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yet another in this series by F ing Ho....

ABCs of lust.

Chapter 7: G is for Glory Hole

Gina Horne was just twelve years old when she spied on her sister Fay who was making night time and early morning trips into their dad's bedroom. Fay had been engaged in paternal cock-sucking for two months before Gina figured out what they were up to. And when she did, her life as she knew it was turned upside down.
Gina had always been the happy-go-lucky, self-assured kid who was on great terms with her peers and admired, even adored, by adults. Almost Pollyannaish, Gina could see only one reality and that was bright, wholesome and positive. Critical thought for her was a way to logically figure out the best in people and situations. She could have been a pre-teen inspirational speaker from a late-night infomercial.
But all that change, at least inside her, when she finally understood what had made her sister so happy recently; what had changed her from the miserable and pathetic sad sack she'd always been to the seemingly joyous teenager she'd become.
"Become" was a fitting word," thought Gina. To this bright but nave 12- year-old, the outward appearance of joy was joy itself. You are what you feel and you feel according to what you do and a person is only as much as they do. Psychologically, it was a closed circle and a perfect example of epistemological relativism ... but of course Gina did not think in those terms. But that's how she thought and the result, which is what is important, was that she equated going from gloom to joy with cock sucking. Not an altogether false premise for most men and some women.
Gina's outward behaviour did not change at first. She remained outwardly perky. She never mentioned to her father or sister the scenes she had witnessed through bedroom doors left ajar. She remained outwardly calm for the next two years but internally she was a smoldering volcano of lust and envy.
All this happened at puberty when Gina's hormones were raging and her physical and emotional world, like all pre-teens and teens discover, took the form of a runaway rollercoaster. All too often innocent girls of that age have negative sexual experiences, sometimes incest or rape but more often just being used and dumped by a first boyfriend. These experiences can mar a girl's life for years and put Cadillacs in the garages of psychoanalysts.
In Gina's case, her outlook on the world did not change; the world, i.e. her reality, changed. Her positive approach would no longer be applied to social norms ... the family, school, friendship ... From now on, Gina's reality was cock-sucking which was something she had never done before, of course. But Gina was intent on discovering all she could about it because clearly it was the way to happiness. Her big sister, Fay was living proof of that. And so, for that matter, was her father who had been so sad after their mother's untimely death but who, since Fay's visits to his bedroom, had become most cheerful. Funny about that!
Gina was clever in finding hiding places where she could watch her sister and dad in their twice daily oral-sex ritual. Gina even took notes to better comprehend the act and later, not yet, imitate it. But when Fay quit school at the age of 17 and moved out, Gina, then 14 years old, had not yet let a boy get to first base with her, much less to third. She had the theory of fellatio down pat, but not a bit of practical knowledge. The Joys of oral sex were not hers to be had ... not yet.
Gina was at a loss and turned to her best friend at school, Eve Gardener who, at this stage, was playing flashing pranks and doing dares with some of the other girls in her grade 8 class. Eve listened intently and acted very sympathetic to Gina.
"You are absolutely right, Gina," whispered Eve in the playground at lunchtime. " There is no greater joy for a girl than making a man happy. And, from what I've been told, there's nothing that makes a man happier than getting his cock sucked."
Gina was so glad to get this off her chest and to have her ideas verified by her best friend.
"But I think I'm afraid to take the next step," confessed Gina. " I've watched them for almost two years now but I still haven't done it myself. But I must admit the smell and sight of cock sucking sure gets my sex mound moist and I usually end up playing with myself after words and sometimes even as I watch."
"I guess you're ready then," nodded Eve. " But I think you need the sink or swim approach not the dipping the little toe in the water method. Now we've done dares together before and I think you're the type of girl who finds she has to be good to her word, pay her gambling debts and live up to her dares. Am I right?"
Gina didn't hesitate for a second. " Of course! Anything else would be living a lie."
"Good," smiled Eve. " Then this is your push into the water, Gina. I dare you to come with me this afternoon to a place I been before on dares and do as I do ... do exactly as I do. No questions asked! Dare ya''
Gina thought for a long minute, weighing the odds ... trust in Eve, her best friend in the world, or go away as confused and frustrated as before.
