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Another episode in the series by F ing Ho....

ABCs of lust.

Chapter 5: E is for Exhibitionist

Eve sat before her computer in her small flat in Atlanta, Georgia and couldn't believe her eyes. She was looking at U-Tube clips and stills of some of the greatest ( or most notorious ) streaks in sports televised play. Eve was 20 years old and for half her life she had dreamed of pulling off the ultimate streak.
As the 2008 NFL Football season was getting started and the Major League Baseball regular season was drawing the a close, Eve Gardener was weighing the possibilities: a fall classic run at the Worlds Series, a few months' delay for a Super Bowl XLIII strip-trip to Tampa Bay, or wait for 2010 for the FIFA World Cup of Soccer in South Africa. Each of those events would render tens of thousands of live viewers and potentially tens of millions of witnesses on television and the internet. Most TV networks ( except FOX maybe ) would pan their cameras away in the name of family values, but she always count on the hundreds of thousands of cell phones in the stands capturing the moving image of her naked body on the pitch / diamond / field, wherever, and variations of her nude run being viewed by the millions on U-tube and other file sharing media. Yes, the communications revolution of the 21st century was paradise for exhibitionists like Eve.
As yet, Eve Gardener had escaped jail in her career as an avowed nudist / exhibitionist / flasher because so far she had resisted the temptation to follow her idols, the men and women who bared all before some of the largest live and TV audience/ viewers in the world. But in her heart she longed to surpass their glory by pulling off The Streak Seen 'Round the World.
But for now Eve contented herself with researching the great streaks of the past usually pulled off at major sporting events be they American football, baseball, soccer, the British Open, international cricket matches, the British Open and Wimbledon. There seemed to be something in the British psyche, for the most famous of the streakers live in or come from that cold island. Eve, herself of English stock, hoped to someday join their ranks.
Eve once joked to a friend with whom she'd been pulling off flashing dares, that nudity was for her more than a past-time and even greater than an obsession; it was a religion and she was a devout Zen-Nudist!
"We all came into this world naked, Francine," she told her friend, " and I mean to go on as I began; if God had meant us to wear clothes, He wouldn't have given us such beautiful skin."
And gorgeous was Eve's skin then and now; wonderfully soft and so nicely shaped around a voluptuous body. Her not too full but perky breasts were perfect, her trim waist and womanly hips supported by a pair of legs a Cyd Charrise or a Jennifer Aniston. In short, Eve Gardener had one of the sexiest and most beautifully proportioned female figures in the world. And she wasn't shy about sharing it either.
Eve had a cute face too, with her pale blue eyes, pouting full lips and pug nose. She wore her light blonde hair at full length these days and it reached to just above her waist; when she was a teenager she wore it in a pony tail and as a pre-teen in pig-tails. Whatever way she arranged it, her hair was a crowning glory to a sexy, beautiful body.
When Eve joked about nudity being a religion with her, she was only half-serious. When she was just five years old, Eve's mother sent her to Sunday School at the Anglican church in town. There Eve learned Bible stories that amazed the little girl and she was most struck by the fact that she had the same name as the First Lady of the World, as she liked to call her. What's more, Eve, the first one, lived in the Garden of Eden and she, little Eve, was a Gardener too!
In her five-year-old mind, the Garden of Eden was where she belonged and the whole point of that story was that the first Eve had been a bad girl and was no longer allowed to run around naked, obviously a state of pure bliss. To five-year-old Eve, being naked and being in Paradise were synonymous. To her the phrase, " God is the Truth" was in perfect harmony with the phrase " The Naked Truth" and to her that could only mean that nudity is, perhaps not Godliness, but at least the greatest possible good! And Eve wanted to be a good little girl even if it meant being a very naughty little girl to get there.
Although in later years Eve outgrew that myth, her firm belief in the supremacy of nudity remained strong. She felt pride, not shame, when she was naked. It helped, of course, that she had the kind of body of which any woman would be proud. And she was encouraged by the appreciative looks she got as a youngster and later as a teen; looks from men and boys who smiled at the sight of some alluring portion of Eve's body or, if they were lucky, the full view.
