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It's back, the story that will not die. It's been a while since I posted the last part, so you might want to refresh your memory if you read it then. Of course, if you haven't read any of it yet, please do. Warning - this story's getting to be pretty long (I'm not done yet), so if you like them really short, this may not be the one for you.

As usual, all feedback it welcome.
Part 6

Monday morning. Alarm. Wake up. Stretch; feel someone next to me. Who...? Oh, god, that's right, it's Tamara. What's she going to say and do when she gets up? Damn, man, why can't you get yourself straightened out?

I rolled out of bed, figuring it couldn't hurt to let Tamara sleep a while longer. I called my boss at work and explained the situation with Mary. I let him know that I'd be taking the week off, but would try to be back in the following Monday. Fortunately, I've worked for the company a long time and have plenty of vacation time built up. There shouldn't be anything going on that couldn't happen without me being there.

By the time I got off the phone, Tamara was up and still wearing not a thing. I'd at least thrown on some underwear and a robe. She walked over to me, threw her arms around my neck, and gave me a very passionate kiss. So much for me being worried about how she'd handled what happened last night!

"OK, Dad, I'm going to go get dressed, then you can take me in to the hospital so I can spend the day with Mom." In a perfectly normal voice, as if nothing had happened. Did she not see even a little bit of the irony in that?

I dropped Tamara off at the hospital, then spent most of the day doing research on alcohol treatment programs. Mary still hadn't officially agreed to enter one, but she was at least talking about it, and I wanted to have plenty of information when the time came to make decisions. There were plenty of variables to consider (cost, location, insurance coverage) and I didn't want to be fumbling around trying to figure out what to do later.

About Noon my cell rang. It was the office. Huh? No reason anybody should need to call me. Better answer, just in case something has blown up.

"Hi, Mike, how are you doing?" It was Diana.

"Hey, kid, how are you. I'm OK, considering. Won't be in this week at all, though."

"I know, I heard. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and see if there's anything I can do."

"No nothing right now." Unless you want to take a very large blunt object and knock some sense into me. "I appreciate the offer though. I'll let you know if anything comes up."

"OK. You know you can call me if you need to talk about anything, right?"

"Yeah, thanks. I may just take you up on that." Even if we hadn't been playing around lately, her problems with her husband's drug use meant that we had a certain bond. "I'll call in a couple of days anyway and let you know how things are going."

"OK, hang in there. See you later."


As soon as I hung up I wished I'd set up a time to meet her later in the week. Not for sex. (OK, not just for sex.) I'd been getting plenty of that recently, for the first time in quite a while. But it would be nice to be able to talk to somebody who'd understand at least some of what I was going through. I didn't want to call her back right away, though. I didn't want to look like I was too needy.

Nothing else of note happened during the day, although I did get a lot of information about several residential treatment centers. The rest of the week I'd be pouring through what I'd gathered up to try to make a decision. In the late afternoon I headed back to the hospital to pick up Tamara.

I visited with Mary for a few minutes when I got to the hospital. That was about all I could manage at that point. We hadn't really had much of a marriage for the last couple of years, since her drinking had really taken off, and I just couldn't pretend any more. Of course, the fact that lately I'd had sex with a 16-year-old girl, a co-worker, and our daughter didn't exactly make it easy for me to face my wife. She did seem more receptive to the idea of going through rehab. I figured Tamara must have talked to her about it.

As we walked out of the hospital, Tamara said, "Dad, I talked to Kelly, and we want to go out to the mall and just hang out there til it closes. Can we? I really need to just get out for a while and not have to worry about anything."

I could certainly sympathize with that! "Did Kelly talk to her mother about it?"

"Yeah, she said it's fine. We can go pick her up now if you want to."

"OK, let's do it." A poor choice of words, but I don't think Tamara caught it.

