View Full Version : Playground Playmate part 2

10-10-2008, 01:53 AM
“Tickle me there,” she whispered, and pressed my hand against her heated skin. Ronnie brought her feet up to the couch’s cushions and spread her knees apart, allowing me better access while tracing the soft flesh along her thighs. Resting her head back against my shoulder, a soft sweet sent drifted towards me; bubble bath with an under tone of something muskier. Hot 13-year-old girl.

She was a bony little girl, with long limbs and not a bit of fat on her. My tracing fingers ventured along her pussy, exploring gently and rubbing her naked mound. At the top of her slit was a prominent bump where I focused some gentle pressure with the palm of my hand, drawing a small intake of breath from between Ronnie’s parted lips. Her eyelids were half-closed and her gaze vacantly aimed at the television as I stimulated this bump, her clit. It was not hard to miss actually, a pretty big bump on an otherwise smooth expanse of lower belly, two of my fingers rolled the nub between them, her knees jerked a little further and her hips began to rock slightly back and forth on my lap, in time to my squeezing and tickling.

“Is it okay tickling you like this,” I wanted to know, “does it feel okay?”

My hard penis was stuck against my leg, with this little girl wrapped in a towel gyrating against it; I was in guilty-pleasure heaven. She nodded yes and a soft repy, “uh-huh” escaped her lips.

“Are you ticklish here too,” I asked while my free hand moved to unwrap her upper half, taking her small raisin of a nipple in my fingertips and pinching gently. Ronnie lifted her hips off my lap and pushed into my hand twiddling her twat, giving me the answer I sought.

Parting the thin outer lips of her vagina, her protruding clit was really pretty big for such a small girl. Pulling back the covering hood, it felt about as big around as my little pinkie, and almost half as long as that finger. I grasped the swollen nub and pulled back and forth on it, as if jerking off a penis. Ronnie kind of moaned small “oh – oh – oh’s” with each stroke I made, going faster as I matched her breathing pattern, until she was panting, practically gasping and pushing wildly at me. She grabbed my hand and pressed down as I felt the nub pulse rapidly, Ronnie sighed and her knees quivered; seems like she orgasmed on my hand. Wet squishy sounds emanated from between her legs as I touched her tenderly and felt the slippery folds of her pussy. Bringing my fingertips to my own mouth I tasted her juice, sniffed her scent, savoring the moment as Ronnie’s breathing returned to a normal pace.

“Oh you sweet girl,” I whispered into her ear. “You are delicious.” Moving a strand of hair away from her neck, I kissed the soft skin behind her ear and trailed kisses along her neck. She arched her neck for me to kiss along to her shoulder, and with a quick turn of her head, gave me a kiss on the lips. We sat together in the growing darkness, the rainstorm drifting away, thunder dying off, watching television and cuddling.