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10-08-2008, 09:01 PM
Home Alone….

You’re at home alone dressed in an almost full length button down dress. You were not expecting company so you had dressed down for comfort, you enter the kitchen to make a cup of tea and before you can turn on the light; suddenly a hand grabs you over your mouth and stops you calling out. Next your hands are tied behind your back and a blindfold is put in place covering your eyes, although you are fully dressed the faintest hint of someone’s breath on your neck sends electric tingles all the way down your spine.

A strong masculine sounding voice tells you that he has been watching you for a while and tonight is the night he has chosen to come to claim your body. Then he tells you that you will be his slut and soon you will beg to be his whore as he licks slowly along your neck to the tip of your earlobe. You shudder with delight as he does this and his hand creeps around your waist and suddenly grabs your left breast. He smiles to himself for your not wearing a bra he tells you that you are really a horny little fuck slut of a bitch then his fingers begin to undo your buttons.

Starting right under your chin you feel the fabric becoming loose as he undoes each button in turn; although you can not see him; you know that by now he can see down your cleavage and soon will have your 36C breasts hanging out of the dress. Suddenly you sense he has now exposed your full rounded breasts; your nipple gives you away as it is extremely hard and erect showing how much this turns you on and this causes you to blush. You have never felt so hot and horny in your life as you do at this moment in time. You feel his cold clammy hand as it touches your bare breast and creeps ever so slowly towards your nipple, you seem to find it difficult to breathe and begin panting; your mind tells you you’re panting like a bitch in heat and you know it’s so true. Then you feel the finger and thumb begin to grip your nipple as he squeezes he begins to lick your earlobe as he whispers why you horny cunt, your wanting me to take your cunt with my cock you want me to fuck you hard, don't you whore!

Before you mind reacts you find yourself agreeing, almost begging him to take you as you stand. His hand continues unbuttoning your dress until it exposes your lacy panties; he laughs gently into your ear as he says, fuck me, I would have bet odds on a cock teasing whore like you would not wear panties: I figured they would get in the way of your cock hungry cunt and you taking as many cocks as you could get. He forces you down on to your knees and whispers well my little harlot, I have a cock here for you.

With that you feel the soft head of his cock press against your mouth, you try to resist it entering your mouth but he tells you that you had better open up and lick the full length of his eight inch cock or he will ram it up your arse without any lubrication; He stressed and you know how painful that would be. Instantly your tongue comes out and you begin to trace the length of his cock from tip to the base of his balls he laughs as he tells you, I knew you would want to suck my cock just like all sex mad horny bitches do; oh yes. You opened your mouth and felt the first flood of hot cock as it pressed down against your tongue as it slid into your mouth, he grabs your hair and tells you to swallow his cock like a good little fuck slut; suddenly his cock fills your mouth, you have trouble breathing till you realise that you need to breath through your nose; as he slowly fucks your mouth. He asks you if you have had a cock up your cunt today but you’re unable to answer as your mouth is full; so he answers for you yes you have had a cock up your cunt as all whorish sluts love their horny wet steaming cunts full.

Your tongue is now used to the presence of his cock and you begin to flick at the underside of his cock, although you have not been told to do this your so turned on you want to please this dominant person who has found your sexual weakness. This intricate and erotic action triggers his first climax as he fills your mouth with his hot sticky seed. He is cumming so much; you swallow as quickly as you can but still some escapes and drips on to your tits he tells you that because you spilt some he will have to return another day and spank your arse so slowly but firmly.

Suddenly a voice cries out, “Spank me tonight, right now for your slut needs and wants it!” You are shocked at your own response for you instantly recognised your own voice but normally you would not have thought to answer back let alone demand to be spanked.

He slowly pulls you to your feet and leads you back into the living room, although your still blindfolded you know your way well enough, when suddenly you collide with a heavy wooden chair, before you can prevent it you let slip a Fuck. He leans close to your ear and says that’s going to cost my little slut an extra two spanks. He guides you a little further then tells you to stand still.

You stand as he left you for what seems like hours, but in effect is only ten minutes when suddenly you feel something around your wrists and your hands being pulled behind your back. Your senses go into overdrive as you realise you’re being tied up. Mentally you envisage being trussed up like a chicken unable to move while he has his way with you.