When we got to Kelly's house, Sandy suggested that the two of us could take the girls to the mall, turn them loose to do whatever teenage girls do at the mall, and then we could grab some dinner and relax. That sounded like a fine idea to me, so Sandy and I found ourselves talking over dinner at one of the seafood restaurants at the mall. Mostly just small talk, avoiding the obvious subject.

When we finished dinner, Sandy said, "Hey, this place doesn't close for another four hours, and I know our daughters are going to want to stay the whole time. Why don't we go back to my place to wait instead of trying to act like we enjoy running around the mall like a couple of valley girls."

I smiled and said, "That's the best offer I've had in a while. I'll call Tamara and let her know that's what we're going to do."

When we got back to Sandy's house we settled onto the couch and turned on the TV. There wasn't much on, but you get to the point where you think something's wrong if you don't have that noise in the background. Sandy was sitting a little closer to me than was probably necessary, and I felt her head lean over on my shoulder. My cock was starting to get stiff from the warmth of her leaning against me and the delicate smell she gave off. A minute or so later, Sandy shifted slightly, turning toward me. I looked at her, short dark hair around an angular face with a straight, thin nose and fairly thin lips, brown eyes behind small wire-rimmed glasses. It doesn't sound all that great on paper, but in person it was beautiful, and the expression on her face was pure lust. Her hand landed in my lap and started massaging my cock through my jeans.

"Sandy..." I started.

"Shut up." Her mouth was on mine, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, while her hand was unfastening my belt and jeans, freeing my cock from my shorts, cupping my balls and squeezing them just hard enough to hit that tipping point between pleasure and pain. Once my cock was loose, Sandy's mouth decided it wanted something better than my tongue to fill it. As her lips wrapped around the head of my shaft, I realized how long it had been since I'd had a mature, experienced woman blow me. For all the action I'd been getting lately, the only mouths I'd had around my dick were 16 year olds. They were both very naturally talented, but sometimes there's just no substitute for experience.

Sandy's mouth held just the head of my cock hostage, as her hand moved from squeezing my balls to stroking my dick. Her tongue swirled around me, circling the head, teasing the sensitive skin just at the bottom of the head. The tip of her tongue forced open my pee-hole, causing me to jerk and gasp.

"Damn, woman, trying to kill me?" She kind of hummed something around my cock, causing me to tingle even more. Suddenly her hand went back to my balls, and her mouth engulfed my cock. Her lips were now locked on the base of my dick, her tongue still circling and teasing, while her fingers on my balls again brought me to the edge of a scream. I felt the head of my cock slide into her throat; no gagging for Sandy. Then her mouth moved up, sucking and sucking, as I watched her cheeks hollow. She practically lifted me up off the couch as her lips reached the head again, and I felt like she was trying to suck my balls out through my cock. Again down to the base, full penetration into her mouth, this time her tongue slithering out of her mouth to lick my balls as she reached bottom. Back up to suck on the head like she was trying to get a really thick milkshake through a straw. Down again; this time her hand slid back from my balls, one finger reached between my ass cheeks and pressed lightly against my asshole. So, Kelly came by that little trick naturally.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, which caused Sandy to add pressure to her finger, just enough to wedge the tip in the opening of my ass. This time when Sandy moved up to the head of my cock I put my hands on her head and lifted her up off of me and looked into her eyes.

"You don't want me to come in your mouth, do you?"

"Sure, as long as you're good for more than one tonight!" She gave me the most wicked grin I've ever seen, and got back to business. This time as her mouth enveloped my cock, her finger penetrated my ass, sliding deep into my bowels. My ass clenched around her finger. My cock reached back into her throat. My balls contracted and blew their load out through my dick, pumping spurt after spurt down Sandy's throat as she gulped it down. I slumped back against the couch, gasping, my cock shrinking inside Sandy's mouth as she licked and sucked, making sure she had every drop of semen, my ass still gripping her finger. I never had found out why Sandy's husband wasn't around, but if he had walked out on this, he was nuts.

