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Fear or excitement!

Andrea the sexy five foot two blonde haired sub missive, had by now began to develop a trust and open relationship with her Master Ray, even to the point where she agreed to meet at a local coffee shop just before they closed at 8.00pm.

She wore what he had directed her to wear, a front full button down Lacy effect dress with loose weave pattern which allowed her nipples to peek through, this dress stopped six inches above her knee and the main body of the lower skirt part was much more dense material so her cunt was hidden, but from the back the split went high enough to almost highlight the top of her arse crack.

Here she was nervously seated outside the coffee bar, trying to spot her master, whilst trying to make sure she covered her shaven panty-less pussy. Her erect hard tipped nipples already almost threatening to bust free from the lacy bodice of the dress; were clearly visible.

Andrea’s pulse was way over 150 and climbing as every man who came towards her was her prospective Master. Her nerves were on edge as she sat waiting; she could stand it no longer and got up to go fetch a coffee. As she did so a man’s hand stroked her arse and she spun round to slap his face and there stood before her was her beloved Master. Despite being married and at risk of being seen, she still threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

As they kissed he slid his hand over her arse and down below the level of her dress; as soon as he felt her bare skin he began stroking his hand upwards. In doing so he raised her dress hemline and soon had her entire arse on display; the cool wind drafting across it both soothed her heated cunt but also fanned the flames of her passion.

Taking the lead, Master Ray led her off towards the church yard which signified the edge of the town and beyond this lie the fields and woods of the Yorkshire – Nottinghamshire border. As they entered the rural countryside they followed a path leading to a densely populated wooded area, Soon the summer sunshine became a dappled effect as the sun was partially blotted out by the trees. Within minutes they found an ideal copse, there were almost perfect circle of trees almost creating a perfect shield from prying eyes.

In the centre of this copse, Master Ray turned to Andrea and demanded she remove her dress. Andrea hesitated and began to say no when the curt voice of Ray warned her against the folly of such actions. In fact he snapped she was going to be spanked for such disobedience and if she had not dropped her dress by the time he counted to five he would add two spanks per number. He pointed out that if he got to six that would mean seven spanks, seven would mean nine, the count of eight would mean ten spanks.

Master Ray began counting at a normal pace and initially Andrea simply stood there, then when she realised he meant his threat she hurriedly unbuttoned her dress, unfortunately Master Ray was too shrewd for Andrea, he knew she would struggle to remove her dress by five, even if she started unbuttoning it straight away, so he had counted to ten by the time she cast her dress to the ground.

Andrea stood there in disbelief as she waited to be told what her punishment would be: Master Ray took his time and slowly told her how silly she was because a count of ten meant she had to endure fourteen spanks. But he then added that as she had shown such disregard for his authority, she would be bound and gagged before he spanked her. Picking up her dress he told her to remain where she was while he went to fetch his bag from his car.

Without waiting for a response he strode back down the path they both had just travelled, how ever when he was out of sight, he doubled back around the edge of the copse. Andrea was still stood where he had left her, but she was clearly nervous as when he snapped a twig, she instantly spun round to look in his direction. Master Ray crept away and picked his bag up from the car and slowly made his way back to the copse; He purposely entered from a totally different direction. Long before he was in sight he was making enough noise for Andrea to hear his approach.

When he entered the ring of trees, he noticed that Andrea was no longer stood where he had left her, but out of the corner of his eye he saw her fleshy arse amongst the grass. Pretending not to have seen her he called out to her, “Andrea, you fucking horny slut, where are you!” and then he called out, “If your not back here on the spot where I left you with in a minute I will double your punishment!”

Instantly Andrea jumped up and ran, tits bouncing as she raced back to the spot where she had been standing. Master Ray strolled up to her and grabbed a hand full of hair, now he did not pull her hair but took a firm enough grip to prove his point that he was in charge and she had better not forget it. Then he laughed as he leaning in and pressed his lips against hers and forced them open with his tongue. Once inside his tongue danced lightly over her tongue and almost managed to lick her tonsils.

Then he put his bag down and ordered Andrea to open it and remove the handcuffs; Andrea immediately opened the black bag and routed around inside it looking for the metal handcuffs, she panicked when she could not find them, fearing further punishment for failing she failed to see Ray holding the handcuffs above her head. She looked pleadingly at her master as if to say but they are not there master when she suddenly glanced up and saw them; Andrea breathed a strong sigh of relief.

Master Ray handed the cuffs to Andrea and ordered her to snap them on to her left wrist, the metal felt cold to her wrist and yet her cunt heat increased; then as Ray instructed she put her hands above her head and he snapped the other cuff in place. Now he took her hands bringing them forward and passed a length of rope between her arms. Then he led her over to one of the trees. He tossed the loose end of the rope over a bough and began to pull it tight; soon Andrea had to stand on tiptoe as her arms were stretched straight up.

Ray then tied the rope off: returning to his bag he pulled out an extending spreader bar and attached this by a cuff to her right ankle. He quickly attached the other end to her left ankle and then began spreading the bar until her feet barely touched the ground, then he twisted the locking cap in the middle.