So from the age of five Eve was a flasher and, when she could get away with it, a streaker. When she was at the beach she would fling off her bathing bottoms and dash about naked much to most onlookers' amusement and/or delight. When lots of family member came by for anniversaries, Thanksgiving or holidays, pre-school Eve would walkabout in only panties and sometimes not even those. The smiles from her uncles and older cousins was a gift in itself ... for all parties concerned.
But as she got older, Eve realized the cute, innocent nude routine would have to give way to flashing that would be excused for reasons other than childish behaviour. She would have to flash surreptitiously and appear to show flesh accidentally and/or unknowingly. This was a challenge and called for flashes of brilliance, so to speak.
In Kindergarten Eve was an expert at her own game of Show and Don't Tell as she wore no panties udder her pleated dresses so that in circle story time she flashed her bare legs and bald pussy mound to the astonishment of the little boys sitting opposite her. She had to do it on the quiet of course and always prepared her audience ahead of time by tell him ( them ) they'd see something interesting if they kept it all secret. This worked the first few times but on the four flash little Jimmy Blabbermouth cried out " Eve doesn't have a pee pee! " The boy had not been instructed on the sexual differences between boys and girls.
Eve was a quick thinker and this time covered herself ( so to speak ) by lying; looking all embarrassed, she told the teacher she's peed her panties and taken them off in the Girls' Washroom and, of course, didn't know Jimmy could see. After that close call, Eve decided to always have an out, an alibi or at least reasonable excuse for showing off.
For one thing, the in-class antics would have to stop for a time. But for several years Eve managed to let boys have a look at her on weekends and vacation time when free play took on a whole new meaning. She arranged to 'accidentally' be seen taking a pee in the woods, drop her bikini tops and bottoms in the water, have her skirt fly up when she was riding the swings at the park with her bare bum on the swing seat. All this was going on for the benefit mostly of boys her own age and somewhat older.
In the family home Eve's antics took on an innocence that verged on cock-teasing as she managed to drop her towel when leaving the bathroom after a shower. But her most consistent flashing was her tendency to leave her bedroom door ajar at night when she would thrash about in her sleep and somehow manage to kick off all the bedclothes to reveal her naked body. This seemed to happen just when her brothers or father were heading to the bathroom which was next to Eve's room. They all got a good look a her as she kept a night light on.
But it was during a summer camping trip when Eve was ten years old, that she surpassed herself in sneaky, naughty nudity. Her parents had let her and two older brothers to invite one friend each to join the family in a week at a National Park where they could set up tents and take nature walks, go swimming and generally enjoy the great outdoors. Eve had already enjoyed secret, late night trips into her back yard where she would remove all her clothes and romp around in the dark with the breeze caressing her naked skin and her bare feet delighting in the wet long grass. The thought of stripping in the forest and being close to that Eve Garden in her mind delighted her.
On the first day she told her brothers that she would be sneaking out that afternoon for a quick dip in the river a mile down the path. " So don't you boys go near there around 4 o'clock, because I want to skinny dip ... and don't you boys get any ideas about stealing my clothes, either ... or I'll tell!" Eve was only ten but she had read Mark Twain and had grasped the gist of the Tom Sawyer story about whitewashing a fence and the power of reverse psychology.
So with the summer sun still high in the sky, Eve made her way to the river and took off all her clothes leaving them in a neat pile by the shore. She went in up to her waist but no deeper and frolicked about for some time. She took note of the stirring in the bushes ten yards from her along the shoreline; she was sure her brothers and both their friends were have fun watching her naked body which was showing great signs of early development. The lads were not very good at concealment; in fact, there were occasional plumes of smoke that rose from their natural blind as two of the boys enjoyed illicit smokes while they ( it turned out ) masturbated while watching Eve prance about nude.