"Holy shit! That was... Oh, hell, I don't even know how it was!" I was practically incoherent.

"You like that, huh?" Sandy sat back up next to me, her lips found mine again, and my hands began to work with no input from my brain, which was still off on a break. Sandy was wearing a baggy T-shirt and loose khaki pants. I immediately disposed of the T-shirt, then unfastened her bra and slipped it off, freeing a pair of very nice breasts. They were large, about the same size as Kelly's with surprisingly almost no sag. I began massaging her tits with my hands while my mouth went to her throat, licking and nibbling up and down each side. She tasted sweet and just slightly sweaty. Sandy was starting to make soft purring noises. I licked up the right side of her throat, along her jaw line and up to her ear. I licked her earlobe lightly, then took it into my mouth. I sucked lightly, then nipped at her earlobe with my teeth, drawing a slight gasp from Sandy, followed by more purring. I moved down, back over her throat again, then to her chest. I licked across the top of her chest from shoulder to shoulder, then back to her throat, licking the hollow at the base where her throat joins her chest. Then down, between her breasts, my tongue licking over the inside curve of each breast as I went. By now, Sandy was holding my head in both her hands, as if afraid that I'd run away. Her purrs were becoming more pronounced. I licked around the base of her left breast, then up, circling my tongue around it like it was taking a circular staircase to the next floor. Finally, I reached her nipple, brown and hard, and took it into my mouth. Locking my lips around it, I sucked, lightly at first, then harder.

"God, yes, like that! Mmmmm!" Just before releasing Sandy's nipple I bit down on it with my teeth, causing her to squeal and pull my head more tightly against her tit.

Leaving that breast, I moved to the other, where I repeated the process until I reached the nipple. There, instead of sucking, I swirled my tongue around it several times, flicking the tip of my tongue over the very tip of the nipple, then raked my teeth over it.

"Shit, you're going to drive me crazy!" Sandy was having trouble catching her breath now.

"Payback's a bitch!" We both laughed, and I continued my journey down Sandy's body.

I moved my face down to Sandy's firm belly. It wasn't flat like a teenager's, but she obviously tried to stay in shape. My tongue traced its way down, starting between Sandy's breasts, licking down, then lightly side-to-side, down again. I had my hands braced on Sandy's sides, and I could feel the muscles in her belly twitching, contracting, then releasing. Still the purring sounds, interrupted by a gasp or moan when I scraped my teeth across her belly. I reached her belly button, licked around the rim, then swirled my tongue through the little hollow, feeling Sandy's belly twitch again. While my tongue visited her belly button, I unfastened Sandy's pants, then pulled both pants and panties off, tossing them to the side.

From there I moved down at an angle, skirting her dark, untrimmed pubic hair, to the inside of her left thigh. When my tongue touched the skin of her thigh, Sandy tensed, then relaxed. I licked down her thigh, from just below where it joined her torso to her knee, savoring the taste and smell of her flesh. Her taste was a bit more pungent down here, and it was mixed with the smell of her pussy now that her pants were off. I moved across from her left thigh to her right, still at knee level, and began licking, this time moving back up, toward her pelvis. Sandy let me get about halfway up before she grabbed my head in her hands again and pulled me up to her crotch, forcing my face against her.

"Eat me, god dammit!" It was half order, half plea.

I started licking her pussy, running my tongue along the entire length of her slit with each stroke, then driving it into her as far as possible. Her soft purring noises quickly turned to sustained moans, and I felt her pussy juices start to flow around my tongue. Her pelvis moved out against my mouth with each stroke. Sandy had pulled her knees up toward her shoulders and spread them out so she was completely open. I saw her move a finger to her clit and start to massage it. I moved my face away from her pussy and said, "That's my job," pushed her hand back, and lowered my mouth to her clit.

I began licking her clit lightly. At the same time I slipped a finger inside her pussy and began stroking in and out.

"Oh yeah, like that! More!" Sandy was gasping now. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by "more," so I decided to try more fingers. I added a second to her pussy.

