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This one belongs here for sure, it was written and sent to me by a friend.

Wild uncle Allen

Written by the lady

I had left for work while both my sister Judy and her husband Bob
were still at home. I knew that they would soon leave for their own
jobs as I circled back toward their house. I also knew that there
wasn't any school today for their fourteen year old daughter Janet. I
turned my car back down the street where their house was and saw with
immense satisfaction that both their cars were now gone. My cock was
already in a state of full erection when I parked my car and went back into
the house.

I moved quickly to the spare bedroom where they were letting me
stay for the next few weeks. They had been so kind to me giving me food
and shelter until I got back on my feet that I felt guilty about what I
was planning to do to their daughter today. But the mental picture of
the young girl's sexy enticing body overcame my guilt and I started
pulling all my clothes off my trembling body.

I stripped down completely nude and noticed my cock had swollen to
its largest size ever. I gripped the thick shaft in my hand as I then
moved down to Janet's room. I figured that she would still be in bed
asleep since she didn't have to go to school. I slowly opened her
bedroom door and looked inside and confirmed that my sexy young niece was
indeed sound asleep.

Janet had just turned fourteen years old but already her slim body
was able to arouse me to a higher state of desire than any girl I'd
ever known. She had light blonde hair that was so long it covered her
small shoulders completely. Her eyes were big and a very pale blue in
color. She had long slender legs that seemed to make up over half her
height and at the top of those legs was the cutest round ass I'd ever
seen. Her breasts were just now starting to bloom and were about the size
of small apples. I had wanted to fuck her ever since the first time I
saw her after moving to this city where she lived with my sister and
brother-in-law. Today was going to be the day my dreams came true.

I softly closed her door back and then walked to the living room.
I picked up the telephone and then called my boss at work. I told him
that I was ill and needed to take a sick day. He asked me, "How sick
are you?" I wanted to tell him that I was sick enough to fuck my
preteen niece but I just told him I felt bad. He replied that it was no
problem and he hoped I would feel better tommorrow. I returned the phone
to its cradle and then walked back to my niece's bedroom.

I went inside her room and then moved over next to her bed. I saw
that she had kicked her covers off during the night and her alluring
figure was completely available for my viewing pleasure. My eyes took in
every detail of her sexy little body with only a thin nightie to cover
her enticing young curves. I was now wanting to ravage her fresh sexy
body no matter what the consequences might be.

I wanted my eyes to drink in every detail of her beautiful young
body. I even went back and turned on the overhead light so to better see
her. I then leaned over her bed and moved my face up close to her
small sleeping figure while ogling every square inch of her smooth skin.
When my head moved very close to her pantied bottom I could smell the
arousing aroma of her young pussy and it spurred me onward.

I knew the girl was a sound sleeper from listening to my sister
trying to wake her every morning. But by now I no longer cared if she
woke up because I was determined to have incestual sex with her whether
she was asleep or not. I began slowly and gently rubbing my hand down
her long downy legs. She stirred slightly as my caressing became more
vigorous. Suddenly she moved her legs apart in a relaxed sleepy posture.

I slowly moved onto the bed and crawled up between her legs. Then I
began pushing the thin nightie up above her small perky breasts. My
head moved down to her chest and I hungrily put my lips around one of her
nipples. I took the entire peach-size breast into my mouth and began
suckling it with vigor. I was trying to pull it down into my throat
when I heard the little girl squeak in fright at her rude awakening.

I gave her a smile as I moved my lips over to her other breast and
started suckling it. Her big eyes looked at my face for a few seconds
and slowly she became aware of what was happening to her.

"Uncle Allen why are you touching me like this? Are mom and dad
gone?" Janet asked me in her young voice. I wondered if she was truely
shocked or if she was only worried about her parents walking in and
seeing what we were doing. I didn't answer either question as my mouth
was busy but I did move my hands down and start sliding her silky
panties down her slim legs.

"Stop Uncle. Why are you doing this"? The sexy young girl cried
with a sound of terror in her voice. Her small hands were frantically
grabbing at her underwear as she tried to stop them from uncovering her
little love muff.

