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another story by F ing Ho...

ABCs of lust.

Chapter 2: B is for Bukake

The three boys had been stripped naked, their wrists bound and then strung up to the barn rafter so their toes alone touched the ground. Fred, Steve and Gerry Dawson the oldest of the three brothers, had been caught by one of the farm hands in an embarrassing situation. The boys, aged 12, 14 and 16 had been in the barn that July morning having completed their daily chores. It was a time when they usually snuck off to smoke cigarettes or ogle the pictures in their dad's Playboy magazine or, when they were sure no one was around, to have a circle jerk contest while looking at the centerfold.
But this morning they were so intense on stroking their cocks while admiring the shaven pussy of Miss April, they didn't notice the pair of eyes peeking out from the empty cow stall. They were so busy admiring Miss April's size 38 bust that they didn't hear tiny footsteps approaching from behind. They were so focused on trying to slow down the pace of their masturbation ( first to ejaculate was the loser and he had to eat everyone's cum ) that they didn't notice the curious look on their little sister's face as she stepped next to the boys and whispered, " Whatcha doing, guys?"
Their stroking had stopped instantly and young Fred even tried to pull up his jeans and underpants and all three brothers' faces went red. But 11 year-old Bonnie Jean wasn't paying attention to their faces. No, she was looking at another part of their bodies which had also turned red, large and throbbing. It was the little girl's first look up close at her brothers' erect cocks. Sure, she had seen them all naked before, although it had been a long time since they all went skinny dipping in the pond in the back 40. But she'd never seen their cocks in a state of arousal, not when their cocks stood out like that! And she'd never been so close as to be able to smell their manly genital odour which, even in the cow barn, was now wafting up to her nostrils.
It was Gerry who noticed his little sister couldn't take her eyes off their cocks and he decided to try something out; it could be the only way they'd escape punishment. If their dad found out they'd stolen his Playboy, there would be hell too pay. Mr. Frank Dawson was a firm believer in corporal punishment. If he knew his little angel, B.J. had watched her brothers jerking off, he'd hit the roof ... Actually it would be the boys' bares asses he'd be hitting.
So Gerry figured he better make sure his little sister kept quiet about what she saw. Bonnie Jean ( B.J was her nickname ) was rather naive and open with everyone and there was a good chance she might innocently spill the beans and unaware of the dire consequences to her older brothers. So Gerry tried spinning his sister a yarn that might make her keep quiet about what she saw.
"B.J., you have to understand," Gerry began with as serious a voice as he could muster. " What you've just seen is the start of a secret boys' club ritual ... you know what a ritual is, don't you?"
B.J. shrugged her shoulders and said ' Sort of, I guess. Is it like spitting in the palm of your hand before making a deal?"
"Not exactly," said her oldest brother, " it's more serious and important than that; it's like holding your hand over your heart when you recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner."
"Wow! That important, eh?" B.J. felt like she was discovering something from the adult world and was in awe and at the same time was proud to be a part of it. Her brother immediately picked up on this and a new plan entered his head, if only they had the time and only if his little sister was gullible enough!
"That's right, very important and secret, isn't it Fred? Isn't it Steve?"
The other two boys were not quite sure where this was leading, but as Gerry always led them before, they just followed along and nodded agreement now. Gerry went on, " See, clubs all over America are set up by boys who are becoming men and they have rituals and chores they must do every day or else they won't become real men. It's sort of like practicing guitar; you have to keep at it every day or you forget how to do it or never get the knack."
B.J. saw the logic in that. Last year she had started guitar lessons but got bored and left it off for a week; then when she tried again, she had plumb forgotten everything she'd learned; her fingers didn't seem to know where to go next. It must be just like that in learning how to become a man. She nodded knowingly.
"But what is this ritual you guys do anyway? And why are you doing it buck naked?" B.J. had finally taken her eyes off the boys' cocks ( which had shrunk considerably by now ) and turned her attention to the magazine on the ground and Miss April's lewd, legs fully spread, pose.
Gerry saw his chance. It was quite the gamble but if it worked, it would be well worth it. Gerry motioned to his brothers with a wink as if to say " Back me up on this..."
"Gee, B.J., that's the whole point. It 's a secret. Well, every guy who's old enough knows, of course. But it's a secret from girls. I mean they all like it when a boy becomes and man but they're not supposed to know how it happens. It's a secret club because we never let girls know."
