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Randy Andrea strikes a bargain.

Her name was Andrea Bullock aged 43, she stood five foot two in her size seven stocking feet, her long blonde hair hanging just over shoulder length and partially hiding the aspect of her medium build and largish 36DD bust line.

Andrea although married To Ted Bullock for twenty five years, still had a very extensive sex drive whilst Ted’s tailored off as his age increased, however both were devoted to each other to the point where they would humour each other where sex was involved. Like Ted would occasionally sexually spank his beloved wife because he knew it turned her on despite him not finding anything sexy about the act. Meanwhile Andrea would not be too demanding of her husband in the bedroom allowing him to make all the running when it comes to sex and frequency of sex.

So imagine her surprise when she logged on to a web site where a story she read sounded a little too close to her own life. She wondered if her one and only love, who she married at eighteen could possibly be a mystery writer who was loosely disguising the details whilst relating her life story to unknown numbers of strangers via an adult story site.

She decided to play along writing feed back tot his author and hoping for a reply from the author which would give her an email address, as she knew her husband’s limited computer knowledge would never allow him the skill to register a secondary email address and shadow it so it was not visible on the pc.

She eagerly scanned the inbox of her email account and was disappointed that she had not received a reply. She had decided her attempt to check her husband out was a failure and surely now there would be no response. Almost in despair she continued with her normal day until just before she went to join her husband up in the bed room. She decided to check just once more; lo and behold there was an email from Master Ray.

Eagerly she opened her email and quickly read the enclosed message;

Hello Andrea,

My name is Ray and I am 51 divorced after 19 years of marriage. I am pleased you liked my sub missive – masterful Dom male stories. I suspect that it rings a bell with things in your own life and if so I will say this only this once.

Email me back including in the message the phrase, “To serve a sexual master is my love!”

Also include with this a description of yourself and the things you relate to from my stories. If I do not hear from you with 72 hours I will assume you chickened out and are a closet sub.

Master Ray.

As Andrea read the above message, her pulse quickened, her breathing became shallow and her cunt became wet, also her nipples stiffened and began to ache for fingers to pinch and twist them. Without thinking she immediately responded sending back an email containing all the information she could think of. Deep down inside she really wanted the computer screen to flash and her virtual master to pop out and materialise in her living room and make her become the slut she was feeling inside right now.

Having sent the message, she waited a few minutes hoping for an instant response but soon switched off the computer and tried to calm down as she climbed the stairs to her waiting husband, she hope he would be in a randy mood but was disappointed when she entered the room to find him already fast asleep.

Moving over to the dressing table she sat in front of the mirror and was amazed just how much her face was blushed and it was only from a short email message, she laughed quietly to herself, “How would she react if Master Ray actually turned up at her front door!”

Then imagining he was stood there watching her she imagined him telling her what to do. She slowly and seductively removed her blouse and squeezed her large tits through her bra. She could actually hear her master’s voice talking to her in her mind. She shuddered as she heard this imaginary voice telling her she was a slut, a wanton cock teasing whore who needed to be fucked and spanked. She heard herself in her own mind asking why a spanking? And the masterful voice replying for wearing a bra when sluts are not allowed such luxuries.

The voice in her mind told her to remove her bra now, immediately she undid the clasp and removed her bra and then in the mirror she saw a face looking at her. Of course there was no other face in the mirror it was Andrea’s mind taking over and she proudly displayed her 36DD charms to this fictitious face.

Now this voice inside her head demanded she rub her cunt through her panties before she was ordered to undress fully. Her now soaking wet panties slid down her legs and the voice told her to pick them up and now place the wet crutch of her panties into her mouth and suck her juices from them. Now the voice still very dominant sounding ordered her to go into the bath room and kneel beside the bath.

Subconsciously she was then made to spank herself with six hard slaps and she found herself reaching orgasm mid way through the spanking. So with a content cunt and a red arse she crept into bed and tried to sleep. However all her dreams were inhabited by this mystery voice ordering her to do wonderful sexual things and the threat of punishment if she did not do it promptly or in the correct manner.

Eventually the alarm clock went off and her husband Ted, slipped from the bed and as Andrea woke she turned on to her back and immediately felt a wet patch on the sheet. Almost embarrassed beyond belief she realised that she had had a major wet dream, something she had not experienced since first reaching puberty.

Quickly dressing she went down stairs and made her husband his breakfast, after kissing him good bye as he left for work, Andrea tried to forget all about her horny night dreams and began cleaning the house. However curiousity got the better of her and she went to the computer and checked her email address. Once more there was a response from Master Ray.

Hello Andrea,

Well I bet you had a really erotic night, I imagined you exposing yourself for my approval and being spanked for wearing inappropriate dress code. I bet your husband enjoyed fucking you as you thought of me taking your slut cunt and arse.

Best regards.

Master Ray.

This response blew Andrea’s mind, how could someone know what she had experienced without being there and it was so accurate apart from the last bit for she would have loved her husband to have fucked her last night, although a new thought suddenly alarmed her a little, he was right, she would have been mentally replacing her husband with this master.

Andrea now knew if so commanded she would move heaven and earth to meet this man who was invading her mind. She replied to his email and eagerly awaited a reply. In this email she told him not of her experience last night but of her interest in bondage and particularly discipline.

Andrea had already decided that if she could she would meet this man and see where it led for them. Once more she felt her passions rising and even sat daydreaming and in her daydream she was stripped naked with her hands tied behind her back and presented before three different men, each of them had a light leather paddle which they would flick out at her arse as they circled her; as they passed in front of her they would make her kiss the paddle and they would stroke her breasts but always avoiding her erect nipples.

With out her even touching her cunt she experienced a real hard orgasm. Once more she suddenly realised that she was now sat in a pair of soaking wet panties. How much longer would these wild day dreams keep flashing through her mind; she realised she would never get her housework done at this rate. Reluctantly she switched off the computer and tried to concentrate of having a normal day.

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very good i enjoyed reading this story if you know what i mean lol

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Thanks for the encouraging words