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Teenage Wizard Surprise

Chapter 1

Alexia Robbins was a normal 13 year old girl, like most others, with one distinct difference. Instead of having a vagina she had a 9 and 1/2 inch penis. Her parents had expected a girl, but when they found she had a penis they just thought she was a boy. After she hit puberty and her breasts started forming and her voice got higher instead of deeper they knew. They were both co-pastors of the local church and figured it was a sign from god.

She went out one day to gather the mail seeing a letter addressed to her in deep blue ink and a melted wax seal on the back. As she walked into the living room she flopped into a chair and ripped open the envelope. After re-reading the letter she called out, “Mom…MOM!” “In the kitchen.” she called back. She walked into the kitchen excitedly. “I got this letter and I’m a bit confused by it.” She handed her mother the letter and the envelope. “Dear Miss Alexia Robbins, we are proud to announce that you have be accepted to the Winward Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of items you will need, as well as directions to the closest purveyor of said items, and your ticket for the monorail that will bring you to Winward Academy of September the first. Sincerely Agnes Wester, Deputy Headmistress.” “Well yes mother, I just don’t understand it though.” “You’re a witch dear, as was your grandmother and great-grandmother. It seems to have skipped over me.” She checked the directions as well as the list of supplies, “We’ll go tomorrow for you things…”

Chapter 2

They drove in excited silence, parking in front of a run down looking bookstore. Once they walked through the door it turned into a tunnel, opening up to a large marble lined, square. Shops of all sorts lined the sides and at the end of the lane stood a large white building. The sign above the door said, Gringott’s Bank, North American Chapter. “That’s our first stop, your grandmother left you a little something if you indeed did get accepted.” They walked through the doors, “Mom, what are these things.” “Nothing to worry about, they are goblins. They run the banks.” They wait in line and then walked to the counter, “Miss Alexia Robbins would like to get to her vault, number 419. We don’t have the key but this letter should explain everything.”

The goblin took the letter reading through it quickly. “I see we have the key for you right here. He pulled a large brass key from the desk, handing it to her. He rang a bell for another goblin to take them to the vault. He approached, “I am sorry but the cart can only carry one…” She turned to her mother, “It’s alright mom, I’ll be right back.” Clutching her key tightly she followed after the goblin, getting onto the cart. “Keep your arms and legs in…” he said as a quick warning before he started the cart and it began speeding along the rails, faster than seemed possible. The cart screeched to a halt in front of vault 419. She got out of the cart after the goblin and handed him the key to open it. The huge stone door swung open and he handed back the key.

“The large gold ones are the galleons, the smaller silver ones are Sickles, and the little bronze ones are Knuts. It’s 7 Knuts to a Sickle and 3 Sickles to a Galleon. Take whatever you think you will need as well as any personal items inside.” She looked around a found a narrow box that was about 12 inches long. She picked it up and opened it, looking inside. It was a wand, a note was tucked inside as well. “This wand was made from the very core of my own wand, it should work for you.” She picked the wand up and felt a weird tingling in her arm, knowing that she could use this wand. She took a small bag that was in the vault and scooped the coins into it as well as a small notebook and another leather-bound book. She went back outside and the door swung close.

Back onto the cart and the rocketed back to the lobby. She and her mother left gathering all the other items on her list, except her robes. She decided that she could get them alone and walked into the robe shop. Once inside she saw another girl, obviously getting ready for her first year as well. Two seamstresses came over to help them, and they both went to the changing rooms. They began talking back and forth, they learned that she was from two muggle parents as well, and her name was Karen. After a few moments of grumbling she came and knocked on her door, “Hey Alexia can you give me a hand here?” she asked as she walked in. Caught unaware she couldn’t stop her, she saw the noticeable bulge on her panties. She gasped and tried to speak, but Alexia clamped her hand over her mouth. “You can’t tell anyone about this…” she hissed. “But what happened…how…” “I don’t know why or how.” Karen reached out and brushed the outline of her penis, causing it to jump. Alexia gasped and Karen, started to rub it, trying to pull her panties down.

Alexia put up very little fight, having never been touched down there by anyone. The girl pulled her panties down, releasing her large semi-hard cock. “Oh my god…How big is it?” she asked breathlessly, taking it into her hand. “Um…fully hard it is 9 and ½ inches…” she managed to gasp out as her new friend stroked her large cock to full hardness. She noticed that she couldn’t even get her hand all the way around it. Alexia leaned back against the wall, trying not to cry out, as Karen stroked faster. She grabbed her shirt and bit down on it as she licked across the wide head. “Oh…oh…oh…Karen.” was all she managed as a warning. That didn’t distract her, as she took every bit of her cum, with a smile.