Gerry had overplayed his hand. He had been counting on B.J.'s curiosity and not her innocence. So when his little sister just shrugged her shoulders and started to turn away, Gerry shouted out, " Wait! You've already seen too much, B.J. The secret's mostly out anyway, so we might as well tell you the rest ... BUT, you've got to swear, cross your heart and hope to die, that you never tell anyone about this and keep it just between the us, the holders of the secret."
B.J. brightened up immediately. She found it hard to keep secrets but getting to know boys' secrets was incentive enough. But she wanted to feel part of this new, grown-up world so she insisted she find out all she could.
Gerry was happy to oblige. But first he got Steve to act as lookout at the barn door a few feet away. Getting caught doing what Gerry had in mind now would end up in more than just a bare bottom strapping. But he reckoned in for a penny, in for a pound. His eleven-year-old sister wanted to know what they were doing and he was happy to let her in on their secret, in fact, he was happy to BRING her in on it.
In a conspiratorial voice, Gerry explained, " To become a man, B.J., a boy must learn to command his sex." The other two boys nodded sagely.
B.J. was not so innocent that she did not know about the birds and the bees; she was raised on a farm, after all, where sex and siring and spring births of yearlings was part of life. And the school had rudimentary sex education classes so boys and girls at least understood the 'plumbing' of sex if nothing else ( the social aspects of sex were conveyed in whispers in the hall between the girls and shared moments with borrowed Playboy and Penthouse mags by the boys. So B.J. knew the parts of the body, male and female, needed for sex. But she had no idea boys had to learn how to command their penises. The bull in the field seemed to know what to do without much ado.
"What do you mean by 'command your sex'?" B.J. was more than just curious, she was fascinated ... more, she was entranced by now ... not just the look she'd had of her brothers' erect cocks, but the smell that came off their groins was somehow intoxicating for her. She didn't know it, but Bonnie Jean was becoming a woman and developing needs and lusts she could not comprehend but which her body was ready to meet.
Gerry licked his lips, swallowed hard and continued with his plan. First he reached down and shucked off his pants and underpants which had laid at his feet. The sneakers and t-shirt went off too and Gerry signaled to the other boys to do the same.
"We were just getting started but I guess you'll have to see how it's done proper. See, B.J., it's a tribute to the physical spirit of sexual growth. " Gerry figured if he was complicated enough in his explanation, he could convince his little sister of anything; so he made it sound important.
"We were just warming up before ... sort of the first stage in the ritual. But now part two we got to be stark naked ... everyone involved has to be, ... uh, yeah, B.J., you too; if you're going to learn about this secret you have to join in too. So off with your clothes."
B.J. did not hesitate. She always wanted to be doing stuff with her brothers and they usually shied away saying she was too young or 'just a girl'. Now, when she had learned their secret ritual, that would probably all change. Her big brother had the same idea.
All four kids were naked now and the boys resumed their cock stroking. B.J. looked on curious but dismayed. " I don't have a cock," she whimpered, " all I have is this" she said nearly on the edge of tears and pointing to her smooth and nearly bald pussy mound. B.J. was a natural blond and the fuzz crowning her pussy was as light as it was soft. Her breasts had developed quite nicely too and she already needed a B-Cup. Her hips spoke more of woman than girl too. In fact, as she stood there naked before her brothers, she was already helping them along, commanding their sex which began to come to attention.
The sight of her sexy, naked body encouraged Gerry in his scheme and he continued, " That's perfectly ok, Sis. In fact, see that magazine on the ground? She's our symbol of womanhood and just as much part of our secret ritual as our cocks are. In fact, we couldn't become manly without looking at and thinking of her like that ... sort of like how you are now, all naked and sexy."
B.J. blushed at the compliment, her brothers saw her as sexy as a Playboy bunny!
"In fact," went on Gerry, " your bare pussy looks a lot sexier than Miss April's does; it's smoother and you skin is much nicer. Your tits are not as large as hers but they're cute and perkier too." He was being sincere and getting hotter by the minute.
"Phase three of our secret ritual is part real practice and part imagination." Gerry was really getting into this and as he made up stuff off the cuff, he decided to take his speech to dangerous but exciting places.
"Part 1," Gerry resumed, " we get our cocks ready, part two we get naked, and part three we salute the naked image of woman and pay tribute to her ... of course, so far we have just had a picture of a woman ... but that's okay ... we are just practicing." He glanced at his sister to see her shifting her attention from the boys' cocks now well stroked and rising, to Miss April.