"Fuck yes, ahhh." I moved one finger down between her ass cheeks and drove it into her ass, all the way in with one stroke, and finger-fucked both her holes as I licked her clit.

"Ass... uhhhn... uhhhn... more... ass." I managed to wedge my last remaining finger into Sandy's rectum, now having two in each of her openings.

"Yessss, god yessss, fuck." She was obviously getting close now, and I wrapped my lips around her clit and gave it a light suck. I never had to get to the point of using my teeth.

"Aaaaaiiiieeee!!!!" Sandy screamed. She thrashed on the couch. Her back arched up, then her pelvis thrust out against me. Her toes curled, her feet pressed against the floor, lifting her ass up off the couch. She must have come for 45 seconds while I sucked on her clit and jammed my fingers as deep inside her as I could. Then she suddenly pushed my head away with a gasp.

"Stop! Enough!" She was panting on the couch, as wasted as I had been after her blow job.

I helped Sandy shift around on the couch so she was lying along the length of it, then climbed up, my dick ready for some action. When I got close enough, Sandy reached out and grabbed my cock in one hand and guided it to the opening of her pussy. I drove in hard, burying myself in one thrust. I felt the muscles in Sandy's belly contract, as she gripped my cock in her pussy. I began pumping in and out of her, long, slow strokes to start out, grunting as I felt her move against me. It felt like her pussy was pulling my cock into it. I couldn't ever remember being with a woman who could do so much with her cunt.

Sandy was making low, almost strangled noises deep in her throat as I fucked her, occasionally punctuated by something softly muttered. "Oh fuck, yes, please fuck me." It was like she was saving her energy for the fucking during this part where she was an active participant. And active she was. Her pussy was making my cock sing, and sometimes scream. I could feel myself approaching the point of no return.

"I want you to come, baby," I whispered into Sandy's ear.

"Just shoot it in me," was her reply.

As I got close, Sandy's arms pulled me down closer to her, her legs locked around my hips. I could feel my balls starting to twitch and knew it was time. My body shook, then stiffened. When it did, Sandy used her legs to pull me tighter against her pelvis. As my cum started to boil out of my balls, I felt the muscles of Sandy's pussy ripple around my cock, milking it. Her pussy was sucking the cum right out of my cock. I shuddered as I dumped shot after shot of semen into Sandy's belly. Then she shuddered with me, gasping and clutching me even tighter as another orgasm rolled through her.

After a few seconds I realized that this was one of those rare times that I had cum and was still hard. As a rock. Sandy realized it too, and said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass." That was a switch. Usually it was me asking the woman if I could.

"You want to roll over?"

"No. I want you to finger-fuck me at the same time."

Sandy maneuvered back to her original position on the edge of the couch with her feet on the floor. I moved in between her legs, kneeling in front of her. I spread her ass cheeks and pushed the head of my cock against the opening of her anus. I popped the head in, and Sandy moaned, "Yeah, give it to me." I did, driving my cock fully into her bowels in one motion. I could feel her ass squeezing me, and she flexed the muscles in her ass cheeks, tightening everything even more around my cock. Damn, she was almost as good with her ass as with her pussy. I began pumping her; at the same time, moving my hand to her pussy, I drove my middle two fingers into her so that I was fucking both her holes at once. That still wasn't enough. Sandy reached down, grabbed my free hand, brought it up to her mouth, and began sucking on my fingers. That just drove me farther. By now I was ramming her ass like a wild man, and pumping just about as hard into her pussy with my fingers. In with the cock, out with the fingers, then the other way around. I could feel the cock and fingers working against each other through the thin wall separating Sandy's pussy and ass, and the feeling, along with the way her ass pulsed around my cock, was driving me wild.

Sandy, meanwhile, was making those low noises back in her throat again. She couldn't say much now; her mouth was busy trying to suck the skin off my fingers. I pumped those fingers in an out of her, too, trying to keep some semblance of rhythm with my other strokes, although I don't think she really cared by then.

