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10-02-2008, 04:46 AM
by slut, melanie

School Fuck Doll

I was the school fuck doll in a girls school. This meant that I was to be used, and abused, for the sexual purposes of the girls and staff. Basically I was a living version of a blow up doll. This story typifies a day in the life of a school fuck doll.

I had been ordered to attend Miss Hewitt's class after morning registration. She was giving her class its weekly sex education lesson. The school was slightly different to the ones most people might have attended as in this one girls were trained in sex. It was more of a finishing school for teenage girls who were a bit wayward.

Miss Hewitt was my favourite of all the teachers. She exuded power and respect on one hand whilst being extremely sexy and sensual on the other. Her long blonde hair, plump lips and killer figure, which was always dressed so sexy, made me worship her. Often after the school day had finished and everyone had gone home, as I lived in the school, I would wander into her empty classroom and fantasise about her whilst sitting at her desk. Today I was being summoned to her in person.

The sound of my four inch high, black, strappy high heels perforated the quietness along the corridor as I made my way to Miss Hewitts class. I made sure I looked extra slutty today. My long brown hair was down, and tumbled around my face, my makeup can only be described as porn like. Smokey eyeshadow, with lots of black eyeliner, heavy mascara and thick, red, glossy lipstick which made my pout more pronounced. Underwear was banned from sex education classes, so my tits could be seen straining against my see through, tight, white blouse. The piercing in my left nipple perfectly visible as my nipples were hard and trying to poke through the thin material. My school tie was very loosely done up, framing my blouse which was open halfway down.

My black, wrap around skirt was tiny, and very flimsy. It was so short that the bottom of my ass cheeks could be seen as I walked. Covering my legs I had my favourite, very sheer, ten denier, nearly black, crotchless pantyhose on. These were really wanton, and ensured that my slutty ankle bracelet and toe rings were highly visible.

I stroked my nipples as I approached the class. Upon knocking on the door I heard, "Enter".

I entered the class, closing the door behind me.

"Oh good, the fuck doll is here", Miss Hewitt announced.

Her class consisted of ten very beautiful teens.

Miss Hewitt looked hotter than ever. Her blonde hair was also worn down, her makeup was perfect. Very businesslike, but also very sexy. Her grey, pin striped, jacket was hanging on the back of her chair. The black blouse she was wearing clung to her body and accentuated the shape of her breasts. The matching grey, pin stripe skirt was cut above the knee, and had a very long slit up the side. Beneath this were her fanastic legs, sheathed in her sheer black pantyhose. My eyes travelled down to see that Miss Hewitt was wearing some of the highest heeled stiletto's I had ever seen.

"Come and stand at the front of the class Fuck Doll", she ordered.

The class was looking me up and down as I stood before them. Their gazes making me feel horny.

"Right class", Miss Hewitt started.

"This is the school fuck doll. She is going to assist in our all day lesson. First I am going to show you the basics of the fuck doll, and introduce you to different aspects of sex".

Miss Hewitt approached me, the smell of her perfume was making my heart quicken. She stood close to me and put her hands on my tits.

"These are her tits. Unbutton you blouse", she commanded.

I slowly undone the buttons and let my blouse fall open. My tits swung free.

"These are nipples, as you can see one is pierced".

Miss Hewitt then stroked my nipples, making them stick out as far as they would go.

"Unwrap your skirt".

I undid the tie at the side and my skirt fell to the floor. I could see the class’s eyes all descend on my cock, which, due to the close proximity of Miss Hewitt, and the fact that I was on show to a class of horny teens, was beginning to harden. I felt so slutty and exposed standing there with my cock growing while these sexy girls were examining me. My heart was racing as I stood with my feet wider apart, I was enjoying being the slut on display for these sexy schoolgirls and their mouth watering teacher. Miss Hewitt reached down and took hold of my cock, her hand started to stretch and massage my cock until it was fully erect and pulsating.

“This class, is a cock”, she almost whispered as she knelt down beside me, her face only an inch from my cock. I could feel her hot breath on my shaft and I longingly gazed down at her. I sighed as she let go of me and got to her feet.

“Turn around fuck doll, bend over my desk and spread your legs”.

I needed no further instructions, and did as I was told. My tits pressed over the teachers desk as I bent over, parted my legs and pushed my ass into the air. I felt Miss Hewitt place a hand on each cheek and pull gently apart, the feeling of cool air on my hot anus.