Things turned out even better than Eve had planned. After half an hour of exhibiting herself, Eve noticed the bushes weren't moving any more and she figured the boys had gone back to camp to giggle amongst themselves over what they had witnessed. So Eve waded back to shore and began to pick up her clothes. She was rather pissed off that her brothers had not picked up on her hint that they should steal her clothing. Not getting dressed but putting on her runners, Eve walked into the bush where she'd seen signs of an audience; yes, there was proof she had not been alone. On the ground were six cigarette butts and ( she couldn't believe her luck!) a few puddles of semen that fell on to leaves on the ground nearby. So her show had been inspiring!
Careful not to disturb this damning evidence, Eve took each piece of her clothing and began ripping it to shreds. She had only worn an old t-shirt, thin cotton panties and cut-off denim shorts along with the runners she now had on her feet. The shredded clothing she now flung in the air. Other than her runners, all she wore was a smile as Eve stepped from the bush and headed down the path to their camp site.
The Gardeners had chosen a site where tent dwellers and RV owner set up camp on either side of dirt roads and it all resembled a mobile village with literally scores of families walking about in the great outdoors. This was the scene, around suppertime when most would be by the campgrounds, that Eve saw as she ran, not too fast, into the crowd of men, women and children who were gawking, and in some cases leering, at her beautiful naked body.
"Daddy, daddy!" she screamed as she ran about up one path and down another making sure she got maximum exposure. Eve was running with her hands up high so no private parts of her were covered. When she was sure just about everyone there had gotten a good look, Eve came to a halt by the family compound. There she ran into her father's arms and rattled off her story of woe. She had been skinny dipping in the river and had warned her brothers not to come by but they must have been peeking because she had heard giggles from the bushes ... at least she thought she had ... anyway, when she went to get dressed all her clothes except her shoes were missing and she had to run back home bare naked.
Mr. Gardener had covered his ten-year-old daughter up with a tarp as she spilled out this story. He was inclined to believe her for he knew what boys that age ( 12 to 14 ) could be like. After her brothers and both their pals had been rounded up ( they were found behind an RV smoking cigarettes and sipping from a purloined bottle of beer ). They all trotted off to the river site and Mr. Gardener asked Eve whereabouts she'd heard the giggling. Eve pretended to be unsure but in a few minutes successfully led them to the bushes where Mr. Gardener found to his shock the cig butts ( same brand as the boys had now ), evidence of jacking off ( Eve casually pointing it out saying she "wondered what this was?" ) and the remnants of Eve's torn clothes. It was all pretty damning and Eve's dad took action right away. Mr. Gardener had help from a few of the men from the camp who had daughters themselves and were outraged at the stunt that had clearly been pulled. Together they lined up the four boys who had protested their innocence. Yes, they had spied on Eve, yes they had jacked off while watching her swim naked ( the cig butts had convicted them anyway ) but they insisted they had not taken or ripped up her clothes.
It was all in vain. And the men let Eve watch ( they thought it ironic justice ) as the four teenage boys were stripped naked, strung from a tree with their hands tied from an over-hanging branch, and received 20 strokes each across their bare butts with switches cut from nearby. All the time the lads were only part guilty. They were left to hang there with their toes barely touching the ground. To add insult to injury, each boy was made to apologize to Eve for what he had done. She stood before them smirking at their exposed genitals ( she had already enjoyed the sight of their blistered butts ) and listened as each boy sputtered his tearful apology.
Eve went up to her oldest brother, Steve and said, " That's what you get for not taking my clothes." Steve figured he must have misheard her but realized he hadn't when she added, " I know you were looking but I also know you didn't rip up my clothes ... You know how I know? Because I did it!" and she laughed as the truth finally dawned on the boys who tried to shout out for the adults who had left them there to be humiliated; but the men had all walked out of earshot.
"We're going to tell on you, Eve!" Steve said through gritted teeth.
"Be my guest. I'll deny it and who do you think they'll believe? But go ahead, if you want another whipping ... Or worse." And with those words she cupped her hands around her brother's ball and gave a not too gentle squeeze. This she repeated on each of the boys who hung helpless and vulnerable before her. She had them by the balls; she knew it and they knew it! They never did tell on her. Eve was having her fun and it was only going to get better.