I'd been afraid that it might take me a long time to cum after having already shot two loads, but I didn't have anything to worry about. Sandy was so hot, and so talented, that I could already feel my balls preparing to empty themselves. Now I wanted to make sure that I got Sandy off again before I was done.

I shouldn't have been concerned about that either. The animalistic groans started to increase in pace and volume. I placed my thumb on Sandy's clit and started to rub it. She moaned loudly, and her body began to vibrate. I pressed down roughly on her clit and rubbed harder, and increased the force of my ass-fucking. Sandy released my fingers from her mouth and I moved that hand to her tits and began to squeeze them roughly.

"God, yes! Fuck me! Hard! Fuck me hard! Oh, fuck, I'm cummmming! YES!"

I pinched down hard with thumb on Sandy's clit to make sure she'd get everything she needed. I continued fucking her ass and finger-fucking her pussy as her orgasm caused her to buck wildly on the couch. I was afraid the force of her thrashing around would knock me right out of her.

"Cum... in... my ass!" Finally, I did, exploding as wave after wave of semen shot through my cock and into Sandy's rectum. Sandy's ass milked every last drop out of me. I was done, collapsing against her, my dick still wedged in her ass, although it would soon shrink and slip out.

We were still sitting naked on the couch, recovering, when my cell phone rang. It was Tamara, letting us know that it was time to pick up her and Kelly. As we got dressed, Sandy smiled and said, "Good thing they didn't get bored earlier!"

We picked the girls up, in my car. After dropping Sandy and Kelly off, Tamara and I headed home. When we were inside, Tamara enveloped me in a huge hug and kiss (very, very much action with the tongue) and then said, "Daddy, I'm really tired tonight. Is it okay if we just sleep?"

"Sure, honey, I'm pretty worn out myself." No shit, but I didn't want to have to explain why.

The next morning (Tuesday? Yeah, Tuesday), I dropped Tamara off at the hospital again so she could spend more time with her mother. It was looking more and more like Mary would be headed for some residential rehab facility before long, and Tamara wouldn't be able to see her while she was there. I headed back home for some more research on rehab places, and to see if I could work on getting my head screwed back on straight.

It wasn't even so much that I was doing what I was doing while my wife was in the hospital. Like I said, we hadn't had much of a marriage for a while, and let's be honest, it was hard to feel too sorry for Mary when she'd brought most of her troubles on herself. No, it was just what I was doing, and with who. Let's see, I'd fucked my own daughter. And her best friend. And the best friend's mother. And, oh, yeah, my own best friend at work. And I'd do it all again, given the chance. Which meant that I was one fucked-up sonofabitch.

After I'd spent an hour or so wasting time thinking deep thoughts like this, the doorbell rang. I checked through the peephole, and it was Kelly. That I hadn't expected. What happened when I opened the door, I had expected even less.

"You fuckin' dick! You bastard! You fucked my mother!" She was practically screaming, and I dragged her inside and shut the door to keep the neighbors from calling the cops. Damn, how did she know Sandy and I had been getting it on? Had Sandy told her? She really couldn't be that stupid, could she?

"What makes you think I fucked your mother?"

"I could smell it when I got home! I could smell you, all over the couch, and I could smell pussy, and it had to be hers!"

Kelly lashed out with one hand, trying to hit me. I grabbed her wrist and held it. She struggled for a moment, trying to free herself, but I was much too strong for her, so she flailed with her other hand. Now I was holding both her wrists, and without thinking I shoved her back, pinning her arms against the door and stood glaring at her. Kelly gasped, out of breath, struggled again, then, as I pinned her tighter against the door, began to moan softly.

"Mmmmmm, yeah!" It was so quiet I could barely hear her, but it was definitely there.

"Oh, you like that, huh?"

"Uh huh... yeah." The look of rage on her face had definitely turned to something else now.

