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Welcome to the final chapter in this trilogy.

Chapter 3.

It was now two weeks since Master Ray visited Andrea’s home and there email relationship continued as before with a couple of emails each way every day. Suddenly there were no emails from Master Ray for three whole days; Andrea was confused and a little hurt trying to work out what she had done to offend Master Ray.

The whole episode played on her mind, several times she almost sent him an angry email demanding he tell her what she had done that was so wrong, but of course she did not have the nerve. Another long day with out an email from her master so in a mood, Andrea decided to take a leisurely bath and go to bed.

In her bathroom she slowly undressed watching herself in the full length mirror, as she revealed her breasts she stroked the nipple and shuddered with pleasure. Instantly she spun round as if she was being watched, her mind was in a whirl as she told herself that her master had not given her permission to play with her nipples. That was all it took for her to stop and slowly remove her now damp panties.

She was soon soaking in her hot bubble bath and as she relaxed, it suddenly happened, her eyes closed and she saw Master Ray’s face looking at her from somewhere inside her mind. His lips moved and from somewhere close by she heard his voice telling her what a slut she was and how she really wanted to play with her nipples. The voice continued as it instructed her to squeeze her fleshy tits and slide her soapy fingers over her erect aching nipples. Then she heard this voice demanding she lift her legs clear of the water and raise her horny cock loving cunt from the water, soon following the voices commands she had three fingers dripping in cunt juice as they plunged in and out of her cunt.

She was just on the verge of climaxing with the smiling face of her master fixed in her mind when she heard her husband outside the bathroom door. He was asking that she make him a sandwich before going to bed, with a tremor in her voice, she hoped he would not detect, she said, “alright dear, I will only be a few more minutes!”

The spell was now broken and Andrea was even more horny as she reluctantly got out of the bath and wrapped herself in a dressing gown. Going downstairs to the kitchen she found on the table at the bottom of the stairs a note from her husband timed almost the same time as she had gone to have a bath saying he was popping down to his mates place to help him with a problem.

Andrea was even more confused now, who had stopped her from climaxing using her husbands voice and wanting a sandwich when he would have been gone for twenty minutes by that stage.

Mentally exhausted and sexually frustrated she climbed the stairs and retired to bed, Andrea tried repeatedly every trick she knew to relax enough to fall asleep but an hour later as her husband came to bed she was still wide awake. At three am she was still no nearer to getting any sleep, so she decided to get up and would check out the adult story site she had discovered. As she logged on to the internet she was surprised to find an email from Master Ray, its usual subject heading revealed nothing about its contents, it read:
Sexy Slut.

Eagerly Andrea opened the email and quickly scanned the contents. It read:

My sexy little slut,

No doubt you will be feeling that you have upset me for the lack of the emails of late, however this is not the case! I have been out of the country for the last four days and therefore unable to email you.

But now for some good news, I am in your area from tonight for three days and will be staying at the Marriott hotel room 406. Tomorrow I have no plans for the morning so I command you to attend my hotel room at 9 am.

Do not disappoint me and you will wear a semi transparent blouse mid thigh skirt and no underwear. You will enter the hotel and proceed directly to my room where you will know twice on the door and wait for me to let you in. whilst your waiting you will roll up your skirt so your arse and cunt are on view to me when I open the door.

Failure to carry out my wishes will be painful and final.

Master Ray.

She read and reread the email, still not taking all the details in, would she really go to this man’s hotel room dressed as he demanded, her heart was beating so fast and so hard she swore she could hear every beat. He cunt jumped and twitched at the thought of being the plaything of this man. She knew deep down inside she would be there and naked if he told her to be. Andrea could not believe it she was now only five hours from a second meeting with Master Ray and she had to find a way she could realistically have hold of the car tomorrow. She thought about it for a while and decided that if Ted could help out a friend she could too. Feeling much happier now but twice as horny she went to bed, she toyed with the idea of stroking her cunt to a silent orgasm without disturbing Ted but knew she would now be getting more than enough stimulation tomorrow, so she gripped her legs tightly together and tried to sleep.

Inside five minutes she was asleep and only woke when she felt Ted’s weight move off the bed. Sleepily she said, “Ted, dearest, may I borrow the car today? I can take you into work, for Becky has a problem and needs a woman’s shoulder to cry on!” Ted knew that Andrea’s oldest friend Becky, was having relationship problems and was feeling pretty down just now, so he agreed.