“This”, Miss Hewitt said as she placed a finger right on my ass hole, “Is an ass. For todays lesson it will also be known as a pussy. This is what you girls have instead of a cock”.

Miss Hewitt pushed her finger into my ass. I gasped quietly.

“Now class, I will demonstrate while you watch, then you will have your chance at some practical. Stand up fuck doll”, she ordered as she pulled her finger form my ass.

“OK class, firstly we shall demonstrate what a ‘turn on’ is. You may have noticed the fuck doll’s cock growing when you were staring at it. The fuck doll was obviously turned on by you girls watching her and this caused her cock to grow. There are many different ways you can become turned on and different parts of the body can be used. Firstly the fuck doll shall demonstrate how to turn me on”.

Miss Hewitt placed a chair in the front of the class. She loosened the top three buttons of her blouse, and sat down. I walked over to her, conscious of the class still staring at my cock bouncing in front of me with each step. I knelt down beside Miss Hewitt and gazed at her pantyhosed legs and the ultra high heels she had on. I bent down and kissed her feet. Slowly I removed her shoe and started to suck on her toes. The feel of the pantyhosed toes in my mouth felt great. I felt Miss Hewitt push her foot further into my mouth. With my hands I removed her other shoe and started to rub her other foot over my tits. I ran my tongue all over her feet, and kissed up her legs, my hands rubbing over her nylon clad legs, and reaching up, over her thighs. My lips trailed their way up the teacher’s legs until they began to part. I put my hands on each side of her thighs and pushed her skirt up to her waist, exposing her crotch. I looked up and could see Miss Hewitt’s eyes closed, her hands were massaging her tits, which were now fully out of her blouse.

I kissed my way all over Miss Hewitt’s thighs until I reached her pussy which was had dampened the crotch of her nylon pantyhose. I placed my mouth over her cunt and sucked and licked it through the material. I could hear Miss Hewitt’s breathing become deeper and slower, as I ripped a hole in her pantyhose. Immediately I pushed in my tongue and probed deeply inside her. For a few minutes I licked her pussy noisily, swirling my tongue in and out until Miss Hewitt commanded me to stop.

I knelt up and turned to look at the class who looked a mixture of stunned and excited. Miss Hewitt was sat slouched back in her chair with her legs apart, her pussy off full display through the hole in her pantyhose. Her blouse was now unbuttoned completely and her tits were on show. Of course I was in the same state.

“Now fuck doll, I want you to join the class and do the same”, she breathed.

I stayed on my hands and knees and crawled over to these teens on heat. My eyes firmly fixed to their sexy feet and pantyhosed legs. They were sat in a semi circle, so I crawled to the middle and kissed every foot individually, licking up their sexy, slim, pantyhosed calves. They began to remove their shoes and I could smell their sweet, sweaty feet. I lay on my back as they placed their feet all over me. I put as many in my mouth as I could while the rest were rubbing their nylon soles over my cock, tits and legs. One of them began wanking my cock between her nylon clad feet, which nearly made me cum there and then. I was reaching up the legs which were over me, trying to grope higher whilst still sucking on the pantyhosed feet, which were all over my face, when I felt a mouth suddenly envelope my cock. I was moaning and groaning as I was being sucked off by this hungry young mouth. Then the feet lifted out from my mouth to reveal a pantyhosed pussy being lowered over my face. I pushed my tongue up to meet it, and heard a gasp as we made contact. My tongue probed its way into her pussy, pushing the pantyhose into her too. I saw a red painted set of fingernails appear which proceeded to rip the pantyhose apart. She then pushed her pussy harder onto my face, my tongue pushed deep inside her, tasting the sweet taste of the walls of her cunt. My hands were busy playing with her asshole and I managed to get two fingers inside her. The mouth sucking me off was then replaced by a pussy. It felt very hot and very tight, and began riding my cock furiously. I was so turned on, I felt my heels get pulled off and my toes began to be sucked. The girl on my face started to rub her pussy harder onto my mouth, I knew she was close to orgasm, so I pushed my tongue deeper inside her hot pussy and swirled it around while alternately sucking her clit. She came noisily as I licked her very wet slit. As the schoolgirl removed herself from my face, I glanced over to Miss Hewitt’s desk to see two girls taking turns sucking her juicy cock. The teachers skirt was now pulled high up her waist, and as she was being sucked off she was playing with her tits and staring down at me. I lusted after her.