"Well, let's see how you like this!" I dragged her away from the door and toward the bedroom, still holding tightly onto her wrists. She struggled to keep up with me without falling. I could hear her panting.

When I got her into the bedroom, I forced her down onto the bed, wishing I had some rope. Then I saw my robe hanging on the door. I pulled the belt out of the robe and quickly tied it around Kelly's hands, then tied the loose end to the headboard of the bed. Kelly struggled against the bonds on the bed, her face beginning to flush.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I'd never done anything remotely like it before. Of course, I could say the same about plenty of other things that had happened lately.

"Knock it off, bitch!" I slapped her ass with my hand, not as hard as I could, but not gently, either. Kelly gasped again, and writhed on the bed. She'd always liked it a little rough, but I'd had no idea she'd go for something like this. I decided to see how far I could take things.

I pulled off Kelly's jeans and panties, then wadded her panties up into a ball and held them in my fist. They were damp; she was absolutely turned on by what was happening. I moved toward Kelly's face, and I could see her eyes get wide as she realized what I was going to do.

"Open your mouth!" She did, the whole time looking into my eyes with the wildest expression I've ever seen. I shoved Kelly's panties into her mouth, saw her eyes roll back in her head, heard her breathe in deeply, as she tasted and smelled her own juices on her panties.

"That should keep you quiet." I was really getting into it now. I slapped Kelly's ass again, a little harder this time, and on bare flesh, and heard her moan around the improvised gag.

I wanted something similar to the belt from my robe that I'd used to tie up Kelly. For a moment I wished I'd used something else, then I realized what I needed. I walked to my closet and took out a necktie. I rarely wore them, but owned several, just in case. I folded it in half, so the ends were next to each other, and walked over to the bed. Kelly still had her T-shirt on. I roughly pushed it up as far as it would go, then unfastened her bra, exposing her tits. I swung the tie with as much force as I could manage, bringing it down across Kelly's tits. It actually gave off a nice snap as it hit her flesh. Kelly mewled into her panties, her eyes becoming even more crazed. The necktie was a good choice. It was stiff enough to cause some real pain, without actually hurting Kelly. If she decided she wanted something more, well, I could always take off my belt.

Snap! Across Kelly's tits again. Slight red marks showed now. Snap! Once more on her tits. With each stroke, Kelly strained against the bonds around her wrists, bit down on the panties in her mouth, and moaned like an animal.

Whack! This time on her belly, just above the navel. And again, same place, now seeing marks on the skin there too. Whack! One more time before... Smack! Still on her belly, but lower this time, just above her pubic hair.

"Mmmmmm! Uuuuhhhh!" Kelly's head was rolling from side to side on the bed now, the whipping driving her into a frenzy.

Smack! This time between her legs, right across the slit of her pussy.

"Aaaahhhh!" Kelly's legs clamped tightly together around the improvised whip, and I could see the muscles in her belly tense.

"Open your legs, bitch! Unless you want me to stop." That was the last thing Kelly wanted. She spread her legs as widely as she could. Snap! Snap! Snap! Quick, hard strokes across her pussy with the necktie, again and again. Kelly began to thrash on the bed, jerking so hard with her arms I was afraid she'd pull the headboard down

"Uhnnn! Uhnnn! Uhnnn!" I could see the orgasm wash over Kelly's body, heard sounds coming from around her gag I don't think I've ever heard before. I kept whipping her pussy as she came, her body heaving, until I finally saw her slump back on the bed, spent. I stopped whipping her then and pulled out the gag. She was gasping for breath.

"What do you want now, bitch?"

"I... Michael... fuck me... fuck me... 'til I pass out."