For the first time in a long while, Andrea shared her morning wash with her husband and she swore he never even noticed. Soon she was sat beside her husband as she drove to his work where they switched seats and she headed off towards the hotel, on route she called in at a coffee bar and slipped into the toilets where she quickly removed her bra and panties, dropping them into her hand bag. She thought no one would notice but the look from the young man behind the counter proved he at least had noticed her free hanging large tits and their erect nipples. Weakly she smiled at him as she grabbed her coffee to go and skipped out of the shop.

Fearing the car might be recognised in the hotel car park she took the precaution of parking in a supermarket car park some ten minutes walk from the hotel. As she walked to the hotel she passed a building site and she could not believe her ears, she was wolf-whistled by two builders young enough to be her sons. It was not until she passed a shop window and caught her reflection she realised her skirt had blown up and she was showing her naked arse.

Quickly she straightened her skirt and entered the Marriott hotel, skirting past the reception desk she entered the lift lobby and took the lift to the fourth floor. Exiting the lift she felt someone’s hand on her bare flesh just under the hem of her skirt and when she spun round there was a man old enough to be her dad, smiling and also apologising as he said he jut could not resist. Andrea smiled in a playful way and turned to find her master’s room. As she neared room 406 she turned and looked along the empty corridor, breathing a sigh of relief she knocked on the door and quickly folded her skirt up into a kind of belt. Of course this showed her bare arse and her uncovered cunt. Just then the same old man came towards her in the corridor, she was in a dilemma, should she cover up and risk her master opening the door to her failing in her task or should she pretend that she had not seen the old man.

She decided because of the threat of the email that she really had no choice and she ignored the approaching old man. As he past her he leant in and kissed her cheek saying “Beautiful fucking sexy and beautiful, there are some real lucky bastards around!”

No sooner had the old man rounded the corner than the door opened and Master Ray smiled as he saw her stood there her charms fully on display. Andrea stepped into the room and stood perfectly still awaiting her next command. There was no command Master Ray merely walked up behind her and quick as a flash a ball gag was popped into her mouth preventing her from talking. Andrea was happy about this for the last thing she wanted right at this moment was to answer awkward questions. Returning to Andrea’s view she watched as Master ray walked over to the bed and sat down. He beckoned her over towards him but stopped her as she took her first step forward. He then instructed her to open her knees and keep them eighteen inches apart as she walked, this of course allowed him to see her cunt as she walked. Andrea felt awkward as she tried to walk in this unfamiliar way but finally found herself stood at his feet.

He reached forward and touched her just above her left knee and with light traces he stroked his fingers up towards her cunt. As soon as he got to within touching distance of her cunt lips his hand dropped away and began its ascent up her right thigh in the same soft gentle fashion. Andrea felt her cunt tingle as she sensed his fingers approach. Suddenly he had a finger pressed against her cunt lips and as they parted he rubbed her underlying clit as he spoke, “Why my little fuck slut is really horny, your cock loving cunt is soaking wet, does my little bitch want to be fucked?”

Andrea tried to answer but the gag distorted her reply into garbled rubbish, Master Ray teased her by saying, “If you want to be fucked my little wanton whore, you must tell me to fuck your slut cunt!” again she tried to beg to receive his cock but still the sounds were unintelligable.

“Very well!” master Ray continued, “If you don’t want to be fucked then may be you need a spanking, my naughty little whore!” At this Andrea trembled not knowing whether to say yes please or no master don’t spank me. Master Ray stood up and moved away from Andrea before turning and allowing her to watch as he slowly removed all his clothes. He knew at least mentally she would be licking her lips when he revealed his seven and a half inch cock, even if she could not tell him how much she wanted to suck it and feel it ploughing into her overheated cunt.

He returned to the bed now naked and made her lean over his lap, then he had her open her legs to about eighteen inches and taking a firm hold on her right breast he spanked her without ceremony. Three swishing spanks to each of her delectable cheeks while all the time he squeezed and teased her right tit; then his firm fingers found her nipple and as she recovered from her spanking he suddenly twisted her nipple as he pulled. Andrea nearly fell over although swooned would have been a better way of describing it. She wanted him to fuck her any way he saw fit and was prepared to accept anything to have this beguiling cock entering her body, whether that be her mouth her cunt or even her arse; and it had been years since she took anything up there.

As she regained her balance her master gently shoved her away and pointing down to a wet patch of skin on his leg so lovingly close to his cock he glared at Andrea, He ordered her to remove her gag and she did so with more than a little struggling. He chastised her for wetting his thigh with her cunt juices and the ordered her to kneel and lick up the juices immediately. He warned her though she was not to touch his cock at all.

