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Randy Andrea strikes a bargain.

Chapter 2. the bargain details become known.

As much as Andrea loved her husband there was something hypnotic about these emails she kept receiving and she felt compelled to answer them with true honesty. It was not like there was a rush of the emails just one or two each day but each one bored deeper and deeper into her soul, till she felt she was swimming against a tide of lust.

She wanted this man who could read her needs so well, no thatís not true! She did not want him, she wished she had never heard of him but that was all too late now, she needed him to release this smouldering burning passion she felt inside her cunt. True she still loved her husband as much if not more than she had ever done; but now there was this permanent itch inside her psyche which would not go away. It finally dawned on her that she was a slut and needed to be treated as such even if only once in a while.

After three weeks of these emails, She would have walked on hot coals to meet her Master Ray, she would have walked naked through the streets of her home town to prove her loyalty to him, but more than that she wanted and needed him here to take her any way he wanted and to spank her shamelessly if she even hesitated in carrying out his commands.

Such were her needs, and desires, she had secretly stopped wearing panties, because it was just too cumbersome to have to remove them when her needs reached a peak and she needed to play with her clit. She thought to herself how shameless she had become in such a short time, for four weeks ago she would never have gone without panties, not even if her beloved Ted had begged her too and yet now if a stranger she has never met but she knows as Master tells her to stand naked upside down and open her legs wide in her garden in the middle of the day, she just knew she would do it!

Here she was, eagerly scanning her emails for a much needed contact from this beguiling man when she saw his trade mark subject line title, Sweet sexy SLUT! In an instant she had the email open and scanned the lines of text, hoping he would order her to do something bold and sexual that would give her the relief she was seeking so bad.

She read the email, but could not believe what she read, She read it a second time to make sure she was reading it correctly, and then a third time to be doubly sure.

It read,

My horny little sex slut,

Your hour of testing is close; I will be in your area on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. You will meet me! I expect you to reply to this email telling me where we will meet and not only that but between now and them you will follow these little rules.

Your bargain is this, if you carry out each of these simple rules before we meet, I undertake to remove your itch, which you have invariably being suffering from these last few weeks.

1. You will start today by shaving your cunt. And each day you will shave it so by our meeting it will be a smooth and as bare as a babyís bottom.
2. You will cease wearing a bra and will on several occasions play with your nipples making sure to stretch and twist them for five minutes at a time.
3. If you do not own some, you will purchase today, a set of silver Ben Wah balls and unless time of month prevents, you will pop them inside your cunt and wear them non stop till I remove them.

Do these things and I promise you that your inner slut will be not only released, but also I will take you to the promised land of all sluts, Cum Heaven.

Failure to adhere to these rules will of course result in you being denied the pleasure of me spunking on your face. You will be spanked in a serious way and not in the sensual way you would dearly like. Further more failure to carry out my wishes will be seen as your disinterest in our relationship and you will not hear from me again.

Master Ray.

Andrea as she reread the email almost panicked at the thought of no more contact with the man she had come to know as her master. She would meet him and more than that she would do his bidding with flying colours. But where is the best place to meet. She could not think of a single safe place. In fact the more she thought about it the more she kept coming back to the fact that what he may want to do to her would be safest inside her own home. After all Ted would be gone at seven thirty am and not back till nearly four pm. Her neighbours were always out at work during the day and she hardly ever went far from home. So if she was seen in town with out Ted it would seem strange to anyone who knew her.

Where as if someone mentioned her having a visitor to her own home, he was a solicitor looking for the previous tenant who had come into some sort of inheritance. Besides in the fourteen months she had lived here she had never seen her neighbours in between 9 am and 5 pm.

With out further hesitation, She emailed back giving her master her home address and a day to call on her suggesting he arrived just after 9 am.

With in minutes she received back a reply which said, very good and I take it that means you will comply with my wishes.

