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ABCs of lust.

Chapter 3: C is for Cock

Garry Lude had taught grade school in Pennsylvania for 20 years and he had seen many changes in this time. Pedagogic theories came and went, administrative policies went from one end of the spectrum to the other, the students behaviour and dress styles had become decidedly more adult, which is not to say more mature.
But in all his years, he had never seen anything like Catherine Kitts, the 13 year-old student in his grade eight English class. For one thing, she had a way of wearing her school uniform which was more reminiscent of the 18 year old models featured on girls boarding school spanking web site. Cathy was tall for her age, long legged and slim yet her breasts were very much matured and, given her trim waist, appeared even larger than her 36 inch C-cup size. Her buttocks was round and quite firm. How did Mr. Lude know this? It had to do with the dress code, or laxness of code at the Farnsworth School for Girls. The was indeed a school uniform, but the students were allowed to alter it to conform to the hip clothing styles of the day.
Girls in the upper grades ( 7 9 ) were allowed to raise the hem on the plaid skirt, wear the school tie in a jaunty and suggestive manner, free the top three buttons of their white blouses which they were even allowed to tail tie at the bottom, revealing their ( often pierced and bejeweled navels ) Girls were even allowed to let their sexy undergarments show; Victoria Secret bras and panties were a status symbol for these teen vixens.
Why, you may wonder, were such flagrant displays of sex and sensuality allowed? Because the students were all girls and the faculty were all men; because the girls were at an age in their lives when sexual expression was inherent and as there were no boys at school, they had to make their femininity and sexuality blossom through dress and action before the only males around, the teachers and principal; because the male members of the staff ( double meaning intended ) wanted it.
In this atmosphere of sexual tension, a 44 year-old divorcee like Mr. Lude was as vulnerable to temptation as any man. Yet he tried to maintain a professional attitude in the care of his wards, which is how he felt about these young beauties who were as energized on hormones as each night, in the privacy if his basement apartment under the light of his computer screen, he was on testosterone.
But nothing, not the scandalous school garb, not the bodacious early teen female bodies in his class, not the U-porn video clips he watched nightly, not the Spanking sites Gallery images he downloaded, nothing turned him on as much as Cathy Kitts' essay on the most important thing in her life.
Mr. Lude had taken the 29 essays home with him without looking at them at the end of the school day. By eight o'clock he was into his second beer and fifth pathetic composition and was getting bored. He had told the class to write about what they knew but that it must be something that went beyond the day-to-day, the topic must center on the most important thing in their lives. It could be an object, person or idea; but it must be outstanding, that is, greater beyond comparison. Further, they must describe it as objectively and then personally as possible.
The educational point, of course, was to challenge the student to see something in her life that transcended the mundane, to allow her to open her mind to excellence or greatness. The writing skills goal was to allow the student freedom of expression within very tight parameters ( 200 word maximum ) and could be in poetic form if they felt up to it. The writing would be easy for the dull of mind; the thinking, writing, editing and sense of pride and ownership would be a major task for those girls who really applied themselves to the task. So far, only childish thoughts and uninspiring prose crossed the teacher's eyes.
Then he picked up Cathy's paper and opened the title page and his eyes widened, his jaw went slack and an involuntary but most interesting change occurred to his physiognomy. This is what he read:
Poem (200 words exactly ) on what I think is most important
by Catherine Kitts, Mr. Lude's Grade 8 Class, Farnsworth School for Girls
Standing between the legs of a man
As straight as an arrow, as hard as a rock,
One thing that moves me like no other can,
His manhood, his penis, his dick, his cock!
Man's history, science and philosophy
Are all well and good; I'm not trying to knock.
But of all accomplishments, it seems to me,
Man's greatest is erection of his might cock.
For starters, there's the smell, heaven sent!
If I may be so bold, for I don't mean to shock,
I do live and breath for that scent,
The musty-sweet odour that comes from a cock.
Its touch is sublime, so velvety soft.
Smooth like girl-skin, though you may think I mock.
When one touches my face I'm carried aloft
To heights of sex-dreams of this dreamy cock.
But the closest sense of all is that of taste,
And there man's meat really does rock.
And in my hot mouth that meat does self-baste
With the yummiest sauce from 'all-orange' cock!
This poem is true and completely sincere;
I can prove that the theme is more than mere talk.
But just so my message is utterly clear,
I'll stay after class and I'll suck your cock.
Garry Lude put the paper down and took one more sip of beer. He sighed. Tomorrow was going to be interesting. Cathy's poem was terrible, of course. Nonetheless, he marked an A++ at the top of her cover sheet. "That's an 'A' for effort," he thought. " Tomorrow we'll see how she scores for sincerity."