By age eleven, Eve was inspired to give her flashing a sexual allure. Her new way of thinking was triggered by something she had seen one morning when she'd gotten up at dawn to have a pee. Out of her bathroom window she spied in the grey dawn an image that took her breath away. Her neighbour, Mr. Watts was making his 13 year-old daughter, Denise strip naked in their back yard and then whipping her with switches until the girl's buttocks and thighs were a livid red. Eleven-year-old Eve wasn't keen on the thought of being whipped but what Mr. Watts did next made Eve's heart pound and her pre-teen pussy lips to moisten. Denise's dad had walked away telling his daughter to stay in that position, naked and bent over so she was totally exposed as the sun was rising as were their neighbours ... more, he had left her like that for a full hour and Eve could see many nearby were looking out their windows or passing by and were looking at the naked girl, looking and enjoying what they saw.
Eve would not have enjoyed but would certainly have accepted such a whipping if only she could be exposed like her neighbour Denise had been. Eve started flashing with sexual intent after that. Flashing strangers on the street, in the mall and even in the darkened movie theatre when she would deliberately hunt out a father who had taken his children to see some Disney flick and sat bored with his kid by his side. Eve would give he man a little side show by taking his attention from the big screen and on to the seat beside him. Eve would flip up the front of her skirt and slip her fingers under her panties and start masturbating, all the while keeping her eyes on the screen before her. When she was sure the dad beside her was sneaking glances her way, Eve would adjust herself, cocking her leg or sliding down, so as to slip out of her panties. Then she really went to town, rubbing and finger fucking her pussy until the smell of her sex overcame even the acrid odour of buttered popcorn.
No man ever touched Eve in those early years when she teased and tempted them in the theatres. But more than once she could tell the dirty dads would cover their laps with their oats and move their hands beneath and appeared to be making stroking motions on their laps in sync with Eve's own stroking beat.
Years later, when Eve was in high school, her movie 'shows' antics went too far as she took her show on the road to an adults only video parlour. She had sneaked in on false ID when she was only 15 years old. That time she had worn a full-length trench coat, baseball cap and runners ... and nothing else. Once in her seat, surrounded by men on all sides but no closer than four seats away, Eve unbuttoned her coat, pulled the sides open, spread her legs and proceeded to masturbate while staring at the larger-than-life blow job scene before her on the screen.
There were fourteen horny middle-aged men in that theatre that day. And it took them less than five minutes to realize what was going on and just two minutes to act on it. Before Eve had a chance to reach orgasm, several men had moved in and pinned the girl to her seat, removed her coat and formed a line as, one after the other, each man stood before her, straddling her thighs and leaned forward, their pants and underpants already dropped to their knees and their cocks at full erection and pointing directly before and just an inch from Eve's lips. Fourteen men took turns enjoying Eve's mouth just as the actress on the screen had enjoyed. Eve was no stranger to oral sex but what thrilled her even more was the fact that they had taken off her coat leaving her naked save for her shoes.
What thrilled her even more was that, by the end of the film, all the guys made a quick exit and someone had taken Eve's trench coat with him, leaving Eve near naked. For the first time, Eve went public in a big way. She couldn't get away without being seen this time, but maybe she could expose herself even more and still get away without getting arrested. Her plan was simple, in meant overexposure!
Eve got up, marched right out to the theatre lobby where a few men queued up at the box office. Pushing her way to the front, Eve demanded to see the manager. She screamed 'rape' and threatened to sue. The young lad in the ticket booth quickly ushered her away and into the manager's office where a fat, balding middle-aged man sat behind a desk and now stared at the gorgeous and naked teenage girl who making no attempt whatsoever to cover up her obvious charms.
It took some time for the manager to understand that this girl was threatening to sue him for every penny he had if he tried to call the police. Did he get this right? She said she's been stripped and gang banged ( well, oral gang-banged ) in his theatre, been left naked and she did not want him to call the police!?!?
