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filthy fuckslutbitch
10-02-2008, 04:58 AM
It all started a few weeks ago, I watched as she layed on the beach tanning her sweet body. She looked so hot wearing that pink bikini. Damn i wish i knew her name, or where she lived, maybe shes here on vaction. I don't think i've seen her before, but she does look familiar. Finally getting the courage i adjusted myself and walk over to her.

"Excuse me ma'am, but I own that cottage over there. It has a great tanning area, if you want you can use it for tanning."

She looked up at me with the sweetest smile, I thought I would burst when I saw it.

"Really! I have this nice body here, you can use it if you'd like then"


"No, not really. now do you want to fuck off"

What a bitch, I was being nice and all, she probably hasn't been laid in quite some time. Well I can fix that for her. I walked away grinning.

I followed her home and watched her over the next couple weeks, learning what her habits were, where she lived, what her name was, hell I probably knew more about her than I did myself. Diane was only 20 years older than myself, she always dressed like a slut and always shot down any man that hit on her. Thats okay she'll get whats coming to her and more.

Here she comes now, what this she bought a new outfit, I wonder how slutty this one looks?

She started to walk past my van when I jumped out and grabbed her I threw her in to the van and closed the door, she started screaming and tried open the door. I laughed because i had the child locks on. I jumped in and drove out to my cottage.

I dragged her into the house and down to the dungeon where she would be staying. I threw her bag in after her.

"Get changed slut. Your going to be my slave like it or not. I'm going to get something to eat"

With that said I left and locked the door behind me. I grabbed a bite to eat and had a shower.

Upon my return I found her dressed in a red mini skirt that just barely covered her ass, A black tube top that barely held her 34 C chest, and a nice pair of red fuck me pumps.

"Come here slave and let me get a better look at you."

"Forget it dead beat i'm leaving and you can't stop me"

"First off slave there is no way you can leave. Second YOU WILL CALL ME MASTER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME SLAVE?"

she looked shocked that I yelled at her.

"I'M NOT CALLING YOU MASTER" She yelled back after a few moments.

With that I walked over and slapped her so hard that she fell to the floor. She layed there holding her face and crying.

"Now if you don't want me to hit you again then get up and stop your fucking crying slave."

She stood up "I'm not your slave you fucking bastard"

I smacked her face again, this time she was more prepared for it and didn't fall.

"Now appoligize slave"

"I'm not appoligizing to you asshole"

I grabbed her and put her over my knee. I layed ten good smacks on her ass. She was really crying now.

"Please stop. It hurts too much"

"Are you going to call me Master and do as I say?"

"Yes, I will call you Master and do as you say. Just don't hit me anymore"

"Well then, lets see how willing you are. On your knees slave"

She stared at me for a moment before dropping to her knees.

"Now pull out and my cock and suck it slave"

She slowly undid my pants and pulled out my now quite hard cock and started licking the head of my cock while slowly moving her small hand up and down my cock. She then took the whole length in her mouth, I started to moan.

I suddenly felt a lot of pain in coming from my sack. I looked down and saw that she had taken her mouth off my cock and grabbed my sack and started pulling it hard. I had almost passed out from the pain.

"I may be a slut but it looks like your going to be my slave."

I was shocked by the turn of events "okay you can leave just let go of my balls." I groaned.

She stood up and pulled off her skirt. revealing a cock that was bicker than mine.

"What the fuck?"

"You picked the right girl to try to rape, no start sucking bitch"

I just sat there staring, she then grabbed my head and moved it towards her. I opened my mouth and reluctently took it in. I could only fit about half of it in without gagging, although it was not enough for her, she forced my lips to the base. I started to gag and she let go i moved my head back and she slammed it forwards again. This time i didn't gag as soon. She kept slamming her cock into my mouth hard.

"Do you have any lube slave?" she asked me.

"Lube? no. What would I need lube for?"

"Sucks to be you" she said. She then pulled me up and spun me around. she took her cock and placed it against my anus.

"The spit you left on my cock will help, not by much though."

I ground as i felt her pushing against my anus. I didn't think it would enter.

I turned to laugh at her when she spit into her hand and rubbed my anus with it. She then tried again, this time my anus started to give way. It felt like she was trying to shove a house in there. She kept forcing her way in my virgin hole and held it there when she got to the base. By this point i was on the verge of crying.

"Oh come on now I can tell you like it, look how hard you cock is."

She started to pump my ass hard. I actually started to enjoy it and started pushing back against her.

"See I knew you liked that bitch"

With a popping sound she pulled out of my ass and told me to lie on my back. I did as i was told and she lifted my legs above her shoulders and slid her cock back into my ass. She was really pumping my ass. I reached around and started to finger her ass. She quickened her pace and shortened her breath.

I dreaded what was going to happen, but I couldn't do anything. She had me pinned. With a loud groan she shot her load deep in my ass. I could feel it burning in my ass, but i couldn't stop myself I came all over her stomach.

"Too bad you came. I would have let you have a go but it will just have to wait until later my slave"

With a grin she got up and left for the shower.

To Be Continued.....?