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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-29-2008, 02:53 AM
It is the night of our wedding. Maya and I had never had sex until this day. Many times I've tried to go for it, but she always said I need to wait. And when I kept attempting to persuade her, she would say I didn't love her. Maya is a very sexy Brazilian female that I met during my vacation in Miami. She has a slim, supermodel body, in full package with a nice round ass, blue eyes and a set of Angelina Jolie resembled lips, that many guys would kill for. We've known each other for 8 good and strong months and kissed as our only way of being intimate. Ever since I've known her, she was always a mystery to me because I only knew her friends, but never met her family. She explained to me that her family told her that they didn't want anything to do with her. I never knew why until this day. We had a private wedding because Maya felt the time was right for us to have sex and she was ready to give up her virginity. I loved her and she loved me. We both trusted each other, and had to go through testing of all sorts to make sure we were clean of all diseases. I was always looking forward for this day. We got a nice exotic, palace looking hotel room that contained a red, rose-shaped flower bed that was so soft, that I almost fell asleep. It was only excitement that saved me from doing so. The fragrance in the room was like that of sweet oranges and was very relaxing. I grabbed Maya threw her on the bed. But as I was just about to pounce unto her, she jumped up and said she needed the lights off. So I got up and approached the lights to turn them off, but before I could do so she grabbed me and sat me down with a sad face. I asked her what was wrong. It got real quiet and then she busted into tears. Then she opened up her mouth and spoke in her sexy but emotional Brazilian accent, I have a really big secret that I haven't told you. I always planned on telling you, but the time never seemed right. It just took so long for me to approach you with it, along with the fear of losing you, that I never had the courage to tell you. But I want to tell you it now, since we're married and it will be figured out any minute now. I want you to know that�

Wait, I shouted, do you love me?

Yes, she replied.

Your secret can't be diseases and especially aids, since we've had tests done and everything came back negative. Could it be that you cheated on me or that you're not a virgin? I asked.

NO! she shouted, it's something else.

Then I don't care. Let it be revealed to me. I'm too much in the mood. The only thing I want to hear from you now, is your moans and screams from what I'm bout to do to you, I smiled.

Ok then. Just be nice and gentle with me, since this is my first time, she said.

With all that said I turned off the lights and tossed her back on the bed. I took off the sexy red lingerie top that she was wearing for me, that matched the bed we were on, and threw them on the floor. Maya then reached down and took off my belt and pants, also throwing it to the floor. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it like a beginner. I grabbed her head and guided her in the motion and pace I wanted. She gagged a few times, but soon got use to it. I was so happy this day had come; I just sat back and relaxed while she did her best. Ten minutes had passed, of her sucking my dick and balls. I was growing impatient and reached for her pants. She gave a sharp jerk that scared the shit out of me. It was like she was bout to hit me, then she said, wait, let me turn around first, I want you to give me anal first.

I was surprised that she wanted anal so fast. Most women don't do anal or are scared to even try it. But for her to be willing to do so, I couldn't deny It. I just needed to put my dick inside her. She took her panties off herself and guided my dick into her warm moist ass. She wouldn't let me touch her still, so I kept my hands hanging uncomfortably while smashing her ass doggy style. After about five minutes, Maya grabbed both my hands and slowly pulled them around her big ass hips to the front of her body. I heard her gasp, and then she shakily placed both my hands on the surprise she had been speaking about before we began. She had a dick that was about 3 inches longer than mine and fully erect. I couldn't believe it and at the same time I couldn't stop. I took out my anger about finding this out by fucking her even harder. Many things started rushing in my head. It all connected now why I never saw her family members and why they disowned her. It was because she changed her sex. And if she invited them to the wedding I would have been looked at disgustedly and even probably be told her secret before she told me. As I was thinking these things while fucking her and holding her penis tightly, she whispered, I love you for understanding me and making this a very special moment.

I got over it and decided we would talk in the morning. I even experimented with her and sucked her dick out of curiosity, just to feel her reaction. We went into 69 mode and sucked each other off till we both exploded in each others mouth. I didn't feel like the time was right for me to get fucked by her yet; that would have to be saved for another day. But this night, a lot was revealed to me and I was pleased.