I kept peeling them down her legs and then held her legs up in the
air while I jerked them off her feet. She had her big pale blue eyes
watching my face as she moved her hands up over her naked little cunt. A
frightened moan started coming from her throat. I leaned down and
suckled each of her perky breasts again for a few moments while she was
still moaning with fright. I moved up off her titties and then began
moving my head down toward her blonde fuzzy pussy mound. I spread her
puffy pussy-lips apart slightly and then stuck my tongue out and began
licking up through her small gaping cunt.

I stopped my lewd actions long enough to tell her, "Janet my sexy
little niece, your uncle is going to fuck you now". My tongue went
back to licking her sweet cunt as the small girl replied to my vulgar

"Oh please no, don't do this to me. I've never done that before
Uncle Allen". She sobbed in protest with her eyes widely bulging in

I raised up enough to gaze into those sensational blue eyes. "That
will make it even better Janet darling", I said to her in reply.

Her unbelieving stare remained fixed on my face as I then leaned
back down and licked up through her small winking slit a couple more
times. Then I stuck my tongue inside her hot hole as far as it would go
and began to rapidly tongue-fuck my pretty niece. I could look up and
she her pretty head bent up so she could witness my vulgar actions. I
knew she was in total shock at what I was doing and her fresh innocence
roused my lustful passions even higher.

She was wailing loudly as my tongue kept thrusting in and out of
her sweet tasting cunt. I brought my hands up to where I could rub her
firm little clitoris with my thumbs while my tongue kept up its rapid
motions. I could feel her small hands slapping at the back of my head
and shoulders and her long slender legs were thrashing all around. I
had to hold on tightly with my big hands clutched around her tiny flat

"Oh god Uncle Allen what are you doing to me? Please stop now,
please". Janet screamed out to me in terror. Even though her voice was
full of fright I knew that her body was beginning to enjoy my
stimulations and eventually her young mind would quit dreading what was about to

Her small frame was thrashing about wildly as her sexual arousal
intensified. Her hands had now stopped beating on me and were holding
on to the back of my thrusting head. Faint gasps were coming from her
mouth and soon I felt her body stiffen up as she experienced the first
orgasm of her life. I licked up her sweet juices for a few more
moments and then slowly rose up over her. I looked down at the gasping
girl and saw that she was thoroughly confused about what had just occured
to her. I figured that she had never known there might possibly be
such pleasure to be derived from her little blonde-fuzzy pussy.

While she was still recovering from her climax I brought my stiff
love muscle up to her pussy's tiny opening and began trying to push it
inside. Janet wasn't even aware of what I was now doing to her tender
little cunt as she was still in shock from her mind-blowing experience.
I managed to jam my swollen shaft into her tight pussy lips before she
realized that something was poking into her little hot cunt.

But she did finally awake to what I was doing and then she started
crying and thrashing her body around all over again. The small girl
was frantic with obvious terror at my intended horror.

"Oh god no Uncle Allen. Don't rape your own niece. Don't put
your cock in my pussy. We can't do this Uncle Allen". She cried out
while tears streamed down her cheeks.

"We CAN do this Janet baby because we're already doing it". I
told her as my cock bumped heavily into her maidenhead membrane. I
pulled my cock back slightly and gripped my niece's waist tightly as I
prepared to bust her cherry.

"Uncle Allen is so happy that you saved your cherry for him". I
said as I shoved my nine inch shaft through her thin membrane. The
experience of fucking my pretty niece was even better than I'd ever
dreamed it could be.

Her voice let out a sharp piercing yelp as I sliced through her
maidenhead and then she resumed her muffled sobs. My gaze drifted down
to watch the extremely sensual sight of my thick adult cock sliding in
and out of her tightly stretched cunt. The thought of her being my own
sister's daughter was making the thick hard muscle swell even more.

My large adult cock was not able to penetrate into the small girl
to its full extent. About three inches of its thick base was still
visible when my shaft bottomed out in her belly. After several thrusts
I noticed a red ring forming around the hard shaft and it was marking
the depth of my penetration. Knowing that the ring was Becky's virgin
blood made my big dick swell up with growing lust.