Carefully Andrea licked her juices from his hot skin and swallowed them; When he was satisified she had cleaned up her mess he ordered her to stand and remove her skirt; quickly she removed her skirt watching it drop to her ankles and then she lift her foot raising it till she could grip it in her hand. He ordered Andrea to turn around and she could feel his eyes burning deep into her now red tinged arse. She felt his hands on her calf’s just below her knees and felt then slowly rising up until they were just at the base of her arse cheeks. Bend forward her master demanded and she did so, then she felt his fingers opening her cheeks and felt those hot burning eyes staring at her anal rosebud.

Andrea felt great humiliation at being opened up this way for inspection and she felt the blood rushing to her face. He took his time as if he knew that this humiliating position inflamed her passions further, then she felt the lightest of touches against her anal ring, almost feather like and yet it set of time bombs in her mind. now two finger’s were probing her anal ring and they were working it open, stretching it gently this way and then that all the time Master Ray was telling what a horny fucking bitch she was and how her whole body cried out to be used as a cum bucket.

Then he slipped his index finger into her anal opening and at the same time the same finger of his other hand entered her cunt. Now he stroked his two fingers together through the membrane wall separating her cunt form her bowels; this was so new and so erotic to Andrea that she felt her juices begin flowing down the insides of her legs, she hoped her master would not notice or if he did would not take offence. But too late he had noticed and in fact ducked his head down and traced the juices back towards her cunt with his tongue.

Just as quickly the fingers were gone and Master ray stood moved over to the dressing table and taking the stool he placed it some three feet from the edge of the bed. He now ordered Andrea to come over and quickly tied her ankles to each side of the stool; then ordering her to put her wrists to her ankles he had then tied there too. Now Andrea was bent double, her thigh muscles stretched and taut, her arse cheeks also taut and firm. She managed to raise her head just enough to see him pick up a riding crop and when her returned to her he made her kiss the leather flap which he joked would soon be kissing her flesh.

Then he told her to begin counting the strokes and to thank him between each one. He also told her that she had to admit she was a first class slut and crazy for cock between each spank. Then walking behind her he waited. Andrea looked between her legs, past the soaking wet cunt lips which looked like they could drip juices any moment and saw her master positioned ready to strike. Ass he anticipated that first sting, she suddenly saw him move away and then everything went black as he fastened a blindfold over her eyes.

Now Andrea was lost, she had now way of gauging when each stroke would land and therefore could not brace herself for the strike. Her mind raced as she realised all this preparation had served to heighten her level of horniness another couple of notches and now she was on the verge of orgasm with no way of anticipating it.

Whack the first stinging slap hit home on the upper right edge of her arse cheeks, quickly followed by a second on her left cheek. Andrea snapped out, “One, Two thank you master, your horny cock crazy slut deserves this all the more!”

Soon there was not enough time between the strikes as they rained down on her stinging ass and to her surprise and humiliation she suddenly climaxed with out her cunt being touched. Then she felt something solid touch her between her ass cheeks, she was in too much excitement to register what it was, could it be her master’s cock or was it a vibrator. Suddenly her senses kicked in; it was a vibrator and it was now spreading her cunt lips as it entered her vagina.

She had barely got used to it filling her when it was gone, soon to be replaced by a larger one which pressed against her cervix, trying to enter her womb. She was incoherently groaning when she felt her master’s cock trying to enter her cunt alongside this large vibrator. She panicked but was unable to move without fear of falling over. Then the cock was gone coated in her juices it reappeared at the entrance to her anal ring and in a slow steady push it entered her and fucked her anal chute.

Once more the friction placed on her membrane proved to be Andrea’s undoing as she began trembling as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. Just as she felt she could come no more the cock in her arse was gone and so was the vibrator. With a quickly flick of his wrist Master Ray untied her hands and Andrea waited expecting her ankles to be also released, but instead she felt the hard firm hand print as Master Ray spanked her arse with his bare hand. In her mind sparks flew and she entered total sexual melt down as she came even harder that just seconds ago.

Then Master Ray ordered Andrea to release her ankles and get into the bitch position, she immediately did as she was told and knelt on all fours lowered her arms and head to the floor and spread her aching legs. Master Ray climbed behind her and slammed his cock into her cunt in one swift stroke. In a flurry of strokes he fast fucked his bitch and pulled out just before he sprayed his load all over her arse.

Ordering Andrea to turn round and suck his cock clean he scooped up some of the white strings and finger fed them to his horny sexy little slut.

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