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filthy fuckslutbitch
10-02-2008, 05:29 AM
a cousin of mine came back from Hungary, I haven't seen her since I was a kid, 15 years ago, she wanted to stay only for couple of months, so she asked us if she could stay at our home, and we said ok.

I noticed that she has changed a lot, cause in the past she was very and less than normal but now with her green and wide eyes and long brunette hair, and a smile that can make a man's head spin, she was tall, and she had boobs that were almost larger than my head _metaphorically speaking_, and she had the most gorgeous ass, I so much wanted to grab that ass and fuck her brains out.

well, I tried to make her feel at home as much as I could , and in less than a week we became as friends as we were 15 years ago, except that had a desire to fuck her that I tried to imply to her a hundred times, I think she wanted to but she couldn't because of a something I didn't know about.

one day, I was in my room reading a story, I thought I was alone, but I heard a moan and I knew that Mandy was at home too, I wanted to surprise her so I sneaked to her room, and I opened the door really fast but because of what I saw I couldn't say surprise,

I saw my cousin jerking off, she had a cock and she was masturbating, she looked at me and she mumbled I-i-i- t-t-thought I w-w-as alone,

what the fuck are you doing? I yelled

this is why I can't have sex with you, cause I knew this would be your reaction

I've always had that fantasy about being fucked by a shemale, so why don't I have some fun.

no you fool, I didn't mean that, I meant why are you doing this by your self and I approached and held her cock and it felt very solid and erect you should never enjoy a cock like that by your self , you should let others enjoy and I got on my knees so I faced her cock, it was really big ,almost 9 or 10 inches long, I was amazed and I looked in her eyes and saw that look of shock, I licked her balls really slow and she let slip a drop of pre-come and let out a moan and said do you like my cock cousin, do you love your cousin's tasty and enormous cock, you should know that I take lots of pills to increase

the amount of cum that I shoot, so incase you don't like a huge load of cum please don't waste my time, ok bitch

I stopped sucking her cock and looked at her eyes and said I love huge things and especially loads of cum , I've never had any, but if your cum tastes like your cock I would be more than pleased and honored to drink it to the last drop, and I love it when you call me bitch

she grabbed my head and forced it all inside my mouth, and she leaned my face back and began to fuck my face really hard saying suck you bitch, suck my cock harder, oh yeah, ah yeah oh here I come you whore, take my cum and swallow it all you slutty cousin, drink your cousin's cock's tasty milk and I felt the pre come and then I shot came out and hit the end of my mouth and then oozed down to my stomach, and before the second one was out she let out more than half of her cock and she shot the second one over my tongue and then a third one on my lips, and then on my nose, and she kept coming until she almost covered my whole face, and then she ran to the kitchen and brought a glass and she gathered all of the cum on my face _or at least the places where my tongue didn't reach_ and she held it under her cock and pissed in it until the glass was full, of hot and golden piss mixed with creamy and thick cum, so I held the glass and drank it all in one gulp tasty, really tasty

I am going out now, see you tonight she said.

I went to my room and I was both shocked and sleepy so o slept, and I woke up when someone opened the door of the house, it was past midnight I looked and it was Mandy

she kissed me and hit me on my butt how are you now my bitch cousin she asked me.

missing you, my mouth's fucker

she went to the kitchen and took of her clothes, reached for the olive oil, she oiled her cock and said follow me, she went to my room, laid on the bed and said hump on, I took of my clothes and place my knees on both her sides and rested my ass over her cock, and held it so it's head was on my ass's entrance and I lowered my ass and began to hump up and down real slow in the beginning , and then faster and faster and she was screaming yeah, ohh faster cousin faster � yeah ,yeah, oh ah and I was moaning cause the whole 10 was inside my ass, and then I felt her cock throb real hard and then cum was coming out of it and I felt that nice oozy liquid spraying the walls of my ass, so I removed my self from top of it and licked the cum that was left, and it tasted like heaven.

I kissed her and went to have a bath, knowing that my cousin will be gone by next week and I will remember the summer when I discovered that I have a shemale cousin, and that I will fantasize about this day for the rest of my life.

the end