"Now you never have to worry about being a virgin again Janet".
I stated happily while beginning another slow deep thrust. "Uncle has
taken care of that sad condition for you".

"You're raping me and making me hurt real bad". Her young
tearful voice shouted back in reply.

"Well Janet baby, there is always a little pain and discomfort the
first time. You should realize that my cock is also hurting a lot from
stretching your virgin cunt out for you". I said to the preteen while
stretching the truth considerably.

I didn't want to hurt her any more than I already had so I kept my
motions slow and easy while savoring every second and every sensation.
I forced myself to hold back from cumming for I wanted this incestuous
coupling to last as long as possible. But with every stroke I made
and every second that passed I could feel my huge cock-head swelling up
more and more.

Janet's sobs were now quieter and her small body seemed to have
lost most of its earlier tension. The only sound she was making now were
small 'uhhs' every time my swollen cock bottomed out. They didn't
sound like painful expressions though. In fact the more I heard her
sounds, the sexier they became. I purposely increased the speed of my
thrusts just to hear the responses come from her young throat with
increased speed also.

I knew I was very close to cumming and so I teasingly asked her,
"Janet my love, do you want Uncle Allen to shoot his cum in your hot
pussy or do you want me to pull out and shoot it all over your sexy

Her big eyes were staring at me with loathing as she shouted back,
"Just do it you bastard. You are going to be in deep shit when I tell
daddy what you did to me".

I smiled back at her after hearing her threat and then I purposely
shoved my big dick very heavily into her belly. Her eyes rolled up
until only the whites were showing while I held the hard shaft pressed
deeply in. Suddenly I couldn't hold back any longer and my sperm forced
its way through my nine inch cock and began gushing out into her
immature pussy.

It had only shot a couple of streams before I quickly jerked it out
of her. Gripping it firmly with my hand I pointed it towards Janet's
naked breasts and covered them with hot thick cum. I thought I
detected a fleeting look of regret in her eyes when I withdrew from her cunt
but the look soon changed to one of disgust as she watched my seed
spurt on her skin.

I milked my shaft with my hand until the last drop had oozed out of
it. I then touched the head of my dick with my finger and smeared a
little of my cum on the tip of it. Becky was still glaring down at the
mess on her chest and was just about to say some more unkind words to
me when I quickly stuck the cum-soaked finger into her soft warm mouth.
The move must have surprised her greatly for her lips closed around my
finger and her tongue automatically licked around it also. She
realized quickly what her mouth was doing and for a minute I thought she was
going to bite my finger with her teeth.

I slipped the now-clean finger back out of her mouth before she
could sink her bite into it and grinned down at her while saying, "Did my
pretty niece like the taste of Uncle Bill's cum? Your mouth acted
like it did. I bet you could sure give a wonderful blow job with that
sweet mouth of yours Janet".

"You'll never know you bastard. After today you'll never know
anything but a prison". She snarled back in reply.

I slowly rose up off of her and started walking toward her bedroom
door. Then I stopped and turned back toward her. She was so damn
sexy looking laying there naked with flushed skin and tousled blonde hair.
My gaze took in the puddle of cum on her chest and the puffy reddened
lips of her recently violated pussy. I then looked straight into her
beautiful eyes
"Listen Janet dear. You won't tell your daddy or anyone else about
what we did today. For if you do I'll tell them that you've been
begging me to fuck you and threatened to cry rape if I didn't take off from
work so we could do it today."

I watched her young features for her reaction. The look of anger
in her eyes was slowly replaced by a worried expression. I smiled
again and then left her room.

As soon as I left her presence I let myself start worrying about my
actions. I tried to seem self-confident and boisterous in front of my
niece but my mind was not near as calm about the situation that she
thought I was. There was a chance she just might really tell her parents
and the whole world about me raping her.

I walked to the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower. As I
dried my body I started feeling a little better about the prospects.
Surely after thinking it over the little girl would decide to keep her
experience a secret. I hadn't been overly cruel to her and she really
hadn't lost anything except her virginity. I decided that the odds were
my sexy fourteen year old niece wouldn't say anything to her parents.
Besides being very embarrassed from telling the story to them, they
might even believe that she instigated the whole sordid mess.