The next few days dragged but Andrea found her self wishing them away even quicker. Her husband, Ted, had noticed her shaven cunt on the second day she had shaved it. But he put it down to a new fad she was going through, for he had noticed several times of late, that she was becoming more tolerant of his lack of needing sex every day where as before she would have moaned and asked constantly if he still loved her; as was the way of most women.

She found the shaving a chore but manageable, but the Ben Wah balls were something else, she did not own any and had been to town to purchase some but as she approached the sex shop she had chosen who should come round the corner but her husbands sister and a few friends. Obviously she had been surprised to see Andrea so far from home and alone and had asked where she was off to. Andrea lied as she told her that she had needed some things in order to make Ted a really nice tea for when he got home so she was heading for a large supermarket she knew was in the next street. Tedís sister Lucy had smiled at her, one of those all knowing smiles and had deliberately looked from Andrea to the entrance to the sex shop and slowly back; almost suggesting she knew she was heading in there to buy a surprise for Ted.

Andrea had no choice now she walked around the corner and down to the supermarket and bought a few things she did not really need but it gave Lucy time to leave the area. Andrea slowly walked back towards the sex shop and slipped inside; this was an eye opener for Andrea as she had never been inside such a place and to be honest it was not somewhere she would have chosen to go alone.

Inside was brightly lit and looked friendly enough except it was occupied by about six or seven men and they all ogled her as she moved along the aisles looking for the item her master had demanded she buy. To make matters worse, she had adopted the requirement of being braless as her master had decreed. So her 36DD breasts jiggled as she walked and what with the excitement of where she was and the rubbing of her nipples on the material of her blouse as she walked they were rock hard and sticking out far enough to hang hats on.

Thankfully she soon found the blister pack of the Ben Wah balls she was looking for and hastened to the counter to purchase them when a man approached her and asked if she would like to go to a booth out the back with him. She was caught in two minds, one wanted her to run away and never look back. The second was one of curiosity about what the booths were and how they worked.

She declined his offer as she was supposed to save herself for the meeting with her master. Then having paid for her new toys she left the shop and hurried home. As she sat on the bus, she recalled her masterís email and thought she had better pop the balls into place as soon as possible and with a new rush of bravery she opened the packet, marvelling in how shiny and solid the balls felt if not a little cold to the touch. She quickly opened her legs and as instructed she was not wearing panties so she popped the balls inside her cunt.

As she straightened her dress, and the bus hit its first bump since she had popped then inside her she nearly fainted, for all of a sudden she was hit with an intense vibration emanating from deep inside her and like little electric shocks where hitting her clit. How was she going to manage another three days with these things inside her.

She imagined she would be like a walking jelly by tonight and Ted must surely realise something was up. Maybe it would entice him to make love to her and she could be a real slut taking his seed deep inside her cunt to mix with the balls till she could manage to wash them.

However things did not go the way Andrea hoped, for after she got off the bus and walked the three streets to her home, her first orgasm hit her an she found herself hiding in an entry way till it subsided and then walking another street before it hit again. By the time she grasped her front door handle she had already cum five times and her legs felt like lead.

Once inside she literally dropped her bags on the settee and slowly gingerly climbed the stairs. Once inside her bathroom she stripped off and looked at herself in the mirror. Her largish tits looked almost bright red and the swollen stiff nipples begged to be touched, her medium framed stomach seemed to ripple with lust and her shaven cunt lips looked like a rose in full bloom and there were traces of juices running down her legs.

She knew she would not last much longer and so she removed the balls, and after calming down somewhat she made her way down stairs to the computer and emailed her master.

Master Ray,

Your worthless slut has a confession to make, I went and bought the balls as you directed but I slipped them inside me on the bus and have had five really hard orgasms since and that was only half an hour ago. I beg for you to allow me to wear these for the mornings only and allow me to remove them each afternoon before my husband returns from work.

Your worthless slut asks that you grant her this reprieve and if she has to pay a penalty then she will accept your punishment with honour and humility.