My gaze was averted when another set of pantyhosed ankles appeared either side of my head. I looked up to see another schoolgirl’s crotch lowering over my face as she squatted. I manoeuvred her so that her tight asshole came into contact with my mouth. She gasped as my tongue began to rim her hot ass, before pushing its way deep inside her anus. Slowly she started to bob up and down on top of me. I could feel the other girl’s pussy contract around my cock and knew she was having an orgasm. As this girl finished and slid off my hard cock it was quickly replaced with a warm mouth, licking the juice which the last girl’s pussy had left on me. I could feel a finger teasing my asshole at the same time. I pushed down against it, urging them to enter me. The finger pushed into me, then another, and another.

Three fingers were fucking my ass as my cock was being cleaned. The hot asshole which was attached to my mouth started moving faster, I stretched it as much as I could with my tongue. The saliva I had created was dripping back down into my mouth so I could taste her ass. Slowly she stood up. I could see her asshole still open, glistening. I saw her face, she was beautiful and looked horny as hell. The girl with her fingers up my ass removed them, held her hand and helped balance her to squat over my cock. The girl who was sucking me held my cock in place as the girl whose ass I’d just eaten sat on my cock and took the whole length up her tight, wet ass. She moaned and stayed in place for a minute to get used to the feeling. I wanted to cum inside her ass right then. She started sliding up and down my cock, playing with her pussy as she moved. Another pantyhosed ass appeared above me and lowered into position, onto my face. I inhaled the smell of teen pussy and ass in deeply, before pushing my tongue through the nylon and giving her deep oral. My senses were over loaded with the divine smell and taste of a hot pussy and asshole, along with the sight of a pert, pantyhosed ass and tight, bald, pussy over my face. The feel of a tight ass squeezed around my cock. The sight of a smooth, wet ,pussy behind nylon right in front of my eyes, and the sound of a young sluts panting, in the build up to orgasm.

I moaned and slammed my cock into the ass which was riding me. They knew. Quickly she pulled herself off of me and another girl plunged my hot, throbbing cock straight into her mouth. I felt the girl on my face cum at the same time as my spunk pumped into the mouth covering my cock. Slowly she sucked and drained me before removing her mouth, my cum still in her mouth. They sat me up and the girl leaned over me, her mouth lowered to mine as if to kiss me. Then she let her lips open and a mouthful of cum ran down my face and into my mouth. I licked my lips, then kissed the girl passionately, our tongues swirling the sperm around inside each others mouths. As we finished our kiss I began to get up. Spunk dripped down onto my blouse as I stumbled to my feet. In an instant another girl was squatting in front of me, sucking my cock, cleaning it, and making it hard again. As I looked down at her sucking away I felt another girls hand come between my legs from behind. Two fingers rubbed oil around my ass, sliding casually in and out as they spread the lubricant. I parted my legs some more to allow her better access. I heard the unmistakable sound of Miss Hewitt’s heels approaching as four fingers were now inside my ass and fucking me.

“Good work”, said Miss Hewitt, watching the girl fucking me with her fingers.

“Keep it lubed and you shall be able to put your whole hand in and try fisting as soon as the fuck doll has stretched a little more”.

Miss Hewitt surveyed the girl a little longer, giving encouragement before moving around to speak to the girl sucking my now stiff cock. All the time Miss Hewitt stared at me while talking to the girls. She sat on the desk in front of me and pulled her skirt around her waist to show her huge, rubber, strap on cock hanging heavily down by her nylon clad thigh.

“You can put your mouth to good use fuck doll while you are being used”, she whispered.

With that she lay back on the desk and I leant forward to take her cock in my mouth. Noisily I began slurping and sucking on her beautiful cock, all the time aware of the girl sucking my own and the four fingers, which were getting faster and faster, fucking my ass. Miss Hewitt’s cock hardened up very quickly, filling my mouth. I let some spit dribble down her cock so I could give her a sloppy blow job, burying my face in her crotch as I took her full length in my slutty mouth. I was sucking away when I felt a huge pressure against my ass. I knew the sexy little bitch behind me was trying to fist me. I relaxed my ass as much as I could and pushed back slightly until I felt her knuckles pass into my anus.