I then went to my room and stretched out on my bed. I allowed
myself the pleasure of recalling all the delightful sensations I'd had
while ravishing the pretty girl's body. My cock was even starting to
engorge itself in lustful passion as I heard the sound of Janet going to
the bathroom and start the shower water running. I heard her slide the
shower door shut and my mind began visualizing the water splash her
silky skin clean of cum. I had a vivid mental picture of her hands
soaping her breasts and ass. I was already thoroughly aroused when the
sound of the shower water being turned off broke my line of thoughts.

Her light footsteps came to my ears as she went back to her room
and slammed the door. I then dozed off to sleep with thoughts of her
naked body in my mind.

I must have napped an hour or two when I awoke with the sounds of
the television in my ears. I got up and slipped on a pair of jogging
shorts and then walked to the living room. Janet was lying on the big
couch and a big loose t-shirt was covering her sexy body. It must
have been her father's shirt because the sleeves came down to her elbows
and the bottom went almost down to her knees.

I knew she was aware of my presence but her eyes never moved from
the tv screen as I slowly walked over to the recliner directly across
from where she lay. We sat there in silence for several moments while
I ogled her beautiful young figure. I could see the points of her
breasts outlined against the front of the thin white shirt and I could
even make out the darker circles around the perky nipples through the thin

I glanced down and saw my cock had created a huge bulge in the
front of my thin silky shorts and I purposely leaned further back and
spread my legs out widely. This movement made my obvious erection even more
prominent. I watched her face several moments before she responded in
any way.

Finally I caught her eyes in a quick glance toward my crotch.
After a few more moments she glanced at my bulge again and let her gaze
linger a little while. The next time she stared over at my big cock I
moved my hand down and slowly rubbed it. Her eyes glanced up at my
face and saw me staring back act her with a smile.

"You like looking at your Uncle Allen's dick don't you Janet?" I
asked her teasingly.

Her pretty face blushed with the knowledge I'd caught her staring
at it. I then reached inside my waist-band and pulled the stiff muscle
out into the open. Her gaze automatically locked onto it and remained
fixed, staring at it boldly and without shame. Her little feet were
moving around nervously and her hands seemed unable to keep still as she
continued staring at my big thick cock.

Finally she looked back into my eyes. "God your cock is big
Uncle Allen. How in the world did that thing ever get inside of my little

I grinned broadly at her lewd curiousity and then replied, "Janet
when I look at you my cock always gets big. Your hot little cunt can
stretch more than you think it can. I must say that you have one hell
of a nice pussy along with a very beautiful body".

Her flushing face broke out in a grin as she heard my compliments.
She gazed into my eyes for a few seconds and then said, "I'm glad you
think I'm pretty Uncle Allen. Its even nice to know you liked my
pussy. But it did hurt a lot, especially at first. And you didn't even
ask me if I wanted you to do it to me!"

She ended her statement with a pouty hurt expression on her lips.
I looked down at her young sexy body for a few seconds and let her see
me ogling. I smiled back up at her face. I then got up from the
recliner and got down on my bare knees. I walked over close to the couch
on them while acting like I was a humble and regretful person.

"O beautiful sexy niece please forgive your bad uncle . He was
unable to resist your highly provocative charms and he is truely sorry
for any pain he has caused you". I chanted to the smiling these words
in a high comical voice.

Janet then sat up on the couch and put her feet on the floor.
During her movement I caught a glimpse of her crotch when her shirt rose
up and her legs were spread out. She was naked underneath the shirt!
Just thinking about her hot little pussy being bared to my sight made
my cock jump with desire.

With her sitting up on the edge of the couch her fourteen year old
face was very close to mine. She made a stern look come across her
features and looked straight in my eyes and then said, "Your niece Janet
accepts her bad uncles apology. But you better remember to never be
mean to her again"!

I put my left hand on my chest and raised my right one up with
open palm facing the pretty little girl. I looked like a boy scout
pledging to the flag. "I swear never to be mean to my beautiful niece
again as long as I live".