Your slut,


Half an hour later she had her reply, which was so be it, but you have earned a spanking at our first meeting, however this shall be a mild spanking because of your honesty.

On the day of the meeting, Andrea could not sleep, she lay from five am watching the time click around to her husband leaving for work. She got up as normal with him and made him his breakfast and saw him off to work. Then she raced upstairs and showered and shaved her now smooth bald cunt before popping the balls into her cunt and sitting nervously in the living room waiting for the door bell to ring.

The minutes seemed like hours as she waited for her master, She was like a cat on hot bricks as she was unable to settle for too long. She almost fainted when the door bell finally rung and she glanced at the clock as she headed for the door, it was five past nine. As she opened the door she knew instantly that he was her master and she showed him inside. No sooner had the door closed he demanded a kiss and seized the opportunity to feel her nipples as she kissed him open mouthed. His tongue sought out hers and almost seemed to stroke her tongue as if it had fingers of its own. His firm fingers located her erect nipple and closed around it, she hardly felt the pressure build till she felt him pulling her nipple away from her chest.

After what seemed an eternity they broke the kiss and she led him into the living room. He removed his coat having already placed a briefcase upon the settee. He looked long and hard at his latest trainee and smiled.

Andrea saw his smiled and thought he was pleased so she smiled her best sexiest smile back at him and was shocked when he declared, ďStop fucking grinning like a Cheshire cat, Open your blouse my horny little fuck slutĒ

Andrea slowly opened her blouse and went to remove it, he instantly stepped forward as if he was going to help her remove her arms from its sleeves, but instead, he twisted the blouse and used it to bind her arms behind her. Then he slid his hand on to her knee and ordered her to open her legs. She accepted his command and opened her legs about eight inches, this was met with a single word, wider, so she opened them to about sixteen inches apart and again the same word, wider, this continued till she could not open her legs any wider apart and then he lifted her skirt out of his view.

Opening her cunt lips he slipped a finger into her streaming cunt and fished out the line holding the balls. Before he pulled them out of her he jangled the strings a little causing the balls to react and had Andreaís cunt throbbing. Although she felt cheap and almost whorish stood like this for his amusement but she also felt more alive than she had for years. Here was someone who was going to use her as a slut and she loved it.

There was a soft plopping sound as first one ball dropped free from her cunt and then closely followed by a second. He held up the balls between them and looked closely at them, Andrea followed his gaze.

Then he ordered Andrea to open her mouth, in a trance she obeyed and he popped the two silver balls into her mouth telling her to suck them clean. Meanwhile he unzipped her skirt and watched it slide to the floor, now Andrea was totally naked before his gaze and he stepped around her slowly, making sure she knew he was sizing her body up. He brought his hand up under her right breast and lifted it almost weighing her tit. Then he slid the same hand down over her stomach and let his finger tips trail along her cunt lips so light was the touch it almost ticklish.

Master Ray stared at Andrea as he did this and he chastised her when she moved, the tickling sensation proving a little too much. Instantly Master ray took her by the arm and led her naked body through to the dining room when he pulled over a chair and sat down. Almost afraid to ask, Andrea knew what was coming but she hoped it would not be a punishing session. Master Ray informed Andrea she was to be spanked six times; Andrea never even asked why, she simply nodded. Master Ray then stood up again and releasing his belt and unzipping his trousers, he dropped his trousers and pants to the floor before kicking them off.

Now naked from the waist down he retook his seat; Meekly Andrea now lay over his lap feeling his hard cock just inches from her overheating cunt. Ray reached over with his left hand and took a firm hold on Andreaís right arm. Raising his right hand, He held it aloft and informed Andrea she was to count the spanks and she was to thank him for correcting her attitude with each slap.

