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yet another in this series by F ing Ho....

ABC’s of lust.
Chapter 8: H is for Humiliation
The invitation was hand written in a flowery 19th century style. It was written with a fountain pen so medium and message merged as this romantic device invited them to a most romantic celebration, a Father & Daughter Dinner at the Victoria Club, 148 Davies Drive at 8 p.m. Saturday July 12, 2008. The missive, the message and the event were all so sophisticated.
Had the invitation been computer generated and worded in Ariel format it would not have conveyed the same feeling; on the other hand, the message would not have been muddled and important information, in this case the address, would have been correctly discerned and the recipients would not have mistaken ended up at 148 Dawes Drive in a decidedly unsophisticated part of the city.
Henry Back and his 15 year-old daughter, Helen were dressed for the occasion; he in his finest black suit and she in a sleeveless, floral summer dress with hem at mid-thigh. Her high heels and naked legs completed her outfit for this night Helen eschewed underwear. Her perky 34-C breasts were firm and needed no supporting bra. Normally she would have worn panties or a thong, but the little vixen was feeling down-right naughty tonight and planned to shock some of the Ladies of the Church with quick flashes as she thought of sitting, slouching or crossing her legs in such manner that naked flesh would appear.
And for that same reason, Helen had taken great care with her ablutions that evening, carefully running the hot water, taking out her shaving foam and razor paying attention to armpits first, then calves and finally her pussy mound, Helen made her body smooth and hairless in all the right, erotic places. Strangely, it made her body seem younger than it was yet more exotic and sexually mature. She wanted to look and feel sexy, almost slutty, in what she expected was going to be a totally sexless, dead occasion. Helen looked very mature in that outfit but in her mind a very naughty little girl sneered at all convention.
Her father, Henry, knew nothing of this, although he was quite aware of his daughter's flirtatious and sometimes bawdy sense of ill-humour. For that's what he considered it, a teen-age act of rebellion. God knows, Helen had cause. Her mother, Jessie, who, when she was a teenager, was the neighbourhood 'bike'; she was fast, got around a lot and every guy she knew had fun riding her. Even after she married at the age of 17 she carried on affairs and quickie sex episodes with several men, all of who were younger than her husband, Henry who was 15 years her senior. But Henry was well to do if not well endowed, so she kept him and used her feminine wiles to get him to forgo a pre-nup.
Jessie got pregnant and delivered Helen not out of any maternal instincts, but because Henry dearly wanted a child and actually paid Jessie a cool million in exchange for giving birth. It was just three months after she came home from the hospital that Jessie filed for divorce and settled on another two million dollars and 'a quit-claim on the brat', as she so indelicately put it, for Henry's freedom. He was totally humiliated in front of his high society friends who had warned him that the bitch was a two-timing gold-digger. Many of his male friends were aware of her nasty streak as they themselves had benefited from it behind Henry's back.
This had left Henry with a child to raise and he did everything money and his love could afford to make little Helen's life easy. Big mistake. What he raised was a spoiled brat vain, bored and who, because everyone gave into her every whim, enjoyed an idle mind which soon became a devil's playmate. By the age of twelve Helen had become a bitch not unlike her mother. By the age of fifteen, she'd become a slut too.
Henry was determined to bond with his daughter and that was why he paid five thousand dollars to the church for the Father & Daughter Benefit Dinner in aid of wayward teens. He was delighted when Helen said she'd come too. He did not realize that in Helen's devious mind, she spelled 'come' C-U-M. For the 15 year old brat/slut was going to give the old ladies of the church a show as well as her dad's money.
That was her nasty plan. And her dad had plans for a civilized evening of decorum and pleasantries, a chance for father and daughter to bond and show their love for each other. Irony can be so cruel sometimes, and this was one of those times. For the beautifully scripted penmanship on the invitation suffered from being slightly illegible. At eight o'clock Henry and Helen Back found themselves outside a three-storey brick home with bars on all the windows. Undaunted, Henry rang the bell.
But it was no well-coiffed matron who answered the door. It was Georges, a 25 year-old member of Hell's Angels Biker Gang and, as fate would have it, 35 of the gangster-brutes were having a strategy session in that house that night and the last thing they needed was people showing up unannounced.
"It's some old guy and a good looking, young bitch..." George shouted over his shoulder and back into the hallway where clouds of pungent smoke billowed and a raucous sound emanated.
Helen stood transfixed as she looked up at the tall, well-built man before her. Georges was bare to the waist and many tattoos of anger and lust adorned his skin. His tight leather pants showed off his manliness which is what Helen was staring at as he grabbed the two of them by the collar and dragged them inside.
Henry tried to break free from this brute's grasp but it was useless. Father and daughter were hauled before the gang who lounged about in the kitchen, card room and living room ; some lay on couches, others were engaged in feats of strength like arm wrestling and others were just stoned and crouched in corners. All looked mean and strong.
Henry sputtered an explanation, " Must be the wrong address. Sorry ... we'll be going now..."