"While we try to command our growing cocks, B.J., we think what affect they might have on a woman. Her seeing us and smelling it and all.,. and then how she might want to get nearer and breath in..." Gerry was making this up as he went along but he was taking his cues from seeing his little sister's reaction ... He was letting his words follow what he was witnessing and supposing B.J. might be thinking. He got it right, too.
"See, us guys need to imagine our manliness is alluring to a woman and makes her want to receive our tribute." Gerry smiled as he saw B.J. nod in agreement. She followed him, but how far would she go?
"What we imagine, B.J., as we jerk off before this image of woman, is that she wants to get closer to us, to smell and even taste what we have to offer, our big, creamy... " He paused because, as he was speaking, B.J. had not only come closer to them, she had dropped to her knees before them and had a glazed look in her eyes. Gerry's words were having an almost hypnotic affect on her.
She spoke in a lower than usual tone and hesitantly, " Yes, I see ... a woman would be wanting to be near and smell ... ummm oh yeah, she sure would and then she'd want to get a taste."
B.J. stuck her tongue out just a bit and let the tip touch on the clear, sweet drop of pre-cum that graced the tip of Steve's cock. That moist manly flavour and smell rested on her tongue for a few seconds before B.J. licked her lips and looked up into the eyes of her three brothers who were smiling. She felt good, she felt wanted, she felt grown up and she felt so fucking horny.
Gerry continued to explain, " Yes, we just have to imagine 'woman' needing us as much as we need her. So once a day we hold our cocks in tribute to her, hoping the gesture will please her." B.J. nodded and turned her attention back to the masturbation that was slowing picking up speed. The boys seemed to know they needed to stretch this one out.
Gerry went on, " we want 'woman' to bring us to manhood ... It's just symbolic of course ... just in our heads, really ... right boys? But we imagine woman as we look down at the Playboy ... we imagine she wants to help us cum, to be real men, to help us by enjoying what we have to offer ... enjoy our cocks in every way."
Gerry dared to go on because his sister was clearly only half listening as she moved her head about so her nose and lips were touching one then the other cock as the boys got hotter and harder. B.J. murmured her agreement as her tongue dared to lick Fred's balls. Fred nearly came then and there, but he resisted.
"We just imagine the Playgirl would be doing that, B.J ... but I guess because you are sworn to be part of our secret, I suppose it would be alright if you took her place."
"Can I please?" beamed the eleven year-old who was licking her lips and loving the taste. " How do I do it?"
"Well," smiled Gerry, " you seem a natural but it does take practice. If you are going to be 'woman' bringing out the man in our minds, you have to do what we imagine that will help us pay tribute to you ... I mean to 'Woman', understand?"
"Sort of." B.J. hesitated, cocked her head and said, " You want me to give you guys blow jobs, is that right?"
Steve, who had left his guard post by the door, now spoke for the first time..." That's it exactly B.J ... but do it slowly because of what we have to do at the end." He winked at Gerry.
"Gerry and Fred clued in to what Steve was saying and they smiled broadly but Gerry spoke in a very serious voice, " B.J. can take the part only so far, Steve. She's not ready yet. Yes, B.J., you may suck our cocks to make them big and juicy enough for our tribute ... but only let us pay tribute to you if you really and truly feel we deserve it."
"Well, we won't know unless we try, now will we?" beamed the girl who was anxious to get started. And on the nod from her brothers, B.J. used hands and lips and tongue on each of her brothers' cocks to get them to the point where their 'tribute' was ready to explode. For twenty minutes B.J. sucked her brothers off getting one to the tipping point then switching her mouth over to another brother and working on him. And so she got her first lesson is sucking cock. In no time she was doing a fair job of deep-throating them.
Fred was the first to cum and just before he did, big brother Gerry told his sister to close her eyes and let the tribute wash over her. And it did. In huge spurts, Fred ejaculated on his little sister's face; her eyelids, nose, cheeks and lips. Steve came next and this time B.J. was expecting it. She kept her mouth open as his cum spattered her face. She loved the taste! Gerry was last to pay tribute and he made a ritual of it by holding his cock by the head and evenly distributing the spurting cum on her forehead, two cheeks, up her nostrils and on to her open mouth and right on her outstretched tongue.
