View Full Version : Lover of Women

10-09-2008, 02:42 AM
To me, women are wonderful creations, like a work of fine art, to be appreciated and loved. That is why I have come to call myself a collector of sexual memories.

There is so much about meeting a woman that arouses my curiosity, the shape of her lip makes me question how well it would feel to be pressing mine against hers. Or, better yet, the obscene vision of them with my penis trapped between, distended by the mushroom head within.

Or the curve of her breast, be it generous or slim, although I personally prefer the smaller built woman, I am curious about the shape and texture of her nipples. How big do they get when engorged? Will she be the type to orgasm with the right stimulation?

You see, I've been learning and mastering making a woman satisfied for 30 years or so. Various times, various fuck-buddies past and present, have provided me many happy chapters in my memory book. Call me a serial lover.

If you, as a woman, are reading this and nodding your head, have read my member profile, and can live with some ground rules, then we can get along and see how we get it on.

If you're a man, and reading this? That's fucked up...