. While kissing me, she was also hugging me. She pulled away from kissing me and whispered in my ear that she wanted some more of me. That she wanted to lick my pussy like it has never been licked before. I got hot all over again.

We got dressed andhurried up and finished closing the store. We went to her apartment where we made love and talked almost all night. I have become a shemale slut and I love it. Big cock and big breasts, who could ask for more.

Since our first encounter Leslie (that is her name) and Ihave spent a lot of time together. Mostly in the Boutique before opening and after closing. I can't seem to get enough of that beautiful cock and she knows it. She has even cometo the Boutique on her off days and called me into the dressing room to get a taste.

One of our most recent encounters happened before the store opened.I was asked to come in early to take inventory andLeslie came in to meet with the owner. I arrived before she did and when she walked in the door I immediatley got turned on, as I usually do, whenever she is around. She has a way of looking at me that just makes me melt. Literally, my pussy gets soaking wet. She asked me where was the boss. I told her, she was in the office waiting on her. She said, "I bet."Beforegoing in, she asked me if I had on any panties. I told herI was wearing one of the thongs that she purchased for me. She said, "good girl", kissed me on the lipsand headed into the office. Still in a trance, I came to when I heard voices comingfrom the intercom system on the counter. What I was hearing was blowing my mind and turning me on.

The owner was definitely waiting on her, because they wasted no time getting it on. Someone mistakenly (yeah right)touched the intercom button giving mefull verbal access to what was going on. I heard what sounded like kissing at first. I heard the owner say that she missed her kisses but most of all missed "this." I knew right away what she was talking about. That cock had a mesmerizing effect. The owner must have went right to work on that rock hard cock, because I heard Leslie telling her how good her mouth felt. After a little more sucking,Leslie told her that she was ready to ram deep into her pussy. The next thing I heard was Leslie asking her if it felt good and the owner screaming out "yes, yes". By that time I had taken hopped up on the counter and was using two fingers in my pussy imagining that cock was going inside of me. Oh how I wanted it inside of me. After a few more minutes I heard Leslie tell her that she was "coming." I heard moaning and grunting and the owner telling her to "give it to me." After Leslie had finished coming and had plopped our of the owner's pussy I heard Leslie tell her that she wanted their "cum" to dry on her cock. The owner obviously was about to assume the position between the those beautiful legs. The owner told her "okay" with a confused tone. I heard the owner say she was going inher bathroom to take and shower. Leslie kissed her goodbye and said she was headed back home and would shower then. As I was hopping down off of the counter,I heard the intercome cut off and a few seconds laterLeslie walked out of the office with awicked smile on her face. She walked straight to the dressing rooms and becked for me to follow her.

By the time I arrived in the dressing room, she was already sitting on the bench with her skirt (after our first encounter, she told methat we would always skirts to work for easy access)raised andher legs spread widewith that COCK hangingand begging for me to suck. She stoppedme as I was walking towards her and asked me "how bad do youwant it."I told her "I want it "bad". She told me to get on my knees and crawl to her. I was happy to oblige. I got down on my knees and crawled to thatCOCKthat I knew was covered with a mixture ofher cum and our owner's cum. When I arrived between her legs I grabbed and gobbled her cock so fast she laughed and told me to slow down. I couldn't because it tasted so good. The mixture was intoxicating and I was loving it. As I was sucking she was talking dirty to me and asking me if I enjoyed listening totheir sex adventure. I nodded "yes" not wanting to take her cock out of my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, she stopped talking and gradded my head. As she was fucking my mouth, I gagged a few times, but I didn't stop. When she told me she was coming, I locked my jaws around that COCK because I wanted every drop of cum. She came so hard I couldn't contain her in my mouth and it slipped out and spewed all over my face. When she finished, she quickly leaned down and started kissing me with a passion that I have only felt with her.Leslie licked up every drop of her cum that was on my face as I lifted up on the bench next to her. When she finished licking, she looked me in the eyes and told me that she had to leave but wanted to satisfy my wet pussy. With that she put her hand under my skirt and dipped her finger in my wet pussy, then took her finger and put it in her mouth. She kissed me agian,told me to come to her house when I got off and with that she left. As I straightened myself up and was headed out of the dressing room, I ran into the owner. She had a very satisfied look on her face.I had the same look on my face. Just suckingLeslie's cock satisfies me. I went to the bathroom, got myself off and washed up before the store opened.

Later in the day while I was waiting on a customer, the phone rang. It was Leslie and her voice made my pussy twitch. Sheasked me if my pussy was still wet. I told her "yes". She told methat her cock was rock hard and waiting for me.When she said that it felt like I was about to have an orgasm, but I had to keep myself composed in front of the customer. She told me that she was also going to see about us having a threesome with the owner. With that she hung up. I was weak at the knees. I was grateful that the customer was engrossed in a conversation on her cell phone, so she didn't notice me. I couldn't wait for my shif to be over.