She calmed down a bit and explained that she would be severely punished by her strict dad, if it was discovered she'd come to such a place on false ID ( yes, she was really only 15 years old ( OMG! thought the manager ) and had been caught exposing herself on purpose and even masturbating in public to tease men's cocks; that she would probably be stripped and whipped by her father who was a firm believer in old fashioned discipline ... especially when he'd heard about the way she was made to give so many men blow-jobs and, she added in a soft voice, " how I actually enjoyed it and didn't want it to stop."
The manager was beginning to understand. She wasn't covering up, even now, because she wanted men to see her naked; she came here to cum here and make lots of men cum too; when they forced her to give them all blow jobs, she more than submitted, she enthusiastically enjoyed it; and she didn't want her little fun spoiled by police or parental interference. But what did she want?
"What I want," she replied to his query, " Is for you to keep your mouth shut and a coat I can borrow so I can get home."
"Well, we can't have that beautiful ass of yours get a spanking, can we. Still, I am obligated to report this to the authorities. But I think I might be persuaded to stick my neck out and not open my mouth, that is, if you open yours."
Eve was not expecting this but had no objections and promptly got to her knees and continued with the manager ( and his assistant ) where she had left off with their patrons. Eve was given a jacket which just covered her enough and the manager called for and pre-paid a cab for Eve to make it home safely.
When Eve was in high school she managed to set up secret sororities and arranged the pledge tasks. She volunteered to go first and so wound up flashing her bare pussy in the caf and before male teachers in the class room. The flashes she did in the mall usually involved loose skirts, no panties and bending over.
But the best exhibitions she pulled off were from dares. At age 16 Eve had discovered Truth or Dare sites on the web and she played with guys getting them to tell her truths while she took dares that ended up with her stripping before her webcam and sending shots to the players. She managed to keep her face out of frame because she know these guys would be posting on U-Tube and elsewhere and she did not want to be recognized ... not yet.
But she did take dares that involved late night streaking in her suburban neighbourhood and flashing her bare pussy in the mall. But her coup de grace in high school was a dare that called for her to 'accidentally' tumble out of a change room in a clothing boutique. The dare would have her jeans tangled up at her ankles so she stumbled and knocked open the booth door and fell to the floor in front of everyone. The dare part was that she would be wearing a sexy bra and skimpy thong and so would be seen in these naughty undies. The double dared called for her to be so expose but wearing no bra.
Eve did the dare one Saturday afternoon when the mall was packed with teens and at a store which had an open design with lots of space open to view by passersby. But Eve made it a triple dare by wearing no underwear at all. Out she tumbled from the change room stark naked except for the jeans at her feet. She took her time getting to her knees and then to her feet and fumbled with her clothes a lot so everyone got a good look at her. Red faced, she ran from the store before security could be called. This stunt was pulled off on a shopping trip out of town so no one would recognize her. Her quest for public nudity had not reached its zenith ... yet!
But it wasn't until after high school graduation that Eve took the dare she read about months before. It was summer and the nights had been warm and dry, so this was a perfect time for the dare she'd dreamed of. The dare went like this: "Drive ten miles out of town late at night. Get out of the car and open the trunk. Strip naked and toss all your clothes in the trunk, then toss your car keys in too. Close the trunk. You now have no choice; you must walk or hitch hike back home buck naked. Good luck!"
She loved that dare and at the age of 18 she did it. It was three in the morning when she parked on a back road out of town. After closing her car trunk she gave out a laugh and starting running down the road. She made it home unharmed but not unnoticed as early morning travelers caught a glimpse of her running by. At first light she made it back to her apartment.
But now, at age 20, Eve was considering the most thrilling display imaginable. She just wasn't sure which venue to pick. In a few weeks, a few months or just about two years she would be the greatest streaker the world had ever seen. Most streakers were men and the few women who had done it wore g-stings except that daring blonde at a soccer match who was Eve's heroine.
Eve still could not decide: the 2008 World Series, Super Bowl XLIII, or the World Cup in South Africa in 2010? Which would be best?
Well, at this point I guess we'll have to watch the news to find out and then download U-Tube clips to get the naked truth!