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10-06-2008, 07:23 PM
Yet another episode of this series by F ing Ho.

ABC’s of lust.

Chapter 6: F is for Fellatio

Fay Horne had the most horrible habits imaginable for a 15-year-old girl. She always had. She had sucked her thumb until she was eight, was constantly biting her nails until she clued into getting fake ones, gnawed on the ends of pens, chewed gum in the most inappropriate times and recently took up the habit that had recently killed her mother, cigarette smoking.
Fay wasn't always such a nervous kid but she did tend to seek oral succor ( so to speak ) when things got the best of her and when she was feeling insecure. Her mother had abruptly stopped breast feeding Fay when the child, her first of two daughters, was two years old. Fay was put on the bottle while Mrs. Horne was pregnant with Fay's little sister, Gina.
Sibling tension turned inward for Fay and she took up thumb sucking with a vengeance. But it didn't stop there. Although Gina adored and looked up to her big sister, Fay would only get upset and edgy and finally sullen when the two girls were alone together. Growing up the two took separate paths and followed divergent interests, played with friends their own age and somehow, by staying apart, kept the peace and appeared to get along. But in fact, they didn't get along; they got apart.
"Gina and Fay are like 'Night and Day'", their father would quip when speaking of the personalities of his two kids. As sullen and nervous as Fay was, Gina was chipper, ready with a smile and had a hopeful outlook that today might rival that of Barak Obama. Both girls were very cute and would each develop into lovely young ladies, but for Fay, ugly was the state of her mind for many years and that put an indelible mark on her persona and therefore her looks. " You're only pretty as you feel" was a line from a rock group long ago; it was so true.
While Gina was a social butterfly on the playground and with lots of sleepovers, Fay stuck to herself, Gollum-like, muttering under her breath, cursing her fate and biting her nails which, although hurting her to the quick, she found relaxed her mind.
It was no surprise to anyone when, at age 15, Fay took up smoking cigarettes. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the fact is she took up that filthy habit just two weeks after her mother's untimely death due to lung cancer. Mr. Glen Horne was torn between grief and anger. He loved both his children and had adored his wife whom he had implored in vain to kick her nicotine addiction. He often wondered if Gina had been blessed with his happy-go-lucky genes and Fay had been cursed with his wife's predilection for addiction.
Mr. Horne was desperate. His pleas to Fay to quit the evil weed were met with pie-crust promises, easily made and just as easily broken. The girl couldn't see the obvious, that her edginess and the way she coped with it just made matters worse; the nicotine gave temporary relief but soon left her more nervous than ever. The yellow stains on her fingers and the fact that her breath smelled like the bottom of an ashtray didn't help her social life either; Fay had never dated and was the butt of cruel jokes at school. Her so-called-life was a misery.
So Glen took things in his own hands. Fay was mature in many ways ( her physique for one was that of a 20 year old with fully developed breasts and hips ) but her mind was still so childish. Her dad consulted a psychoanalyst who specialized in women's phobias and teenage development. Dr. Dowd, who had degrees in both psychiatry and child psychology, also employed hypnotherapy in both his smoking cessation program and a separate study at a local university where he was a professional sexologist.
The first consultation was a private one between Dr. Welland Dowd and Glen Horne; Fay was discussed but not present. In that 50 minute session Dr. Dowd grasped the situation immediately and developed a plan of action.
As he explained to Fay's dad, " It's a simple case of separation anxiety leading to inferiority complex eased by oral gratification. Unfortunately, in many such cases the oral need goes from maternal tit, to thumb sucking to nail biting and, if the child is lucky, ends with addiction to cigarettes. The unlucky ones go on to deadlier drugs taken either orally or by hypodermic needles. You are wise to nip this problem in the bud. For it is not too late but you must act fast and leave everything to me."
Glen was relieved. He was a good dad, but even the best can be stymied by the complexity of teenage girls. Also he was determined to stop Fay from the fatal choices that took his dearly departed from him just a short while ago. Grief was working its way through hope and relief for Glen. That day he talked Fay into seeing Dr. Dowd alone, of course.
Fay gave in to her dad's demand that she see a professional only because her father promised she would not have to do anything she didn't want to do, including giving up or even cutting down on her smoking. It was illegal for her to buy tobacco, of course, but that had never stopped any teenager, or pre-teen for that matter, from getting their fix. So Glen knew his last hope was in the psychiatric talents of Dr. Dowd. Getting Fay to see him was the first and vital step.
At two o'clock Fay entered his office and was directed by a nurse/receptionist into an examining room. It was not like the clinic rooms Fay was used to when she had appointments with her own doctor. This room was dimly lit and had an upholstered loveseat instead of the usual examining table with its cold, aluminum structure and paper roll-covered sheeting.