This brought a big grin upon her face and she leaned backwards
with glee. Her knees had widened out when she relaxed and her shirt slid
up several inches along her thighs. I looked up at the beautiful
sight between her legs. Her small sexy pussy slit was completely naked
and staring straight back at me.

I then said to the sexy preteen, "And I promise to never take
anything of yours without asking you first...Now, Janet baby do you want
to fuck uncle Allen again?"

Her big eyes shut for a second and an embarrassed smile came
across her soft red lips. Her voice was meek and almost inaudible when she
replied, "Yes".

Trembling with delight and desire I knee-walked over closer until
my chest was snuggled between the young girl's knees. I slid both
hands along the outside of her bare smooth thighs until my palms were
grasping her curvy little hips. I leaned my head down close to her naked
cunt and then blew softly with hot breath at it.

I glanced up at Janet's face and saw her pale blue eyes glaze over
with sexual arousal as she looked back at me. I then asked her, "May
I kiss your sweet pussy before we fuck?"

She couldn't make her voice respond so she merely nodded her pretty
head vigorously. I then leaned back toward her bare slit and pressed
my mouth against it. My tongue stuck out and into her hot cunt while
the small girl shuddered with pleasure. I began thrusting in and out
rapidly with my tongue and she was now wiggling her whole body at the
sensual experience.

My tongue found the firm little button of her clitoris and began
flicking it and caressing it. I could hear Becky gasping for breath and
her body was becoming tense with her rising passion. I pressed my
face in closer and got my lips around her clit and then began sucking it
like a puppy nursing its mother. As she went further into a sexual
frenzy I alternated between tongue-fucking her pussy and sucking her

My beautiful hot niece screamed out loudly and her slim body became
stiff as she went into the second orgasm in her young life. They had
both happened today. She was still moaning her delight when I moved my
body upward and pulled her ass closer to the edge of the couch. I
then shoved my hard slick cock into her tight pussy while it was still
convulsing from her orgasm. It was hot and very slick from her own love
juices but still resisted my thick shaft's penetration. But I had
plenty of leverage to keep the pressure up and the couch made a solid
support under her ass for me to keep shoving my cock in further.

Her young vaginal muscles were flexing around my shaft as it
slipped in deeper and deeper. I watched my dick slowly disappear inside her
until only about three inches were left outside. I knew that was as
far as it would go when I'd fucked her earlier. I was determined to
surpass my earlier penetration though so I shoved in some more. I felt
my cock-head bump into Janet's young cervix and as I shoved harder it
suddenly slipped into her immature womb.

I watched her face now that my cock was buried completely inside
her young body. Her big eyes flickered open and stared back with a
drugged and unknowing look. I had her small body skewered on my nine
inch shaft like a sausage on a stick and the wonder of it was she didn't
seem uncomfortable with it so deep inside of her. I didn't move for
several moments but kept my cock buried to the hilt and allowed her
tender muscles a chance to adjust to this new experience.

After a bit her eyes reopened and they seemed to regain their
conscious gleam slowly. I then began backing up and shoving forward into
her while my cock swelled bigger with incestual arousal. Our eyes
starely deeply at each other while our bodies began working together with
our thrusting motions.

"Do you want me to cum in your pussy or on your titties Janet?" I
asked her without smiling.

She too was dead serious when she replied by saying, "I want all
your cum to shoot in my hot pussy Uncle Allen".

Her answer drove me into a frenzy. I now started shoving my cock
in and out as fast as I could go. I could hear my balls slap her hips
with each stroke which now came so fast that the slapping sound was
almost continuous. It was obvious she was enjoying every second of my
furious pounding and before I even knew it my sperm was exploding from my
cock and deep into my niece's womb. I kept pounding and she kept
moving to meet me for an eternity of blissful enjoyment.

Finally I collapsed down on her small body and we both rested a
while with my softening cock still in her. After catching my breath I
raised my head and look at Janet's pretty flushing face.

"Did my pretty sexy niece enjoy fucking her uncle this time?" I
asked her.

She smiled back at me with a relaxed look and replied, "Yes your
niece enjoy it very much. But from now on instead of me calling you
Uncle Allen, I'm going to call you 'Wild allen'."


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