They quickly separated and came out in their respective robes, so the seamstresses could alter them correctly. Karen was done first and leaned to whisper to Alexia. “See you on the monorail.” she gave her crotch a light brush as she left with her robes. When Alexia was finished she took her robes and rejoined her mother. There was still a week before the trip and she spend most of her time, reading through her grandmother’s old notebook. She had noted special additions to potions to make them work, extra advice for charms and spells, and a few spells she thought could be helpful.

Chapter 3

Finally the day had arrived and her mother escorted her to the magical barrier that led to the platform. Inside was a bright white monorail, and hundred of students and parents. She loaded her trunck onto the train and hugged her mother before the whistle was blown for last call. She got onto the train and was able to find and empty compartment. She went in and dropped into a seat setting her bag on the seat next to her. She pulled out her grandmother’s notebook again, picking up where she had left off. Suddenly the door was wrenched open, Karen standing in the doorway. “Finally I found you. I’ve been searching every compartment for you.” She walked in and shut the door, tapping the lock with a short stubby wand. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your ‘magic wand’. I’ve decided that I will take you as my personal pleasure toy…” she said. Alexia looked shocked, “No I will not all…” he r voice trailed off as Karen reached under her robe and grabbed her cock, stroking it steadily.

She shifted Alexia’s robes around and straddled her, positioning herself over her cock. Alexia tried to fight her, but she proved to be stronger and pinned her hands together against the wall behind her. A tap of her wand and ropes came out of the wall binding her wrists. “Well we could’ve done this the easy way, but no. So now we do it the hard way…” she said as she sank down the entire length with a groan. She began to rock and ride her cock, coating it with her juices. She began to jerk more spasmodically and finally came with a heavy sigh. She then climbed off her and sat back in her seat leaving her hands bound to the wall and her cock sticking up. “Wait…what about me?” she asked in a strained voice. “What about you? You wanted to do this the hard way so now you get to wait. If you behave through the opening feast, I might let you come.” she said leaning back in her seat, drifting off. Alexia tried everything she could, but couldn’t get free.

After a few hours the train rumbled to a stop and there was a murmer from the passengers. A wave passed through the train and the compartments changed into beds for the night. As the train changed Alexia found herself freed of her confinement. She re-adjusted her skirt and began working on a way to get back at her new friend. Flipping through her grandmother’s notebook she came upon something interesting. It said, “For sexual revenge.” She read through it and picked up her wand, flicking it while speaking the spell. Karen’s eyes snapped open as she was suddenly flipped onto her hands and knees on the bed, her hands and knees, getting trapped by the sheets. With a tap of her wand, Karen’s panties were gone, exposing her round ass and pussy.

“Now, should I do this the easy way or the hard way?” she said, taunting, aiming a hard smack against her butt cheek. Karen yelped out and Alixia thought, “Oh that won’t do.” She pointed her wand at Karen’s head, a scarf coming from it and effectively tying around the back of her head to silence her. She got up onto the bed and aimed her hard cock at her slit. With a single thrust he buried it all the way to the hilt. Karen’s body jerked in response and tears slipped down her cheeks. She pounded into her hard and fast, yanking her hair to pull her head back. “All you had to do was be nice and you couldn’t do it. So no complaints!” she said never stopping her hard thrusting. Feeling the familiar feeling she suddenly pulled out of her pussy. Karen relaxed thinking it was over, but soon found that she was wrong as she felt that massive cock pressing against her tight ass.

Before she could make a sound Alixia shoved forward sinking her cock painfully into her ass. She whimpered against the gag as Alixia fucked her tight ass. The feeling of her tight virgin ass was too much and soon shot her cum into her tight anus. Pulling out of her abused hole she went back to her grandmother’s notebook seeing the next part of the spell. She preformed the required task and a large plug popped into being and slid into Karen’s ass. She was too tired from struggling to put up any resistance. She then walked back over touched her wand to the plug. “There, now you can’t remove it until I say so.” she said. She released her from her entrapment in the sheets and told her, “Kneel on the ground.” Karen refused to move, trying to remove the gag. A light pain registered from the plug in her ass, making her do as she was told. “You are going to be my slave for the rest of the school year. If you behave you will be pleasured, if you misbehave you will be punished. And if you touch anyone other than me, I’ll make you wish you hadn’t. Understand?” she asked. Karen managed a weak nod. Alixia smiled and removed the gag, “You may stand.” which she does. “Now get dressed for bed,.” she said as she did the same. Once they were dressed for bed Alixia lay down on the bed and opened her arms for Karen to join her. She moved into the bed as well cautiously into Alixia’s arms. She closed her arms around her as she lay down. Karen lay her head against her head against Alixia’s body submissively, realizing she had become what she tried to make Alixia.