Fay was surprised but compliant when the nurse told her to remove all her clothing and don the sleep mask handed to her. The nurse took Fay's clothes and told the young patient to make herself comfortable by lying on the love seat. The Doctor would be in shortly.
There was something about the atmosphere in that room that made Fay feel so relaxed. In fact, it was a special spray the doctor had developed which infused psychogenic drugs and aroma-therapeutic oils into a fine mist that came from the air conditioning unit and clung to the absorbent fabric of the love seat. Breathing in this hypnotic fog made the patient drowsy in a pleasant way. When a patient lay his/her naked skin on the therapy couch, the effect of the drug increased; the longer Fay waited with her bare skin exposed to the drug, the more relaxed and submissive and, most importantly, the more susceptible to suggestion she became.
By the time Welland Dowd entered the room Fay was smiling and humming to herself; this in great contrast to the dour, ill humoured girl described to him by Mr. Horne. The doctor had turned on a CD player which piped in barely perceptible white noise with a background of romantic/classical music in a minor key. It took only a few minutes of soft tones and mesmerizing words to put Fay completely under ... under her own subconscious and under Dr. Dowd's control.
In less than twenty minutes the girl explained her feelings from the time she could master thought until this very day. Everything about her need to suck at her mother's breast, her sense of betrayal and inadequacy, her feeling of comfort as a child sucking her thumb, her need to outdo her little sister and frustration at failing to do so, her love/hate relationship with her finger nails, pens, pencils and other phallic objects that found her way into her mouth and which she chewed relentlessly. Her gum chewing was a mania and abated only when she picked up smoking. That habit came at her mother's funeral when a male cousin of hers thought she needed something to calm her down.
'Clearly, ' thought the doctor, ' Fay's mother-need and loss of sense of self was tied up in this girl's oral fixation.' If Dr. Dowd had been as professional and caring as his calling demanded, he could have done much for this pathetic girl's psyche. But Welland Dowd had his own unresolved 'issues' as well as a boner the size of his ego.
The thoughts floating in Fay's subconscious mind did not free her from guilt nor assuage her nervous feelings of inadequacy. Her mind did not reject these, it merely transferred them to another form of relief. Fay was going to have to rely on a new, stronger oral gratification and Dr. Dowd was going to show her how to best satisfy her needs.
The hypnotic program was in two parts: theory and practice. For the next ten minutes Dr. Dowd's soothing words set his young patient up for the therapy, the next twenty minutes were practice sessions to prepare her for on-going therapeutic exercise.
The substitute oral gratifier was, of course, a penis. Dr. Dowd worked his 7 inch long by nearly 2 inch thick cock into Fay's mouth as the chemicals seeping into the girl's skin ( there to remain active for days ), the mind-numbing background noise, and most of all, the doctor's mesmerizing words made Fay feel glorious relief from tension, worry and all anxiety. The more she sucked, the better she felt. But like all addictions, once the effect wore off, the need to satisfy it would return all the greater.
In short, Fay would still have nicotine urges and anxiety attacks from the mental issues which were masked over but not resolved in her mind. The result was that whenever Fay felt upset, uncertain or even just in need of a cigarette, she would crave the therapy Dr. Dowd was so generously supplying now.
Mr. Horne would get the results he wanted; Fay would indeed break her addiction to cigarettes. But instead she would find herself addicted to another, more pleasant, oral craving. Putting it bluntly, Fay had become addicted to cock sucking. Fellatio was her new need and she had to get it five or six times a day. It's not surprising that within a few weeks Fay became the most popular girl at school ... well, popular among the boys and later among all the male teachers, janitors, school crossing guards and so on. Her female classmates had a lower opinion of her.
Glen Horne was just happy to see his eldest daughter free from tobacco and seemingly happy for the first time in her life. He gladly paid for her on-going therapy sessions with Dr. Dowd who had assured him Fay's problem was deep-seated and she needed on-going reinforcement of her new, healthier mental state.
It was after her third session with the good doctor that Fay came into her father's bedroom in the middle of the night. She had a crazed look in her eye, not unlike that of a druggie breaking into a ********. She found her drug and begged her dad so sincerely that the lonely, horny widower consented. Fay had become quite expert at fellatio and her dad had been so horny of late that he allowed her to come to him for succor every night and first thing each morning. They tired to keep this all secret, No point in upsetting Fay's little sister, Gina. And they thought Gina knew nothing of their goings-on. They were wrong about that, but that's another story.
It's a sad story and all too common. Fay went on to quit school and move out to the big city where she still supports herself on street corners and meets her need in the back seats of cars.