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filthy fuckslutbitch
10-02-2008, 04:56 AM
"AAUGH!" I yelled. "What's wrong, Christine?" Chris asked. "I don't feel too good!" I said. "Do you want me to take you to the nurse?" he asked. "Yes!" I said. But it was too late; blood started leaking from my girl place. "Ugh oh, you had your first period!" he said as blood ran down my legs. "Girls get that a lot! At least once a month!" he said. "You'd better get to the nurse! I'll write you a note!"

Later that night, I was at home alone looking at playgirls until I got a surprise visit from someone I had a crush on, Chris! He was really sexy! He laid me down in the bedroom, took my clothes off, and finally took off my bra and panties! My cunt was leaking out wet juice and it was getting all over him, the bed and me! His Dick was like 8 inches! I took it, rubbed it in and out of my boobs, and watched him not be able to take the pleasure I gave him, he was like "I'm not ready to cum yet!" the first 3 seconds I started. So He took his Dick and stroked it up and down my sexy ass, he licked my big ass and said " I love the taste of slut ham!" and I did a girlie giggle. Then I sucked his Dick and he moaned uncontrollably, then he stick his Dick in my pussy and I was all yelling "OH! CHRIS! IT FEELS SO.... GOOD! DON'T STOP!" then, he shot about 1 quart into my pussy, we both were very tired after what we just had.

So anyway, we kept having nights like this every weekend. We'd have sex, I'd piss all over him, and we'd do pleasureful things together! But 4 months later, something happened.

I woke up like I normally do to get ready for Transvestite School. When I uncovered my body, My boobs were twice their size, and my belly was sticking 10 inches out my body! I went to the bathroom and Threw up for 5 minutes and took steady piss that lasted 10 minutes. I was feeling pretty sick and I did have to go pretty bad. I continued my hygienic except I wore a bigger Bra, Regular women's underwear, and a dress.

I walked in and all the other male-to-females gasped. "Oh no! Christine, you're pregnant! You're going to be a mom!" I was like "Oh no! I'm probably 170 pounds now, my tits are bloated with milk, my tummy's sticking out, and I piss and vomit a lot!"
And he was all like "well, your going to have a lot worst problems on the way! You're going to have to push that baby out of that place!" he said as he pointed to my vagina. "Oh no!" I said in a sad girlie voice and I started to cry with fear. And I think Chris did too.

I was back home crying because I didn't want go through so much pain, until my favorite Ex-Female, Chris! We made out for one last time. He rubbed my pregnant belly which was now maybe 15 inches, and said "Your breast are a lot bigger, I like that!" he took a bite out of my belly, shined it, and licked my belly button, then went home.

9 months later, we were talking together, then water started pouring out of my vagina. "THE WATER BROKE!" he yelled "I NEED TO GET YOU TO THE ER!" so he rushed me to the hospital and I was crying in pain. I was pushing as he told me to, but it was hurting a lot! Chris told me to concentrate on my newborn instead of the pain. I did that and it worked! I had it halfway out, and I kept pushing until a cute little baby came out! It was a girl, and Chris was all hugging me. We even kissed on the way home!

We named her Christine. After me, and the name of someone else I used to know who used to have that name, Chris! I think he is the hottest!

Myself (Chris) played Christine (Main character)

Chris (My female-to-male husband) was played by my best friend (Stephanie)