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filthy fuckslutbitch
09-29-2008, 03:00 AM
It was our third date, we had both agreed to take it slow but i was readt and couldn't wait any longer. We had gone out to dinner and to see a movie. We went back to my flat for a coffee , she sat on my sofa as i went into the kitchen where i made my decision to get her into bed. I made the coffee and slipped out of my dress and my underwear feeling the cool air flow over my naked body.

" Here's your coffee."i said as she stared at me unmoved. I couldn't believe it I have a great fugure large boobs slim waist curvy arse long legs but she didn't respond, i just stood there.

" Turn around let me see that ass." her friendl tone gone she sounded like she was demanding me to do it and my body responded. My nipples stood errect and my vagina became damp. " come on hurry up turn around."

" We got all night baby don't argh what the fuck?" i screamed as she spanked me so hard my eyes watered.

" Don't talk back to me" she spanked me again making me whimper. " Get on your knees and crawl to your room."

I thought there is no way im going to get dominated she is not dong this to me but then i realised i was already moving and doing as she said plus i was so turnrd on i could feel my juices drip from my pussy.

"Come on you worthless bitch" she yelled as she kicked at my pussy. The pain shot threw me as i collapsed on the floor in tears. She picked me up and placed me back on all fours." get moving you whore"

" Im not a whore." i whined like a silly little girl

" Really? your really wet for a good girl" she shoved two fingers roughly inside me moved them around and then pulled out her soaked fingers before showing me them. " Look how wet you are whore." she forced the fingers in my mouth making me suck them dry." On the bed spread your legs arm above your head." i did everything she said as quick as i could. She walked around tying me to the bed she then turnrd on some music and danced sexualy around the bed stripping out of her clothes as she went. She got down to her panties and i just stared at her tits perfect in every way, she turned her back on me as she took of her panties. I couldn't take my eyes off those beutiful tits as she walked over to me forcing her knickers into my mouth. I felt something brush against my arm as she gagged me.

" are you ready for my cock." she whispered i realised what had brushed against my arm

" no get away stop it no please." i screamed but the gagged made it into a mumble. Her huge cock thrust inside me ,y tight pussy streched as far as it could go. She didn't care for my body as she pumped my pussy so hard slapping my tits as they bounced around. Tears rolled down my face in pain and the fact a shemale had tricked me into bondage. Thankfuly she pulled out and removed my gag.

" how dare you do that to " i didnt have time to finish as she rammed her cock in my mouth pushing it deep in my throat. she picked up my phone and took photos of me as i was forced o suck her cock. she came soon after, she pulled out stood over me wanking her cock then unleashed her spunk over my bofy and face. She again took photos on my phone.

" are you my bitch?"

" no" i cried

" do you theae photos sent to your friends?"

" no don't please"

" are you my bitch?"

"no" i whimpered

" send to all " my phone bleeped as the photos sent

" No please no"

" have fun explaining that baby" she said as she walked out of my flat leaving me tied naked to my bed covered in her spunk