I took a moment to get a breath then pushed some more to feel her whole hand pass deep inside me. I reached behind to check, and sure enough, just a slim wrist was coming out of my asshole. I moaned with pleasure and she started, very slowly, to fist me. My attention returned to Miss Hewitt’s cock and I began sucking for all I was worth. In between sucking I couldn’t help but tell Miss Hewitt how sexy she was and how I wanted to be her special fuck doll, and foot licker. I even told her one of my secrets. That I had came into her classroom after school one day, found a pair of her heels under the desk and had licked and fucked them, cumming inside them. My thrill had been that she was walking around in them a few days later with her sexy pantyhosed feet. Miss Hewitt moaned, and told me that I was a naughty, horny little fuck doll.

My confessions, coupled with my wet sloppy mouth sucking her cock, must have had the desired effect as Miss Hewitt moved the cock to one side, pulled my face into her pussy and climaxed over my face. I groaned as the girl fisting me was well into her rhythm, twisting her wrist as she moved her hand gently around inside my ass. The girl below me had heard what I was saying to Miss Hewitt and was now giving my cock a footjob with her sexy little pantyhosed feet. I lowered myself to lick Miss Hewitt again and the girl fisting my ass swirled her fingers around inside me making my cock explode over the feet which were wrapped around it.

Miss Hewitt clapped, “Well done girls, that was an excellent job”.

The girl behind me slowly withdrew her fist as the girl in front offered her feet to me so I could lick my spunk from her now messy feet. Miss Hewitt asked the class if anyone needed the toilet, and two girls said that they did.

“Well”, she said “We are fortunate today that we have our very own toilet in the wonderful shape of the fuck doll. Don’t be shy girls”.

The girls led me to the desk at the front of the class and lay me down. My legs were spread and one of the girls was already beginning to suck my sticky cock hard again. One of the girls stood on the desk, straddling me, her pussy red from use, now on show due to her lack of a skirt. Her pantyhose were ripped open at the crotch. She squatted down over my face, I knew what I had to do, and I placed my mouth over her sexy cunt. My tongue gently teased her as she relaxed and a stream of piss flooded into my mouth. I gulped as much as I could but quite a large amount showered my face and ran down to soak my spunk covered blouse. I was catching as much as I could when the other girl had appeared from behind my head. I looked up just as she started to piss. My hair was soaked in her piss, and she even got piss on the first girl’s feet as she was still straddling me. I was covered in hot salty piss as my cock was still being sucked. The first girl offered her wet foot to my mouth and I sucked the piss from her pantyhose, swallowing it down. Just as soon as the girls moved away I saw one of the others approaching me with a huge strap on attached to her waist. I lifted my legs so she could see my still gaping asshole. She smiled at me as she pushed the huge cock into my ass. I begged for her to fuck me as more of the girls pissed over me. My ass was contracting around the big cock inside me as the girls finished peeing on me.

“Put your head back fuck doll”, I heard.

I tipped my head back to see Miss Hewitt’s sexy cunt coming towards me. I opened my mouth and she thrust her pussy against my mouth. Steadily she began to piss straight down my throat as the rest of the girls began getting a little more aggressive too. The girl fucking my ass was now pounding her strap on cock into me , I could hear her grunting with effort as she thrust her hips back and forth. The girl sucking my cock was now joined by another, and they took turns deep throating me. My hands were taken and used to rub around other girls pussy’s and assholes. I was truly being used as a fuck doll.

I too started to cum, and the two girls sucking my cock shared the load, holding it in their hot mouths, only to spit it into my face as they lifted their heads up. I frantically tried to lick as much of it from my face as I could. They then started to spit their own saliva at my mouth. I held my tongue out as they lent over me and dribbled their spit into my wide open, cum lined, mouth. I swallowed it down eagerly, begging them to spit in my mouth some more until about five girls were dribbling and spitting into my mouth and covering my face. The spit from the horny young bitches tasted fantastic. Finally the girl fucking me withdrew her cock and walked up to my face so that I could taste my ass as I licked her cock. The cock was hot from my ass, and wet from the girl’s saliva which was still coating my mouth. Just as I was beginning to relax I felt more fingers being shoved into my gaping asshole, then a whole fist. I was being fisted again, I was truly at these hot schoolgirls mercy, and all I could do was lay there and beg.

“Fuck me! Piss on me! Let me taste your cunts and pantyhosed feet!” I cried.