Taking a second length of rope he attached on end to the spreader bar and Andrea began to speculate that he would be about to throw the rope up over the same bough in front of her and eventually suspend her facing upwards. Once more Ray seemed to read her mind and laughed as he said, “OH no, not face up, my horny little fucking bitch, but your to have a spanking and in order for me to do this your arse need to be upper most, so your going to be suspended yes, but face down, my slut!”

Taking the rope behind her he tossed it over the same bough and began to pull the rope through; as he took up the strain, Andrea’s feet were dragged back from under her and she took her full weight on her arms. Soon though she was horizontal about three feet above the ground and her legs were held wide apart by the spreader bar. This allowed full access to her arse for her spanking but also it allowed unrestricted access to her cunt and anal ring. Dipping his hand in to the bag once more, Ray emerged with two pair of nipple clamps; the first pair he lightly applied to her hard erect nipples and passed the adjoining chain between Andrea’s lips. Master Ray told her if she dropped this chain out of her mouth she would have weights added to the chain till it pulled itself free of her nipples.

The second set of nipple clamps he attached one end to her left cunt flap took the length of chain around the outside of her leg across her butt and once more outside her other leg and attached the tight chain via the clamp to her right cunt flap; this in effect spread her cunt lips wide exposing her already erect clit.

Ray now tested his handy work by gently pushing Andrea. She swung like a trapeze and Ray smiled as she returned just at the right height; if he had his prick out he would be probing her cunt at this height.

Master Ray walked around in front of Andrea and began undressing, as he did so he was telling her that she had fourteen spanks to come and after each four he would fuck her. But if she dropped the chain from her mouth he would instantly double her punishment and further more would start all over again. If she dropped it a second time he would simply leave her here over night whilst he returned to his hotel to get some sleep. Then he sarcastically added and he might just have to call into the pub and have a word with a few of the guys about going down to the woods today; laughing he said, “I really don’t know who would get the surprise though!”

Now as naked as Andrea, Ray walked up to her and pushed his cock up against her mouth; Andrea wanted to open her mouth to suck his magnificent seven and a half inch cock, but she knew if she did she was certain to drop the chain. After a few minutes Ray realised she was not going to open her mouth, so he withdrew and walked slowly around behind her, his finger tested her cunt and discovered it was wet enough to float a ship. He pulled away and then slipped his cock up her, he began with slow strokes and after counting to ten he stopped with just the tip of his cock still inside her cunt.

Raising his hands he rained two sharp slaps one on each cheek, slammed his cock back into her and again pulled back till his tip was all that remained inside her, he then delivered spanks three and four. Now he fucked her a little faster all the time letting her know she was his slut, his person fuck toy, his wanton whore to do with as he pleased.

Once more he stopped with just his tip inside her cunt and delivered spanks five and six, followed by a quick thrust of his cock before seven and eight spanks landed. Again he increased his speed a bit more until he stopped dead with just his tip inside her cunt, nine and ten spanks promptly delivered and a firm thrust led to eleven and twelve. Now he fucked her hard and fast until she was moaning and struggling not to drop the chain still held between her lips.

This time he pulled fully out and actually saw her inner cunt lips winking at him, he brought his hand down hard on her ass cheek, for spank thirteen and then he forced his hard well lubricated cock up her anal ring. Slowly he began fucking her arse building up speed until her rocking motion threatened to bring the branch down. He told her to spit out the chain and as she did so she lapsed into a verbal tirade, “Fuck your worthless slut’s arse, Master take her anyway you want her, OH god, I’m cumming, oh god how I’m cumming!”

Master Ray pulled back until just his tip remained held by her sphincter muscle and he delivered his final spank, he marvelled as he arse flesh trembled from the strike, and then he plunged his cock deep into her arse, just as Andrea screamed her way through her heavy orgasm. By the time he was ready to shoot, Andrea was hanging limp like a little rag doll; but Ray pulled free from her and sprayed his white strings of spunk all over her bright pink arse. He then slowly and carefully rubbed the spunk into her arse as a soothing lotion before gently releasing her from the branch. Having then untied her, he helped her bedraggled body into an upright position and with her arm over his shoulder he walked her naked body back towards the car. He deliberately left the chains and clamps in place, until that is she was sat in the passenger’s seat of his car; Andrea had recovered slightly and profusely thanked her master for the experience of her lifetime. She shakily looked down and saw the clamps still attached to her nipples and she took the chain in her hand and pulled it clear of her body, stretching her nipples. Ray went to release the clamps and she asked him not to, she continued to push the chain away from her and her nipples stretched even further till suddenly they sprang back as the clamp slipped off her nipple.

Ray gently released the clamps on her cunt lips, as she smiled rather weakly at him, instead of dressing her he simply slid a blanket over her and as he tucked her in; he was surprised for she suddenly pulled his head towards her and kissed him passionately, as she broke that kiss she whispered I love you being my master!

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Fear or excitement! i think both great story xx

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Once more thank you

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is the story end ? i want continue . more please .....