"I'll take your dare!"
And so the two fourteen year old girls found themselves at the back entrance to an adult video and marital aids store in a seedy section of downtown. Eve gave a tap/rat-ta-tap/tap coded knock on the door and a man in his 40s with a premature 5 o'clock shadow on his face and an enormous belly overhanging his dirty jeans opened the door and quickly ushered them in. The back hall where they found themselves was poorly lit and ran about 40 feet with doors on either wall until it emptied into a brightly lit store front where rows of racks held hundreds of Adult Entertainment in the form of DVDs and VHS videos.
The front of the store also sported ( an appropriate term if ever there was one ) a wall rack piled high with dildos, sex toys for orgasm, sex tools for submission and discipline, lubricants, magazines, vibrators, lingerie and edible panties.
The man who let them in, Paul, was manager of the store where Eve performed three times a week for customers who liked to see young naked girls. Eve was an avowed exhibitionist and she delighted at the thought of horny men drooling over her naked body. She used the viewing rooms at the back of the store for her shows and got paid $10 for each hour she performed. Most days she came away with $20 as a dozen or so men paid a much greater fee to Paul for the privilege of watching Eve pose. The three booths were equipped with playback machines, a TV screen and a single wooden stool with a cushion seat. The middle booth had nine-inch diameter holes cut out of the two walls shared with the two booths on either side. In the middle booth Eve played out her game, usually pretending to be frightened and made to take off her clothes and then posing in such a way that all her charms were apparent. After the two men on either side of her got their allotted time, Paul would knock on Eve's door to let her know she should get dressed; within a few minutes two new Peeping Toms made their ways in to the side booths and Eve repeated her stripping and posing.
Paul had often suggested to Eve she could make a fuck of a lot more money if she just put her mouth to those hole and give the men in the other booths a place to put their cocks which they were jerking off anyway. Make everyone happy! But Eve said it just wasn't her thing, she'd stick to baring her body. Paul was disappointed but resigned to it.
But this day Eve had brought a friend. And while Gina waited in the shadows of the back hall next to a very stinky staff toilet room, Eve filled Paul in on the deal. Her friend, she said, was incredibly gullible and had taken on a dare to do exactly as she, Eve, did today.
"For one time only, Paul," said Eve as she emphasized the word 'only' with a glare in her eye, " I am going to give your customers blow jobs and let them cum all over my face. My pal Gina is going to do the same in the Glory Hole on the other side of the booth."
Paul was ecstatic and asked " How much? By the hour or by the cock?"
Eve considered for a moment, " This one's on the house, Paul. I'll give you a chance to call up some of your friends and best customers before we start but we do this for only two hours today. But there's more. After today I think I can get Gina to come back three or four times a week for two hour sessions after school and believe me, she will want to suck as much cock as you guys can give her."
"How can you guarantee that and for how much?" asked a dubious Paul.
"Gina has a need, let me just leave it at that. As to money, how does $20 a blow job sound? And you pay me, not her. Don't try to cheat me, Paul. I'll be debriefing Gina each day. I expect a minimum of $200 bucks each session. Deal?"
"Sure, it's a deal!" smirked Paul who would be charging his customer $50 a piece. " Now let's get started on that freebie."
And so Eve and Gina shared the middle booth for two hours with each girl stripping naked then kneeling with their backs and bums to each other and their faces inches from the glory holes on either wall. Within a few minutes customers appeared in the holes and Gina had her first taste of cock. Theory became practice as Gina remembered how her big sister Fay had performed fellatio on her dad. Gina was a natural and, surprise, surprise! ... because of Gina's circular logic, she really did go from scared and curious to amazed and joyous. It was a gradual change but by her fourth blow job, Gina was certain this was the best way to feel happy.
At the end of their 'freebie' session in the Glory Hole, Eve informed her friend of Paul's generous offer. If she was willing, Gina could earn up to $100 a day getting and giving happiness as she had just done. Eve would not be joining her as she had a different road to happiness, but that shouldn't stop her, Gina, from experiencing such joy.
They shook on it and Gina went to Paul and thanked him and promised to return knocking on his back door at least four times a week. Gina also liked the fact that Eve referred to their booth as a Glory Hole; it made it sound like an Ode to Joy, the joy she was feeling ever sine that first cock parted her lips and filled her mouth.
Glory Halleluiah!