Andrea tensed herself waiting for the first impact but this was expected by Master Ray who deliberately waited and waited. In a soft almost calming voice he ordered Andrea to open her legs wider. She resettled with her legs eighteen inches apart and now the tip of her masterís cock was almost pressing against the tip of her clit. This caused her to give a low gasp and at that exact moment there was a swish as Rayís hand fell and slapped her arse. The hand remained in contact with her flesh, she felt the sting and then the spreading heat, as that heat reached his hand he moved his hand down between her arse cheeks making sure that his finger lightly touched her anal ring.

He heard a shaky voiced Andrea say one, thank you for caring enough to correct my attitudes, Master Ray. Then she nudged forward as his finger made contact with the back part of her cunt lips and as it travelled forward it prised open her cunt lips. Soon his stiff finger was pressing against her clit and then began backing away, back through her soaking wet cunt lips and further back till it pressed against her anal ring. Master Ray now took a little time to massage her anal ring causing her to wriggle some what. But the wriggling only served to increase her passions as she wriggled against his cock and it brushed ever closer to her cunt.

Suddenly the hand was gone, Andrea knew with out needing to look it was raised ready to repeat its enflaming strike. Once more Andrea tensed up and nothing happened, but just as she relaxed the swish occurred and her arse felt its second stinging strike. Again she counted out and thanked her master. A further four more spanks all delivered the same way and all resulting in her cunt juices being massaged into her anal ring were delivered. With each spank master Ray worked his fingers deeper into her cunt and always finished with his finger against her anal ring, but each time a little more pressure was applied and more of his finger entered her sphincter muscle.

All the way through her punishment, Master Ray referred to her soaking wet slutís cunt and cock teasing ass, He told her she was a wanton whore who was going to learn to be his personal cum bucket, whether he wanted to fuck her cunt or her arse or merely spunk her face, she would accept his will with a smile on her face and a thank you on her lips.

Having now spanked her, Master Ray decided he was going to fuck his bitch as only a bitch should be fucked, on her hands and knees. He told her that as his bitch she should kneel on the floor kiss his cock and then lower her head to the carpet and beg him to take his pleasure with her slutty body.

Andrea eager begged to be fucked even though she felt humiliated and used, she still felt so wonderfully sexy and alive. She now knew she would be his fuck toy as long and as often as he wanted her to be. She would do anything for this man who knew exactly how she should be used and wanted to be used.

Ray knelt behind her and slipped his cock up her cunt and slowly he began to fuck her hot tight cunt, as he built up speed he also began to press his thumb into her anal ring. This extra pressure added to her humiliation and feeling of being used and abused and soon had her sobbing her need to cum. She knew better than to just cum as she wished, so she begged for the permission to let her climax happen. Master Ray denied her that permission as he now fucked her hard and fast. He began to feel his tingling in his balls and knew he would not last much longer so he pulled out of her and the yelled for her to cum like the bitch she was.

The sudden shock of having an empty cunt but a full anal ring, (Rays thumb was fully holed up her arse, caused her to release her climax right on cue, her cunt throbbed as she squirted her juices over her legs. Quickly Ray moved in front of her face and with only a few more strokes on his cock he unleashed a torrent of thick white sperm into Andreaís face. There were strands of white spunk strings hanging from her hair, eye lids and nose whilst her open mouth was awash with the stuff. At his command Master Ray watched as she swallowed his load and even scooped up the strands and allowed her to lick his fingers clean.

Andrea kissed her master passionately as she thanked him most profusely for the fuck of her life and she was rewarded with a slap on her already bright pink arse. Master Ray dressed and slipped out of the house unseen by any of Andreaís neighbours and by the time he arrived back at home he had received an email from Andrea.

It read:

Master Ray,

Where do I begin, your presence in my home was fantastic, your treatment of your whore was fair and just and your cock up my cunt felt out of this world; I hope we can repeat this again soon and I now know I was right to invite you to train me. I have never felt so humiliated and yet so wonderful in my life. I would love you to fuck your slut over and over.

Thank you my lord and master.

Your slut forever,


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