Pulling my pants down around my knees, I climbed on top of Kelly, pulled her knees up to her shoulders, and drove my cock into her sopping pussy. I started pounding her as hard as I've ever fucked any woman. I scraped my fingernails along her sides, leaving red trails. I squeezed her tits, hard, and twisted them. I pinched her nipples tightly enough that she shrieked. Through it all, Kelly pounded right back at me, stroke for stroke, panting and moaning the entire time.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... Fuck... Yes, harder... Mmmmm... God, fuck me, fuck me."

It didn't really take very long for either one of us. My cock had been ready to explode since I'd dragged Kelly into the bedroom, and she was so sensitive after the whipping that she didn't need much. After just a few minutes, Kelly's body started to shake again.

"Aaaaaiiiieeee! Keep fucking me, I'm cummmming!" She thrashed below me, her lower body moving even more than usual because her arms were tied. The spasming of her pussy around my cock was all I needed to bring me off, as what felt like a gallon of cum surged out through my cock and into Kelly's cunt, filling her and spilling out onto the bed. Kelly hadn't passed out, but she wasn't far from it. As I untied her she curled into fetal position on the bed, soft mewling noises escaping her. She was still shaking. I stood above her, looking down.

"Michael, did you do my mother that way?"

"No bitch, only you. And I'm not done with you yet!" I rolled Kelly over on her back, so her head was hanging off the side of the bed, and moved my cock to her mouth. "I'm going to shove it down your throat, bitch!" I still couldn't believe this was happening. Something about Kelly brought out all the darkness that I usually managed to keep hidden even from myself. I seemed to have a similar effect on her.

"Whip me again!" She was moaning and practically begging me. I reached for the necktie again. "No!I need more than that. Use your belt!"

I was too far gone to even think about what she was saying. My pants were still down around my ankles. I reached down, grabbed my belt by the buckle, and jerked it off, then in one motion, flashed the tip toward Kelly's belly. Crack! It bit like a whip into Kelly's flesh, just below her navel, raising a small, red welt.

"Fuck, yes! Again!" Kelly moaned. I moved forward, inserting my cock into Kelly's gaping mouth, beginning to push it back toward her throat. I lashed out again. Crack! Lower on her belly this time, just above her pubic hair. Kelly's moans were now strangled by my cock, which continued to force open her mouth. I was losing all control as I felt my cock push into Kelly's throat. Crack! Crack! A stroke on each of Kelly's tits. Her body jerked up off the bed, trembling, but she couldn't move much, because my cock had her head pinned to the bed.

I had my cock buried all the way back in her throat, and could feel her gag reflex causing her throat to pulse around my dickhead. I began fucking her face, pulling back until her lips were wrapped around the head of my cock, then driving it back down her throat again. The sensation of her throat around my cock was incredible. Kelly's body was writhing on the bed. As I pumped in and out of her mouth, I was whipping her lightly with the belt; her belly, her tits, her inner thighs. Not really hard, just enough to leave slight red marks. My balls tightened suddenly, and knew I was going to shoot.

"I'm going to cum right down your throat, bitch!" I warned Kelly. I jerked and felt waves of semen spurt out of my cock straight down Kelly's throat. I could fell her gulping, trying to get it all down so she didn't choke on my cum. She was clawing at her own tits and pussy with her fingers, trembling. As my spasms subsided, I pulled my cock out of Kelly's mouth.

"Michael... whip... pussy... clit!" Again, no thought, just reaction to what she was saying. My hand flashed out with the belt. Crack! Her thigh where it met her groin. Crack! Across the lips of her pussy. Crack! The top of her slit, it must have gotten her clit.

"FUCK! FUCK! CUMMING! YES!" Kelly's convulsions were so strong they actually scared me; I was afraid she'd hurt herself. She screamed, she thrashed, finally she curled up into a ball, her body wracked by gasping breaths so deep it sounded like she was sobbing.

I moved over to her, began caressing her. "Are you all right, baby? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Oh my fucking god, Michael, that was totally the most incredible thing that ever happened to me! We have to do more of that!" Her eyes were wild, a look of absolute lust on her face. What had I done to this little girl? And to myself?

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