For the next couple of hours they really went to work on me. I was being fisted while being sucked or wanked. At the same time I had either a pussy, an ass, or pantyhosed feet pressed onto my face to lick and suck. To top that, every so often, one of the little sluts would piss over my face, or body. Whenever I would cum in their mauths the sluts would spit it back over my face. The only clothing I had left on, my now torn blouse which was hanging from me, and my laddered pantyhose, were soaked in piss and spunk. My hair was dripping with piss and my gaping wide asshole was dripping with saliva and lube. I felt like I was in a dream, and had possibly passed out briefly during the hammering I received, but it felt like I’d gone to heaven.

When the girls had nearly exhausted themselves they lifted me up and led me, almost had to drag me, to Miss Hewitt’s desk. I was bent over the desk, virtually breathless I lay my head to one side, I spread my legs as was second nature to me. Behind me Miss Hewitt was stroking her big, oiled cock. She had removed her skirt and her blouse was completely unbuttoned. A couple of the girls stroked her tits and felt her ass as she teased herself. I begged her to fuck me there and then. One of the girls placed Miss Hewitt’s still warm heels on the desk, right in front of my head. I buried my face into them and started licking the insides of them just as Miss Hewitt pushed her cock into my asshole. The sloppy sound of my loose ass being fucked seemed to echo around the class. Some of the girls stroked my wet hair as I was cleaning the shoes with my tongue. Miss Hewitt fucked me hard and deep, her breaths were purposeful as she thrusted. I felt some of the girls pull my ass cheeks open to give Miss Hewitt deeper penetration, at the same time they were stroking up and down the insides of my thighs, their nails rasping on my pantyhose.

I was being fucked harder and harder and knew it would not be long until my ass started orgasming, and my cock would spray spunk once more. I licked the shoes more frantically now, cleaning them all over, inside and out. A couple of nylon clad feet appeared in front of my face to turn me on even more. The girls really knew what buttons to push. I alternated between worshipping the shoes and sucking the sexy, pantyhose toes in front of me. I was gasping for air as my sensed were being overloaded, the cock in my ass sending waves of pleasure through me, the hands stroking my ass, the girl sucking on my hard again cock, Miss Hewitt’s sexy heels and the hot, nylon clad feet in my mouth. I squeezed Miss Hewitt’s cock with the last of my energy as she thrust her last thrust deep into me. I felt her cock push as deep into me as it could and at the same time unloaded the last of my sperm into the girl’s mouth below me. I lay still as my ass pulsed around Miss Hewitt’s cock. The girl below me was softly wanking my dripping cock into her hot mouth. The bell sounded for the end of the school day. We had all been having sex with each all day. No wonder I was tired.

Miss Hewitt pulled out and ordered, “Stand up fuck doll”.

Again I stumbled to my feet. I felt a line of spunk run down my laddered pantyhose. My cock dripped down the fronts of my legs and onto my feet. I flicked my wet hair back from my face and took deep breaths.

“Well done class” said Miss Hewitt as she was buttoning up her blouse.

“Get dressed properly and make your way out. Class dismissed”, she continued.

I stood at the front of the class, still panting, looking the extreme slut. I hadn’t bothered to try and fasten my wet blouse as most of the buttons were torn off and it had ripped in places. It was soaked with piss, as was my hair, and had patches of sperm dotted over it. My tits were completely exposed, nipples still erect, also with spunk over them. My skirt was long lost and so all I had on apart from my blouse was a pair of laddered, cum covered, pantyhose. I managed to put my heels on properly and stood purposely wanton in front of the class. My cock was still gleaming, my asshole still gaping, and cum was still trickling down my legs.

I watched with desire as the girls buttoned their blouses and replaced their skirts, ties and shoes. One by one they filed out past me. Each and every one of them kissed me passionately as they walked past. Some stroked my cock, some spat in my mouth. The last girl to leave walked up to me with three of her fingers up her ass. She removed them and stuck them into my mouth. I sucked on them until she withdrew her fingers, then she smiled, bent forward to kiss me and at the same time stuck her fingers up my ass. She held it there as she kissed me, then pulled her fingers out and we both licked them.

“Bye Miss”, she said as she left the class.

“Well fuck doll”, Miss Hewitt said as she closed the door after the last girl. “We have had a busy day. Same time again tomorrow, with another class?”

“Yes Mistress”, I replied weary but expectant.

“You might want to take some homework”, said Miss Hewitt as she handed me her heels and ushered me out.