Next you feel your elbows being drawn together behind your back, this forces you to straighten up and thrust your chest forward making your tits stand out further. Then you feel his warm wet mouth sliding over your tit flesh heading for your nipple but just as your about to gasp as you anticipate his mouth closing down on your nipple its gone only reappear on your other tit again the warm wetness begins close to your chest and works its way slowly towards your nipple.

This time he does grip your extended hard nipple between his teeth and you let an involuntary groan escape your lips. As he pulls on your nipple you feel his hot hand sliding down the front of your lacy panties, instinctively you open your legs to allow him easier entry and hope he will stick at least two of his thick fingers up your ravenous cunt. You are slightly disappointed as he merely strokes your clit and then runs his finger down past your cunt to your anal ring. Now he spreads your cunt juices around your anal ring always probing your entry but never quite enough force to push home his hard digit.

Once more he whispers into your ear, “You really want me to spank you, bitch but if I do I will also fuck you and I will fuck you how I want and where I want, is that understood?”

You’re body is shaking too much to answer him so you simply nod your head. He again whispers, “Yes you know you want me to use you like the whore that you are, you want me to abuse your cunt, your arse and your mouth after I have shown you who is the master by spanking your firm arse!”

He leads you to your left until you feel something solid hit your abdomen, your upper body is pushed forward and your lower body is prevented from going forward by the object. You’re forced to bend at the waist and as soon as your tits hit the cold polished surface you realise he has you bent over the dining table.

Suddenly there is silence and absolutely no movement at all; then all of a sudden there is a sound which sounds like a force ten gale rushing down an alley way; then your ears crack as a loud slapping sound invades your head. For a split second nothing registers then the pain hits your arse cheeks and the intense heat explodes sending electric shocks to your clit and you release a torrent of cunt juice. It suddenly registers that was his first spank and now you can feel your cunt juices running down your leg and your arse cheeks feel on fire. Before you can recover the second such crack assaults your arse and even more cunt juices escape to run down your leg. Instead of registering the pain your mind is full of exploding roman candles and sky rockets as your passions burst through the pain barrier.

Each of the eight spanks takes you closer to orgasm which you are amazed at because apart from him spreading your cunt juices over your anal ring, he has not yet touched your cunt. You can’t believe a spanking could feel so good and yet be meant as a punishment. You throw caution to the wind as you begin whimpering for him to fuck you, to use you as he sees fit, to turn you into the dirty little harlot you need to become.

You suddenly feel the soft head but hard cock as it probes to gain access to your cunt from behind; it spears into your cunt lips and suddenly breaks through to plunge deep into your cunt and this single act is enough to have you screaming through your first orgasm. You expect your body to close down now as you have had your customary single orgasm, but for some reason your passion does not subside. Instead the fireworks in your brain become brighter faster and far more of them as he begins to fuck your cunt. He no longer cares about your pleasure as he is now solely concentrating on getting his rocks off.

He pulls back a little further than he planned and his cock slips from your cunt, as he plunges forward it spears up along side your clit causing even more sensations to invade your mind. As he tries to adjust in mid stroke his next probe hits your anal ring and spears into your arse. The shock of this unexpected entry sends you over the top and leads to you experiencing your first ever double orgasm. He decides to keep his cock where it is and begins arse fucking you in earnest and glory be, you see a brilliant white light as your body goes into multiple convulsions of orgasms.

Suddenly your laid there, without any movement around you, you know he is still there as you feel his sweat dripping on to you between your shoulder blades. The slowly and gently he begins to move, his hard cock still embedded in your anal opening. He begins to fuck you over again but his breathing is such you are well aware he is about to blow his stack and you hope it will be on your face not up your arse. In the end it is neither for he just manages to pull out of your gaping anal ring when he shoots off his first few strands all over your arse. The next few strands coat your arms and hands and finally he spills the remainder over the tops of your legs.

You feel his weight rising from your body and suddenly feel his hand amongst your hair as he turns you round and makes you suck clean his softening cock. Then he tells you he will release your hands and arms but you must remain as you are for five minutes before taking off your blindfold. He threatens you that it will be the absolute worst for you if you disobey him now.

You count to five hundred as he demanded and slip the blindfold off your eyes; it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the bright light around you but once you can clearly see, the room is empty. You move quietly out into the hall way and look around. There is no one out in the street so your still non the wiser as to who your mystery visitor was, but secretly you hope it will not be too long before he returns.

10-08-2008, 11:36 PM
thought i pissed me pants i was that wet with this story xx

10-09-2008, 08:57 AM
Glad my story reached even the parts than Heineken has trouble reaching....