"Now we are becoming men!" Shouted Gerry. " And just looking at you, B.J. makes us want to cum some more and pay you the tribute you deserve."
And with that the boys wanked harder than ever in an attempt at a repeat performance. B.J. joined in, with her eyes shut tight and cum dripping down her face, the girl turned from cock to cock to cock helping her brothers become men.
That's when the barn door opened and Morris, one of their fathers three farm hands caught them in the act.
A half hour later, their father finished whipping his sons and left them hanging from the rafters to contemplate their wickedness and punishment, 50 lashes with a switch for each. Their bare bums were red, sore and bruised. Mr. Dawson turned his attention to his little girl who was curled up, still naked, in the corner of the barn; she was crying.
"Why did you let them do it, sweetie?" was the plaintive cry from her father. Dried cum still clung to her face and hair and two globs remained at the base of her nose; she hadn't wiped any off. In fact, she treasured the shot of cum Gerry had given her which had lodged its way deep up her nostrils and remained there so that with every breath, B.J. smelled the taste of cum almost to the point of being able to taste it.
"It's a secret, Daddy ... I swore ... I can't tell you." B.J. sobbed and then drew in a deep breath of air and scent of cum.
Frank Dawson looked down at the old Playboy magazine ... of course his boys wandered into the bard to jack off with girlie magazines;. "Only natural, nothing wrong in that!', he thought. But this! He had to find out if his sons had forced his little angel into this or if they had hurt her, threatened her or even raped her. He had to know. He had an idea.
He hugged his little girl and whispered in her ear, " Of course you can't tell the secret to outsiders ... I know that ... I didn't know they let you in on this ... Of course, I know what the secret is and I'm proud you an share that with us too."
Wide eyed, B.J. pulled back from her father's embrace, " You mean you know the secret too, Daddy? You know all about the ritual for becoming a man and paying tribute to woman ... jerking off to the image of woman and needing help to be a man and pay tribute? You know all that"
"Of course, child. I'm a man, aren't I? But I had to punish your brothers for stealing my ... uhh image of woman. But I have to know if they got the ritual right; did they make any mistakes ... we can't have them sharing secrets with their little sister and getting their facts wrong, now can we? So just tell me everything they had you do and don't leave anything out."
So for half and hour B.J. recounted everything that had happened including how she had felt when she took on the role of 'image of woman' and how she loved the scent of male genitals, the yummy taste of pre-cum, her absolute enjoyment of sucking on their cocks and the wonderful warm and tingly feeling she got when the boys shot their cum all over her face.
Frank Dawson sat in silence as his eleven year old daughter told her tale. By the end, he was torn between rage and lust. Should he take a bull whip to his sons for tricking their sister like this and putting her through such vile, humiliating sex? But his little girl loved it; it was clear she was being sincere. The nave waif was a rare find, she not only loved to suck cock, she truly enjoyed her bukake session.
Maybe it was because Frank could never deny his little angel anything she wanted. Maybe it was because he understood the affect of raging sex drive in teenage boys. But most likely it was because his wife had run off with a plow salesman ( how ironic) the year before and left poor Frank in a plight no better than his teenage sons, with no lover but his left hand and fantasizing about Miss April.
And here was Bonnie Jean in the flesh to take her place, the image of woman. Even now stark naked and blossoming into womanhood and more, eager to help those in on the secret pay tribute.
"Honey, I hate to tell you this, but your brothers got some of what they told you wrong ... To do the ritual the right way you have to let all the men and boys who are in on the secret ritual pay tribute not once, but twice a day."
"Really?" said B.J. " Was that why they wanted me to suck them off so they could all cum again on my face.?"
"Yes, that's partly it. But the point is everyone in our family and the farm hands too ... Dave, Morris and Tom ... along with your brothers and me ... well, now that you are part of the secret ritual, we all need your help to be real men. So I think we can let your brothers down now and I'll call the others together and we can do this right."
Oh, thank you, Daddy!" Bonnie Jean was over the moon. Seven! Six boys and her father too would be paying tribute all over her face twice a day. What's more she would get a chance to learn how to suck cock like a real woman too because, as her Daddy reminded her, she would have to give them good blow jobs to keep their cocks primed. "Wow," she gasped. "That's fourteen blowjobs a day and twice a day I get my face totally covered in cum. I am so lucky!"
And so was everyone else on the Dawson farm.