"Who sent you, Mister?" asked a low and menacing voice which came from a small, wiry fellow who wore a leather vest over his naked chest and was picking his finger nails with a sharp stiletto blade.
Henry handed this man the engraved invitation and just muttered, " Benefit dinner ... I guess this isn't it, eh? " That was his attempt to lighten the mood in the room. It didn't work. Instead the leather vested man, the gang leader flew into a rage. The leader's name was Jacques Strapp ( and you can imagine the teasing he got as a kid which may account for his being a bully at an early age and a social deviant bordering on amoral psychosis at this stage in his life. He was a sociopath and a very nasty one at that. ) Jacques was in the mood for fun; it had been a difficult evening and he needed to relax. Unfortunately for Henry and Helen Back, 'fun' for Jacques played best when he was angry and his brand of 'relaxation' was no stranger to madness.
The hapless pair pushed to their knees and both were quaking now. Jacques studied the fine invitation and, in a mocking, high-society voice, read out, " Father & Daughter Benefit Dinner in aid of wayward teens " Much laughter from the group, but not from the two who sweated on their knees and fearful for their lives.
"And just how wayward a teen are you, bitch?" asked Jacques who lifted Helen's face with a finger under her chin.
"Pretty wayward, I'd say!" smirked a voice from behind the girl. Danny had pulled up Helen's skirt right up to her waist and revealed that she was wearing no panties. Her bald pussy was soon on display as Jacques grabbed the skirt from in front and yanked it up some more. Henry was shocked but silent.
Jacques read further as the invitation went on to say how the benefit dinner would raise tens of thousands of dollars, provide wayward girls with the attention they need, and give donating fathers a chance to bond meaningfully with their daughters.
"Looks like you're gonna miss that shindig, pops. But I think we can do our part for wayward girls like your daughter to get her naked, bald pussy all the attention it needs. Right boys?"
With a nod of his head, Jacques' orders were clear to all in the room and hands immediately grabbed father and daughter and in under a minute both were stripped of all their clothes. Appreciative noises greeted the sight of naked 15 year-old Helen and Henry was tossed aside as one of the gang handcuffed him from behind with police cuffs. Henry was placed upside down on a cushioned chair so his head rested on the seat, his back and ass ran up the back of the chair with his knees atop and bent so his lower legs dangled behind. Henry's naked crotch was dead centre of the back of the chair, his balls and cock flipping down and pointing at his face. One gang member, Lenny, pinned Henry's legs back so he couldn't move. Lenny smoked a cigar as he held Henry; every so often Lenny flicked hot ash directly on to Henry's balls.
But everyone's attention rested on Helen who had been hoisted aloft and was being passed around with men holding on to her four limbs which were stretched out. After showing her around for five minutes or so, the boys got down to business and Helen's pussy got the attention of several men. Over and over they fucked her even as she was held three feet off he ground with arms and legs pulled tight and her spread legs encompassing man after man as their cocks penetrated then filled with hot cum her sore pussy.
Henry watched in horror; he had no choice, as these bastards flipped Helen over so she faced the floor with her legs still spread-eagled and at crotch level. Part two of their fucking games was about to start as member after member stepped between her legs, parted her ass cheeks and shoved their unsheathed cocks up her ass hole. Helen's thighs dripped gobs of cum when the seven men had finished with their sodomizing fun with her and let her down gently on to the floor.
She was positioned on her knees as everyone in the house lined up to take turns fucking her mouth. Helen was no stranger of blow jobs; in fact, it was her favourite pass-time. But she usually did no more than five in one night. Now she was in for dozens of cocks and she son found hey all expected her to deep throat and swallow all their cum.
But before they got started, Jacques drew her attention to Henry still watching upside down in his chair. Tears were running own her dad's face ... actually up it, as he was topsy-turvy. Lenny now leaned over the back of the upholstered chair and held her dad's cock and balls in his left fist; in his right, he had a long, sharp knife pressing up against her dad's manhood.
Jacques whispered just one thing into Helen's ear, " You bite, we cut." She understood. And the blow-job session began and Helen did her best to not disappoint and to protect the family jewels.
The party went on for hours and many an ash from Lenny's cigars landed on Henry's balls. But a far greater torture was the sight of his darling little girl with her mouth constantly full of cock and her having to swallow load after load of their cum.
Jacques was fascinated by the hoity-toity invitation he held in his hand and the gang leader wanted to vent his anger at this, to his mind, insult to wayward girls. After all, some of his best friends were sluts ... those that were still alive.
As the partying was dying down and all the guys had had Helen every way they wanted, Jacques declared that they, the Hell's Angels, could do just as good a job as anyone in helping a father bond with his daughter. The rest of the gang had no idea what he was talking about, but as Jacques approached him, Henry had an inkling of what this psychopath might have in mind. It was unthinkable, but that didn't mean it wasn't going to happen.
Henry was pulled to his feet, his hands still cuffed behind. He was dragged to stand before his still kneeling daughter and Lenny pulled Henry's cock and worked it to erection as Helen's lips touched her dad's manhood. She kept her mouth shut. Lenny pulled out his knife and placed it right at the base of Henry's genitals.
"Just suck it enough to keep him hard, little girl," snarled Jacques. " Do it or we'll cut it off and stuff it down your throat, bitch."
And with that Helen took her father into her mouth and sucked and sucked and when he was hard and creamy, the men about her pulled Henry back, knocked Helen to the ground so she lay spread on her back. The gang member got Henry to kneel between Helen's legs and Lenny took the father's cock and guided it Helen's well lubricated pussy.
Henry pulled back and muttered, No, not that!" and Jacques whispered in his ear, " Use it or lose it ... your choice." Henry nodded and Lenny withdrew the blade that had been pressed tight against Henry's crotch. So father and daughter bonded again but not for the last time.
Henry needed persuading again, but in the end he took his 15 —year-old daughter in the end. And this time the gang made him cum up her ass hole before letting him go.
But Jacques was not done. He declared that these do-gooders, the old ladies club and Henry and the bitch were all full of shit. And he wanted to see just how full of shit they could be.
He decided that a toss of a coin should decide which one of these to fucking snobs was going to be a urinal or not. He rifled through Henry’s trousers and found a coin; he stood in front of Helen and tossed it high in the air. As the coin spun up and up, the leader declared, Heads you’re the urinal and tales he is. The coin rattled against the floor as it rolled in ever decreasing circles finally falling over. Slowly with self assured confidence the leader walked over and said, “OH, shit, seems daddy has saved his little girl again!” Henry is the urinal and he gleefully smiled at Helen, “Don’t you worry little fuck slut bitch, I will not leave you out!”
With that the guys all lined up after the leader had explained his plan and each one dropped their trousers, after this the leader stepped forward and demanded that Henry open his fucking shitty mouth. The leader then told him if he wanted to keep his balls intact he should make sure not to spill a single drop! And with that he began pissing into the old man’s mouth; Henry swallowed quickly and often abhorring the taste of the rancid piss; but fearing for his safety if he spilt any. Each of the gang took turns to fill Henry with their piss and the leader delighted in making Helen watch every single drip being sucked up by her toilet of a dad.
When all the gang had finished, poor Henry’s stomach was bloated having swallowed near seven litres of hot rancid piss, he was struggling to avoid being sick and bringing it back up, fearing to do so would result in some further physical damage to himself or worse his daughter.
Then just when Henry thought things could get no worse, he discovered the animalistic levels these bikers were prepared to sink.* Jacques pinched Helen's mouth open and told her to stick out her tongue.
" You know, guys,* I think we may be out of toilet paper but Helen here has volunteered her tongue to be our bog roll."
Then*Helen was made to kneel and, starting with the Leader, she had to lick all their arses clean, and yes you guessed it they had not been wiped in a while. The leader took delight in telling her to use her tongue like toilet paper and insisted each member inspect her tongue before and after she had cleaned their arses, before to make sure it was clean and after to make sure she had shit stains on it.
As the Leader watched and laughed at the pair of dead beats, he pulled his trousers up and went to check out front, upon his return he had an evil smile on his face as he pulled down his pants and squatted on the floor and let out one then another piece of shit which he picked up in his hands and molded into a glob about the size of a tennis ball.
"Just enough for one, I'd guess," Jacques muttered and then sing-song sang " eenie-meanie-minnie " while shaking his head one way then another as he looked first at Helen then Henry... "moe! " and Jacques pinched Helen's nose and forced her to open her mouth to breath ... and with that he shoved the whole ball of hot shit into her mouth and closed it shut.
"Now, bitch, you keep that in there until I tell you to start chewing and you better swallow every bit of it or your second course will be daddy's balls followed by his bloody cock. Understand?" Jacques smiled and waited for an answer.
Helen just nodded and tears welled in her eyes. Time passed and Henry cried and could not look his little girl in the face. But Helen was brave and in that five minutes, with her mouth stuffed with shit, she had an epiphany. She really loved her dad and was so sorry for all the grief she had caused him.
Five minutes was up and Jacques told her to take her time chewing ... She did and chewed over all the shit she'd given her father, her teachers and everyone else all these years.
"Swallow, bitch! Good now let's see..." and Helen opened her mouth wide and at last the gang was satisfied.
"You're one lucky man, Mister," Jacques told Henry. " If there had been even a hint of shit in her mouth I was going to cut your cock and balls off and feed them to her. But I am a man of my word and so I guess you can go now. I hope you have enough sense to thank us all for helping you bond with your daughter."
To Jacques' surprise, Henry said 'thank you' and it looked like he really meant it. Father and daughter made their way home sometime after midnight and they both spent hours cleaning up, showering and Helen especially had to brush her teeth and use mouthwash.
The two walked naked into the master bedroom and hugged each other for some time. Until at last they started caressing and wiping out the cruel thoughts of the evening with tender touches and signs of true bonding. What happened next is for another chapter in their lives.